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Hey did bts attend the soribada awards? If they didn't did they at least win anything?

they didn’t attend, but they did win something!

kim how do you probably find ts files for vids again? (like the lets eat dinner one linh found a ts file) im lost because flora is gone so idk?? where else to find like i already searched but am hopeless rn

korean torrent sites is a good option but tbh it’s so hard locating files through those servers OTL but i hope flora comes back :-( there’s also who uploads ts files but they take them down after a bit ;;;

You linked us a youtube video but the quality is visible different! even when i giffed it from that same vid and downloaded it in HQ and colored it nicely and reduced noise it was still different.. did you perhaps use a TS File for your recent jungkook ’???’ gifset? thank you in advance :) have a nice day

hi, similar to my answer above; you can search via korean torrent websites for ts files! i usually link back to yt or dailymotion because linking to a torrent link will have most people going ????? but here:

i can’t believe taekook are out here destroying my heart smh

i feel this 100000% tbh LOL

do you happen to know where i can stream the mnet show thing? thanks!

iirc they said on their youtube…??? but a few hours before the live stream, people will post links up!!


OH MY GOD, you guys, 

so Metropolis, IL (pop: 6,000) is a small farming town in southern, il (the closest airport is paducah, kentucky) that has so far previously been known only for putting a 15′ fiberglass Superman at the end of main st. (ok, technically, Market St)

complete with a superman ‘museum’ (gift shop) across the street

(side note, turns out I am secretly an asshole hipster snob because I refuse to wear any superman shirt that did not come form this store. i just sent my mother to secure a new one, which is actually why i got the snapchat that lead to this post)

This is, like, “World’s Largest Ball of Twine” quality of American tourism. A++ Americana, should absolutely have appeared in an episode of Supernatural (except for the, you know, the copyright/trademark issues and for how SPN is filmed in, you know, Canada). 

BUT if you google this statue today, right now, 8/21/2017, 11 am, you’ll notice something about google’s people tracking:

BECAUSE Metropolis, Illinois (pop: 6,000) is IN THE PATH OF THE ECLIPSE. 

A fact they have apparently prepared for because I got a fucking snapchat from my family (assholes, i’m so pissed i couldn’t go), and I noticed a small but AMAZING DETAIL (not counting the fact that the cousin forced to pose in front of the statue was named Lex, good job, mom).



Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


“I’ll be honest, Harry, this is one of those times I am so glad that I’m alive. We can finally drive without worrying about my mother yelling at us.”
I thought it was because you are cuddling Hermione all night now.”
“That too.”

Harry and Ron having their usual quality time.

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I’ve been thinking about this game. Personally to me it represents a lot of lost potential - it’s a great concept but it’s brought down by a less than stellar execution. The cartoon designs look more like stickers than anything, just barely resembling a stereotype of a stereotype of the 1920′s-30′s cartoon style. While I don’t like complaining about people’s choices in design and art, I guess the theme is one that I’m rather passionate about, and a little bit of research from the developers would bring the game to a much greater level of quality than it is at the moment. The monsters in the game are also just unimaginably lame, and to me represent just plain blowing off the original idea in favor of more “serious” horror.

(Continued under a readmore because I say a lot; tl;dr I talk more about where the game went wrong in my opinion and how I would recommend changing it.)

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Hey, Meg here! I made a quick little video in response to @glythandra who asked about making shapes in photoshop! I go over the Shape Tool, Marquee Tool, and Brush. Thanks for the question! (Also you can find rectangles with rounded edges under the shape tool. Increase the radius to increase how rounded they are )

“Bethesda puts YEARS into their games. I am so fucking sick of people being so mean and over critical about their games. Obsidian only spent a year on New Vegas and people won’t stop fucking talking about how good New Vegas is. Bethesda spent FOUR YEARS on Fallout 3.”

well, if Bethesda can put literal years into developing their games and make absolutely terrible rpgs while Obsidian can make a classic, enduring RPG with 18 months, outdated resources, and no quality QA then that says a hell of lot more than I could ever say about Bethesda vs Obsidian