that is how i dance


[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩

Imagine teaching Castiel how to dance

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Ow! Ow, Cas, you’re supposed to lead, not step on me!” you yelled.

“Sorry, I um, I’ve never done this before.” he confessed.

“I know Castiel, that’s why I’m teaching you how, remember?” you laughed, reassuring him that you weren’t made he stepped on you.

You weren’t sure why, but Cas had asked you if you would teach him how to dance. Being the good friend that you were, you agreed. The minute Sam and Dean left for their hunt, you let him drag you into the kitchen, which was filled with candles, wine, and music. If you didn’t know any better you’d say that he was up to something, considering how nervous he was, but Cas surprised you sometimes, so who knew?

“Okay so just-” you trailed off as you grabbed his arms and put them back on your waist, before wrapping your own arms around his neck- “and then just, step forward, and we go in circles, like this.”

You watched him as he tried to coordinate his steps with yours. Dancing seemed to be just one of those human things that Cas would never fully understand. But after a few minutes of some stumbling and laughter, Castiel was swinging you around the bunker’s kitchen, even dipping you a few times. This was definitely the most fun you’ve had in awhile.

As the music came to a stop, so did you and Cas. He held onto your hand and had his other hand on your waist, looking into your eyes as if he never wanted to stop. It was then that he dipped down and placed a warm gentle kiss to your lips. Another song started playing as if on queue, and you and Castiel danced, and kissed, and held each other all night.

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Hello you! I’ll be on a bit tomorrow. Catch up with you all a bit and that.

Oh, and there’ll be Riverdale to talk about again, won’t there? Did you see last week’s? Bit of a shocker. Kevin got to do something that pertained to his own life and the show acknowledged that some things he might wish to do might be things his heterosexual masters might not be comfortable with. I wonder if either of those things will happen again this season? I hope so. I believe in him. 

Anyway, right now I’m just going to try and finish off that LA Noirin Kelly thingy tonight as, TO MY ABSOLUTE SHOCK, it’s got kind of compelling in what seems to be the last 15% or so. There’s a pretty nifty story here! I’ve had to plod though some bloody stupid ones to get to it, but look! 

i. when did it become so extravagantly attractive to tear someone down until they appear as nothing but flesh and bone? {so romanticized and breath-taking}- i remember it being called.

ii. OH, you think it’s satisfying (absolutely pitiful) how i waded through muddy waters and danced on sunsets that had already fallen just to get another glimpse of something that was long gone?

iii. what about twisting my hair over my cloudy eyes in crowded traffic and turning the volume of the instrumentals up so loud, my body vibrates? (no worries, at least the world can’t see the river being born behind my exhaustion)

iv. i bet you think it’s admirable how i gazed at strangers for love and took up offers of “tonight” just to lose everything that comforted me the morning after. i lost everything i loved. everything i inhaled- with one exhale it pumped it’s way out of my lungs and never intertwined with my breaths ever again.

v. is your favorite part watching me build myself back up again and listening to the pattern of my voice as it trembles and cracks as i try to let out another overused “i’m okay, just a headache.”

vi. you can’t paint this pain on your oiled canvas with that stretched out smile that fools us all. you can’t sing the tune of what my heart has sung for years. you can’t speak me into existence and make me another product of your artistic spell.

vii. i am my own, before i am yours. i belong to cities of love- (and her) i belong to her because we deserve sagas of never ending and genuine night skies. i am not something you can easel onto paper and make seem beautiful for the destruction of myself that you inflicted. you don’t get to own my pain with another one of your pathetic twists.

—  loren mclelland via @lorenashleigh

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How is pole dancing? I've always wanted to try it, but I'm kind of scared/nervous.

It’s super awesome - it’s SO amazing for boosting physical and mental confidence. Everyone is super positive (at least in the community I am a part of), there are constantly new tricks to learn, and it’s generally just really fun. It’s also impossible NOT to feel sexy and confident doing it :D 10/10 would recommend

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☱ -Asriel (@dustylittleflower)


most treasured diary,

    you know how i host dance classes ?  well, the class was in for a treat today.
  the prince, himself, decided to join in on the fun. spectacular, right!?  i’m so glad to see him stepping out a little more into the public and meeting new people. to be honest with you, i was pretty sure i’d see him just that one time i went to speak to asgore about equipment for the upcoming shows.

 he’s a little shy sometimes but when he takes the time to familiarize himself with the students and i – he was like a new person. he’s totally superstar material. who knows if he’ll come up with some surprises that involve performing, music, etc. he and frisk get along so well, too!  they were always talking to each other. frisk helped introduce everyone to him. everyone gave him a chance, he was a wonderful dancer, and such a quick learner!  wonder if his parents know he has a pretty unique way of working with the music.  i hope we have him again.

                   i better get going, diary. ta-ta for now!!

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr


miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!

raise your hand if the show hasn’t even started yet and you’re already crying


Albus and Scorpius waltzing at the annual winter ball!!

(Albus had to drag Scorpius away from the dessert table to do so :p )