that is how happy he is


Sans got so scared he opened his mouth


one of my favourite things about Liam is that he loves to indulge fans by wearing whatever ridiculous things that we throw on stage

for example look at this happy bub being a cowboy. hes just so happy and content being his childhood fave

then we have liam being his other fave Mr, yes-I-am-the-real-batman Payne

then i dont even remember this but liam became the sun?? and a flower?? At The SAME TiME??!!!??!??!






BTS - picking you up at airpoirt.

Request: Could you please do a Bangtan reaction to them picking you up at the airport after a long time apart?


He would try to be the most romantic of them all. He bought you a bouquet of flowers and waited for you to leave the flight. As soon as he saw you, he opened the biggest smile he could give.
“My beautiful princess!” He hugged you tightly. “How I missed you, my baby.” You said smiling.


He would be so happy and smiling. He’ve been waiting all week for that day to come. You stayed about two months apart, you stayed in your home country for a while, now you’re back in Seoul. “Oh, baby, I can’t believe you’re back.” He said with a big smile. “Are you that happy because of me?” “Yes, you make me be like this.” Now, let’s go home and make out. “


He was going to cry a lot. Even though you were only a month apart, he missed you a lot. As soon as he saw you, he started crying too much. "Babyyyy.” He would say like a child and hug you. “Oh, my sunshine. Don’t cry, I’m here.” “I know, I’m so so so happy.” “Okay, okay. Kiss me now.”


He was extremely happy. He ran up to you, bumping into some people on the way. He picked you up and hugged you like never before. “Oh, I miss you.” “I miss you too, Joon!”


After two long months, you returned to Seoul. Your boyfriend, Jimin, was picking you up at the airport. He was nervous to see you. But as soon as he saw you running up to him, he felt a immense happiness. “God, i miss you so much, baby.” He said hugging you and then giving you a passionate kiss.


When you entered the airport, you saw Tae immediately. He was talking to two children. You came near him and the two little kids looked at you. “Oh, this is my princess that I told you would come.” He stood up and smiled. “Can I have a hug from my Prince Taetae?” You said laughing and he hugged you tight.


Jeon missed you so much, he’s such a cutie. It was almost 3am, he would normally be sleeping, but he wanted to pick you up and take you to bed with him. He saw you coming in with a sleepy face and messy hair. “Oh, my little baby.” He said hugging you tightly. “How are you?” “I’m sleepy, can we go home and sleep?” You asked yawning. “Of course, princess.” He laughed.

requests are open, feel free to ask.

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not sure if anyone’s asked for this yet, but can you please write wedding day headcanons for the bros and their s/o? mostly how they’d be during the ceremony and then reception shenanigans. thanks. :)

Here’s some fluff for these headcanons! Featuring a blind Iggy, because…because.

Noctis is just so happy. When he sees you walking down the aisle, he tears up a little bit, but doesn’t actually cry. He’s smiling so wide, and his face actually hurts from smiling so much. His hands are a little clammy, because there are so many people at the wedding, which is also televised to the rest of the kingdom. He doesn’t mind though, because all he can see is you. He doesn’t write his vows, he just speaks from his heart. They end up being perfect, and he gently squeezes your hands in his as you visibly try to quell your emotions. When you kiss, the crowd cheers.

During the reception, he doesn’t really want to leave the head table, he just wants to sit beside you with his hand on your thigh. He loves being able to show you off on your wedding day, but part of him also wishes he could have a more private wedding with just the two of you and his friends. He’s pretty quiet during the actual ceremony for this reason, but you can tell he’s still enjoying himself because he’s laughing more than usual. He kisses you on the cheek a lot and whispers in your ear how much he loves you throughout the whole night.

When you walk down the aisle, Prompto is a blubbering mess. He can’t stop crying, laughing through his tears as Ignis hands him a tissue when he tries to wipe his face on his sleeve. You’re crying too, because seeing him cry always makes you cry, even though it’s a happy occasion. You two laugh through your vows, and his are so beautiful that he has you crying even more. The kiss is enthusiastic, and Prompto cups your face with his hands before leaning in.

During the reception, he’s holding your hand the entire time. He loves talking to people, and he’s practically bouncing with excitement when he greets the guests. He takes you in his arms and you dance together to fun, silly pop songs. When you cut the cake, you put a dab of icing on Prompto’s nose and he retaliates by trying to kiss you, nuzzling his nose in your face. That moment makes the cutest wedding photo.

When Gladio first sees you, he’s stunned. He’s speechless as you approach him, only snapping out of it when the preacher says his name. Normally so confident, he stutters though his vows, having to take deep breaths to calm himself down. You can see the paper trembling in his large hands as he reads them off, because he didn’t trust himself to remember them off the top of his head. He wanted them to be perfect for you, and they are. He dips you low when he kisses you, and the crowd cheers.

At the reception, Gladio knocks back a few beers. He knows better than to get drunk, but he’s tipsy enough that he gets bold with his hands on your hips, and on your ass. You swat his hands away when you notice that the older people at the wedding are staring, and he asks for kisses as a trade. As much as you’d like to keep the PDA to a minimum, the other guys keep tapping their utensils against their champagne flutes, and the clinking continues to get louder until you and Gladio share a kiss. This happens repeatedly throughout the night.

When you walk down the aisle towards Ignis, he can’t see you, but you take hold of his hand so he knows you’re there. He runs his fingers across your knuckles and smiles at you, reciting perfectly practiced vows. You see a tear slip out of his right eye as you read yours, but he hastily wipes it away. The kiss you share is sweet but brief, as Ignis is still shy about showing affection in front of that many people.

The food at the reception is obviously amazing because Ignis was in charge of catering. He came up with his own recipes that the cooks all followed exactly, and it was perfect. A slow song comes on and you bring him with you to the dance floor. His hands run along the soft fabric adorning your skin, and he whispers in your ear that he wishes he could see you on your special day. You describe everything to him—what you’re wearing, what the banquet hall looks like, what the centre pieces look like. He smiles and kisses you, almost shyly, and tells you that just being there with you, officially being married, makes it the perfect day.

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Keith likes lances jacket. Is a tad big on him, but that makes him like it more. It also smells like lance and he steals it a lot. Like lance'll have it back for two days if he's lucky then Keith will take it back for weeks at a time. Lance pretends to whine about it but he not-so secretly loves how happy Keith looks in it. Idk if anyones done this yet, but I love Keith in lances jacket so much. 💝


i just have a lot of feelings about steve harrington and i want to get them out so here’s a list of reasons (apart from the obvious ones) i love him

  • “hello ladies”: literally the best entrance to a scene in the history of tv
  • his jump into the pool aka how to be Extra™
  • literally he’s so extra all of the time
  • he definitely has two different pairs of Nike Cortez shoes, no idea why, but they look good as hell
  • “hey, i had a good time” like honestly that line managed to make nancy so much more confident and happy and like honestly that line is probably my favorite of his and nobody ever talks about it
  • shout out to him for not going along with the two jokes tommy makes about jonathan killing will like he knew that shit was fucked up
  • the way he invites nancy to a movie to get her mind off of barb for a bit
  • when he gets the hint that nancy doesn’t wanna talk to him and it obviously hurts him a bit but hes just like “i should go” and totally respects her and stays casual to not upset her
  • when he runs to nancy’s window he literally pops his collar first, gotta look cool for the ladies
  • when he looks at nancy right before she slaps him like wow he’s in so much pain thanks for those emotions joe keery
  • every? single? time? he? looks? at? nancy??? wow he loves that girl
  • have you seen his hair

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i wanted more yakov but not like T-T. and poor yuuri being caught in a scandal like that where even though he was proven innocent, that kind of stigma will be attached to his name professionally from then on. i just can't see how you'll resolve this conflict in just one chapter with a happy ending to boot. (but still what an amazing ride this chapter is. very worthy of an ep11 cliffhanger)

The saving grace for Yuuri in this chapter is the timeline of events and how quickly his innocence is proven. Because the information gets leaked by someone ‘anonymous’ at the ISU which is not exactly a reliable source so at first none of the initial doping scandal is reported by high class news places, it’s in shitty gossipy news sites that only care about getting views and not about the truth. And then it gets onto social media and we all know how good people’s fact checking is there so it starts to blow up which is why everyone scrambles to do damage control. And Yuuri can pretty definitively prove his innocence, he has past reports to the ISU sanctioning his medication, he had all the tests he was put through proving there was nothing in his system, he has the tests done on the pills Yakov handed in proving they were exactly what he said they were, he has the ISU backing him up and clearing him completely, he had Viktor (and later Yakov) publicly stating that they were wrong and Yuuri is innocent. And all this happens relatively quickly so by the time the news hits ‘official’ sites with proper sources the scandal isn’t ‘Yuuri was taking drugs’ its, ‘Yuuri was falsely accused of taking drugs and all his private medical information was leaked to the press’. So while there will always be a handful of shitty people claiming he was doping he’s pretty much watertight against the accusations and the media is almost completely on his side

Ray of Sunshine (Jason Todd x Reader)

Anon: “Can you do one with Jason x reader where the reader is really close friends with Dick and Jason gets really self-conscious and jealous”

Schninner: Why yes indeed I can! I’m actually pretty happy on how this turned out! So I hope you like it anon!

Warnings: there is literally like, 1 swear word.

Key: [S/N] Scent name

Word Count: 675

Jason walked into Wayne Manor, only to be greeted by your booming laughter echoing through the halls. The lighthearted sound caused a faint smile to form on his lips and his muscles to relax. He didn’t want to come to Bruce’s “Family dinner,” but you had, through your persistence, convinced him to come. You two had been dating for about a year and a half now, yet he was still amazed that he had someone like you to call his own, and even more surprised that you had stayed with him for this long. Jason had always thought that you were too good for him, that you deserved better. Of course, he never told you this; knowing full well that you would say he was being ridiculous.

His smile remained on his face as he followed the sound of your laughter to the dining room. But it vanished as soon as he saw who you were laughing at.

His brother, Dick Grayson.

You and Dick had been good friends since before Jason and your relationship started. You had always told Jason that Dick was like a brother to you, and most of the time, he believed you. But it was times like this, when you just seem so happy to be with him, that made him wonder, “What if it’s something more?”

His heart sunk in his chest, all of his previous feelings of happiness vanished, leaving way for jealousy.

He must have made some kind of noise to alert you of his presence, because your head snapped in his direction. You already had a wide smile on your face, but upon seeing him, your smile only seemed to grow (if that was even possible.) In a flash, you had risen from your chair, and bounded over to him pulling him into a loving embrace. A smile tugged at his lips once more as he returned the hug. He breathed in your [S/N] scent, feeling the fragrance tickle his nose.

You gently pulled away, and looked at him with your big bright [E/C] eyes that he loved so much.

“Hey you!” You chirped, your voice filed with brimming happiness as you pulled him into a short yet sweet kiss. “Where have you been? You’re late!” You teased, letting go of him only to grab ahold of his hand.

“Sorry about that [F/N], traffic was bad.” He said with an equally light voice.

He didn’t know how you did it, but you always managed to put him into a good mood, even when you didn’t mean to. Your happiness was always just so contagious, simply smiling at him made his heart swell up with joy.

“Ahh, that’s rough,” You said, tugging at his hand for him to follow you. “Well, Lucky for you, I saved you a seat right next to me!”

Jason turned to Dick, who happened to be sitting in the only chair that was next to you.

“Hey Grayson! Get your ass out of my boy Jay’s chair and sit back in your own seat!” Your voice was playful, feigning irritation.

Dick stood up with his hands raised in defense, but his facial features showed signs of amusement.

“Fine, fine, whatever!” He said, walking over to an empty seat next to Damian.

Bruce scolded you for swearing, although Jason could sense a hint of amusement in his voice as well.

Damian was the only one not happy, he rolled his eyes in disgust as the two of you sat down next to each other.

“Must you two always flirt in our presence? It’s repulsive!”

You gave Damian a fake smile and said in an equally false happy voice, “Why, thank you for your opinion Damian, I’ll definitely make sure to keep that in mind next time.”

As the night went on, Jason’s paranoid thoughts of losing you drifted further and further from his mind.

He loved you, loved the sunshine that you had brought into his life, and he knew, and would always know, that you love him just as much.

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author’s note: hiya! here is a jughead and archie imagine i came up with out of the blue. enjoy! 

pairing: reader x jughead x archie (platonic)

     YOU SAT ALONE IN THE RED LEATHER BOOTH, scooping the whip cream from your second chocolate milkshake with the tip of your finger. Groups of teenagers entered the diner one after another, laughter escaping their mouths as they all crammed into the empty booths surrounding the one you occupied. You sighed softly to yourself, becoming jealous of how happy the group of friends looked, and wishing yours could act the same. 

     For a split second your memory brought back to the night before, placing you in front of Archie again and forcing you to relive everything that happened in that moment. A wave of emotions quickly crashed down on you, thrusting you out of your thoughts and back into reality. 

     “Hey-” Pop called out to you as he continued to clean the glass in his hands, “You look a bit distracted tonight. Everything okay?” 

     You looked up to see the diner’s owner staring at you with a concerned expression overcoming his face. Pop had become the father-figure to the many teens who visited the Chock’lit Shoppe, always taking the time out of his day to ask each and every visitor how their day is going, and in this circumstance checking up on those who seemed to be having a rough night.

     A small smile crept up on your face, “I’m good, thank you. Just… exhausted I guess you could say.” You leaned forward to take a sip of your milkshake, watching as Pop set the now-cleaned glass on the counter. 

     “With Jason’s death and all I can see why. You going to the game tonight?” Suddenly the thought of Jughead popped in your mind, and how you’d completely forgotten the plans you had to meet up with him at the game. You agreed earlier in the week to help him out with his investigation into Dilton for the school newspaper, as Jughead strongly believed he was lying about what he was doing at SweetWater River the night Jason was killed. While excited to help him, you also dreaded the idea of having to go to the game. 

     “Actually yeah, I am.” Your smile had faded as the thought of having to see Archie at the football game also entered your mind. You sat back in the booth, your eyes falling low while the argument from last night replayed like a movie in your memory, forcing you to revisit all the hurt you’d felt in that very exact moment. 

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The Sickness

Short opinion: You know, Jake, the whole I’m-the-leader-I-don’t-feel-pain thing stops being cute right around the time your entire team ends up LITERALLY up shit creek without a paddle because you didn’t think to mention you had the flu before leaving for the field trip into the sewage system.

Long opinion:

This is one of those Animorphs books that has it all: humor, nakama, horror, action, medical mystery, romance, interpersonal drama, suspense, and heart.  If I ever figure out how K.A. Applegate does it in 150 pages or less without feeling rushed, I’ll die happy.

Seriously, there are so many really excellent emotional notes in this book.  I especially love how well it handles the empathic misery we feel for Ax being sick while a million miles away from his mom and dad, and for Jake throwing up on the floor of a burning building because he can’t even keep it together long enough to get home.  Maybe it’s “just” the flu, but it’s also the last thing these poor kids need in their lives right now.  We also get a lot of awesome light moments, especially in the opening sequence with the school dance—I’m right with Cates that that scene of Rachel inviting Cassie to the spring fling on Jake’s behalf, and then accepting Jake’s offer on Cassie’s behalf, is one of the sweetest and funniest in the whole series. Add to that Ax getting more female attention than any of the guys who are actually interested in human females, the kids’ adorkably clumsy attempts to herd Chapman away from Ax, and the running motif of Rachel fighting off Cassie’s competition for Jake, and this sequence is utterly heartwarming.  

It’s also interesting that this book delineates the hierarchy of the Animorphs’ internal power structure more clearly than any other novel in the series.  We already know that when Jake’s out of town (or floating around dead in the Delaware River) leadership defaults to Rachel, and that when Rachel’s in charge then Marco is going to be the most likely to challenge her.  However, this time around we get to see Marco briefly leading the team after Rachel falls ill—and then when Marco falls ill in turn, Cassie and Tobias spend several minutes passing responsibility back and forth like a hot potato until eventually Cassie’s left holding the ball by simple virtue of Tobias being sick.  

The plot of this story interweaves two simple problems (Aftran’s about to get executed, and Ax has the flu) and their infinite complications (everyone else has the flu, no one knows whether to trust Illim, Cassie doesn’t have a way into the yeerk pool, the kids get lost as eels, leadership keeps changing hands, Ax needs a brain surgeon, Cassie’s dad might find Ax at any moment…) in a way that feels logical but also surprising.  This plot is rich, complex, action-packed, and heavy on Cassie doing everything that makes Cassie awesome: reading people, caring for sick friends, trusting yeerks, finding unique solutions to problems, operating well alone,  PERFORMING BRAIN SURGERY, sticking by her own morals, and pooping on robots.  

Speaking of characterization, I’m pretty sure that this book’s place in the series is no accident; its four immediate sequels (#30, #31, #32, #33) are about how various Animorphs do when fighting on their own.  Under those circumstances, we get to see how each of them copes when unable to rely on the rest of the team for guidance and assistance. In #33 Tobias discovers wells of inner strength he never knew he had: from his hawk instincts, from his human friends, and from his andalite ancestry.  In #32 Rachel flails around for a while but also gets herself together (pun intended) long enough to defeat Visser Three using her various strengths as a warrior.  In #31 Jake fails epically at coping with his own family conflict and would probably end up getting his friends and family killed and/or infested if Cassie and Marco didn’t go behind his back to save him from himself.  In #30 Marco goes a liiiitttle off the rails but still succeeds in keeping Visser One from exposing them all…

And in #29, Cassie excels.

When she doesn’t have to worry about deciding what the rest of the team thinks, Cassie really does turn into a “one-woman army,” for better or for worse (#54).  Her decisions when acting alone aren’t always the best (falling asleep while in morph, anyone?  How about that little incident with a certain controller and a certain morphing cube?) but she also gets shit done.  She doesn’t stop and wonder whether she should ask for help, she doesn’t spend so much time doubting herself that she takes unnecessary risks (*cough* Jake *cough*), and she doesn’t feel the need to justify herself to anyone.  In this book, she handles Tobias’s bout of flu and the Animorphs’ complex alliance with the Yeerk Peace Movement and Aftran’s rescue and Ax’s appendicitis of the brain and morphing a yeerk and controlling not one but two humans and Aftran’s near-death from kandrona starvation all on her own.  No offense to the other little cinnamon buns, but Cassie’s just about the only one capable of that kind of decisive action without backup.  Because that’s the thing about Cassie: she hates risking anyone else’s life, but she’s perfectly comfortable with risking her own (#4, MM1).  

It’s also striking that Cassie spends maybe more time going on missions alone than anyone else on the team.  At quick count, #19, #29, #43, #44, MM1, #39, and #34 all involve Cassie going on missions partially or entirely without her team.  No one else has that kind of track record for operating alone, not even Tobias with his heavy reliance on personal independence.  Cassie not only does just fine without backup, she also doesn’t rely on the team for decision-making the same way that the others do.  Rachel and Marco need their friends for moral guidance, Ax and Tobias need them for decisiveness, and Jake needs them for personal affirmation.  

Cassie doesn’t need them at all.  

All six of the kids are more-or-less codependent by the middle of the series, this is true.  However, there’s also a reason that Cassie survives the war more intact than anyone else on her team, and that’s because she never loses sight of who she is.  Cassie’s identity is more about her ability to look herself in the eye and still like herself than it is about appearing to be a good person (Rachel, Ax, Jake) or a tough independent one (Marco, Tobias) before the rest of her friends.  That refusal to consider what the rest of the team thinks if she has a definitive opinion is her greatest weakness in addition to being her greatest strength (#19 and #50 especially both feature her nearly getting her entire team killed with short-sighted decisions) but it is the quality that enables her not just to survive the war, but to thrive after it ends.  This book feels like foreshadowing for #54 in a lot of ways: the others drop off one by one, but when Cassie becomes the Last Woman Standing she gets by just fine on her own.  

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Keith and Lance have their first date in the greenhouse that Hunk built and it's spent talking to the little plants and Keith falls in love a bit at how happy Lance is at these little sprouts (even if he IS telling most of them that they're gonna grow up so tasty)



Sisterly Catch Up. 

Valerie: “ Thanks for coming Jasmine, i needed some adult company… when Bryan goes to work i’m alone in the house with Kaia so no conversation -.-”

Jas: “ Don’t be silly how could i not come and see my neice, she is perfect Val, i’m so happy for you!!” 

Valerie: “ mm…sure she is cute when shes not screaming her head off - sorry i’m a little cranky not getting much sleep, where’s reece?”

Jas: “ he’s at work he’ll come here after :)” 

Val: “ Cool shall we go get dinner ready?” 

Hey how’s about we get more type 1 diabetic characters in the media???
My youngest brother has type 1 and has a really hard time emotionally dealing with it. He hates going out to eat and going to friends houses because he has to check his blood and figure out his insulin and he always gets upset when he thinks about it. Today we saw lego batman and everyone in my family agreed him and batman were the same person and he was so happy about it until he remembered his diabetes. I literally watched the joy leave his face and he was pretty down in the dumbs for a solid 10 minutes (until I was able to distract him). I know what it’s like to find a character in the media that has a same trait as you (for me it’s being gay or trans), and he doesn’t really get that. I can’t think of a single character in anything who has type one. My brother is 13 and was only diagnosed 7 months ago, and I think having a character he could relate to see succeed with type one would really help him immensely- as well as other kids who have disabilities!

Flynn has no reason to trust ANYONE now.  He was right there - ready to finally, finally avenge his family and rid history of the cancer that is Rittenhouse.  But he chose to trust Lucy, agreed to try it her way.  All that remained was to go home, to bring his wife and daughter back.  Bring Amy back.  

Yet here he is, betrayed by someone he thought he could trust, right at the moment he’d been waiting for for so long.  Can you imagine how crushing that must be?  He’ll never get to see his wife and daughter, and Rittenhouse still remains.  And the worst part is that Agent Christopher used and abused the trust and silent understanding that Lucy and Flynn had - not caring about the consequences or how it might damage their relationship.  Not caring that he was going to destroy the mothership afterward.  She’s more than happy to let Mason strut free, but Flynn gets locked away?  No wonder he’s such a cynical merciless wrecking ball.  

Well good job, big brother.  You fucking locked up the one man who’s willing to do what it takes to eradicate Rittenhouse, brick by brick, individual by individual.  And now, thanks to you, a traitor has the mothership and you don’t even know it.  And when you come crawling to him, begging for his help, I hope he tells each of you to fuck yourselves.  

I just pray that he and Lucy can find a way to trust each other again, because she had no idea she was the bait.  I believe she genuinely feels terrible for what’s happened to him.  I don’t know how much loss and betrayal one man can take before he lets the pain and rage completely consume him…There was a good man inside Garcia Flynn.  It’d be a miracle if he survives this.


i’m sad because i am losing one of my friends.

you know that person that you say you’ll never, ever grow apart from? the friend that you share everything with and who goes through everything by your side? sometimes it just seems like promising you’ll never grow apart is dooming the relationship. 

i hate to say it, but i’ve had this friend for about 6 years and i love him so much and we talk constantly but recently, we’ve kind of stopped. i love him but we’d both be idiots if we said we weren’t growing apart. We never hang out. We cancel plans on each other and hardly talk compared to how much we used to.

We’ve spent time apart (meaning that I don’t see him a lot because he’s stopped showing up to school) and it’s made me realize how happy and free i can be. And i’m not saying he’s tying me down or stopping me from living my life, but I feel free and I feel like I don’t have to be someone I used to be.

It’s such a weird feeling to explain and I don’t want to stop being friends, but we’ve turned into radically different people and as much as i don’t want it to end, I think I might have to end it soon.

i feel like such a bad friend and bad person for saying all of this but i needed to get it off my chest. hopefully things will look up soon and I won’t have to worry about us not being friends anymore asdkfashdu i don’t know but i think about this all the time and it really stresses me out

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So how did you feel about the way that the malec sex was addressed this ep? Cause it just seemed super awkward with Alec's "there's nothing to tell" and Magnus just seemed uncomfortable when he said "he told you" like neither of them seemed happy about it...? I'm so confused..?

i’m gonna be real honest and blunt w/ you and tell you even if it wasn’t Ideal i was 100% happy with the way malec presented itself in this episode. alec reiterating to magnus that he’s not going anywhere? alec sticking up for magnus to his mom? magnus telling jace that they have not wanting anyone to hurt alec in common? magnus saving alec with his magic? i was incredibly overwhelmed. and i loved every second of it.

sidenote: i don’t think magnus looked uncomfortable, i think he reacted as anyone would under the belief that the person they’d slept with was telling people. it’s a big thing, a big personal thing.