that is how deep i have fallen

How can she seem to have fallen from heaven
when I’m the one that has fallen,
the one that’s all in,
while her mind is a weapon

And God, I am already in too deep
because she is just too beautiful
and everything I seek
while I’m a fool

And while she is kissing all those boys
that appear to her as pretty toys
my heart tattoos cries of desperation against my ribs

How should I ever enjoy life’s sweet kiss
when she is everything I miss
and most of all her gorgeous lips?

—  // an actual sonnet

“So Bits, how does it feel to be tall for once?”
“Your chirps can’t reach me up here, Jack.”

There’s a Culinary Arts museum in Providence and you can’t convince me that these dorks would not have a date there

204. We are not allowed to send fake anonymous love letters.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. Without you, we wouldn’t know how bad James are Remus are at writing love notes. Well done.

James startled in his place when a giant book bounced on his bed directly in front of his view before tumbling off the side of the bed and landing on the ground with a resounding THWAK.

He looked up quickly to see Remus standing at the edge of his bed, his arms folded tight, and a deep frown etched on his face.

“Are you,” James paused, his eyes glancing at the fallen book on the floor before continuing hesitantly, “okay?”

“If I have to write one more word about why werewolves are dangerous,” he started, his eyes going darker with every word, “I’m going to find Professor Creed and show him just how dangerous werewolves can be.”

James flinched slightly, putting his own book away as he said, “Yeah, this assignment is bloody ridiculous. It won’t be a surprise when Creed isn’t invited to stay to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts next year.”

“He better not be,” Remus answered with a huff, sitting down against the edge of James’ bed.

“What do you want to do?” James asked, willing to put aside anything he needed to get done to spend time with his friend, “Sirius is at detention for back-talking and Peter is being tutored, but you and I could pull a prank on someone without them.”

“I think that any prank I’d come up with now would be too violent,” Remus admitted, “And likely have dire consequences that get us into loads of trouble.”

“Well,” James shrugged, “I’d stop you from doing anything too violent, and you know me. Loads of trouble isn’t something that’s likely to deter me from doing something I want to do.”

Remus smiled softly, letting out a brief chuckle, “I suppose that’s true.”

James lifted his fingers as he started counting off the list of ideas for pranks they could pull, “We could find Snivellus and charm his robes to be a different color again. Or we could reorganize all of the books in Creed’s office so he has to re-do them in the order he wants them in. Or we could pretend to be ghosts and hide in the bathroom stalls and freak people out when they’re trying to go.”

Remus shrugged, tilting his head as he thought about the merits of each different idea. He opened his mouth to comment when a bright pink slip of paper caught his eyes on the edge of James’ nightstand.

His mind diverted from their previous conversation, he pointed to the paper and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh,” James rolled his eyes after looking to see what Remus was pointing to, “Just some dumb secret admirer note someone sent me this week.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “A secret admirer note?”

James nodded, “Yeah, I guess someone saw me playing last week and decided they wanted to send me a note to tell me I was good and stuff.”

“Why is that dumb?” Remus asked confused.

James snorted, reaching over to grab the paper and handed it to Remus for him to read.

My Dearest James,
You’re swift on a broom, as fast as can be.
I wish there was some room, so you could fly with me.
When I see you on the field, you make my heart soar.
I can’t wait until the next game, where I can watch you more.
Your Secret Admirer

“That’s,” Remus paused as he tried to think of the right words.

James suggested, “Creepy? Slightly stalkerish?”

“I was going to say terrible and a little over the top, but your words work too,” Remus admitted with a laugh.

He handed the note back, watching as James threw it on his nightstand, not wanting to deal with it at the moment, when the idea popped in his head.

“We should write secret admirer notes.”

James scrunched his nose skeptically, “Okay? Who do you want to write a note to?”

“No,” Remus corrected him with an eye roll, “Not serious secret admirer notes. We should write some as pranks.”

James eyes lit up as he jumped up from his spot on his bed, “That’s a fantastic idea! I think that I have some parchment in my nightstand if you want to grab some.”

Remus crawled to the edge of James bed and looked through his nightstand to find the spare parchment, “What are you grabbing?”

“I think Sirius has some ink I want to use,” James mumbled, looking through Sirius’ chest.

It was long before he let out an “Ah-ha!” and turned around, holding a small bottle of ink triumphantly.

Remus reached out, grabbing the bottle from James and looked at the label on the side, “Glitter Ink. Why on earth does Sirius have this?”

James shrugged unconcerned, “Why does Sirius have anything he has? I try not to question it too much.”

Remus snorted, handing the bottle of ink back to James along with the parchment.

“You should write the note,” James decided.

“Why?” Remus asked.

“Your handwriting is better than mine.”


“So, we want them to be able to read the note.”

“If you write slowly, people can read your handwriting too,” Remus paused before adding, “Besides, if you write in cursive your handwriting looks like a girl’s.”

James scoffed, “No it does not.”

“It does a little.”

“Ugh, fine, I’ll write the notes. Give me that,” he took the quill from Remus’ hand, ignoring his smug smile and dipped the quill in the ink.

“Who should we write the note to?” James asked.

They sat silent for a moment before they both answered simultaneously, “Snivellus.”

James started.

My dearest Snive-

Remus grabbed the parchment out from under James and crumpled it up before throwing it away.


“You can’t write Snivellus,” Remus scolded him, “That makes it obvious that it’s us.”

James nodded, “Sorry, you’re right. Force of habit. Let’s try that again.”

My Dearest Severus,
Your large sulking figure reminds me of a bat,

“This is supposed to be a love note,” Remus reminded him.

“Just wait and see,” James promised him.

When I wake up in the morning, I wonder where you’re at.

“Oh-kay,” Remus said slowly.

“You’re turn,” James prompted him.

“My turn?” Remus asked incredulously.

“Well,” James sighed, “I’m not writing this on my own. That would be weird.”

“Yes, that’s what’s weird about this whole situation,” he answered sarcastically.

“This was your idea!” James reminded him.

“Fine, fine, just let me think for a moment.”

Remus was silent, his lips moving slightly as he muttered to himself before saying, “Alright, write this down.”

I wonder if my fingers in your hair could go through,

“That doesn’t even make sense,” James complained.

“You hush and write,” Remus ordered him.

Would you let me touch it and maybe use shampoo?

“That’s gross,” James declared, “I feel dirty now.”

“That sounded a lot less sexual in my head,” Remus admitted.

Laughing James said, “You’re terrible at this!”

Remus argued, “You are too!”

They both laughed together, looking at the terrible note they’d written, unsure what to do with it.

“Should we finish it and send it?” James asked.

“It feels…wrong,” Remus said.

James nodded, crumpling the paper up and throwing it into the waste basket, “Let’s start from the top.”

Remus put his hand on James’ arm, stopping him from starting and suggested, “What if we write love notes to Sirius and Peter instead? I think we’d feel less creepy and we could see their reactions better.”

James nodded, “That is a great idea. To My Dearest Sirius it is.”

“Hey,” Remus added as James began to write, “When we’re done with this, let’s go reorganize Professor’s Creeds books in his office.”

James smiled widely, looking like a Cheshire cat that got the cream, “There’s nothing that would delight me more.”



“C’mon Sirius, we’re waiting for you,” James reminded him, leaning against his four poster bed.

“I’m almost ready,” Sirius grumbled, rifling through his trunk to find his money pouch to throw in his bag.

The four were about to leave the castle grounds to head to Hogsmeade and were waiting on Sirius to finish grabbing his stuff before they left.

Remus hummed disapprovingly and lectured, “If you would organize and clean out that trunk every once in a while, you’d actually be able to find your stuff when you looked.”

“My organization system is fine, thank you very much,” Sirius clipped out, sniffing a pair of socks he pulled out before making a disgusted face and throwing the socks in the corner where his hamper was.

James rolled his eyes and glanced over at the head of Sirius’ bed, where a slip of parchment caught his eye.

His heart pounded as he recognized the writing and he eagerly jumped forward to pull it out from under Sirius’ pillow.

“What’s this?” he asked teasingly, waving the letter in the air.

Sirius looked up to see what James was holding and froze in his spot. His eyes went wide briefly before he shrugged casually, “It’s just something I’ve been meaning to throw away.”

“Oh yeah?” James challenged, “Is that why you keep it under your pillow? Do you sleep with it every night? Read the words before you fall asleep?”

“What is it?” Peter asked eagerly, stretching his neck out to try and see what it was.

“It’s nothing,” Sirius said, “Now give it back.”

James opened the parchment, turning to Remus and winking before he read:

“My Dearest Sirius,”

“Stop it,” Sirius said, “It’s stupid, I know. I’ve been meaning to throw it away, but just haven’t. You don’t have to –,”

“When I see you swagger into the Great Hall in the morning,”

“Oh, is that what they call it? Swaggering?” James teased.

“Ha ha. Okay, you got me. Give it back now,” Sirius said humorlessly.

James continued:

“I can’t help but to think that your body needs a warning.”

“A warning for what?” Remus asked, his eyes sparkling more than normal, “for the days that you decide to have an impromptu breakfast chili with extra beans and spice?”

“I stand by that breakfast,” Sirius answered firmly, placing his hands on his hips.

“Your rock-hard abs are something I desperately want to see,”

“Rock hard abs?” Peter squeaked out with a guffaw, “What rock-hard abs?”

“Har har. You’re all hilarious,” Sirius said as the other three laughed.

“Wait,” James said, holding his finger up, “It gets better.”

“If only you knew what you do to me.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” James said. 

Remus laughed as he walked over to Sirius and thrrew his arm over the other man’s shoulders, “It think it’s sweet. You do something to them.”

Sirius scoffed, ducking under Remus’ arm and taking purposeful strides over to James.

Seeing that Sirius was coming his way, James quickly jumped away, walking around the room to get away as he read faster:

“Everything about you is supremely divine,
My only wish in life is that you could be mine.”

Sirius caught up to James and snatched the parchment out of his hands.

James jumped onto his bed, taking a bow to Peter and Remus who began to applaud and finished, “With lots of love, your secret admirer.”

“Bravo!” Remus called out, “A true work of art!”

Sirius barked at the others, “Alright, alright. You all had your fun! Now get out of here.”

“You still haven’t found your money pouch yet,” Peter reminded him.

Sirius waved them away, “I’ll find it and catch up to you guys in a bit.”

“Works for me,” James said with a shrug, jumping down from his make-shift platform and nodded to the others to follow him.

“We’ll see you and your rock hard abs soon,” he said with a wink, bouncing out the door.

Remus laughed and added, “Don’t take too long swaggering to where we are.”

Peter laughed, waving good-bye not bothering to try and add anything.

As soon as the three were gone, Sirius let out a deep sigh.

He walked over to his trunk, glancing at the letter briefly before folding it nicely and placing it in a small compartment at the bottom of his messy trunk.

No one had to know.

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Look, look, I just feel the need to explain something here. This came out in ‘96 when I was a teen and already deeply into industrial and NIN in particular. This soundtrack was my bedrock. I’d never heard anything like it from a game and rarely have since. It left a deep, deep impression.

Then this comes along, and after listening to the first one you will understand why I lost my shit watching CA:TWS.

It’s all in the screams – that sound echoed again throughout the movie, especially in 7 Fallen, 13 The Causeway, and 15 Into the Fray (starting around 3:00). The ragged, haunting wail that comes through quiet like it’s dying on the wind, but with all the intensity of a raw and buzzing throat. You don’t forget a thing like that.

Unanswered Questions - Part 5

Note: A couple of people have asked to be put onto a tag list for this fic so one is now open. If you would like to be added to it then send a message my way to let me know! :)

Peter Pan x Felix x Reader

Words: 1896

Warnings: None that I can think of!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

I don’t know how I managed to but at some point I must have fallen asleep because the rays of sun breaking through the wooden bars of the cage stirred me. Before my eyes had even opened themselves properly the pain was hitting me hard. My neck had seized up due to the position I had fallen asleep in and so I found myself unable to move properly until I had massaged some of the stiffness out of it.

My fingers worked at every part of my neck, pushing deep into the aggravated muscle, and just as it started to feel a whole lot better another ‘pain’ decided to surface – only this one was in the form of a young boy.

“So the traitor finally wakes up then?”

Immediately my eyes rolled in a frustrated manner as the next groan to escape me was one of irritation rather than pain. Considering he claimed not to like me very much he certainly seemed to like being around me.

“Good morning to you too. Has anyone ever told you that you have the best bedside manner?”

The sarcastic tone came easily to my words as I moved myself into a different sitting position. It wasn’t any more comfortable than the previous one but it gave my muscles the smallest bit of exercise.

“Yes….you in fact.”

There was something about the way he spoke that always had me unsure as to whether it had been meant as a joke or not and his more recent words were no different. By now I already know that I have been here before, that the dreams I’d had were actually my memories coming back to me, but the way he gets under my skin I can’t imagine having ever been nice to him.

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 Some random AU I thought earlier ,

Merc and the Witch AU

Ruby is a rookie mercenary who works for a small company, everyone in it thinks she’s not capable of finishing anything. 

A few veteran ask her to defeat a witch that lives deep in the woods and she accepted it not knowing that it’s a joke.

Little did she know, this job is going to be a bit more complicated than she thought.


“I don’t deserve you,” I whisper, pushing matted hair from his eyes.

“How dare you say that,” he replies breathlessly, not opening his deep sea green eyes.

“I don’t. You’re so amazing and caring and someone like me doesn’t deserve someone like you,” I assure him, his grip tightening around my bare waist. He is too pure and too sweet to love me, as I fear. Yet, I have already fallen in love with him.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #949

anonymous asked:

I'm re-reading early recaps (ep.10) and it's cool to see how style developed into being longer and even funnier. Also, seeing you talk about how Yami and Kaiba have a bond in ep.10 is kinda funny in hindsight knowing how deep down the prideshipping well you must have fallen at some point later on ~

ahahaha so early on I was trying to keep the prideshipping low-key and later I just sort of … gave up and leaned it. I’ve been prideshipping since 2003….

I’m glad you’re enjoying! Sometimes I go back to look something up and it’s so weird to me how short and straightforward my early recaps are. Once I got more followers, I realised people were actually pretty interested in my ideas and theories and I got a lot more confident talking about them!

I can’t wait to be so in fucking love with someone. To be frustrated as hell, to not be able to breathe thinking how deep I have fallen, to feel so excited seeing that person, to feel nauseated and scared of how much it affects me to even just hear his name, his voice, feel his touch… I can’t wait to go through thick and thin, swim the pacific shit, experience pain just for that person. I can’t wait to feel the emotion that holds all the emotions you could possibly feel.
—  luciditythoughts
He was someone I could have never imagined myself with.
Beautiful. Intelligent. Magnetic. All wrapped in one.
But here he is, and how delightfully have I fallen.
—  For the boy I love // excerpt from the book I’ll never write
i have fallen too deep help me

He knew that one day it would come back and haunt him. Since the day his partner had picked up the knitting needles, he knew this ought to happen. Asgore should have stopped it right then, but two things had crossed his mind; the thought that his obsession with flowers was no better, and then… the look of happiness that was seen in the scientist’s eyes was more than enough for him to keep quiet. He had even encouraged Gaster and had bought him wool. But only because it had been on sale, and not because the other’s eyes had shone bright with joy and he had hugged Asgore like he had returned from the war and not from the store.

So he let the guy knit. Soon various places in the house had been filled with lace doilies, knitted lampshades, and new pillows. In retrospect this should have been the point in which Asgore should have asked him to stop. Undyne had even given him the perfect chance by asking one time during a visit, “It’s becoming a bit much, isn’t it?”

But Asgore had just shrugged his shoulders and said, “If it makes him happy.”

He hadn’t told anybody about the conversation he had with Gaster before the knitting had started. How the scientist had admitted that he felt useless, like he was just a failure, and that he wasn’t good at anything; something not even Alphys knew.

It had broken Asgore’s heart, but he had never been good at cheering people up- or so his ex wife mentioned once. So he had suggested that Gaster should pick up a hobby.

And now, staring down at one of the cheesiest Christmas sweater he has ever seen, Asgore sort of comes to regretting the suggestion. The sweater has green and red stripes, with little snowflakes dotted along the sides of the reindeer on the front. It doesn’t even look bad, but it was one of the only things Asgore refused to wear. But there was also a pair of obviously excited, grey eyes looking at him, which made him feel bad.

“And? What do you think?” His voice is quiet, but Gaster bounces up and down like a child and is doing a poor job of hiding it.

Asgore doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. It would crush him completely.

“It looks great. Thank you.” he says instead, putting on a warm smile.

“Don’t you want to try it on?” Gaster asks, and Asgore has to swallow.

Undyne, who had let herself in again moments ago, chokes on her tea as Asgore enters the living room moments later. There are tears running down her face, and Asgore is not quite sure if she is coughing or laughing.

“Not one word now.” Asgore says, voice firm but quiet, all while Undyne wipes away her tears.

“I told you we should have told him to stop.” Undyne says with a grin, and Asgore just sighs. He knows Undyne is right, but then said man enters the living room, beaming brighter than a shooting star when he spots his partner. A grin is plastered all over his face and Asgore has to smile back, feeling a warm tingle rushing through his body. He doesn’t care that the sweater looks kind of hideous, he doesn’t care that Undyne is still trying not to laugh out loud… as long as the other is happy, everything is fine.

Also the sweater was, surprisingly, very comfortable, but nobody needed to know that.

I went to a beautiful tea party with a bunch of artists yesterday and they were talking about all their fabulous projects and they asked me what I’ve been up to…
Me: uh….I have fallen into a deep pit of Swedish bands, of which it is unlikely I will ever resurface.

The ONLY thing I had to share was my goofy lil’ Papa Emeritus ii marionette dancing to “the Pit”. Omg–I am such a loser.
I don’t know how in the world I landed in this group of people! Literally every one of them is an amazing artist and I’m like –uh…I am pretty sure there has been a terrible mistake and at any moment they are going to realize it and go “oh!!!! I thought you were the OTHER Lisa who is an artist!”
Even when the hostess introduced me to someone new she said about me “she’s awesome she does everything!!” What are people talking about?? I just source yarns for Nordstrom, I make crappy stuff just cause I cant stop creating or I’ll go crazy and I just have a day job–big deal!
My only “thing I do” is that I am a fan of art and music and books!
I’m just glad they are nice people and invite me anyway.

EXO Reaction to You Breaking Your Tooth

I think the anon that sent this in said they broke their tooth and poor baby ahhh ( q   q ) Is your tooth feeling better now? Ahhh take care, darling!

- Admin Au(drey)

Xiumin: Minseok would be in shock - simply because he didn’t know it was even possible! His hands would fly up to his face and slowly come down as he stares at you, unable to say or think for a moment. After that, he’d quickly ask if you were alright, call your doctor and dentist, and search up what to do in this situation. 

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Suho: Junmyeon would probably be pained to see you in agony and would have to cover his face for a moment after he rushes you to the doctor or dentist. He’d feel so helpless because he doesn’t know what to do and how to help, there’d be a deep burden having fallen on his shoulders and he can’t shake it off easily. 

Originally posted by wooyoung

Lay (I thought he was holding a phone in the .gif and thaT’S WHY I CHOSE IT SO PLEASE PRETEND THAT IT’S A PHONE THANK YOU): Our Yixing would try to stay as calm as possible, immediately contacting the emergency hospital even if it wasn’t on the more severe side (to him, any pain you feel would be worth calling 911). He’d stare at you with sorrowful eyes but do his best to stay on top of it all so he can be there for you.

Originally posted by alpacariis

Baekhyun: He’d recoil and let out a shout, frightened by your scream. “What’s wrong, (Y/N) - ohmygod! Wait, let me see - ahh!” He’d lean back and stare at your broken tooth, eyes wide and his eyebrows arching downward. “Does it hurt? How did it happen?” He’d want to know everything before he calls for someone. He’d be a lot more panicked than the others.

Originally posted by minpuffs

Chanyeol: He stares at you, confused and not understanding what is going on. When he pulls your hand away from his mouth and manage to pry your lips apart (”(Y/N), I can’t understand what you’re going on about if I don’t see!”), he’d simply continue to stare in shock. “W-what?” he’d say. “How did this - what? Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh.” He’d start panicking and would call the doctor and the other members for advice, glancing at you frantically.

Originally posted by essentyeol

D.O. (just focus on the seconds where his eyes widen and pretend that it’s in shock not from the flavor of ice cream ok pls work with me): His eyes widen in shock and he immediately moves into action, bundling you up into the car with some important documents and his phone, asking you on the way to the hospital how you felt, how did it happen. He’d try to figure out what would happen from there on and how severe it was but I don’t think he’d get very far - he’d need a professional’s word. He’d be so worried for you.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kai (couldn’t find an appropriate .gif for what I had in mind but I hope this works as well): Jongin would start talking, asking you how it was then stop mid-sentence as he inhales sharply as he sees your broken teeth. “Ohgosh, (Y/N), I’m so sorry …” he would say as he waits for the hospital to pick up. He’d stare at you with sorrowful pity and sympathy, feeling your pain as much as you do.

Originally posted by datkaidoe

Sehun: He’d be like Chanyeol, confused at first then understanding quickly. “We have to go to the hospital immediately!” he says, taking your hand and dragging you to the car. “Does it hurt? Where? How did it happen?” He’d pepper you with questions out of concern and your well-being, trying to make sense of it all. But because he doesn’t know much about it, he’d feel like Junmyeon - helpless and very lost.

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You are an undiscovered trail. Many travelers have fallen to their knees.

Mercy, mercy.

These mountains too high, these rivers too deep. You exhale and winds fall from the sky.

Mercy, mercy.

They know not how to tend to this territory. Your body is not for the weak-hearted. Let me conquer this land. With a flick of my tongue I shall take what is rightfully mine.

—  Marissa Farina, Conqueror 

…It appears the two maintainers of this ask blog have fallen into a deep sleep over the past six months. Please standby as we proceed to call the others to kick them awake.

ps there is only one mun behind these two dorks)