that is her full name

In search of a fic I once read...

…where Scully is at Mulder’s apartment while he’s not home and goes looking on his computer for something, and finds a file with her name on it and it’s full of articles about her accomplishments, and cancer research Mulder looked up while she was sick, and love poems and sonnets he’d collected because they reminded him of her.  Anyone know what fic this is?


… I might have both Ryder siblings sorted now, pending actual CC limitations.
Antonia (Nina for short, she hates her full name. Also: I give in, I like names full of Is and Ns.) and Adrien Ryder.

I think Nina is probably going be a Vanguard (or whatever they’re being called in this game), because I love punching things in the face with my freaky powers and then shooting them in the face just for good measure. Adrien will likely be a Sentinel: biotic but he loves his tech. He heard somewhere that half-visors were totally hot.

One of them dyes their hair. BUT WHICH ONE IS IT? They will never tell.

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Hensie and Nessie are cute ... but what is her full name going to be have you guys talked about it?? Is it Hensley Makana Tucker or Hensley 'Auli i Tucker ??

Hensley Makana Tucker

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1-20 for Teagan please ♥

Oh wow, okay here we go!

01. Full name: Teagan Marino Thorne
02. Best friend: Her bestie Melanie and her brothers
03. Sexuality: Bisexual!
04. Favorite color: Purple
05. Relationship status: Well she’s currently dating Heath 😄
06. Ideal mate: Somebody active who loves to get out and do stuff!
07. Turn-ons: Confidence and humor
08. Favorite food: Hot dogs
09. Crushes: Heath, Rounda Rousey, The Rock 😂  
10. Favorite music: I think she’d listen to a mix of Rap and Pop/Techno stuff. She loves to work out so you need a lot of energetic music
11. Biggest fear: Never accomplishing her goals!
12. Biggest fantasy: Having a big family one day 🙂  
13. Bad habits: Her constant need to be up and about constantly, being a bit of a bad winner
14. Biggest regret: Hurting Davy I think!
15. Best kept secrets: Hmm, she had a bit of a crush on her friend Spencer before it turned out she was a huge jealous b*tch
16. Last thought: LAST THOUGH? Like latest thought she had? Maybe like - I wonder where Heath is taking me tonight?
17. Worst romantic experience: Herself, cheating on Davy 😥  
18. Biggest insecurity: I don’t know, this is a hard one, she’s really self-assured
19. Weapon of choice: A video game controller or a dumbbell at the gym
20. Role Model: Her mother 😄  

| FREYA RYDER | Mass Effect: Andromeda |

“I know this isn’t going to be an easy ride… Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while it lasts.” 

Made some revisions to her portrait from yesterday! I definitely prefer her natural hair colour 😙😇

You can read a little about her here, if you’re curious!

I feel like in the Future of Fantastic Beasts, when Porpentina and Newt are married there is a rule in the household that Newt and Jacob are not allowed to go anywhere alone, because everytime they go out they would bring back with a puppy, or a new Bowtruckle or a dragon that has imprinted on Jacob and they have to take every beast in and some how Porpentina would find herself sharing her bed with Newt, a baby dragon, a family of Bowtruckles, a niffler and their own children. 


daenerys stormborn of the house targaryen, first of her name, khaleesi of the great grass sea, mother of dragons, the unburnt, queen of the andals, the rhoynar, and the fir…

Sorting Characters in Hogwarts Houses

•Usnavi — Hufflepuff, definitely
•Sonny — People think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Ravenclaw
•Grafitti Pete — Slytherin, he is so ambitious, really
•Benny — Slytherin, “I’m the #1 Earner, the fastest learner”
•Vanessa — Gryffindor, just think about it.
•Carla — Hufflepuff (maybe Slytherin, is she a Slytherpuff?) “Dani…What would Jesus Do?”
•Daniela — Slytherin “Carla, DO I LOOK LIKE JESUS TO YOU?”
•Piragua Guy — Most people think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Gryffindor, I know it deep in my heart.

[This is Just my opinion, ugh]