that is her full name

i literally cannot believe the shit townes has been put through

first harry puts HER NAME in a song

then harry tells the world WHAT HER NAME IS

then she finds out about it THROUGH HER DAD 

then her dad takes the opportunity to plug himself in a LOCAL NEWS segment 

then in that segment, they include her FULL NAME, PHOTO, and CURRENT LOCATION

poor girl she didn’t deserve any of this she’s just a non-famous girl who hooked up with harry at a party fuck


When the future Queen Victoria was born, her full name was Alexandrina Victoria. Alexandrina was for one of her godparents, Alexander I of Russia, and Victoria was after her mother.

Additional names including Charlotte, Georgiana/Georgina, and Augusta were also proposed, but were vetoed by the Prince Regent.

At her own request, the Alexandrina was dropped when she became Queen.

Full Name: N/A, but her people call her Chang’e (嫦娥) or Guāng zhī huā

Nickname: Guāng zhī huā (光之花) - “Flower of Light” Èmó shāshǒu (惡魔殺手) - “Demon Slayer”

Age: Looks around her mid-20/30

Gender: Female

Birthday: N/A

Birthplace: Born around the area of Jiangnan, China / Died and revived there in the middle of the Dark Age

Orientation: Unclear

Height: 176 cm / 5,8 ft

Weight: 60 kg

Species/Race: Human

Eye - Hair color: Dark Green / Black

Occupations: N/A (Pre-Collapse) / Guardian and Leader of the Chinese areas of Jiangbei, Jiangnan and Lingnan (Pre-Destiny and Destiny Timeline)

Class: Hunter

Current Subclass: Bladedancer (Timeline in Destiny) / Arcstrider (Timeline in Destiny 2)

Ghost name:Guāng (光)

Level: N/A

Current Light: N/A

Chang’e is one of the first Guardians who was revived with that wiseness needed to wield the Light in the Dark Age. With that in fact she immediately begun to rescue the villages in Jiangnan and Jiangbei from both the Fallen and soon later from the treacherous Warlords. 

She started then her lone hunt against the Warlords of China and saved many more settlements at least in a temporal span of one hundred years, until, tired, she returned in her original land. There she became most likely their rightful ruler, but becoming ignare of the world outside theirs.

Their isolation didn’t lasted long though, the tremendous Twilight Gap happened, an event in which she finally acknowledged the presence of the Last City. At the end of those Wars, she decided to remain in her lands for a fact of keeping protected who weren’t able to reach the City alone. At least she was able to keep some contacts, giving them goods of any genres, teas and rices mostly, for the growing population of the Last City in exchange of Glimmer and independence.

The unusual Guardian made a sort of pilgrimage to the City during the Age of Triumph for reasons yet unclear.

Killed a bear without knowing it had cubs and now she’s stuck with five hairballs that she named after each of her fingers.

Rakonna is on Wyrmrest Accord.  ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง And she will fight you.

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god i love him too what the fuck

  • lance, after putting someone’s dishes in the sink for them: “oh my god guys? i’m literally just?? so generous??? where’s my parade”
    • lance, after legit saving someone’s life: [thanks others] [feeds a mouse]
  • [in galra interrogation room] “… so do i talk first or do you talk first? i talk first?”
  • shiro and lance’s senses of humor are practically identical and lance can never know
  • hunk and lance have achieved perfect optimist-pessimist equilibrium
    • lance is the “dude we can totally do this” to hunk’s “dude if we do this we’ll probably get stabbed”
    • they take turns being the voice of reason
  • coran eventually lets lance record the siren noise and shiro has to get pidge to hack the castle to delete it because coran uses it for everything
  • allura: “ugh lance is staring at me again :/” lance, thinking: “can allura turn her fingers into spoons”
  • lance doesn’t know keith’s full name. he remedies this situation in his own special way
    • Keithiel Knives McMullet
  • pidge: “you know lance i used to think that nothing in the universe could disappoint me as much as the java programming language but congrats, you’ve managed to surprise me”

| FREYA RYDER | Mass Effect: Andromeda |

“I know this isn’t going to be an easy ride… Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while it lasts.” 

Made some revisions to her portrait from yesterday! I definitely prefer her natural hair colour 😙😇

You can read a little about her here, if you’re curious!

well now i’m on an aliens kick. also, i just went in my kitchen to get some ice water and walked in on a fucking roach orgy because no matter how much i clean this apartment is fucking ghetto so let’s talk about how aliens would react to human pest control methods.

“Why is Stacy cleaning the dishware? We have cleaning robots to do that for her,” asked Qwerty (his full name was much, much longer, but because it was written with every letter of one of the more commonly used human alphabets, and something about early digital communications, the humans on the I.S. Dastallria had given him the nickname). 

Xorzit’ket shrugged as best as her anatomy could manage the borrowed gesture. “Why don’t you go ask her?” 

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some quick ideas based off @pepplemint ‘s soulmate name tattoos au where Allura has a soulmate tattoo that says “Takashi”:

1. The tattoo is written in Altean symbols, and Shiro catches sight of it one day when they’re training. They’ve all learned a bit of Altean by that point and Shiro thinks he can sorta read it, but it looks like it says ‘takashi’ but he’s not sure? So he thinks it must be an Altean word with similar pronunciation and he casually asks Allura what the word is and what it means. He’s thinking this is gonna be fun and hilarious, she’ll tell him what the word means and he’ll tell her how much it sounds like his name, it’ll be cute maybe he’ll tease her a lil bit about having his name tattooed on her arm…

But when he asks Allura gets all sad and shy and eventually tells him: “It says Takashi. It’s the name of my soulmate. All Alteans have their soulmate’s true name tattooed on their skin, but of course my soulmate must have died with Altea… Shiro are you alright?” becauSE SHIRO.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING does he tell her? should he say something? does she even want him as her soulmate?

Bonus: Shiro tries to think of a way to tell her that doesn’t come across as creepy or forward and he can’t think of anything and after about three days of agonising he just blurts out in front of the whole team “My name is Takashi Shirogane!” and everyone’s like ‘dude…… what?’ and now ALLURA.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING because SHE SECRETLY SORTA HOPED

2. The tattoo is written in kanji, and Allura obviously can’t read it, so she just assumes her soulmate is an alien of some kind. When she meets the Paladins and Shiro, she ~secretly hopes~ he’s the one but nope, they all speak English and Pidge’s laptop is in English (she checked) and she’s never seen any other language from Earth so OH WELL GUESS THAT’S THAT

Then one night she’s sitting up late with Shiro and they get to talking about different Earth languages, and it’s news to Allura that Earth still has SO MANY languages, and Shiro starts talking to her about Japanese. And about learning English and Japanese as a child, and how Japanese sounds and how it’s written. He starts telling her about Japanese writing systems and how it’s written downwards and she’s so cute and fascinated that he just picks up a scrap of paper and goes “here, i’ll show you” and writes his name in kanji. And he shows her and says “that’s my full name, Takashi Shirogane”.

And Allura’s looking at it like… this looks HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR. So she takes the scrap of paper and asks really shyly: “can i keep this?”. Shiro just thinks it’s adorable of course and says ‘yeah keep it’ and that night Allura goes back to her room and lifts up her sleeve and with shaking fingers holds the scrap of paper up to her tattoo and IT’S THE SAME.


Day Six: April 22nd
Oath / Family / Protect

For @kiribakuweek2k17 again!! Guess who’s crawling back with the kiribaku’s family outing and kirishima taking 124378 pictures of his beautiful husband and their beautiful adoptive child