that is going to be difficult tbh

Relax Your Brain

It can be rough when you’ve been studying for hours and your brain just wants a rest. I try to stay away from television, tbh, so here are some things you could do that let you relax your mind! :)

  1. physical exercise
  2. read a book that’s not too difficult (I prefer classics above all else, so sometimes I’ll reread one of Charles Dickens’ for the umpteenth time)
  3. adult coloring books are fun?? 
  4. watch youtube - most of the youtubers I follow post a lot about productivity, so I always feel like I pick up on more life hacks when I watch them
  5. do a craft! (my go to)
  6. social media - be careful as this can lead to you wasting your precious time scrolling through memes on Instagram (I’m @ ing myself here) but usually when I quit studying I unmute my phone and laptop and respond to all of the people who messaged me while I was deep in textbookland
  7. meditate (this differs for people; I love spending time with my Bible, it calms me above everything else)
  8. eat something
  9. go hang out with people, whether it’s your friends or your family, just go do something fun, talk to them, spend some quality time with them
  10. journaling is one of my favorite things ever! It really allows you to reflect upon your day, your life, and your own thoughts
  11. take a hike
  12. listen to music
  13. do something artsy, like painting or drawing
  14. take a long bath or a hot shower; spend some time in self care
  15. people watch (I’m that super creepy person that could just sit in a corner and stare at people all day)
  16. clean (it makes you feel good and it’s a pretty mindless task)
  17. play with your pets
  18. take your camera and go outside; take pictures of everything you think is beautiful
  19. stretch (after studying for so long, your muscles could probably use it)
  20. plan the next day of slaying - since my planner/bullet journal is also an art medium, this allows me to be creative and organized. Double whammy.

tbh I’d love a horror-comedy about a retail worker accidentally becoming a ghost/demon hunter because they’re just so unfazed by difficult and weird and bellicose customers that evil entities aren’t much more of a challenge.

“sir or ma'am or neuter, I’m going to have to ask you to stop crawling on the ceiling, you’re disturbing the other residents”

“please leave this place before I call the exorcist to remove you from the premises”

“company policy forbids me from accepting power from customers in exchange for my soul or firstborn child”

“sir, if you keep speaking to me like that, I’m going to have to end this spirit board conversation. have a good day, goodbye”

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why do you think aphobia doesn't exist? like I kinda agree tbh but like why specifically

no one is going to fire a cishet ace person from their job from being ace. no one is going to murder a cishet ace person for being ace. no one is going to write legislation to make sure cishet ace people cant go to the bathroom that corresponds to who they are. being asexual alone doesnt come with absolutely no difficulties whatsoever but the idea that its remotely as difficult to be a cishet ace person in this society than it is to be anyone who’s actually lgbt is ridiculous and frankly intensely insulting to anyone who’s ever had to deal with actual systemic oppression for being lgbt.

Roommates, Part 4

Words: 1464

Summary: Roman gives Patton all the details now that he’s back.

Warnings: second-hand embarrassment, probably, talking about one-night stands, mentions of a couple gay stereotypes, speculating about other people’s  orientations, betting, mentions of arguing, I believe that’s it but let me know.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

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Having to prove you’re disabled to get money to survive while being disabled is tbh … violence against disabled people. 

The way our society goes about proving it is far too difficult for most disabled people to even go about doing, so you end up with this fucking feedback loop of not being able to prove you’re disabled because you’re too disabled to prove it.

It’s fucking garbage. When you’re disabled and you don’t have enough help, or can’t get any help for this process you just straight up wont get disability money, and in not getting it you’re showing how truly fucking disabled you are. 

like how the fuck does that make sense?

My experience with the types (I’m really bored, guys) as an INTP

ENFP: I have so many enfp friends wtf, but basically what they all share is that they care too much about others, everyone thinks they’re their best friends but in reality they’re just being polite, creative af, they’re so funny wtf, they like to think about themselves as interesting people (they are), mood swings.

ENFJ: I have different kinds of enfjs in my life, one is the mom friend™, she always has everything you need whenever you need it, you sick? Have some Kleenex, you forgot the cardboard? Don’t worry, she brought four just in case, everything about her is just motherly and nice, theater nerd. The other one is just chill af, she lives life with no worries and it’s very organized, she’s just that cool chill friend that always helps you out.

ESFP: Okay, in my experience, all ESFP say they’re not esfp, it’s quite funny actually. They’re really funny and nice people, they belong to every group but at the same time to none?? Kinda attractive, they like to debate and even tho they’re intelligent, they’re lazy, in general they’re cool guys.

ISFJ: so calm?? Like, they’re always stressing in their head, but they’re also always calm?? Is that friend that sends you bunny videos and makes you laugh when you’re feeling sad, her Snapchats always make me laugh and they’re in general very nice, intelligent and calm people.

INFJ: okay, she has existencial crisis, if she shares her music with you, you’re a real friend of her, doesn’t know where she’s going in life so she just kinda improvises (even tho we all know she’s gonna be a singer or something like that), EXTREMELY dramatic, but we love her anyways, very cute, kind person.

INFP: I know you guys hate the stereotype, but yeah, they’re extremely sensible people, have constant existencial crisis, always wandering in their own world, they get lost very easily there, if you need a friend, you can count on them, but they’re probably gonna give you a very feeling oriented answer, so if that’s not what you want, don’t go to them. Very good at moral support and they’re nice to everyone, they get really affected with what people say, so artistic wtf??

ISTJ: hard-working guy, always has to have the things made in his way, very tradicional and trust his last experiences, kinda close minded, really polite, has a rather strong temper.

ESFJ: THEY ALWAYS WANT THINGS THEIR WAY WTF?! Cool guys tho, always wanting to help and make the world a better place, try to keep an open mind but it’s kinda difficult for them, tho they’re always open to hear the opinions of others, even if they don’t agree or they don’t understand, really intelligent. Think introverts are a myth, trybto drag me out WHEN I WANNA BE ALONE

ISTP: best person to have existencial talks with, she just??? Really gets me??? It’s really nice tbh, likes to get her hands dirty, likes to do origami, great writer, great leader, the person you go to when you need to know if you’re crazy or you’re right, notices everything but doesn’t say much, tomboy, cool af, sassy and witty, she could kick your ass.

INTJ: seems like an extroverted at times, it’s not, just knows how to adapt, neat room, notes and everything, she has her life together, really intelligent and nice, can be sassy if you push her too, I’m not that close to her, but she seems like a cool gal.

ESTJ: ALWAYS GETS AWAY WITH WHAT HE WANTS??? Very sassy and sarcastic, super intelligent and a great leader, I love to have conversations with him, it’s popular, but he only talks to most people so he can use them in the future if he needs them, slytherin af, clever, ambitious and smart.

INTP: I’m an INTP myself, but I will talk about my intp friend. So artistic?? Feels really annoyed when someone doesn’t make sense in their arguments, she’s weird and she owns it, we’re super similar lol so we really get our ideas between us exactly as we want to, always thinks the why of everything, creates stories and then leaves them when she gets bored, very creative, people think she’s quiet but her mind is always working, throws random questions about random unrelated topics in the weirdest places (like the movies or such), never puts attention in class yet she gets good grades, her mind wanders all the time.

And that’s about it! If you don’t find your type in this list, I’m sorry, I haven’t had the honor to meet one of you, this is about my exprience so it may not be accurate for everyone.

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How do you learn Korean?

i make notes!!(too vague yes)

for now i’m mostly making notes on grammar rules and vocabulary lists :) if you want to be able to listen to conversations/understand what’s going on in songs,dramas etc. then it’s good to improve your vocabulary first :D

here are some resources I find helpful:

Talk to Me in Korean —–

what they have:
youtube, podcasts

they frequently do videos on day-to-day topics such as clothes, laundry, buying things, valentine’s day etc. so they’re really helpful in improving little bits and bobs of your vocabulary!! :)

they also have physical textbooks and online PDF files, voice recordings, video courses and it’s all free omg I was super happy when I found it tbh 10/10 would recommend

How to Study Korean —–,

units and curriculums, vocabulary lists

they’re sort of similar to talktomeinkorean in the way that they have a curriculum planned out from easy to difficult, and recordings, except some of their resources (mostly worksheets and vocabulary lists) require payment :0

at the start of each chapter though they have a few vocabulary lists so I do often take those words down

I’d say this is more brief and on the go as compared to talktomeinkorean, and there aren’t too many ‘compartments’? so you don’t have to keep clicking around haha like there’s more content on one page

Korean Frequency List -Top 6000 Words —–

as the title suggests haha 

the above two don’t exactly have compiled vocabulary lists (at least from what i’ve encountered on the website, i may be wrong so do try and find them for yourself maybe) so I think this is a good compilation of vocabulary words you might find useful :)

these are the good stuff I can come up with right now off the tip of my tongue hmm, it’s a short list but it’s resource-rich >:o

hope this helps in some way!!

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I love your drawings! I can image seijo's situation to be as Shiratorozawa's with Semi and Shirabu as setters. I feel kinda bad for Oikawa if Tobio had gone to seijo but Tobio being friends with everyone melts my heart ❤✨

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my art (and sorry for the late answer ;; )

When I drew the Seijou!Kageyama thing, I tried not to think about Oikawa but then I read your tags, they made me think… I don’t know how Oikawa would react tbh, (now) he’s more mature than Kitadai!Oikawa, I think he could feel threaten his position being the setter and have a difficult relationship with Kags, but then in the canon Oikawa was nice enough to give him advise when he was his rival, in this AU you can say Kageyama is his ally, so maybe he would polish and use his talent as an advantage to win…idk, I thought so many things

oh well, kitadai trio going to the seijou and being friends is so cute, we need more!!

[translations] 2017.08.24 NCT DREAM We Young fan sign at Sangam

1. OP kept saying that Jisung is very good looking and Jisung got really shy upon hearing that ㅠㅠ OP asked what color hair does he wish to get the next time, Jisung says pink. And he wishes his height would stop growing at 180cm. Jisung was really shy throughout because OP kept praising how good he looked [myFullsun]

2. Renjun’s favorite lyrics in We Young album is La La Love’s“바람 하늘 그리고 너 (The wind, the sky, and, you)” [jaehyun__0214]

3. (Ment)
Mark: During our trainee period everyone will call me Mark hyung, Renjun will go like,”Hello hyung” but nowadays it’s like “You’re here? (informal)”
Jeno: Hyung, but hyung you said we can speak informally to you when we debut.
Mark: I didn’t expect our debut to come so fast that’s what I’m saying. But to be honest everyone just says it subconsciously and the feeling is around the same
Jeno: Jisung ah, what do you think about speaking informally with Mark hyung?
Jisung: Mark-yah. 
Mark also mentioned that he dreamed that Jisung spoke informally to everyone in the practice room one day.
Jeno: That wasn’t a dream it was real hahaha [mark__99082 | my__mark99]

Haechan asked if everyone had their dinner, and got Chenle to suggest a food for dinner. Chenle,”Ramyeon” Haechan asked Chenle to suggest something healthier. Chenle recommended gamja-tang. [yochi_0v0]

4.  Jeno wishes to travel around the world, wants to go to Europe and eat pizzas in Italy. He wants to bring Jisung along with him because this kid is particularly interesting. After saying Jeno smiled cheerfully [asian_kid_9X]

5. Mark says there’s nothing he particularly wants to do when he turns 20. OP asked for a song recommendation for fans, Mark seriously considered for quite some time, and recommended NCT127′s Paradise because all the words they want to tell the fans are inside the lyrics [myFullsun

6. OP asked everyone in DREAM to draw their mood with regards to their upcoming first anniversary, Mark drew 3 expressions, Renjun drew 2, only Jeno drew a human being, the rest had 1 expression [mark_of_myeye]

7. OP asked Chenle which song does he want to sing the most in front of the fans. Chenle answered 같은 시간 같은 자리 (Walk You Home) without hesitation. [990802mklee]

8. OP: Renjun is really so cute!!
Renjun: Thank you~
OP: What flavor of ice cream from Baskin Robbins do you like?
Renjun: Actually I always try different flavors each time I visit!
OP: Really? What’s your favorite flavor among them?
Renjun: Hmm.. Lemon! [990802mklee]

9.  OP: Don’t you go to cafes? Or do you drink instant coffee?
Jisung: I don’t drink those, I drink black!
OP: Black? Really?!
Jisung: To prevent myself from getting sleepy…
Kids please get some sleep. It’s bad if you fall sick! [990802mklee]

10. OP: Have you taken videos of yourself and Mark singing together?
Haechan: We have lots of them
OP: Please show it to us…
Haechan: It’s in Mark hyung’s iPad.. He cannot lose the iPad!
OP: kkk could you draw my face?
Haechan: *draws very seriously*
OP: You look really serious when drawing me!
Haechan: Of course~~ [990802mklee]

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i got asked by a lovely anon to do a masterlist of character labels – and so that’s just what i’m going to do today !! they will be sorted out by: personality, hobbies, lifestyle and misc. ( there’s a small description of each label ) PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF THIS IS HELPFUL

UPDATED: 02/06/17

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Simblr Book Club! Here's what you do: 1. List 5 writers & their story that you've been following (bonus: why you love them) 2. Tag 3 people you want to read those stories & do this tag!

this is a super cute idea omg!! i love it! not sure how i’ll only be able to choose five but!! here we go!

Tinsley Legacy by @maxvillareal - okay first of all the amount of work kedra puts into everything is just!!! amazing!! kedra’s edits and legacy posts are all so beautiful nd look perfect and i’m also so invested in her story as well??? she’s also a major sweetheart that has helped me so much especially when it comes to picking songs for posts and stuff!! 10/10 gr8 blog and person!!

Woods Legacy by @bratsims​ - the Woods legacy was acc the first story i started following, even before i had a simblr and!! i just love it so much!! tbh it inspired me to start a simblr! plus brat is super nice and lovely!! the gifs are cute, all the characters are so perfect nd i’m honestly so attached to all of them especially arthur tbh and it’s also rlly funny just,,,,check it out!!! really do u won’t regret it

The Cross Chapters by @soleilsim - ellie honestly puts so much time and effort into her story and it shows in her top notch posts!!! not only is she talented af but also super funny and nice and just!! a good friend and a great simblr who has helped me so much!! rlly worth the follow!!

Mayfield Legacy by @ratboysims - i’m in love w/ all of the characters!! (especially Leo and Leah tbh) every post is super funny and honestly they just brighten up my day nd make it 10x better! i honestly can’t even explain how much i love this legacy it rlly rlly is worth checking out i promise u

Sparks Legacy by @peonypyxels - ugh the editing is inspirational honestly and her sims????? also inspirational and beautiful! i’m fr a lil bit in love w/ athena tbh nd i just can’t wait until she has her kid!! just such a lovely and nice blog and person???? check it out it’s amazing

all of these are fantastic stories, simblrs and people that are well worth the follow!! 

i’m gonna tag @drunkpixels @voidcrittersandplumbobs and @simonmars <3

The Houses as people I know


¬thinks theyre a slytherin bc they know theyre mean

¬really kinda stupid but loves everyone

¬typical gryffindor stupid and brave

¬no matter where they are people of all ages gather around them

¬exaggerates but doesnt care when they start getting into the lying part

¬subjective hearing

¬really energetic and loves when people follow them around and ask them about themselves

¬arrogant but lazy

¬loves camping

¬pretty wild tbh

¬cries when they dont get chips

¬doesnt understand given opportunities and literally just makes them up as they go

¬barely any patience and short tempered but really great when theyll help out and listen

¬loves being listened to


¬Really caring

¬so fuckin funny oh my g o d

¬Listening over talking

¬social bar is so low by 4pm they might fall asleep wherever they can

¬lots of trauma but makes jokes about it


¬idk theyre so hilarious and nice its really difficult to think they had bad experiences

¬will fight for food

¬sugar daddy but has sugar daddies

¬loves their friends and would definitely snap someone in half if their friends are ever disrespected

¬honestly intellectuals they can talk about anything and really put their feelings into it

¬also doesnt think anything is real


¬lame but well-placed puns

¬really has an old soul and uses heart and brain to make decisions

¬so good at holding a conversation????

¬doesnt really care what anyone thinks but at the same time it means the world

¬good grades but fuck homework

¬asks a lot of questions irrelevent questions that they can tie back in to the topic

¬loves video games and appreciates the story

¬makes really stupid faces when they make jokes

¬laughs at themselves

¬picky eater but theyll still eat anything

¬loves chicken


¬literally 0 fucks given smh

¬will laugh with you then tell you youre annoying right after

¬ask politely if they can slam your head into the table

¬says they hate you but talk to you excitedly when youre around

¬appreciates honesty but also please shut up

¬loves memes to the high heavens especially good vines

¬good jokes

¬Great jokes???

¬literally most of the talk is like code bc its just inside jokes

¬reeaaallly fuunn y oh my god how do i explain i t just thinking about the conversations makes me start laughing

¬offensive humor but put to good use

Okay so I cannot stop thinking about how Bob said that Bellamy doesn’t fully believe they can survive the apocalypse and how that probably informed Bellamy’s decision re: the slaves and man I hope that is made explicit in the text in the near future because it is so heartbreakingly Bellamy to be pessimistic about their chances but keep fighting any way?  Like, he assumes the end is coming.  Nothing he can do can change that, but the people he loves– particularly Clarke– aren’t giving up, so he’s not going to let them see his doubts.  But he is also looking at what he believes to be the realistic options, and nothing they do with the hydrogenerator is going to actually make a difference so he’s going to take the public heat that comes with sacrificing their “future” because it means these people (who are mostly strangers to him, and previously his “enemies”) get some time with their families before the end.

And it would be so easy for him to say “Sorry Clarke, but I honestly don’t think anything we do now is worth a damn” but he knows that will break her heart so instead he says “we save who we can save today.”  He is willing to let her down in this small way by not completing the mission they agreed on, but he will spare her further pain by not admitting he doesn’t believe they can survive.  

Right now, Clarke is clearly hanging on by a thread emotionally, so Bellamy is doing his goddamn best to prop her up.  He’s not going to let her see his doubts, even though he probably desperately needs to share them with her (because Clarke is his Person, especially when it comes to Emotional Vulnerability).  There’s a clock on the amount of time they have left, and I would bet good money that Bellamy has decided he’s not going to use what little time he has with Clarke by making her feel more isolated and lost.  This is Peak Bellamy, tbh, because “putting everyone else’s emotional needs before his own” is pretty much how he operates on a general level, and especially with Clarke.

But I also have hope that this isn’t a one-sided dynamic.  There was some A+ facial acting from Eliza in 402, where Clarke was briefly disappointed with Bellamy’s decision and then shoved it down in favor of supporting him.  She also gets that he’s in a bad place (see: her concern for him in 401 coupled with her gratitude), so she’s not going to make him feel worse by criticizing what she understands was a difficult choice.  She was prioritizing his feelings over hers right then, which is a really hard thing to do when you’re under as much stress as they are.  Just as he’s protecting her by hiding his real suspicions about their chances, Clarke is protecting Bellamy by choosing to support his decision no matter what.

I don’t know how this will be resolved– Bellamy snapping and Clarke comforting him? Clarke figuring out that he’s just pretending to have faith for her sake and hugging him?  Some other option that will surely destroy me emotionally?– but I suspect it will be addressed.  This season (and to be fair, parts of 3B) has worked very hard to show that they are co-leaders, but what’s more, they’re two people who care about each other equally.

And that, my dear friends, is bellarke.

Take A Break

Pairing: Mike Faist x LawStudent!Reader

Warning: mentions of curse words and breaking down


- “YES! definitely would love like a law student! reader x connor or mike!!”
- “If you’re still accepting requests, could you write a law student reader x Mike Faist where the reader is super stressed out? Thanks!“
- “omg i would kill for a law student reader x mike faist tbh“

Word Count: 1943

Note: this is extremely fluffy i’m warning you guys. but hey i enjoyed writing this. send me more requests please even if it isn’t career!reader i’m willing to write a n y t h i n g. hope y’all like this. as always, feedback is appreciated.


You knew law school was going to be very difficult. You came from a family of lawyers so you’ve heard the stories over family reunions and Fourth of July barbecues. They would tell you how they consumed liters of coffee so that they can go through their entire tenure in law school. 

You knew you could handle the pressure. You were taught that a lawyer entails a strong will with an unwavering spirit. You had to be tough because you would have to stand up for your clients.

Still, having someone by your side would make things better. You knew you would eventually need someone to be there when times get tough, when you feel like you couldn’t handle it. Every student breaks down ones in a while and they had someone.

You had Mike. You’ve been together for three years. You met him when you were still in college and watched him play as Jack Kelly in Newsies: The Musical. You were disappointed when you heard Jeremy Jordan wouldn’t be there but that disappeared when you watched him perform his heart out. He saw you after the show, talked, went out for a cup of coffee, and that was that. 

You had Mike and he had you. That’s how it is. But recently, you thought that changed.

With Dear Evan Hansen being one of the most-awaited musicals of the year, performing eight shows a week and rehearsing for the rest of the time became the reason why you hardly saw him anymore.

He’d still be asleep when you had to get up for your classes and when you get home, he’d be out there on a show. By the time he gets home, he’d give you a kiss and then sleep while you studied one case file after another.

You couldn’t blame him. He was tired too. And besides, you were busy. You didn’t see the need to wake him up. Both of you were too caught up with your respective careers, too focused on making a name out there. You always thought that career would always come first and that both of you would be perfectly fine despite the heavy demands of your careers.

Until today.

It was all because of the bar examinations. Coming from a family of lawyers who passed the bar on their first try, this was nerve-wrecking. The pressure of following in the steps of your predecessors had you sitting in your room, tears prickling your eyes and threatening to fall.

“Taxation law is a fucking pain in the ass.” You mumble to yourself, rubbing your eyes to clear your vision from tears. It was no use. 

Tears continued to form even when you rubbed them away. The bar examination was three days away and you were still having a hard time with that particular area. 

You’ve been studying for 28 hours and yet you feel stuck. You let out a sigh as you grabbed your pen and continued to hit the books. 

Two hours into reviewing, you felt your back and your neck starting to ache. You tried to shrug the pain away but it was no use. Your body yearned for rest, specifically on the soft bed behind you.

Soon enough, your hands were starting to shake. You tried rubbing your hands together in attempt to put a halt on its involuntary movements but it didn’t help.

The next thing you know, you were sobbing. Tears blurred your vision and you knew you were getting your notes wet. Your buried your face into your hands, crying.

You pushed everything off your table. The books, papers, and notecards, scattering on the floor.

“I can’t do this. I’m going to fail this exam, fuck.” You were mumbling to yourself as your confidence dropped. You placed one of your hands to your mouth, trying to silence your cries. Your other hand reached for your hair, tugging on it in frustration. 

You couldn’t stop crying, you couldn’t calm yourself down, you couldn’t even breathe properly. 

You didn’t hear Mike knocking on your door through your cries.

He knew that the bar examinations were near so he took a day off to surprise you. He knew that he hasn’t been around lately so to compensate, he wanted to spend the entire day with you to help you relax.

He bought his hard drive with him so you can watch movies, bought popcorn and ice cream, he even stopped by a flower shop to buy you a bouquet of sunflowers because he knew you loved them.

He walked up to the apartment. Normally, he’s just use the key but he had so many stuff in his arms that he decided to just knock on your door. 

“Y/N! Could you open the door? I have a surprise for you.” He said loudly, grinning from ear to ear. He was excited to spend the day with you.

He waited for five minutes and you still haven’t attended the door. Mike’s eyebrows crunched up in confusion. He tried knocking again. “Y/N? Are you there?”

He placed his ear against the door, only to hear soft cries from the other end.

Mike quickly put the flowers, food, and his bag on the ground. He started fishing around his pocket for the key.

When he the door, what he saw made him run to you immediately.

You felt arms wrap around you tightly. You didn’t even have to look up. You knew it was Mike. Even if you haven’t spent most of the past weeks with one another, you’d never forget how it would feel like to be in his arms.

Your crying still hasn’t seized. Your fists were still curled up in you hair and you leaned back against his chest. Mike was hushing softly, rocking you in his arms in attempt to calm you down. He ran his fingers down your hair. He pried your fingers off your hair and interlocked them with his.

After some time, your sobs reduced to tears falling from your eyes. Your throat started to hurt from crying and you felt numb, tired. 

Mike continued to mumble soft nothings in your ear, even mumbling a series of apologies for not being there. Still cradling you in his arms, his eyes scanned the room. He stared at the heap of books and papers scattered on the floor before shifting his gaze on you.

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” You whispered softly, not a trace of hope could be heard from your voice. 


“I can’t even go though an exam without bursting into tears. How am I suppose to defend a client in front of a jury and a judge?” Your voice started quivering and Mike’s heart broke. He knew this was your dream and here you were, losing confidence at what you do.

He pressed a kiss on your temple. “Y/N, everyone goes through a rough patch every once in a while. Not everyone is perfect. People break down once in a while, it’s a way to release stre-”

“Lawyers aren’t criers! They’re tough. I mean, who the fuck cries because of tax law? Apparently, I do!” You exclaimed in frustration.

Mike hushed you once again, twirling your hair with his finger. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. It’s better to let everything out once in a while than to keep it all in. I bet Obama has broken down before,” He joked. 

You managed to crack a smile at his last sentence, which quickly fell after another though flooded your head.

“I just, I don’t know anymore. I really don’t want to disappoint my family, Mike.” You spoke softly, staring down at your intertwined fingers.

He gave you a sad smile. “I know you don’t. But if you focus on just becoming a bad ass lawyer rather than being the ultimate perfect daughter, which really can’t be achieved, maybe that would help in lifting the weight off your shoulders,”

He held you closer to him, his chin sitting on top of your head before speaking again. “Focus on yourself, Y/N. Focus on what you want and what you want to be. Your parents already know how hard you’ve been working and I believe they are proud to have you as their daughter.”

“But what if I fail?” You began wiping your tears away, chuckling bitterly. “Still proud of me?”

“Behind a single success is a series of failures. You’ve worked hard to achieve your dream. You’ll get there one way or another. Even if that means failing it for the first time,”

He tightened his embrace. “And let me tell you this, Y/N. I am incredibly proud of you. You will be an amazing lawyer. You’ll be a hero out there.” 

You felt tears welling up in your eyes once again but this time, they’re tears of happiness. You looked up at him. You placed your hand behind his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. 

“Thank you, Mike.” You said as you pulled away. “It was a good thing you came or else I would still be a mess.” 

He frowned at you, yet still holding you in his arms. 

“Hey,” He took a hold of your chin, making you look at him.

“Me being here was pure luck. The next time you feel upset, you get me. You can call me, text, email, call Ben or Will, I don’t care. No matter how small it may seem, you contact me when you feel bad and I’ll be here to help you as soon as I can.”

“Mike, it’s fine. I can handle most things by myself. This was an exception. I know you’re busy with-”

“I’m saying you don’t have to handle it by yourself unless you really want to, unless you really want to be by yourself for a while. I will respect your decision. Just know that no matter how busy we are, I’ll always be here for you. “

He placed a kiss on your forehead. “You will always come first.”

“I love you a lot, you do know that right?” You tell him.

“And I’d never forget it. I love you too much to let yourself get in the way of your own dreams.” He said.

“We got each other’s back no matter what?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

No matter what,” He confirmed. “I mean, it’s kind of my job. You know, as your boyfriend and all.” He continued with a cheeky grin on his face.

His gaze shifted to your pile of books. “Now, what do you want to do?”

“I think I’ll just review for a fe-”

“I have popcorn, ice cream, movies, and flowers for you.” He cut you off. 

You stared at him, mouth agape. Mike nudged his head towards the door. You snapped your head to that direction, only to see your favorite snacks in their favorite flavors and a bouquet of sunflowers.

He nuzzles his face into your neck. “C’mon, Y/N! Take a break. You need it.”

You giggled at his actions, pulling him away from your neck. “Fine! But help me review afterwards?” You say, putting your hand out for him to shake.

“You got yourself a deal.” Mike said, shaking your hand before pulling you in a kiss.

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tina is an awful character and I don't know why anyone would like her so much??? newt should end up with leta tbh eddie had more chemistry with that picture than that katherine chick



Tina is NOT an awful character: she is complex, insecure, strong, intelligent, motivated…I could go on forever about how amazing she is and why but I’ll narrow it down to a few fine points:

  • In the subway scene, it is TINA who manages to calm Credence down - NOT Newt or Graves, TINA.
  • To quote the screenplay directly: “CREDENCE reaches out to TINA, the only person who has ever done him an uncomplicated kindness” and “He has dreamed of her ever since she saved him from a beating”
  • DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Tina selflessly helped Credence, PROTECTED him even when it meant losing her job or even her life (the Obscurial was dangerous - I love Credence and will protect him, but he was dangerous in his Obscurus form)
  • Tina basically raised her little sister after their parents died - they were only little girls and she basically raised her little sister and would do anything to protect her.
  • Tina duelling who she thought to be Graves - a guy who was more than likely her mentor - to protect Newt/Credence

I’m going to write another long post about why I love Tina soon but I’m about to watch “Alien” with my dad so I’ve got to go.

As for the chemistry comment…honestly, just shut up. Shut the fuck up. I’m sick of this. We saw ONE PHOTO of Leta and you know what? I AM EXCITED TO MEET HER BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE MORE OF NEWT’S PAST. I do not hate Leta.

Were we even watching the same movie? Didn’t you see that ending scene on the docks?? Their chemistry was HIGH AS A KITE.

I’m done.

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i’m literally never out of trojans hcs

  • they have game night in jeremy’s dorm every weekend. 90% of the time they end up playing mario party.  laila has only lost once to a freshman who she swears on her life cheated
  • they once played a 50-turn game. never again.
  • alvarez hates drinking plain water. she’s stocked up on those propel powder packets to mix with her water instead
  • jeremy regularly tries to get jean to do yoga with him, and by yoga, i mean those ridiculously difficult poses that once nearly led to jeremy dislocating his shoulder trying to support jean
  • alvarez is incredibly competitive but tbh she’s terrible at anything that isn’t 100% athletic. foosball? has never beat anyone. not even jean. and he’s terrible at it.  mario kart? always ends up going the wrong way. get her onto a court or field, though, and she’ll kick your ass
  • there’s a collective effort to get jean to use social media. he only ends up using instagram, but he uses it. he has a whole matching color scheme and everything
  • laila rarely checks her student email and it causes jeremy so much stress
  • also causing jeremy stress: he keeps finding little lego people everywhere. under his pillow. in his equipment bag. where are they coming from
  • (it’s the freshmen. a collaborative effort to fuck with him. jeremy shouldn’t have given the one a key to his room)
  • jean has an affinity for cheetos
  • they do a white elephant exhange during the holidays every year. there’s a framed photo of jeremy that alvarez gifted her freshman year, and it has been brought back in every year since. (jean keeps it when he gets it his last year there. it goes in his and jeremy’s apartment. jeremy pretends to hate it)
  • laila 100% put photos of nic cage over all alvarez’s pictures of them together. it took her two months to find all of them
  • they’re banned from various stores in sixteen states
  • they’ll all do amazing things someday

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Hello could you please write a minhyun fanfic about him and Y/N being on we got married (and later on starts dating irl?) thank you (ps, i love your minhyun scenarios so much)

omg WGM :o hahaha ngl i was never a big fan of WGM even though two members of one of my favourite groups have been on it, but i tried my best! i’ll write anything fluffy for minhyun lmao Sorry about the wait!

A continuation of this will be up next which is from another anon’s request!! 

Hwang Minhyun WGM!AU 

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  • ok so lets give you a bit of background to set the scene 
  • you’re an idol, but originally you were going to be an actress except you really liked dancing and singing so your company was like ‘why not both?’ (think female version of Ong)
  • You became a fixed MC on a music show last year so you’ve been able to meet a lot of people
  • Popularity-wise, you’re pretty well liked, you’ve never had any scandals or issues
  • Plus because you’re bi/multilingual so you’ve been able to further expand Hallyu internationally, and yknow everyone loves a bit of patriotism 
  • So this is why you were extremely uncertain about being on WGM
  • It’s a show that puts you in the spotlight
  • and kinda tries to brand you with this false image, and if you don’t fit that image the public tend to be like wtf is wrong with you
  • WGM could be a make or break for the virtual couples who participated on the show
  • You had heard from other celebrities who had been on WGM about how strange it was, like just the whole concept of a “virtual” relationship wasn’t something you’d ever been too keen on
  • So you were skeptical and it didnt help that your company hadn’t given you much warning about being on it
  • They just said to be prepared for the invitation over the next week or so
  • So when the red mailbox appeared outside your dorm along with a bunch of MBC camera staff you realised they hadn’t been kidding
  • You had read the letter outloud for the cameras;
  • “To my soon-to-be virtual wife, our first meeting place will be at the xxxxxx Building tomorrow. Before we meet, I’ll give you a big clue as to who I am, I wonder if you’ll be able to guess! I’m in an idol group, and I’ve debuted twice…I look forward to meeting you~ <3″
  • You read the letter again, absorbing all the information….
  • “EH? Tomorrow??” 

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Harry is an Aquarius and most ppl who met him and talk about him say the same thing. He is difficult to understand but very charming and good friends with everyone he can easily makes friendships but no one really knows him. I think the greatest thing you could actually get from harry is him sharing his real thoughts with you cause I believe not so many get that privilege tbh.

i’m going… cry? i feel this. he is so lovely and charming and kind and everyone who meets him falls in love with him yet he still manages to keep so much of himself to himself whilst still being sincere in what he does put out there for others to see. truly i feel like hes mastered the art of making ppl comfortable around him and like they know him whilst still keeping himself detached and almost an enigma……wtf……..i would die for this beautiful confusing cryptid whom i love