that is false advertising

How you can convince your parent/guardian your betta is more than decor.

Most people think of betta fish as decor, and this is due to the fact that big companies like to advertise false myths about their wild habitats, and its ingrained in society to view betta as unintelligent, lazy, and their only personality trait is that they like to fight. People don’t put fish in the same caliber as dogs and cats, so they’re viewed as cheap and expendable. All of this, of course, is false, but it can be quite difficult to change peoples’ minds about what they deem as “common sense”, which is dangerous because it’s not based on fact. As a result, you may clash heads with family members in the household, and no amount of powerpoint presentations or interpretive dancing can persuade them…  

Alright, if they won’t listen to facts, then the next step is to have them bond with your betta! It’s undeniable how cute betta look when they wiggle for food, and the amount of time they spend one on one with your betta (e.g. feeding them) can do wonders on their perception of your fish! Betta fish who live in healthy environments will thrive, swimming all around the tank and being super curious about their surroundings! This is how my mother became enamoured with my betta; it started with me asking her to feed them in the morning, so every day she gets to watch the boys rush over to the front of the tank to wiggle at her. She enjoys this so much that she now feeds them in the evening as well! She even talks to them when she visits the tanks, which she does multiple times a day to check in on the boys. 

My mother use to be annoyed that I dedicated so much time to my betta boys, and it really irked her that I loved them, “ Because they’re just fish! It makes you seem crazy that you’re so emotionally attached to them! “ When I first brought home the 10 gallon tank, she was livid, and wanted me to return it immediately because she thought it was such a waste of money and effort on my part. All of this changed when she grew attached to my betta boys, and she seems genuinely happy to watch them in their tanks. She’s fully on board to having Triton move into the 10 gallon now, and even conveys her worries to me about my bettas’ health:

“ I think Triton’s constipated!! Look, there’s a bulge where his butt is!! “

“ Mom, that’s his swim bladder. He’s fine.” 

I’m happy to say that my mother has taken my bettas’ quality of life more seriously now, and that she cares for them a lot ( refers to herself as their grandma since I’m the mom lol ). A happy ending, yay!!!!


“ You were anointed by God, blessed by the Sun. But you do not yet possess what really matters: the power!  Without it you will perish and all the France along with you. For the king without a castle is no king at all. And now, you dream of paradise, but you must build it for yourself and let the whole world know Louis the Great has arrived. “

(Versailles, 2015)


False Advertising: Thranduil

For my money, Thranduil is the best option—not necessarily to kill Bolg, but to be in that helping-Thorn/parallel fight position. Because seriously, that conflict between Thorin and Thranduil needs a resolution.

Unfortunately, I suspect this never occurred to the PTB because they don’t see Thranduil as a person. More a device. And his purpose in AUJ and DOS was make Thorin look like the most put-upon underdog, who is just treated so unfairly.

But if they’d treated Thranduil like the significant supporting character that he is, developed that conflict between him and Thorin—and all it implied—then keeping Thranduil on Ravenhill (alone or with his army), provides optimal fulfillment/resolution to what came before.

Even without development, though, Thranduil going up to Ravenhill sooner just has more oomph than whatever they think they’re doing with Legolas.

shit my teachers have said / done // meme

[ edit pronouns as needed ]

  • “i’m just sayin’”
  • “i should be on a document camera promotional video.”
  • “a nice hat trio! can you imagine us walking down the street?  pure fun.”
  • “go bulldogs… or whatever.”
  • [ continually switches thermostat from celsius to fahrenheit ]
  • “those who know me call me strawberry shortcake.”
  • “is kentucky a state?”
  • “i keep calling it heat waves,  but that’s like saying ‘pizza pizza.’”
  • “i’m just gonna watch my favorite youtube cat video and come back.”
  • “i’m going into the woods tonight, i’ll come out sunday.”
  • “you might not be a window, but you are a pain.”
  • “im just gonna talk to you about why my roommate was gnarly.”
  • “if i were you, i would do the homework.”
  • “rainier mountain sounds like a birth certificate.”
  • “sometimes you’re taking this malarian on a mountain.”
  • “the dumber it is, the more you’ll pay attention.”
  • “b-o-a-r-d, not b-o-r-e-d.”

False Advertising: ensemble

Point being, just about anybody would’ve made more sense than Legolas in fighting Bolg. Okay, Alfrid is worse; zombie-Smaug is worse; Galadriel or Saruman are worse; Gandalf is … comparable? But I’m pretty sure that if Bolg had tripped over Bilbo’s unconscious body and impaled himself on his own pointy armor, it would have been more satisfying than what we got with Legolas.

I cannot comprehend what they were thinking. 

(Actually, putting Bolg down in Dale to be killed by Beorn or Dain works really well.)

we have a problem (a slam poem)

we have a problem
when girls from the age of ten
are being told that they shouldn’t wear shorts out in public
for fear that they’ll be given looks
by older men
men old enough to be their fathers
men that despite their physical maturity
cannot seem to apply this to their dicks
if you can control your arm
or your leg
or your facial expressions
why are you incapable of controlling simply another body part
when it is faced with a stimulus
that is fresh faced yet was barely in the world
when you were already your own person?

we have a problem
when rape victims are told
that because of the way their hair
falls daintily over their breasts
or the delicate arch of their back
or the length of their sleeves
they were basically asking to be violated
because, of course,
it is a privilege for a woman to be looked at by a man
and a right for men to take what they want from women they deem worthy of this attention.
we have a problem when authorities
those who are paid to protect us
look away from this as a matter of principle
because ‘boys will be boys’ and you need to take the precautions.
when a public figure
is deemed as less guilty
because of their popularity and their skill
an athlete did not make a mistake
they are a criminal who can swim.

we have a problem
when a woman’s attempt to be seen as acceptable by a sexist society
is seen as ‘false advertising’ and ‘wasting a man’s time’
I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that my body was a product
a DVD player or a bar of soap that still can’t wash away the stink of your misogynistic narcissism
my only purpose to cleanse the sins of your twisted beliefs.

we have a problem when abortion is the only medical procedure
that you are denied because of how you got in the situation
when a drunk driver that killed a child can get an organ transplant at the tip of a hat
yet a woman who was violated cannot have this man’s production taken out of her own body because “YOU GOT YOURSELF INTO THIS AND YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES”
when a sixteen year old is denied an abortion because they are old enough to deal with it
but cannot adopt because they are not mature enough to handle a child.

If I am too young to be wearing these clothes then I am too young to have my body sexualised.
If my right to report a crime is lessened because of my vagina and the visibility of my underwear
then stop saying my body is a temple because if the God of it does not have rights then what’s the point of having one in the first place?
If I do not have control over my body and what happens to it then why should I exist? For your pleasure? No.

We have a problem
when women are shown to have no right over their bodies
when their only purpose is to be pleasurable for a man to look at
we have a problem
when women as seen as lesser than a man
and we have a problem
when women are seen as nothing.

Fake ah headcannon

Gavin with impulse control who covers himself in stickers or band aids even if he’s perfectly fine. Gavin who has to have his closets organized and refused to let anyone do his laundry. Gavin who impulse busy things in bulk like toilet paper and bandaids. Gavin who wakes up at the same time every morning no mater how late he fell asleep the night before. Gavin who has to wear gloves when handling a gun. Gavin who wipes his lips after kissing someone. Gavin with autism.

Jack who helps Gavin take the stickers and band aids off when he looses control. Jack who helps him wax so they don’t stick to his hair. Jack who gladly packs away all the bulk items. Jack who wakes up with him. Jack who will kiss Gavin and not get upset at Gavin wiping the kisses away. Jack who buys new stickers every week for gavin always different in some way to shake it up a bit. Jack who helps Gavin calm down when he has panic attacks. Jack who always carries gloves on her person at all times no mater what.

Geoff who pays for everything. Band aids? He’s got you. Stickers? Here jack. Bulk items? No problem. Clothes? Here. Gloves? Have this wad of cash. Geoff who only kisses Gavin on the cheek cause he gives wet kisses. Geoff who will cuddle Gavin when he is putting stickers or band aids on. Geoff who will shoot anyone who judges his baby. Geoff who donates a shit tone of money to autism foundations that actually work towards helping. Geoff who tears down foundations who false advertise their “help”. Geoff who eventually starts his own charity.

Michael who let’s Gavin put band aids and stickers all over him when ever he wants. Michael who literally punched someone so hard he nearly killed them because they called Gavin retarded. Michael who treats Gavin like he’s a normal human being. Michael who spends once a mouth helping special needs kids with physical therapy. Michael who blew up someone’s house after seeing them try and bully Gavin. Michael who is always up before jack an Gavin because he’s a morning person. RIOT PUNCH AND SWIMMIES WITH GAVVY~

Ryan who also treats Gavin like a normal human adult. Ryan who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit not even Gavin’s. Ryan who is always willing to help even if he grumbles the whole way about it. Ryan who has ocd. Ryan who organizes their game stash at least once a week and doesn’t look at it at any other time. Ryan who once stopped mid heist to fix some pamphlets on a display rack and the others just provided cover fire for him. Ryan who likes to say he has a handle on his ocd. Ryan who also has to turn the safety off and on, on his gun twice before he can use it.

Jeremy who, when he first met Gavin giggled at his band aids and nearly got decked by Michael before he chimed that he likes the little ducks and he wanted to know if he had anymore. Jeremy who will sit with Gavin putting band aids on just because he can. Jeremy who whines when it comes to taking them off cause he refuses to wax. Jeremy who sometimes walks away in the middle of conversations with no explanation what so ever. Jeremy who spaces out a lot also with no explanation. Jeremy who once fell asleep in the middle of a meeting. Jeremy who does a lot of random things with no explanation. Jeremy who once choked someone out after they had looked at Gavin wrong. Jeremy who is the most protective of gavin.