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I still don’t even know what’s going on, what did Michael Chu say ????

apparently he insinuated that gabriel was reaper before overwatch fell but people are misconstruing it and saying that he said reaper has been there for decades when the exact quote is “he has fought in many armed conflicts in the last decades, showing no loyalty to any cause or organization”, it doesn’t say reaper appeared decades ago like the tweet asked. this doesn’t necessarily mean anything in particular, it could just literally mean he’s insinuating gabriel betrayed overwatch or was disloyal or something, but tumblr only communicates in hyperboles so the new thing circulating is “michael chu said reaper has been reaper for decades and ruined the timeline” when he never did say any of that and many people are trying to Philosophize over a single tweet when none of these theories will be confirmed until we get an origins story.

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I hate boring couples which is why I didn't like stelena or forwood. too predictable. too mushy. I'm down for crazy ass plot twists and tension and conflict cuz that's what makes it interesting (aka delena and klaroline). long live the shows that surprise you and make u angry sometimes. I love tvd (except s7 which was extremely pointless) !!

i get not liking forwood, they didn’t really do anything for me either, but stelena was not boring. they were (not to be That Bitch), but, epic. They were. Their relationship was intense, and it had tension, and conflict, but it just wasn’t as big as delena’s. i’m not gonna argue that delena was more unhealthy than stelena, bc basically every ship on this show has problematic elements, and i ship klaroline so i really have no room to talk when it comes to that. 

but this show doesn’t make me the “oh wow i hate what’s happening here but it’s still good tv” kind of angry. it makes me the “this is piss poor writing and treatment of their characters and they’re shitting all over everything constantly” kind of angry. that’s not the angry i like when it comes to tv. 

‘On the dangers of seeking external advice about your sacred union’. The twin flame Union can not, and I repeat NOT be understood by third parties or fit the typical 3D models that relationships do. This means that it is extremely pointless and even dangerous to seek external advice or speculation about this type of Union from friends or family, as they will probably advise you to move on, and find a more suitable or stable type of relationship. Remember that this Union has absolutely everything to do with self! Self work, self introspection, self love, and self healing. Upon seeking others for advice regarding this type of Union they are likely to attempt to convince you of its invalidity, in other words do not expect their compliance or understanding. This relationship is unlike any usual relationships and this is because it has the goal of challenging existing notions and perceptions of love. To the outside world, the structure may seem simply ridiculous, absurd, and in many cases immoral. Figuring this out is all for you! All about you! All about you! It is about learning to trust yourself, your intuition and your better judgement, and through that, trusting the God in you. Reconnecting with source.

just a pointless gif of an extremely hawt and attractive Kim Jongin walking off casually >//////////<

ypif: adam birkholtz

  • thinks it’s 1998 and still says “bitchin’”
  • talks to you about tv shows you’ve never watched so much that u know literally the entire plot and also all of his Opinions
  • 180 second snap stories and at least half of it is just extremely pointless videos of ransom where he zooms really close up to his face while rans is studying in the library or like. weird inside jokes b/w them no context
  • will make u do drunk karaoke with him
  • hooked up w/ a lax bro
  • multiple times
  • judges ransom for not reading hp but hasn’t read pjo

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yo I don't even follow this account I just feel inclined to ask why you'd go for this? honestly your actions here are pointless and show an extreme lack of maturity. what gain do you get from this- does it make you proud? the only thing I can feasibly imagine is that you're thriving off attention that's only being given because a lack of respect. if I were in your shoes I'd get my act together and reconsider my values and what I was doing with my time. seems like a waste. why spend the effort?

Why spend the effort messaging me? 

i get a lot of very stupid comments from misogynists on my posts especially since my posts tend to get reblogged quite a bit, and 90% of them i just ignore, but don’t reblog my very personal posts about the abuse, sexual harassment, violence, involuntary hospitalization or any other trauma I’ve faced if you are not going to be respectful. I always appreciate others who reblog these posts to offer support or to add their own stories of dealing with similar things, but I will not tolerate or sit quietly and allow people who have not the slightest idea of the horrors and trauma of being involuntary committed long term, especially as a girl, and how difficult it is even 5 years later to mentally deal with those effects, be disrespectful, belittling or try to use the extreme trauma that I have faced for your stupid pointless discourse to gain social capital with other pathetic people on tumblr.  

Everything wrong with the Boruto manga announcement

WARNING: This post is supposed to be an over-exagerated critic made just for fun. So don’t light your torches and actually have fun reading this. Come on! It’s not like Kishimoto is paying you (if he actually is, send me a PM… I’m interested in working for him)

If you have high expectations it’s easier for you to hate something when it finally comes out. So I decided to do the opposite and expect absolutely nothing from these new manga series (maybe I’ll be surprised later and actually like it).

In fact, I’m going to bash it taking into account what we’ve seen in the poster and the first info that came out.

So prepare yourself for my pre-publish hate post… aka. Everything wrong with the Boruto manga announcement:

Number 1: Ukyo Kodachi is the one writting this

I don’t really care about another author being in charge of a story with Kishimoto as a supervisor. Kenji Taira was awesome and actually did a good job portraying a funnier and more character-focused story in his spin-off series with the aid of his boss.

The problem is that the author chosen for this one is Ukyo Kodachi. I’m not gonna lie, I think he is not very good. I found Gaara Hiden main plot extremely pointless and boring… and I love Gaara! How can someone manage to write something about him I’m not even interested in reading?!… just wow!

I disagree with this choice, completely; I don’t want to fall asleep while reading Boruto. I’m sure there are better writers out there… but once again, let’s see what he can do.

Number 2: Mikio Ikemoto’s artwork

Kenji Taira does a far better job imitating Kishimoto’s artstyle. Why Ikemoto?

I hate saying bad things about artists (I’m awful at drawing suff XD) but if I’m reading a serious story related to Naruto I want to see something that actually looks like it and not some fanart.

Just look at this! The moment I saw the main team faces I was like “Ok… so who’s drawing this again?”… and that shouldn’t happen. This gives me the doujinshi feels, and it is supossed to be “canon”

Why choosing this guy from all his assistants? Was he the only one who couldn’t find a job after the end of the series or something? Was Taira-sensei more interested in his own Team Taka parody than in Kodachi’s script? I have a bad feeling about this.

Number 3: Re-designs

Why the hell is Sarada using heels and a supermini-skirt? She’s f%cking twelve!!!! Gosh! Ikemoto is a lolicon!

Sarada is supposed to be a close-combat fighter, prepared to move faster that the enemy, to do a lot of acrobatic moves… you know, like her mom! How is she going to do that now with a mini-skirt? She is not even wearing shorts under it… is this now a fanservice series with tons of panty-shots?

And why does Shikadai look like a Calvin Klein model? He doesn’t look like a ninja at all. My boyfriend wore those same clothes yesterday for our date! Naruto is about a fantasy world and Shikadai looks like the main character of a modern japan slice of life series.

And why are his eyes brown again? One week they’re green, the next brown, just choose a color already!

Metal Lee is now wearing a scarf… a scarf… what, what was the point exactly? not making him look exactly like his father? so Ikemoto thought that making the neck ornamet a scarf would be a major change… that’s lazy.

Maybe this means that Hinata is his mother instead of TenTen? A girl made it for him? Is this an alternative version of The Last? Why?!

Number 4: These guys

Don’t get me wrong, I like the designs and Shiki’s fighting techniques… and I’m glad they are going to appear in the Boruto series. But, why focus so much in these new guys and not in characters that need more development and that actually showed up in chapter 700?

I don’t know, maybe… HIMAWARI!!! OR K12 MEMBERS!!!

Number 5: Kishimoto does not give a f%ck

He seems kinda excited about his new manga series (I’m not going to read anything else from him after those lame final arcs) and that scares me.

When he is supervising Naruto related stuff while actually working on Naruto, that gives the public confidence about reading/watching something acurate. We can even see Kishimoto actively pariticipating in the story sometimes, like he did with Kenji Taira and the novels.

But now he doesn’t want to write/draw anymore about the Naruto Universe and I just don’t think he cares that much about what others do with his characters. Kishimoto as a supervisor seems kinda fake to me… how is he going to correct stuff from this guy when he is worried about his completely new story being accepted?

Again, the doujinshi feels.


So that’s how it is. I expect nothing from these series and maybe that’s for the best because I might be positively surprised and actually enjoy what’s going to happen.

I might sound hard and negative… and I’m sure I’ll get reblogs or PMs telling me to chill out because we’ve only seen one poster. Well, posters are a way of advertising and this one didn’t give me good vibes.

Once again, I hope I’m wrong.

Okay, some people might not like me for posting this, but I seriously do not care at this point.

Using facial structures, eye shapes, and facial expressions, to prove whether drawn characters are related, is extremely pointless.

I am looking at you Sasukarin fans.

Kishimoto does not sit at his desk making sure that every single character looks different in every way possible. He is not that detailed. He uses the same habits and styles when designing his characters, just like almost every other artist out there. 

Let’s look at Sakura vs some other characters, shall we?

Mikoto, for instance…

They look so much alike. Eye shape, hair style, chins…I am sure that if my crappy photoshop skills were better, you’d see it even more. Does that mean Sakura is related to Mikoto? NO.

On to Kushina.

This one speaks for itself. Does this mean that Sakura is related to Kushina? NO.

Here’s another one!!

Look at those eyebrows! Those chins…the spiky hair…that face width…
Does this mean Sakura is related to Karin??? NOOOO.


That’s it. Not because they share genes. 

Unfortunately, Sarada has been dragged into this charade, because she has some the SAME FEATURES AS 49302859034759013475684758493 OF KISHI’S OTHER CHARACTERS. INCLUDING SAKURA AND KARIN.

This means that facial structures, eye shapes and facial expressions do not count when trying to prove who is related to who. 

With that said, the ONLY thing that connects Sarada to Karin are the fact that they both have GLASSES. THAT IS IT. NOTHING ELSE. Not eye color. Not hair color. Not personality. NOT EVEN the color of her glasses.

You wanna know what connects Sarada to Sakura?

  • The Uchiha fan on both their backs.
  • The Uchiha name.
  • The fact that Sasuke is Sakura’s husband and Sarada’s father.
  • The fact that Sarada calls Sakura “MAMA”.
  • “SHANNARO”. 
  • Her tenderness that is just like Sakura’s own tenderness (shown in NG 3)

And probably many more things yet to come. 

So calm down and stop saying that she is Karin’s daughter because she “looks like her". You sound like an idiot. 

And SS fans, I am not saying that it is wrong to say that she looks like Sakura–given that it IS her daughter–but my point still stands. It doesn’t make sense to use those drawn facial features as evidence against the SasuKrackin fans or other antis. We should, however, use the things I just listed and whatever you know or have noticed.

Posting a picture of a maimed solider captioned “This is what REAL bravery looks like!!!” in response to Caitlyn Jenner’s recent publicity as a trans woman is irrelevant and ignorant. Things like pain, suffering and bravery are all relative, it’s like saying you can’t be upset about a family member dying because more people died in the earthquakes in Nepal, or that you can’t be upset about being sexually assaulted because women in Pakistan are the victims of acid attacks and are forced to marry as children. These experiences are not in competition with each other, and minimising someone’s pain (or bravery in this case) just because something more extreme is happening elsewhere is pointless and insulting. There are different kinds of bravery, different kinds of suffering, different kind of crises, and trying to point out which suffering is worse, or which bravery more commendable, is an injustice. Posting a picture of a triple-amputee soldier and comparing them to Caitlyn Jenner is basically an attempt to silence her, paradoxically showing just how important she is for trans awareness because so many people are still disrespecting her choices and resisting her existence. After opening up about her female identity with Diane Sawyer and doing this amazing shoot with Vanity Fair I have seen an encouraging amount of support and acceptance, but an equally large amount of malevolence and prejudice. We still live in a massively transphobic and hostile society where not only do people refuse to try and understand trans people, they are actively disrespectful and hurtful towards them too. Caitlyn has set herself free despite knowing this, therefore she is extremely brave.

#4 Weddings

“In twenty two years of my existence, one thing that I had discovered was that I hated weddings and found them extremely boring. I never understood these pointless celebrations. I attended wedding because mum always insists. I found a bunch of people talking about how they first met over and over again somewhat uninteresting. This wedding that I was at wasn’t much different.

The flowers, the chairs, the people, everything seemed to annoy me.  The heat was killing me. I just wanted to head home and take this damn suit off.  The tie was choking me and I was trying to loosen it every once in a while. I had to force myself to answer questions everyone asked about my life and be polite while doing so. One little kid had made me his target ever since the ceremony began. He would walk past me, innocently, and then hit me in my crotch. I was already in pain because this was the fourth time he had done that in a span of an hour. I was getting irritated.

I looked around, taking in multiple faces, all happily smiling and talking. After a while of staring at the people in front of me, their faces were merging in my vision and all of them looked the same to me. But then my eyes landed on this girl standing near the door. She was radiant and gorgeous. Her dress fitted her perfectly and it ended above her knee. She was wearing flowers in her hair and that really attracted me. I loved looking at those flowers, gently placed on her hair. Her hair looked like a beautiful waterfall, not the best comparison in the world, but I’m no poet. This was the best I could do. Her smile was prettier than everyone else in the room to me. I wanted to talk to her, to tell her what I thought. I walked over to her hoping to have a decent conversation.

I stood in front of her and she looked at me with her huge innocent eyes and she smiled. I swear I felt like I was out of this world when she smiled her absolutely breathtaking smile at me.

Hey, I’m Harry Sty- Fuck!” the sharp pain in my crotch turned my mind blank for a second. I saw that little shit run sway, satisfied with ruining my conversation. I heard a soft giggle and looked up at the girl.

“That was the best introduction ever!” She laughed and I felt a little better. She found it funny and I had no problem with that In fact, I’d let that kid hit me one thousand times if that meant I could hear her laugh again.

“I’m sorry about that though. I’m Harry Styles.” I said, keeping my vice gentle and smooth.

She told me her name and I told her it was the most beautiful name I had ever heard. We talked for a while and we seemed into each other. We exchanged numbers, went on a couple of dates. We kept meeting up. We dated for four years before deciding to marry each other. And that, kids, is how I met your mother.” Harry finished and you smiled, remembering all of it like it was yesterday. You went through every single detail of your dates, your jokes, and kisses. Your teenage daughters were looking at the two of you with smiles on their faces.

“So, it was love at first sight?” Darcy, who turns sixteen next month asked.

“Not really. I found her immensely attractive and then I gradually fell in love with her.” Harry said and looked at you, his eyes still filled with the same love for you.

“So the moral of the story is?” You urged your daughters. They just stared at you blankly.

“What is it?” Harry asked.

“The moral is that when your mom tells you to go to weddings with her, do not refuse.” You said, “Now get ready. We can’t be late for the ceremony!” Everyone laughed and Harry kissed you.

I convince myself at the start of every Olympics that they are a boring and pointless waste of money but then extremely ripped men start snapping their limbs and I am 100% on board.