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Today Would Have Been Emmett Till’s 76th Birthday if a White Woman Didn’t Lie on Him

Emmett Till would have turned 76 today, July 25, had a white woman not lied on him. Roy Bryant’s wife, now known as Carolyn Bryant Donham after having divorced and married a few times (something not afforded to Emmett, by the way), broke her silence and admitted that she made up the most damning part of her testimony.

The 82-year-old confessed about 10 years ago to author Timothy Tyson, a Duke University senior research scholar, who was working on the book The Blood of Emmett Till.

That part’s not true,” Donham reportedly told Tyson about her claim that Emmett made verbal and physical advances toward her.

Conveniently, Donham claimed that she didn’t remember exactly what happened in the store.

But Emmett’s family and much of the world were well aware of what happened to Emmett after she accused him of inappropriate advances. The terrified 14-year-old was kidnapped from the home of relatives by Donham’s then-husband and Milam. Emmett was beaten, mutilated and shot to death before the half brothers sank his body in a local river by tying a 75-pound gin fan around his neck.

Meanwhile, more than 60 years later, Emmett’s family is still seeking justice on behalf of their loved one, with his surviving relatives asking for the case to be reinvestigated after Donham admitted to lying on the teen.

One thing that’s always bothered me was that stories and events like this were never really shown or discussed in public schools. When I was going to school it was always: MLK, the Civil Rights movement, sit-ins, the boycotts etc. Schools never really showed the truly horrific stories that came with in this time of American history: the Emmet Till Murder, the Medgar Evers murder, The 16th St. Baptist Church bombing, Nat Turner’s uprising and many more. There are soo many stories like this to be told, yet are never discussed.

Handle Animals

This happened during my first session as a DM. The party was composed by a vishkanya bard (experienced player) and a human barbarian (new player).
After stepping into a cave, the barbarian has a close encounter with a quite angry, already hurt black bear.
Barbarian OOC: can I roll Handle Animals to try to calm him?
Me: go ahead
Barb: *rolls a 20 (not natural)*
Me: what do you do exactly?
Barb: *raises his hands* quiet…
Me: ok, the bear stops roaring at you but is still quite pissed because…roll Sense Motive
Barb: *rolls 17*
Me: …you are standing in its cave.
Barb OOC: I roll to Intimidate it.
Bard OOC: what the fuck.
Barb: *rolls 14* *roars at the bear*
Me: now it’s very pissed.
Bard OOC: I heal the bear…to calm it?
Me: now the bear is in perfect shape, but it doesn’t understand magic, so it still wants to eat your face.
After a few turns of fight, the bear charges after the bard because she tried to run.
Me: it attacks [bard] while you are running away.
*rolls nat20*
Bard OOC: oh no
*rolls nat20*
Bard OOC: oh fuck.
*rolls 19*
Bard: *looks at me, then at [barbarian]
Me: ….ok…I tell you what, since it’s [barb]’s first time and he OBVIOUSLY MADE SOME QUESTIONABLE CHOICES, I will reroll this last attack.
The next turn the barbarian charged after the bear, killing it.

All Black Everything (M)

Author’s Note: i have seen the devil and his name is kim jongin. someone get me a fan. this is a continuation of the universe for Did You See? you can read both separately, however the impact is a little stronger at the end if you read the original story first. 

Pairing: Kai x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: explicit sex; explicit language

Word Count: 3,881

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Nini[10:03 PM]: i can’t stop thinking about the other night…

Y/N[10:05 PM]: which night? lmao i’ve seen you every night this week

Nini[10:08 PM]: don’t be like that, duchess. you know exactly which night i’m talking about.

Y/N[10:09 PM]: no, nini.

Y/N[10:09 PM]: youll have to be specific.

Nini[10:09 PM]: tuesday

Y/N[10:10 PM]: what happened tuesday? we did a lot of things that night~

Nini[10:13 PM]: are you gonna make me say it?

Y/N[10:14 PM]: yes.

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Wanted to point out that there is a preexisting reason for Jon to act the way he does about Sansa- but there is absolutely no reason for their parallels/direction to be filmed exactly like romantic couple. Ex: Cat/Ned, Brienne/Jaime. (These couples are both certain of their love for one another (Cat/Ned) and also don’t know how to deal with it (Brienne/Jaime) but both trust one another explicitly).

So yeah, of course Jon has a reason to act the way he does, but there’s no reason for these exact parallels, made the same frame by frame, to exist. So I’d like to know why that’s happening? Normal viewers are seeing it now. What’s the deal?

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So I finally got the nerve up to watch the "obviously " not together interview; yeah making fun of fans that believe it is exactly what was happening there

I still haven’t watched. I’m trying to forget it happened 😬😬😬

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Hi, long time stalker and first time asker. So I love the AU's and CANNOT pick a favourite (sorry Canadian) So I think I'm like truly loving the Vegas Bunny AU and I'm gonna try something. What if Avery is like skittish meeting Geno, and Geno has this sudden realization that if Avery doesn't like or accept him Sid's gone and Geno has lost the love of his life (don't tell me he hasn't already thought this) so Geno goes overboard in the giftshop and buys everything Spiderman he can see in like 4

4 stores and orders a shit ton more from various sites and countries. Sid is overwhelmed and wondering where exactly this angel came from and what the catch is going to be and when the other shoe is going to fall because he doesn’t and isn’t used to nice things. That happens to other people not Sid. So they show up, Avery is having a really good day but sees this Russian Bear behind his date with Spiderman merch galore and even in his young mind he knows that this man could either be good or bad

Avery essentially interrogates Geno and Geno is like a scolded child because Sid is watching and Avery means evereything and has the biggest say. And Holy Shit. This kid is the judge, jury, and potential executioner and Geno just wants Sid, and seeing Avery in the bed and how Sid’s demeanor automatically changes from this seductive Vegas Bunny to this dad who just wants his son to be out of the bed and to be able to have the chance to be a kid like he deserves. Geno wants to make this happen.

Avery plays along with the shovel talk all while Geno is just holding a gigantic bundle of things and gifts, And Sid knows exactly what is going on and is refraining from that Honking Goose Laugh ™ and it’s at that moment he knew Geno was it for him and he doesn’t want another day to go by with Geno knowing how Sid feels. So Sid just blurts out a laugh and “God,I love you.” Geno turns around with wide eyes, drops the gifts just kisses Sid. Avery sends heart monitors alight with his happiness

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Lance, Pidge, Hunk: alright tell me this, have you ever thought about crawling into the vents at like 3 AM just to blast fireflies in all the speakers. Because if not, you should.

Lance: We’re banned from the vents because of exactly that.

Pidge: We did it for a solid week, new song every night, blasting it at exactly 4:20 AM, and then every morning we pretended we had no idea what was happening and they all bought it.

Hunk: The line up was Fireflies, What’s New Pussycat, Never Gonna Give You Up, Photograph, I Need a Hero, What Is Love, and All Star.


Chief Inspector Japp getting back at Poirot for serving him pork feet earlier

Agatha Christie’s Poirot 6x02: ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’

Javid Titanic AU - Part 21

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Davey didn’t exactly like leaving Jack again, but he didn’t have much of a choice. If he stayed, Jack was dead. And he wasn’t about to let that happen.

The water level was even higher as he fought his way back down the corridor, up to his chest now. It was clear that they didn’t have long before the entire deck was underwater and he didn’t want to consider what happened what that time ran out. He just hoped that, when it did, he was with Jack. Whether they’d gotten out of this mess or not.

The lights in the hallway were blinking threateningly as Davey struggled against the tide of the water as it slowly filled the ship. Every other moment, he was plunged into darkness but stopping wasn’t an option so he struggled through the sensory overload and winced every time furniture he hadn’t seen coming collided with his shins. The water was still the worst part, biting at his arms and legs and clacking his teeth together. Davey could feel his core body temperature lowering and he knew it wasn’t sensible to stay submerged longer than was absolutely necessary. Still, as he dragged his waterlogged limbs down the corridor, it felt like there was no end in sight.

When he eventually threw himself into the stairwell and scrambled up the stairs, Davey was struggling to breathe. Fighting against the current was more exercise then he’d had in his life and the freezing water made it painful to fill his lungs. He took exactly five seconds to collect himself back together before standing shakily, gripping the bannister at the top of the stairs to keep himself upright. Now he could move freely on dry ground things were a little easier, but his clothes were still heavy and soaked through with enough water to keep his body numb. His trousers stuck to his legs as he pushed away from the stairs and forced himself to walk down the corridor. Jack didn’t have time for him to waste.

D Deck was far easier to navigate than the rushing waters below, with stable lighting and dry carpets that Davey freely tracked watery footprints across. Soon it would be at the bottom of the ocean – what did a few extra water droplets matter now.

“Hello, is there anyone here? Hello?” he shouted, his voice a little ragged but forceful nonetheless. “We need help, hello?!”

When no reply came, Davey was very quickly getting desperate. He didn’t want to face the reality of not finding someone.

“Dammit,” he swore, taking another corner and shoving at each door along the corridor. Most of them had been locked and even those that hadn’t only revealed empty state rooms. It seemed like Davey was the only soul left on the deck.

When he turned another corner and came face to face with a man in a jacket and a hat, he leapt out of his skin. He’d pretty much given up hope but now here was another person, finally, and someone who might know what to do even if he couldn’t help them himself.

“Oh, thank god,” Davey sighed, launching into a plea. “Please, I need your help. There’s a man down here and- Wait!”

The man wasn’t listening to a word he was saying, talking fast in Spanish? Or was it Italian? Davey wasn’t sure, but whatever it was he didn’t speak it. And he wasn’t sure the man could speak English either, considering he didn’t seem to be registering a word Davey was saying, just racing through sentence after sentence, seeming quite frantic himself. He just pushed Davey aside and continued up the hall towards the grand staircase. Shouting after him, Davey watched his last hope get further and further away.

It was impossible not to cry. The lights flickered out, leaving him in darkness. Clearly the water was working its way further into the electrics, which could only be a bad sign. Davey collapsed to the floor, sitting with his back against the wall and burying his head in his hands. When that only made the tears fall faster, he tipped his head back to rest it against the wall.

He was alone. He was helpless. He was going to die. It was impossible not to think about all the things he’d lost before they’d ever even happened: early mornings beside Jack, with light streaming through the window; gentle caresses teasing him awake; sleepy kisses and long nights of talking and then less talking and more touching. Finding some goddamn oil.

Maybe his mother was right about everything. If anything was a sign of god’s punishment, this would pretty much be it. Guilt started to eat away at Davey’s stomach again. This might all be his fault… The scenes from the boat deck came back to him. Flares, lifeboats, Mr Andrews’ words about the fate of the ship, Jack in handcuffs. The idea that that might be his fault become of some divine power disciplining him for finally being happy was crushing. But then he thought about Jack kissing him. How safe and content he felt, and how easy to relax into Jack’s arms it was. He shook all thoughts of his mother’s sermons from his mind. This wasn’t god. This wasn’t punishment. This was an iceberg, an accident, a tragedy. But it wasn’t a reason to give up on the life he wanted.

Scrubbing away his tears and sniffling, Davey climbed to his feet with renewed determination. He wasn’t going to sit and wait to die, and even if he did he wouldn’t be doing it alone. He was making it back to Jack one way or another.

Looking around the hall for something, anything, that would be of use, his eyes settled on the fire station - only a hose and an axe but better than nothing. Useless against tides of water, of course, but ideas were forming in Davey’s mind. He picked up the heavy metal end of the hose and smashed it against the glass that covered the axe. When it had shattered away he reached in and took the axe from its perch. It was heavy in his hands and he wasn’t exactly sure how to hold it, but Jack could probably help with that. He couldn’t remember having ever used an axe before in his life but it was going to have to do. It was all they had.

Feeling slightly less powerless, Davey retrace his steps back through the hall to find his way to the top of the stairs down to E Deck. When he reached the top of the staircase, he almost dropped the axe.

The water was up to the ceiling of E Deck, lapping up the stairs. Just as Davey was summoning the courage to descend into the water, the electricity finally quit completely and plunged the deck below into a pool of inky blackness.

“Oh my god,” he whispered.

He hadn’t been lying when he’d said he could swim, but that had been in a nicely tiled pool with clear water and sans the threat of death or serious harm. This was worlds away. In any other situation, he’d never have continued down the steps, but Jack was down there. Even as wires spat sparks across the surface of the water, providing a little light at the cost of some extra added danger, Davey shrugged off his jacket so he wouldn’t be weighed down. He left it behind and gritted his teeth as he lowered himself into the water step by step. It was just as cold as before, but this time he had no choice but to get completely submerged. He couldn’t reach the floor anymore, so he settled for dragging himself down the hall by hooking the axe head over the pipes running across the ceiling, ducking under them and trying to stop the shudders in his limbs. When the water level had dropped a little and he could walk without swallowing seawater, Davey forced his feet to move across what used to be a nicely carpeted floor. It felt like a trial and a half to get to the door of the Master at Arms’ office but, as soon as he did, he felt a little calmer already. Jack had that effect on him.

“Jack!” Davey called from the doorway, smiling just a little to see him. He held up the axe with a questioning look.

“Okay… We can work with that…” Jack nodded, a little apprehensive. This seemed like their only option, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t still a terrible idea. “A couple of practice swings, maybe? Try hittin’ that door, okay,” he suggested, gesturing to the wooden cabinet and pulling a face when the handcuffs collided with the pipe and restricted his movement. He really hated this whole under arrest thing.

Davey nodded and crossed to the cabinet, trying to balance the axe in his hands and adjusting his grip when Jack provided tips. He swung at the door, surprised by the force of the axe and grinning when he left a deep gash in the wood. There was a thrill to destruction.

“Right, now try hittin’ that same spot again. You can do this Davey, you got this,” Jack encouraged.

Davey swung again, the new mark almost a foot away from the first. Jack just swallowed nervously. It was clear Davey’s aim was abysmal, but that wasn’t going to get better any time soon. They couldn’t wait for Davey to practice until he could hit a mark. If life came with the cost of losing a finger or two then that was a trade he was willing to make.

“Okay… Enough practice. Let’s just do this,” Jack decided.

Nervously, Davey struggled over to Jack round the displaced furniture. There was a deep, raw fear in his eyes. He was terrified to hurt the person he loved but there was nothing else he could do.

“Listen, hit really hard and really fast,” Jack said, trying to hide his own fear so he didn’t encourage Davey’s.
“I love you, Jack,” Davey whispered, kissing him quick and desperate. He had no idea how his life had gone from rich parties and world-famous company to swinging an axe at someone’s hands in a matter of hours.
“I trust you,” Jack promised.

And he did. But he still curled his hands into fists so there was less surface area for Davey to hit and closed his eyes tightly, hiding his face in his shoulder and bracing for pain. Davey wished he had the luxury of looking away, but that was only going to lower his chances of not severing Jack’s wrists. Really wanting to be anywhere else, he raised the axe. Waiting wasn’t going to do either of them any good. He brought the axe down, trying not to wince as metal rushed towards Jack’s hands. When he felt it collide with something, everything too much of a blur for him to see clearly, he expected Jack to yell out in pain and he looked away, not able to cope with the sight of blood if it was him that had caused the injury.

Jack didn’t yell. Instead, he laughed. By some miracle of fate, the axe had sliced right down the centre of the handcuff chain, severing it and separating Jack’s hands. The first thing he did was pull Davey in for a fierce hug, brushing his thumb across his cheek and tilting his chin up for a kiss. Being tactile was second nature to him and not being able to touch Davey properly was not an experience he ever wanted to repeat.

Davey was laughing too, albeit a little shakily, unable to stop a few relieved tears from sliding down his cheeks as he put his head on Jack’s shoulder. If anything from the evening felt like an act of god, it was the axe not cutting bone or flesh. With one last kiss, Jack pulled away.

“We’re getting out of here. Now,” he said, hopping off the desk he’d been balancing on to stay out of the water. “Oh shit, this is cold,” he swore as he was surrounded by the freezing ocean. Davey just snorted, already heading for the door.

His first plan was to climb back up the nearest staircase up to D Deck and then head for the main staircase to take them up to the boat deck. Only the water had risen even higher during their escape attempt and it was now rushing in down the steps Davey had used. There was no way they could get up them against the tide.

“This is the way out,” he said mournfully.

Jack just took Davey’s hand and pulled him in the opposite direction down the hall.
“Not anymore. We have to find another way, come on,” he encouraged.

Davey was more than happy to comply. He liked not having to be the only one making decisions anymore, and he’d go anywhere with Jack. 

This theory post is part of the problem

Just a theory, not an OMG THIS WILL DEFFO HAPPEN. Cos it won’t. I just had an idea of what COULD happen that I wanted to share cos I’m a fucking sadist and I love you guys :D

So I’ve been thinking.   Instead of ya know… going to FUCKING SLEEP!

Some of us are reaching ‘Anti hype burnout’ and he simply doesn’t care.  He keeps dropping those fucking bombs.  As soon as there’s a “but I’m tired now” post in the tags, BAM another bomb.

What if…

What if he wants this. Exactly this. Wearing us down.  Battle fatigue. 

We turned on him at just a strangled hint that he’d hurt Chase. We turned on him.  On Anti. We called an army and threatened war.

He’s bringing it to us.  All of us.  Whether we turned on him or not.  Hint after hint, until we spot a pattern (like the titles) and it’ll change to make our heads spin. Threat after threat, until we see a pattern (like Zalgo) and it’ll change to make our heads spin. Something’s coming, but we don’t know when.  Soon. Patience. We can’t relax, we’re stressed, we’re burning out.  Bomb after bomb until we’re so battle fatigued and shell-shocked that all our excitement is reduced to dust. We’ll be sick of his very name, even those of us who love him dearly. We’ll be done.  We’ll be over it. 

We’ll be tired.
Worn out.


That’s when he’ll reappear.  When we’re exhausted to the point of resignation. When we hate his very name, he’s going to give us a reason to.  That very thing we fear.  The destruction of EVERYTHING we love.  Every ego. And it will happen largely on camera. He’ll force us to watch, clip by clip, piece by piece, their bodies and their sanity slowly and carefully picked apart, sinew by sinew, thread by thread, bomb by bomb. 

Schneeplestein is the most useful, he’ll fall first, he’s already corrupt, but Anti will let him keep enough of himself to ensure that the tiny, far off, voice of reason in his battered mind understands that what he’s being forced to do to the others is so very, egregiously wrong that it’s bending the very fabric of his screaming sanity past breaking point. 

Jack will hold out the longest. Left sufficiently intact as a useful host. 

Everything we love. 

He’ll give us a reason to fear and loathe him and we won’t save them. We’ll simply watch it happen because we’ll be resigned to it.

He may even set us little challenges to try to save them. Just to see how much fight we have left.  To see how long it takes us to realise that by completing his challenges, by allowing ourselves to be puppets we’re simply drawing out the inevitable. We’re forcing them them suffer longer.  In the end we’ll beg him to end their suffering. We’ll know what that means. We’ll be resigned to it.

He’ll make us kill the ones we love.
Because he’s Anti.  
And we can’t do shit.

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I'm not sure if you've answered this already, I haven't seen anything, but when Henry was turned into a toon did it hurt? I know magic was involved obviously so that could easily have made it painless, if weird feeling, but it could easily make it hurt too. I doubt the Ink Machine, or the real power behind it, cares if the people it makes into toons are comfortable during the process.

Well, Henry passed out.  He won’t really remember it very clearly, but like @spudinacup said, his very molecular structure was completely rearranged in an impossible way, so I can’t imagine it was exactly comfortable.

Was it painful?  I don’t know.  Henry wouldn’t be able to tell you, either; he passed out very shortly after it happened and before he even understood what was happening.  He doesn’t really remember what it felt like.  But it would probably be difficult to describe the sensations going through your body while something like that was happening.

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Hey lelly, can I ask exactly what happened with supergirl? I would look it up, but I'm only half way through season 2 and afraid of spoiling something. Thanks!

The cast made a lot of fun of young gay kids wanting representation. I was never a big ‘ship’ person but it meant a lot to a lot of teenagers. Then after laughing about gay ship things they wrote and apology (it said that gay kids were actually fighting their allies here, and were overreacting) then Kara’s actor said sth like she can’t be homophobic bc she was on glee it’s a mess

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I actually have a feeling that when l&h come out its going to just drop with no warning or build up (obv bg will have to end first but y'get my gist), and it makes me so paranoid like I could legit still be recovering from the end of bg and boom 'HARRY STYLES AND LOUIS TOMLINSON ARE ENGAGED. SUMMER WEDDING 2K18 SOURCES SAY'. they've pretty much treated all the other public narratives that way. how am I supposed to handle that?? I'm going to have a coronary

You know what, looking at how much Louis and Harry love to drop bombs on us without warning,,,,,, that’s exactly what it’ll happen lol 

The Rumor Come Out: Does Present Mic is Gay?

Present Mic is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor.

The public, especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about his music career, but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this singer revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans.