that is exactly what was happening

Dreams - Dylan O’Brien

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dylan x Reader

Words- 4,944 (not sure how this happened ;) )

Warnings- alot of fluff and smut

AN: Ok so this is my first fic and i’m super nervous to post this. I just wanna thank @ninja-stiles for helping keep me motivated and helping edit.

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Best friends are supposed to be with you no matter what, they’re supposed to be there for you through everything, always be happy for you and support you.

Dylan was exactly that. We have been friends since we were little, neither of us can actually remember a time when we didn’t know each other, but our moms tell us we’ve been friends since the womb. Dylan has been there for me through everything crappy that life has decided to throw my way, and I have done the same for him. But not once did I ever think that being happy for him would kill me inside.

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Personally, I don’t think Sana has a clue about Even/Mikael.

With SKAM being SKAM, it’s easy to over-analyze and think that there’s this huge conspiracy going on when there really isn’t, or at least not always. Just look at S3. People were driving themselves crazy with theories and what it all meant, especially with the Romeo&Juliet symbolism, but in the end it wound up being exactly what we all knew it would be. Often times, the first guess is the right one.

With this season, I feel like part of the need for there to be all this Mikael/Even drama is simply because some people haven’t moved on from Isak/Even yet(or downright refuse to) and they want more and more of them, which is understandable, but it’s Sana’s season and in making all these theories people need to keep in mind how it all relates to her and what may or may not have happened in Bakka doesn’t. At least, not yet.

So with that in mind, and taking into consideration what we’ve been shown so far, I don’t think she’s withholding anything from Isak. If anything, she’s knuckling down on a secret. Her secret. Isak saw Mikael in the picture and freaked when he recognized him but Mikael wasn’t the one Sana was watching; it was Yousef, her secret crush who not a single soul knows about(that we know of). She very obviously panicked when Isak surprised her and asked about Mikael and she refused to talk about it, not because she’s hiding anything about him but because she’s embarrassed at having been caught looking at a guy, one who unbeknownst to Isak she has serious feelings for. Sana has never shown that side of herself to anyone. Even the girl-squad doesn’t know(for very good reason, I imagine) and that says a lot, so regardless of how close she and Isak might be, she isn’t just going to talk about it.

In today’s convo, Isak once again asks about Mikael, and once again Sana dodges the question. It’s easy to read a lot into that if you’re thinking in regards to Even but Sana, as I said before, should be the focus. Who is Mikael to her? Elias’s friend; Yousef’s friend. Yousef, the guy she has a major crush on. Yousef, the guy that she doesn’t want anyone to know she likes. So here comes Isak asking her about Yousef’s friend. The less she talks about Mikael or anyone related to Yousef, the less likely she is to give away that secret part of herself. No conspiracy, nothing to do with Even, Mikael or what happened in Bakka.

Maybe not as exciting as some people might like it to be but that’s not the point of this season. This season is about showing us all the sides of Sana that we haven’t seen and when it comes to Yousef, not Mikael, she is a girl with a crush that she’s holding near and dear to her heart. It seems like she’s barely even acknowledged its existence to herself, maybe she hasn’t at all, but she’s definitely going to do her damnedest to keep it and the rest of her life/world separate.

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Bitter Sunday prompt: Team Freeloader seeing that Tony Stark doesn't need them when they get back and yet they need him. But he's all out of fucks to give about them.

For some reason I feel like I keep being the hardest on Clint in these bitter posts and showing more understanding/regret/etc from Natasha and Steve, so I figured I’d mix it up and start this one with him. Because I genuinely like all the characters, I’m just very unhappy with some of their choices (and obviously Tony is my favourite and I’m by no means unbiased).

When Clint first gets off the plane back in his birth country he isn’t happy like he’s envisioned himself being for months. He’s dreamed so many times of this moment, but now that it is actually happening, there’s no relief. No excitement.

Only–he’s not sure what’s left or how to call it but it feels empty.

Seeing his family again goes not at all and exactly like he thought it would. Laura slaps him, though she’s crying to hard for it to truly hurt. Unlike when she twists away from him, avoids his touch, because that. That won’t ever not hurt. Lila is smiling at him, a tiny thing, like she’s not supposed to but can’t help herself. She’s clinging to Cooper’s hand, who’s glaring darkly in a not at all encouraging way. And there’s Nathaniel, the son that doesn’t even know him, just pats his mother’s cheek awkwardly in an attempt to stop her tears and–

Clint isn’t ashamed to say he flees. He doesn’t know what to do or say to make this better and he just…takes the easy way out. He moves back into the compound, away from the family he doesn’t quite know, only it’s not the same.

The compound has always been his home away from home, sometimes perhaps more so than it should have been. It’s different now though, hasn’t been the same since their return. At first Clint assumes he’s simply remembering things better than they actually were. With how often he’s been lying in Wakanda’s ridiculously idyllic gardens, dreaming of this place, it’s entirely possible after all.

Besides a lot of the things he notices in the beginning are small, easily forgotten. They just begin to pile up after a while.

Like the way Clint can’t remember the water ever having turned cold on him before–but maybe he’s just never showered long enough? Or the way their fridge ends up being empty more often than not and how their laundry just keeps piling up until Sam snaps and declares Saturday laundry day–and you better be there or else.

Then there is their battle gear. It’s starts with the clothes, which are good quality and the right size. But. They aren’t great quality and they aren’t tailored. And Clint wouldn’t have noticed this a few short years back, but now he does. Now he knows how it could be. Knows that the material doesn’t have to stick to his skin quite as uncomfortable, doesn’t have to limit his mobility just a slightest bit. It goes on with his weapons. The knifes that are decent but not perfectly designed for the kind of throwing he prefers. The arrows that are just arrows, are replaced after every fight but don’t suddenly appear out of thin air–and that is something Clint remembers well, the excitement when he used a new kind of arrow, uncertain of what to expect, the thrill of all the new possibilities once he realises what their purpose is–and he misses it.

The first time they’re out in the field again, they almost get killed. Sam is in the hospital for three weeks, Clint only barely escapes with a broken arm and a concussion. It’s not because they’ve forgotten how to fight, it’s because they’ve made a terrible, idiotic mistake that Clint wants to hit himself for even months later. 

Because for some inexplicable reason it hadn’t occurred to any of them that Iron Man wouldn’t join them. (He hadn’t been called on, they later learn, because the threat hadn’t been deemed that dangerous–and it wouldn’t have been, if only they had adjusted their strategy accordingly.)

The training Steve puts them through after that episode is rigorous but nobody dares to complain. And it doesn’t happen again, not on that grade, but Clint is a decent agent, he recognises that their efficiency isn’t what it was. He recognises what–who–is missing.

He finds himself watching Stark on TV sometimes now, during reports of attacks they haven’t been called in to handle–Stark’s not alone, Clint notices, and can’t put his finger on why that bothers him–interviews, even gossip channels. He doesn’t know why. Doesn’t know when he’s stopped hurling insults designed to hurt at the screen, just that he did. 

It takes Clint three months to admit to himself that he misses Tony Stark. He doesn’t say it out loud, isn’t sure he ever will. He never asks the others about their thoughts on the billionaire either, though it’s no secret that Steve has been trying to patch things up–and has been insistently rebuffed with a polite distance Clint wouldn’t have believed Stark capable of if he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes.

He doesn’t reach out, doesn’t call the man. He could, he supposes, though the thought of having to apologise for some of the things he’s said in anger leaves a stale taste on his tongue. Clint has never been good at apologies. He’s much preferred that silent understanding he used to share with Tony–and maybe that’s part of the problem.

Either way it doesn’t matter because Stark is so far removed from them now, it’s hard to imagine they’ll ever be reunited again. He’s there occasionally, during battles, but they never even hear his voice, it’s always just FRIDAY on the comms. And contrary to Steve Clint can take a fucking hint. He isn’t going to run after the other man, he doesn’t want to.


And if he occasionally finds himself glaring at the TV where Stark and a masked Spiderman exchange jokes in front of the excited reporters, well, it’s not like he’s jealous or something. That would just be stupid.

It takes another thirteen weeks for Clint to admit to himself that the things he misses most about Stark aren’t the nice things he gave them, the money or the way he always seemed to know how to redirect the presses’ attention in a way that benefitted them. 

It’s the way Stark used to join him in the kitchen at ass crack in the morning sometimes, hand him a cup of hot chocolate and stare silently into nothingness, just to keep Clint company. It’s the way they used to watch Gilmore Girls together and constantly make references to the show, just to confuse Steve and piss him off. It’s the way Stark nodded off against Clint’s shoulder sometimes, after a particularly exhausting day, like he hadn’t been mind-controlled by a psychotic alien mere weeks ago.

Not that it matters anymore, now.

Staring unblinkingly at his ringing phone showcasing Laura’s number that Clint can’t bring himself to answer, he bitterly wonders to himself if maybe that’s why he was always going to follow Steve’s call at the drop of a hat–because he’s always been better at running rather than staying.

I’m not sure this is what you had in mind but I tried my best. The focus was supposed to be Clint’s friendship with Tony rather than the fallout from the Accords, and then things just got completely out of control *shrug*

Okay so like can we acknowledge the fact that The Doctor met an emporer made of algae once and that he fancied him???? like thank you Doctor Who for casually dropping that bit of information but like exCUSE ME GIVE ME BACKSTORY PLEASE

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heya aunt scripty, i was wondering — if someone were to have their throat cut, is there a plausible circumstance in which they *almost* die, but ultimately end up surviving? and if so, would they face any sort of longterm repercussions aside from a scar? thanks a bunch in advance, and apologizes if this ask was worded weirdly 😅💙

Okay, so, this depends on exactly what you mean by “having their throat cut”. I’m not being facetious; the neck is a very complicated piece of anatomy, and exactly what happens makes a big difference.

For example, I once treated a man who tried to cut his own throat and failed. He had sliced – no, hacked through the musculature at the front of the neck, but he hadn’t damaged the airway or any of the large blood vessels. I mean, sure, he bled like hell, but he was sitting in his room, calmly talking to us. The cops had handcuffed him for safety, but he was able to walk, talk, have a real conversation. He just looked like an extra out of a bad Hollywood movie.

As for the almost dying part, well, your character could have had their trachea cut open but not their major blood vessels, and the medics simply put a breathing tube down the fresh hole. The character could have a lot of blood in their lungs (obvious reasons) but have a clear and patent airway that gets surgically converted into a tracheostomy, and they recover and eventually even lose the hole (but likely not the scars).

Alternative: the character could have the artery severed but manage to get the bleeding under control and get enough transfusions to keep them alive while the artery is surgically repaired.

Lots of things are possible! Best of luck with your story.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Coming Out to the Gang

Warnings: none!

A/N: Ever wonder how coming out to the Curtis gang would turn out? Here’s EXACTLY what would happen.


  • Darry still loves you and accepts you.


  •  Johnny still loves you and accepts you.


  • Dally still loves you and accepts you.


  • Sodapop still loves you and accepts you.


  • Steve still loves you and accepts you.


  • Ponyboy still loves you and accepts you.


  • Two-Bit still loves you and accepts you.

And that’s it!

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i have a theory about feeding mundane information to the voidfish- if you fed "breathing" or "blinking" into it, people would forget but then immediately have to remember, because they're subconscious memories, muscle memories instead of mental ones. i have a further theory that that is exactly what happens when your feet fall asleep and go "static"- some idiot thought they could feed the voidfish "walking" and your feet have actually forgotten how to walk. SCIENCE! -not Lucas


Got7 reaction to their S/O having nightmare disorder

A/N - I don’t really have much experience with this at all but I hope it’s still somewhat accurate but do correct me if need be. Hope you all enjoy~

How would GOT7 to react to their significant other experiencing an episode of nightmare disorder?

Mark: As soon as he realises you’re having a serious nightmare, he’ll try and wake you up and comfort you. His arms will be around you and keeping you pressed up close to him as he whispers in your ear about how the nightmares aren’t real and everything’s okay.

JB: Jaebum might not know exactly what to do but he’ll just try and reassure you that everything’s okay. He’ll listen to you explain what happened and would be there to keep you calm and feeling okay about it all. He’ll take care of you if you’re feeling shaken up.

Jackson: Jackson worries a lot about your nightmares and will always make sure he goes to sleep after you just so that he knows you’re okay. If you do have a bad nightmare, then he’ll straight away be holding you close and telling you it’s okay.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be very understanding of it and will do lots of research into how he can help comfort you after a bad episode. He wants to make things as easy as possible for you by doing everything he can to help you with it.

Youngjae: This ray of sunshine will be the perfect person to make you feel better after waking up from a bad nightmare. He’s extremely caring and knows exactly how to calm you down and make you feel better after an especially bad nightmare episode.

Bambam: Bambam will probably use humour to try and distract you from your nightmares. If that doesn’t work or he knows you need more comforting, then Bambam is the sweetest to you and does literally anything to get you feeling better.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would get nervous for you just in case a bad episode hit you but regardless, he’ll want to be there for you and will fall asleep with you in his arms so that as soon as you wake up, you are surrounded by his warmth and comfort.



While growing up Lance didn’t exactly have the best family and, in all honesty, had some perfectly acceptable crying moments quite frequently but since people are shit they would tell him to stop crying (in a not nice way) and it just happened so frequently that Lance can now stop crying within a matter of seconds no matter the mental or physical pain.

Just imagine him crying when Keith or someone comes into the room and tries to comfort him like

“Omg Lance what’s wrong??? Don’t cry!!!”

And he immediately stops, throws on a smile and apologies, assuming they were angry with him for crying.

The latest season of Doctor Who is actually… not bad so far. It seems very promising. I don’t know what it is exactly, but something about the writing is more fun, more whimsical than most recent seasons, which were all very dramatic and kind of depressing.

Capaldi in this season “clicks” more as the Doctor. He’s a lot less bitter and grumpy than in the last season which makes him feel less inconsistent when he’s being funny and witty.

The new companion, Bill, is perfectly ordinary, which is a nice breath of fresh air after the last two companions were both anomalies upon anomalies. No impossible girl nonsense, just a normal girl off the street who the Doctor happens to take a liking to, which feels very genuine. She offers a… quirky kind of insight. She asks odd questions you wouldn’t expect but once she says them you do want to know what the Doctor will say in response.

They called me a fool for still watching every season, waiting for it to get good again. Let’s see how long this optimism holds.

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fuck u maddie look what u made me do

okay so this isn’t like,,,exactly the prompt but its close so dghasfdhasgfjk

enjoy evryone :)))))

let my heart light the way-5k

Since the minute he stepped into the Institute, Simon knew that this place was never, ever quiet. There was always something going on; a Downworlder issue, a demon infested taco shop, even small things like a certain ghost always sticking cats up in trees. In short, this was a world that always had something going on, no matter the time.

Needless to say, Simon was quite unnerved when he walked into a completely silent Institute. The only noise was the quiet humming of the computers in the main room, surrounded by motionless bodies on the floor-


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Please write Clony I beg you you're the best

thank you for requesting them!! I didn’t really know which scenario to writer, so I hope you like it ~

1107 words, Clay Jensen/Tony Padilla

Clay walked calmly from Mr Porter’s office, though on the inside he was crumpling. He’d completed the cycle, and now what would happen? Would Mr Porter turn in the tapes? Or would he be selfish, and try to keep his job?

Either way, Clay had done his part.

He knew exactly who he wanted to see, Tony, the one who’d gotten him through this ordeal. Someone to yell out, someone to take it out on, and now all Clay wanted was someone to hold him and blindly say it was gonna be okay.

Getting to the Padilla’s driveway and dropping the bike down on the lawn, Clay ran up to Tony’s door and pounded. The tears of all the emotions he felt in that moment - relief, anger, anxiousness - welled in his eyes, the sight of Tony in the doorframe giving Clay such a sense of comfort that he just let everything go.

“I did it, T-Tony, it’s done.”

“I’m proud, Clay, and I know Hannah is too.”

“I don’t-” Clay choked, not entirely sure how to convey his concerns to Tony. “I don’t think Porter will pass it out…”

“Clay, I have copies, remember? Now so do the Baker’s. People will confess, guilt will eat at them like moths eat at clothes.”

“Like Alex?”

“Yeah, like Alex,” Both of their chests pang with sympathy for what Alex must’ve been feeling then. All those posters kept people awfully busy, too busy to notice the kids who were wilting under the weight of the reason for them.

“Can I come in?” Tony nods his head, lengthening an arm towards the stairs. Tony had never let Clay see his room before, only the downstairs. As soon as Tony shut the door, Clay flustered at the amount of privacy they had; especially with the beckoning way Tony was wearing his white vest, muscles prominent through the fabric, tattoos peeking out everywhere -

What am I thinking? Clay was shocked to hear his internal voice depicting Tony in such a way. Though, it almost felt like Tony wanted Clay to notice everything about him, he wanted to turn the other boy on… and maybe, maybe he did.

Admittedly, Tony was heartbroken when he realised that Jeff was paying Clay back for tutoring with trying to get Clay with Hannah, Tony thought he’d never be with him. He wasn’t glad that Hannah was gone, but Clay seemed so vulnerable and lost standing awkwardly against the window in his bedroom.

“Come sit on the bed with me,”

“Oh, right, sorry,” Clay grinned nervously as he drew himself away from the window and sat by the pillows. “Hey, Tony, remember all the gay rumours, about me back in middle school?” being honest, Clay had no idea where he was taking this or how he was going to get to some sort of ‘end game’ but he was trying his best.

“Sure, didn’t my brothers and I say we’d kick their asses?” Tony huffed a short, reminiscent laugh. Clay nodded and looked at his feet, wondering where and what the hell was next.

He cleared his throat to say, “Well, I think they might be at least half true.”
They looked at each other, one with the expression of a lost dog, the other one looked like a bomb had just been dropped. It had, in a ways.

“You’re serious?”


“What made you reali-”


Losing eye contact, Clay did what he did earlier, but with a full understanding of why he was so turned on by Tony. He was damn near to licking his lips hungrily. Tony cottoned on to this, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and kicking them off his legs, the sight of which made Clay gasp for air.

“You’re so fucking hot,”

“Still realising how good that word is, huh?”

“Make me say it, Tony. Make me say fuck.”

Tony wasn’t so sure about that, now. Aware of how deep-seated his emotional issues must be after hearing everything on those tapes, he was concerned with how vulnerable Clay might be.

“Again, Clay, you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, have me, Tony, please,” he was too desperate to turn down, it was getting to Tony now, getting to certain areas of him…

Tony ripped down Clays loose jeans while Clay worked on hiking up both of their shirts. Clay couldn’t believe this. Tony couldn’t believe the person he thought would never give him a second glance, even after he dropped the not-so-subtle hint that he was gay.

Tony, virginity long gone, flipped Clay over and lay him down on his stomach into the mattress, Clay already bracing himself with his fists clutching the fabric of the sheets. Making it easier for Clay, Tony fished out the lube from his drawers and slathered it on before going in. Clay tensed with the shock, moaning and giving small whines and gasps at the slight pain. Starting slowly, neither of them felt much, until Tony picked up the pace, Clay even trying to do something to speed it along.


It was painful, it was sweaty, it was love. Tony wanted to go slowly and carefully with Clay but he wasn’t having it - he wanted all of Tony.

“I’ve wanted this since seventh grade, for - FUCK - god’s sake - faster! Harder!”

Tony shrugged and obliged, pretending to be unsure but really he was waiting for the boy beneath him to consent to the real deal. They were hot against each other’s bodies, sweat beading all over and melding where their bodies touched. Once Tony had hit that spot in Clay, it sent the boy limp and quivering and groaning, sinking further into the mattress to ride out his pleasure.

Tony pulled out, wondering if Clay had realised when Tony came a while ago. It didn’t matter, they were both satisfied.

“That was amazing,”

“Yeah, yeah it was, dude.”

“Dude? That’s all I get?” Tony laughed out, sliding off the bed to get some boxers on. Clay, still shaking into the bed, shook his head lightly before flipping over, exposing himself further to Tony. He gave a sweet smile, cupping his hands behind his head before shutting his eyes, though it felt like his eyes were still trained on Tony’s face. Both of them were flushed from the heat, but the sight of Clay like this - after both of them waiting so long - made him burn up. 

Thank god Tony got his underwear back on. 

Those who are Broken | Chapter Nine

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 1937

This is pretty short. I‘m sorry

Chapter list

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“What happened?” Jungkook asked, eyes going from you to Taehyung.

You gave him a weak smile, taking a bite out of your lunch. You wondered if you should tell him. The fight that happened in your apartment—outside in the hall. The fact that you have now discovered that your name is on Jimin’s wrist. Should you even tell Jungkook?

There were so many things you wanted to ask, but you couldn’t say anything. At least, not out in the open.

Who knows what would happen to you if people figured out a Broken has a name on their wrist.

Would you die? Become an experiment?

Weren’t you going a little overboard with these questions?

From the corner of your eye, a figure approached the table. You couldn’t tell who it was, but your body knew exactly who it was. You held your breath, hoping he wouldn’t sit next to you, but you were the only one sitting on this bench. Taehyung and Jungkook sat across from you.

Jimin sat next to you, and immediately his scent invaded your nostrils. The smell of soap and mint was the only thing you were focused on. The smell of the meat, the pinewood trees, the flowers, nothing was strong enough compared to how Jimin smelled. It was intoxicating.

“Okay, what happened?” Jungkook asked, bringing you back to reality. Jungkook was staring at Jimin in surprise, and that’s when you realized Jungkook only remembered the fight that almost happened between Jimin and Taehyung. He didn’t know about the make-up, or the fight that led to the make-up.

“Friendly fight,” Taehyung said, reaching across the table to steal your sandwich. You weren’t quick enough as you watched him eat your lunch happily. You glared at him, but he didn’t seem to mind as he ate the sandwich slowly. Mocking you.

“All three of you fought each other?” Jungkook asked in disbelief.

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Wait wait wait what do you mean Byron fought a skinhead? I didn't know that. If you could explain to me what happened exactly I'd be glad :)

Page 99 (electronic version) and 184 (book version) of “A Mother’s Reckoning” by Sue Klebold

“A friend consoled me with the Winston Churchill chestnut: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” But the bad news kept coming. We got a call from Byron in the emergency room; he needed stitches in three places after standing up to a racist ex-skinhead. That night, I finally allowed myself to acknowledge my despair over Byron’s situation. Of course, I was proud of him for standing up for his beliefs, but his decisions kept getting him into trouble, and nothing we did—therapy, support, tough love—seemed to help.”

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Just curious. If you could go into the AOT universe and change the outcome of one thing, what would it be? (For me it'd probably be Marco NOT overhearing Reiner and Bertolt)

I’m going to be super predictable. Having Erwin survive his injuries on the roof will always be my thing. It’s purely selfish. I miss him. And I really think the walled world could use him. Let the serum bowl happen exactly as it did–just let him miraculously pull through. Have him wake up with a scruffy beard in a hospital. Hange would give Levi side eyes and say, “Tell him, and don’t hold anything back.” I’d pay money for that conversation.

Because we’re playing pretend, I’m granting myself a second moment. It would be Kenny surviving his injuries. I’d love to see him interact with Mikasa, and tell embarrassing kid Levi stories to Hange (you know she’d be the one asking for them). I expect Kenny’s relationship with Erwin to be frosty. Kenny baiting and Erwin actively ignoring. It would be fun to see.

Thanks for the ask anon. It’s nice to dream!


Until now, everyone thought that the chain reaction we see in the trailer will start from Noora, because that’s what happens when it is reversed.
HOWEVER, what if everything happens in exactly the same way it happens in the trailer? Meaning that #drama will affect Evak firstly.
As of now, we have seen that Isak is searching for information about Mikael and his relation to Even.
And from here everything shall begin.
You want more proof? In the trailer, Even is hit with a selfie-stick, and you know who is keen on using a selfie-stick?
Yes, the balloon squad in their YouTube videos.
Somehow the drama will come to an end with Noora and probably it will have something to do with Whillelm.

“My future self must have— along with his good looks— traded all his brains for immortality” The would-be dark lord muttered dryly. The other just raised his eyebrows. “Oh? How so?”
“He must have been extraordinarily stupid not to have realized that a part of his own soul was staring him right in the face!”
Harry had to fight hard to keep the growing smirk off his face. Voldemort insulting Voldemort was definitely one thing he’d never thought he’d hear. Then again, talking to Tom Riddle again after his second year wasn’t exactly what he’d expected to happen ever again, either.
“Well, chances are high that he was just in denial.”
“Denial my ass. Stupidity! A piece of his… OUR own soul right under his NOSE and… Merlin… I knew immortality had its price but this is just ridiculous”
Right. Harry had yet to tell him about his nose…

-Tomarry [Aesthetic + text]

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hola kaz! hace mucho tengo una duda, ¿como te organizas antes de sentarte y empezar a escribir? me refiero a si haces notas o esquemas de cada capitulo para guiarte mejor y ¿como creas la trama de tus historias? Desde ya muchas gracias y perdón por escribir en español, mi inglés no es muy bueno

I do a big overall plan before I write any of the fic which outlines all of the major scenes and character development and sets out the structure of the chapters so I know exactly what is going to happen from the beginning to the end. Once I have the overall plan for the fic I start writing chapter plans. Because fics tend to change and develop as you write them I only write the chapter plan for the chapter I’m about to write, not all of them. Chapter plans are much more detailed and outline every scene in the chapter, contain rough outlines of all the dialogue and what each character is doing when. I find this is really helpful so when I sit down to write the chapter properly I know exactly what I’m doing