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Bts MTL: Prefer brains over beauty (requested)

1. Hoseok
2. Taehyung
3. Namjoon
4. Jungkook
5. Jin
6. Yoongi
7. Jimin

Hobi, Taehyung and Namjoon definitely have a thing for smart girls, but the reason they were put in this order is because of how quickly they would fall for it. Like Hoseok has mentioned every time his ideal type is someone smart, but with Tae, it’s something more like he never realized but now his perspectives changed.

Jungkook he could do either way, he’d find some one smart like super sexy, but then he might also be intimidated by them.

Jin, Yoongi and Jimin they wouldn’t necessarily find it attractive. Like yes it’s a part of you, but unlike the first three the attraction isn’t there. More sort of appreciation.


The Rider cometh!

You will know him on the island of the magus King,

When perdition’s portal closes and the guardian stands outside.

….the land beyond the forest,

….the spectral couple departs.

You will know him in the ghost story town,

when the legion of the wolf is ….

Dear mom,

I am so sick of the sexism that you are constantly enforcing in my life. I am so sick of you interrupting me when I’m saying something important, just to tell me “that’s not very flattering on you,” or, “that’s not a very good look for you,” or “that outfit makes you look like a drug addict”. My appearance is not more important than what I have to say.

Every time you tell me I should wear make up, or dress myself a certain way, or wake up earlier to do my hair, I cringe. Being a woman does not mean I need to fit your definition of beauty. I do not need to get all dolled up for a three hour college class; I don’t need to look runway ready when I go to Target; and I don’t need to look beautiful for the sake of appeasing you.

Mothers are supposed to be supportive of their daughters. You’re supposed to tell me to change the world, not change my outfit. You’re supposed to encourage me to follow my dreams, not follow the latest fashion trends. You’re supposed to tell me that I’m beautiful as I am, not that I’d be beautiful if I wore a little foundation.

You make me feel hideous and stupid. You make me feel like I’m never going to be good enough. Quite honestly, you make me feel like nothing I do, no matter how great, will ever matter, because my outfit is unflattering, my hair is a little frizzy, and my skin bares no foundation.

But let me learn ya somethin’, mom: women are worth more than their appearances.

The thoughts in my head are more important than my hairstyle. The words from my mouth are more important than the lipstick on it. What I have to offer the world is far more important than just how I look. 

I am far more important than just how I look.

So shut up about makeup, hair, and clothes. I’m sick of that, and I’m sick of you. It’s time I change the world, not my outfit. 

- A

K so about John

Sp a lot of people have been wondering “What’s up with John? Is he depressed? Is he off to fight Caliborn? Whats going on?”

Well, as for the depression part, probably. Honestly considering the trauma of the clown nightmares, the lack of access to his friends for the longest time, seeing his father’s dead body and not being able to avenge him even after being apart for so long, his general desire to be a comedian/prankster and bring joy to others, etc. etc. I’d say there’s definitely a high chance. But its not something he has to face too much or too often. He has friends who care about him and they’re never too far away. They’ll always be there to brighten his day if he’s feeling down.

Will he go fight Caliborn? No. “BUT IN CALIBORN’S MASTERPIECE H-” No. Alternate timelines exist. Also, as we see at the end, he says “i’ll do it” specifically in the context of smashing his phone, as in “fuck off”. So not only does he not want to fight him, I’m pretty sure he’s also not dealing with some sort of midlife crisis or other similar “I have nothing to do with my life” as if he did feel like he had nothing to do or he had some hero complex to fulfill he’d retcon himself to caliborn, kick ass/get ass kicked, go away.

And why does he stay at home alone? Well apart from the obvious pun (home stuck) its cause he never had any more grand desire beyond playing the game. No corporation to take over, no alien GF to marry, honestly the main thing driving him forward was much more simple than that. Because, for John at least…

The true Ultimate Reward was the friends he made along the way.

*drops mic*
Define Beauty

Summary: Phil finds Dan to be the human embodiment of loveliness, of beauty. The definition of beauty, however, changes for him between the years of 2009 and 2016. (or alternately, phil is fond™ and they turn into domestic little shits as the years pass)

Words: 960

A/N: i wrote this bc I felt bad about being absent in writing but fear not!1!11!! halloween is approaching and im doing something spooky

Tags: reality, drabble, 2009

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I like your post about Texas being a swing state and I wanted to personally let you know that I live there and will be voting early tomorrow for Hillary. Everyone I know is voting Hillary or third party (believe me I wish I could talk them out of it), but I live in Austin, so it's not very representative lol. But Travis County (where Austin is) has been breaking its early voting records!


The third party thing is something I totally get, and was going to do myself until I found out just how weak the choices are this time around. And before Donald Trump revealed just how bad he is (and just how serious he is about his harmful plans). If your friends haven’t seen the John Oliver bit about this election’s third parties that aired last week or the week before, you should definitely show it to them.

Like, Gary Johnson is a libertarian, which means privatizing social security, more private prisons, further deregulation of corporations and the financial sector, and the dismantling of government services in general. And he lacks even a cursory theoretical understanding of foreign policy.

And Jill Stein is someone who has never held elected office beyond a volunteer-based town council with almost 200 members in a town of 30k residents, who believes wifi causes cancer, and who wants to allow antivaxxers to continue putting their children and everyone else at risk (even if she personally believes in vaccines). Plus she’s in cahoots with fucking Putin.

This is definitely not the year to vote third party, and I hope your friends figure it out, because I’m dreaming of a blue Texas.

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As an avid pokemon player, competitive battler and fan of the games since 2012, you don't need "no life" to remember all the pokemon and some of the typings. If you like the game and enjoy it, you're going to remember it, and its kinda rude to assume we all don't have a life because we like pokemon a lot. Though the "only true fans" argument is always stupid. If you like something then you are a fan. That's all that is required!

I definitely agree that if you really enjoy Pokémon then that’s all that matters! I’ve been playing semi-competitively (although I’ve sucked at it) since 2011 but even though I’ve managed to remember all of their names/typings, I still forget from time to time. But does that make me less of a fan? Nah. And I don’t want people to feel bad because of that!

But I do apologize for coming off as rude, though! It was wrong of me to admit that enthusiastic fans have “no lives”. I admit that I had these kinds of fans in mind while typing that response.

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Hide and kaneki??

For the send me a ship prompt…

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

As I mentioned in another reply, I ship Hidekane but only like the fluffy stuff.  I do occasionally enjoy some nicely drawn Hidekane fanart, but I prefer to BROTP and/or cute ship them.  I definitely think they’re very important to each other as characters and in the overarching story.  I know we’ve been waiting forever, so I really hope the resolution of Hide’s cliffhanger (whether he’s alive or not) will be something really well executed and really worth the wait ^^.

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Please don't take that garbage disposal of a human being to heart... She definitely is jealous as hell that you are doing something that she can never do and getting appreciated for it. Chin up and leave her to be bitter by herself, because literally no one cares about her shitty opinion... Best of luck to you!~

anonymous said: that person is so damn awful, youre a very strong and mature person to be able to deal with this sotuation the way you did. i. gonna report them, and know that all of your followers love you and will support you no matter what ♡

@baekhyeun said: Hello, I am so sorry for what’s happening to you, you really don’t deserve that. No one deserves to be told such awful things and absolutely no one should have their work stolen, that is so cruel and wrong. Please don’t let that person bring you down, you are beautiful and deserve to smile <3 *awkwardly makes a big heart

*@summers-in-sunnydale said: wow, that blog that stole your gifs and then made fun of mental illness, how awful. You’re 100% in the right, I can’t believe how they responded. They didn’t even apologise after obviously stealing them! I’m sorry you had to deal with that, I love your blog and you make great gifs. I hope you don’t let that idiot get you down too much xxx

anonymous said: I’m so disgusted mainly because that person chose to attack you with something that’s not your fault clearly when he/she was to blame… stay strong 😘

anonymous said: i can’t believe someone like that really exists… i mean???!!? who would go around insulting an angel like you i’m speechless… i hope you know we got your back no matter what <3

anonymous said: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT PERSON ??? I’m so pained to see someone talk so rudely to you like wtf. She’s pointed stealing people works and she is insulting you ? Lmao people doesn’t have any shame anymore. I’m so sorry for you *hug* Plus your blog is awesome!

anonymous said: I’ve just reported that disgusting human being. No one touches my favourite person on tumblr *fight me mode activated*😤

anonymous said: that person is so trashy like wow if gifs are so gotdamn easy/pointless to care about when they are stolen then go make your own lmao and coming after someones mental illness is terrible im sorry you had to see that.

anonymous said: I’m reporting the person stealing your gifs because not only is she shameless, she’s disgusting for trying to degrade somebody that has a mental illness when she herself obvs has some sort of personality disorder. Maybe she’s the one that should go to the psych ward and get some needed help smfh.

anonymous said: that person is ugly af. i hope you dont take any of what they said to heart. you’re really great and your blog is amazing!!! i enjoy seeing you on my dash!! i hope you have a nice day!!! 💕💕💕

@jonginsgrl said: hi you don’t have to reply to this if you don’t want to but it was awful of that person to not only steal ur gifs but drag something as sensitive as mental illness into it.. i really hope you don’t let it get to you ❤️ i really admire you even tho we’re not mutuals so i hope you don’t let someone stupid like that affect you

@chinashio16 said: What the fuck. That was so not cool. That person is so ugly… good thing you reported her. You stood up for yourself and that’s how it should be!

anonymous said: It’s not okay to steal someone’s work and it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t their intention to make fun of your personal stuff. It’s not even okay for them to bring that up, they have no right to. I hope you’ll have a good night anyways, people like that doesn’t deserve your time♡

anonymous said: i’m so sorry about that user’s comments eariler. i was a little shocked that they would treat another exo-l that way! i couldn’t believe the exchange even happened. mental health is a big issue that very few are discussing these days, and it wasn’t cool for them to be purposefully bullying you, knowing what you endure. but please don’t let this knock you down! they’re just another tumblr user behind a computer. you are amazing!

anonymous said: I’m gonna need that user to stop stannig kai like right now because kai and his stans are beautiful people that don’t deserve to be linked to that kind of disrespect….

anonymous said: Damn that person was super ugly. Making fun of someone’s illness is messy and ugly and fucked up. The gifs are yours tho??? Like girly stop being lazy and make your own gifs 🙄

anonymous said: i am SO mad right now at that person! I reported her too, this behaviour is unacceptable, i’m sorry you have to deal with it <3

anonymous said: It’s extremely offensive to disrespect mental health like that. Not to mention disrespectful that they stole your work. Definitely will report.

thank you all so so much for all the kind messages <3 i appreciate it a lot! dealing with mental illness isn’t easy and ppl like her don’t make it much better

i’m glad she deleted the posts and hopefully she’ll change her behavior… i have no hard feelings towards her, i just want her to know she was in the wrong and should apologize and maybe educate herself

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About the water bottle, it is probably just water. Not to say that he isn't using it as a tool or buffer, because it definitely looks that way, but I don't think it's alcohol. Maybe it is a nervous habit or comforting to just have something at hand or something to do. Also, if he is trying to keep what he says in check it's a good way to stop himself from talking and give himself a second to think before shilling or brain farting. He is Mr Foot in Mouth, even not about sham stuff.

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What is the purpose of stimming? Like no rudeness meant, just what effect does stimming produce? Can non autistic people stim according to its definition?

Stimming is a (usually) repetative behaviour or action that helps a person regulate their sensory experience or their emotions. It can be used to stimulate a sense when a person is understimulated, or it can be used to sort of block out something (almost like a distraction) when a person is overstimulated. 

People with ADHD, schizophrenia sectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, sensory processing disorders, and other things may do things that are either stimming or very similar to stimming, but there is some debate as to whether or not “stimming” is an autistic-specific word.

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Gaaaaah!!! I just want to say that I LOVE your art and think you're a total sweetheart! Also I just saw the ask you answered about fics and it made me wonder...*hides face* do you take recommendations? Because I just read a fic called My Diamond and it's about Jasper and a little kid starts following her around and it's just really cute. Idk why I just thought this was something you would enjoy so I'm just gonna shyly slide this ask in *covers face again and runs away*

Originally posted by twins12100

y_you…dont run away!! T//A//T)/

and i would love to take some recommendations from any of you <3 i will definitely give that fic a try QwQ maybe after my exams.but thank you for the recommendation!and for loving my art TvT eventhough i havent post that much sorry...  and you are a sweetheart yourself QvQ please have a nice day~

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Chara smoking. That is all.

u mean like this

teen!Chara definitely stress-smokes and just, heals the damage it does to their body with magic, because they can

they try to keep it a secret from their family at first because they don’t want to worry anyone with their not-so-healthy habits, but when they’re older, they just stop caring, they’ve had a lot of vices in their life and they’re pretty sure addiction turned harmless with the most minimal of healing spells is something they’re allowed to have after all the other nonsense they’ve had to unlearn

they only do it when they’re alone anyway, it’s not like they’re endangering other people’s health either.

I was thinking about ep 3 while bored in stats class and like…I feel like I relate to Yuuri even more. I definitely struggled with finding myself attractive and expressing that in the past and hell, I still do! It’s not something that normally occurs to me, but when it does, I just wonder how the hell people have found me appealing.

this is gonna sound naive from an industry standpoint but I feel like if I were a part of something for as long as Steven was a part of the walking dead I would expect to be treated with a little more respect and definitely not brutalized in the way that he was. I find that incredibly disrespectful and a terrible way to end what is the longest run of an Asian man in a main case that I’ve personally ever seen. It also seems like they’re really on a mission to desensitize people to the death and brutalization of poc and well…they’re doing a good job of making that happen

Need to get this out - this is just my opinion.

Yes, Daryl shouldn’t have hit Negan, and by doing it he definitely triggered something in him. But Glenn was always going to die. Something like this needed to happen - and this is coming from someone who adores Glenn and hasn’t read the comics. I was more shocked that Abraham died than Glenn tbh. They’d built this up so much that it would’ve been disappointing if a major character DIDN’T die. I’m absolutely devastated about the deaths of these two, because they were two of my favourites. But I’m not angry. Something huge and devastating needed to happen on the show - and it did. I’m excited and scared about what’s going to happen next.

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hey there c: do you have any headcanons for marcus flint? or otherwise any background slytherins? (this is demirdurm btw. sideblog issues)

hi there!! i fucking love my background slytherins and marcus is one of my favourites, so i definitely have some headcanons for him! here’s some of them:

  • the flint family used to be rich, back in the days, but – even if they do their best to not show it – because of grandfather flint’s gambling problems they’re quite poor these days. not weasley poor, but unlike many of his slytherin peers marcus has to learn from an early age that if you want something in life you have to fight for it – with any means necessary.
  • he doesn’t come from a loving home. his parents doesn’t share a bedroom and they barley speak to each other. both of them are quick to criticize their only child for every little misstake he is – in their opinion – doing.
  • early on his parents puts him down by saying that he’s stupid. because of that he never really gives the academic a chance cause why on earth would he when he already knows that he’s not smart enough for it.
  • that’s why he’s determined to become a professionell quidditch player, ’cause quidditch is the only thing he believes that he’s good at.
  • he’s a blunt person. like, he speaks first and thinks later. he doesn’t always really realise that his words can be harsh and he is terrible at sugar coating stuff.
  • he’s, because of his home situation, really clumpsy when it comes to feelings and he has no idea how to express them in a good way…
  • … which means his way of showing oliver wood that he loves him is to throw insults at the one year younger gryffindor boy.
  • however, he only has one physical altercations with oliver outside of the quidditch field during their school years. it ends with a kiss. (but that kiss is only the begining of the the flintwood story).

thank you so much for your question, i really appreciate it <3

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I hope this isnt a stupid question but do u have to be fairly well off to sugar?I can only afford very cheap clothes and high brand makeup is a definite no,wouldnt that put off an SD?Also is it possible to mostly freestyle rather than go on SA etc(I prefer meeting irl)Sorry if these are dumb questions I just dont want to go into something thinking its an easy ride when its not.Thanks!☺️

The truth is whether you have high end things or not sugaring is not going to be easy. Do high end items help when you’re out free styling? Sure. It’s why I’m considering a Karl Lagerfeld bag and So Kate’s. However, I don’t have them now but I am running a former POT’s business. Designer items won’t give you hustle. Designer items won’t give you intelligence. Designer items won’t give you guarantees. If you’re going to buy cheap makeup watch YouTube videos so you know the best ways to apply it. If you’re going to buy cheap clothing (most of mine comes from the thrift store) buy clothing that fits well. Freestyle if you want! That is the oldest form of sugaring. The internet is new to the sugaring game. Kudos to you for knowing your strengths and comfort levels before you get started. 

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My personal opinion on why people hate lesbians so much is (specifically in regards to men) that lesbianism is not for them. Beyond porn, men do not benefit from lesbianism. If a woman is not lusting after him, what is she for? So, they default to hating us. When it comes to women, other than homophobia, I'm actually... not sure tbh. It could be related to internalized misogyny?

Yeah I was wondering if it was something like that? Like i sort of figured that it would be the combination of homophobia and misogyny, but that’s also something that bi girls experience? And I definitely don’t want to turn this into a shitting contest between “who has it worse lesbians or bi girls” bc 1) thats not productive, 2) thats not measurable, 3) its not beneficial to either party and 4) i dont really think either group “has it worse” i think we both experience different types of homophobia that overlap greatly but are also unique

Like I get why men hate lesbians, because theres multiple things going on like 1) women not being available to men (sexually or otherwise), 2) women being happy, productive, and fulfilled without men, 3) women not requiring or even desiring men, and 4) women who also like women, and all of those things are threatening to the heteropatriarchy under which cishet men are so privileged, but with women it’s a little different?

Like with women I can’t quite figure it out? I dunno if it’s like a fear that lesbians, who are also women, are going to be like men and “oppress” them or something, or like if its just homophobia? Like i understand why men hate lesbians, because we threaten them and their position of power. But women? I don’t quite understand why.

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Du you want to have kids one day?

I’ve answered this question before with something like “I wouldn’t wanna put a kid in this world it sucks” but I thought about it and I feel that way because I can barely financially support myself at the moment; I can’t even imagINE having another life depend on me/my income. I think being a mom and having a family would be very rewarding one day, but definitely not in the near future/the next 5 years or so. I wanna be able to do cool shit and travel without having to take care of a baby too yfm. Def getting a dog tho.