that is also semi original character

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vax'ildan and Keyleth (x) (x) (x)

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can be your wife.”

“I think of Keyleth. Beautiful. Walking under the trees.”
Desperate Times... - CoffeeAddict80 - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 10/26
Fandom: Glee
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Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
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Series: Part 1 of Desperate Times… ‘verse

Blaine Anderson is a college student studying theater. He is also a well known porn star that goes by the name Devon Anders.
When Kurt Hummel starts having some financial difficulties he asks his classmate Blaine to help him get a job doing porn.
Virgin!Kurt / Pornstar!Blaine AU

I’m really enjoying this story. There are some very funny moments as virgin!Kurt learns the tricks of the trade from a very willing teacher Blaine. The author is posting 3 times a week regularly, so it’s a good one to read while it’s in progress. Go forth and read!

peacekeepingsniper  asked:

Positivity calculatingvictor

Ah this guy was one of my original rp partners on my Kat blog. He knows weapons in and out. Like, if you ever have a question about some semi automatic gun, he can tell you ALL about it. And his character is a horn dog, so ladies if you want some smut, go for it.

A true Hunger Games Orignal, fleshed out awesomely. He is a beast! He also goes along with all of my crazy ideas no matter how weird they are.

And yes, mun is a he. Don’t let that turn you off though. He’s nice and not a jerk like a lot of male muns. I know a lot of ladies are afraid that a male mun will hit on them, but unless you want it, he won’t.


Gilgamesh will show up semi-regularly in the rest of the Final Fantasy series, and unlike the various incarnations of Cid, he seems to be the same guy, or at least a very similar one.

Gilgamesh gets his appearance and personality from two sources. First, his namesake, the protagonist of the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the world’s oldest pieces of literature. That’s where his sidekick Enkidu and his multi-armed form originate.

He also bears some resemblance to the semi-historical, semi-legendary figure Benkei, a warrior monk who hung out on a bridge, challenged all comers to duels, and took the losers’ weapons as trophies. Benkei was a popular character in kabuki, which might be why Gilgamesh has some fearsome facepaint in most of his Final Fantasy appearances. 

It’s total speculation and interpretation, but I like the idea that Gilgamesh’s story actually begins in the Final Fantasy Type-0 universe, because it’s the only game that gives him a backstory. There, he’s a king who became a L’Cie. He lost his memory, and with it his ability to complete his focus, so he walks the earth, immortal and mad. Add some dimension-hopping, and we’ve got the guy from Final Fantasy V, easy. 

It’s not a sure thing. A guy like Gilgamesh needs to be a little mysterious, but to my mind, the tragedy lends a lot to the character, makes him more than a fourth wall painting clown. He may not remember, but on some level he’s just trying to get home and save his people. Maybe his focus has something to do with collecting swords.

If nothing else, Gilgamesh’s dimensional-rift-traveling, sword-stealing ways mean that all the Final Fantasies are connected by something more substantial than a few traditions and the label on the box. They’re part of the same multiverse and the same causality.

If the Epic of Gilgamesh is anything to go by, maybe that multiverse includes all of us, too. :)


Lily Nemi
Birthday: June 5
Species: Paeran, chiiname/succubus mix
Interests: < undecided! >
Preferences: her favorites are definitely willing or semi-willing prey she can toy with! Boys and girls are both great, but she slightly prefers girls.

Another character update! Bunch of less-subtle changes, she’s gotten a bit of a longer tongue and a slightly larger chest now. (usually I’m doing the opposite!)
I also have honestly very little idea of what her hobbies and interests might be, so I am very much open to suggestions. :D

Summer Sketch Commission Post!

My queue is empty and my wallet is too, so it’s time to save up big time (like $300 worth) for Fanfest! I’ll only be taking sketch commissions for now so that I can try and get them all out in a semi-timely manner.

Payment via Paypal in USD
   5 slots available
>check availability here<

Things I will draw:
- ffxiv characters
- original characters
- multiple characters (for an additional 50% of the original commission cost)
- light gore

Inquiry emails (sent to should include:
- Tumblr username
- The type of commission requested (i.e. bust, waist-up sketch)
- Visual references (a close up of the character’s face, and a fullbody of the outfit if the commission requires it drawn)
- A short description of the character’s personality (this can also include a pose, a mood, or an action).
- Your paypal email so I can send an invoice.

Please DO NOT send payment to me on your own! Once I’ve confirmed your commission, I will send an invoice to you!

Thank you for your interest!