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*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

Astrology: The Last Airbender

**That show is THE SHIT and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should before reading this post b/c spoilers

Aries: Toph- she’s confident (but also kind of insecure), impulsive, never backs down from a challenge, stubborn, selfish, and innovative (metalbending, hello?)

Taurus: Iroh- he’s a super chill dude, wise, comes off as lazy but is actually super competent, stands by his principles, and enjoys the sensual side of life

Gemini: Aang- he has issues with confrontation, is curious to a fault, addicted to pranks, uses deception/manipulation to resolve conflict (remember The Great Divide?) and is THE epitome of an evolved, self-realized gemini

Cancer: Appa the cabbage merchant- cries a lot, is really attached to his cabbages, just a super sad dude all around

Leo: Roku- (in his younger days) he was kind of a show off, maintained his honor and reputation while striving to do the right thing, was loyal to a fault (which is why he didn’t kill sozin when he should have) overall a good guy

Virgo: Sokka- he’s intelligent, analytical, self-critical, hard-working, gets anxious when he’s in the spotlight, and has a bit of an inferiority complex

Libra: Katara- she has a strong sense of justice, can easily see both sides of an issue (which is why she was the first to reach out to zuko), is both logical and romantic, and basically “balances” relationships in the group, holding everyone together

Scorpio: Zuko- the poster-child for Suffering™, constantly tries to reconcile his inner darkness with his natural propensity to be good, experienced pain, humiliation, and betrayel, but comes out of the ashes as a better person

Sagittarius: Ty Lee- literally just out here to have a good time; she’s a little flighty and unpredictable, comes off as silly/vapid though she’s actually pretty smart and a little scared deep down, and she will take impulsive risks when she has to (turning on Azula in season 3)

Capricorn: Azula- she’s cold, ruthless, cynical, efficient, and will use any means to accomplish her goals; she plays on people’s insecurities to manipulate them- Azual’s a great example of the darker expression of Capricorn

Aquarius: Suki- says “fuck you” to gender roles, is capable and independent, very unique but prides herself in belonging a group (the kyoshi warriors) 

Pisces: Princess Yue- comes off as sweet, vulnerable, and otherworldly, but has unshakable principles and inner strength; not afraid to sacrifice herself for the greater good- Yue is one of the higher expressions of the Piscean martyr archetype

wanna one’s ideal types

yoon jisung

i feel like jisung’s ideal type is someone who is energetic and spontaneous, but reserved and mature when the situation calls for it. he has to be able to laugh a lot with his s/o, but probably also wants to relax from time to time. a healthy mix of an introverted and extroverted personality is most likely going to mingle well with his own.

ha sungwoon

considering how shy and easily flustered sungwoon can be when meeting new people, i think he’d like someone who won’t rush things and will be patient with him. however, i feel like he’d be quick to fall for someone who teasingly flirts with him and compliments from time to time. just like jisung, he’d also have to be able to laugh with (and at) his s/o a lot.

hwang minhyun

this soft fluff is one of the more mature and reserved members of the group. he’d probably like someone who’s very smart and has a good grip on their emotions, however, he’d most likely want someone he can just cuddle up to from time to time as well. with minhyun i honestly feel like he’s attracted to intelligence and elegance rather than looks or popularity.

ong seongwoo

this man right here falls for class. he’d like someone who is confident but humble and can handle his sassiness (and maybe even reciprocate). if the person he likes has some sophisticated comebacks in response to his dumb pick up lines, he’ll be a goner. his s/o would also have to help him set up his lame pranks and set some things on fire together with him or some shit

kim jaehwan

i’m not entirely sure why but i could see jaehwan easily falling for the ‘hot mess’ type of person. someone’s who’s brutally honest but fun to be around, maybe a little clumsy as well. the person he likes would have to have a unique sense of humour and be able to match with how extra he is lmao basically his ideal type is someone who makes him laugh a lot yay

kang daniel

daniel would like someone he can relax with, someone who’s his partner but his best friend at the same time. i feel like he’d be drawn to someone who has the classic kind of beauty to them, but once he’d get to know them, their personality will make him fall even harder. generosity, honesty and a laid-back attitude are what he would appreciate in a potential partner.

park woojin

woojin would need someone who’s patient and relaxed. he can be quite awkward when he’s not particularly close with someone, so he’d have to be able to take his time with getting to know the person he’s crushing on. i think he’d love it if his s/o had a thing for music or arts in general. idk why but i also feel like he might like someone who has really nice hands lmao

park jihoon

jihoon is such a soft boy, however, i don’t think he falls in love very easily. he’d probably slowly start crushing on someone he’s been friends with for a while because he can feel at ease around that person and just be himself. i don’t think jihoon particularly cares about looks, but he’d probably be attracted to someone who’s cute rather than elegant or sexy idk how else to say it rip

lee daehwi

i feel like daehwi would initially be attracted to a very humble, low-key kind of person. if they also happen to show a playful side once growing close with him, he’d be absolutely smitten. another thing he probably really likes are bright eyes and sincere smiles. like if you have a nice smile and make use of it a lot you can be sure daehwi is gonna be shook.

bae jinyoung

hfnmsfkdj where do i even start with jinyoung basically i feel like he easily crushes on people (like superficial crushes that are not actually that deep) but like if you’re pretty and you compliment him a lot he’s gonna think about you a lot tbh. he’d probably be able to really fall in love once he gets over that awkward stage with someone so it’s basically crush > best friends > lovers

lai guanlin

tbh guanlin still gives me that fresh-off-the-boat kind of feel (i can’t help it why is he like this), so i think he’d easily obsess over anyone he could speak english to and someone who’s interested in western rap or hip hop. the person he’d crush on is probably also very smart and maybe a little witty because that’s just what this boi likes god bless him

mythical zodiac appearance
  • Aries: ram horns, youthful freckles, wide bright eyes
  • Taurus: septum piercing, unique coloured healthy hair, hard gazing eyes
  • Gemini: hair up, walks on air, smile that makes people stop in their path
  • Cancer: silver skin, clear eyes, small but dangerous
  • Leo: clear skin, leaves a trail of golden glitter,
  • Virgo: freckles on cheeks, flowers grow from skin
  • Libra: any blemish is actually a little pretty gemstone on their skin
  • Scorpio: deep red hypnotising eyes, a stinging tail appears if you piss them off
  • Sagittarius: stars fall from their hair, largest eyes
  • Capricorn: horns,you'll never figure out what colour their eyes are
  • Aquarius: attractive but you can't touch them coz they're made of air
  • Pisces: their hair is flowing water and their words come out as dark matter

so like, i know a lot of people are always like “well, the ideal ferengi is probably quark” and like, i get it. i get why you’d think that. but like, i don’t really see that side of him, i mean–

the thing is, right, if i sorted quark into a hogwarts house, i’d drop him in the gryffindor box right away. and i don’t think that’s very ferengi, no?

and to all of those going “well, quark is a coward” - he is, but only when he has time to think about it. 

there are so many moments where quark throws himself at a fucking opponent when he has no goddamn chance of winning, because… well. it’s not fucking profit, is it? quark actually will put himself in fights he has no chance of winning, often to protect others as much as himself.

like, as much as being a ruthless spy is kind of a front for garak, who has a soft spot for orphans and can’t bring himself to kill children, ferengi norms are kind of a front to quark, whose natural instinct is often what i’d describe as “fucking savage” even though he’s 60lb and is too short for every rollercoaster

[this is from s2e4, invasive procedures)

like, quark is a product of ferengi culture and he thinks like a ferengi, quotes ferengi rules of acquisition continuously, but like, he’s actually quite noble, especially compared to a lot of his fellows. 

like, they kind of explore this in the quark as a klingon episodes - quark would actually be a pretty decent klingon if he had the right upbringing and training. he understands nobility in a way that many of his ferengi counterparts just don’t, and he can be tremendously brave - standing up to people three times his size, throwing himself into fights he can’t win, et cetera. 

and let’s not forget that in the mirror universe, quark forgets profits and focuses on saving people. the mirrorverse individuals have similar traits to their prime ‘verse counterparts, but are developed differently. and in that ‘verse? quark kind of tries to be a hero. 

Mommy Dearest//Theo Raeken

Characters: Theo Raeken, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, Lydia Martin, Reader.


“I don’t care what you do with it just put it down!” You yelled at your friends, Scott and Stiles, who were currently tossing Liam’s phone back and forth.

“We’re just playing, Y/N. Come on.” Scott smiles.

Liam sat on the couch, pouting.

“I said now. You two are seventeen years old. Act like it.”

Stiles rolls his eyes and hands Liam his phone back. Liam snatches it out of his hand and puts it in his pocket.

You glance at Theo sitting in the corner who has a huge smirk plastered across his face.

“I don’t want to hear a word out of you.” You point at him.

He throws his hands up in defense, laughing. “Yes ma'am.”

You sigh as you sit down on the couch, “You’d think for a group of kids who save the world a lot, you’d be more mature.”

“We’re mature.” Scott defends.

You look at him out of the corner of your eye, “immature.”

“Whatever.” He shrugs.

“Who wants dinner?” You ask everyone raising a hand.

“Pizza or do you want me to cook?”

“Will you make that thing you made last week when we were here?” Stiles sits up.

“The chicken?”

He nods.

“Coming right up.” You get up and go to the kitchen, Theo hot on your heels.

“Where’d you learn how to do that?” Theo sits on the counter.

“Do what?” You start grabbing ingredients.

“The whole motherly thing.” He watches as you move around the kitchen.

“Oh..I didn’t learn it, it’s just kind of instinctive. I feel like I have to, I guess.”

“I think it’s cute…I actually think it’s pretty hot.”

“Wow.” You chuckle, “Deep-seated mommy issues?” You joke.

“Actually yes.” He laughs. “I don’t know, I just like seeing you protect and care.”

“I feel like I have to. Half the time I don’t even realize I’m yelling at someone until they call me mom.”

He laughs, “Hey.”

“Yeah?” You turn and looks at him as he hops off the counter.

He smiles, “You’re going to be a great mom.”

“Thanks.” You grin.

“You’ll be a milf, that’s for sure.”

“Of course you had to make this dirty.” You smack his arm. “Go in the other room.”

He smirks, “Your wish is my command.” He leaves, looking at you over his shoulder. “You look hot in those shorts, by the way.”

“I said go!” He laughs as he rounds the corner.

You finished dinner and called everyone into the dining room. You sat beside Theo who immediately laced his fingers with yours.

You smile and kiss his cheek.

“Babe.“ He looks over at you.

“What’s up?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” You grin at him.

“Gross.” Stiles groans.

“Shut up. I know what you and Lydia get up to.”


“I’m a werewolf. I hear everything.”

Lydia and Stiles exchange a look and Theo shakes his head before kissing your nose.

After everyone had left Theo hung around with you. “Let’s go cuddle.” He wraps an arm around you.

“My mom’s home.” You look over at him and smile.

“We’ll keep the door open.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Fair enough. Beat you there.” You grin before running up to your room, Theo gets there a couple seconds after you, grabbing you and tossing you on the bed.

You squeal and giggle as he lies down beside you. “I love being with you.” He looks at you, smiling as he admires you.

“Yeah?” You smile as you prop up on your elbow.

“I’m going to marry you, I swear. When we get married we’ll have 200 kids.”

“Wow. 200? We better get started then.”

“I said when we get married. Don’t be so eager to have my babies.” Theo laughs and he pulls you close. “You’re my favorite.”

“Good thing you’re mine too.” You kiss him and he smiles.


“Its impossible for (Y/N) to have that kind of power…they’d have to be of the highest power..”

Requested by: cars-and-coats

Same Time Tomorrow.

Requested by Anon: Can I have a platonic Eggsy and reader, where reader is a Statesman? They tease each other about their “weird” American/British slang and phrases and try to teach each other what it means. Bonus points if there’s background Tequila/Reader.”
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x platonic! Reader + Tequila x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman
Warnings: Drinking.
Word Count: 897.

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johnny as a boyfriend

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  • oh daddy
  • there i did it @jisoodrinkssopretty are you happy
  • anyway here’s johnny!!!
  • he’s literally so soft like i’ve never seen someone so tol and dorky and precious i just love johnny okay
  • johnny as a boyfriend would probably start awkward
  • like johnny is rlly friendly so i think he’d be the type to have a lot of really close friends
  • but when it comes to relationships he’s actually clueless like he has no idea how to ask you out or treat you the way he wants to
  • you work around nct as a translator and hang out w them whenever they go to other countries

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