that is a very rare occurance

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most of ur frikin anons: if i have two ordinary brown tabby feral cats can they reproduce and make this extremely rare color only occurring in this very rare breed?


She could almost see herself glowing much brighter than ever. 

And even though it was such a rare occurance, she could remember it very well while he approached — almost as if it was her own light, and not his. That burning sensation, that blinding light. Something lingering in the back of her head, like a feeling, or memory long lost.

She could only trap his light for a few moments. But she always felt that slight connection, as if something was amiss. 

Was he that mysterious, with his blue smile and sweet words? No. Maybe it was just her curiosity towards those moments. But deep down, she felt, there was something else, hidden between the cycles, waiting for them to find out.

There was something about them.

About him.

About her.

She could only wonder. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy that moment, even if for a little bit.

The Eclipse

I saw @illustraice AU some time ago and got hooked. What an amazing AU! so I decided to make a fanart about it cause yaaaassssss it’s so good ç~ç

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Hi, I’m Annie. I’m a 20 yr old college junior currently on medical leave from school because a sexual assault and the resulting PTSD left me basically unable to function.

I was put on Risperidone, and when I was taken off of it, I developed permanent tardive dyskenisia, a neuromuscular disorder that can sometimes occur as a rare side effect. Because of this I can’t stand for very long even with the medication that has been treating it and I have not been able to work (my manager took me “off schedule until I have more answers).

Yesterday I crashed my mother’s car into a tree and a man living across the street miraculously got me out of the car before it caught fire. The majority of my medication, my driver’s license,  my debit card, all of my cash, along with some other replaceable items in my purse were lost in the fire.

 I have to begin seeing a movement specialist to get botox injections in my muscles to stop the spasms.In addition to this, I am transitioning out of my outpatient program and was supposed to begin working again, but cannot now until my treatment begins and I don’t even know if it will work or what effect it will have on me.I  have no way of making money I need for treatment, cab money or gas money for others as I don’t live in an area with public transportation, and to replace the items lost in the crash, along with the various other fees and payments that will have to be made.

I do tarot readings for $2 per card. You can either send me an inquiry and let me decide how many cards are needed to properly answer it, or ask for a general reading with a set amount of cards. My paypal is You can send me your questions on here along with the name and email you sent your payment under. 

Please reblog this if you can. I’m sorry if this all sounds stunted, I’m still in shock from the accident and am honestly just feeling awful and am trying to get my bearings.


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An ice circle is a natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates. They are very rare and they rotate. They are formed when floating bits of ice get caught in an eddy (a whirlpool) and start spinning in a circle. 

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The of the things the batclan hates, is when they have to work a mission during the day -- in the sunlight. Because when they finally take off their masks, there is a defined tan or sunburn. Bruce and Duke (sometimes Tim, depends on which suit) only have to worrying about the area around their mouth. Jason and Cass have eliminated the probably by having fully covering masks/helmet. But Dick, Damian, Steph, and Barb...? They have more to worry about. Including laughter from Cass and Jay.


The only plus side of living in Gotham is that it’s not the sunniest place in the world… which most people would not consider to be a positive, but the batclan definitely does. But sometimes… when they’re very unlucky… they have to venture out into the hot, blinding heat and light of the summer sun. 

(Prime example: that one summer the Joker thought it would be funny to flood the whole of Gotham with his laughing gas-spiked sewer water, in what he called “Joker’s Pool Party Extravaganza.” And of course this just so happened to occur on a day when Gotham experienced record highs in temperature). 

  • You’re absolutely right, Cass and Jay’s costumes mean they are well protected… but the downside is that they are also very hot and grumpy and sweaty on these days. Alfred makes sure to stress to everyone the importance of staying hydrated on these rare days after Cass forgets to drink enough water (claims it was a bother) and ends up fainting from heat stroke. But only after she’d kicked everyone’s ass, as Steph pointed out in her defence.  
  • Damian is safe from sunburns for the most part. He grew up in the desert for part of his childhood and his DNA means that he tans naturally. But the tan lines are…. very defined. Especially since he often denies the need for protection against “this sad excuse of a sun” when Alfred offers him sun tan lotion. He regrets it later. Scowling at the mask-shaped tan-lines around his eyes in the mirror.
  • As Batgirl, Barbara religiously BATHED in suntan lotion because she’s so fair. Sunburns can be really dangerous for people with her complexion, and her father taught her to always wear sun lotion after that one summer day when she was six and went to preschool without it. He’s never forgiven himself for forgetting. But it’s a special memory for both of them, those few nights the sunburn hurt too much for her to sleep, and they sat together on Daddy’s bed as he gently rubbed cool aloe vera onto her face. Oracle is more than happy to stay inside all day and listen to the other complain about the heat. (But she absolutely will sternly remind everyone to wear lotion. And has threatened to dump Dick if he didn’t put it on before going out… more than once.)
  • Everyone hates Dick because, like Damian, he usually tans more than he burns. He grew up wintering in Florida and running around outside, taking care of animals and doing chores while travelling with circus. But he can still burn and if he does, risks the wrath of his fair-skinned girlfriend giving him another long lecture about the danger of UV rays and cancer. 
  • Duke is generally safe too, and usually just forgoes the lotion (“my beautiful melanin will protect me”, “black don’t crack”, “as the infamous and controversial bard Kanye West has been quoted as saying: ‘I’m way too black to burn from sunrays’”). But after Babs sends him a series of articles about how the risk of skin cancer is still high for black people, he caves and starts wearing a light layering of SPF 15.
  • Steph is pretty at risk, but it’s actually one of the areas she is surprisingly responsible? On sunny days, sometimes she’ll go back to her old Spoiler costume to protect her skin, even if it’s hotter. Once, she and Jason both decided to use the day as an opportunity to “get that nice, tanned bikini bod” and went on patrol wearing a swimsuit and trunks with flip flops. When Bruce got mad, they pointed out they were still protecting their secret identities by still wearing their mask and helmet… but he didn’t seem convinced. 
  • According to Stephanie…………… Bruce and Tim “get burnt, not turnt.” 
  • There are many reasons why Batman operates at night… and one of the lesser known reasons is that Bruce Wayne burns veeeeeeeery easily. He learned this lesson the hard way training in the Himalayas without sun protection. Because white, rich-boy, smarty-pants, 22 year-old Brucie Wayne assumed that sun + snow ≠ increased probability of getting burnt, and thought that skiers and snowboarders wore their goggles just to keep snow out of their eyes and as a fashion statement. And yet he knew chemical formulae of common plutonium compounds by heart….
  • Tim Drake has it the worst though. By far. Something that is most definitely not helped by the fact that Tim usually lives by the philosophy of: Hack GCPD Databases While Snacking On Cheetos All Night, Sleep All Day. The boy is a vampire. Pale as a ghost. And somehow it seems, no matter how many layers he’s wearing, Tim still manages to get sunburnt???? Through layers of kevlar??? The boy is a living, breathing, walking, sunburnt enigma. 

But I want a woman.

Succulent Guide

Congratulations on becoming a proud plant parent! Welcome to to the wonderful world of succulents and cacti, here is a small guide of how to take care of your succulents properly and tips on how to maintain a healthy, happy plant based on personal experience. (・ω・)ノ


General Knowledge

Firstly, here is some general knowledge on succulents that will (believe it or not) help you greatly when it comes to taking care of your plant.

  • Succulents and cacti are in the same family! This means there are many different kinds and like dry places with little water
  • The world “succulent” refers to the plant’s fleshy, thick leaves. They are like this to retain water.
  • Because succulents are cacti, some can be pointy and have spines (like aloe!) so in general, be careful.

That’s basically all the general information you need to know that will help your plant grow.


Watering your plant:

Although most people believe that succulents thrive on neglect, they really don’t, and need almost as much maintenance as a regular house plant.

MY RULE OF THUMB: When the leave look thin, water the plant.

This rule of thumb is a bit of a last resort. If your plant’s leaves are withered or thin, it needs a lot of water.

Regularly, I water my 2" succulents with about 2 tablespoons of water A WEEK.

In winter, succulents and Cacti go through a dormant phase and don’t need to be watered as often, but I found this information as not useful because when I went as little as 1.5 weeks without watering some of my plants in the winter, they’d start to wither.

Remember, succulent leaves should remain fleshy! And watering them often is the key to doing this.

If you happen to forget to water your succulents for up to three weeks and even beyond, do not worry. At that point, the plant will ration it’s water until you water it.

If you happen to do this, do not immediately think that you have to drown your plant in water to make up the weeks you missed. For a 2" succulent, 2 tablespoons or less is the key. These types of plants can only take so much water at one time.



Repotting Cacti and Succulents is a lot of fun, especially when you get decorative pots or creative with potting ideas.

Some people like to use teacups, and other people use plain old terra-cotta pots.

Whatever the case may be, succulents and cacti like drainage.

So your teacup doesn’t have a drainage hole? No problem.

It is ideal to pot your plant in something that has drainage holes, but if it doesn’t, adding rocks to the bottom of whatever it is you’re using will help greatly.

I have small, 2" white square ceramic pots for my babies, which have a singular, small drainage hole in the bottom. Because I wanted more drainage, I used a few rocks on the bottom, and filled the rest of the pot with succulent and cacti potting mix.

It’s also healthy to keep some of the soil from the original pot to mix in with the potting mix.

When repotting my cactus plant, I preferred using thick rubber gloves to repot rather than gardening gloves because I didn’t want the thin spines to prick me.



I normally keep my succulents on the windowsill over my kitchen sink because it gets the most light in the house while being indirect.

This is the key to good sunlight: light, but indirect. So if you have a windowsill where the sun crosses over it throughout the day, that is the ideal place for your succulent. In winter, keep your succulents inside! And on the sill of a west facing window is ideal because the light is not too harsh in the afternoon.

TIP: make sure to rotate the pot so the plant grows straight.

If you do not have much sun, although I have not tried this, I know some people grow their plants under special lamps which work just as fine.

As far as heat goes, heat was not much of a problem for my plants except for my one pesky Echeveria nodulosa ‘Painted Beauty’ which I had named Rory.

Rory was not a fan of being near an open window, and since I had gotten my succulents in January, it was cold outside. A few rare days of warmth would occur in February which called for an open window, and any time he was near it, he would wilt.

And although Rory is due for what looks like propagation, he is my smallest plant to this day and I don’t want to go onto that step for him yet.



When I noticed my plants reaching for sunlight, they’d bend towards the window and grow very tall and their leaves would space out. Soon, the bottom leaves would die and need to be plucked off and I’d be left with a long stem, a few spaces but still alive leaves, and a small rosette on the top.

This means it’s time for propagation. When I first read on how to stop my plants from getting so leggy, results appeared calling it “decapitation” where you would cut of the head of the plant and leave a stump.

This sounded very scary to me and I waited until a month before I tried to look for answers again and found propagation as the solution.

There are basically three parts of propagation.

  1. the stump
  2. the rosette
  3. the babies (which are actually a bunch of little parts).

The first step to propagation is to remove the bottom leaves from the plant completely from the stem by gently twisting them off. (Even if they are alive)

Place the leaves on a wet paper towel on a pan after they have calloused over and dried out (takes about 2-3 days). You may notice the the root of the leaf may already be growing roots, and if it has not, it will eventually. From each leaf you will grow a new baby rosette and have a forest of succulents! The babies make great gifts. (Note that not every leaf will be successful in growing a baby). This process takes about 3-4 weeks.

For the left over plant, you now have a super long stem with a rosette at the top. Cut the rosette leaving some stem on it and submerge the stem in water after letting it callous and dry out (takes about 5 days) For mine, I submerged the rosette in a medicine cup filled with 2 tablespoons of water. Soon, roots will appear so you can repot the rosette. This takes 2-3 weeks.

Then, cut the rest of the stem the is in the original pot down to a stub. After the stub callouses over, it will start to regenerate new babies around it. This takes about 3 weeks.

When it comes to propagation, it takes time and patience.



Here is where I was going to put any tips I had for growing plants but I kind of mentioned them throughout my spiel. In that case, here is where I will reiterate my most important tips:

- Water your plants once a week or when the leaves look less fleshy.
- 2 tablespoons of water a week for 2" plants (some species may need more or less)
- For repotting cactus plants with spines, it’s ideal to use rubber gloves instead of gardening gloves
- Rotate the plant so it grows straight!

Those are my best tips. There really aren’t any tips on propagation since its a hit or miss kind of ordeal.

Feel free to ask questions! uwu


Leafeon Subspecies / Variations

Depending on the location of the Moss Rocks required to trigger evolution in an Eevee, a Leafeon can develop into many diverse forms. 

Thistle Leafeon: A larger variation of the Standard Leafeon. While no Leafeon could be considered aggressive, this subspecies is most likely to stand it’s ground when threatened. Attacking it without careful consideration will lead to prickly consequences for those involved. It’s most commonly found in dry flat-lands, and tend to arise in areas where agriculture is beginning to encroach on nature.  

Fern Leafeon: Very similar in size to Standard Leafeons. This sub-species is found most commonly in tropical to sub-tropical environments. They are particularly gentle and playful by nature, and their pelts and leafy features are soft and pleasant to touch.  

Cherry Blossom Leafeon: (Also known as Sakura Leafeons.) 
A beautiful subspecies which is commonly used by trainers in contests. They are very sensitive to the seasons and changes in weather. Though they have a pink hue to their pelts year round, their coats are most vibrant during Spring. After this season passes, these Leafeons will shed their coats and grow a new one. They are usually found in undisturbed, highland forests.  

Japanese Maple Leafeon: Another subspecies which is sensitive to seasonal change. Though they retain a reddish hue to their pelts year-round, their coats become most vibrant in colour during autumn months. After this season passes, these Leafeon will shed their coats and grow a new one. They are usually found in undisturbed, lowland forests. 

Water Lily Leafeon: An aquatic variation of Leafeon. They arise when the Moss Rock used for evolution is partly submerged in water. They require regular contact with water, and enjoy swimming in ponds and shallow pools immensely. Their paddle like tails allow them to move with some speed in water.

Marimo Leafeon: A very rare variation. Marimo Leafeons only occur when a Moss Rock used for evolution is completely submerged in water. They are smaller than Standard Leafeons. While not exactly difficult to care for, travelling with one can be difficult, as removing them from water for long periods can impact on their health. They are good swimmers, and excellent divers, with a fondness for collecting items at the bottoms of ponds. 

I’ve seen a bunch of people doing these and I wanted to give it a swing! I was motivated to try this out by this post in particular

The joys of hairdressing

Very rarely do I have any clients that are outright rude to me. However, the other day, I had an older man come in (probably late 50’s, early 60’s) who was near impossible. TL;DR at the bottom.

I sit him down in my chair and the following occurs:

Me: How would you like your hair cut?
Him: I’d like a [clipper guard] #3 all over.
Me: So you want a buzz cut? #3 all over, including the top?
Him: Yep.

I proceed to buzz his hair with a #3.

Him: Wait, wait, don’t you normally use scissors? Isn’t there some technique to this?
Me: Not for a #3 all over. That’s a buzz cut.
Him: Well, now my hair’s ruined. I have to take photos soon!

Dude, it’s not my fault you’ve reached the age that you have and still can’t communicate the kind of cut you want. Don’t berate me because I can’t read your mind.
My manager, who’s heard all these exchanges, comes over to investigate/defend.

Him (client): This girl normally cuts my hair, she knows what to do!
Her (manager): You asked for a #3 all over, right?
Him: Yeah, I wanted a #3 around here (motions around sides and back of head) and scissors up here (motions to top of head).
Her: That’s actually a #3 around the sides and back, and a trim up top.
Him: Well I wish I would’ve said that!

My manager hangs back and observes while I trim his neckline and around his ears. The other stylists give me sympathetic looks.

Me: Would you like me to trim your eyebrows?
Him: Yeah, but don’t take them off! (Laughs derisively)

I measure out an eyebrow length with my comb and bring up my trimmers. My hands are shaking because hso I accidentally catch his eyelid with the edges of the trimmers. No blood, not even a scratch.

Him: OW! Jesus, maybe slow down! Okay? Maybe then you wouldn’t mess up so much! I just went to the doctor for that eye!

Yeah, because I totally knew that and did so out of malicious intent. Again, not a mind reader. I finish the rest in silence and comp the cut.

Him: Great. Gotta get photos taken and…(trails off as he leaves the salon)

Luckily, my managers and coworkers were on my side. They all said he’d been an asshole to them before, too. One of the older ladies told me I should’ve charged him regardless. The staff is very supportive and will defend stylists over customers every time.

TL;DR: Old asshole can’t verbally communicate how he wants his hair cut, verbally abuses stylist for her inability to read minds. There is no One True Men’s Haircut.

The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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CS FF: Man Flu

Summary: It’s Killian and Emma’s first wedding anniversary, but Killian is sick and has no clue what day it is.  To make matters worse, he is driving Emma crazy as she takes care of him.

Rating: PG

Note: So many men are big babies when they get sick (apologies to any men who may be reading this), so I thought the same could be true for our former pirate.  This goes back and forth between Emma and Killian’s POV.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Man Flu: Part 1/1…

~Emma’s POV~

Today is our first wedding anniversary.  This first year of marriage to Killian has been the happiest of my life.  

Minus the last three days, that is.  When I said the vows in sickness and health, I never imagined this.  

I squeeze my eyes closed as the ringing once again fills my ears. Why did I give Killian that damn bell?!  He’s been ringing it incessantly for the last two days.  I thought it would be an improvement over him bellowing my name every five minutes, but I was sorely mistaken.  

Three days ago, Killian came down with a cold. The usual: scratchy throat, cough, runny/stuffy nose.  But you would have thought the man had contracted the plague.  He hasn’t left our bed and complains about every little symptom.  Here’s a man who has lost his hand, been hit by a car, been stabbed, nearly drowned, been tortured, and actually died.  I’m sure in his more than 200 years he’s endured even more than that.  But somehow the common cold brings him to his knees.  

There’s a name for this.  Man flu.  Basically, men act like babies when they become even slightly sick.  Apparently, my brave, strong, resilient pirate isn’t immune to such an affliction.  And now I must also suffer.

The bell rings again, followed by a pitiful moan of “Emma”.

“Coming,” I grumble, as I head up the stairs.

I find him in our bed, the comforter pulled up around his neck.  Tissues are strewn everywhere. His hair is sticking up in all directions and his nose is red.  His blue eyes are watery.

I come to stand before him, hands on my hips.  "You rang?“

"Love, do you think perhaps you could close the curtains?  I’m afraid the sunlight is hurting my sensitive eyes.”

I bite my lip, but nod.  "Sure.“

I walk over to the window and pull the curtains closed.

"Not quite that much.  I enjoy a bit of light.”

I feel my fists clench as I pull the curtains open a little, nearly pulling them off the rod with my vice-like grip.  

“Better?” I ask.

“Perfect,” he says, offering me a weak smile.  "Thank you.“

"Can I get you anything else before I go?” I ask.

“You’re leaving?” he croaks.  

I sigh. “Killian, I’ve been waiting on you for three days. I have a job, you know.  I’m surprised this town hasn’t been destroyed by monsters yet.”

“My apologies for being so much trouble,” he mumbles.

I roll my eyes.  I know what he’s doing and it won’t work.  

“Look, you have your cell phone right there.  If you need me, just call and I’ll be back in no time at all.”

“I don’t want to be a bother,” he mutters. “I’m sure I can fend for myself in my weakened state. After all, I’ve cared for myself most of my life.”

I roll my eyes again and walk over to him, placing a kiss on his lips against my better judgment.  I don’t really want to risk getting sick, but a kiss usually placates him for a bit.

“You’ll be fine.  I told you.  It’s just a cold.”

“I beg to differ.  I feel as if I am on my deathbed.  It must be scurvy.”

“For the thousandth time, it is not scurvy.”

“With all due respect, love, you aren’t a doctor.”

“True, but I do know how to google.”


“Look stuff up on the, as you would say, computer box.”

“Oh. Proceed.”

“And you have none of the symptoms of scurvy.  It’s also very rare in modern times, mostly occurring in poor countries due to malnutrition.  What you have is the common cold.”

“There’s hardly anything common about it.  I don’t see why I can’t be given some medicine to cure this infernal disease.”

“Because there’s no cure for the common cold, which, by the way, is not a disease.  You just have to ride it out.  You can relieve the symptoms like we have been doing with over-the-counter drugs, but there’s not much else you can do.”

“I suppose I’ll just suffer then.”

I wait for him to acknowledge our anniversary, but he’s so delirious from the meds and distracted by his constant whining, that I am pretty sure he doesn’t have any idea what day it is.  

I try to hide my disappointment, as I hook my thumb in the direction of the door.  "Ok, I’m going to go now.  Call me if you need me.“

"Goodbye, love,” he says as I exit the room.

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Zelda’s Log #1: The Green Light

A/N: Lorde’s new single Green Light insprired me not only for this particular piece, but also for the whole concept of this story, which is basically about having a fresh start, feeling hope and moving on from the past.

I was going to post this during the Easter weekend, but I think it’s better to post it now as a thank you gift for the 300 followers milestone. 

Happy reading!


Dawn. She always gets up at dawn. Or even before it, as if the hundred years containing the Calamity had been more than enough slumber for her.

Zelda is trying to absorb all: landscapes, names of plants and living beings, their characteristics and properties, rare natural phenomena, and types of stones.

Taking advantage of the freedom she has gained, she has dived head on into the vast sea of knowledge at her feet.

Ever since she heard about it from a traveler at the gate of Hateno Village, her efforts have been focused in seeing a phenomenon called green light, which occurs in a moment between the darkest hour of night and the very first light of the day. It can occur at dusk too.

It is said it is a sign of good omens, and brings good fortune to whoever sees it.

Some other people say you can ask for a wish, and it will surely come true.

4:45 a.m., clear skies. Last quarter of the fifth moon.

Already sitting on the hill, waiting for the sunrise. Atmospheric conditions are excellent at the moment. According to my observations, the sunrise should occur in about 30 to 45 minutes.

‘You’re not going to see it today’, a raspy, familiar voice said, throwing a blanket over her shoulders.

‘Link’. Her eyes followed him as he sat on the grass next to her.

'It’s too clear’, he pointed out, trying to contain a yawn, ‘and it’s not cold enough’.

'Not cold enough?’, she repeated, not believing his words. 'My hands are a little numb, for your information’.

As a man of few words, he just shrugged, and remained silently to her side.

5:36 a.m.

Link informed me that according to his experience, the existing weather conditions do not meet the criteria to produce the green light.

Despite my opposition to his affirmation, he was right.

Zelda spent the rest of the morning certainly frustrated, for she had been trying every morning and evening for days, without results.

After lunch, she went outside to water the planters with Silent Princess seedlings - to her surprise, she started succeeding at growing them. This sort of domesticity suited them just as it did to her.

The clopping and whinny of horses nearby made her turn to see who it was.

Epona and Storm were being carried by Link, who looked pretty much ready to go adventuring.

'Get ready quick, please’, he requested, trying his best not to sound imposing, 'we need to arrive near Lurlin Village before sunset if we want to find a good spot to see the sunrise’.

Zelda’s answer to his instructions was a beaming smile, and a rushed stride to the house to pick her current most important belongings: her Sheikah slate and her log.

After their arrival, Link looked for a good spot to set camp and watch the sunrise. Once they settled, Zelda observed the wildlife while Link grabbed some​ fish and shellfish for dinner.

8:55 p.m.

Link and I settled camp on the beach to see the sunrise. I have to urge him to write a cookbook, or at least I could record the recipes for him. I could roll down the beach from all the food I’ve eaten, and not only today. Every day is a feast for him.

'Why do you want to see that so much?’, he asked her, while he poked the fire.

'It is mainly curiosity’, she confessed, resting her head on his shoulder, 'I’ve never seen anything like that!’

Link was not convinced by her answer. There was an underlying motivation for her to be so intrigued by something he saw more than once on his journey, which was, in fact, a mirage. Nothing else, nothing more.

Zelda dozed off, still resting by his side. Soon, the warmth from the fire, and her very own, dragged him to sleep too.

His eyes shot open quite some time later, realizing he had let his guard down. And Zelda was not at his side. It was about to be daybreak.

His eyes scanned the surroundings, and suddenly found her silhouette, walking barefoot down the beach, the small waves covering her feet. She was lost in her own thoughts: the true image of a Silent Princess.

He approached her discreetly, but keeping a distance,to avoid startling her - he loved these moments of introspection of hers, for her silence gave away so much more than she showed.

‘You found me’, she noticed, not turning to him, eyes fixated on the first rays of sunlight, ‘A long time ago I would have been so pissed off… Now I couldn’t get any happier that you did’.

He chuckled, remembering the images in his head from those times.

Suddenly, the sky went from a hazy blue to a bright pale green. The horizon was dyed in the same hues, making a rim around the rising sun. The sea reflected the light, turning the beach in a surreal landscape. Zelda audibly gasped in awe.

‘It’s happening’, she gleefully murmured.

She immediately changed her demeanor, as remembering something, and closed her eyes and joined her hands, putting herself in a very solemn mood. Link had only seen her like that during her trials.

Zelda opened her eyes as the green light faded into a golden flash of sunlight.

‘So what did you ask for?’, he asked her, coming closer.

‘You never bought it, didn’t you?’, she looked at him, kicking the water.

He just shook his head.

‘I wished for many things: closure, forgiveness, for the energy and patience that requires to rebuild a kingdom’ - she sighed - ‘and for you, to remember all your life before the Calamity. Your life is as in ruins as mine’.

Link gave her a timid smile.

‘I have a incomplete idea of who I was’, he recognized, ‘but I have someone who remembers me, and that’s all I need’ - he held her hand - ‘as long as I have you, everything will be alright’.

She held him tight at these words. Their embrace was warmer as the sun rose, bringing joy to her heart.

6:05 a.m. First day of waning crescent.

I saw the green light. It is amazing indeed, but it clearly depends on the position of the viewer. I still made my wish though. For although it may be a mirage, it is certainly magical.

We plan on returning home quickly, have some rest and then set course to Zora’s Domain. I think it must be our first destination. It has been on my head for several days.

DID and RP

jfc y’all making me crawl out of my well to throw down some hard truths again

Alright you nerds, let’s talk about

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)


  • “Multiple personality disorder” or “split personality disorder.” NEVER USE THESE PHRASES. THEY HAVE BEEN REJECTED BY BOTH THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY AND THE NEURODIVERGENT COMMUNITY. They are archaic, misrepresentative, and harmful.
  • NEVER.
  • DON’T.

DID is also NOT:

  • Mood swings
  • Random acts of violence
  • Anything out of a horror book or movie
  • Anything you’ve seen on Suicide Squad
  • A fun and edgy character trait


  • A mental disorder characterized by the presence of multiple personality states, each with independent memory and behavioral initiative (these personality states are commonly termed “alters” and the whole is a “system”)
  • Includes periods of amnesia or impaired memory that can have an effect on a person’s independence and quality of life
  • Typically non-violent
  • Manageable with the aid of medical, psychiatric, and/or therapeutic care, with the goal of producing a healthy, harmonius system whenever possible
  • A rare disorder, occuring in 1-3% of people worldwide
  • Occurs in very real, very typical people who just want to get on with their lives without being thought of as serial killers or murderous cheerleaders or creepy dolls

Goddamn Illy, it’s just roleplay, why are you making such a big deal?

DID is a real condition that presents in real people who face real stigma and rampant misunderstanding because of sensationalist fantasy (like roleplay) misrepresenting their condition.

If, after taking the above material into consideration, your “split personality” RP character doesn’t seem that “fun” and “quirky” anymore –

– if having to alter your characterization to be mindful, accurate, and respectful  seems just so super lame –

– maybe you shouldn’t be playing it.

tangled-headphone-cord  asked:

Right, I did not expect my apparently unfortunate word choice to get such a response (you weren't rude, it's just that a lot of it semeed, how do I put it, aimed at the wrong person? I don't actually think animals should like me by default), what I meant by "befriend" was gain and keep an individual animal's trust, without making them depend on you. (though I would argue the idea that befriending animals gets them killed - is that not how all domestic species started out as?)

Hmm, okay, it looks like I left some information out in my response to you re: why it’s a bad idea to befriend animals. Let’s see if I can fill in the gaps. 

For the purpose of what you’re asking, I’m assuming you’re talking about getting to the point with a wild animal that it trusts you and you can interact with it, rather than it trusts you enough that it’ll continue doing whatever it does normally in your presence if you sit quiet and still. 

Getting to the point with a wild animal where it trusts you means you’ve already irrevocably shifted its behavior away from what is natural - and unfortunately, those changes are almost always detrimental, and generally involve some sort change towards dependence on humans (even if not a single human). There’s a difference between an animal being habituated to people, being tame, and being imprinted on people, and the concepts are unidirectional; e.g. you don’t get a tame animal that isn’t habituated to people. When you’re talking about wanting to gain and keep an animal’s trust, you’re talking about something like a very tame wild animal or an imprinted one. (For the sake of this discussion, for folk who are more up on their vocab, I’m using a definition of imprinting that is wider that just filial imprinting like is seen in Lorenz’s studies). Let’s see if I can explain those concepts a little more fully for you. 

In your original ask, you asked about the comparison to dogs - who are generally cool with humans being around but have to learn to trust them individually, and what makes wild animals different. The easy answer there is that domestication has already habituated dogs to people, and to some degree it has ensured they’re all tame. Wild animals have to be much more discriminatory because lots of things out there want to eat or hurt them, and making a mistake could be a fatal scenario - so they’re much more wary of everything new, and they’re more likely to generalize things into pretty wide categories of experience to keep themselves safe. 

To massively oversimplify it, those categories regarding living things are approximately “threat”, “not threat”, “mate”, “offspring” and “prey.” Babies very quickly learn what things are dangerous and what are just other animals that are around - that sets up the “threat” and “not threat” categories - and they learn what other animals in their species are. Once animals are adults, those categories stay pretty much as they were developed, and anything new automatically goes into the “threat” category because an animal has no information about who or what it is and what it eats and if it’s going to hurt them. 

So we’ve got an animal that has never seen a human before, but it has learned - as most wild animals do - that new animals, especially large ones, are probably dangerous. If it happens to run into a human a bunch of times and nothing bad happens, it will start to assume that the presence of humans is not a threat to them. That’s habituation: things moving from “threat” to “not threat”. That doesn’t mean they trust humans, just that they’re not going to immediately become defensive in our presence or try to run away. A habituated animal isn’t super tolerant of human presence - it’s not going to hang around if someone moves around or pays close attention to it. Now, the important part of this is that, for most animals, habituation doesn’t apply to an individual - it applies to the entire category. So habituated animals are less wary of all humans, not just the humans it has encountered so far. 

If suddenly a human starts putting out something reinforcing to the animal (food), suddenly having the human around isn’t not just ‘not bad,’ it actively becomes worth putting up with. That animal is going to hang around more in slightly stressful situations a habituated animal wouldn’t because the benefit of doing so (easy calories) is worth the small amount of risk. Eventually, the animal will become reasonably tolerant of humans and will allow them to move and talk and engage in behaviors involved in putting out food (like bending over or throwing things) that would send any normal animal scampering. That’s when an animal is considered tame - and again, it’s generalized to all humans, not just the dude feeding them. This becomes a huge safety issue, because they’re now conditioned to approach humans and expect food and ignore human behavior that might actually indicate a threat. 

Imprinting is one step further than that: imprinted animals are those who through repeated interaction, often while young, have come to associate humans as conspecifics. They don’t necessarily think that humans are the same species, but they’re the category of living beings that the animal has been primed to consider as appropriate social or sexual partners. This is very rarely, if ever, a reversible process. That animal will never live a normal life because it will be constantly seeking out human interaction instead of that of their own kind. 

Now, once animals are fairly tame, they have the luxury of learning to differentiate between humans. It doesn’t happen very much before then, because habituation requires primarily uneventful experiences to occur. If a single person reacts with violence towards an animal that isn’t fully habituated to people, it’ll likely not ever give humans a chance again - an animal has to be tame enough to be willing to take the risk that maybe this person won’t attack him even if that one did before they’ll stop generalizing. 

So you’re asking about an animal that recognizes you, trusts you, and continues to do so over a prolonged period of time. That requires the animal to be pretty tame, which means a lot of it’s natural behaviors will have already been modified. A tame animal doesn’t bother to forage in wide-ranging patterns because it knows an easy calorie source with low risk is nearby, so it starts spending more time near human settlements, and that puts it at risk of death or injury from cars, pets, poison, etc. Animals really only generally become tame when they’re fed (the other option is when they’re raised to be as babies, which irrevocably changes their behavioral patterns for life) so they’re already going to be used to a diet of human food which is what their bodies are adapted to process.  That creates a type of dependence - when humans cease to feed them, the animals are disinclined to go back to their natural patterns because the ones regarding interacting with humans have been so heavily reinforced. Animals that have found out humans are jackpots are tenacious, and when frustrated and hungry they get pushy, and that’s dangerous. 

Even if you’re not the one doing the feeding or the habituation, a wild animal that is chill enough to trust you has been fed by someone and is still going to have these behavioral changes occur. Wild animals don’t just suddenly bond with humans they meet one day the way our media culture has decided to mythologize. Animals that are that habituated to humans are being influenced somewhere else, out of sight, and with that adjustment comes all the ways they get killed that I listed in my first response to you. 

You said you don’t think animals are obligated to trust you. Okay, cool. But that begs the question, if you’re not something they inherently want to affiliate with, why should they choose to interact with you at all enough to come to trust you? Behavioral change occurs when the environment makes things worth doing or worth avoiding doing in the future. For an animal to interact with you, something about the interaction has to be reinforcing; if it’s not your presence alone, it’s got to something you’re doing to make it worth their time. Of the four types of primary reinforcers that influence behavior (food, water, sex, shelter), the only one you can utilize at all is food. Feeding animals creates dependency. So that’s where you get stuck when you want to have animals trust you: your presence isn’t inherently reinforcing, but you don’t want to provide external reinforcers because of how it influences their lives. Which means there’s no reason for them to want to associate with you, much less trust you.  Basically, what you’re looking for just can’t occur without modifying an animal’s life enough to be detrimental to their long-term health and survival.

(To answer your second question, briefly, domestication is a much more complex process with a lot of criteria animals need to inherently fit before they’re able to be under enough human influence to even start becoming domesticated. People who are trying to domesticate animals also take responsibility for the animals and generally restrict their ability to return to the wild (dogs are an entirely different and more complicated case). I’d suggest searching domestication on the sidebar of the blog - we’ve talked about it at length in the past). 

Are Lemony’s memories of his chilhood incorrect?

“All the Wrong Questions” tells us all about the times young Lemony Snicket got things wrong… except he really didn’t. He was right about Ellington being a liar, about Hangfire being a villain, about the Bombinating Beast being central to his plot. The only parts of the plot he truly got wrong concern Kit and his family in general, and the way they relate to the VFD organization.

But what if Lemony’s misinterpretations extended even further? What if the series hid something even more ominous, more sinister, of which Lemony only got a glimpse?

We will argue (after the cut) that Lemony suffered a form of trauma during his early chilhood, which eventually caused him to exhibit symptoms of False Memory Syndrome (FMS) as a coping mechanism. This syndrom eventually damaged his relationships in later life. Simply put: Lemony’s memories of his family life prior to his VFD apprenticeship are completely wrong.

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yoi western au

a while back the very talented @kevystel got a prompt about a yoi western au and unfortunately i grew up with a dad who loves westerns and my brain wouldn’t stop (EDIT my brain continued to not stop, read about all the secondary characters here)

if i was being true to the prompt it’d be called “a ranch called love” but they kind of left the ranch and instead of being a list of headcanons it turned into something like actual writing oops but anyway here i go it’s Yuri!!! On the Range!


Yuuri is a taciturn, nervous but kind cowboy in the employ of rancher celestino. He’s good with a gun and known for bringing cattle to market with incredibly low losses, and everyone who’s ever ridden with him has nothing but kind words to say about him. Of course if you brought it up with Yuuri he’d downplay and deny and insist he’s only doing his job. He doesn’t talk much to the townsfolk but there is a quiet, common knowledge among them that if anyone is giving you trouble and you can’t reach the sheriff, Katsuki Yuuri is the man to call.

 Viktor Nikiforov is the kind of adventurer-cum-celebrity that could only exist in the old west. Under the authority of sheriff Yakov Feltsman, he’s taken down more outlaws (and in a more dramatic fashion) than just about anyone. At the age of 27, dime store paperbacks are already being published about his fictionalized exploits (Yuuri has secretly hoarded every newspaper clipping and every shitty novella with Viktor’s name on it. He keeps a yellowed, faded newspaper photo of Viktor’s face in his belt pouch on long journeys. It’s ridiculous). Of course by the time our story opens Viktor has grown bored of that life and taken off to a sleepy frontier town where he can open a saloon in relative anonymity.

Yuuri is finally back in town after a long time away. Tomorrow he will leave with his closest friend and fellow cowhand Phichit on a grueling cattle drive. Despite his excellent reputation, things aren’t looking up - there’s been talk of bad weather, banditry and rustlers on the road ahead, and the last season ended with them out $500. The worries pile up until Yuuri finds himself at the local saloon.

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anonymous asked:

If Amerimochis can band together and form a kaiju, can different types of mochis come together to form one? Like a bunch of Japan mochis, England mochis, Russia mochis, and Amerimochis?

“Really they can only do such things with their own kind, but it also depends on the creature. Most can’t form together, but they can do other things.”

“England mochi’s for example, they can collab together to make giant spells and curses. Of course, that’s only if they can stand each other’s prescense. Once every spring too they have a bit of a type of a Spring Festival of sorts with tea, cakes and fucking. Sometimes Italy mochis are brought along for variety. It’s uh… it’s a sure sign that spring is here when magic is in the air.”

“Russia mochis meanwhile, with their knowledge of trickery and making traps, if a hoard were to come together they would most likely do so to make a giant trap for a large creature. One item in general can only be made by several of them, which is basically a net made from the stripped inside of Americamochi. This way when prey is caught in this net, they will start dissolving from the digestive acid on the spot, making it both easier to kill and easier to eat for them. Luckily, it’s a little rare of an occurance for Russiamochis to come together since they usually like to keep their spoils to themselves, but if they get a common goal, look out.”

“The only mochi that can form together other than Americamochi would be Italymochi, though they don’t do much. They combine and just eat bigger things, not people just things. It’s very annoying but they’re easy to split up and usually naturally unfuse when they have a nap.”

rain-down-love  asked:

So you're pretty familiar with Shadowrun as far as I can tell? And I've been curious for a while; Are there any addendums or supplements or apocrypha regarding furry or furry-like species, metahuman or otherwise, in the Shadowrun setting? I feel like Shadowrun is a perfect setting for furries, but that's just me. (Then again I also love furries in post-apoc settings.)

Ahh yes, the subject of furries in Shadowrun..
There are two approaches to this: first is that biosculpting and cyberware is sufficiently advanced that you could theoretically craft your own form into a far more animalistic shape, though it would be noticeably not natural in most cases and costs a dragons fortune in nuyen.

The second is the Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression or SURGE trait.
Basically, there are quite a few different metahuman species and even more metasapients, seemingly all based on our myths and legends (yetis, cyclops, satyrs, pixies etc as well as the usual elves and dwarves).
SURGE is the idea that specific genetic traits come forward, rather than a whole new species, or that said species is so rare that any mutations are considered to be unexplained. There is a theory that such mutations can also occur in a person spending a very lnog time in very high magic background counts.

SURGE in the rules, allows you to take physical traits in a manner similar to the positive and negative qualities system. Examples includes everything from wings and compound eyes, to colour changing hair and fur (yes you can take full body fur), to ultrasonic hearing or a fey like glamour.
SURGE characters are often referred to as “changelings” in universe or indeed “freaks” in even worse circumstances.

The third option I once talked with Laura about is technically using the rules on custom vehicles (rigger 5)  or armour (run and gun), you can create a powered armour fursuit (where the fur can even conduct electrical currents, stunning people who hit you in melee). To make it that kind of milspec would need a lot of dedication, nuyen, and the restricted gear quality but honestly the idea of somebody stomping about in power suit that looks like a decent fursuit definitely fits the “pink mohawk” side of shadowrun if thats your bag!

It’s time for an entirely new show! Ahh, can you feel that excitement? New characters! New twists! A new adventure dawns!

But before we begin with the first episode, I should share all that I know about FMA:B going in.

1: The main characters are Edward and Al. Edward being the blond one in the red cloak, and Al being the big hulking dude in the badass armor. Also, they’re brothers, I think? And for what its worth I actually haven’t seen Al’s face, just him in his armor.

2: I know Edward has a cool looking metal arm. Now, I have heard a lot of “arm and a leg” jokes about this show. I don’t know if that refers to Edward specifically– maybe he already has a fake leg too, maybe he doesn’t. But I’m pretty sure at least one character is gonna lose both an arm and a leg. Likely Edward, if he hasn’t lost his leg from the get-go.

3: I’ve seen images of this creepy looking dog that’s all hunched over, and apparently it is both A: Really sad and B: can talk? Can’t wait to see what that thing is all about.

4: I’ve heard all the openings are, as far as anime openings go, quite spoilery. Because of that I will not be watching any of the openings as they come up. So I guess my first impressions of characters, environments, and themes will be as they naturally occur.

5: I am also fully aware of the difference between the original FMA series and Brotherhood. I opted to make Brotherhood my first experience because it is faithful to the source manga! I have also heard that Brotherhood’s first few episodes have rushed pacing due to sharing the same content as the old series, but this does not bother me as liveblogging is a very slow process, and should counter that.

Ah, and for what its worth, I’ll be watching the dubbed version. I’ve heard it’s good, and good anime dubs are a rare treat.

Right. Yeah. That’s it. Nothing left to do… but begin a new journey. Let’s go!

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Only Cause I Care (Jooheon)

Warnings: Finally the Jooheon smut has arrived!! Very rough, jealous Jooheon. smut so like… prepare yourself. Smutty stuff does occur. There’s also a bit of spanking. Multiple orgasms but no over-stimulation.


Jooheon always loves to add a sense of normalcy to your relationship. He could only imagine how hard it is dating an idol. Busy schedules and constant traveling made seeing one another a rare occasion. Not being able to tell the public about your relationship also seemed to put a strain on things. But any free time he gets permitted is spent by your side, and while dates where his face is covered by a mask and his eyes are almost completely shielded by a low brim hat aren’t your exact idea of romantic… he somehow makes them fun.

You both knew the sub-par disguise wouldn’t work for long. And on your impromptu date to the mall Jooheon had been caught by a few monbebes while you had went to the restroom.

Knowing that a situation you would rather avoid would happen if you made your way over, you discreetly made eye contact with your boyfriend before signaling that you’d be in the coffee shop near by. He nods in understanding before politely shushing the screeching girls, trying to keep the group of 5 at 5 and only 5.

You smiled as you watched from the window of the coffee shop. Seeing Jooheon be so warm and compassionate to other women would make any other girl jealous, but honestly it was what attracted you to him in the first place. You always did have a thing for the sweethearts

“Is this seat taken?” A stranger asks, and sits down before you have the chance to reply.

You look around and see the coffee shop has become quite packed, so you write it off as someone just looking to sit down while the wait for their order. You turn to see a man, who seems to be around your age. Your eyes meet so you give a polite smile of acknowledgment before turning to watch your boyfriend once again.

“Is that an idol?” The same voice asks.

You answer yes, not bothering to turn around.

“You must be a fan.” He says.

You chuckle, “Oh yeah. Probably the biggest fan of all.”

“So why aren’t you over there flirting? I’m sure a pretty girl like yourself would catch his attention.” The man compliments.

You finally turn to face him. “Uhm… thanks. I don’t really need it though. I’m fine just watching.”

“Ahh that’s rare. Most girls go cray over the attention of idols.”

You shrug and turn to see that both Jooheon and the crowd are gone. Weird. It was 2 minutes tops since you’d even turned your head. Just then you phone dings. Jooheon’s name lights up your phone, along with a message preview.

Joo-honey: “Heading to your place. Meet me there once you’re done flirting.”


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