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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ladies Appreciation | Day One: Anything and everything Daisy Johnson

S.H.I.E.L.D. was the closest I ever came to having a family. I belonged there, saw what I could be. Even that ended with agents hunting me through the woods.


“How can you still count yourself a knight, when you have forsaken every vow you ever swore?”
Jaime reached for the flagon to refill his cup. “So many vows…they make you swear and swear. Defend the king. Obey the king. Keep his secrets. Do his bidding. Your life for his. But obey your father. Love your sister. Protect the innocent. Defend the weak. Respect the gods. Obey the laws. It’s too much. No matter what you do, you’re forsaking one vow or the other.” He took a healthy swallow of wine and closed his eyes for an instant, leaning his head back against the patch of nitre on the wall. “I was the youngest man ever to wear the white cloak.”
“And the youngest to betray all it stood for, Kingslayer.”
“Kingslayer,” he pronounced carefully. “And such a king he was!”

Favourite Historical Figure: Ask Game

First of all, what is the name of your favourite historical figure?

Here we go:

  1. What is your favourite historical figure’s birthday & day of death?
  2. What is their hair colour, eye colour and height?
  3. Do you have a nickname for them?
  4. In your eyes, what is their biggest strength?
  5. What is the most ridiculous statement on them you have ever read?
  6. In your opinion, what is their biggest flaw?
  7. Let us know three random facts about them!
  8. When did you hear of them for the first time and what was your first impression?
  9. What is your favourite depiction of them (e.g. in painting, sculpture etc.)?
  10. What is your favourite quote by / about them?
  11. What is your favourite portrayal of them in fiction (e.g. movies, novels etc.)?
  12. Let us know the three best books about your favourite historical figure!
  13. If you had the chance to meet them, what is the first thing you would ask them?
  14. Do you think your favourite historical figure would like you?
  15. Describe them one sentence (I know it’s hard, just give it a shot)! ^^
  16. Do you have an OTP involving your favourite historical figure?
  17. Is there a song that reminds you of them?
  18. What is a trait you share with your favourite historical figure?
  19. What is the biggest difference in personality between you and them?
  20. What is your favourite possession that refers to your favourite historical figure (e.g. statue, book etc.)?

Put a number in my ask and I will answer the respective question!

darkknight0618  asked:

5 questions: How tall & old are you? How big is your cock? If laying on your back, how far up your body do you shoot? Most random place ever had sex & what happen? Most random place ever wanked & what happen?

I’m 21 and 5"8. So quite short for my age and slim. Soft, I vary from 2.5-4.5 depending on temperature as we all know. Hard, just under 6.
If I’m on my back and horny, and if I edge for a bit I can easily hit the back board behind my head (on a bed) - but more often than not I’ll shoot inbetween my chest and belly button, on my abs.

Weirdest place to wank…in a friends younger brothers bedroom. He wasn’t there obviously!

Weirdest shag would be on the beach, only had sex a few times and the others were in a bed haha

What are you thinking about?“ He said staring up at the sky.

"Do you ever feel insignificant in this world?” She said, “We’re only two people in a world filled with billions, and this small world is surrounded by an endless darkness filled with random bursts of light.”

“I guess I do feel small in this universe.” He said, “But I try to not feel that way. If you keep thinking you’re insignificant to this world, then you’ll have no desire to live. Then you’ll end up closer to death.

—  from a book I might write by jwfeelings
  • Murasakibara: You know what your "great" friend did?
  • Himuro: What?
  • Murasakibara: Your friend, out of nowhere, took some of my fries!.. ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ
  • Himuro: That's it? What's the big deal?
I crave randomness. An ever-present environmental element that I can’t control. I need to wake up and not know what to expect so that I can go out and pursue the unexpected. I make more sense in motion. While moving, experiencing new things, feeling a little uncomfortable and always somewhat off-balance, while pursuing new ways of looking at life, at people, at society — that’s when the world makes the most sense to me.
—  Colin Wright, Come Back Frayed

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What is your name? Lou
How old are you? 19
What houses are you in? Ravenclaw
What kind of blog do you run? Multifandom mess, mainly Teen Wolf and Harry Potter
Your patronus? Manx cat
Your Pottermore house results? Pottermore keeps placing me in random houses that don’t suit me at all like Gryffindor and Slytherin so I don’t trust Pottermore lol
Which book is your favourite? Order of the Phoenix for sure
Which book is your least favourite? Idk?? none I guess
Which movie is your favourite? Order of the Phoenix even tho I’m still pissed that scene of Harry and George beating the shit out of Malfoy wasnt in the movie because #iconic
What is your least favourite movie? Prisoner of Azkaban I think
What is your favourite quote? The ever classic “happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light”
Favourite Potter? Harry
Favourite Weasley? the twins!!!!!!!!
Favourite Malfoy? Narcissa
Favourite Black? Sirius
Favourite Marauder? Remus
Favourite Golden Trio? Hermione
Favourite Silver Trio? Luna
Favourite female character? Ginny is pretty damn badass
Favourite male character? George is my ultimate all time fav
Favourite professor? McGonagall is, as Kristin put it, a QUEEN
Favourite House? Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff (still pissed we didn’t get to see their common rooms in the movies)
Which character do you dislike the most? Umbridge
What ships are your favourite? other than Fremione, I don’t really ship that many things
Is there a movie you liked more than its book? Nope
If you could make up your own house what would be the traits? A neat combination of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, so loyalty, equality, smartness, etc
What would your Amortentia smell like? Freshly baked bread, the earth after rain, a latte being freshly made
Which do you prefer, owls, cats or a frog? Cats
Which is your favourite harry potter era? the lightning era (which I call the golden era but whatevs lmao)

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We’ve been apart for months now, and I wonder if you ever think of me before you fall asleep at night, or when you’re staring at the night sky.
If you ever stop doing what you’re doing because you suddenly remembered some random things that I told you.
If you can still see me at the places that we used to go and if you still think of our dreams that never came true.
If you can still feel the endless hugs and kisses that we shared.
I wonder
Because it’s been months now, but I still think of you.
Do you ever find yourself in the middle of your room, late at night, thinking about the times you two used to have?
Do you ever find yourself laughing and having fun, and wishing he was right beside you?
Do you ever think, “I wonder what he’s doing?”
Do you ever try to work out why you have these thoughts? Why he comes into your thoughts at random times.
Maybe it’s because he has your heart in the palm of his hand without entirely realising it.
Maybe it’s because he’s the one that you so desperately try to forget, and try fool yourself that he isn’t right for you. You try to forget the colour of his eyes, and the feel of his hand as it glides across your soft skin.
Maybe it’s because he is sitting thinking about you? Wondering how you are; Wondering what happened.
Maybe you’re both waiting to see each other’s name pop up on each other’s phone.
Maybe the light between the two of you needs to be rekindled.
So take a breath, take a chance and let yourself be free. Text his number with a simple ‘hello’. Take that last chance of fate, that last bit you’re holding onto. Test the waters and see what happens. A simple ‘hello’ never hurt anybody, it’s the fear of the 'goodbye’ following that hurts the most…. It’s a new year, if it’s what you want, go after it, because you don’t gain anything while waiting for someone else to make the move.
—  Imagine-that-one-thing
Ethereal | Sam x Reader Imagine | Part 2

In case you missed it, here’s part 1


“So, what’s your quote-on-quote ‘theory’ again?” Dean asked, leaning back in his chair.

The younger rolled his eyes, pulling the map of New York closer to him, “If we can hit the warehouse on Sunday then we’ll be able to get the jump on them before they know we’ve come into town.

“So what’s to say they’re crammed up in this wreck?”

I was watching them, they didn’t know of course. I wonder if they could see… Would they ever help me?

Sam sighed, taking a bright red marker and dotting random points on the map, “Let’s see… Blood Bank on 27th street, Tate Langdon went missing here, James March found dead on 29th street, and another blood truck raided here. On the same street” He circled the warehouse in the center of the points.

“It worked before! Why the hell can’t it work again?!” I cried, wrapping my arms around myself.

Dean nodded, “Alright… We’ll leave tomorrow then”

Undeniable mourning swelled in my chest as I looked at their impassive expressions.

“I SAID LISTEN TO ME!!” I screamed with all my might.

The lights of the war room suddenly shut down, picking back up a few seconds later, and flickering dangerously from there on.

Dean and Sam’s faces changed instantly. Their muscles solidified and they eagerly grabbed the salt round guns and the container of rock salt from their bags.

But even then… they still couldn’t see me…

My face scrunched up in concentration, looking down at the empty beer bottle that wouldn’t move an inch.

I released my grip, gasping for air. Come on… Was the universe just particularly spiting me?

“Hey Sam… You know we did the right thing” Dean’s voice caught me off guard, he must have come In without me noticing.

They looked terrible…

“But Bobby… What if he was right? What if we could have found a way”

Wait, Bobby?

I had seen Bobby a few times before. He was their dead mentor. I had contemplated showing myself to him but I guess the warding prohibits ghosts to talk to each other too.

“Sam there was no other way. He was already dead. And that’s what we do, we put down monsters-“

The hunter snapped up, “Bobby wasn’t a monster!”

“He was a ghost Sam! And we know what ghosts are! They’re nothing but vengeful spirits. Echoes. Waiting to be put down. There’s no instances of Casper The Friendly Ghost bullshit. They die. And they should stay dead”

Dean’s words drove a dagger in my heart, twisting it into the bloody, beating organ. Is that… how he would see me?

But what came next… Was even worse.

“Yeah… Yeah you’re right…” Sam muttered, downtroddenly walking back to the couch, phasing through me.

Betrayal. That’s all I felt. Harsh betrayal that felt like I was being burned alive.

But that was even sillier. There was nothing to betray. Because he was right…

I was a monster… I was just another monster…

Being a ghost is not enjoyable. It is not fun. It is hell on a whole different scale. It is human.

It is the epitome of empty loneliness, the grand chasm of all that I fear. Being alone… Being unwanted and unloved. It is the definition of being an outcast.

Because it does not matter how long you last, you will always turn vengeful. Like I said, it’s human.

It doesn’t matter if you’re living or dead, we all want someone to love, someone to hold, and we all want… to be wanted. And most humans achieve that goal. They have friends, family, lovers. And those who don’t? Who feel like there is truly no hope? Well, they kill themselves. And doom their own souls to this barren wasteland of empty hope.

But the worst part was… You cannot cry.

And that’s where I was. Huddled on the corner of Sam’s bedroom. Convulsing and whimpering like a fish out of water. I wanted the moisture to return to my eyes. I wanted to feel the warmth of holding someone’s hand.

I wanted… I wanted…

And I could never have.

It got to the point where I was bashing my head against the floor, praying to any god who’d listen to not let the top of my head just pass through the floor in a puff of smoke. The lack of tears is traded in for the feeling of ice sweeping through my blood and freezing my insides, and of course I couldn’t even shiver… My heart wants to cry and there’s nothing I could ever do about it.

I was alone.

“How could a spirit even get in here?” I demanded, rushing through the bunker in a haze.

“I don’t know! Warding should’ve blocked it!” Dean shouted back from down the hall.

There it was again. The lights shifting on and off. I ran through all the various rooms of the men of letters headquarters, unable to find anything. Until I hesitantly ran into my own room.

Sitting there in the corner was a girl, around my age, who looked almost… almost… the only word to describe her was fragile.

She was practically having a spas attack in the corner, contorting her body in a strange and inhuman way. But I still couldn’t get over how much pain she looked to be in, her H/C hair whipping back and forth in her jerking motions.

“Please… Make it stop…” She whined.

I was about to ask her if she was okay but then I noticed the feint outline of the wall behind her and knew she was the ghost we were looking for.

Gripping the iron poker in my and I marched over to her and raised it above her head like an axe, right about to swing down and decapitate her.

But as I brought down the poker the girl brought her hands above her face and cried out a feeble, “Please!”

The weapon halted itself in mid-air, pausing right as the iron began to sear off her smoky skin.

“I’m sorry! I’m so, so sorry!” She howled, holding her head in her hands and pulling herself to the corner of the room.

Was this really… a ghost?

I heard heavy footsteps behind me and Dean stepped on my side, staring at the girl on the floor.

“I-I’m… I’m sorry!”

Wow, I told you it was angst

(No you didn’t)

Okay the voices have informed me that I did not inform. I apologize.

Part 3 will come out next Saturday! Stay tuned!

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Strong from Fallout 4

Strong seems to be the least popular choice for players when it comes to companions in fallout 4. Many reasons I’ve seen for finding him so unappealing are that he’s too bland and stupid, his dislike for lock-picking, and that he has no real depth as a character.

So I decided to take him out for a few hours and visit various places with him. These are some of the potential quotes he can say:

Inside an abandoned hospital – “Damn institute! Not hurt strong anymore!”

While at an abandoned science lab – “Human ever seen institute? Strong not remember much. Not like what remember though…”

When you think about what was done to Strong, of what he must have endured thanks to the institute, it adds more of an understanding regarding his rage and hatred toward humans. Right in the feels, amiright? 

Also, when Strong wasn’t bitching about finding milk or complaining because I was modding my weapons, he came off as quite protective:

Inside random buildings – “Not worry human, Strong will smash anything hiding here. Smash it good.”

In the metro tunnels – “Stick close human, Strong know this place.”

When swimming – “Human should not stay in water long, can make human sick and weak.”

When becoming addicted to chems – “Strong say many times! Chems bad!”

Not to mention his fondness for sharing. His belief that humans should help their fellow humans puts him on a far more generous pedestal than Cait and MacCready. Wonder how they feel about that. 

Some of Strongs’ dialogue also seemed to show that he isn’t as stupid as people believe him to be:

Inside random cave – “Hmm. Just because don’t see anything, not mean nothing here…”

He warned me about mines too at one point, but I forgot to take a note of where that was. Not to mention he was clearly smarter than Rex Goodman when you first encounter him: “You bait to catch more humans.” 

I do like to over-think and over-analyse characters, but having travelled with Strong for quite some time, I found him to be a very enjoyable companion. Not to mention he’s fucking hilarious. If you can get over his dislike for lockpicking, I’d thoroughly recommend taking him out for a stroll.

Strong needs more love. 


OOOH! Yes, let's!

Interesting Fact About You:
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Nicknames: never really had any. P'an is the closest I ever got, and it’s really more of a multi-level-ironic contraction.

Star Sign: Gemini, can you not tell?

Height: 5′5.5"

Last thing I Googled: abandoned carnival rides

Favorite music artist: nope. Can’t make me choose.

Song stuck in my head:Mr. Sandman

Last movie I watched: Madame Bovary

Last TV show I watched: Bates Motel

What am I wearing right now: big off-the-shoulder t-shirt and yoga pants

When I created this blog: damn, I dunno. While back.

The kind of stuff I post: random fits of incoherent insanity

Why I chose my url: “Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” ~Friducha

Gender: extra girly

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw nerd

Pokémon team: 😓

Favorite Color: Pink and silver

Average hours of sleep: snerk. There is no sane answer to this query.

Lucky number: 13. Always. ❤️

Favorite characters: LOL would you ask a mother to choose her favorite child?

Dream Job: Muse. Odalisque. Lioness.

Number of blankets I sleep with: 5, at the moment

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: I’m already fictional. But prolly Tank Girl.

Interesting Fact About You: 😐{thought bubble}
………… Uhhhhhhhh. 🤔😑💩
Sometimes I talk to my cat in a British accent because she is from England. Sometimes I talk to her in a (really, really poor) Russian accent because she is a commie. Also she’s pretty solidly the only thing keeping me alive. Also I saw a commercial today that had a bonus offer of a free toilet. I don’t think I’ve ever been offered a free toilet before.

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when your paladin asks you “ what’s our next move?” and “all you can think is "is kissing an option?”
Seriously, I’ve played this game three times now and that is the first time he’s ever said that to me. The random phrases he comes out with make me love traveling with him. I’m waiting to get my pc so I can get some really good shots of him as xbox is still limited by what you can do but hey, this is a huge step up from the ps4.

Favourite quotes from Season 2 of The Librarians

1. “Kissing you is exactly how I’d want to spend eternity”. - I kind of feel like this doesn’t need an explanation because seriously what..where did this even come from I AM GONNA NEED TO KNOW WHO CAME UP WITH THIS LINE BECAUSE THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LINE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! (Honestly. Ask @kez06​ because I shout it at her at random intervals during the day because I can’t be.)

2. “Real love is hard, it’s risky and sometimes it breaks your heart but you have to take that chance because that’s what’s real”. (Bonus: “It’s not a story, Ariel”) - I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this. It’s so great! It’s so real! They rejected their supposed happily ever afters for their normal lives and even with all the magic of the Library it’s all still a different kind of magic. That’s what real is, taking the good with the bad. Oh god she’s so right I can’t. Then Flynn basically mirrors what she later says to Moriarty. This show.

3. “Truth is, I don’t care if you know the truth anymore. I don’t need your approval.” So so proud of Jake in that moment. This was so much character development. Not only was he accepting his place as a Librarian and with the others as part of a new family, but accepting that he was himself and that was okay. Just the fact that he didn’t need the approval of his father, after everything because he had accepted it. So so relevant to me right now too so :)

4. “I’m th- a Librarian” - Just. So. Much. Character. Development. Also Flynn realising that he’s not gonna lose anyone any more which after the movies is so important. Also Evlynn moment because he looks over at Eve and realises he needs her which is just what she said in the premier. And she is so proud of him

5. “Of course I do. Eve Baird.” - Of course he does! AND HIS LITTLE SMILE WHEN HE SAYS IT! I love his relationship with Eve. They respect each other so much and he they understand each other slightly differently to everyone else because they’re not Librarians. I swear to god if he does not walk her down the aisle when she marries Flynn I will cry.

6.  “There’s a story soldiers tell… World War II, Market Garden, Allied assault behind enemy lines. What happens is, these allied troops have to cross a river. First wave of soldiers get in their little pontoon boats, get halfway across the river, and the Germans just open up their machine guns and just cut them all down. None of them make it. These two colonels are watching the bodies floating in the river, and one of them says, ‘those are the bravest men I’ve ever seen.’ The second colonel points to the second wave of soldiers getting in their little pontoon boats, getting ready to cross the same river, only they saw what happened to the first guys. They know what’s coming. And that colonel says, ‘no. Those are the bravest men I’ve ever seen’” - This is something else. The fact that she’s so proud of him. The fact that he likes how she looks at him. Again with the character development. (Also I’m a history nerd so anything slightly relevant.)

7. “The Guardian’s job is not to save the Librarians’ bodies. It is to save their souls. And you did that admirably today, Colonel.” - Again these two. This reminded me of his speech in 1.02 when he says that Flynn is drowning.

8. “I got called ‘blondie’, ‘cutie’ and ‘sweet cheeks’ by almost every commanding officer I ever had. And when I was the youngest head of NATO counter-terrorism force, I still got my butt pinched by five prime ministers and a president.” - How do I love Eve? Let me count the ways! LOVE. THIS. WOMAN. MUCH. INSPIRATION.

9. “It’s about rejecting death’s power. It has no power over me.” - This for Cass who’s spent all her adult life being a slave of sorts to her “brain grape” and gave the Serpent Brotherhood access to the Library because she thought it would help her. Now she’s like “screw it” and “I choose”. Just the acceptance that that doesn’t define or control her. Also a kind of bonus is Eve telling her this episode to live her life for herself and to have adventures - she doesn’t have to please anyone any more nor does her illness have to dictate what she does. Also so damn relevant to me right now.

10. “I can’t watch you die any more.” - Because he’s not just the thief. He’s not the baby brother in this. Ezekiel Jones who’s worked alone for who knows how long, not really one to settle in one place or form attachments does and says it out loud. Can you tell that I really feel like everyone’s grown this season?


here I am, sitting on my bed, thinking if I’m ever good enough as an individual of this society, thinking if I’m ever good enough in everything I do, thinking if I’m ever good enough in terms of what I call as my ‘talents’, thinking if I’m doing good enough in my studies.

oh forget it, because I don’t wanna be just 'good enough’.

—  overthinking, s.m.a.m.