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What would be a good game to run a version of Richard Matheson's Hell House in?

I’m not at all familiar with the source material, but a quick skim of its Wikipedia article puts me in mind of Tremulus. It’s nominally based on the work of H P Lovecraft, but it’s pretty easy to scrub of the serial numbers and use it for any milieu in the broader “unseen horrors drive people insane” genre.

Ritsu left the room, and his hand lingered on the open edge of the door. He pushed it, until it hit the wall and displayed Mob’s dark and empty room to the world. So that it would not be shut away, so that it would not fade from sight like a shut door might. Ritsu let it live and breathe with the rest of the house, even if it was him alone who had to pass it each day.

hey so guess who’s still crying (read)


*claws my way out of procrastination by using the pretty setters squad as motivation*

  • pj's daycare fans: omg I love pjs daycare its gr8 ANIA draws it so well <3
  • drunk chara fans: yeah thats good but have you seen STARBOT'S drunk chara series like omg she's the best <3
  • me: *shoves hawker and rouge in their faces* WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THEN???????
  • them: um???? some random people having nothing to do with the stories we're talking about???
  • me: *facepalm*

The mobile network provider RBB’s phone is connected to confirms that (if the phone is pay as you go) in order for the SIM to stay active, someone needs to perform some kind of chargeable usage (a phone call or a text message, something like that, just topping up the credit should be adequate too).

In other words - we already knew this, but - someone is definitely still maintaining the number, nearly 18 months after OTRA ended and over a year since the phone was switched on for any period of time. (Either by paying a monthly bill or by switching it on and topping up or sending a text.)

[if you want to know why I think the phone is pay as you go and not on a monthly contract, click here. If anyone wants more information, send me an ask. I think I might rewrite my thoughts on that later on anyway.]


She wanted to be what you were, agent. Don’t forget that.

Black Widow Strikes #3 (2012)

“I want to go home.”

A Spirited Away AU @sumyna (check out her TeruMob one!) and i have been thinking about… I’ve been calling it “The Lost Brothers and the Twin Dragons”. More about it + bigger picture of the brothers under the cut!

(🌿 background from the movie 🌿)

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Legacy questionnaire

So I wrote a legacy questionnaire, obviously for those who plays legacies :) You can reblog it and ask your followers to send you numbers, or you might aim for all of these questions just for fun. It’s up to you! :D

1. When have you started your legacy? What inspired you to do it?
2. Are you following any strict rules there or just play how you want?
3. Post the oldest picture you have from your legacy save.
4. What’s so special about your founder that you wanted to start a legacy with them?
5. Favourite generation(s)
6. Favourite heir.
7. Favourite spare.
8. Favourite spouse.
9. TOP 5 favourite legacy sims.
10. TOP 5 favourite couples.
11. If you ever did any storylines, what is the one you’re most proud of?
12. Any memorable moments?
13. Any funny moments?
14. The most unexpected twist in your legacy?
15. Favourite name used on your sims?
16. Who of your legacy sims you can relate the most to?
17. Do you usually get attached to them or just play without deep thinking?
18. Any surprise babies? What was the story?
19. Who of your sims has the best style?
20. Who is the best genetic mix of their parents?
21. Is your legacy berry, vanilla, banilla, or a mix of those?
22. Have you ever done another legacies apart from this one?
23. How many generations are you aiming for? When you reach a certain milestone, are you going to continue playing or just wrap up the whole thing?
24. Have you ever done any other challenges with your sims from the legacy?
25. What do you do when you feel uninspired playing the legacy?
26. Have you had your sims die? Which death was the hardest to take?
27. Do you have this one OTP that stands out among the other legacy couples? Tell us about them!
28. Have you had a sim who you grew to like?
29. Have you had a sim that you fell in love with right away?
30. Do you choose your heirs yourself or make heir polls?
31. The first legacy memory that pops up in your head?
32. The hottest sim?
33. The prettiest sim?
34. The most unique sim?
35. Have you had any sims that remind you of someone?
36. Do you use other people’s sims in your legacy?
37. Imagine if you had a chance to meet one of your sims. Who would it be?
38. Do you have that one generation you wish you’d done differently?
39. Your favourite non-romantic relationship in the legacy?
40. Random fun fact about your legacy you want to share!

Alternian Translations #4

Let’s look at some more of Dammek’s wall:

Gee, Dammek, tell us how you really feel.

Yup. Pretty much the right reaction to seeing drones in the sky.

This image hanging up on that same wall in Dammek’s hive, but the copy I used for translation is a higher-res image that had been released in one of the promos. A few translation notes on this one:

  • This poster has several more spelling errors. The text at the top should read: “For all this pomp and circumstance this seems like a more accurate depiction!” The text on the arrow pointing at the corpses should read: “She’s in this with someone else / the white man??”
  • I’m pretty sure about the number 5,190 - that’s what it looks like, and the characters don’t really match any letters, but we don’t have a lot of samples of numbers in Alternian. The clock on top of the portal in Dammek’s hive appears to read “11:11:…” though, so I think it’s safe to assume they use our numbers.
  • Alternian appears to use double-tick marks for quotes like English, except that the opening quotes appear in subscript instead of in superscript.
  • The line scrawled across the top is interesting. It seems to imply that Trizza’s public persona makes her seem less violent than she really is (or at least less than Dammek believes her to be).
  • Others have speculated that “the white man” is a reference to Doc Scratch, which seems pretty plausible to me.