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Vacation warning

Guys, I’ll be absent Feb 23rd - March 10th, hoping to have some good time by the ocean. :) I’ll try to have all the ships ready and queued by then. 

It would be nice if you could send in some more imagines, so there are no gaps in the queue till I come back.  Thanks! 

~ Admin H

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For the TV ship thing Gossip Girl (PS hope you have a nice day and lov you<3)

Aw thanks!

my all-time ultimate fave character: jenny
a character I didn’t used to like but now do:
a character I used to like but now don’t: no one
a character I’m indifferent about: dan (imagine my dissapointment about the finale lol)
a character who deserved better: jenny
a ship I’ve never been able to get into: dan & blair
a ship I’ve never been able to get over: chuck & blair
a cute, low-key ship: lily & rufus
an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: /
a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: dan & blair!!
my favourite storyline/moment: the first season
a storyline that never should have been written: who gossip girl was haha
my first thoughts on the show: is it kinda like the OC????
my thoughts now: no its better!

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i would just like to say that your love and enthusiasm for this ship is very nice to see as is the effort and time you put into writing about it, showing evidence and why you think it works. your blog is one of my favorites actually. :)

omg, thanks so much!!  That honestly means a lot to me :’)

Kara x Lena cuteness for everyone

My Other Aesthetics

Prompt no 14. “First Kiss” - Kind of a Sequel to this pic. Have a shocked/surprised Mattsun. <3

Took surprisingly long before that prompt got claimed. @harvestmoonpeoples grabbed it for more MatsuHana. (I promise the next pic will be a different ship lol)

161218- Fan note to Joshua and Jeonghan.

Q: If you made unit w/ 1 member?


  • Member that you want= Jeonghan
  • Unit name= HongYoon♡


  • Member that you want= Joshua
  • Unit name= nice kids

trans: ohmywonwoo