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no one should ever feel hesitant abt going inside their own home
i dont know what Marys reasons ttuly are but its v clear her and joseph have problems and i dont want to fix that marriage i want to fucking destroy it
The way they interact!! He hates the way she talks abt things, is just a constant ugh towards her LIKE
“Mary… ” ‘Oh I know I’ll leave you be’ (paraphrase) IS RIDICULOUS AND I DONT LIKE THAT
She volunteers at a dog animal shelter!!
She’s funny and just trying to have a good time when she can!!! And that good time is always like
soaked in the realization shes gonna have to go home to joseph
I dont likr him
I dont trust him
His e pression s are just
They domt seem!!! He doesnt seem like he’s showin what he actually is
And i hate theres a steam achievement for dating all dads bc eventually I’m gonna motherfucking get that achievemeny im an achievment slut


I could have typed so much more, but I didn’t b/c I didn’t want to spam my friend’s phone too much. But I’m soooo mad about this. Oak deserves sooooo much appreciation. He’s too good for this. I swear to god. Wtf are you doing, Great Comet. Seriously, are 2 POC too much??? Both Denée and Oak are sooo talented and you go and take this away from one of them. What the actual. Seriously, I bet both of them worked twice as hard b/c they are of color. And that really puts me off. This is complete and absolute bs. Honestly, a lot of people started hated on Hamilton b/c it specifically called for a diverse cast. But like, this is the opposite. I’m so done.

In short, I’m super upset about this. Oak doesn’t deserve this and The Great Comet needs to freaking revoke what they said and let him keep his role b/c this is just unbelievable.

EDIT: I don’t mean to disregard any of the other POC cast members of the great comet b/c they are a major role within the production of this musical and deserve just as much recognition and acknowledgement. Within this context I was speaking on the behalf of them replacing Oak. Also, it has been brought to my attention that I should not I referred to Mandy as “some old white dude,” not only was that rude and disrespectful, but discriminatory. At the moment I’d typing that, I was really angered, though I know that’s no excuse.

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Tag you're it! Ship each member of NCT with a mutual excluding yourself! Go!

ok im gonna Cheat The Fuck Out of this bc there are a bunch of mutuals idek fcJFjfawionfoai im dumb n im gonna probabl forget n then 39 minutes after i post this ill face palm n cower in fear tha t somoen h a t e s me an y w ayffjcjjfjo uhhh by e :))))) 

taeil: @taeiloves,, ok christine is the loveliest and she’s so kind and funny and jfjfwoaeifniowa her love for taeil makes my heart Burst The Fuck Outta My Chest wowowowo 

johnny: vroom vroom ofc im gonna say @princeyoungho ??? jennie ??? is so kind ?? sweet ?? loving ?? just like her man ??? its so sweet ??? the best couple ???? 

taeyong: ok so @the-actual-grim-reaper !!! bc grim love taeyong so much n its genuinely so sweet n heartwarming ?? and she’s genuinely so sweet and caring i– ?? and also @1around bc she loves hiS hands ?? and his toes ?? idk ?? weirdo ?? foniawefioaw im just kidding– her love is so precious n pure and she is so kind as well ?? 

jaehyun: @why-jaehyun !!! omg your love for jaehyun is so precious n pure hghguawenoiawegoa my whoLe HEart GoodBYe ???? 

yuta: @cherryuta bc jfjfjfdmmfkaof so precious n impure like her m a n ? smth abt le succ idk??? god hates ?? u know what im talking abt ?? also @yusou1 bc precious n pure like her man ??? kind kind kind and genuinely so caring it Hurts ?? a very good person??? 

doyoung: @dofawn (not a mutual n i hope u dont mind) but hfhfjaoweiao you’re so sweet and you lve him a lot ?? its just genuine and pure n my he a r t uhhhh any way ??? 

ten: @princechittaphon !! i havent been able to talk to u in so long TT _ TT but u love him a lot from what ive seen ?? also ur so kind uuhghg and funny ?? n i just jgjfoiwaeo yeah ??? 

mark: @crystals-n-diamonds yALL ANYWAY THIS MARK LEES FULLY CAPABLE GIRL IM J U S T SAYING – she’s such a hard worker just like mork and i know she’d make him laugh a lot and he’d make her laugh a lot and they’re both such kind caring ppl uhhhghghgghahgoga a match made in heaven thats all fjfjioawfenoiwoe

winwin: @winiwn (not a mutual again) but jfjfaowiefnioa uR TAGS FOR WINWIN I CRY 931841920401 IM LAUGHING- you’re such a loving person uhhghgogiawng it hurts me i love love ??? ur s o adorable like him ?? 

haechan: @heyhyuck !!! bc ur so kind n sweet ??? and iofnawoiefa i just think ud bE sO lOVING UHHH ???? 

jeno: @wendyson bc mgomgiawenfoiawfoe manda lovvioanweoifaoiwfei shes so sweet n funny n sOFt and jeno would d*e of happiness im just saying shes so bright n loving uhhh OR !! @cherrybombboy-doyoung bc shes so laAme and fuNNy and JenO wouLd oncE Again d*e of happiness cauSE sO kINd 

renjun: @renjae !! i feel like you guys would be so kind and understandng of each other uhhh and? ? ud be best friends before everything else n be v kind n caring  ???? also !! @angeljenjun bc ur so kind n exTreMelY nice ??? its too much u would b e so compassionate n exrTra fjff

for jaemin, jisung and chenle idk anyone ??? jjfjfawoeawoefi soRry uhh im getting this weird feeling that i forgot a member but like,,, thats just me being paranoID FHFFJFF 

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Jimin? Irene? Yoongi?

!!!! okay im gonna be bad at this but hkasjc

Jimin: @here4jimin @hermosavida @parkejimins @foryoubybts <3333

Irene: ooo i actually dont follow many rv stans :(( but @baejoohyun @1redvelvet !!

Yoongi: another surprise i dont follow that many yoongi stans either dhkal but @taenecesito @mygclub !!!! and i just followed yesterday but @sugaslatina @9yoong

tag game!

if i were a…
day: midsummer
planet: neptune
god or goddess: aphrodite 
sea animal: sharks!
piece of furniture: bed
gemstone: pearls
flower: cherry blossom
weather: sunny & humid
colour: baby pink
emotion: tired
fruit: champagne mango
element: water
place: local thriftstore
taste: white almond cake
scent: jasmine (or kitten smell which i don’t even know how to describe like not their poop and stuff like kittens just have a smell kinda like how babies do)
body part: boobs or thighs
pair of shoes: the completely pink addidas i wear every day

tagging: @punkrockaryastark @machinewithoutfeelings @trans-boy-yuri @uhvrx @notdonneyet @bathands @thoughtsappear @leejaehwans

pls do this it was so much fun! and I really want to see what you guys come up with!!

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do y'know how in every fandom there's just that One Fanfic that everyone has read & new fans are strongly recommended to? that's your college au!! your writing style itself is exceptionally moving & incredible; furthermore, your characterization is impeccable & astounding and i just !!! really love your story, and it's been so spectacular to have been able to like watch such a beautiful piece of work grow and develop. anyway, you're absolutely wonderful & i hope you have a great day!! <3

This is such a nice ask, wow! You have rendered me speechless bc that’s like the nicest compliment I’ve ever received about my writing??? The thought of being That One Fic is too overwhelming to even imagine.

My characterization is something that I feel is a hit and miss at times (esp with like Marvin), so to be complimented on that especially just really hits me hard, Man.

And yeah, lmao, you have /definitely/ seen it grow and develop. Not to knock myself as a writer, but like there is noticeable improvements of the story from the first few chapters to where it is now. That’s one of the many reasons I just love writing so much: you can actually see yourself improve, and yeah, it’s usually really cringey to look back at your earlier work but it can also be very satisfying to see how much it’s improved.

You are too nice, and I hope you are having a great day <3


Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.



“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters



I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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