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I’m not a kid

Words: 2211 of pure smut lmao

Warning: Smut

Reader X Jungkook

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You could say you had drink more than ever. You weren’t drunk, but you could feel the alcohol burning inside you. You were hanging out with Jimin and Jungkook as always. However, you never had understood why Jungkook was there, since you always saw him as a kid - despite the fact he was your age. Not that you didn’t like his presence, you loved it, he was one of your closest friends but he always looked like so… innocent.
You were all sit on the couch, you between the two guys.
“Wow, Y/N, I had never seen you drinking like this” Jimin pointed, a funny smile on his face.
“I don’t have reasons to control myself” you said as you took one more shot. The vodka reached your stomach like fire.
“She wanna get drunk” Jungkook said, obviously hiding his smirk as he saw your face twisting by the drink.
“Shut up, kid” you said
“We are the same age” he mumbled as Jimin laughed at your teasing.
Jungkook called the waitress and ordered one more round of shots, and you looked up in time to see her blushing under Jungkook’s stare. She smiled in a obvious flirty way and you strangely felt a little of jealousy. However it was just a friendly jealousy, you thought.
“Did you see that?” Jungkook asked Jimin, both with devilish eyes.
“Yes. She obviously would let you fuck her” Jimin said and you gasped.
“You are disgusting” you mumbled
“No, we are just young and beautiful, sweetheart” Jungkook said and Jimin agreed.
“Yes, Jimin may be, but you are just a kid” you groaned and his smile disappeared.
“You could sleep without that” Jimin laughed out loud.
“He deserved” you said, turning your body so your back was facing Jungkook, and you smiled at Jimin
“You love me, right?” Jungkook groaned from behind you.
“Be quiet while the adults are talking, kid” you said, not even turning to look at him and you heard his groan.
A few hours later, after a little teases from you to Jungkook, it was time to go home.
“Well, i’m gonna go home. Thanks for being my company, boys. See ya after ok?” you said as you hugged Jimin, but when you were about to hug Jungkook, he stepped away.
“Actually, it’s too late. I think i’m going to take you home, if you don’t care” he said. You looked at your clock, and it really was late.
“Ok, then” Jimin said “See you, Y/N. Jungkook you got the extra key?”
“Ok” Jimin said and got into his car.
You and Jk made your way home, talking bullshits and joking.
“Why do you keep calling me a kid?” Jungkook suddenly asked.
“I…hum… I dunno Kookie. I see you as a kid. You are too innocent and I can’t see you like I see Jimin” you answered.
“You know what, Y/N? I’m not that kid you think I’m” he said, you looked at him, his jaw was clenched. He looked so gorgeous. You didn’t say anything else till you got home.

“Can I come in? I need to use the bathroom” Jungkook asked as you opened your apartment’s front door.
“Yes, sure”
You entered into the living room. He already had been in your house so you didn’t guide him.
When he came back, he said he was leaving and you hugged him.
“You know where is the door, right?” you asked playfully and he smiled, nodding. When you saw him going towards the door you went to your bedroom, not even checking if he had left. You started undressing yourself. You were just in your underwear when you realized you didn’t have heard the door being opened or even closed.
You turned around to go checking and almost fell back when you saw Jungkook leaned on the door frame of your bedroom, staring at your semi naked body.
“What the fuck?” you screamed “Jungkook, what are you doing? Get the fuck out of here, now!” you said as you tried to cover yourself with your hands.
He just smirked. You got confused.
“So, you really think I’m…what did you call me? Ah! An innocent kid?” he said, tilting his head to the side.
You froze. You didn’t know what was happening or what was about to happen.
“Jungkook, I am semi naked. If you got hurt because I called you that, please, at least let me dress myself up and then we can talk about it, ok?” you said, still trying to cover yourself.
“That’s the problem, Y/N” he said, and started to walk towards you. You felt your heartbeats getting faster and stepped away. “I don’t wanna talk about me not being a kid”, he was in front of you now. “I wanna show you” he said and leaned in. You looked into his eyes and they were full of lust. The way he was looking at you… You grabbed his neck, trying to pull him closer but then he pushed you against the wall. You gasped as you felt your back touching the cold surface. He grabbed your wrists with one hand and put then above your head. The other managed to squeeze your waist and finally his lips touched yours. The kiss wasn’t passionate. It was rough and you liked it.
He bit on your bottom lip and pulled it, earning him a moan from you. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth, exploring every part of it. His hand left your waist and found your ass, squeezing it harshly as his mouth went down to your jawline and soon reached your neck. He sucked on your exposed skin, often giving you soft bites. He let your wrists go and you automatically wrapped your fingers on his hair, pulling him even closer. You felt his smirk against you.
“Seems like the kid is making you feel good, right?” he teased and you groaned in response. He slapped your ass and you gasped. “Answer me right when i’m being so nice to you” he said, biting your skin a little bit harshly.
“Yes, kid” you teased him to push him even further. He pulled away from you and slapped your cheek softly.
“Don’t fucking call me that when I am so close to fuck you” he groaned and you smirked. You felt yourself getting wet by his words and actions.
He started getting down, licking your breasts, your stomach and then he was kneeled in front of you. You looked down at him, he was looking up at you. That was so hot, so intimate. Your head was spinning. You were almost fucking one of your best friends. Jungkookie. The kid. He leaned in and rubbed the nose from your thigh to your semi clothed pussy.
He teased you, biting and licking over your panties, you whimpered because all you really wanted was to feel him better. He stood up and stared at you.
“Take your bra off” he whispered. You did as he said. He sighed when he saw your boobs. He grabbed your now bare breasts, squeezing one softly as his tongue played with the other. You moaned, arching your back.
He pulled away and undressed himself. You looked at his already hard cock and licked your lips. He pumped himself as he stared at you. His tip was dripping with pre-cum.
“You wanna it, huh?” he teased and you nodded.
“I dunno if you deserve anything from me. I am a kid, remember? This wouldn’t be right” he teased.
You knew what he wanted. He wanted you to beg, and you were excited enough to do that.
“Jungkook please. Please let me suck your cock” you begged and he immediately forced your shoulders down and you kneeled in front of him. You grabbed his erection and started moving your hand up and down slowly and his head fell back. “Are you gonna tease me all night, sweetheart? Or are you gonna suck my fucking dick?” he groaned and your clit screamed for you to be touched. You kept teasing him, licking the head of his cock and he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He wrapped his fingers on your hair and forced your head, so he was fully into your mouth. You gripped his thighs with your nails trying to push him away but he didn’t let you. “No, baby girl. Take it, take my fucking dick” he groaned, bobbing your head in and out. You managed to lick every part of his cock and looked up at him. He was staring at you with darkened eyes and you kept eye contact. You supposed he was about to cum because he pulled you away from him with a pop.
He pulled you up and told you to lay down on the bed. You did as he said. He crawled over you and placed his lips on yours. He pulled away and did spread your legs apart. He placed himself between them and kissed your stomach, licking and sucking. You moaned in pleasure. His hands started squeezing your waist, then your boobs. He kissed you again and his hand finally reached your still clothed pussy. He rubbed small circles on your clit and you couldn’t help but whimper.
“Jungkook, please” you begged
“Does that feels good?” he asked
You moaned in response and he smirked devilish. He put your panties aside and easily did slide one finger inside you.
“You’re so fucking wet. Are you this wet for me? This kid?” he teased
“Jungkoook, pleaseee” you whimpered.
“Who are you this wet for?”
“You” you whispered
“Good” he said and finally took off your panties. His thumb played with your clit, adding pressure and your eyes shut closed. You needed more. He did slide one finger into you again, and then a second, finally a third. The room was filled with wet sounds your pussy was doing. You were about to cum on his fingers when he suddenly put them out, making you groan. He pumped his dick a few times and placed his tip on your entrance, but didn’t push in, and you tried to move yourself against him to earn some friction.
“What do you want, Y/N?” he asked as he pushed in only the tip and circled it slowly, teasing you even more
“God damn, Jungkook! Please just do me!” you begged and he smirked.
“I think you’re not being clear enough"he teased
You got frustrated. You needed him to fuck you.
“Please, please jungkook fuck me hard and senseless ” you begged and his smirk appeared again.
“As you wish, princess” he said and slammed into you.
“Fuck” he groaned “your so tight”
He pulled out slowly and you cried out with the emptiness you felt. He slammed in again and you gasped.
His thrusts were very very slow, you needed more. You half cried and half moaned, begging him for more.
“jungkookie…” you moaned. He leaned in and kissed you, his thrusts still in a slow pace. “More, please”
He stopped moving and turned you around, he pulled your butt a little bit up and pushed into you again from behind. He grabbed your hair, pulling your head and leaned in. “Do you like to feel my cock on your tight little pussy?” he whispered on your ear.
You managed to say a clear “yes”. His thrusts became faster and harder. He was pushing in really deep, hitting your g-spot with every thrust.
“You’re really hot” he groaned. The sound of his skin slapping yours turned you on even more. His hand that wasn’t wrapped on your hair was now playing with your nipples and then started rubbing your clit, adding pleasure.
He stopped moving again and did lay down. He tapped his lap, signaling you.
“Ride me” he said and you straddled his hips. He grabbed your waist and lowered you slowly, but you were so nasty you lowered yourself with a slap against his thigh.
“Fuck” he gasped. You started moving up and down, his hand reached your breasts and played with them. He was thrusting really deep and every thrust was pushing you over the edge. You felt your climax getting closer and closer as he thrusted into you.
“Cum for me” he said and slapped your ass. That was enough for you, the mix of pain and pleasure making you cum.
“Jungkook” you moaned and when he heard his name coming out from your mouth, he came too.
“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned as he released inside you.
You got off his lap and did lay beside him, both breaths heavy. 

You both were cleaned up and dressed up. You were sit on the edge of your bed and he stopped in front of you. He grabbed your chin and made you look at him.
“Did I hurt you?” he asked
“No. Jungkook, that was amazing” you said, blushing. He smirked and sighed.
He pulled you up. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on your lips, which was nothing seemed like those he gave you when you were fucking. He pulled away and smirked at you, leaning his forehead on yours.
“So, still see me as a kid?” he asked.

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Why are you so hellbent on Lucaya happening? When they were in a relationship, they didn't work. You can't try and blame that shit on other people. The icing on the cake was when it was confirmed that Maya's feelings for Lucas had been fake this entire time. Did you forget that? Or do you just have selective memory? You preach about how the show is about friendship but you can't even accept platonic Lucaya or Riarkle.

1. I’m not hellbent on lucaya happening. It’s simply where I saw the story going, had MJ gotten the chance to tell the full story. 

(Which, he didn’t, btw, per the below quote. You might think I’m an idiot who is completely wrong about everything, but let no one ever say I don’t have quotes and references for days.)

I can tell you, what we were doing and what we were building towards, was really good. It’s also knowing that, that makes the show ending early — it’s too bad.

2. Lucaya were never in a relationship. They went on two dates and when they finally started making some really solid progress forward (i.e. Maya went to Lucas on the roof, instead of Riley, and told him that she was glad he was standing next to her so close to midnight. He agreed, both of them knowing the implications of that…I.E. who you’re with at midnight is who you’ll spend your year with romantically.), Farkle blabbed Riley’s feelings, turning the triangle high key and literally cutting Lucas and Maya off smack dab in the middle of their growth. 

3. I’ve gone on ad nauseum about the holes in the Maya turned into Riley and absorbed her feelings for Lucas in an attempt to protect her theory. You can read about some of them here, if you like, but I’ve got a feeling you’ve already got your mind made up and you’re not here to hear me out, so much as to lambast me.

(BTW, I’m not saying by any means that the writers are “wrong” or any foolishness like that. I’m just saying that the writers “mind wiped” the audience (a la GM Her Monster) and the excuse for Maya not actually liking Lucas was very intentionally weak.)

4. I do think the show is about friendship. Absolutely. But, that, by no means, precludes the existence of riarkle or lucaya.

Look, one of the great things about GMW is that we have this amazing resource to pull from in order to better understand the show and the relationships on it…that resource being BMW. Because of BMW, we know what certain things mean within the BMW/GMW universe. We know what has traditionally had longterm platonic implications, vs. what’s had longterm romantic implications. 

Obviously, this show is not a carbon copy of BMW. That was never the point. But, we do have a key, of sorts, giving us an indication of where this story was headed. Per Jacobs himself:

Yes. Absolutely [we hide the easter eggs/BMW parallels intentionally]. Every one of them.” Jacobs admitted. “I expect [the fans] to get about 70% of them.”

“..there are some [parallels] we’ve done that they [the audience] have not yet picked up on at all and they are clues to what’s going to happen, and that I think is interesting”.

That’s the basis of my philosophy.

Like, look. I could be wrong. In the end, I could be completely wrong, but, make no mistake that my discourse on this show is not based solely on feels or being hellbent on proving something that doesn’t have any canonical basis. I’m literally just calling it how I see it based on all of the evidence we were provided (quotes, dialogue, parallels, etc). 

This isn’t about proving lucaya or being hellbent on it happening. And it never has been. 

GOT7 Reacting to You Knowing Martial Arts!

Jaebum (JB)
I feel like JB would be really shocked when first hearing about it! Since your very strict on only using your fighting skills when deemed extremely necessary, when he did find out he was totally blown away, but was really turned on by it later on. And he couldn’t help but give a goofy grin when you were practicing.

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Mark would totally be into this. He wouldn’t treat you any differently and would even want you to teach him so moves! Ever since he saw you totally owning it in the gym, he was your number one fan. 

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LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY, as soon as he saw you in the dojo kicking butt he was so shocked and amazed literally screaming in the place “That’s my girlfriend, you kick his ASS baby!” He would literally tell anyone who would listen how his girlfriend is a black belt in taekwondo, such a cutie omg. 

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I feel like BamBam would be like your #1 hype man since he himself is literally always hyped. I swear to god he would be the type that if someone cut you off while driving, he would scream out the window, “HEY MAN, MY GIRLFRIEND IS A BLACK BELT HOLDER YOU’RE GONNA REGRET THAT!” 

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Jinyoung would genuinely be so shocked upon learning this. Although he would be worried about your safety 24/7 and it took some time for him to get used to it, because he knows you really enjoy doing it, he naturally supports you 100%

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This smol cutie would be super giddy when he saw you in action, he enjoyed watching you practice so much he would go to the gym at 6am with you just so he can watch you and support you. Every time you got hurt he would always rush to help you out or just give you some water when you needed it.

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Yugyeom would be extremely proud of you, when you received your black belt he flat out cried because he knew how much effort you put into it. Every competition you had, he was in the front row and he was always there supporting you!

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Hi I am waiting for your boncas thing lol

hiiii omg i’m the worst for teasing this so much and then never actually posting it. so here’s the thing. i wrote this so quickly while i was sick with a fever last week despite never really feeling compelled to write anything resembling fic of dnp ever before?? this scene, the post-boncas cab ride, is one that i’ve thought about a lot. and then when i saw @beautiful-hallucination‘s lovely doodle of it, i decided i really needed to write it down in that moment. but then, like the v next day, when i tried to go back and actually read it/edit it i couldn’t stop cringing at myself. there’s something really strongly blocking me from being able to earnestly write dnp as characters so .. basically i found it way too difficult to re-read the thing and actually edit it into something i really loved, and realized that other than one-off instances like these where i just need to scribble out a rough sketch of how i think a certain interaction between dnp may have transpired, i probs won’t be writing them like this with any sort of frequency in the future. 

all that being said i feel really guilty for teasing it so much so. i’m going to just post it here, under the break. (i realize i’m cheating a bit by posting this basically in the middle of the night. but i srsly.. .. feel so weirdly embarrassed about it). so anyway … yall can see the pretty raw thought process i had about this Moment. which is still one of my very favs to think about. def lmk your thoughts if u end up reading it xx 

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Ever seen teenage mutant ninja turtles? In one of their movies chris evans voiced casey jones. Hes this vigilante who fights people in a hockey mask. He also uses scates to get around and hits people with bats and hocky sticks.

Sadly, I think the only TMNT movie I saw was the original, which my little brother loved, so we had to watch over and over (on VHS!). However, an actor from my hometown played the mo-cap person for one of the turtles in the new movies, so I feel that this information brings me one step closer to The Dream.

Day Sixty-One

-Some days I feel that I will learn nothing interesting. Today was one of those days, but I was proven wrong. Today, Cat Lady recited her grocery list for the cashiers. 

-I sold a woman a small jar filled with severed toes. Technically, the bottle read “Baby Food Chicken Sticks,” but I know what I saw.

-A boy roundhouse kicked his brother and stood, proud of his work, until his mother turned around. He then solemnly said, “I am sorry, I did not mean to kick.” This is, by far, the most impressive accident I have ever witnessed.

-A woman gave me the nickname “The Christmas Bomb,” as I scanned a coupon for her, making me The Bomb in her eyes, and is it almost Christmas. I like this nickname, but I wish that she would not have shouted it so loudly at me, because now I expect to be arrested at any time.

-I told a man to have a good night. The man told me that he loved me too. I understand the death I saw behind his eyes,

-While scanning items, I accidentally launched a Reese’s Cup across the register. I say accidentally, but the candy actually scanned itself and landed in the bag, so I will actually take full credit for having done this intentionally. This has taken the record for my new proudest moment and I hope to obtain the security footage of it one day.

-A sign has been posted. We are allowed to wear jeans until Christmas. Life is good and I will live it to the fullest in denim-clad glee.

-Tonight, there was poop on the walls of the women’s restroom, and I am now at a point in my life where the most shocking part of that is that it was the women’s restroom.

-A man, desperate for his “prescription,” arrived after the pharmacy closed and naturally resolved to follow the pharmacist to her car for his “medicine.” Following the pharmacist, he was followed by the police, resulting in the most high-stakes game of follow the leader of the 21st century.

-A mother introduced her toddler to a mirror, prompting the daughter to scream in existential terror. How this child knew my morning routine well enough to recreate it so perfectly is beyond me. 


@jointhefight said: Have you ever heard of threadbanger because their channel would basically be peggy’ and john’s
I watched them for the first time the other day thanks to your comment. Oh my gosh, there were a LOT of very John/Peggy-esque moments that I wanted to draw but when I saw THIS gem of an opening...that was it, the deal was sealed.

I feel like they’d be a mix of Rob/Corinne and Rosanna Pansino/Kurt Schneider (take that how you will).


another meme i won’t finish: favorite female characters [1 of 10] → carol peletier 

You can never tell anybody. (…) Because if you do, one morning you’ll wake up, and you won’t be in your bed. (…) You’ll be outside the walls far, far away tied to a tree. And you’ll scream and scream because you’ll be so afraid. No one will come to help because no one will hear you. Well, something will hear you. The monsters will come. The ones out there. And you won’t be able to run away when they come for you. And they will tear you apart and eat you up all while you’re still alive. All while you can still feel it. And then afterwards, no one will ever know what happened to you. Or you can promise not to ever tell anyone what you saw here and then nothing will happen. And you will get cookies. Lots of cookies. I know what I think you should do.


This father’s heartwarming gift to his bisexual daughter comes with one of the sweetest letters we’ve ever read

“When I saw that a Gay Pride flag was on your list, at first I thought it was an odd request. But after thinking about it, I think I know why,” his letter, which Whitcomb tweeted, begins. “I reckon that you feel that everyone else in the family, except grandma, has a flag that represents something we were/are a part of… So it makes sense that you would want a flag to represent something you are a part of… In the spring, when I hang the flags up, I would be proud to hang yours up.”


I was called a selfish ingrate (or some variation of that) almost everyday as a child. So obviously I’ve struggled a lot with feeling selfish. How would I not?

Anyways, one time my friend offered me a chip she wanted me to try. It took a lot of convincing but I finally broke a small piece off. I looked up and just saw her staring at me with a weird look on her face.

“Why did you break off a piece instead of eating the whole thing?”

And what she said next touched me more then she’ll ever know.

She told me I was “worth a whole chip.” And yeah, it sounds stupid, but imagine hearing someone say you’re worth something when you’ve been told your whole life you deserve and are worth absolutely nothing.

And yeah, this whole story seems miniscule. But the point is, if you have a friend who’s been abused, realize how far simple words of kindness go. You can’t break down the feelings of shame and worthlessness without love and compassion.

So thank you for all of you out there that help us see the light in ourselves that out parents tried to put out.

Secret Companions

Character: Credence Barebone

A/n: This was a request but whenever I post it the text got all messed up and I had to delete it but thank you very much to whoever requested it!

Ever since you graduted from Ilvermorny and moved to New York City, you were always weary of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Keeping a considerable amount of distance whenever you saw them protesting in front of whatever building they could get find throughout the city.

But one day as you were walking back your apartmet, you caught sight of the young man who always stood off to the side as the NSPS lady gave her usual speech, timidly passing out flyers to the crowds.

You debated on wither not to say hello, but didn’t see any harm in a minor interaction with him. Unlike the main lady of the group, he didn’t give you the same vibe as she did.

So you plucked up the courage and jogged across the roads to where he was standing, walking up to him slowly so as not to startle him.

“Hello.” You said quietly once he was in earshot, even though it wasn’t your intention, he jumped and turned to look at you with wide eyes, hands flinching upward so as to defend himself.

You put your hands up. “Woah there, I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanted to say hello, you’re usually at those protests with the New Salem people aren’t you?”

He stood there for a minute or two, just eyeing you curiously as if trying to decipher to why you were speaking to him. “Yes.” His voice was very quiet and shaky, but you heard him nonetheless. “My mother’s the one that does most of the talking.”

“Ouch.” You muttered under your breath, but knowing it was too late to just duck out of the conversation. “That so? Well she seems very…passionate about what she does.”

He nodded, eyes casting downward as he held his hands tightly together. When he didn’t say anything you decided to push the conversation yourself. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know?” His tone sharpening ever so slightly.

“Easy there.” You said tucking your hands into your coat pocket to warm them a little. “Just seemed like a common thing to ask for a person’s name, considering we’re having a conversation and all.”

“Credence.” He said simply.

“Credence.” You repeated, nodding at the sound of it. “My name’s (F/n) (L/n). Nice to meet you.” You said, offering your one hand to him.

He stared down at it, eyes meeting yours for a fleeting moment and then returning to your hand.

“You shake it.” You said, your tone slightly amused that you had to explain it him, gently taking his hand and placing it in yours, moving them up and down.

Once you released his hand, he continued to just stare at you curiously. “You never said why you were speaking with me.” His voice had gotten louder, but the shakiness still obvious.

“I wasn’t aware I had to have a reason, if I’m bothering you I can always leave.” You offered, making your way to do so but he stopped you.

“N-No, it’s not like that. People don’t tend to talk to me unless they need something or just want to insult me.” He explained.

“Oh.” You said, his responce taking you back a little. “Well I was only saying hello because you don’t give off the same vibe as your mother.”

“You think?” Credence asked, his tone raising ever so slightly.

You smiled at him and nodded. “I know.”

The two of you continued to meet every now and then, stopping to chat whenever you managed to see each other out on the streets. You still kept your distance from NSPS gatherings, but if you ever caught yourself in the crowd of people, rest assured Credence would manage to find your face and hold your gaze until you left the scene.

However this changed once you noticed Percival Graves started meeting with Credence every now and then.

For awhile now Graves gave you the wrong kind of feeling, his aura felt off and you tried to keep your meetings with each other as scarce as possible.

You had always suspected he had the wrong intentions with Credence, but this was further confirmed whenever you managed to listen in one of their private meetings.

This lead to an internal struggle for you, you wanted to tell him about your recent discoveries, but this would mean revealing yourself as a wizard.

Your decision came rather quickly because the next day you ran into Credence again, taking notice of the troubled look in his eye.

“I have something I need to tell you.” You started, keeping your eyes anywhere but on him.

He eyed you curiously like always, but this time it was more out of intrigue than anything. “Tell me.” He encouraged softly.

You really couldn’t figure out how to word the sentences you needed, so instead you carefully looked at your surroundings and took your wand from your coat pocket, placing it in his hand.

Credence’s eyes went wide and his hands slowly wrapped around the wood. “You’re a witch.” He said, looking up at you whenever you nodded for confirmation. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shot him a look. “Do you really need to ask that question? It’s not like you’re family is part of a fanatical group that wants to expose and exterminate my kind.”

“I’m not like that.” He argued, his voice becoming bitter and quiet. “I don’t really have a choice.”

You sighed and took the wand from his grasp. “Well I know that now, I just had to be sure I could trust you. But that’s not it, I know Percival Graves has been seeing you lately.”

“What about him? He’s my friend.” Credence said almost defensively.

You nodded. “I know, and I’m not gonna tell you what to do. But take my advice and be careful around him, he gives me a bad vibe.” You warned, meekly smiling at him before you turned in the other direction and walked away, feeling his eyes on you.

While you desperately wanted to tell him that Graves only wanted to use him for whatever plan he had in his head, but Credence was a fragile man and you feared the reaction you would have gotten had you told him the full truth.

However, you would keep a very close eye on the two of them from now on.

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It's rant time.

If you ever DARE to call yourself a fan of a group and you single out one or two members and call them names, pick on them for physical features, try and make them insecure or try and make them feel like they should not be in the group in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM….you are NOT a fan. You’re a real shitty person. There are whole twitter pages right now dedicated to hating on members from certain groups. Taehyung from BTS is one I saw today. Saying he can’t sing or dance and picking on his physical features, saying he isn’t a visual and saying quote “ot6 will rise without Taehyung because he’s ugly.” And people are actually agreeing with this awful human being. And she stans Seokjin. Literally tweets about how she loves the other 6 but singles out Taehyung and gives him disgusting hate for NO REASON.

It’s sad that people are so fucking unhappy with themselves and their lives that they have to make someone else feel like shit. Especially someone like him. He has so much love to give and so much warmth in his heart and soul. He loves armies and he loves children, he looks at them with such adoration. He cares for his group members and he is sensitive. He’s such an amazing human being. If you hurt him and insult him, you have no fucking right to call yourself an ARMY. None at all. Armies don’t consider you an army. And you can be damn well sure that bangtan wouldn’t either. As the other 6 absolutely adore Taehyung. He’s one of the most gentle and loving people I’ve ever seen. How dare you insult him and then call yourself an army.

This goes for every other group too. I’ve also seen twitter pages insulting Taeyong from NCT because of mistakes he made when he was what? 12? He’s a GROWN MAN NOW. Are you seriously saying such disgusting and nasty things to him because of mistakes he made when he was a child? I have seen videos of him talking about it and I’ve seen him cry over it. He is absolutely genuine and he is sorry. That’s all he can do. That’s what human beings do. They make mistakes and they apologize and learn from them. He takes care of all of the members and he is a genuinely good person. I really believe that. Wholeheartedly. And if you insult him and then call yourself a fan of NCT, you got some real nerve.

Now I’ll move on to Vernon of Seventeen. Picking on him because he’s half Korean and half white? Really? I’ve heard people say he’s lying about being Korean at all. This is so dumb on every level possible. I’ve seen people pick on him also for his physical features and even his personality like??? Don’t you have better shit to do than pick on this precious fucking gift to the world?

This goes for any group. These are just a few I’ve seen floating around. You can’t bash one member of a group and bully them and then call yourself a fan of the rest. You can’t. It’s all or nothing.

Anyway I’ll never understand why people are such pieces of shit goodnight.

“Every day seems like a new low. I’m currently going through a transition with housing. I’ve got issues with her father. I’m on my own for the first time. I don’t even know where we’re going to live. But she’s always trying to cheer me up. One time she drew a rainbow, and put it in the mailbox, and told me I had mail. When she saw me crying on Mother’s Day, she said: ‘I got you, Mommy. You’re the best Mommy ever and I’m always going to hold you down.’ And she learned this song from the show Yo Gabba Gabba. It goes: ‘If you try it, you’ll like it.’ So that’s what she says to me whenever I feel like I can’t get out of bed.”


I was at the end of my first of three years of acting school in London, and one day for no reason I lost the ability to speak. For three months, I couldn’t talk. For three months I couldn’t say one miserable sentence. And neither doctors nor electroencephalograms have ever been able to explain to me what really happened. What I can tell you is that I arrived at a moment of such great frustration and desperation that it led me to want to take my own life. […] But this pain began to feel a bit less heavy when I saw my pain, the exact same type of pain, reflected in the works of art of others. In plays, movies, paintings. Little by little, I began to see my pain and read it in poems. The words of the poets began to fill my silence. It became the only form in which I felt like I could express my emotions. Art became something alive.  

Karla Souza, Tedx Talk

If this ever happened..
  • Zen: You helped me when I was struggling, I'm so grateful. I learnt that I should never give up, all thanks to you. I love you.
  • Yoosung: I became someone better to be worthy of you, thank you for helping me reach my true potential. I love you.
  • Jaehee: I realized that it was more important to follow my dreams, I reach my own happiness because of you. Thank you, let's be friends.
  • Jumin: You're the only one who could understand me, you made me feel something. You saw through my threads, thank you, my princess. I love you.
  • 707: You never left my side. You supported me, even if I kept pushing you away. You helped me get my brother back.. I love you so much.
  • RFA: Thank you, for everything.. Now, please choose one of us.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: THe feELS

“Every bit of his motivation came from things he saw on the internet. That’s it. He is simply regurgitating… bits and pieces of stuff he has downloaded directly from the internet into his brain from research done online. Everything he’s doing is just an imitation of something he saw somewhere else. ‘I had to do it’ that’s his explanation. But why he ‘had to do it’? And there’s never an answer…he doesn’t have an answer. There’s something wrong with his perceptions. There’s something with what he is perceiving about reality. He confessed to the most dreadful crime a person could ever confess to. You were looking for signs of remorse and you didn’t see very much of it. I’ll be the first one to admit it. Remorse isn’t a logical emotion when you feel it’s something you ‘had to do’. I ask you to look past the emotions that everyone has felt. Think about the isolation. These pictures…hundreds of them and in none of them are a friend. He was so alone. Except there are hundreds of pictures of his cat. Animals are much easier to interpret than humans. The cat is the only being Roof has mental capacity to socialize with.”

Bruck is the man.

Robbie Rod & The Squad ™ just delivered the most electric endgame i could have ever wanted. but before i allow myself to die from the aesthetic i have to say a few words because the ot3 is very important to me

at one time, seth loved vanessa. vanessa didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

at another time, seth had some serious feelings for sonja. sonja didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

richie loved kisa. kisa couldn’t find a damn to give about seth. and while that relationship ended with significantly less drama than seth’s relationships, it still ended.

uncle eddy deadass warns sonja about women that get in between the geckos.

so… kate fuller got in between the geckos. but nothing ever ended. because kate fuller actually fit there.

sethkate works beautifully for a lot of reasons. but i think the most important reason is that kate loves richie as much as seth does. and richiekate is beautiful for a lot of reasons, but the most important one i think is that kate loves seth as much as richie does.

seth can’t love someone who doesn’t love richie, and vice versa.

sethkate is constantly being propped up by richiekate. richiekate is constantly being propped up by sethkate. seth and richie are constantly being challenged and supported by the one person that fit perfectly.

where vanessa, sonja, and kisa tried to separate the brothers– kate fuller reconciled them. in season 2, kate wouldn’t let seth move on from richie even when it meant seth might move on from her. and later, she wouldn’t let richie bitch about seth no matter how many geckos bitched at her. in the season 3 finale, she literally went to hell to bring richie back and reconcile these two pathetically codependent little shits.

so when a gecko loves, trusts, and fights for kate fuller in ways that he has never done for another woman, it can be and must be argued that a big reason is that he trusts her with his brother.

this is why i hate seeing richiekate and sethkate stans disregard the Other Brother because that Other Brother’s relationship with kate is literally propping up your ship.

these are three equally fucked-up and codependent soulmates: the tres geckos

May be there’s a leap coming up..

Initially I had like a 1000 things to put here.. But meh.. I’m not in mood of going through all that again.. It was a poorly executed episode of sherlock ever.. That’s it.. I’m leaving it at that..

So I think they are probably going to take a 4-5 year leap during/ by the end of TLD .. as to why i feel this.. 

Molly’s Bracelet. Most of us were dubious about it.. whether its a clue or a gift from sherlock and what not.. But what if it’s from Rosie? We clearly saw that there was no bracelet in TST:

But there is definitely one in the promo pics:

and in the possible TFP scene:

May be Rosie made the bracelet for her godmother / aunt molly..Frankly though I don’t mind if molly raises Rosie.. She’ll raise a better human being than John could..(yes I’m still mad at him.. I’ll be until i get explanation to why of all people molly had to pass his ‘message’ to sherlock.. and completely shatter our hearts.. wasn’t it enough already that he blamed sherlock for not keeping his vow as if he did ?? Till then i doubt everything that he does)

But personally I don’t want a leap or time jump or whatever.. But to see molly growing from “A lab mouse” to “One who’s in love with sherlock” to “The person who matters the most to sherlock” to “A godmother to watson baby” is something that I’ll like to see..