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between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Paring: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

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Hurt Me

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: Babes can you do a jeff imagine where him and reader get into a huge fight before jess’ party and don’t even speak to each other in the party but reader goes for a beer run and gets into an accident. No deaths and all tho. Do something about him being jealous xxx
Word Count: 1,465
A/N: Ugh after a tough week, here we go. I have finals next week and then I’m done! Except I’m going to summer school and looking for a job😭 But again, I’ll still have some free time! And I’ll have some free time over the weekend because I don’t have school Monday! WOOOO I’m excited lol. Also, sorry this took so long! :( Oh and, I’m gonna start tagging people in their requests now.😌
Warnings: None?😂
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Italicized Bold = Monty
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color

The relationship between you and Jeff Atkins had been really rough lately. Fortunately you guys had started off really strong, but in these short months it seemed that he was developing trust issues. In your eyes, it wasn’t necessarily that he didn’t trust you, it was that he was skeptical of the guys around you. Especially with Montgomery De La Cruz and Bryce Walker constantly hitting on you, he was worried that he would lose you. Time and time again you tried to assure him that there wasn’t anyone else and there would never be anyone else, but it didn’t seem to convince Jeff at all. His actions were really starting to aggravate you, so you decided to talk to him about it. You left your last period early to wait for Jeff outside of his last class. Whenever you had reached your destination, the bell had rung and the people inside the room started to file out. Jeff, as usual, was the last out of the classroom. Your boyfriend’s tall, lean body made his way over to you, with a small smile plastered on his face. He intertwined his fingers with yours and placed a peck on your cheek. Giving him a weak grin, you pulled him towards the exit of the school. “We need to talk.” The expression on his face fell, as he assumed the worst. When you had reached your car, you turned leaning against the automobile to face him. You sighed before finally saying more, “Do you want to break up?” Jeff’s eyes widened from your question, as he shouted out an immediate response, “No! Of course not. Why would you think that?” It was evident that he was shocked and hurt, but you felt that it was something that needed to be asked, especially with his actions lately. Playing with the hem of your shirt, you stared at the ground underneath you. “You don’t trust me Jeff, it’s so obvious that you don’t.” “So that’s what all of this is about? Seriously?” His tone of voice had angered you. Sure you’ve had this conversation many times, but this time the conversation had become way more strenuous. “This is important Jeff! Our relationship is suffering from this.” Scuffing, he ran a hand through his hair, pacing back and forth a bit. “You do realize that you spend more time with other guys than you do with me right? How am I supposed to feel?” You shook your head, knowing that his complaint was directed towards the fact that you tutor Monty. “For all I know, you could be cheating on me with him.” “Do you really think Monty would do that to you? Do you really think I would do that to you?” The tears that had formed in your eyes skimmed down your smooth skin. His comment had deeply pained you, but it confirmed the fact that Jeff didn’t trust you. Stepping around to the left side, you opened the car door. You gave him no time to respond to your question before saying, “Maybe we should take a break. I’ll see you later Jeff.” Getting in, you inserted the key into the ignition, pulling off towards home. It was evident that Jeff has made you upset, but you brushed it off, encouraging yourself to be happy so you could have a good time at Jessica’s party tonight. As soon as you’d gotten home, you rushed up to your room. Plopping face first onto your bed, you closed your eyes for a much needed nap.
Upon waking up, you hopped out of bed and stretched your limbs. Quickly grabbing an outfit, you laid it out on your bed before going to get in the shower. You let the hot water run over your body for a while before getting out. It had been the most refreshing thing out of your whole day. You applied a little makeup then threw on a pair of jeans, with a (Y/F/C) top. The events from earlier flooded your head as you walked out of the door. You know there was a one hundred percent chance of seeing Jeff at the party, but no matter what you wanted to make sure you had a good time. The ride to Jessica’s was a pretty long one, you’d decided to take a different way to prolong the drive. Once you had gotten there, you strolled up to the door and walked in. You could tell that you had arrived later by the stench of alcohol and the apparent drunks that stumbled around. As you made a beeline to the backyard where the ping pong table was set up, you received a bunch of greetings from pretty much everyone. Being Jeff’s girlfriend definitely involved being around the majority of Liberty High, but you had grown used to knowing a lot of people. When you had gotten near the back area, there were a few individuals around playing beer pong, and you noticed Monty among the few. Giving him a small wave, you went off to sit in a nearby chair. You couldn’t get drunk because you were your own ride home, and you didn’t want to participate in the activities inside the house in fear of spotting Jeff. Being alone had really made you think more about earlier, which was exactly what you wanted to avoid. Seeing all these people around having fun made you want to do something reckless.  Rising from your seat in hopes of finding something daring to do, you started to make your way in but bumped into Monty. “Sorry,” you mumbled, as you tried to move around his figure. “Wait,” Monty slurred and he gained a firm grip on your arm. The alcohol on his breath was very prominent and made your nose wrinkle. “Can you make a bear run for us?” Holding up a can, he shook it, showing you it was empty. “We’re out.” Sighing you agreed, partly because you had nothing else to do. Making your way back to the front door, you spotted Jeff in a game of suck and blow. It shouldn’t have, but it did hurt you, and of course you had only blamed yourself for his actions. Shaking your head, you jogged the rest of the way to your car, not wanting to linger on the scene any longer. Starting it up, you pressed on the gas a little too hard. Oddly enough the speed gave you the rush of adrenaline you’ve been seeking all night. You had arrived at an intersection, which you were almost positive there had been a stop sign there once. However, you Ignored the fact and continued. It was too late when you had failed to notice the other car bolting towards your side. The other vehicle hit you and the impact from the collision turned everything black.
When you woke up, your vision was a bit blurry at first. Holding up an arm to shield your eyes from the harsh lights, you tried to sit up but couldn’t. Your whole body was in pain, and it was a struggle to move. Not to mention you couldn’t even remember what happened. You could make out a few bodies in the room, but couldn’t quite identify who everyone was. Feeling a squeeze on your right hand, you tried to turn your head. Growing frustrated, you tried to sit up again, but a hand on your chest stopped you. “It’s okay baby, stay down.” Easily identifying that voice as Jeff, you relaxed a bit. “W-what happened?“You got in a car accident, you’re gonna be okay. Look I know we weren’t on good terms but if you were drunk then-” He stopped mid sentence and looked at you. “I’m sorry, you know I love you right? And I trust you, I really do. I promise when you get out things will be different.” Your attempt to chuckle sent you into a coughing fit making everyone rush towards your bed, but you waved a handing notifying them that you were okay. “I love you too Jeff.” You took this moment of silence to catch a glimpse around the room. Most of your friends were here, and it made you smile that you had people that cared about you. “So when do I get out?” Intensively staring at your boyfriend, he hesitated to respond. “They said it could be a few months. The doctors are surprised you even made it out alive, your injuries are really bad. I thought I was going to lose you.” You groaned, “That’s too long.” Jeff and a few others laughed, wondering how the time frame was the only thing you were currently worried about. “It’s no worry princess, I’ll be here every step of the way.”



Third Love

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Request: Imagine dating Jax for a while, Tara comes back and you and Jax fight.



“It’s been said that we really only fall in love with three people in our lifetime.
Yet, it’s said that we need each of these loves for a different reason.
Often our first is when we are young, high school even. It’s the idealistic love; the one that seems like the fairytales we are all read as children.
It’s a love that looks right.
The second is supposed to be our hard love; the one that teaches us lessons about who we are and how we often want or need to be loved.
Sometimes it’s unhealthy, unbalanced or narcissistic even.
It’s the love that we wished was right.
And the third is the love we never see coming. The one that usually comes dressed as all wrong for us and that destroys any lingering ideals we clung to about what love is supposed to be.
It’s the love that just feels right.
Maybe we don’t all experience these loves in this lifetime; but perhaps that’s just because we aren’t ready to.
Possibly maybe we need a whole lifetime to learn or maybe if we’re lucky it only takes a few years.
And there may be those people who fall in love once and find it passionately lasts until their last breath.
Someone once told me they are the lucky ones; and perhaps they are.
But I kinda think that those who make it to their third love are really the lucky ones.
They are the ones who are tired of having to try and whose broken hearts lay beating in front of them wondering if there is just something inherently wrong with how they love.
But there’s not; it’s just a matter of if someone loves in the same way that they do or not.
And maybe there’s something special about our first love, and something heartbreakingly unique about our second…but there’s also just something about our third.
The one we never see coming.
The one that actually lasts.
The one that shows us why it never worked out before.
And it’s that possibility that makes trying again always worthwhile, because the truth is you never know when you’ll stumble into love. ”


You pulled into the Teller-Morrow lot and parked in your usual spot before sliding out of your seat and closing the car door behind you.
The night was warm and the air was crisp, the sun slowly beginning to set and you walked across the lot, thinking to yourself how thankful you were to live in a place like this.
Your footsteps echoed through the quiet lot, almost silent except the faint music coming from inside. The row of bikes was a welcome sight and you headed straight for the clubhouse doors.
There was nothing quite like the smell of the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse and it welcomed you every time you opened those doors; a mix of cheap perfume, leather and cigarettes.
And for the last two years, this place had become your home.
Dating Jackson Teller wasn’t easy, but to be honest you didn’t want easy. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy and for you, Jax was worth the world.
You saw him almost instantly, sitting casually at one of the tables, a beer in one hand and a cigarette pressed between his lips, his blonde hair slicked back from his face.
A smile spread on your lips as you neared him and when he saw you approaching his face lit up.
“Hey darlin,” Jax greeted you and gave his leg a pat, gesturing for you to sit.
You obliged and sat in his lap, wrapping an arm around his shoulder before kissing his lips gently.
“Hey yourself.”
Chibs and Tig were sat at the table also and they both greeted you warmly.
“How was your day?” You asked, absentmindedly playing with the folds of leather on his kutte.
“Busy.” Jax smiled at you.
He knew you weren’t digging for information on the club, you were just generally interested in how his days went and he admired you for not pressing him for details.
You began to chat about your day, Jax asking you questions about work and neither of you noticed Chibs and Tig leave the table.
Conversation always flowed easily between the two of you and even when you weren’t speaking the silence was comfortable.
“You ready to head home?” You asked, stifling a yawn.
Jax took a swig of his beer before speaking.
“I’ve gotta wrap up some Club stuff,” He told you, shifting uneasily in his seat. “I might be late tonight babe.”
You nodded and smiled. “Well I’d say I’d wait up but I doubt il be able to.” You said as another yawn came over you.
Jax smirked and kissed you deeply.
“I love you, (y/n).” He told you, his voice serious.
You thought nothing of it and smiled back at him. “I love you too.”


The singing of the birds outside your window woke you before your alarm did, and you were thankful. The sounds of nature were a much more pleasant awakening then the nagging beeps of your alarm clock.
You stretched your arms out and instantly noticed the empty spot beside you.
You frowned slightly.
It was unlike Jax to not come home. Even when he stayed late at the clubhouse he always made his way home, knowing that you worried when he wasn’t beside you.
You checked your phone but saw no messages or calls from him.
‘He probably crashed at the clubhouse. It was a busy day after all.’ You told yourself and headed for the shower.
After showering you pulled on your ripped black jeans and a grey tshirt and tied your hair loosely on top of your head before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.
It wasn’t your day off, but you only had two meetings today so you didn’t need to head into the office til around lunchtime.
You threw some bread in the toaster and made up a pot of coffee.
It wouldn’t hurt to pop in to the clubhouse, you thought. Jax might have already headed out for the day but there was still a chance he’d be there and you wanted to ease your mind before heading into work.
You quickly had your breakfast and tidied up the kitchen before grabbing your keys off the counter and heading for the door.
Your house wasn’t far from TM and the drive there passed quickly.
The lot was coming alive for the day, some of the guys around the picnic table, some in the garage working on bikes and you could see Gemma in her office.
You parked in your spot and got out of the car.

“Mornin’ lass,” Chibs called from the table.
“Morning!” You smiled back.
You’d always gotten on well with him and he always made you feel welcome.
“Jax inside?”
“Aye, he’s in his dorm.”
You thanked him and kissed his cheek before heading inside.

Jax was exactly where Chibs said; sitting at the desk in his dorm, cigarette between his lips, writing in that notebook he always clutched so tight.
You leant against the door, unwilling to disturb him. You liked watching him write, he always looked so focused, like he was writing the secrets of the world. You never asked what he was writing, never wished to read his words; you didn’t need to.
He had always been open with you and you’d never had secrets between you. However something didn’t feel quite were.
You let him write in piece for another minute before you rapped on the door lightly.
Jax lifted his head and smiled before blowing out his smoke and putting out the cigarette in an ash tray.
“Mornin’,” Jax saidnas he stood and walked towards you.
“Long time no see, Teller.” You smirked.
You were pissed he hadn’t come home and hadn’t bothered to text you, but damn with a face like that you could never stay mad at him for long.
Jax smirked and ran a hand through his hair.
“Sorry babe.”
You raised an eyebrow and laid your hands on his shoulders. His hands held your waist gently.
“That’s all I get?”
“I’ll make it up to you?” He offered, a playful hint in his eyes.
You laughed lightly.
“You sound so sincere.”
Jax smirked at the sarcasm in your voice and kissed you softly.
“I’m sorry babe.” He told you again.
This time you nodded and smiled.
“Just come home tonight.” You told him.
Jax nodded and you kissed him once more before turning away.
“See you at home. For dinner.” You called over your shoulder
“I’ll be there.” Jax watched you leave, a content smile on his lips as he watched you walk.


The house was so silent that you swore you actually heard the clock tick over.
9 O'clock.
And he still wasn’t home.
Your fingers rapped at the table impatiently.
Fuck it. You thought. You hadn’t heard from him since you had left the clubhouse earlier this morning and after not coming home last night you were pissed.
He could have at least had the decency to call.
Now, dinner had gone cold and you didn’t really care; you always lost your appetite when you were angry.
You glanced at the clock once more before grabbing your keys, pulled on your boots and marched to the door.
You drove fast, barely stopping at the red lights and stop signs on the way and the tyres screeched when you pulled into the lot.
Tig and Happy were sat outside and they eyed you curiously as you slammed the car door.
“Everything okay doll?” Tig asked as you stormed across the lot.
“Just fucking peachy.” You said.
Tig nodded slowly and backed away, arms raised and you sat back at the table with Hap.
You glanced past the dozen men scattered around the clubhouse, searching only for one.
Juice was walking towards you, pulling a pack of smokes out of his pocket as he walked.
You spotted Jax, sitting on one of the sofas, a pretty brunette beside him. She wasn’t a crow eater, that was obvious but you still felt a pang of jealousy when you saw Jax smile at her.
“Juice, who’s that?” You asked as he neared you.
He glanced around the room, following your gaze and stopped awkwardly when he saw who you were meaning.
“Uhh I’m not sure (y/n).” Juice said and rubbed his neck.
You crossed your arms and glared at him.
He sighed.
“It’s um. Tara.” He told you and flashed you a sad smile before squeezing your arm and walked past you.
You nodded slowly.
So this is why Jax had been acting strange; Tara was back.
Goddamit. You knew about her, he had told you, Gemma had told you, hell half the fucking club had told you.
She was his first love, the first girl to break his heart. It had been years since she’d left town and you hadn’t ever imagined she’d come back. You’d had a hard enough time adjusting to Wendy being around, but you’d come to realise there was nothing left between her and Jax.
They had been toxic for each other, and they only kept in touch for the sake of Abel. She wasn’t a threat and you’d actually grown to like her.
Tara was different.
You’d never met her, you’d only moved to town two years after she’d left but you knew how much she had meant to him. And the fact that he had practically ignored you didn’t sit right.
A part of you wanted to storm across the room, slap the bitch right across her cheek, and rip Jax into shreds.
But you didn’t.
You turned around slowly and walked back to your car.


It was 2.37am when Jax pulled into the drive way.
He parked his bike and swung his leg over before resting his helmet on his handle bars and heading towards the front door.
The kitchen light was still on inside and he walked slowly, his head hung low.
His footsteps were light as he walked up the steps and he opened the door slowly and closed it before him.
His shoes thumped against the carpet as he licked them off and he pulled the leather off his shoulders and laid it over the back of a chair before heading into the kitchen.
He stopped in his tracks when he saw you sitting at the table, a half bottle of whiskey and an empty glass in front of you.
“Hey,” he said quietly. “You’re still up.”
“Couldn’t sleep.”
He nodded slowly and fumbled with his rings before pulling out a chair and taking a seat opposite you.
“I’m sorry I’m late babe, things with the club have been.. busy.”
You nodded and lifted the bottle of whiskey and poured some into your glass.
Jax sighed and rubbed his hands over his face.
“It won’t be like this all the time darlin, things have just been busy. It’ll die down soon and I’ll be-”
“I came to the clubhouse.” You interrupted.
Jax stopped, his blue eyes fixed on you but you didn’t meet his gaze.
You twirled the glass in your hand, letting the whiskey swirl around before taking a sip.
“How longs she been back, Jax?”
He was silent for a moment before he spoke.
“A few days.” He told you.
You nodded slowly, your face cold.
“Do you love me?” You asked.
Jax reached across the table to grab your hands but you pulled them away.
“I do, (y/n). I love you.”
“Do you love her?” You took another swig.
Jax sighed. “Look it’s not that simple, I-”
“Yes or no.” You interrupted.
His gaze lingered in you but you only stared at the glass in your hands.
“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, (y/n).”
You scoffed. “Then what the fuck does it mean, Jax?! You blow me off cause your ex is back in town?”
“I needed time to think.” Jax said, his voice calm.
“To think?!” You yelled. “To think about what, Jax?! She left you! It’s been ten fucking years! But you need to think about it?”
“I didn’t think I’d see her again, it threw me.”
You scoffed and downed the rest of your glass.
“I was gonna tell you, I just needed to figure thins out. Me and Tara, we got a lot of history.”
“What did you need to figure out Jax? You’ve moved on! You’ve moved on with me! Or have the last two years meant nothing to you?!”
“Of course they meant something!” Jax yelled back. “I love you!”
“Bullshit!” You threw the bottle of whiskey at the wall behind him, barely missing his head and the glass shattered to the floor.
“If you loved me you wouldn’t have blown me off to see her! You would have told me straight away! You wouldn’t have lied to me!” You screamed, your fists shaking with rage.
“I am no ones second choice, Jackson.”
You grabbed your keys and pushed past him, heading for the door.
Anger was seething through you and although you could hear Jax yelling after you you couldn’t make out his words.
The rage was blinding, and you didn’t notice your knuckles whitening as you gripped the steering wheel.
You didn’t notice the row of flowers you crushed beneath the tyres.
You didn’t notice the tears streaming down your face.
You didn’t notice the red light beaming in the street.
You didn’t notice the truck.
No, you didn’t notice it. Not til it hit the side of your car, and everything went black.

Full of Surprises

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none really.      

Word Count: 1003 (exact cause I know steph - sorry bout the 3 girl!)

A/N: This is for one of the best people I have met on tumblr. She is the first friend I gained on here and she has put up with my ass ever since. It’s your birthday Stepie so I am gonna say this even if it is gonna make you barf. I love you so so much <3 Happy birthday @torn-and-frayed Hope you enjoy your Jensen you impossible woman ;)

Psst the aesthetic I promised you is at the bottom of the fic. It is kinda a give away so I hid it :P

Thanks a billion to the sweet @impala-dreamer for betaing this one for me <3 I owe you one Beka!

“Jensen! You missed the turn,” you scolded as Jensen blew past your street and continued into town.

“No I didn’t,” Jensen merely replied, making your blood boil. You knew he had wanted the two of you to go out on your birthday and make some big deal out of you turning 30. You had steadfastly refused. It was just another birthday and you hated all the fuss. You didn’t wanna be the center of attention all night long. Your idea of a perfect birthday was sitting in front of the tv, eating pizza with your boyfriend. You knew Jensen knew that and you couldn’t believe he didn’t wanna accept it.  

“Don’t make me jump out of a moving car, Jensen. Take me home,” you warned him, just enough anger in your voice for him to nervously shift in his seat.

“You don’t wanna go home, babe,” he answered you in a slightly shaky voice.

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Better than Porn

Summary: Dean takes his baby brother to a strip club for his birthday, and one particular dancer catches his eye. His crush isn’t helped by the fact she turns out to be one of his best friend’s cousin. 
: SamxReader
: 3432
: Nope!
This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s Funny Quote Challenge! My prompt was ‘Dude, you’re confusing reality with porn again’, and I made it a College AU. Hope you enjoy it!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


Dean dropped into the chair next to Sam, slamming a fresh bottle of beer down in front of him as he chuckled contentedly, watching as a new woman took to the main stage in front of them.

“Y’know” Sam started, eyeing his brother with amusement as he wrapped his fingers around the chilled bottle, “this was not what I was expecting when you said you wanted to go out for my birthday.”

For a few moments, he didn’t respond, watching as the girl on the stage swayed her hips with the music, not really making much use of the pole behind her, then turned and grinned at him. “Why? What were you expecting?” he asked, taking a long draught from his beer.

He’d already stopped looking at him when Sam shrugged. “I figured a bar? A few beers? A few games of pool? Then I figured you’d probably disappear into the night with your catch of the day, call me the following morning to apologise for ditching my ass, except you wouldn’t really regret it cos you never do when you wind up getting laid” he told him, laughing as Dean turned and stared at him in mock offense.

“Why would I do such a thing to my baby brother on his birthday?”

Sam raised his eyebrow, still smiling as he said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, “to get laid. Didn’t I just say that?”

Dean chuckled as he leaned forward, a sly smirk playing on his lips as he nodded in the direction of the bar. “I’m not the one getting laid tonight… she’s been tossing you glances all night, Sammy” he murmured, letting out a bark of laughter as Sam’s head whipped around in the direction he’d indicated, brow furrowed curiously.

His eyes instantly caught the ones of a girl who had chosen that precise moment to look over at him. Her hair was loose, framing her face perfectly; her eyes were bright and shining, reflecting the dim lighting of the room as she stared at him. They bugged slightly when she realised they were staring at one another, before hastily turning back to the patron she had been chatting to before.

Was it his imagination, or were her cheeks now flushed slightly?

Sam huffed slightly, clearing his throat as he looked down at the beer bottle in his hand.

“Nah” he started, taking a swig of his drink before continuing, “she works here Dean. She’s probably just scoping for her next tip,” he told him nonchalantly.

A scoffing sound beside him made him raise his head, and he just caught the tail end of Dean rolling his eyes. “Come on, Sammy! What could be more perfect? The birthday boy and the stripper… a match made for a perfect one night stand.”

Dude, you’re confusing reality with porn again” Sam deadpanned, taking his turn to roll his eyes as he tried to suppress a grin.

“Whatever Sammy, it’s your loss” he crowed, once again reclining in his chair as the dancers once again switched up.

Despite his protests, Sam became hyper aware of the girl’s location in the room for the rest of the night, her presence drawing his attention. Every now and then, he snuck glances of his own, and in his ever-increasing state of inebriation, he couldn’t help but admire how pretty she was.

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You’re Mine || one

Meeting the guy, that made my life a living hell after years of running away. Do I love him or do I hate him?

Originally posted by purelyjimin

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Mature/Angst

A/N: Taking a break from this fic, will start a new one. 

The way he used to look at me, was all gone when he started hanging out with guys that were older than him. Ignoring me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, breaking my heart and messing with it like I was a toy. Of course, I have heard stories about him, some horrible ones. Casual sex, treating women like toys and the worse one gangbangs. This was someone he had become, something he did every day and I couldn’t fathom at all. We used to be friends, me thinking that we were more than friends, was just a huge lie to make myself feel better about the situation. He used me, breaking my heart like a heartless person, he had become and I forgave him every time because I loved him. I used to cry and tell everything he had done to me to Lia, my best friend. There was always something to say about him or the girls that were stupid enough to fuck him, just like the old me. Lia normally would tell me to stop letting people hurt me and stand up for myself instead of forgiven them for their mistake. That must be easy for her, she has always been the girl that said what she wanted, not being afraid what people would think about her. 

As the time passed. I moved away from my childhood home into a bigger city or the capital living there for a year or two before moving back. Where all the pain of mine started, but I guess I got attached to the place, maybe that’s the reason why I’m back. Thinking that he would be long gone from this place, hoping that I didn’t run into him or see him again. I didn’t have anything to say to him, nothing at all. When I finally found my peace, something that will soon be ruined by the one and only Jeon Jungkook, the guy I have been running away from for years now because my heart couldn’t take it anymore watching him from afar. Watching him fuck up every single girl he met, just because he found it fun to mess around with me. Who does that? he does. 

“Missed me?” he whispered into my ear making me jump up a little by his sudden presence, as I stood outside of someone’s backyard at a party that I got forced to go on.  

“What do you want?” I turned around facing him, at first it was hard to remember if I knew who the voice belonged to, but the fact that he asked if I had missed him made everything much easier for me. He looked different but I guess time changes someone’s looks, he was much taller than last time I saw him. Honestly, he looked great, black shirt and pants in an outfit he didn’t put much effort in. 

“Looks like someone have become stubborn, what happened to the girl who did everything I told her? I wonder if she’s still around,” he smirked while looking around for ‘her’ ending it with a grin showing his teeth, that every girl died of seeing. “Want to go inside and get a drink, so we can catch up on things?“ 

"So sad that she’s gone and would probably never come back as well,” I said with a harsh tone. “No thanks, I don’t drink," 

He was surprised to get to see the true me or the changed me, but let out a laughter making me frown my eyebrow. "Why are you at a party, if you’re not planning on drinking anything or have fun?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow. “Wait~ did you come here because of a guy? Then where is he," 

The way he said it and acted showed me that he was obvious teasing me, thinking that I couldn’t get laid. That was just rude of him, I can easily get laid but I’m not like him. I don’t do one stands, I have to be drunk first at least to do it. Does he think that I’m the shy girl that he fucked up multiple times, that was too afraid to say anything about it? How fucking nice of him to think. 

"Bye~,” I said with no emotional and brushed past him earning a call from him but instead of turning around and wait for him, I slightly turning my head back flashing him a smile. 

A couple of hours later, I was still avoiding him. Once in awhile, he would try to get my attention by going up with a random girl closer towards me, hoping that I would get jealous by it. Lia was nowhere to be seen, I guess she’s the one getting laid tonight after all I’m her wingwoman. My eyes were wandering around the party when I spotted something that caught my attention or in fact, I caught someone staring at me. He somehow looked familiar but I couldn’t put the words together, there was just something familiar with him or was that just me being paranoid. I was about to stand up and walk over to the guy but got pushed back down onto the chair, looking up seeing his face. He was slowly shaking his head, as he was doing that he was making sure that I wouldn’t stand up again by holding onto my shoulder. 

“Why do you want to go talk to him and not me? Fun, now you’re looking at my friends. I don’t understand why you’re giving me a cold shoulder, and don’t you dare tell me that I have to think harder. You disappeared for three years, I tried to ask your-” I cut him off. 

“How dare you ask my parents, great it’s just great. Don’t you understand that I hate you, you fucking used me like I was a toy! Just go and fuck someone else because I don’t want anything from you” This was just great, he’s acting all innocent when he’s the reason for the pain I have been feeling for years. I harshly pushed him to the side rushing out of the house, hot tears were already trailing down my cheek. Regretting that I didn’t get drunk, knowing that I would just regret it tomorrow anyway but it would have felt great if I got drunk. Why did I have to be like this? because this is who I am.

The whole way home was me trying to get myself to stop crying, but it seemed useless. I didn’t want it to stop, my body needed to let it all out before getting home. No one needed to know that I met him again, not even Lia needed to know. I came to a dark alley not paying much attention to the dark, slightly sobbing could be heard making the night seem endless not knowing when it would stop. I almost died of shock when suddenly someone pushed me into the stone wall, making my teeth grit together of the pain. My head was still hanging low not really caring if I got raped by a guy on the street because I’m already in so much pain. Maybe it would be a nice fuck with a good looking guy, something I would probably regret like I regret getting to know Jeon Jungkook, regretting that I let him fuck me up. 

“I thought you loved me, baby girl. Why have you become so cold hearted all of a sudden?” he started to kiss my neck leaving wet kisses, holding onto my waist tightly. I wanted to push him away, but my body wasn’t collaborating with my brain. “This isn’t the Y/N, I used to know" 

"Then you surely don’t know me well” I finally pushed him off me, it all sounded harsh but it was true. He doesn’t know me that well, he doesn’t care about me anymore. He ditched me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, leaving me to become a monster and now he’s thinking that I came back for him. Used me for his pleasure whenever he needed it, I won’t let that happen again. How stupid can someone be? He’s stupid enough to think, that I’m crawling back to him. “I have changed something you haven’t" 

When I was about to go away, he harshly pushed me back on the wall making me hiss. He has become even stronger over the years, his face showed that he was irritated and angry. "You truly have learned how to make someone angry, but it suits you” with that he pressed his lips onto mine, my eyes grow bigger while his eyes were closed. 

My hands were on his chest struggling to push him away from the kiss, I have to admit this was something I had missed but I had to remember all the things he had done to me. Making me feel like trash, forcing me to watch him fuck another girl because I didn’t obey him. Making me fall in love with him over and over again, so many times it started to hurt. This was a life I left behind but it looks like I’m going to get it back. The life I hated to live, always wanting things to change but it wouldn’t change. Why was he doing this to me? No one knows because this is his life, he’s used to doing this to girls, but why with me, though? 

He soon moved down to my neck sucking on it slightly earning some moans escape my lips, but I regret letting them out, covering my mouth with one hand so I wouldn’t make him satisfied. He was trying hard to make me feel miserable under his touch, he wanted me to beg for him. I didn’t want to beg for anything, I don’t even love him anymore. The hate for him was stronger than the love that I once felt for him. “I missed hearing them” he purred into my neck, his hand grabbed my hand that was covering my mouth holding onto it so I couldn’t use it. 

“I missed everything about you" 

Like We Used Too {Part 1}

Mark x Reader
Genre: AU/Fluff/angst/implied smut (is that a thing?)
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There were other ways you wanted to spend your Saturday morning, being at the mall wasn’t one of them. You walked through the hustle and bustle of the mall trying to find a last minute outfit for the engagement party of your two best friends. You caught the scent of coffee, the strong aroma reminding you that you hadn’t had your daily fix yet. While waiting for your order your phone rang,

 “Hello?” you answered, giving a slight nod in acknowledgment to the barista as you grabbed your coffee.

 “Y/N! What are you up to?”

 “I’m…” you hesitated knowing that you would get lectured and face your friend’s disapproval, “At the mall,” you finished.

 “Oh good!” she expressed delightedly over the phone, “I don’t know what you’re wearing tonight but you need to make sure you dress drop dead gorgeous.”

This was a typical request of your best friend and you knew she only made this request for a specific reason. Still to give her the benefit of the doubt you inquired anyways, “Why?”

 “Well first of all, you’re my maid of honour so you have to look good next to me,” she teased, “Second of all, I have someone I want you to meet.”

 You called it, rubbing your temples in frustration, “Monica, how many times do I have to tell you I don’t need to be set up with another guy. It’ll happen when it happens.” you sighed into the phone.

 “Y/N, I only mean the best for you. I just want you to be as happy as I am.” she tried persuading.

 “I’m glad you’re happy Monica, but maybe we both have different ideas of what happiness is,” you said as you walked into the store.

 There was a long pause on the other line and you were hopeful that she understood and would finally lay off, “Or maybe you just need to get laid.” She cackled, knowing she would ease the tension between you two.

 You stopped in your tracks, surprised at her sudden statement but a grin formed on your face, “Excuse me, I get plenty,” you defended.

 “Oh yeah? When was the last time?” you could picture her sitting there and smiling.

You couldn’t recall the last time, you couldn’t even remember the last time you went out on a date. “Fine, I’ll look nice.” reluctantly, you gave in.

“Perfect! We’ll see you tonight, oh and Y/N you can’t look as good as me though. Remember, I’m the bride” your friend teased, celebrating the small victory she had just won. 

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The World Turned Upside Down (Enoch x reader)

Anonymous said: Enoch imagine with fluff idk I just think he’s cute and I just really want him to hug me right now. Also I bet he’s a good cuddlier this was a terrible request sry in trying to ask you to do an Enoch imagine with cuddling and fluff. Any plot you want :)

Anonymous said: Hi! Could you do an Enoch O’Connor imagine where the reader is super shy and sensitive and quiet, but then something bad happens (idk what) @nd she’s ends up saving enoch, but right afterwards she’s all quiet again and it just confuses enoch and he just wants to figure her out? Sorry if that’d a lot

I thought these would be pretty adorable together, therefore, this is the by-product of these two. I hope you enjoy this! x

(I think Enoch would be a good cuddler too)

Originally posted by har-rison-s

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“presumably, Pride Month Smut would be smut focused around Pride activities. So, you could have Sanvers getting hot and bothered by all the beautiful ladies parading around them, and just not being able to keep their hands off each other, barely making it inside the door before they’re stripping the other naked.” from @mrriggerworld and @letswreakhavoc “tbh I’m always a slut for soft emotional sex so I was just thinkin they get it on after their first pride together and it’s all mushy and shit?” because this gets hella mushy and shit.

She holds herself together pretty well all day.

She holds her hand and she kisses her, and she leans into her when Alex drapes her arm around her shoulders, the look on Alex’s face at once ecstatic and excited and cocky.

Ecstatic because Alex has never gone to Pride before, has never seen this many queer people in one place. Has never seen this many queer people, period. Has never laughed this hard, felt this much, seen this much joy in one place.

Excited because she’s surrounded by her friends and none of them are fighting for their lives; they’re just existing, just being, just living. Just jumping on each other’s backs and laughing and catching plastic rainbow sunglasses and snapping photos of each other and squirting each other with the colorful water guns one of Winn’s gamer friends brought.

Cocky because there are lots of nearly naked women around them, and the ones that aren’t eyeing Alex are eyeing her girlfriend. Her girlfriend, whose Pride theme this year seems to be cutoffs – cutoff shorts that barely cover her ass, cutoff flannel that outlines her muscles nicely – and she knows exactly how incredible, how sexy, Maggie looks. And yet she’s the one getting to walk around with her; she’s the one who gets to drape her arm around her; she’s the one who gets to take her home tonight and…

She holds herself together pretty well all day.

Just like Maggie’s doing.

Holding themselves together.

Holding themselves back from stripping each other naked then and there, from bending each other over a police barrier, from slamming each other back into a sign post and making each other scream louder than the crowds.

Because the women they’re walking by? 

The openness with which they’re queer, the openness with which they smile, they wink, they arch eyebrows and offer full views of thick curves and long legs?

“I’m definitely very gay. Like, if Kara’s Supergirl, if there’s anything super about me, I’m supergay,” Alex tells James when he asks her how she’s doing, and he laughs and laughs and laughs.

“There is everything super about you, Alex,” he tells her earnestly when he catches his breath, and she knocks the wind out of him again with the force of her hug.

Maggie smiles as Winn awwwwws at the sight of Alex and James, and she doesn’t think anyone will notice the way she’s licking her lips as her happiness collides with her raw want.

Her want for Alex, out of those clothes and all over her, in her, every way and everywhere.

She barely even realizes that she’s licking her lips, that her eyes are raking down Alex’s body, until a hand claps onto her shoulder and Kara Danvers is arching an eyebrow at her.

“I know she’s your girlfriend, but she’s also my sister, and I’d appreciate it if you could save undressing her with your eyes for when I can’t see either of you,” she tells her with the brightest smile, and Maggie stammers.

“I’m sorry, Kara, I um – “

Kara just snorts and leans in. “It’s fine, I’ve been doing it to Lena all day. Do you think she wants me too? Like really?”

Maggie glances behind Kara at Lena, who’s giving the younger Danvers the same kind of once-over Maggie was just giving the eldest.

“Yeah. Yep, I’m pretty sure you’re getting laid tonight if you want to, Kid Danvers.”

Kara squeaks and adjusts her glasses and trips, hard. Maggie catches her, sets her back on her feet, and laughs, shaking her head. 

“Aw, you’re my sister’s hero,” Alex snakes her arms around Maggie’s waist, fingers slipping up underneath her shirt, and Maggie hisses and has to restrain herself from arching back. “I can repay you for saving her from a very embarrassing face plant. You know. If you want.”

“Repay me, huh Danvers?”

Maggie turns in Alex’s arms so their lips are close together, so she can smell the lemonade on Alex’s breath, so she can practically taste the tang on her tongue.

“Mmhmm,” Alex preens.

“And how would you do that?”

“Come home with me tonight and find out.”

And god, god, god, does Maggie want to find out.

Because the way that Alex’s eyes are wide, the way she keeps gulping in gay at other women, but the way her eyes always come back to Maggie, always settle on her body; the way that Alex stammers her way through explaining to hopeful women that she’s flattered, but she has a girlfriend, right over there; the way that Alex blushes when she’s hit on and the way that she stiffens when Maggie is hit on?

God, does Maggie want to find out the ways Alex wants to touch her tonight.

And she does find out.

She finds out sooner than she thought she would.

She finds out when they all step into a coffee shop because Kara needs a break from all the stimulation; when she bends over to pick up a twenty that Lena dropped; when Alex grabs her hand and pulls her toward the bathroom, muttering something to their friends about being right back.

“Danvers, this is a single stall,” she breathes as Alex shoves her into the door as it locks behind them.

Alex just shrugs. “It’s Pride,” she grins wickedly, hands snaking down to Maggie’s ass, and Maggie moans immediately into the demanding heat of her kiss.

“Danvers,” she breathes, and Alex stops immediately.

“I’m sorry, Maggie, I – “

“No, no, hey hey, you’re fine, you’re okay. I want you, Alex. I want you so damn bad. But uh… take me home? It can be now, it can be later. I just don’t… not here? Not right now?”

Tears flood Alex’s eyes. “Maggie, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry – “

“No, babe, hey. Look at me, alright? Hey. You didn’t do anything wrong. I want you. I want you so damn badly, Danvers. Right now. I’m just not feeling the risk right now; and you’re right, I usually do love it, so your instinct was great.” She grins and Alex chuckles and bites her lip. 

“I didn’t hurt you? Or scare you?”

“No, babe. No, you didn’t. Okay? We okay?”

Alex nods and Maggie kisses her glittery forehead.

“Also, I actually do have to pee, so…” Alex laughs and kisses her gently once more before rejoining her family outside.

They don’t last much longer than that. 

Than Alex’s attempt to have a quickie in the coffee shop bathroom; because Maggie might not have been in the mood to risk such public sex, but god did Alex’s desperation turn her on.

So the next time a girl hits on Alex, Maggie sets her jaw and thinks of all she has in store for her girlfriend tonight.

The next time she watches Alex’s eyes watch another woman’s ass, she gets nervous, but only for a moment, because Alex’s arm immediately finds its way around her shoulders and she leans into her and says, “I’m really, really, reallllly gay, but no one’s got anything on my woman,” and Maggie finds herself blushing like she hasn’t in years.

And the next time Maggie gets into a conversation with a pretty girl about her t-shirt and the girl starts flirting, she relishes the way that Alex watches with jealousy mixed with awe – awe that Maggie could have any girl she wants, but all she wants is Alex.

So when the crew splits for the night, exhausted and sweaty and floaty, Alex and Maggie both get an immediate second wind.

An immediate second wind because they’d planned to go home to Alex’s, but Maggie’s place is closer.

Maggie’s place is closer, and god, they need close right now.

Because their need has been building all day, and the moment they start heading up the stairwell to Maggie’s apartment, Maggie pins Alex against the banister and kisses her senseless.

“I thought you weren’t in the mood for something so public?” Alex breathes as Maggie’s lips, Maggie’s teeth, find her throat.

“Moods change, Danvers. That okay?” Her voice is thick with raw need, but her body stills and her eyes are soft. 

And god, fuck, yes. Yes, it’s more than okay.

They kiss and they touch and they moan their way up the stairs, gripping at the banister, grasping at each other, for stability, for support, for steadiness.

Alex nearly tears the buttons on Maggie’s flannel and Maggie undoes the button on Alex’s shorts.

“Okay?” she pants, and Alex looks around briefly before nodding, before Maggie smears her hands with some corporate-sponsored antibiotic she’d figured would be useful to grab, before she slips her hand into Alex’s pants, before she puts her other hand over Alex’s mouth, before she leans back slightly to watch her girlfriend as she fucks her like all those other women had wanted to do all day.

“Good?” she asks, and Alex nods, but stills Maggie’s wrist with her fingertips. 

“Take me inside,” she begs, and Maggie grins at the pun but obeys, practically tugging Alex up the last few stairs to her hallway. 

They giggle and they double over, breathless with desire and breathless with laughter, and their kisses are sloppy and ecstatic as Maggie fumbles with her keys.

“I could just kick the damn thing in,” Alex offers between kisses, and Maggie giggles again.

“You could, and it would be hot, but uh… god, Danvers,” she whispers as Alex’s lips leave hers to journey down her jawline. “But then what would I fuck you against?”

Her key finally slides neatly into the lock and she yanks the door open, but it’s Alex who pulls her inside. Alex who slams her against the back of the door when they shut it, when they lock it. Alex who checks in to make sure the turn of events is okay.

Maggie nods, speechless and breathless, and Alex’s grin is almost feral. “I’ve been wanting to do this,” she growls, and Maggie smirks.

“You’re not doing anything yet, Danvers,” she teases, and Alex picks her up off her feet smoothly, easily, Maggie’s legs wrapped around her waist and her lips locked on hers.

“Oh really? Because I thought I was doing exactly what every woman there wanted to do to you today,” she murmurs into their kiss, and Maggie grinds her hips down desperately, back against the door, solid and steady in Alex’s arms.

“I only want you, Danvers,” she murmurs shakily, voice wrecked because her body is utterly, completely wrecked for Alex. “You make me such a fucking mess.”

Alex stills and pulls her head back to look up at the woman she’s holding, at the woman whose lips are swollen for her, whose body is throbbing for her.

“You’re perfect, Maggie. I can’t… I can’t believe out of anyone you could be with… and you could be with anyone… you’re with… me.”

Maggie taps Alex’s arms and Alex lets her down softly. 

“Alex Danvers, I would choose you every day and every night, from now until the end of time.”

Eyes lock and breaths sync and pulses thrum as one.

Alex licks her lips slowly and Maggie wipes Alex’s tears gently.

“I love you, Alex Danvers.”

“I love you back, Maggie Sawyer.”

“Do you… do you wanna show me?”

Alex beams. “God, yes.”

And she does.

She shows her she loves her, she wants her, she needs her, with the way she kisses her, slow at first, faster and harder the closer they bring their bodies together, until their bodies can’t get close enough; until Alex shrugs out of her own clothes and strips Maggie of hers, quick and efficient and needy, because god, god, fuck, she loves her in so many ways and she wants to show her in so many ways.

She shows her when she carries her to their bed, mouths connected, ragged breathing synced, and lays her down, making sure to put the pillow directly under her head, making sure she’s comfortable, making sure she’s happy, making sure she still wants everything, and god, god, she does.

So she shows her when she asks if she wants to spread her legs for her, when she lowers her mouth to Maggie’s inner thighs, to her clit, when she smiles into her wetness when Maggie’s fingers tighten in her hair, when Maggie’s hips buck up and she whispers Alex’s last name like a prayer over and over and over and over.

She shows her when she takes her through her first orgasm of the night, fingers buried deep inside her, tongue and chin keeping pressure on her clit until she convulses all around her, soaking her fingers and coating her tongue and filling her heart with her release.

She shows her when they ride each other’s thighs, when she grabs at Maggie’s ass to pull her closer, to bring each other closer, until closer isn’t close enough so they shift, shift so Maggie’s clit covers Alex’s, so when they move, they’re moving directly on each other, so that when their bodies throb with need, they can both feel the other’s desperate want.

She shows her when she reads her, when she knows that Maggie’s about to cum, and she puts aside the fact that she’s about to cum so she can shift so her thigh is back between Maggie’s legs, because she knows it’ll give her a more powerful orgasm, that she’ll let go harder if she’s not afraid of hurting Alex, and god, she does, she does, especially when Alex leans up to take Maggie’s breasts into her hand, into her mouth, running her tongue over her hardened nipple until all she can hear is her name being blessed with Maggie’s lips again, again, again.

“Thank you,” Alex whispers when they’re both spent and sweating and exhausted.

“Thank me?” Maggie grins, shaking her head, about to object, but Alex stills her with a soft finger to her lips. Maggie kisses it automatically, and Alex giggles.

“Yeah, thank you. For… for this, yeah,” she gestures at their naked bodies, and it’s Maggie’s turn to giggle at her massive nerd. “But I meant… I’ve never had the feeling that I was… part of something. Except with Kara, except at the DEO, but that… I don’t know, it feels different, it… for today, for Pride, for… for getting me to be myself. Thank you, Maggie. I don’t… I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

Maggie’s jaw trembles and her eyes glisten, and Alex pulls her closer.

“You gonna keep loving me like you do, Alex?” Maggie asks, voice small, hope big.

“Always,” Alex promises, and Maggie smiles incredulously and nods slowly and curls closer into Alex’s chest.

“That’s all I’ll ever need from you, Danvers. Happy Pride, sweetie.”

“Happy Pride, babe.”

A Good Dog With New Tricks

Batfam Week Day 2: Shenanigans 

Words: 3,423

Rating: Gen

AO3 Link

You all should know by now that I cannot resist the urge to make Damian the head instigate of any shenanigans, he is my favorite little troublemaker and the star of today’s fic. Though, Titus might give him a run for his money. Enjoy! 

Damian locked his eyes with the large, warm, black ones belonging to one of his closest friends. His companion held his gaze patiently waiting for the boy to begin.

“Titus, I must impress upon you the serious nature of this mission.” Damian started, keeping his tone serious, “If I asked anyone else they would surely fall victim to a double cross for a foolish photo of me in a compromising situation.” Damian grimaced thinking of the many times he’d tried to pull a fast one on his siblings only to have his assistant turn on him, “You are the only one I can trust with this, boy. Do you think you can do it?”

Titus blinked and then licked Damian’s cheek, his wet, velvety tongue tickling the boy’s face. Damian resisted the urge to smile and instead nodded his head. “Very well, let’s get started.”

He clipped a small camera to the dog’s collar, black and thin enough to be easily mistaken for hair then stepped back to check his tablet. He could see himself on the screen, albeit from a shorter height.

The two slipped through the manor silently making their way through the halls. They stopped in the hallway outside the foyer. The dog leaned against his side as he stopped, head ducking under Damian’s hand.

He scratched Titus’s ears, hand pressing into the warm soft fur while he peered around the corner. Today would be a bit of revenge for everything, all the unwanted coddling, the surprise photos, and the team ups his many family members often used to get him to ‘act his age’.

The front door rattled for a moment before Damian heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock. He waited as the lock clicked open and the doorknob began to move again, this time turning unhindered.

“You know what to do.” Damian said and scratched Titus’s left ear twice in quick succession and the dog darted forward at the same time as the door swung open.

“Hey there, Titus .” Jason’s voice was warm as the door clicked shut behind him. “What’s up?”

Damian’s eyes locked on his tablet as he moved away from the foyer. He made his way to the living room as he watched Jason struggling at the front door. He had bags in both hands and was trying to move them all to his left. Titus was making it difficult for him, jumping up and pawing at his chest. Jason managed to hook the extra bags around his arm and reach out to pet Titus.

The dog let him for a moment before jumping back with a happy bark, back stepping a foot or so to allow Jason a few steps into the room before he did it again, jumping forward to beg for attention. Jason chuckled and gave him another good scratch on the head.

“Your pretty demanding today, where’s the Demon Brat?”

Titus’s answer was a lick on the face.

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Too Hot (James Potter x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: Implied sex? Idk it’s basically just James being James

Plot/Summary: “My food is too hot to eat!” “You’re too hot and I still eat you.”

Word count: 386

Anon asked: Could you do a James x reader and it’s like Reader-“My food is too hot to eat” James-“You’re too hot and I still eat you” And everyone is just shocked cause omg James

Request here!

“I’m starving.” groaned Sirius, plonking down onto the bench where the Marauders sat for dinner. “It’s been at least three hours since I ate something.”

“Wow, you must be famished.” said Remus sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Keep rolling your eyes Moony, maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” quipped Sirius, ducking to a avoid a half hearted punch from the werewolf.

“Boys, do you mind?” you chuckled. “I’ve just come from herbology, repotting Mandrakes. I do not need you two to start a fight.”

You leant into James who put his arm around you, pecking you on the cheek, giggling away as the boys opposite you bickered like a married couple.

“Oh will you two just kiss already?” yelled James, laughing as they both turned bright red.

The slightly awkward situation was abated as suddenly the table was filled with food, a heavenly sight to your grumbling stomach.

“Thank Merlin, I’m famished.” you muttered, helping yourself to a piece of chicken.

You realised your mistake immediately, experiencing a severe amount of pain for such a small piece of food. Grabbing your goblet, you took a mouthful of icy pumpkin juice, sighing in relief as it soothed your burning mouth.

“You alright, love?” asked James around a mouthful of potatoes. “Did you hurt yourself?”

“My food’s too hot to eat.” you pouted.

“Well, you’re too hot and I still eat you.”

The rowdy table went suddenly silent, before Sirius burst out laughing, collapsing to the table in great fits of uncontrollable giggling, soon accompanied by Remus, making you turn bright red.

“James Potter.” you hissed. “That was completely inappropriate!”

“But you’ve got to admit it was funny.” he snickered, dodging a smack from you.

“You do not need to announce the ins and outs of our sex life to all of your friends!”

“Oh don’t worry Y/N, we can hear you both going at it anyway.” sorted Sirius.

You groaned and layed your head in your arms, covering your painfully red face from view. Soon, you felt James tugging at your shoulder to make you sit up, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips.

“I love you, Y/N.” he grinned.

“I love you too, even if you’re an arse.” you smiled.

“Does that mean I’m getting laid tonight?” James asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Fuck no.”

You’ve Got Mail: An OQ AU

Robin Locksley is a small business owner, and Regina Mills is a corporate raider who has set her sights on his store–and both are completely unaware that they’re falling in love.

For @inutilidadesbytamara who AGES AGO requested a fic that was loosely based on the plot of You’ve Got Mail; and for @emmaswanchoosesyou who requested a fic in which love letters that Robin and Regina get mixed up with letters Ruby and Belle have been exchanging. 

Thanks to @lala-kate, @glindalovesshoes, @umbrellagates and @x-wishes-on-fallen-stars-x who all helped with this, in one way or another.

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Dance With Me

Anon said: omgosh a taeyong au where both of you are the “leaders” of a dance crew and oo there’s such so much sexual tension 👀 a make out sesh would be great hoho thank u!!

You hate Lee Taeyong because Lee Taeyong thinks his dance crew is better than yours, and Lee Taeyong is stupidly hot when he dances, and Lee Taeyong has a face you want to kiss and Lee Taeyong stole your heart in 3 seconds and you should hate him but you don’t. You’re ridiculously in love with him.

I feel like this is not what you asked for but… here this is anyways…? this gave me so many step up vibes and now i want to go watch the whole series. Enjoy!

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Mine: Grayson Imagine

This was MUCH longer than anticipated, but I know you don’t mind haha. 

Word Count: 1,856

Requested: Yes, anons. 

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to get a drink, okay?” Grayson placed his hand on the small of your back and whispered into your ear. You nodded, knowing better than to try to yell over the music blaring at the iHeartRadio awards after party. Neither of you were singers, but Grayson had been invited with a plus one because of his level of fame. It was good publicity for the awards show. Watching him walk away, you continued to dance to the music with some people that you had met with at the show. You had already had a few drinks, so you were feeling pretty good right about now and not really caring what was happening in your surroundings. As Thief by Ansel Elgort came on, you let your voice flow into a scream of excitement. You loved this song! You moved your hips to the rhythm and your eyes closed, losing yourself in the music. A pair of hands gripped at your hips, and assuming it was Grayson, you kept dancing. The song ended and another began, you still dancing, the hands were gone from your body. You turned around to find a guy on the floor and Grayson hovering over them. “Wha-” You began, but were cut short by Grayson. “Why were you dancing with him?” He motioned to the body that remained on the floor. “What? I thought I was dancing with you?” You took a step towards Grayson. “Yeah, right, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you. “I swear, G!” You pleaded, yelling over the music. Grayson huffed and jerked your wrist harshly. He went to the table that your things were laid with you dragging behind him. With one hand around your wrist, Grayson collected all of his and your things with the one that was free.

As you approached the door, you asked him why you were leaving. He replied by turning to face you and pushing your body against the wall behind you. The look in his eye was intense, full of angst, need, and anger. He put his mouth close to your ear. “We are leaving because you were dancing with another guy and you’re not his. You’re mine and I’m going to show you.” He breathed his words against your neck which sent chills down your entire body. Your hands inched towards Grayson’s abdomen to touch the muscles that hid underneath the clothing. He took notice of this and pinned your hands to the wall once again. “Not so fast, Princess. You’ll get it when I want you to.” He whispered with his lips barely grazing the skin on your neck. Closing your eyes, another set of chills consumed you and you sighed in lust at his teasing. You wanted to feel his lips on you. Your eyes snapped open when you felt where Grayson was against you turn into cool air from the door being opened. Within seconds, you were back by Grayson’s side, reaching for his hand. Luckily, he let you hold it before you came upon your vehicle. He opened your door for you and walked to the driver side before getting in. He didn’t look at you until he came upon a red light. As he did so, you took notice of his hand on your thigh and his thumb making circles on your skin. The light turned from red to green and his gaze tore from yours, but his hand remained.

The radio was off, so you reached to turn it on, but Grayson’s gaze returned to you in annoyance. You groaned, resuming your previous position, but something was different. His hand had moved higher on your leg. You locked your eyes on it as it inched even further towards your hips. Soon, his hand was centimeters from the hem of your dress, which had a split on the sides, making the front dip into your seat between your legs. Grayson’s hand was now just above the hem of your underwear and your breathing was quite heavy. All too soon, his hand was back on the wheel. You whined and squirmed in your seat. “That’s only going to make it worse, Y/N,” Grayson told you with a smirk as he pulled into your driveway.

Now inside, he wasted no time in shedding his clothes and helping you out of yours, but slowly. Behind you, unzipping your dress, you could feel his hand on your hip and his breath on the back of your neck. When your dress fell from your figure, so did his hands. You spun around to face him, stepped closer to him, and brought your hands up to his face. He made the next move by, finally, letting you kiss him. His lips were firm and warm against your own. He trailed your shape with his fingertips aching slow. You groaned into his mouth which resulted badly, for he pulled his hands and lips away from you. “I told you that would make it worse, baby girl.” His smirk made a reappearance while his fingers went through his hair. God, he knew you loved that. Your fists clenched and you let out a shaky breath. With timid eyes, you looked over his fit physique. Your eyes flowed from fluffy hair to his broad shoulders to the flat of his feet on the floor while you bit your lip. Two can play at this teasing game.

“Come here, now.” Grayson growled at you lowly. Your little trick had got you a victory. You reached him and he slid his hands through your hair and his lips on your neck. You went to sigh, but his words echoed in your mind, “I told you that would make it worse, baby girl.” You contained yourself for the time being and Grayson’s lips made their way down your body. As he reached your waist, his hands grabbed your ass harshly. You bit your lip again to keep any sounds of pleasure from arising. Still kissing your abdomen, his hands left your backside and he traced your legs from the bottom to the top. You hands were busy finding their way through his hair and down to his jaw to pull his face back up to yours. You worked your way around his face, neck, and chest with your mouth. Still not completely sober, the kisses you left were wet and sloppy. On your way back to his lips, you tugged on his earlobe with your teeth, knowing that he would be able to resist much longer after that. He moaned with a husky, deep voice in pleasure. Now it was your turn to smirk at him and he licked his lips before planting his lips on yours.

His hands now roamed your body freely and he gripped the back of you leg, pulling it up on his body. You took this as a sign and made the move to wrap yourself around him. Fortunately, you were right and he now carried you up the stairs to the bedroom you shared. You left small kisses all over his face as he reached the bed. Losing the support of his hands, you fell backwards the bed. He lowered himself on your body and you continued your previous actions of kissing sloppily. He detached his lips from yours and brought his face to the valley between your breasts. He bit, kisses, and ran his tongue over you. You tried not to make any noise, but a few moans slipped from your lips. With each one, Grayson would pause to make sure that nothing was to follow. He kissed down your stomach and he was right where you wanted, no, needed him most. Between your thighs. He kissed them tender, but his teeth did the opposite. Deep, purple bruises would reveal themselves tomorrow. He blew cold air on your heat before he kissed the piece of clothing that was the only thing separating the two of you. When you brought one hand from the bed sheets to his hair, you tried to push your hips up to meet his lips, but his hands found your hips and pinned you to the bed. You gritted your teeth at this. “Be patient with me, yeah?” He teased you with his voice vibrating next to your core.

He came back up to your eye level and kissed your jaw. Your breathing was heavy and him being on top of you made you breathe even harder. Not being able to resist it any longer, you pushed him off of you and back on the bed like you were a few seconds before. Hips on his, you began to grind into him. His bulge already there, you made it ever more present as it hardened and rose to meet your circling hips. His hands found your waist once again, gripping you hard and pushing you on him even harder. He eyes closed and his eyebrows strung themselves together as you noticed the ecstasy on his face. Suddenly, like he had forgotten what his plan was, his eyes snapped open and he flipped the two of you. Putting his needs over yours, he ripped his boxers off and your panties along with them. Grayson readied himself and plunged into your soaking heat. His face relaxed when he was in you and he brought his body down to meet yours. He whispered in your ear, “So wet just for me, aren’t you?” With your hands on his sides, you dug your fingernails into his back nodded and answering in a hum.

In and out. In and out. His hips slammed into yours time and time again. Breath coming out heavily, bodies mixing together, and muffled sounds coming from each of your mouths. You could feel yourself tightening around him. “Getting close,” You whispered into his ear before biting at it. His groan came out long and deep. As you were reaching your high, you only needed one thing. His voice. Like he could hear your thoughts, he spoke against your mouth with his forehead against yours. “No one can make you feel as good as I do, baby girl. You’re mine. Don’t ever forget it.” With those words, you climaxed and shortly after, he did too. Riding out each of yours, the highs died with Grayson’s thrusts becoming dragged out and slow. Muscles aching, he fell against your body in pleasure. His swollen, red lips met yours and they moved together slowly. Soon, your breathing slowed and the kisses became tenderly sweet. You felt his body getting heavier against yours and you rolled the two of you over for the second time tonight. You broke the kiss and laid yourself across his chest. “You make me feel better than anyone ever could, G. I’m sorry for what happened before,” You whispered into the air above your bodies. “I know, Y/N, I know.” Grayson responded with a yawn and a stretch. You lay like that for hours before your eyelids got heavier with each blink. With Grayson’s sleeping face, you, too, fell into the dark abyss of dreams and sleep.

Lollipops (Bad Boy AU! Baekhyun)

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Type: Fluff

Your lips wrapped around a sweet strawberry treat in your mouth. You were reading a magazine and eating candy since your shift started hours ago. The door opened and the loud voices of the local punks is filled your ears as you heard carts crashing around in the aisles. Bags being ripped from shelves came next before a few were ripped open.

You rolled your eyes and went back to the magazine and after a few moments she felt the lollipop being pulled from your lips. When you looked up you saw Baekhyun, your neighbor there with a large smile as he placed the lollipop into his mouth. “Jokes on you I’m sick” you told him as you started scanning his items.

“Too bad for you I don’t get sick” he said as he continued sucking on the lollipop. “Ya, Y/N you never gave me answer about the party" Jongin said as you give a small smile. “Can’t. I have to babysit Baekhyun and his little siblings this weekend"you say as he nods. “Wait why do I need a babysitter?” Baekhyun asked “because you don’t know how to change, wash, or feed your little brother because you’re out being an idiot” you say as he scoffs. “At least I’m not a nerd who doesn’t have a social life” he says throwing down money and taking his things.


Yeongkook yawned as he laid down on the floor letting you change his diaper. Minja passed out on the couch as you check the clock on the wall. 10:30. Its not like Baekhyun had a bed time just a time to be home by. You were stuck here until he got home and the younger ones were asleep in bed.

Sighing you picked up Yeongkook and carried him to his shared room with Baekhyun. Laying him down on the bed instead of the crib before rushing to pick up Minja and decided to put her in bed with Yeongkook. Since he was late he didn’t get to sleep in his bed.

You laid down on the couch. After a few minutes you managed to pass out. The front door opened after about an hour as Baekhyun stepped in. he instantly heard the TV and check his phone to see it was almost 12. he made a face as he looked on the couch to see you fast asleep. He grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and covered you before he started making his way to his room.

He groaned when he saw both his younger siblings passed out on his bed. He simply picked up his younger brother and climbed into bed placing him onto his chest.


He woke up in the morning smelling eggs. He tried to move but was trapped by the two children. “Minja” he said as his sister groaned “babysitter is making you breakfast” he said as he tapped her shoulder. Her eyes opened as she sat up “go get breakfast” he told her as she nodded. Climbing over the two boys.

Baekhyun sat up patting Yeongkook’s back “let’s go eat” he said as the boy groaned into him. “Hey” Baekhyun says as he sees you and Minja already eating. “I’m sorry you had to stay the whole night. I walked home” he said as you nodded. “Thanks for making breakfast” he continued as he sat Yeongkook down in his chair. “I made eggs for us and got the ham, jelly, and cheese for them” you told him as he started to make Yeongkook his sandwich. “I know how to take care of my siblings. I just can’t cook” he said as he shook his brother up.

“You can go home if you want. I can help Minja with her homework-” “you’ll help her with hers but won’t do your own” you say as you pick up your plate. “Hers is easier” he said. “You smell horrible too” you continue as you stroke Yeongkook’s hair. “I don’t smell bad” “you smell like someone dumped beer on you” you whisper into his ear.


You ended up spending more time than you thought over there. His parents being gone for 2 weeks made you enjoy him. You smiled as Baekhyun sat a bowl in front of you “you made chicken soup?” you state as he nodded. “Its the last day you have to watch them so I tried making something” he said as he sat beside you. “You’re going out right? What’s her face is having a big party” you asked as you took a spoon full and brought it to your mouth.

You smiled lightly at the half decent food. “Well I could get laid or I can hang out with my siblings and the babysitter” he said as he turned his head towards you. “I mean I think I could get laid in both situations but I’m not willing to push my luck tonight” he says as he pushes the bowl away after a bite. “I’m ordering pizza and some kids movies” he said taking the bowl from you.


A wrapper opened as you 4 sat calmly your mouth was opened and a lollipop was put in. “I owed you one” Baekhyun whispered as you started sucking on it.

Blue Kisses.

Pairing: Hoseok / Reader.

Genre: Fluff, angst, some non-con at the beginning

Summary: “But you do know that I care right?” he whispered against the skin of your cheek, his thumb brushing heat over your bottom lip, making your lips part to accommodate his digit.

Word count: 12, 821

Note: Oh my god, this is easily the longest thing I’ve written so far, seems appropriate that Hobi would do it ;). Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you’re not alone as me cri. Btw, kudos to the lovely @2-1stcenturygirl who proof read this and hyped me up :) Anyway I hope you enjoy! :^D  )

After standing alone in a unfamiliar living room for the last half hour, you were officially ready to kill Jung. It was no secret that you hated frat parties, favouring curling up in your second - hand (hey, it was cheap), worn chair with one of your favourite books or watching reruns to staying out late with drunk students. You could be quite shy around those you didn’t know, and hated being forced to down bitter tasting beer while drunk classmates would pull you into their sweaty embraces. Also, due to your dislike of alcohol, you were often the only sober person in the house, having to deal with your classmates drunk antics. You would never forget that on the rare occasion that you went to a party, the boy who sat next to you in Art History had pinned you to a wall and tried to shove his tongue down your throat. Obviously he was too drunk to aim and ended up with a mouthful of hair rather than your lips, but it was enough to put you off parties even more than before. You hadn’t been able to look at him the next day, awkwardly nodding when he had apologised. However you did try to enjoy yourself on the weekends, earning it after the gruelling week. Sometimes you would invite some of your friends to your tiny dorm room provided by the school to go on a movie marathon. There had been a slight mix up with the rooms at the collage, meaning you didn’t have a roommate, and the school hadn’t assigned you one yet. However after a disastrous week, chock full of meetings and assignments due in, you were ready to get a pizza, hide in a mountain of blankets and fall asleep in front of the season finale of the crown. However when Jung had arrived at your door in the early evening, and almost broke down your door with her violent knocking, your plans had been thrown to the wind.

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Deals Part 2

Jughead x Reader

Summary: It’s a give and take world. You and Jughead are going to have to make some deals to get to know one another.

Word Count: 2290

Warnings: Like one cuss word.

A/N: The second part turned into more of a bridge for the third part of the series. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the length!

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You promised your mom you’d be back after the movies, but not before you grilled you about the details. Where are you going? Twilight Drive-In. Who are you going with? Jughead, a boy from school (at least you assumed). Who names their kids Jughead? Some pretty chill people. What movie are you watching? Rebel Without A Cause. I love James Dean, maybe I should go? No, absolutely not.

You gave her one last kiss before whining that you had a movie to catch. Not to mention, you had to get there and find a good spot for the movie. You pulled up, paid your five dollars, and found yourself a spot near the front.

You locked up the 67’ mustang convertible and meandered about. It was a shame about them tearing this place down. You always enjoyed a good drive in.

Stepping under the awning of the concession stand, you propped up on the metal counter. “Hi, can I get a large popcorn and a cherry cola, please?” You laid out a five but the kid told you the concessions were being paid through the ticket sales tonight.

You nodded and tucked the five in your jacket pocket. The white screen sparked to life. A short drive in commercial started rolling. Dancing popcorn, smiling fountain drinks, and some raisinettes jumping around, nothing put a smile on your face faster.

“I’d pay to see that a thousand more times.”

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Riverdale and Cookies

You and Shawn have been dating for four years now. You both have successful careers, each of you travelling the world with your music, each of you selling out arenas every night, but each of you still as in love as you were when you met in Magcon four years ago. You and Shawn had a three-day break in Canada before you both flew out to Manila for the Armani fashion show, where Shawn would show off the new watch he would be endorsing.

Canada was a lot colder than Australia which is where you were born and raised. It’s winter in Australia right now, so you were glad that you could experience some warm weather in Canada. Shawn was still sound asleep in his old bedroom in his childhood home, while you were getting dragged downstairs by the youngest Mendes -Shawn’s sister- Aaliyah. You forgot that you had promised her you would bake some cookies with her, for after her hockey game tonight. She had everything already laid out on the bench in a straight line.

“Okay, where do we start?” She asked, a big smile on her face. The last time you baked was with your best friend Jordan, you ‘made’ brownies. It was the one time she let you take control of everything and you ended up leaving the brownies in the oven for twenty minutes longer than required, they were burnt to the tray so bad that you had to end up throwing it out altogether.

“We start with the instructions and reading them over carefully because otherwise I will mess with up real bad and that won’t be the best thing in the world, as you can probably imagine” You picked up the now empty box that the cake batter previously sat in. “I can cook, so I’ll lead and you can crack the eggs” She picked the two she had placed on the counter and passed them to you. “Probably the only thing I can do without messing up” You laughed. Aaliyah laughed back and pulled out a bowl from a lower cupboard.

Halfway through baking the cookies, Karen -Shawn’s mum- came in and helped you get them out of the oven, it wasn’t that you didn’t trust Aaliyah it was that you didn’t trust yourself. You’re a very un-coordinated person and didn’t need to risk burning yourself. You and Aaliyah began to watch episode ten of Riverdale because Aaliyah hasn’t caught up. You knew who had killed Jason, mostly because you play Betty Cooper on the show and it’s always funny to see Aaliyah’s reaction to when you kiss Cole on screen because she sees you kiss Shawn all the time.

“What’re you guys watching?” A large weight fell on top of you and the teenage girl, causing a groan to escape from you and Aaliyah. “Riverdale” Aaliyah’s voice came out strangled. “Get off,” You told Shawn. “What episode?” Shawn asked, sitting back in the reclining chair in the corner of the living room. “Ten” Aaliyah’s eyes stayed glued to the screen. “Jughead’s birthday party” You turned back to look at him, seeing as you weren’t as invested as Aaliyah, you knew what was going to happen.

“Seen it” Shawn sighed, grabbing his guitar from next to him as he began to pluck a few random strings. “Can you play in another room?” Aaliyah complained, pausing the episode and turning back to Shawn with a poisonous glance. “No” Shawn returned Aaliyah’s look. You knew they were playing, you loved how close they were with each other. “Yeah, get out Shawn,” You told him. “This always happens when you two are together” Shawn stood up, still holding his guitar. “Two against one” You smiled, watching him walk past you into the kitchen.

You and Aaliyah stayed in the living room watching Jughead’s crazy birthday party unfold, while Shawn sat in the kitchen with his dad eating the cookies that you and Aaliyah had made earlier. “She’s a character” Manny sighed, looking at his son. “Yeah, I love her dad” Shawn nodded. “Good, hold on to her” Manny smiled, patting his son on the back. “I will, I promise”.

Are you made of copper and tellurium...?

#SanversWeek Day Two: Nerd Girlfriends.

More SMUT FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE. And there will be more tomorrow hehe.

@404artnotfound is literally beta goals holy fuck.

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It starts fairly innocently. The gang is together at the bar, shooting pool and drinking together after a big win against Cadmus. Maggie had been looking at her through hooded eyes all night, and it’s starting to rile Alex up until…

“Are you made of Copper and Tellurium?” Maggie drawls in her ear when the rest of the group gets distracted by Lena declaring in slight tipsiness that she would build Kara a soft serve machine in her apartment.

Alex groans, dropping her head to the table heavily and waiting for her ridiculous girlfriend to continue.

“Because you are Cu-Te.”

“You’re gonna have to try harder than that, Sawyer.” Alex mutters, lifting her head to squint at Maggie. She looks far too proud of herself at the line, sliding closer to Alex in the booth and placing a dangerous hand just a little too high on her thigh.

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