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hello it’s a beautiful morning and isak and sana have biology today and i’m just saying it would be real swell if a certain someone (even) could be waiting around before or after class and maybe talk to another certain someone (sana) about how the hell he made up with other certain people (balloon squad) bc it sure would be nice to get some clarification here

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The odd thing is, you're being degraded because of the heteronormativity of the world. Het until proven innocent, if you will. You're being lumped with the het who go to gay bars at peak hours to ogle the wildlife, having an unintended impact on the habitat. Lunch is different, but uncomfortably close. You've got a park ranger's perspective on preserving things from the inside, but stop being annoyed when the animals ask what right you have to be there. You can support w/o intruding, friendo.

What did I just read? I just took a painkiller for a headache, but I ibuprofen has never made written words incomprehensible to me before.

The way I see it, Robron were always going to have a cheating storyline at some point. It’s like a rule in soap, there must be a clause in a contract somewhere that says something like;
all soap couples must have a cheating storyline somewhere in their relationship otherwise they are not a real soap couple.

For me, I’d rather it come now. When both characters are struggling, they’ve both made mistakes, they’ve both broken vows and they have both done wrong by the other. That way it comes before they’ve properly settled down, it gives them a chance to work through their individual issues, and then grow together stronger as a couple having got all this crap out of the way.

I’d rather this than have the cheating come a couple of years down the line and it being a case of one of them simply being bored, or fed up of the other. At least there’s /reasoning/ behind this, I guess.

"YouTube Recommendation Masterpost" Masterpost

You know that one post about YouTubers to watch instead of Jontron that some people have put on my dashboard and complained about? Jon is shitty, but some of the people on the list like Markiplier and the Nostalgia Critic (what fucking year is it) aren’t any better, not just because I don’t like their content, but because they’ve done some things that are morally JonTron-esque that make them unqualified. Looks and production value do not equal morality.

So before you add another content creator to your masterpost, do some research and ask yourself the following questions.

- Have they made ANY questionable statements (racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/you know the drill)?

- If yes, how long ago were the statements made and how questionable are they?

- Do they like improving themselves/pointing out their own mistakes?

- Are said mistakes actually valid mistakes?

- Have they ever apologized for anything?

- If yes, have they stopped/attempted to stop doing the thing they apologized for?

- Are they a good boi?

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I mean even beyonce had to work to the point where she could just drop albums unannounced. I'm positive she wouldn't be where she is if she just stayed quiet during the destiny's child break and before the release of dangerously in love. Not to mention how she always made sure to showcase her strong connection to her bandmates. I mean do they really expect we'll just fall for his "mysterious" image. It just makes him look self involved

And hello it’s his first album? I’m truly baffled at the people saying he doesn’t have to do shit because newsflash when you put out something on your own you HAVE to get fans and potential audiences involved, unsure you’re Beyoncé and like you said even she had to work up to that.

Also Jeff can truly go fuck himself for implying that success comes to those who deserve it without having to work for it. That’s some kind of bullshit I swear. And if you want it or not, that kind of attitude rubs off on his clients, and that includes Harry too. I don’t like it because I do not believe he’s this kind of guy but like he hasn’t anything to counteract the image they’ve been putting out. So.

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Hi! I'm not sure if you made this post before but can you please tell me how infp teens are like? Thanks!

INFP teens…well, from my experience, INFP teens are really moody, though people may not see this side of them. They can be inwardly vicious but outwardly gentle–I’ve found that INFPs can really hate someone and act super nice to their face and may not even tell anyone else they hate said person until the hatred has grown unbearable. I’ve also found that INFPs tend to have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other such disorders more than other types, which is sad because INFPs are so sweet…

Anyway, INFPs are also really introverted. They may act really extroverted with friend groups, but afterwards they need a lot of time to themselves, doing things that they enjoy in order to feel rested and rejuvenated. INFP teens go through a lot of “phases,” too. They are typically the kids in middle and high school who dress uniquely or are “emo” or “hippie artist” types because they’re finding their personal style and way of life. 

INFP teens are also really artistic, but it’s not just a teen thing. INFPs are just really artsy!

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Im pretty sure I'm a cis girl, but before trans marco i was... I was transphobic. Although I would never admit it, I didnt understand why you would ever decide to be trans, you know? But Marco has kinda made me get it. And now i've started to question my own gender, as some things that she does fit into what I feel. Im honestly just so exited for trans marco to maybe be canon some day, so that more people can have experiences like all of us.

I get you. Like when I was a kid, I had a lot of internalized transphobia that having something like Marco would have really helped with.

  • me: louis is so iconic.
  • someone: wait, what? we weren't even talking about --
  • me: i mean, even after being put in a band he still didn't have many opportunities to shine. his mic was turned down/off, he wasn't given hardly any solos on Up All Night OR Take Me Home, which were his bands /first two albums/. let that sink in!!!! and if he let that discourage him, he didn't let it keep him down, which is inspirational enough on it's own. but not only that, he's used every negative experience in his life as a stepping stone to become better and better (especially career-wise).
  • someone: how did you put the parentheses in a spoken conversation?
  • me: people said he couldn't be a solo artist because his voice was "weak" but Just Hold On depicts exactly the opposite; JHO is full of range and really emphasizes the vocal power i've always known he's possessed. you asked about his songwriting?
  • someone: no i didn't but
  • me: don't even get me started on his songwriting. louis is one of those people who writes to tell a story. he takes the listener from Point A to Point B; within three minutes and thirty seconds, he manages to weave songs of high points&low points, good&bad, and most of all, an overarching theme of hope. he sings of love in a way that sounds attainable for anyone, and maybe it is. louis's songwriting sounds like memories being made and summer days and
  • someone: are you crying? again? i'm pretty sure this has happened before
  • me, choking down my tears: no i'm not crying shut up i'm not finished... bc i mean. not only is louis Doing That(TM) in all of these other areas (and slaying, i might add), he's still so lovely and sweet. he's humble and thankful for everything he has and for all the people who have helped get him this far. i mean, i have never seen someone so appreciative of their fans. he doesn't have to support our fan projects but he does because he /cares/. he loves us even though he doesn't know us and what's important is that he knows how to make us feel loved
  • someone: *sigh*
  • me, crying openly: i wonder if he realizes just how much he's adored and how much people admire him. because for the past six years, he's had struggle after struggle thrown at him and he's faced it all with such dignity and grace. even if he's had bad moments and sad moments, he still manages to laugh and make other people laugh and i admire him so much.
  • someone: are you done
  • me: i'm never done talking about louis but for now, yes pls put on up all night and cry with me. we're on 1d discography lockdown lets go

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I think it's funny that she never posted Harry-related shit before the article and then suddenly, after it's made public, she'll be referencing him right, left and center lol I'm sure we'll also get pap pics of her leaving his house, bc, y'know, the usual. It's like a switch, and I can't believe some people genuinely buy this shit? As long as this bearding remains mostly through social media I'm fine with it, tho. Hopefully Harry won't have to do many pap walks with her.

they don’t use any new tricks i swear public houses are always at the forefront of stunts

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Hey, so how do you maintain relationships when having bipolar? I have screwed up many of mine but I don't know how to make them understand that I can't stop myself from pushing them away when I'm depressed. I don't do meds tho.

I’m not sure if you mean romantic relationships or just different kinds of relationships in general, so I’ll answer for both. 

There’s a quote I read that really resonated with me: “Build friendships so strong that they raise your standards for romantic relationships.” I think it applies to everyone, but more so to people who have mental illness. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve made a habit of decentralising my support system, so that I tend to rely on different people in my life for different kinds of support. Relying on one person for support – be it a partner or a best friend – seems to be the ideal, but I think that doing so runs the risk of putting a strain on the relationship. That doesn’t mean that we’re a burden, mind you. It just means that we’re human – and so is our (hypothetical) partner.

I think having a support system composed of people who also support each other is the ideal. I’ve been known to push people away while depressed as well, and my friends and family have dealt with this by trying to get through to me in ways that they do best, then they communicate with each other to see how I’m doing, which approach worked, etc.

That would be my best advice, I guess. Try to build a web of support. Connect the people in your life who matter the most to you so that when your swings come, they could rely on each other as well.

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mmm basements. and washer/dryer hookups. Also, yes, yard work can be A Lot. If you really liked the house, you could try to insist that the current owners hire a yard service to at least mow before you move in, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve fallen in love with it.

no, we really didn’t. like, we could have made it work if we had to, ie short-notice renting like the rest of our life previous to this moment, but it seems like a bad idea to settle like that when buying

especially when it’s gonna be a lot of work

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You only need like two goats? ;)

(Temporarily; i’m convinced they can eat anything)

ha :D

they had an HOA in that neighborhood, I’m pretty sure they’d frown on goats, even temporarily

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it’s okay NEITHER DO I hence stuff that has been in the garage for over a year. <3


ah well, at least our kids are cute, that is comfort in these trying times ;)

Yesterday I was going to mention (but was all over the place) that I made sure to drink a Mocha for my mocha.

Because that’s what she was named for.

For new people, I’ll have you know, I went out to buy a coffee and came home with a guinea pig. best decision ever made.

AU where Harry and Louis have a summer romance as teenagers in 2009 before one of them moves away for ~something. Flash forward 8ish years later. Harry’s made it big as a musician. Louis’ teaching theater somewhere. He’s on break, and the radio is playing softly in the background. Then he hears it: “do you remember summer ‘09?” His head whips around and he cranks the volume because it couldn’t possibly be his curly singing about that summer that meant everything to him, could it?

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just fyi golems are tied to jewish religion as opposed to general occult stuff (it was taken from jewish belief) so I'm not sure it would be okay to make bismuth one (im not jewish so probs best to do some research abt this)

i did wonder about this (and would have asked around/done research before introducing bismuth). i’m thinking bismuth would be a custom type of occult inspired by golems as opposed to actually being a golem (just being a creature made from the dirt by witchcraft), and involving none of the jewish folklore/subtext. of course if any jewish followers/people familiar with golem lore want to weigh in that’d be brilliant.

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How were you able to make it to where you are now? I'd love to be able to make it that far so one day I could afford a Jaguar, but I'm not even sure where to start. Any tips?

  My money come from 2 places: My business, and my investments. But before you start a business or invest your money to make money work for you and not working hard for the money, you need skills and to get skills you need to read books. The top CEO reads 5 books a month AVERAGE, the self made billionaire warren buffet reads 500 pages a day, rich people have libraries while broke people spent their free time on TV/netflix.
So here’s my first tip read books.
Second, find something that you’re very good at and make it a business, a business is the fastest way to become a self made millionaire.
Third, your habits: you must change your habits. Broke people work for hourly jobs to pay the bills, rich people spent time getting skills to make their business grow, to make their investments work for them. Here’s an article that will help you:

But don’t sit around reading articles, go to a bookstore or library right now and grab 1 book and read it, to become rich you must know how money works, and how to PRODUCE, because producers are the ones who get rich, don’t be the guy who pays rent, be the guy who gets money from the rent. Don’t be the guy who spent a lot of money buying stuff, be the guy who sell stuff to a lot of people.

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Hi!! Since I'm still new with Vixx, i was wondering, base on your post about poll u made early this year? why people/fan ship Neo? from the video in youtube, leo looks like he's really don't like N, is there any moment/video that says otherwise? TQ!

welcome to vixx, sweetie ~ ♡ i am sure that people have various reasons why they might like n/leo, but i don’t think that leo hates n at all…? o - o?


  • What were your first impressions of each other?

N: I was a trainee before Leo, but my first impression… oh that’s right. It seems Leo looks like he might be cold so the other kids couldn’t comfortably approach him. Since I didn’t really feel that way about him, from the beginning I felt like “Oh~ A kid my age that I can get along with is here.” The Leo I see looks warm and has a friendly feel. 

Leo: When you become a trainee and someone new comes around, I think it’s the same for everyone, but I was sort of wary and others were too. N was really cheerful. He greeted me with a smile. I’m shy so in the beginning it’s hard for me to talk to people. Thanks to N, I was gradually able to make friends.

  • What are your positions in the group?

N: Taekwoon is the dad of VIXX. When the kids (members) seem like they might be doing something wrong or when things get out of control, in times like that he steps up and talks. He really adds to the group mood without being too light or too harsh.

Leo: N is the leader more than like a mom or dad.

N: I’m a cool leader! (laughs)

Leo: I’m the type that when I can’t get across what I want to say, I raise my voice but Hakyeon… N is a good leader who is able to use warm words to convince everyone.

N: I’m a broad-minded leader, right!!

  • Please tell us about each other’s strong points. 

N: First, Taekwoon has a charisma that is understood by people even if he doesn’t say anything. And he is really good at singing. I admire those things about him and I would like to learn from him.

Leo: I think N is a person that is able to impress/touch people with his dancing. I learn a lot watching him.. his dancing is really picturesque. He also thinks of how the group will look instead of thinking of himself first. I really want to learn from him on that point.

  • You were both on the audition show “MyDOL” and ended up debuting. Since then has your relationship changed? 

N: Hmm, instead of our relationship changing, even before we were on the show, we were spending our time together as trainees so by then we were already important to each other. I feel like we became closer.

Leo: That’s right.. During “MyDOL” there were two other trainees the same age as us so the jobs were divided among four people. After we debuted, we were only two of us that had to do the work. Now that I think of it, it was really hard. But because we did have that experience, we are able to help each other out and have also become closer.

[interview found in HERE.]

[gifset found in HERE.]

“If anything has to do with VIXX, he (N) will bravely and fairly approach it. He’s a man you can have confidence in” – Leo

“He’s the very ideal leader. I have a tendency to let my emotions get ahead of me, but N is able to give caution or advice with a rational thought. As the eldest-line, don’t we make a good combo?” – Leo

[translations found in HERE and HERE.]

“I am really shy, but when I first met N, he immediately smiled. He greeted me with “Yaa~” while smiling so it was hard for me to understand, but it was cute. In truth, it was hard getting used to each other because our personalities are so different.” – Leo

[translation found in HERE.]

there is probably more where leo is saying what he thinks about n, but i have to go to uni soon ^^; i hope these will suffice ♡ ♡