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Last week saw me jealous of a girl who had hands like bleeding ink
because every filthy, devastated thing she got her hands on
turned to aching diamond, weeping sun and bleeding earth
in the form of rolling poetry so violently soft
I felt loud in comparison just reading it.

Her poetry read like a symphony
and my mother’s laughter
and had the cadence of an angel’s undoing;
down and down—

I felt filthy just reading it because no form of self-hate
I had sampled tasted quite as sharp as her words
scraping at the roof of my mouth with the fervent softness of a nesting bird
urgent, insistent, and bitterly not my own.

If her hands drip verses as if aroused by life itself mine are dry
and peeling and are nowhere near as soft
Not the hands of an artist
Or a scribe
Or the poet I call myself to be.
Envy so green no garden had a hope of growing vines
so strong to strangle my jealousy had me scorning my pens
how a flame shuns water.

She may secrete moonlight every time her palms touch but
I’ve been struggling to find the beauty in this fragile ability of my own
hands chapped against scrappy paper
fingers wringing blood from stone.

—  it never comes easy////hello 2017
Hold Me Down

I always knew you wanted me 

A/N : So, this was based off this request. However, my hiatus is still on going I just didn’t want to disappoint the lovely anon who requested it. You can clearly tell that my writer’s block is just here to stay xD. Also, as always, this is completely unedited because I’m a piece of shit and it’s 5am .

Anyways, Thank you for reading and requesting. Hope you enjoy <3

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( I don’t know why I laughed after choosing this gif, I’m so sorry for the suffering I have brought upon you )

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” He whined leaning on the closed bathroom door, tapping his foot on the floor in annoyance, waiting for you to come out.

“You said you’ll review my outfit for me.” You sounded out of breath from all the jumping around trying to make it look the best.

“I didn’t know it will be lingerie” He scoffed “Are you having your date at the playboy mansion or something?”

“What’s the problem?” You rolled your eyes, letting your hair down “I thought you said I wasn’t your type.”

“Fine, just come out already.” He pushed himself off the door when you turned the doorknob, opening it. You stepped out, giving him full view of what you were wearing. Your high heels clicked on the wooden floor as you walked to stand right in front of him, feeling a little awkward at first. But, it was still for a cause.

Jungkook stared you up and down, his gaze hungrily embracing your every curve. You could notice the slight shift in his eyes, from the annoyed look he had the whole time to a pouring lust, taking in each of your movements. You pulled at the fabric of your panties, adjusting it around your waist, and nervously waiting for him to say something. Your eyes met and he tore his gaze away from you, clearing his throat and turning his head.

“Cover up.” Jungkook picked up one of your shirts from the bed and threw it in your general direction as he sat down where your clothes once were.

“Do I look that bad?” You turned to the mirror, looking at your side view and fixing the straps “I think it’s good.”

“It is.” He whispered looking everywhere but at you, uncomfortably shifting on the bed then standing back up. You walked to him with the shirt in hand, refusing to put it on and pouted.

“What did you say?”

“I said it looks good. Great, actually. Now put on some clothes.”

“Why?” You finally noticed that every time the distance closed in between the two of you he would  step back, creating it again “Oh, Jungkookie. You’re cute.”

“Stop it, Y/N.” Turning so your back was facing him, you dropped the shirt to the ground in one last attempt to tease him. But, before the fabric hit the floor, he had you pressed against the wall with his body trapping you motionless.

Jungkookie...” You whimpered trying for a moment to get out of his grip but just giving up when you could tell it was not happening. Once the nickname unconsciously left your mouth again, you knew you would regret it.

“I told you to stop.” He stroked the hair away from your neck, letting his breath fan warmly on the skin, pushing you further into the wall with his chest flush against your back “Do you enjoy teasing me that much? How would it feel if I did it?”

You didn’t have time to respond when his fingers started to ascend down your neck, back and past your waist toying with the straps in the same way you were doing so. He growled softly at the feeling of the tight lace ties on his fingers then, much to your dismay, effortlessly ripped the fabric off.  


“Now you call me that.” He shrugged as he  pushing your legs apart with his knee “You don’t see me as man, do you?”

Your protest was muffled with the thrust of his fingers into you, setting a fast pace from the start. You squirmed and that was all the assistance he needed to have perfect angle to push up against your spot. Your legs trembled threatening to give out, knees becoming weak as he kept up his assault, drinking your moans with extreme amusement of the effect he had on you.

“Jungkook, slow dow-” His digits plunged in and out harder and you lost it. Melting into his touch, you threw your head back letting out one last breathy and piercing cry, your legs letting you down. His free hand came up to wrap itself around your waist, he pulled your body closer to keep you from falling down with an everlasting smirk on his face.

Letting you ride out your high, he left gentle kisses on your shoulder contrasting with the roughness of his movements. Once you snapped out of your trance you turned to face him, still stuck between him and the wall. The way he looked at you, his eyes deepening with a glimpse of passion and something you couldn’t read but it made your heart flutter. He looked at you the way you always wanted him to.

“Kiss me.” you intended for it to be a command but was spilled out as a quiet plea. A plea he was more than happy to yield to, leaning down to capture your lips in a greedy and impatient kiss. He pulled back, staring down at your smug expression.


“I knew you always wanted me.” You smiled reaching up to connect your lips again “You just needed a little … push.” Jungkook inhaled sharply when you palmed him through his jeans, ghosting your fingers over his erection, painfully hanging with carnal desire.

“What did I tell you about teasing?” He gripped your wrist, moving your hand away from him.

“I am just getting started.” You push yourself off the wall, driving him along and towards the bed until you were straddling him “And I fully intend on finishing.”

“Do you really think you’re in charge here?” Jungkook laughed, darkly and hoarsely, his grip getting tighter on your waist “That’s cute.” He flipped both of you over, him on top again. As he always is. Your arousal was growing again, having always been keen on his sense of domination. Something that you would usually make fun of, but not this time. One thing you always loved about your best friend and the only thing that pushed you to do this was that once he knew what he wanted, his determination to get it was admirable and in your case appreciated.

He sat up, your legs spread on his thighs as he urgently undid his pants pulling them down along with his boxer then leaning back down to meet your awaiting mouth. He let his tongue slip in just as he positioned himself at your entrance. For a moment it felt like the world stopped spinning as you breathed in each other’s air, your heart thumping faster and louder at the lust behind his deep and driven thrusts.

The next moment, he had you pinned to the bed keeping you from flying off as he pounded restlessly with all the force he had into you. Jungkook pulled away to look at you, hair messy and out of place completely, mouth gaping to breath in every bit of air like it was your last. Because it damn felt like it was. He came to know that he actually liked seeing you like this, like a mess, for him. He wanted it to be only for him. And you liked how he felt inside of your walls, hot and throbbing. Like you knew you would.

Euphoria spread into your every muscle with shivering spasms with his continuous snaps, grinding his hips against yours. Raising yourself to meet his thrusts driving him deeper and deeper each time, You opened your eyes to meet his gaze, strangely heart-warming, and he stilled letting a series of low grunts hitting his own high.

His hips bucked a few more times dragging out his climax as he groaned, your walls clamping down on him like an encouragement. Your thighs hiked up around his waist as his face was now buried in your neck, nuzzling the damp hair with faint pants that sent more shivers down your spine.

Jungkook moved off, once his weight was starting to be too much for your tired body to hold, supporting himself on his elbows as his gazed at you again.

“About that date … ” He started out, awkwardly shy, his shifts back and forth from arrogant and cocky that he was a moment ago to this were rather amusing. You knew you wouldn’t get bored with him.

“You still don’t get it?” You chuckled, feeling like a winner of some kind, turning on your side and tangling your fingers into his hair moving the sweaty strands from his face “There was never really a date, just you.”

“Good” He smiled revealing that bunny, ironically innocent smile, leaning down to kiss you “let’s keep it that that way.”

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Consider: Gavin who, for some reason or another, can manipulate probabilities in his favor. Except he doesn't know about it.

Ok honestly this one stumped me a bit. On the one hand, i adore this idea, i really truely do. On the other hand are we entirely convinced that this isn’t the reality we are already living in? Are we really completely sure? Thats before we even get to FAHC Gavin because oh man - kid came from nothing, made the absurd decision to throw himself into a life of crime across the sea, happened to put his faith in Geoff rather than any other crook in the hellhole of Los Santos, got into the FAHC on the ground level and look how they soared. Look how Gavin excelled, how he’s built an image, how he always knows the exact right thing to say, to do, how he can always get his way. Look how Gavin manages to push and prod and take and still not catch a bullet to the brain, instead gaining a family who would die for him, kill for him. Instead gaining a kingdom which fears him as much as they want to be him, tripping over themselves to do his bidding even as they tremble in his wake.

Its not just rags to riches, its poverty to royalty and that, my friend, is outlandishly unlikely. As unlikely as the fact that the FAHC have yet to be toppled from their throne, as the fact that they have yet to suffer any great tragedy, as the fact that Gavin has not for one moment since his journey began been faced with a major setback. Talents aside, making all those little choices that led him here is ridiculously lucky. Almost like someone is watching out for him. Almost like the world itself bends around his whims, whether he knows it or not.

Literally my first actual sickfic ever wow. Also it’s six in the morning and I haven’t gone to sleep yet so please let me know if you find weird stuff so i can make corrections!

Yuri glances around him in the crowded room, searching for a familiar face. He doesn’t really care who, he’d take even Katsudon right now. He’d prefer Otabek, sure, but in the middle of unfamiliar reporters and photographers the only thing he needs is an excuse to get away without the reporters following him. Because they will follow him because this is Russia and the media loves him about as much as he hates it.

He sees Mila chatting with some dude with a microphone, Viktor on the other side of the room and the Swiss pervert flirting at a camera. There’s a young-looking female reporter eyeing Yuri like she’s gonna come talk to him any second and at least three more who, to him at least, look exactly like they’re preying on him. So he leans back against the wall and tries to ignore the fact that his palms are sweating and he feels like shit and he’s actually terrified that he’s going to puke in front of a roomful reporters. His heart is hammering against his ribs.

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I'm really in love with the SoC universe and thinking abt getting into the fandom/writing fic, but I've never been more than a lurker. In your opinion how open/friendly is the Fandom?

please join us!! i can honestly say from my experience people here are open and supportive and just genuinely sweet. i have made great friends and i’m sure you will too. and i have yet to come across anyone in this fandom who isn’t friendly. i’m used to past fandoms where there was always some sort of discourse between bloggers but this fandom is filled with actual angels™ and there is literally no drama. plus!! we were blessed with an amazing cast of characters and incredible author to rave about soooooo it’s a fun fandom to be a part of tbh ♡

i often wonder if i will ~know~. i do a lot of ‘what am i doing?’ and ‘should i go back to school?’ and ‘can i really write this novel? is it worth it?’ or ‘do i want to be teaching full time?’ i do so much wondering, if i’m good enough or even sub par enough to pull anything off. teaching, improv, writing, wife-ing, future mother-ing. i want to know, i want confidence, i want to put my foot down and say, this is what i’m here for, i can do this. and i don’t even need it to be one thing or even full on superior, genius at one thing or anything. just like… i want to be one of those people who looks at something they’ve done or accomplished and say, ‘yeah that’s good and important and great and i did that.’ 

You leave traces of yourself scattered around so that I can’t quite decide if you’re really here or if there’s just pieces of your ghost. Your hands have left invisible marks on my skin, remnants in the shape of your promises. Yet instead of holding your face, my eyes are with the way the colour rushes beneath the surface, red blooming to form five fingers and then spreading through my veins like wildfire. See, I live in a black and white town made of dull greys and cracked concrete but everything you touch comes alive. Don’t question my belief in seeing, for my whole life I’ve lived among the blind but all it took was you.
—  ~Exceprt from a book I’ll never write #63
lost in your sleeve (3/?)

“For a kid with so damn much family these days, he’s still somehow been dealt a shitty hand.” No magic AU where Henry’s just a sad, angry with with a fucked up family tree.

Captain Cobra. (Eventual) Captain Swan.

Notes: Reminder that Henry’s opinions - and it really is just his opinions - in no way reflect the author’s opinions and are by no means meant to be taken as truth. Henry is a sad, angry kid viewing things from a very specific lens. Things are picking up a little bit more, though. Hopefully the next update will be in about a week? I now have kittens who demand my attention but I’ll try to write when they’re napping. 

Song you should definitely listen to if you haven’t yet: Eugene by Sufjan Stevens.

(Thanks again to swallowedsong for reading this over and such.)


Wanna catch up? prologue one two

chapter 3.



            “I had a feeling I’d find you out here.”

            “Oh, fuck off.”

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(1/2) Your AU and artworks are all so adorable!! I mostly draw stuff than write a fanfic, but seeing all your works for this AU makes me wanna write some short drabbles. Honestly I do want to write but it's your AU so I'm not really sure how I'm gonna write it w/o being considered as "stealing others idea" rather than "this idea was inspired from facet-5's work".

omg are you serious? you can draw or write whatever you want! i’m just so honored anyone would be inspired enough to create anything based off my take on this au haha

as for tags, i guess you could just use “facet 5“ without the hyphen? i don’t think anyone’s using it, and idk if tumblr’s still being weird with hyphenated urls or not.

But all I can really hope for is that three years from now when you’ll be standing in the balcony of your apartment and looking at the purple sky it reminds you of the lavenders you had promised me and cotton clouds remind you of my hugs. And that the coffee mug in your hand holds black coffee that you made for the second time because you decided that black coffee matched my dark eyes. I hope that when you were to go to a restaurant you order iced tea even though you hate it because that’s what you always ordered for me and when you leave the restaurant with that once chilled glass of iced tea still on the table - untouched, and little drops of water roll down it, it reminds you of the days I sat in front of you crying and you couldn’t do anything but stare at me until the tears dried off.
—  Dia T. // I hope you miss me half as much as I will

what to say: knowing my habits, when i first started this blog i didn’t think it would have lasted, let alone that i would reach this incredible milestone. yet, ten months later, here i am writing this asshole with more enthusiasm than ever. i don’t really want to become repetitive but thank you everyone; it’s thank to you all if i can bring to life a muse that holds an immense importance to me, and being able to write his thoughts everyday with such amazing people is the greatest joy ever. now, without boring you any further, BIAS LIST.

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