that i wouldn't waste my day


“I’m an Iowa boy who spent his high school years in south Minnesota wishing he was somewhere else. I started writing music as an escape from reality and it soon grew from a hobby into a wild monster — a passion that has taken over every corner of my life.”

oh god i got sucked into laughing at noodle charon again

you can completely immobilise me with a silly gif
my ultimate weakness

ok since that was about 4 hours of my day wasted editing Esther, I’ve added a couple recolorable rabbit holes and I’m gonna dive into Linmeadow by Pleyita!! My game shouldn’t freeze when editing town cause I took out the decrapfix file. So if I can get it how I like, the Heart-Dreams are moving to Linmeadow (but you won’t notice the difference tbh I don’t do a lot of outdoor shots) 

Cross fingers and send fast vibes to my computer so it’ll let me edit town and not take all night doing it