that i woke up early the other day

‘We Met Through Our Roommate’ AU’s

- “you’re the roommate of my crush and you felt sorry for me and my pathetic attempts at wooing them so you offered to help me get in their pants but somewhere along the way we ended up falling for each other” au

- “you slept with my roommate who is notorious for one night stands, and now im meant to tell you that the reason you woke up alone is because they had to get to an early class, and proceed to get your phone number and tell you that they’ll call in a few days before binning it as soon as you leave, but i never do that so hi, sorry my roommates a jackass. pancakes?” au

- “my roommate is crushing on your roommate, who i hate. and your roommate is crushing on my roommate, who you hate. care to help me sabotage their relationship?” au

- “your roommate is pretty much stalking me, and you keep accompanying them to make sure they don’t do anything stupid and i accidentally mistook you for my stalker and kneed you in the crotch and i’m so sorry please let me get you some ice” au

- “your roommate got drunk at a party i hosted and passed out on my bathroom floor and you’ve come to collect them, but moving them from the bathroom and down to your car seems to be a two person job so now how do we get them round this corner and down the stairs without dropping them or giving them brain damage?” au

- “my roommate is in love with you an i’m meant to be getting you to date them but now i think i’m falling in love with you myself and this sucks everything sucks you suck” au

- “our roommates are fucking and its gotten to the point where we’re so sick of hearing them go at it all night that we have keys to each others places to escape the midnight moans, grunting and bed creaking and i don’t know where this is leading but i hope we end up fucking too” au

- “your roommate hosted a party and you’re not really a party person so you’ve locked yourself in your room but i’m not a party person either and its really loud out there can i just sit on your bed and play games on my phone or something?” au

- “your roommate is crushing on me, and my roommate is crushing on you, and we’re both meant to be setting the other up with our respective roommates but we’ve ended up falling for each other and this cannot end well” au

- “your roommate locked you out so they could have sex, and my roommate borrowed my key and then decided to go out last minute so we’re both stranded in the hallway together for an indefinite amount of time and wow your roommate makes really weird and loud sex noises" au

- “me and your roommate share a class together and help each other study weekly and you’re an annoying twat who thinks its funny to keep interrupting us and wait what do you mean they’re running late? no im not waiting here alone with you for two hours are you insane” au

Poorly Shawny

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,000
Warnings ~ Like one swear
Note ~ This is so bad, I know, I’m sorry.

*Need to add a GIF, but will probably forget XD*

Shawn wasn’t next to me when I woke up, which was odd considering he liked to sleep in until stupid o'clock whenever he had a free day. The only reasons he would be awake so early was if he was writing a song, and considering Que threatened to smash his guitar if she ever heard it being plaid at 2AM again, I’m guessing that wasn’t the case. The other reason would be his friends forcing him into the gym at six in the morning.

But when I walked into the living room the TV was still on, casting a soft glow over Shawn’s sleeping figure that was shoved onto the sofa way too small for him.

Crouching in front of him, I ran my hand through his hair, pushing the lose strands away from his abnormally pale face. Shawn stirred, a weak smile crept onto his face as his eyes fluttered open, “Hey Baby.” Even through the sleep, his voice still sounded rougher than normal.

“Hey, you feeling okay?” I asked, my fingers moving to stroke the burning skin of his cheek. He nodded and sat up, instantly squeezing his eyes shut as if he was trying to keep the pain away. “I just have a bit of a headache and my throat hurts. Nothing too big.” I knew he was lying; just by looking at him I could tell there was a lot more wrong than that, but I decided not to push it.

Before he could say anything else to stop me worrying, I was racing into the kitchen to get him pain meds. I could hear his soft chuckles as he followed close behind. “Here take these.” Shawn happily took the bottle of Tylenol and went to grab a glass of water.

“Don’t you have a meeting today?” He asked, amusement clear on his face as he watched me struggle to pull a pan from the cupboard.

“It doesn’t start until eight, I still have like an hour to get there.” He lifted the other pans so I could grab the one I wanted, “Can you pass me the eggs?”

Shawn was pretty much glued to my side as I cooked up breakfast, only leaving to grab ingredients from the fridge. And I felt guilty for admitting it, but I really liked when he got all cuddly like this.

Que stumbled into the room just as I finished plating up the food, flopping into a seat at the table. She didn’t even try to hold back when she saw Shawn, “Wow, you look like shit.”

I flashed her a look as if to say “Seriously” and dumped a plate in front of her. Shawn grabbed both of our plates before sitting down and pulling me onto his lap. He barely touched his food, instead spending most of his time half asleep with his head buried against my neck.

“I can stay home, if you want?” I whispered while Que cleared the dishes, “I’m sure Que and Mike can manage without me.”

His stubble tickled as he kissed my cheek, “I’ll be fine. Believe it or not, but I can live without you.”

I returned his joke with a sarcastic laugh and a smack on the shoulder. 


At first I thought leaving Shawn and Que home alone while I went food shopping would be a disaster, so I was pleasantly surprised to come home to find neither of them had tried committing murder.

Both of them started laughing when I walked into the living room, followed by a fit of coughing from Shawn. I was even more confused when I asked them what was going on and they started laughing harder.

“I was telling Loverboy here about how you walked into the meeting and spilt tea all over that marketing guy.” Que explained. I already felt my face heating up. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have left them alone.

“It’s not funny.” I mumbled, shoving the bags into Que’s hands. She rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen to unpack them.

“It sounded pretty funny.” Shawn coughed again. His whole body tensed when I went to lay next to him. He covered his mouth and nose with his hand.

“What’s wrong? Do I smell or something?” Shawn shook his head no and mumbled something completely inaudible. I giggled and pulled his hand away.

“I don’t want to get you sick.” He repeated, trying to wiggle away as I landed up and kissed his cheek.

“Aww, you’re so sweet. But I want to cuddle, so I’m not leaving.” I stood my ground and opened my arms, inviting him for cuddles which I knew he wouldn’t refuse. This time he didn’t argue, but reluctantly shuffled so his head was resting on my chest.

He quickly started to relax as I played with his hair, curling strands around my finger and letting them spring back into place. Every now and again he would erupt into a coughing fit, nearly knocking me off the sofa at one point. Shawn just apologised and hugged me closer.

By this point, I was so invested in the TV show playing on the TV that I didn’t even notice his hand traveling down my stomach. It wasn’t until it was under my jumper that I finally looked down at him with wide eyes.

“What?” Shawn stared back with innocent eyes, but I could see the hint of mischief in them, “My hand’s cold.”

I rolled my eyes, saying that I let him continue tracing patterns on my bare skin. Whatever that mischievous look in his eyes was, it shot lived. Soon enough his movements came to a halt as his breathing deepened and muffled little snores escaped.

Smiling down at him, I couldn’t help but think about how cute he looked. I went to grab my phone to take a photo of him when I heard a click. Looking up Que stood in the doorway, smirking at down at her phone screen.

“Blackmail material.” She told me as she walked past us and towards her room, but stopped to take another photo. She hesitated for a moment before saying her next words, “And I guess you’s are pretty cute.”

I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. Something must have happened between these two while I was gone, because I was a hundred percent sure this was the first time I’ve ever heard her compliment us, let alone Shawn.

“Send me the photos!” I half whispered, half yelled at her but she was already running towards her bedroom, slamming the door shut.

After Hours

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Summary: After a few years off the train, you work for Curtis and being to develop feelings over time. Those feelings get put to good use. 

Word Count: 1675

Warnings: Smutty Smut

Author’s Note: Thank you to @mewsiex for this awesome prompt and to @theycallmebecca for being such a freaking awesome beta.

You woke up bright and early to get to the farm on time. You were in charge of the farm today since Curtis had other business to tend to and had asked you the previous day if you could run the place while he was gone. You said yes without any hesitation.

You arrived at the farm before anyone else and went into the office to see if you had any pickups and dropoffs. You were shocked to see Curtis there sitting at his desk.

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mjonesy18 replied to your post “The first day of classes was great! I woke up at 5:30am. Worked out….”

How do you find the energy to wake up so early? What time do you go to bed as a college student lmao?

First of all, I want to put out the disclaimer that I don’t participate in a lot of what most other college students do. I don’t hang out with friends terribly often aside from meals and studying. And I don’t drink, do drugs, or party. So. That’s an important detail as far as time management, because that means I have more time to spend on meditation, exercise, extracurriculars, relaxing by myself, and—you guessed it—sleeping. Though not that much.

But to answer your actual questions…

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have the “energy” to wake up early. I press snooze like everyone else. But recently I changed my alarm to the Pokémon Theme Song. So I might press snooze once. The next time the song starts playing I listen to it while I gradually wake up. As silly as it sounds, I try to sorta half-awake dance to it. Then, where it gets to the ending where it’s like, “Gotta catch ‘em all… PO-KÉ-MON!” I try to force myself to jump outta bed and pump my fist. Silly, but hey, it works.

I think the Pokémon Theme Song is a great song choice because it starts out saying, “I want to be the very best,” which gives me a reason to wake up. And, practically speaking, I also use a light alarm clock (I set both, but I set the light alarm slightly earlier), which helps wake me up naturally, especially when it’s dark outside.

So, all-in-all, it’s discipline, not energy. I have issues with energy due to depression, so I had to find another way (it was definitely a process, but it can be done). I heard in a TED Talk that you have about 5 seconds to do something unpleasant before it actually requires significant energy on your part to decide to do that thing. So try to give yourself a time limit to start.

As for what time I go to bed, it’s generally between 9pm-12am. It varies day to day. If I get home around dinner time feeling tired, I force myself to work until 9pm so I can go to bed early and get the extra rest I need (sometimes I push through it once I start, though!).

I’m not gonna pretend I’ve never done all-nighters, but I avoid them like the plague because they’re miserable af. I’ve learned that sleep is very important to my success. So it’s up to me to be diligent enough in my work to where all-nighters don’t become necessary at all.


Newt x Reader

Requested By Anon

“They’re impressive.” Newt muttered to Thomas as they continued their conversation.


“The Group B girls?” Thomas asked and followed Newt’s gesture towards them. “I guess.”


You couldn’t help but feel a little put out by what Newt said, you knew he didn’t mean anything by it, but you couldn’t help but feel worried that he’d lose interest in you because you weren’t fierce or a badass like the other girls.


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You make them lunch: Shinwon, Yuto, Kino, Yan An

“How would Shinwon, Yuto, Kino, and Yan An react to their girlfriend making them a lunch for work or something?”

Shinwon - Say he found it on the counter before he left while you were still asleep. He wouldn’t go and wake you up, but he’d leave a thank you note in the lunch’s place. One you woke up and texted him, the first thing he would mention is how lucky he feels he is to have you.

Yuto - He’d likely go and brag about it to the others. Who else has a wonderful significant other that would stay up late/get up early just for his benefit? He’d open it up and almost not want to dismantle your work, but ends up being too hungry to care.

Kino - I think it would be very revitalizing to him. Like, he just gets to the Cube building and practices all day and he’s exhausted, but when he opens his bag he finds the food you made him. You likely left a note with it, so he’d eat right away and keep the note in his bag for a future mood boost.

Yan An - He would find it the sweetest (or at least have the sweetest reaction~). He’d be about to walk out the door, and you’d quickly get his attention and hold the container out to him. All I can picture is a sweet smile and a hug, him saying something of gratitude, and leaving feeling very ready for the day.

anonymous asked:

So last week for Valentines I had to work that night, but that didn't stop us from seeing each other. We woke up early and went out to eat for breakfast, but I was feeling more horny than usual and decided not to wear panties. I was driving after we ate, and he started finger fucking me while I was driving (stick shift too). This left me a hot mess for the rest of the day. That night after work, I snuck him in my house, and he fucked me so good, it was risky since everyone was home, but so good!

Fluffy valentine’s day scenario, because I wanted to write something for Valentine’s day and I chose Genji cause he’s my fav

You woke up early, excited for the day. Today was Valentine’s day and you had something special planned. As the day approached you had realized that you didn’t know if Valentine’s Day was even celebrated in Japan. So you had looked it up and discover that it was traditional for women to give men chocolate on that day, and the chocolate was often handmade. That decided what you would be doing. You asked Angela for a personal day (like quite a few other agents were doing), Which she readily agreed to. Everyone had been hard and she didn’t mind people taking off Valentine’s to be with their significant others.

Thanking God that you had one of the quarters with a small kitchen in it, you got out the chocolate making supplies. You didn’t have to worry about Genji coming and interrupting you since he had volunteered to a training exercise for some of the new recruits.

3 ½ hours later you had succeeded, and you had a batch of delicious chocolate to give your boyfriend and another to share with friends. You went around to your friends, giving them small boxes of chocolate. You gave them to Angela, Mei, Lucio, and even Hanzo; and left them at the quarters of Jesse, Lena, and most of the others since they were out.

A little before the mess hall started serving dinner you saw a line of the recruits Genji had been training walking to their quarters sporting various bruises. You smiled to yourself as you walked down the hall; everyone who came to Overwatch was skilled, but not many could keep up the ninja cyborg.

Since the training was over you decided to go find him since you hadn’t talked to him all day, and you had the chocolate. But he wasn’t at the training ground, his quarters, or anywhere also you searched. You finally saw Zenyatta and asked him if he knew where Genji was.

“Have you tried the cliffside?” was the omnics only suggestion.

“No, I haven’t, I’ll try there next. Thank you!“ you had no idea why Genji might be by the cliffside but Zenyatta knew Genji better than anyone, even you. He wouldn’t suggest the cliffside if he didn’t think it was a good idea. So that’s where you headed.

The cliffs overlooked the ocean, providing a view that was both breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying as the water at the cliff base was full of sharp rocks. But there was no sign of Genji. You were about to head back to base when two hands suddenly covered your eyes and a familiar voice said “There you are, you finally showed up.”

“I didn’t know you were waiting for me,” you told Genji as you put your hands over his to try and move them away from your eyes.

“I asked Zenyatta to direct you this way, I have a surprise for you. And no, you can’t look yet,” he told as you tried in vain to move his hands. He kept one hand over your eyes and took your hand in his other and led you slowly along the path. As you walked you asked him where you were going, still conscious of the wrapped gift of chocolate that was in your hand.

A few minutes later you stopped and Genji took his hand off your eyes. In front of you was a table tables set for two in the middle of one of the groves of trees that grew on the cliffs. The table was set to be simple but gorgeous with wildflowers decorating it.

You turned to your boyfriend, “Genji it’s beautiful!”

“I’m glad you like it, [Name].”

“I do, but you didn’t have to, I know it’s not traditional in Japa-” you cut yourself, not wanting to reveal that you had also been thinking about the holiday, but you were too late.

“How do you know what’s traditional in Japan?” he asked with a teasing smirk.

“I know how to look things things up the Internet,” you told him. “Speaking of…” not seeing a better opportunity than now you held out the wrapped chocolate to him.

He looked at you, but you couldn’t tell what his face looked like under the mask as he opened the package. He looked the chocolate then back at you then back at the chocolate. “[Name], you didn’t have to…” the next moment he was hugging you, “But I am not sorry you did.”

You hugged him back, “Dinner looks delicious.” He let you go, led you to the table, and pulled out your chair for you. After you were seated he sat in the other chair and took off his mask, letting you see his face.

The grin on his face mirrored your own as you started the romantic meal he had prepared.

New Adventures - Chapter 4

Synopsis: Dwight gives Elizabeth her job assignment, and Negan decides he needs to have a little talk.


Characters: Negan, Elizabeth (My OC), Dwight, Arat

Word Count: 2,780

Warnings: Negan’s dirty mouth, eventual smut, fluff

*Don’t forget to read the other chapters! The masterlist is HERE.

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               You woke up the next morning to a knocking on the door. “Hey, new girl, it’s time to get up. We got work to get done.” It was Dwight, bright and early as he’d promised the previous night. Today was the day you’d get your work assignment. You decided you were going to make the most of this new situation and torment Negan every way you possibly could without getting yourself into too much trouble.

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God Damn it, I Love You - Kylo Ren

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader
Fandom: Star Wars
Requested: Yes By anon
Request: “god dammit, why can’t you see that i love you!” + Reader/Kylo Ren?

A/N: sorry been really busy with work and having Christmas it was a hectic 2/3 months but should be writing more imagines soon D/C = different colour

Originally posted by the-strangest-love

Woking on the starkiller base was different and having kylo ren as a boyfriend was hard, having a boyfriend that is strict was alright, but when you have to do your job that involves other people it does get a little annoying, for example, needing to give reports to general hux on the way back to your room after finishing a long day, or having to get up early to get a head start on the day, and then getting the questions of why are you late? Where were you this morning? Are you seeing someone else? Who is he? Why is there a D/C hair on you shoulder? It was relatively the little things that Kylo would pick up on and ask the questions about.

So walking back to my share room I accidently bumped into Lieutenant Mitaka, he was a nice fellow, but very shy “Hello lieutenant, how are you” I greeted with a warm smile “Fine, thank you, how about yourself” he nodded. This lead into a 10 minute conversation with lieutenant, as I was saying good bye to lieutenant, walking past him to the shared room of mine and kylo’s, I felt kylo’s presence behind me, and I knew what he was going to say, but that could wait till we go into the bedroom instead of talking in front of other people, but then again he was already giving me the lecture due to the force he had.

Originally posted by kyloholic

“God damn it Kylo,” I spoke as I walked into our room, over to our bed turning to him, Kylo following behind “Can’t you tell that I love you, just because I have to work with other men doesn’t mean I love them” sitting on the end of the bed “Yeah, but they think horrible things that they want to do to you” he retorts taking his helmet off and throwing it on the desk making a clanking noise “Yes, I know that, but you’re always close to me and you helping me train, so if they do try, which they won’t, but they’ll be in pain” I exclaim, whilst getting up and making my way to him “because you’ll there and you’ll have them begging for their breathe” looking  him in the eyes, before kissing his nose.

Perfect Proposal 💍💍

Anon: “I asked about the Ethan Dolan imagine a few days ago. I was wondering if you could do one where Y/N and Ethan have a day out at an amusement park and he proposes”
I took it in an odd way, but enjoy!
I roll over in bed, the sunshine hitting my skin and breeze from the open window wafting the curtains. I slide my arm over the other side of the bed and am confused when it can not find Ethan. I sit up and rub my eyes. I am an early bird, a habit left over from my days working while going through Med-school. Even on a beautiful Saturday off, I couldn’t sleep in. Usually, Ethan was the opposite, lounging around until at least noon. I would go for a run, tie up any loose work strings and do some laundry before he woke up. I check my phone and see that it is only 7:15. “Ethan?” I call out into the apartment.

I hear the padding of bare feet and smile when his dark eyes meet mine. He leans against the doorframe. “Goodmorning love” he smiles. “I have a surprise for you.” I smile.

“What is it?” I say, pulling his sweater over my head as I hear four more feet against the floorboards. Ethan’s twin nephew and niece, Atticus and Emily poke their heads into the bedroom.
“(Y/N)!” they cheer before climbing onto my big bed.
“Hey guys!” I smile. They are too adorable. I look up at Ethan. “Where’s Grayson?”
“He and Beth needed a day off so I said we could watch them. I was thinking we could take them to D-I-S-N-E-Y” I nod excitedly. I loved living in LA and being close to Disneyland and Ethan knew it.

We get out the door quickly and are at the park soon after it opens. The twins run off ahead and Ethan and I get our first moment alone this morning as we carefully follow them. “You were great with them this morning,” I say and smile “you’re going to be such a good Dad someday.”
“Grayson is amazing with them I don’t know if I could be as incredible as he is”
“Nonsense, our kids are going to have the perfect dad”
“Our kids?” He smirks and looks down at me. I blush and chuckle. Atticus pulls us into line for the teacups. Emily tugs at Ethan’s thumb.
“Will you make it spin fast? Daddy always makes it spin really fast.”
“Of course princess” he kisses her forehead and picks her up when we get on the ride. The twins sit between us and Ethan gets the t cup spinning like crazy. We are all laughing. This is what I have always wanted. I am so in love with Ethan. I want this to be a part of our future.

When we get off the ride, Grayson calls and says that he and Beth missed their kids too much so they are going to meet us here after lunch. Ethan turns to me, “you probably don’t want to leave once they get here, right?”
You shake your head no. You are still a 6 year old girl inside sometimes and Ethan knows it.

Ethan’s POV
Everything is on schedule. This day has to be perfect. She loves the kids, she loves Disneyland, and hopefully, she really loves me. I watch her walk with Atticus and Emily and find myself falling even more in love with her. I want this for us, I want a future like this and she has to be there. Y/N buys them each a soft pretzel and we sit and watch the Frozen sing along as we wait for Grayson and Beth. Atticus and Emily are singing at the top of their lungs and my beautiful girlfriend cannot stop laughing.

I catch Ethan staring at me during the Frozen show and smile. He is so handsome but sweet. I wonder how I got so lucky, though he does have a twin so the odds were doubled. I hope he knows how much I love him, that I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Grayson and Beth’s arrival finally stops the singing as their kids cheer and leap into their arms. They got married young, right around the time Ethan and I met. I had just entered medical school and neither of us were looking for serious because we had busy futures ahead of us. But, when you know something is good, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life, you make it work and find the time. I am so happy we did. There have been many phone calls and stints of long distance, but we made it through. The rest of the day is a blur full of laughter and sunshine with Grayson and his family. After a lovely dinner , Ethan says we have to leave. I am confused, but oblige.

Ethan’s POV
I can’t believe she hasn’t caught on yet. We pull out of the Disneyland parking lot and I take the coastal highway home. The ocean crashes against the cliffs and Y/N rolls down the window. She leans watching the road and moving her hand in the wind. I am still lost at how someone could be so perfect. We are getting close to the spot. I take a deep breath.

I look around, confused as to why we are taking this roundabout route home.
“Where are we going babe?”
“Be patient” he smiles coyly
“Okay” I laugh.
A few minutes later I see it.
“Ethan, what are we doing here? Ethan!”
Lovers lookout was where my grandfather brought my grandmother on their first date and is where my dad proposed to my mom. I didn’t even know Ethan knew that stuff or payed attention to it. He always seemed so preoccupied with the football or hockey game while I rambled on about this stuff. Apparently, I was wrong.
He parks, but keeps the car running. The radio station comes in clearly.
“This next one goes out to Y/N from Ethan” he says and I look over at him.
“What the hell are you doing?” I am ready to cry because I know exactly what is happening as he opens the door of the car for me. Our song from when we first started dating, Thinking Out Loud comes on and I can’t control the tears. They roll down my face and I shake my head in disbelief as Ethan sits me down on the car, kneeling in front of me.
“Y/F/N, every minute I spend with you leaves me wanting another. You are the most amazing person I know. You are beautiful, intelligent, stubborn, witty, so sexy, nurturing, honest, and a billion other things, some of which I have yet to discover. I used to think adventure could only be achieved alone and love was a fairytale mind game. Now, I have no doubt that the love I feel for you and the life we will spend and create together is all the adventure anyone could ask for. So, would you do me a small favor and stick around for the rest of my life?”
I nod like a bumbling idiot as he reveals a perfect diamond and pearl ring, vintage style like my grandmothers. “Of course I will”

Ethan’s POV
I stand up and slide the ring on her finger before picking her up in my arms. I give her the softest, longest kiss as the sun paints the ocean pink.
“This was perfect” she says softly as we are laying on the hood of the car together.
“I’m going to be the best husband” I say and her laugh floats up into the air, melding with the sounds of the waves.
Nothing can top this moment.

One More Time

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,473

Warnings: Smut…and cursing! Metal Arm Kink because reasons.

Summary: Reader and Bucky like each other but they don’t know about the other’s feelings. One day when they are training, reader can’t stop “admiring” his arm. Smut happens!

A/N: I just felt like writing metal arm smut so ya. If you want part 2 let me know. Also, please tell me how my writing is!! Please…

Tagging @bovaria and @fvckingavengers because I dreamed a dream where my writing was actually not that bad and they might notice me…Notice me Senpais!!!

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‘Thestrals need feedin’,’ explained Hagrid, moving to pull Fang away.

‘They pull the carriages, right?’ asked Charlie, trying to wipe fur off his trousers, a slight frown on his face.

‘Na, it’s magic,’ I teased, smirking at him.

Imagine learning about magical creatures with Charlie and Hagrid.

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Warnings: Swearing  

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST:  The reader is an Avenger and she and Steve like each other, but are too proud to admit it. There are many indirect flirtations, discussions that always begins with Steve saying “must be because you spend a lot of time with Tony” and she “You’re jealous, Captain?” but someone always interferes. AND MUCH, MUCH, MUCH sexual tension. One day, the team is tired of so much sexual tension rolling over the two that end up calling Nick Fury to resolve the situation. Thanks!

Here you go darling! I hope you like it!

It was early morning and Y/N was already cranky because she woke up late. She was rushing into the kitchen to grab a coffee when she stubbed her toe and fell to the floor clutching her foot. A string of curse words left her mouth and she looked around for the reason for her pain. Leaning against the kitchen island was Cap’s shield.

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Guess wich annoying fuck is back again

i had this idea in my mind for a while so i wrote it because i wanted to. thought perhaps you’d enjoy’ >ω<

S/o fluttered her eyes open as she woke up, taking a few seconds to adjust herself to the morning light. She rubbed her eyes and yawned quietly before looking to her right, wanting to make sure Francois was there. As in every morning, he was next to her. Some morning, he woke up very early, and waited for her before starting the day, While some others, he spent nearly all his time in bed, that is until she would gently wake him up.

This morning was one of the latter, and seeing how Francois was far from waking up, and since she didn’t feel like doing so herself, she moved closer to him to cuddle a bit. This gesture only resulted in the man waking up, although she did not intend to, and him smiling at her as he saw her. He brought her closer, kissing her hair as he did so whispering a good morning to her. The two laid there in silence for a while, before the young grew slightly bored. She felt like playing a bit, and stood on her knees, softly shaking her caretaker so he would come downstairs with her. However, her attempt was vain, as the lazy man had no intention of getting up so soon. In a swift motion, he brought her to his chest, muttering that he only needed a few more hours. The girl pouted, but ultimately gave up, only speaking a bit to Francois, trying to pass time. He always answered her, albeit his words were not always too understandable as he sleepily mumbled them, keeping his violet eyes closed.

Suddenly, an idea formed into her mind. Innocently enough, she asked him if he happened to be ticklish. Although no answer was heard, his body tensed up slightly. She smiled deviously, before she started to tickle him. He tensed up slightly, trying to react, but to no avail. He started to laugh, asking for her to stop as she giggled, trying to tickle him all over, making him laugh a raspy laugh, trying to gently push her away. She stopped for a moment, only resulting in Francois turning the tables, and looming over her, whispering “my turn”, before he started to tickle her as well. She yelped, before giggling and laughing loudly once more, asking him to stop telling him that he had “won the ticking war”. He complied, chuckling as she sit on the bed. He caressed he cheek, kissed her forehead and muttered “Well, I’m up as you wanted, mon cœur. Do you want me to make breakfast?”

She nodded, smiling brightly, and followed him in the kitchen, humming a tune to herself at the prospect of a new day.

Right Place, Right Time

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Right Place, Right Time

“I can’t believe this is happening again!” Hyoseob groaned running up the hill to his class. This was the fourth time this week that he was late. He didn’t even know how it always happened. He woke up bright and early every day, had breakfast, went through his usual routine and some way, he’d still manage to be late. Sometimes the bus broke down, others he just lost of time, but it was like the universe was plotting against him and his attendance credit.

He had no idea what it was about you, but he stopped in his tracks. You were just wandering around looking up at a campus map.

Part of him said to hurry up and get to class, but the other side said Well you’re already late. He walked over to you and smiled. “Hey, do you need some help?”

You looked up a panic. “Yes, please” you’d been wandering around campus for over an hour, too afraid to ask for help. Well, it was more embarrassing than anything, especially when there were people that saw you looking lost before entering their class and you were still there when their class was over.

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The first day I saw you, was the the first time in a long time that I felt ok. I knew I had to make you mine. So everyday since then, I woke up extra early to put on some makeup and to do my hair. I was determined. I laughed at everything you said, learned about the sports you loved most just so I could have a long conversation with you. I started falling for you, then I fell, and I fell hard. Everything I could possibly do to impress you, I did.

The day that I found out you had fallen for another girl, I felt numb. I simply couldn’t feel anymore. People told me, “There’s other people out there,” but I didn’t believe them. I wanted you. There’s nothing in this world that I wanted more than you. I questioned myself, “Why doesn’t he love you?” I asked, “What did you do wrong and why didn’t you fix it?” I blamed myself for losing you, and I still do.

—  i really fucking love you

I spent the hours after class avoiding sleep although I needed it. The other night I woke up early after all, mind groggy from the thought of cramming for a quiz on the first day of the class we were meeting on a subject which was not supposed to happen. The professor had a different view about orientations, and apparently it consisted of starting it head on with the title of the course as our only glimpse to it. It wasn’t bad. I missed getting up early. It was a routine I broke but wanted to redeem when the holidays came. Back then it was all about waking up in the middle of the day, the feeling of knowing the morning was wasted while I stared at the ceiling with a realization that I should definitely not do this again tomorrow, and my supposed lunch became my breakfast it was astonishing I didn’t acquire any illness. But I missed the sweet bitterness of my 2 a.m annoying alarm clock ringing my ears, and the pressure to pass got me up in no time less than the darkest brewed coffee out there could. But then again I have never been one to indulge in such beverage that only sped my heart on its wheels.

My mind’s afloat, although I am confused if it is just my troubled feelings going back to its pit again or I am simply deprived of a need I should attend to. I hesitated to dream, not just yet as I looked at what it was earlier, and it was around 5. I had the choice to go out and take care of the transaction I had for a card that clearly had me traumatized thanks to a guy from another island who couldn’t get his name right. I got up, dressed myself that’s fit to my liking, and went out with a pocketful of cash that’s enough to buy me a meal from a fast food chain that I already had in mind. The afternoon breeze pricked my skin the growing cold temperature, my hair down with a few strands tucked behind my right ear, just the way I like it.

The walk was fast, I kept my pace steady, but it felt like I was running away from something. Maybe walking got rid of the thoughts. And it helped a lot because when I got to the delivery center I almost felt okay. I knew it wasn’t worthy to think about and to slip back to the hole I dug in my own chest to fall victim to yet somehow it seems like a pretty good idea every now and then to be sad.

There was a branch of this food chain I already planned to eat at. After going to the delivery center, and taking care of the business I would have a hard time being convinced to do on my own again, I went there, and sat on a table, and I had a view of the kitchen with a clear glass separating the portion for customer dining, steaming with Chinese food while every now and then I’d notice a boy look my way. Every chew led me to think about how deliveries were sent, if it was through a plane or a boat that my cards travelled at because it would be nice to know how it reached me. A woman offered me a side dish, I hesitated with a grin, letting her know I was okay. My craving wasn’t strong anyway for another purchase that I’d know I’d only waste. There was a couple a few tables away, and I had a clear vision of the guy; he was having a good time as he sipped his drink sheepishly. An old couple sat on the next table beside me. The woman was reading a few papers, from the looks of it, serious documents that deserve her concentrated grimace through her thick eyeglasses, while I recognized the man with a green coat as the one who ordered before me and double checked to see if the order was complete because it was for his wife. When I sat down they were calmly laughing about something, and I knew I wanted that too but not in that moment. I wanted to be by myself, badly needing some time alone even though I always am, so I can be out to clear my head.

It was surprising I consumed my whole meal, and as I did I decided before I went back to my filthy nest with my own self, and my own walls choking me whole, I decided to go to that place I went to when I knew my spirit needed some lifting. It did the trick I needed to lie to myself that I’m better.

I was alone, yeah lonely too, but I felt better when I got back. I still am alone. My dorm mate has a complicated schedule nowadays that some nights when I need her the most to at least be here with me she isn’t due to her internship, or whatever schedule she has right now which I know is a busy one.

Mornings make me feel better, splats me with a hope of a new day ahead to colorize my mentality with some positivity so I’ll just go ahead and sleep this drama off.