that i watch

Me: *Watches No Mercy and Seventeen Project* “Woah that was emotional. Let’s not do that again.”

Me still: *Watches Broduce 101 and cries for a whole day after finale* “Yeah Okay I am good now.”

Me, AGAIN: *Watches Stray Kids and The Unit* “I don’t think I am mentally okay anymore.”

….: *Watches Idol Producer 2018 for Yixing and finds six favs in the first episode* “I will never learn*


The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

These three are great, I am so pleased that Justin fought to have Duck be an unwilling Chosen, I love that. And I love that Aubrey has already managed to develop a crush on a monster, I trust Griffin to make it cute. And Ned just reminds me of my friend’s dad so much, I’m enjoying it so deeply. 

This trio of pics was a complete accident, I finished work ten hours ago and just kinda knocked these out since then. I drew Duck cos I wanted to do a picture with a fractured halo cos of the whole rejecting the chosen thing, and the rest of it snowballed from that. There’s a layout of Ned with walls and a lamp in the picture before I decided to keep the circle motif through them all, and also cos I couldn’t figure a way to shoe horn Bigfoot in. Aubrey flowed v naturally tho, she’s great.