that i swag so hard that i yolo

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This was last august, I was very shocked to find out that A Day To Remember and Pierce The Veil would be coming to my shitty little city in Canada, since we never get any good concerts. My friend Jess and I got VIP tickets. I’ve been a fan of ADTR and PTV for a couple of years, but really got into them last year. The day of the concert we showed up like an hour and a half early just to be first to meet them. While we were waiting for them to come in, PTV was doing their sound check so we heard that and it was hella sick, cause we were all singing along to Bulls. When they finally came in I got so nervous because I was going to ask Jeremy to write some lyrics for me and still was stuck between two choices. They were laughing and joking around with each other and it was honestly just such a good vibe from them. We got our picture taken (I look fucking awful in it but yolo idfc) and got a few hugs, got Jeremy to write my lyrics (which I now have tattooed… Not in his writing though don’t worry hahaha) and it was just such an amazing experience. They’re so genuinely sweet and funny, and because they were standing in front of stairs, Kevin and Jeremy kept like doing karate moves and trying to push each other down the stairs and it was just honestly a great time. Then when the concert started, PTV was fucking amazing, and we were center stage barricade, so like three feet from Vic. At the end, Mike tossed me directly one of his drum sticks and I’ll admit it- I cried like a baby (it’s still sitting stop my framed signed Marianas Trench album yolo swag) But when ADTR came on it was ridiculous- I couldn’t breathe, but that was because I was screaming so loudly. My favourite ADTR song is Better Off This Way, because it’s helped me get over someone who was very toxic in my life, and it’s helped me realize that I’m better than that. I’m better off without him, no matter how much it hurts. It reminds me that I’ll be ok by myself. When they started playing the song, it was near the end of their set and I was crying so hard. I was being jostled around by the crowd but I didn’t care; this was MY song. As the last chorus came near, Jeremy made his way over to our side of the stage and got himself down on one of the amps in front of me and my friend. I was crying and singing and I was a bloody mess tbh. But Jeremy outstretched his hand and took a hold of mine tightly, and sang “it’s all over, I’ve found a better way, to keep you from me, I’m better off this way” with me before running his hand through everyone else’s, and coming back to mine for one last tight squeeze before ending the song. Needless to say, it was one of the best nights of my entire life, and the strength that that song gives me will never be forgotten. I can feel Jeremy’s hand in mine, and can see him singing along with me every time that song comes on.