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summary: she just needs to figure out where to put her arms. jerza.
rating: k+ – involves hugs and kisses
also: on fanfiction
notes: for Jerza Week 2016: prompt embrace. (of course, even when I get the prompts with plenty of time, i still fail to pull through.)


When he falls, he falls hard and fast and right into her arms.

“Agh!” he yells, throwing up his arms to reduce his impact. However, nothing is really going to help stop Jellal—who decided to throw himself off into the air at the highest point of his swing to see how far he can fly—and Erza—who just happens to be at exactly where ‘how far he could fly’ is—from colliding into each other.

And so the physics happen and so as fate would also have it, Erza gets a full dose of Jellal recess break that day at school.

“I’m sorry!” he apologizes, quickly pulling himself up. “Are you okay?”

He’s also quick to take her hand and help her up, but she picks herself up onto her feet.

“I’m fine,” she tells him, brushing dirt and bits of weird playground stuff off her. 

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Today, I fucked up... by stealing sodium

This FU happened a few years ago, when I was introduced to chemistry for the first time. This happened during my second year of secondary school. Until then I had something that translates to “Nature’s sciences” and it contained everything we had to know about biology, physics and chemistry. After the first 2 years we wouldn’t see them as one but have 3 different classes. To show us how it would be the next year (this wasn’t the only thing that changed) we could join the next grade for a day. The chemistry teacher that was assigned to show us what to expect decided to spice his lessons whit some fun experiments. One of these: bringing sodium in contact with water, this makes for a pretty spectacular explosion. When we saw what we could do with it, we starter joking about stealing it. No-one was paying attention to the pot sodium because the teacher already started his next experiment. I quickly took a bit, rolled it in some toiletpaper and I put it in my pocket. 2 hoirs later I leave school, already forgotten about the stolen goods. On my way home I step on a loosr tile and water squirts from underneath it on my pants (luckily it didn’t come as high as the sodium!) so upon coming home I took off my pants, withdrew my phone and wallet but not the sodium. My sodium-loafed pants ended up in the washing machine… Result: an explosion wich started a little fire in the basement.

Tl;dr: I stole some sodium from school, sodium exploded in the washing machine and burned half of the basement!

by Vliolix

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episode two hello

i will translate some moments and i will try my best. if smth is wrong i am sorry :)
Scott and Liam
Scott tells Liam he sucks at throwings and Liam decides to prove Scott is wrong
Corey and Mason
they are talking about physics. then when coach enters the class he kicks them out and tells him to act like ordinary teens
Mason left his phone at class so he is going to take it
Scott and Liam
Liam feels smth happend to Mason so he and Scott run to him. They all[Scott, Liam, Mason and Corey] meet and then talking about ghosts riders
- Did you see him? [someones voice i guess its Stiles but idk for sure]
Lydia wakes up after that her mum enters her room asking
- Lydia, what happend?
- Did you hear? - Lydia asks
- I heard you screaming
- No, i heard the train passing around my room
- It was a nightmare, darling, - her mum says
- No, it wasnt
- Theres no train, it was just a nightmare, - her mum leaves
- But i wasnt dreaming, - Lydia says
Mason and Corey are talking about ghost riders
Scott and Liam are talking about lacross
Lydia at classes when she sees a woman
- Exuse me, who are you? What are you doing here?
Lydia outside
- [Stiles voice] You know me. You know me. Can you see? Can you see me? Lts go, lets go, here, wait [they see ghost riders] Here, here
- Where are they? - Lydia asks
- Everywhere, - Stiles says. - Dont forget me.
- I wont, - Lydia says. - I wont.
Lydia and Malia outside
- [Malia saves Lydia from car accident] Be careful. Are you okay?
- Im fine.
- What were you doing? - Malia aska.
- Tried to remember, - Lydia says.
Scott feels that smth is missing, its like a hole in the memory so Deaton recommend him to fall asleep to try to remember.
Malia and Lydia
Malia cant remember who chained her up to be a man during full moon
Malia and Lydia are driving to Scott. Scott tells them he cant remember who was with him when he was trying to find a dead body
- I know it will sound craze but i think i had a best friend. I think he was with me that night, - Scott says
- Sounds normal. I know someone chained me up to be a man, - Malia says
- I came to school this morning and i was sure i was supposed to meet someone. I had been finding him for the whole day. Whoever he was i think i love him, - Lydia says
- What if we are thinking about the same person? - Scott asks
He sees his wife (i think its bc Stiles is erased)
Corey, Mason and Liam remembered their classmate and realised that ghost riders erased him
In the end of the episode Lydia is trying to remember Stiles
She has to focus on the piece of glass and let her hand move on its own
Then she said:
- What the hell is a Stiles?

and again if smth is wrong or translation isnt the same as in the original im sorry

IDK guys, I keep imagining Stanley going into a bookstore to buy another how to do physics book. Then he sees a book in  the self-help section called “Daddy Issues”. He looks around  to see if anyone is watching and discretely flips through it before deciding to buy it also. I just like to think that Stan really tried to help himself work through some of his issues with that book. That is why in his later years he was able to appreciate his father helping him when he signed Stan up for boxing lessons.