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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 1)

A/N - A new series for the blog! When I wrote the college AUs for all of the members, it really made me want to make it into a series and when I talked about it a few weeks ago on here, everyone wanted it to be about Jaebum so that’s what I’ve decided to do! It’ll be loosely based on the previous AU I did so feel free to read that if you want but this series will go more in depth, of course. I have some good plans for this one so I hope you all enjoy~

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First day of university. No big deal. Apart from the fact that when you walk into that room, it’ll determine all of your peers’ opinions of you. No pressure. Taking a deep breath, you pushed open the door and walked into the room. There were six people already sat down looking as nervous as you felt apart from one boy. He stood out from the others who all looked the part of an English student. Everything about him screamed music or something like that, rather than studying Victorian literature. Whoever he was, he intrigued you. A girl you recognised from visiting the university a few months before starting was sat two seats away from him, meaning you could get closer to this ever so strange boy who seemed to exude an intimidating yet inviting aura.

You spoke to the girl beside you and quickly caught up on the time spent away from each other. The nerves that had filled you before were slowly dissipating as you waited for the professor to come in and start the seminar. When the professor walked in, the already quiet classroom turned silent. Everyone was feeling the nerves and didn’t want to be the first to break the silence. Thankfully, the professor was more than willing to be the one to do so. 
“Okay, so I hear this is the first seminar for most of you. Not bad. Things are going to be somewhat relaxed with me,” she said, “but don’t expect it to get too relaxed in here. I want you all to succeed and I plan to get all of you to a point where instead of sitting in silence, you know everything about each other and the way you all think. The best way to do that? Extract analysis. I’ll split you off into groups of three and you can read through excerpts from different Shakespearean texts and discuss with your peers what it all means. Then, we can feedback to everyone else and learn something new about the way we all analyse literature because I’m sure all of you will have a lot to say about these texts.” 

The professor walked around the room, assigning everyone to groups and, just your luck, the mysterious boy was with you and the girl you were sat beside. Once you were handed the extract, you immediately read through it and made notes. This was exactly what you loved about English and it really drew you in being able to analyse the ways in which characters speak. You started the conversation between the three of you and read off a few of the points you had made. All throughout the discussion, the boy didn’t say anything and instead just stared at you. He barely even looked at the other girl because his eyes were just on you. Every now and then you’d make eye contact with him and blush from his intense stare but would still continue to talk about the piece. There was a short break in the conversation and he spoke for the first time. 
“While I agree with what the two of you are saying, are you just ignoring the underlying message of the whole extract? Yes the obvious points are there as you have so kindly pointed out, but how can you not see that this is simply Hamlet’s cry for help. He’s shown so many signs of hesitation yet no one seems to think that’s his way of asking someone else to just avenge his father for him. Everyone seems to think he delays because the timing isn’t right but in reality, he is just waiting for someone like Fortinbras to invade Denmark and kill his uncle so he doesn’t have to because he can’t bear the weight of the guilt on his shoulders.”

Now it was your turn to stare. Where had all that come from? One minute he was just silent and then the next he was articulating such an extravagant point that you had never even thought to consider. It was rather impressive albeit intimidating. Before you could add your own comments to his point, the professor called for everyone to stop discussing within the groups and instead to share their thoughts with everyone else. The rest of the seminar flew by and before you knew it, you had to pack up your stuff and leave. You noticed the mysterious boy give you a smirk as he left the classroom but didn’t pay much attention to it since you didn’t even know the guy’s name. Since your next lecture wasn’t for another two hours, you decided to take the time to just sit and read one of the assigned texts for the following week.

As you walked into one of the communal study areas, you spotted an old friend of yours who you hadn’t seen in a few years. 
“Wow, (Y/N) I didn’t know you were coming here!”
“Same goes for you. It’s good to see you though. What are you studying?”
“Wow, smart people stuff.”
“Yeah, I guess. I presume you’re doing English since you would never stop talking about it when we were younger.”
“Of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Proud of you, girl. Hey, any chance you saw my friend JB in there? I know he’s just had a seminar.”
“Um, maybe? What does he look like?”
“Wears black skinny jeans all the time with giant sweaters in an attempt to look cool. Has a lot of piercings, insanely beautiful and clear skin. Pretty dreamy brown eyes.”
“Sounds like you have a crush. But yeah he seems familiar. Does he ever talk a lot?”
“Not really, he’s got a bit of a ‘bad boy’ reputation he likes to keep up. Actually you’ll be able to find out for yourself if you know him since he’s walking over here.” Turning around, you saw the exact boy you were sat beside in the seminar walking over to you and Jackson. Part of you wanted to talk to him but the other part wanted to avoid him completely. Of course he was friends with Jackson. Murphy’s law dictated this would happen and you weren’t happy about it. Instead of moping to yourself, you just had to try and have a proper conversation with him and ignore the fact that you were noticing everything Jackson had said. His skin really was beautiful and his eyes were such a deep, lovely colour. Now you realised that you had been staring and tried to avert your eyes away from him before he could notice. Too late. You heard him chuckle to himself before talking to Jackson. 
“Jinyoung, Bambam and I were talking about going out tonight, fancy joining us, Jackson? Providing you don’t get too wasted of course.”
“Can’t make any promises there, JB. You know once I’ve had one beer I need to have five more.”
“I do know. Not a fun aftermath. But want to join us anyway, you can bring this lovely lady with you too if you want.”
“What do you say, (Y/N)?”
“Maybe. I don’t think I’m doing anything tonight.”
“Perfect,” JB said, “can’t wait to see you there.”
“What happened in that seminar you guys had?”
“Nothing unusual, why?”
“Well he just winked at you. JB never flirts with anyone apart from his cat.”
“I’m sure it was nothing, Jackson. Now I need to actually study and do some work.”
“Oh, of course. I’ll let you get on with it. I’ll text you later about going out tonight.”
“Sure thing. See you later.”

Sitting down, you put your head in your hands. What even was that wink? You had said to Jackson it was probably nothing but inside you were questioning everything. Even though the two of you had barely spoken to each other, there was definitely some spark there, wasn’t there? Who even knows. He was probably just being friendly and probably didn’t even wink either. But there was also the question about going out with Jackson, JB and their friends. It could get a bit awkward but could also be the perfect opportunity to get to know this JB person. Besides, he was also an English student so getting to know him might not be too bad, right?

RWBY Things I Think About

-The fact that for most of Season 4, pre-arm, Yang’s hair is in a perfect ponytail which is impossible to do with one hand, so Tai is pretty much the only person who could have done it.

-How does Ironwood know that it’s not uncommon for the last thoughts of the slain to be with their attacker? How would anyone know that? We know he’s kind of a cyborg; did he technically die, and the just brought him back?

-Teeny tiny Ruby. Teeny tiny Yang. Teeny tiny Weiss. Teeny tiny Blake. That is all.

-Are Jaune’s sisters younger or older than him? Does he have tiny sisters at home waiting for their hero big brother to come back? How did his parents react to him faking is way into Beacon? They had to have known; if he’s never gone to combat school, why would they think Beacon would just allow him in? Where do they think he is right now?

-Did Pyrrha have siblings?

-STRQ in the school days.

-What is Tai’s weapon? What was Summer’s?

-Beowolf puppies.

-The heck must it have been like in Qrow and Raven’s childhood that Qrow didn’t know anything about how uniforms are supposed to work? Also, why didn’t he question that Tai wasn’t wearing a skirt and the girls were? Why did Summer let Tai get away with that? Was she as much of a prankster as he was? Did Raven know? What did they tell Raven?

-If Qrow’s so cool, why hasn’t he changed clothes in 20 years? Also, why Tai roll his pants legs? You are a teacher now, man, do you WANT those kids to make fun of you?

-Zwei is a therapy dog.

-How baby-faced Tai was in that old picture.

-Where does Qrow keep all his stuff when he’s a bird? Or a person for that matter. He just materializes the picture out of nowhere. And where was he hiding Oz’s cane that whole time? He has Infinity Pocket.

-The fact that Qrow carries his team’s old picture with him everywhere.

-That Tai keeps his daughters’ team picture next to his team picture.

-”The Branwen twins were always…. interesting to say the least.” “That didn’t seem to stop young Tai…” Implying he courted both twins, or at least fooled around with both.

-Professor Port and Professor Oobleck. (rare ship)

-Ruby’s voice. (IT’S JUST SO DANG CUTE)

-Yang’s toddler tantrums. Why is their house made of wood?

-Also how dang pretty the Xiao Long house is. Like, sign me up, I wanna live there, do you SEE how big that kitchen is?

-Did Tai always want to be a teacher? What made him and Summer decide that he’d be the one staying home with the kids? (I mean, I’m all for it, but was he a teacher before Raven left?)

-The size difference between Kali and Ghira. so smol, so tol


-Noodle-arms McGee

-How does anyone’s skirt stay down when fighting? I can’t even keep a knee-length skirt from riding up while walking. They’re doing flips and that thing just defies gravity and physics and covers everything perfectly. What is this technology and where do I get it?

-Did I mention team STRQ? I just want more on these children. If we get nothing else in Vol 5, I want flash back episodes. I know it’ll hurt, and I’ll regret it when I’m sobbing on the floor, but I want to see them back in the day. I want to know.

-Pregnant Summer. What must that even have been like? She was so small.

-Nora had a shirt made that says Boop and has her emblem on it.

-The fact that we’re probably going to get Oscar, Qrow, Tyrian, and Salem as chibis.

Unfiltered High School Advice From a Senior

Hey there,

As a senior, I feel like I am entitled to a lot of things that i’m actually not entitled to. But if there is one thing I can be confident about is the countless anecdotes of anxiety, euphoria, and “blah’s” that I have felt. So today, I wanted to combine those anecdotes and give those of you who are in high school (or will be) some advice. So, get a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever floats your boat) and let’s begin:

1. The more involved you are Freshman Year, the better senior year will be. If you are like me and love to be at the center of planning Homecoming dances, Prom, the senior trip, and pep rallies… sign up for SGA! Get involved in all your school’s clubs and committees. If you are involved in Freshman year, your duties will typically carry over until Senior year and you will automatically be closer to the advisors for all of these clubs and get to plan things. Even if you are really shy, I suggest taking on a small role like secretary, or treasurer. This way you can meet new people and GET INVOLVED. That being said, if you weren’t involved then, everything isn’t over. You know the saying, better late than never.

2. Ask about early AP classes or taking summer credits: This is VERY important, especially if you want to earn a lot of college credits fast. You can finish up classes like Geometry, Algebra II in the summer and take harder college courses like AP Calc and AP Physics sooner. 

3. When you are a senior and applying to colleges, save yourself a heart attack and send in your SAT scores 3 weeks before the application deadline. You won’t panic about whether the scores will make it in time and you won’t waste $30-something for the so-called “fast” shipping.

4. Pick a language and stick with it: Colleges love love love when they see students being consistent with a language. Whether that be French, Spanish, or Sentinelese (if your school offers it ;-))

5. Story time: As I got to take harder classes, I also got to see what I enjoyed. So in senior year I decided to branch out and take AP Physics and AP Psychology. These were simultaneously the best and worst decisions I made. On one hand I absolutely detest AP Physics, it doesn’t peak my interest nor am I any good at it. However, on the other hand, I have discovered a newfound love for psychology and biology. I am really good at it and that makes it so much easier to study for it. I think this really serves as a good way to find out what interests you. Before this year I was thinking of pursuing computer science, however after seeing my classes this year I really want to pursue medicine because of how well I understand it. TRY OUT WHAT YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE WHILE IT IS FREE (if you go to a public school, that is).

6. And lastly, and probably most importantly, find your “waking factor.” Your waking factor is your motivation, why do you get up every single day? Don’t just wake up because 18 years of education is mandatory, wake up with a purpose and you’ll be a lot happier and healthier. 

7. Last thing is to enjoy your high school experience, I have had the time of life (and I still am enjoying my last few months) with all my classes, friends, and memories. Everything in high school is not about creating the perfect grades and test scores. It is also really important to create healthy, lasting relationships with friends, teachers, and yourself.

If you would ever like advice, help, or absolutely anything in relation to anything just message me! Honestly, even if you want to talk about a really cool quote you saw on Pinterest, i’m down!

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Watching The Pilot for the first time

Series 10, here we go.

-The first episode of Series 10.
 So we could say this is the…
 PILOT episode

-I’m sorry. That joke doesn’t work, I know.

—Spoilers ahead!—

-Ooh, is this Bill’s theme? I like it?


-Why is it out of order though…

-Oh my god he has a photo of River Song on his desk ;-;

-And oh god is that Susan

Sonic screwdrivers! Did he keep all his sonic screwdrivers after all this time?

-The guitar again!

-Two minutes in and I’m already losing track of the dialogue

-Fifty years… So the Doctor’s been laying low again, has he?

-”Poetry, physics, same thing.”
 You know what, I bet he didn’t even get hired through the normal procedure, he just walked in one day telling everyone he was the new professor, or even an old professor who left and decided to return, and he just bullshitted his way through any and all obstacles he came across during his stay

-”How is it the same?”
 “Because of the rhymes.”
 Let’s see,
 Yep, doesn’t rhyme.

-Oh Doctor…

-”I don’t care who’s dying, never ever be late, I’m very particular about time.”
 Says the guy who was twelve years late when he said five minutes once.

-”Doctor what?”

-*cue changed intro logo DOCTOR WHAT*

-Okay, the intro visuals seem to have changed a little, but the melody sounds unchanged.


The inside of his coat is blue now?

AKA the pain of frame-by-frame or stopmotion animation

-Is Moffat trying to get us scared of slowmotion

-I feel like the students are very confused as to what to take notes of

-”Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, in means life.”
 I thought your granddaughter made that up?



-There we go.



-I don’t like background music, it says jumpscare music

-It’s scary music

-Thank goodness, no jumpscares






-Aw, she gave him a Christmas present

Look at those poor paper crowns trying to hold all that hair omygosh

-”With some people you can smell the wind in their clothes”
 I guess it’s supposed to be more philosophical, but for me that reminds me of how people have the cold air around them when they just came in from outside.

-R.I.P. Bill’s mom.

-”But if someone’s gone, do pictures really help?”
 That glace he makes at the photos on his desk.
 At his wife and granddaughter.
 That, is just heartbreaking.

Hey, Moffat, do you have a heart, because you’re breaking mine with fictional photographs

the FUCK

-So the Doctor, took a picture of the mother, of a student that he is currently teaching, back when said student wasn’t even born?

-Eyyy he’s using the rug

-But did he really tilt the Tardis himself to put a rug under it?
 I mean, it’s incredibly light compared to its actual size, but it’s still a phone box. Sure, if someone ran at full speed and slammed their body against it that might give it a good jolt or even make it fall over but…

-There’s something deeply unsettling about that girl’s stare



-Well the Doctor certainly knows how to escape silently…

His clothes are blue now!

-You’re blue now! That’s my attack!

-Cue Twelfth Doctor theme, woohoo!

-”Why do you run like that?”
 “Like what?”
 “Like a penguin with its ass on fire.”
 Human factors and ergonomics (commonly referred to as HF&E), also known as comfort design, functional design, and systems,[1 is the practice of designing products, systems, or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them. (Source: Wikipedia)




-Ahahahahaha hah ahahaha ha ha


What’s with the burn marks on the ground

-”Do you know any scifi?”
 “Bitch, I AM scifi.”

-Possession usually has to do with fantasy or horror, not scifi…

-”There’s this thing on Netflix. Lizards in people’s brains.”
 First Pokemon, now Netflix. BBC REALLY doesn’t care.

-What’s the show though, it sounds interesting.

-” So, you meet a girl with a discolored iris and your first thought is she might have a lizard in her brain? I can see I’m going to have to up my game.“

-Doctor Who dialogue just gets better and better

-Actually, you can sorta see your face the ‘right way’ if you align two mirrors together so they’re perpendicular. The middle line might stand out, but you’re looking at your face the way anyone else sees it. The elevator in my apartment building has three reflective sides, so I can see my ‘right’ face quite often. I just have to stare at a corner of said elevator.

-They’re finally getting to the burn marks, thank you.

-”Tutorial’s over, take the night off. It’s all cancelled. Go and be a proper student. Texts, snogging, a vegan wrap.”
How does any of that make me a proper student

-”Oh, it’s just some freak optical effect. I’m bored already.”
 Like hell you are



-oh shit she’s alone in the flat

You could’ve gone to the kitchen and grabbed a knife

-But then, an umbrella is bigger and easier to wield and is great at deflecting water, so, not bad I guess

-Well I’m still getting myself a knife

-That’s it, I’m sitting in front of the monitor with a kitchen knife in my hand



-oh shit







-shit shit shit shit SHIT



“Well, that’s a first…”

-So the Tardis does have a bathroom. After all these years. After FIFTY-FOUR years, the BBC finally gives us the answer no one really asked for but everybody kind of wanted anyway.

-”Human alert, do you want me to repel her?”

-”Oh, my God! This isn’t just a room, is it?”
 “No, it’s not just a room.”
 “This is a lift!”
 “…wELL oKAY tHeN”

-”It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!”
 “Heh-hey! We got there!”


-”Well, first you have to imagine a very big box fitting inside a very small box. Then you have to make one. It’s the second part people normally get stuck on.”

-Of course, one could always scumple the big box and stuff it inside the small box, but then, the big box wouldn’t be big anymore, would it?

-”If it had work to do, why would it lie around in a puddle?”
 “I don’t know. Maybe it’s a student?”
 So it’s too afraid of life and consequences and generally overwhelmed by the looming weight of its duties to get itself to do anything?

-Wait, is the the room Bill followed them into earlier?



ah yes the three primary colors
(not to mention Misty from Pokemon)

-You’re escaping from a water monster and you went to a beach, good idea, 10/10.

-”Have we traveled in time?”
 “No, we traveled to Australia.”
 That’s also a first.

-Bill, you can’t just drink from the bathroom sink!

-”Can I ask you a personal question?”
 “Can I anyway?”

-”If you’re from another planet, why would you name your box in English? Those initials wouldn’t work in any other language!”

-Well, that wasn’t exactly a shark, but thanks for proving the point, Heather.

-”Hunger looks very like evil from the wrong end of the cutlery. Or do you think that your bacon sandwich loves you back?“
 In case you’re trying to start a vegan argument with this, no offense but your broccoli doesn’t love you back either.

-So that’s why the episode is titled ‘The Pilot’.

-Also, now that Bill’s found a puddle here, they better rUN THE FUCK AWAY.


-Nope nope nope nope nope

Heyyy it’s the old sonic!

-The Fourth Doctor’s sonic, to be precise.

-Soooo did BBC make some new props for this episode or did they keep all the screwdrivers from the sixties and on

-”Hey John, while you’re throwing out those old props, would you mind putting these sonic screwdrivers in the recycle bin?”
 “Nah, let’s keep them, they don’t take up a lot of space. Besides, we might need them again some decades later.”
 “Good point.”



-Twelve: “We’ve got this annoying creature on our tail, let’s try to shake it off by running through a ton of Daleks.”
 Ten: “What went wrong with you”
 Eleven: “What happened to me”



-Yep, it’s not going well for those lot

 yeah you two do that and be friends while we run away thank you

-It’s like the Doctor isn’t even taking the Daleks seriously anymore

 “lol what else would i be”

-Daleks have stormtrooper level aim now. gg BBC, gg

Tbh that’s even freakier than a normal dalek eyestalk



-Oh wait, this is only the first episode, does that mean
 Moffat hasn’t even started yet

-Is he planning to give heart attacks to all of us

-”The last thing she said to me. She promised she wouldn’t leave without me.”
 And now my heart’s breaking

-shit shit shit shit shit

Ehhh it’s okay Moffat, I didn’t need that heart anyway lol

-”That’s the Doctor for you. Never notices the tears.“
 Never acknowledges his own tears either…

-”Yeah, because I think you’re going to wipe my memory. I’m not stupid, you know. That’s the trouble with you. You don’t think anyone’s ever seen a movie. I know what a mind-wipe looks like!“

-”Imagine, just imagine how it would feel if someone did this to you.“
 They just HAD to put Clara’s theme in there, didn’t they?

-All slowed down and more tragic

-And they HAD to make the Doctor sound like he’s holding back tears

-*distant crying noises*

“Shut up.”

“You shut up as well.”

-Someone fucking end me

-Come to my house and stop my sinful hands

-I am allowed too much power

-*ahem* Anyway

-Did the Doctor just leave for a hundred years to mull this over and come back to the present

-”It means, what the hell.”
 That’s a first, AGAIN.

-I love that theme at the end!

-Oh boy I can’t wait for more episodes, they all look so exciting–


iS THAt john simm

-WhAT tEh FUcK

supercat week 3: day 6

Friday, April 21 – dating agency, either Kara or Cat runs an agency that tracks and matches soulmates



“So…we’re supposedly soulmates.”


Your soulmate plays with her cutlery. You purse your lips and scratch at the skin beneath your watch. Alex had insisted every time you went on a date to wear it, in case you want to…do stuff afterwards. Alex likes to embarrass you with stuff like this all the time and it’s…nice, but still, it’s embarrassing. The kryptonite hurts, too. It’s a constant drain and you have no way to stop its effects until you get back to her flat to put it away in its lead-lined box.

“What do you do for a living?” You try to get the conversation flowing, voice cheery but audibly nervous. Rao, I couldn’t have been less obvious?

Cat gives you a surprisingly strange look, however. “I run my own business. You?”

“Professional tutor,” you reply, relaxing slightly. “I mostly work with high school students, but I’ve got a small group of university students that come to me for help and some middle-school kids.”

“What do you tutor them in?” Cat questions, eyebrow rising. “I’ll assume you went to college if you tutor university students.”

“Hmm, yeah, I’ve got a few degrees,” you skirt around that part. “Mostly science and mathematics. The older ones, uh, astrophysics.”

Cat, who had been sipping her water, coughs a little, grabbing a napkin to press to her mouth. You flush a little, waiting for her to reply.


“Physics of space,” you explain briefly, before swallowing. “So…what do you do in your free time? I like books and museums.”

“Books and museums…” Cat mutters, “My free time is sparse. I have a son, you see. I like to spend the majority of my free time with him, when he’s not with his father in Las Vegas.”

“Oh!” You start, eyes wide. “You have a son? What’s his name?”

“Carter,” Cat replies slowly. “If we decided to…see each other again, then you’d have to meet him.”

“That’s fine,” you say, thinking about another Carter you know – you tutor him in advanced mathematics every second Tuesday and Thursday evening. “What’s he like?”

Cat visibly tenses, before taking out her phone from her handbag. “He’s special. He has a social communication disorder.” She goes onto her phone briefly, before holding it up. You blink in surprise.

“…would Carter’s father happen to be called Lucas Miles?”

Cat takes her phone back sharply. “Excuse me? How do you know that name?”

You reach for your own phone, taking it out and swiftly going to your own album, bringing up the selfie you took with Carter a few months ago. Handing your phone over, you wrap your fingers in your napkin, holding it tightly as Cat stares.

“You’re Carter’s tutor,” she surmises quietly. “Well. At least we know he likes you. He’s been wanting me to meet you for a while now. You’re brilliant, apparently.”

Flushing again, you shake your head, taking back your phone when offered. “I’m not, really.”

“But you are. You got Carter to open up. He likes you.” Cat says, eyeing you now. “No wonder he got excited when I told him the name of my supposed soulmate. He said we should go out tonight, convinced me to agreeing to it, the hellion.”

“He’s amazing,” you say, before looking down sharply. That was too much, probably. Definitely.

But Cat hums, sounding happy for the first time this evening. “He is. So – astrophysics? How did that happen?”

You look up and see her face, her lips quirked up pleasantly, genuine interest sparkling in her eyes. Your heart flutters and you think, maybe.

My Student Scholar’s Day presentation was so much more successful than I thought it would be. Wow. I mean WOW. I know that the amount of work and care I put into things like presentations (or, really, communication in general) suggests that, yes, my work should be “good” and not “bad”. Better than those who don’t give a single shit, at the least. But the feedback I got was seriously incredible. And not just on my outfit.

Immediately after my presentation when I sat down, the physics department chair (who is also my physics major advisor and QM professor) said to me, “I’ve never seen you present before. But you really have a knack for this. Seriously. Where did you learn to do that?” I did not have an answer for him. But he again congratulated me and shook my hand. Dr. C was impressed and shook my hand. He is the professor I want to impress most! I look up to him in almost every way! He’s a theoretical quantum physicist! He’s the best professor I’ve ever had! My #1 favorite! He is amazing at communicating course material! The best presenter I know! Ahh! Even now I’m still flustered thinking about that compliment.

My research advisor followed suit and also shook my hand. But I was so surprised and fangirl-y that Dr. C was congratulating me so highly that I honestly don’t remember what my research advisor said to me in that moment. Lol.

Then I was whisked away by some nice girl with a camera who interviewed me. She asked me who I was, my major, what my research is, how I like my advisor, how I like my college, etc. That was completely unexpected so I hope I sounded competent.

Apparently my dad was chatting with the biology department head earlier and after I was taken aside, she asked him to congratulate me for her, because she was impressed. I’m surprised she remembered me because I dropped her Cell & Molecular Biology class when I decided not to do biochem anymore.

The feedback from other students was mostly generic but positive. Interpret that as you will.

I later attended the poster session so I could see my friends’ work (and get some free food). While I was there I received a lot more congratulations from various chemistry, physics, and even biology faculty.

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Creepypasta #1321: There Are Scarier Things In The Skies Above The South China Sea Than The Chinese Air Force

Length: Super long

I know I’m not supposed to talk about this, but I just can’t keep quiet. I need to tell someone about what happened to me and my fellow airmen back in early 2014.

I was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa Japan and Uncle Sam had blessed us with the P-8 Poseidon, a modified Boeing 737 that the US Navy turned into a top of the line surveillance plane. It was relatively new to the region and nothing felt better than knowing that you were in the latest and greatest of marine patrol aircraft on the face of the earth. 

It was loaded with tons of fun toys at our disposal to remind the People’s Republic that we don’t take kindly to it bullying our allies. We had torpedoes, depth charges, SLAM-ER missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, sonobuoys, and surveillance equipment so powerful we felt like we were on a first name basis with half the staff of the PLAAF air base on the Paracel Islands after only a couple of ops. It was like being the rich kid on the block, the one who’s parents didn’t just buy him a new bike, but instead went all-out and bought him a Ducati.

We had done some pretty standard flights in the first few months. Fly around the islands off Okinawa, maybe a patrol or two about a hundred miles off the coast of mainland China doing little more than dropping sonobuoys and intercepting a radio transmission or two that were nothing of note. Then word came down that we were to do a relatively close fly by of Hainan Island following pretty much the same route that a navy EP-3 flew during the infamous “Hainan Island Incident”. 

Our briefing was pretty bare bones but suffice to say we were supposed to investigate a mysterious signal another patrol had encountered the day before, originating from somewhere in the ocean near Hainan. This route would give us 70 miles separation from Hainan’s coastline, and keep us 100 miles away from the PLAAF installation on the Paracel Islands. There was a little animosity amongst the crew but bravado diffused the situation pretty quickly. I recall our co-pilot suggesting that his life would be easier if he just deserted, went native and took one of the local girls as his wife; my friendly reminder that he didn’t speak a word of Japanese didn’t stop him from informing me that I was welcome to go fornicate with any local livestock I could find.

Happy or not we soon found ourselves loaded up in our Poseidon and heading along the same path that EP-3 took on that fateful day back in 2001. The trip to Hainan itself was quite boring, which was fine by me. We had been in the air for a little over 7 hours doing our regular business when we could see the coast of Hainan off in the distance. The trip had pretty much just consisted of scanning the radar to see civilian aircraft moving along their pathways as was expected. When we reached the target area we dropped to 200 feet to drop sonobuoys and let the sensors do their thing scanning the water beneath us.

10 minutes crept by with not so much as a peep from my instrument panel. Just as I was beginning to feel more relaxed, one of my sensors pinged a contact about 90 feet beneath the waves.

The contact didn’t fit the characteristics of any submarine I knew of… and it’s my job to recognize the sonar signatures of submarines. For one, it was moving way more than what is characteristic of a submarine. The network of sonobuoys we had deployed picked up something clipping along at an unbelievable 300 knots. I did a double take – there is no nation in the world that has a sub that can go that fast. The Russians had one back in the Cold War that could go maybe 45 knots… but this was just ludicrous. It was weaving back and forth in a serpentine pattern so fast that it was jumping across the display. It was moving so fast that our systems couldn’t even track it in real time. On top of all this the signature was very faint. If we hadn’t had top of the line sensors on board I doubt we would have even picked up the contact at all. There were two possibilities to explain the faint signature.

Possibility A: the contact had some sort of stealth capability that was doing its damndest to fool our sensors.

Possibility B: the contact was very small, maybe just a bit longer than the short bus the Marine Grunts take to work in the morning

I was mulling this over in my head when the contact disappeared from my screen. Three of the sonobuoys had stopped sending information, and as I reached for my comms, a fourth went dark as well. NOT GOOD.

I radioed the pilot and told him what I had seen, asking that we double back to see if we could re-establish contact. He was happy to oblige. Pride runs deep in the marine patrol community and you do not want to be known as the crew who lost a sub. We set a heading for the last known position and readied to drop more buoys.

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Daily Science Dump: Types of Spectra Edition

What better way to spend a Wednesday than to talk about the 3 different types of spectra?! There’s a lot of better ways BUT nevertheless, we shall talk about spectra! So this actually wasn’t brought to my attention recently. I took an astronomy class awhile back and when we went over the Spectra section of the course a lot of people were confused and often got mixed up. So I decided to add this in the Daily Science Dump because it’s an important thing to understand for astrophysics and astronomy. 

We know from basic knowledge that a spectrum is a classification of things from one extreme to another. The most common spectrum is the color spectrum. We see this in the rainbow all the time. In the physics world, there are 3 different types of light spectra: continuous, emission, and absorption. Each spectrum has a certain process it must go through in order for it to be that type of spectrum. And that’s what I’ll be going over today!

Continuous Spectrum

First up is the continuous spectrum. This is probably they easiest out of the three because it’s literally a straight rainbow looking spectrum. Nothing absorbed, nothing tampered with, just a full spectrum. You can get this by not being on Earth. Seriously. The Earth’s atmosphere absorbed some of the light emitted from distance stars, so we don’t get a full spectrum. Fun Fact: that’s actually part of the reason why stars look as though they twinkle. We can get a better spectrum from stars, like our sun, out of Earth’s atmosphere so there’s nothing in the way that would tamper with the incoming photons. The spectrum itself looks a little like this:

So we know why it’s called “continuous” by just looking at the actual spectrum. But there is another way of determining the spectrum. Each color in the spectrum has an energy output (the lowest is violet with 430nm and the highest 660nm) and wavelength. We put these two on a graph and we get a function! In a continuous spectrum, the line is, well, continuous! It kinda looks like this:

Anything above 660nm or below 430nm is part of the electromagnetic spectrum we can’t see.

Emission Spectrum

Next we have the emission spectrum. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t like the emission spectrum because there’s a lot of chemistry and quantum physics going on. Essentially, an emission spectrum is when you get a spectrum of visible light that only shows certain wavelengths. It looks like this: 

So what’s going on is an atom is going from an excited state, or high energy state, to a low energy state. That means there’s electron jumps and all that jazz but we’ll just hit the “Because Physics” button on that one and get to it later. The energy difference between the two states is equal to the photon energy, which is why we get an emission spectrum. As much as I don’t like it, I must admit it is one of the best ways to determine the chemical composition of stars just by using photons. Each element and compound has it’s own emission spectrum, and we can figure out what that element is by the position of the emission lines. This spectrum also has a graph and it looks exactly as you probably though it would:

The upward spikes can tell us what is being emitted by the light source.

Absorption Spectrum

Now this one for some reason is my favorite. Absorption spectrum is exactly what the name suggests. Photons from a hot, dense light source like a star is being emitted and passes through a cool cloud of gas, and some of the wavelengths get absorbed. A classic example is the Sun, as well as other stars, and the Earth’s atmosphere. We mostly get absorption line spectra when taken from Earth because our atmosphere absorbs some of the photons. Which is why stars seem to twinkle, even though stars don’t actually twinkle. An absorption spectrum looks like this, compared to emission:

Absorption spectra, as you can tell, are the complete opposite from emission spectra. One is taking away, one is giving. With that said, you can probably guess that the absorption spectra curve graph would be the opposite as well. And you would be right! I love the graphs for absorption spectra! I mean look at this:

How does one NOT like a graph that looks like that??? It’s fantastic! 

So that’s it for today’s Edition of Daily Science Dump where we went over the different types of spectra that can be used to determine the chemical composition of stars!! I hope this clears things up as far as understanding what they are and how they are used.

We will continue with Daily Science Dump on Friday with part 2 of the Kepler’s Laws.

As Always,


youtubefan80  asked:

How did you come up with your character Addi?

Well THAT’S a long story…

After binging Gravity Falls up to NWHS (ATOTS aired before Addi also) I started speculating on the existence of a second assistant to Ford. This was based on the three key shut down protocol and the three part harmony (this was later revealed to be because Ford played a record but I like my interpretation better). To me, there was no way it could have only been Ford and Fidds doing research.  (I also speculated that Fidds wasn’t there for too long which was later revealed that he was only there as an assistant for a year) I also put Bill into consideration. But he didn’t have a physical form and was swapping with Ford in Ford’s body. So we did have a second assistant just not another physical person which ruled out Bill as this mystery person. 

Naturally, I fiddled with the idea and thought how funny would it be if this assistant were female. Mr. Not-good-with-the-ladies Stanford Pines having to interact and adjust to whatever hijinks that’d bring. Plus it wouldn’t hurt for his house to have a woman’s touch (let’s be honest, Ford is a slob when it comes to cleaning up after himself and certain shots showed his place was pretty organized. Also who took those pictures of the various findings if it wasn’t Fiddleford?). I designed her after Farrah Fawcett and decided she should be on a similar intellectual level as Ford and Fidds but probably in different fields than them such as biology, botany, and astronomical physics. Also, Gravity Falls could use more blondes that aren’t the bottle blonde valley girl stereotype. Yes I am blonde. Yes I am biased. I hate that stereotype. 

Initially she was supposed to be Wendy’s mom but after a long debate on timelines and seeing Ford’s personality in show, I decided against it. Wendy’s mom would have been roughly in her teens (like Wendy’s age) when Ford did his research. Far too young to even be considered by Ford. So I bumped up her age to her 20′s. That was also when I decided to make her a bit of a mother figure to Shifty. This was before we found out the entire deal with Ford and Shifty’s relationship and I fell in love with baby Shifty in ATOTS. I thought it’d be nice if Ford were more of a father figure and having Addi as a mother would give Shifty a bit more of a back story aside from “I found a thing”. It would also sort of indicate that you don’t have to be in a relationship to be good parents. 

Of course, this all lead to some issues. One, what happened to Addi before and after the portal? Two, if she were Shifty’s mother, wouldn’t she have simply kept him? Three, what would she be like in modern day GF? Then I rewatched Blendin’s Game and the idea for TOA came to mind. It would fill in a lot of gaps while also giving her the chance to interact with present characters. 

I named her after my friend’s child and my god daughter Adelynn. Difference is in pronunciation (Adeline Ad-duh-line vs Adelynn Ad-duh-lin). Her last name kinda just came to me. It sounds appropriate and it kinda added a pun on her name (add a line and marks both being references to writing or education). 

I had a lot of fun making her and I still enjoy making things about her. I never imagined that people would take to her like they did. It really amazes me. This little oc I made just to fill in some gaps and just for the fun of it suddenly becoming well known was never my intention. I made her for me and I’m happy that people like her as much as I do. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and support. Mwah! 

TIPS: Choosing a Career

NOTE: Take into account that this is my simple opinion and the things that I did to decide my professional course. The following points are only tips.

  •  Vocational tests are quite common, and I indicate the ones with a psychologist (if not possible, the person can be an adviser / manager / school principal or a teacher of confidence, even if only to talk about it). Online tests (like everything on the Internet) are not the best.
  •  Eliminate what it’s NOT. Start seeing which area (humans, exacts, biologicals) you are better and / or more interested in and take off what you know is not for you, For example, when I started thinking about medicine, I knew from the start that any kind of engineering would be discarded (can not stand mathematics and physics). Another important factor during this process is to know enough about the areas that interest you, which brings us to the next point:
  •  Research. There is no way to decide a profession with only what you know or heard about. Reseach about the profession and the course itself. Imagine if you decide for psychology because you find it interesting, but later you realize it’s not like you thought it would be? Or maybe you chose architecture and realize that you had more affinity with civil engineering? Acquiring information is essential at this time. Also, speak to professionals, they know better than any website.
  •  Consider your ability, as well as personal satisfaction. Many people opt for “big” careers  (med, law, eng …) because of the money or the status that they will provide. Note that is (possibly) what you choose to do for a long time, if not the rest of his professional life. You need LIKE what you do. Again, I stress the importance of counseling and / or vocation tests.
  •  Remember, It doesn’t have to be a final decision.
  • Finally, look at the pros and cons of the profession. Ask yourself: “Is it worth it?” “Could I do that?” If the answer is “yes”, then you already have something to be considered.

anonymous asked:

What made you choose medicine? Regardless, that's super neat you're in medical school and I hope it's going well!

Thank you so much. :D
Well, I was 11 when I decided that I want to be a doctor, so I have pretty silly reasons why I chose this profession. I was really good at biology and physics back in school and I also loved those subjects. I was also a big fan of House md and seeing those idealized characters I was like ‘wow, I wanna be like them!’. Oh, and my mum is a nurse, so I was a little bit familiar with the medical field even as a child. We had vaccines in the fridge at home syringes lying around the house which made me feel like ‘wow, these things are so cool, I wanna use them.’ Later as I got older I was fascinated by other parts of medicine, I wanted to know how the human body works and what happens during different kind of illnesses. Anyway, my plan B was becoming a bioengineer, but I got accepted to med school (and I’m not that good at Math so it would have been pretty hard for me to study engineering).

Requested by netflixwatchimgaddict and Anonymous

AN: I got this request twice so PREPARE FOR THE ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN

You had your hand tangled in your hair as you read through your advanced physics textbook, “Why did I decide to do AP Physics..” you mumbled, when there was alight tapping on your window. You raised a brow, and set your pencil down on your notebook, and made your way the window, moving your curtains to look outside.

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#14.2- Being Twins (girls)

• “One of us is going to have to change…”
• “I call dibs!”
• “Lyd, I called him first!”
• Every night is a sleepover
• “I think for you skin type we should do an avocado mask.”
• Shopping everyday
• Also study dates with each other every day
• “ I can’t believe this is only your first date! You’re the prettiest one of us.”
• Her always picking your outfits; meaning she barges into your room every night
• Doing each other’s makeup
• “Lydia! Cover up, Mom’s on her way up.”
• Always going with her to find the bodies
• “Ok so which winter/autumn color? This burgundy, navy blue, or dark green?”
• “Hey Lyd, did you get this problem?”
• “Lydia! Where is my deep purple peplum top?!”
• “What?! That’s your date shirt! Who’s the guy? Do I know him?”
• “No, he’s in my physics class.”
• “(Y/N), honey, I know everybody.”
• Everybody being jealous of you and Lydia
• “Oh hey (Y/N), you died your hair,
• “It was either me or Lyd, we decided I would look better with chestnut brown hair.”
• “(Y/N), let me try this makeup technique I learned on YouTube on you.”
• “You’re the only person I know that would spend 10 hours out with me in the mall and outlet mall.”
• “What else are sisters for?”

• “Call me when you get there!”
• “Let’s see who can hit the very center of the target.”
• “Dad! You can’t let Allison get her license and not me!”
• “Don’t tell her, but you’re my favorite, if you can drive then you’ll leave me.”
• “I’m the favorite child! Ha!”
• Threatening Scott
• Threatening Isaac
• Eventually becoming close to the both of them
• Always helped her with her boy drama
• “I don’t think that’s very safe.”
• You having your proper skill like hand to hand combat or something like that
• “Can I borrow that sweater?”
• “How could you have possibly failed that French test?”
• “Dad we made you breakfast in bed!”
• “What do you guys want for your birthday?”
• “Los Angeles has a brand new state of the art training facility, we want memberships there.”
• “How can we tell the difference between you two?”
• “Oh my gosh you can’t tell?! Her hair is obviously mahogany mousse ebony and mine is ebony mousse mahogany with a dash of milk chocolate flair.”
• “She’s joking, I’m the paler one and she always has earrings on.”
• Being the more immature one between the two of you
• Being really good friends with Lydia and Stiles
• “So what movie will it be tonight girls?”
• “Iron Man 2, Scarlett kicks epic ass.”
• “You can’t say no Dad, it’s 2 against 1.”

• “Hold your katana like this.”
• Always training together
• Helping her with her Scott problems
• “Kira! You forgot to curl this part of your hair! I told you!”
• You were the one who first introduced yourselves to the pack
• Always helping the pack
• “Oops! Use protection!”
• “Girls, really a C? In English.”
• Coming up with elaborate stories to cover up your secrets, which are technically not lies
• “Focus on me Kira, Mom and Dad would kill us if you burned out another light bulb!”
• “(Y/N)! Those are my boots! Off now!”
• “But they’re so much cuter on me…”
• Switching places when absolutely necessary
• You being the more outgoing one
• Except with boys
• “Just go talk to him!”
• “I can’t do that! I need a flirting dummy! Where’s Stiles?”
• You kinda sorta being her anchor when she can’t control her inner fox
• “Mom, why are all these books fake, I mean come on, Great Gatsby too? How many ninja stars do we need?”
• “We must always be prepared girls.”
• “We’re like ninjas.”
• “Ready to go to Scott’s?”
• “Not with you hair like that! Don’t worry sissy will handle it.”
• Always being partners in crime

• Helping to acquaint her to modern day stuff
• Visiting her everyday in Eichen House
• “Tell me about this Stiles boy… He sounds fishy.”
• “No! He’s really nice!”
• “Doesn’t that mean you’d be a coyote too?”
• “No, she got the full changing powers and I didn’t.”
• Helping her with hair and makeup stuff
• “Where is my straightener?”
• “Lydia borrowed it.”
• Helping her pick out “girly” outfits
• Being the more feminine one of the two of you
• “How can we tell the difference between you 2?”
• “Malia has brown eyes and mine are green.”
• “Don’t you dare hurt her Stiles, I’ll rip out your vocal cords.”
• “Yes, ma'am.”
• In return she threatens every guy you date or talk to
• Really just any guy that looks like you
• Helping her walk in heels
• Eventually becoming good friends with Stiles
• Being good friends with Kira
• Helping her study with all she’s having trouble with
• You both studying for SATs and ACTs
• “Just let me do your nails!”
• “No, you’ll just put pink on.”
• Chasing her around when she won’t you do her nails, hair or makeup
• “I love you! Text me to come pick you up after your date!”
• “I love you too! See you later!”

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summary: she just needs to figure out where to put her arms. jerza.
rating: k+ – involves hugs and kisses
also: on fanfiction
notes: for Jerza Week 2016: prompt embrace. (of course, even when I get the prompts with plenty of time, i still fail to pull through.)


When he falls, he falls hard and fast and right into her arms.

“Agh!” he yells, throwing up his arms to reduce his impact. However, nothing is really going to help stop Jellal—who decided to throw himself off into the air at the highest point of his swing to see how far he can fly—and Erza—who just happens to be at exactly where ‘how far he could fly’ is—from colliding into each other.

And so the physics happen and so as fate would also have it, Erza gets a full dose of Jellal recess break that day at school.

“I’m sorry!” he apologizes, quickly pulling himself up. “Are you okay?”

He’s also quick to take her hand and help her up, but she picks herself up onto her feet.

“I’m fine,” she tells him, brushing dirt and bits of weird playground stuff off her. 

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a secret admirer

genre: slight fluff, angst

characters: jungkook x reader

words: 1,599

hello guyss i’m finally back after a long hiatus woohoo hope y'all enjoy this fic that i wrote! leave me some comments in the askbox :-)

You were finally done with your exams, well almost. You only had your physics paper left on coming monday, and it was your strongest subject, so you decided to just chill during the weekend. Your roommate, on the other hand, hated physics. He was always complaining about how he couldn’t understand the formulas and he always had trouble passing this subject. Whenever he was busy mugging for his exam, you’d be lazily lying on the couch listening to music, and seeing you like this would irritate him, a lot. “Yah, y/n, aren’t you gonna get your ass off the couch and study for physics?” Jimin yelled from his study table. “Nah, you know I don’t have to study at all to get an A+, Jiminie~” you sang. You could imagine him rolling his eyes and scowling and you chuckled to yourself. “Need any help?” you took off one of your earpiece. “I don’t need your pity, y/n, I’m getting help from Jungkook today, he’ll be coming over soon,” Jimin glanced back to stick his tongue out at you. “WhAT?” you leapt up from the couch. “Jeon Jungkook?” you blinked. “Yes, y/n, any problem with that?” Jimin raised an eyebrow. You slumped back onto the couch, groaning. How could Jimin not have known how much you hated Jungkook? He was your rival, your competitor, always beating you to things and flashing you that stupid smirk of his. You longed for the day you could wipe that silly smirk off his face. The both of you were especially competitive with each other for physics. Every time, the two of you would top the class together and occasionally, he would beat you by a mark or two. And then he would saunter past your seat, smiling smugly at you, before walking back to his. If the teacher wasn’t in class, you would have punched him right in the face, but you couldn’t afford to get detention, so you restrained yourself. Now, he was coming over to your dorm? And snatching jimin, your only student, away from you? You enjoyed the times when Jimin begged you for explanations on certain equations, but now he would be able to ask Jungkook instead. How dare he turn to Jungkook for help when you were literally staying in the same room as him? “What the hell, Jimin, why did you ask that jerk for help?” you flailed your arms in the air. “I can teach so much better than him,” you pouted. “Uhm, no y/n, 80% of the time, I have no idea what you’re saying, and you’re always so mean to me,” Jimin pointed out. “That’s because you’re too dumb to understand,” you glared at him. “See, this is what I mean, y/n,” he shook his head. You rolled your eyes, plugged your earpiece back into your ears and fell back onto the couch. If he doesn’t want my help, fine, you thought sourly.

Approximately 5 mins later, the doorbell rang, but you were too deep in sleep on the couch to notice. “Yah, y/n, go get the door!” Jimin yelled. Realizing that you didn’t respond, he sighed and got up to open the door himself instead. Jungkook stepped into the room, wearing an oversized black hoodie and rippped jeans. “Hey, Jimin,” he smiled, walking in. He stopped short when he heard snoring coming from the living room. He glanced over and saw you sprawled across the couch with half lidded eyes and messy hair. His eyes widened. “You’re roommates with y/n?” he asked in surprise. “Yeah, you should be glad you’re not roommates with that asshole,” Jimin pointed at you and wrinkled his nose. “Why’s that?” Jungkook chuckled. “She’s forever teasing me for my physics and it just pisses me off to see her sleeping over there while I’m about to break down trying to study this shit,” Jimin explained. “Well, I think she’s pretty cute,” Jungkook murmured. “What?” “Nothing, let’s start on your revision,” Jungkook quickly ushered Jimin to the study table.

After about 3 hours, you finally woke up. You opened one eye sleepily and attempted to get up from the couch, but ended up rolling off and falling to the floor with a loud thud. “Ouch,” you winced and rubbed your elbow. You heard laughing behind you and assumed it was Jimin. “Shut up, you little-,” but you immediately stopped talking when you realized that Jungkook was sitting at Jimin’s table as well, and he was staring hard at the floor, trying to hold back his laughter. Jimin, on the other hand, was laughing uncontrollably and holding onto his sides to keep himself from falling off the chair. You immediately stood up and straightened up your shirt. You combed through your hair with your fingers, and slapped yourself to thoroughly wake up. “Didn’t know you came, Jeon,” you murmured, trying to look as uninterested as you could. “Hi y/n, looks like you’ve had a good sleep? I hope you can still do well on your physics exam even though you’ve just wasted your entire afternoon away,” he said teasingly. “Don’t worry, Jeon, I’ll make sure I beat your sorry ass this time,” you plastered a fake smile on your face, before stomping into your room.

A few minutes later you decided to go out to get a drink, but you hesitated. You knew Jungkook would probably throw you some insults if you walked past him, but you really needed a drink, so you took a deep breath and opened the door. Thankfully, he was busy explaining something to Jimin, and the both of them were too engrossed to bother about you. You quickly made your way to the kitchen and grabbed a can of coke, before making your way back to the couch to lie down. You glanced over at Jimin’s study table, observing what the two guys were doing. The both of them were pretty serious, and for some reason it looked pretty attractive, especially Jungkook. What the hell am I thinking? you slumped back onto the couch. Jungkook is my enemy, you reminded yourself. and I have to beat him in this Physics test. You contemplated as to whether you should study or not, but you finally decided to do so, seeing how Jungkook was so concentrated in his work. You wouldn’t want to lose to him again.

On the day of your Physics exam, you were relieved, as it was relatively easy, and you were confident that you would do well. When the teacher dismissed your class, you glanced at Jungkook. He seemed pretty satisfied with himself as well, and you started to get a little worried.

“How was the paper, Jimin? Easy, wasn’t it?” you asked as your threw your bag to one side the moment you got back to your dorm. “Yeah yeah, it’s always easy for you, smart-ass,” he rolled his eyes. “But I have a feeling I’ll pass this exam, since Jungkook really did help me a lot.” “I still believe that I’m a better teacher than him,” you said. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, y/n,” he sang. You threw a pillow over to him from the couch and flashed him a scowl.

Finally, the papers had been marked and it was the day where you got back your Physics paper. You sat in your seat, anticipating the moment when the teacher would announce the top scorer for this term. Please let it be me, you chanted in your head over and over. “And for this term’s Physics exam, the top scorer is,” the teacher paused. You held in your breath and crossed your fingers. “y/n! congratulations!” you sprang up from your seat, nearly causing the chair to fall backwards. You ran to the front of the classroom and took your paper from the teacher, before deliberately walking over to Jungkook’s seat. “In. Your. Face,” you said smugly, before turning your back to him and walking back to your own seat. You couldn’t help but break into a wide smile and squeal with glee. You felt satisfied with yourself and you were bursting with pride. “And in second place, we have Jungkook! He only lost to y/n by one mark, keep up the good work!” your eyes widened. So close, you breathed a sigh of relief. You stole a glance at Jungkook, and realized that he didn’t look mad or disappointed at all. In fact, he even looked a little glad. Strange. But you didn’t pay much attention to him, since you were too busy gloating over your achievement.

After he made sure that you’d left the room, Jimin walked over to Jungkook’s seat. “Why did you leave this question blank? You literally just taught me how to solve this less than 48 hours ago,” he asked in confusion, pointing at one of the questions in the paper. Jungkook shrugged, but didn’t say anything. “Please don’t tell me that you…” Jimin’s eyes widened. Jungkook continued to remain silent, and just smiled in response. “You’ve got to be kidding, Jeon! I know you like her a lot but you don’t have to do this,” Jimin flailed his arms in the air in exasperation. “Shut up, Jimin,” Jungkook said in a hushed tone. “If she’s happy, I’m happy, now shut up before anyone finds out.”

Maybe he was blinded by love or maybe he was just foolish but all he knew was that he loved you and he would do anything in the world for you, even if you never knew of all the things he did for you and only you.

hope you guys liked it! do leave some suggestions in my askbox on the next story plot of my ff bc my brain isn’t really working right lol and i’ll see if i can make them come true!

episode two hello

i will translate some moments and i will try my best. if smth is wrong i am sorry :)
Scott and Liam
Scott tells Liam he sucks at throwings and Liam decides to prove Scott is wrong
Corey and Mason
they are talking about physics. then when coach enters the class he kicks them out and tells him to act like ordinary teens
Mason left his phone at class so he is going to take it
Scott and Liam
Liam feels smth happend to Mason so he and Scott run to him. They all[Scott, Liam, Mason and Corey] meet and then talking about ghosts riders
- Did you see him? [someones voice i guess its Stiles but idk for sure]
Lydia wakes up after that her mum enters her room asking
- Lydia, what happend?
- Did you hear? - Lydia asks
- I heard you screaming
- No, i heard the train passing around my room
- It was a nightmare, darling, - her mum says
- No, it wasnt
- Theres no train, it was just a nightmare, - her mum leaves
- But i wasnt dreaming, - Lydia says
Mason and Corey are talking about ghost riders
Scott and Liam are talking about lacross
Lydia at classes when she sees a woman
- Exuse me, who are you? What are you doing here?
Lydia outside
- [Stiles voice] You know me. You know me. Can you see? Can you see me? Lts go, lets go, here, wait [they see ghost riders] Here, here
- Where are they? - Lydia asks
- Everywhere, - Stiles says. - Dont forget me.
- I wont, - Lydia says. - I wont.
Lydia and Malia outside
- [Malia saves Lydia from car accident] Be careful. Are you okay?
- Im fine.
- What were you doing? - Malia aska.
- Tried to remember, - Lydia says.
Scott feels that smth is missing, its like a hole in the memory so Deaton recommend him to fall asleep to try to remember.
Malia and Lydia
Malia cant remember who chained her up to be a man during full moon
Malia and Lydia are driving to Scott. Scott tells them he cant remember who was with him when he was trying to find a dead body
- I know it will sound craze but i think i had a best friend. I think he was with me that night, - Scott says
- Sounds normal. I know someone chained me up to be a man, - Malia says
- I came to school this morning and i was sure i was supposed to meet someone. I had been finding him for the whole day. Whoever he was i think i love him, - Lydia says
- What if we are thinking about the same person? - Scott asks
He sees his wife (i think its bc Stiles is erased)
Corey, Mason and Liam remembered their classmate and realised that ghost riders erased him
In the end of the episode Lydia is trying to remember Stiles
She has to focus on the piece of glass and let her hand move on its own
Then she said:
- What the hell is a Stiles?

and again if smth is wrong or translation isnt the same as in the original im sorry

I took a spin on the minibike which now has physics and ik on the handlebars. If you don’t know what IK is, it stands for inverse kinematics and means the hands are linked to the handlebars so when the handlebars move the characters arms move with it. It looks pretty cool. I cruised around, ran out of gas, put more gas in it. I decided to build a ramp and see if I could get any air with it but I fell to the ground pretty fast. So I changed my motor out to the best one I could get and tried again, and I got quite a bit of air! So I played around with various ramps and had fun making my own little tracks and seeing what kind of jumps I could pull off. 

After trying out various stunt jumps I decided to go for a nice cruise in the country to see how it felt just cruising down the roads. I was scouting out for towns and POIs and it was lots of fun finding everything so fast. You can off road and go up hills (slowly but you get up them). For a first programmer version I was very impressed with it, big kudos to Joe who worked hard on the physics, it feels great already. The steering isn’t very responsive but I had lower quality handlebars. Handlebars determine how fast you can turn. So this bike can be upgraded and you can improve a lot of aspects about it so don’t gripe when your first minibike sucks, the 600 quality one is a blast.

Will the minibike be worth building? Absolutely! It is a serious game changing experience. Driving through snow storms was just absolutely jaw dropping. Imagine the envy of other people on the server when they see someone has crafted one and they drive by on it and get the air drop first :) Or you die and lose your stuff and need a ride to get your gear back, the guy on the minibike can be the hero. Lots of interesting game play for sure!

the adventure of the engineer’s thumb

Okay guys I brought my copy of canon to don’t judge me happy hour this morning and blew through two cocktails and The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb in one hour

I had never heard of this story, it hasn’t been covered in any of the Holmes adaptations that I had seen, so I was like, why not, and now I have big drunk things to say about it because this story is so fucking extra, so gather round and I’m going to tell you all about it

drunken ramblings beneath the jump cut because I’m bored and why not

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Dear Sean,
It’s been 3 years since I held your hand while you took your last breath. How filled with pain and grief we all were. I spent many days afterward, walking aimlessly through the house, touching your things, wondering how I was going to survive without you. When you’re so connected to someone and then that someone is ripped away, what part of you is taken with them and what part stays? I was terrified I’d become mean and cynical, the lady who yells at the kids who are trampling her flowers in the front yard. (Well that would actually tick me off anyway because I love flowers so much, but you know what I mean.) Good God, what if I ended up buying cats to keep me company? These fears welled up inside me and I talked to an amazing pastor about these fears and do you know what he said? He said, “Well, don’t buy any cats!” (Such a wise man, that Terren) What I took from that simple answer was:
Continue to live the way I did when you were alive. Don’t become a lesser version of who I want to be because you are gone. You live in my heart and you would be crushed, knowing you impacted the rest of my life and experiences in such a way.
I rolled that around in my head and mulled over the implications until, slowly but surely, I found my footing once again.
I still throw everything out and I’m still addicted to iced tea, (could be worse), but there are other things that have changed in my life. I sold our big beautiful house because, quite frankly, I couldn’t stand cleaning all those bathrooms, and the kids and I moved into a smaller, cozier house. It was hard to put the for sale sign in our front yard, but I always remember you saying, “A house is just brick and mortar; you make a home wherever your family is.” So right you are! Thanks for reminding me of that. (I guess this is also a good time to tell you I purged your college science books. I felt a tiny bit guilty since you never know when you might need to look something up in a physics book from the 80’s, but I decided I’d take my chances. They joined my books, which I had promptly tossed the day after graduation.)
You’ve also helped me see the good in so many things where I might have only seen bad. Sometimes I see couples in stores arguing and treating each other so horribly. (Thank you for never yelling at me at Home Depot) I often wonder, who has it better, them or me? You are no longer here, sure, but you gave me 23 blissful married years and you treated me like a queen. Maybe I was the lucky one after all. It’s like getting to eat a piece of chocolate cake everyday for 23 years, or having to eat creamed spinach and liver everyday for 50. I see now that chocolate trumps spinach and liver every time.
Which leads me to another very big thank you I owe you. Because you showed me what love and friendship looks like and because you treated me so beautifully, I’ve been blessed with meeting my Chapter 2. Not my second choice, but my second chance. I know you understand because love was always a big part of your life and you were never stingy with it. He makes me laugh and smile again. He treats me with such kindness and respect and he never rolls his eyes when I say I need to stop and get an iced tea at the McDonald’s drive through. (Only $1 for a gigantic tea…such a deal!!) He thinks the kids are amazing and he loves to hear all about you. He is methodical like you and researches everything to death before a purchase. (Sound familiar, Mister?) Thanks for teaching me that life has many hidden blessings, even when the pain is so intense you don’t think you’ll ever smile again.
So my Darling Sean, thank you for showing me how to live life to the fullest. It doesn’t mean I’ve “moved on” and forgotten you. Oh, quite the contrary. Even when you’re not physically present in my life, you’re tucked safely in my heart. I think about you everyday and I silently thank you for what you have given me. I smile, knowing that you are cheering me on! I will love you forever.
—  My mom’s note to my father. 

Turned on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  before Jane the Virgin. Yes the title is terrible and the commercials were pretty terrible but I decided to give it a shot because it got decent reviews and there are musical numbers

And man her moving to California really reminded me of my high school physics teacher. See, every year for his final class, he would tell his students (who were mostly going off to college) about his own experience with his serious depression in college when he was an engineering major (which would become terrifyingly relevant for me a year and a half later, but I digress), culminating with him being miserable that he briefly came up with a plan to move to Utah because that was the one place he had felt happy in so long. 

And our protagonist really was depressed and completely miserable with her life - when what had been her goal for so long was finally happening and she panicked like “wait aren’t I supposed to feel happy aren’t I supposed to feel something but I’m panicking and sitting on the sidewalk outside my building instead this is wrong” and realized that she wasn’t happy at all, nothing close to it - she was so far away from anything remotely related to happiness in her life that she latched onto that weirdly specific butter commercial of the kind where you’re like “I know this is fiction and the idealized happiness they’re selling isn’t real at all” but you still feel that ache. Which ended up with her running into Josh. 

So her reason for moving wasn’t just for a guy, it’s that she linked her time at the theater camp (and also her time at the theater camp with him) as being the last time she remembers actually feeling happy

And o w that hurts. I can’t say I identify with the whole love thing but that? That I can identify with.