that i need to get back to drawing

hi lovely,

today is the dayyyy~~

after 2 years of fighting for this, it’s finally happening! 

i need to check in at 7am

so hopefully everything will be done and i’ll be in the recovery ward by lunch time. 

i have to spend the night to make sure that everything’s okay. 

fingers crossed i have a nice nurse that will like my terrible nervous jokes and will understand i need 3 hours of sleep to get by. 

please take care of yourself!  ♡ ♡ ♡

i hope to see you on thursday! 



anonymous asked:

Okay, I will first start off by saying.... YOUR ART IS BEUTIFUL AND YOU ARE SOOO TALENTED!! You are an inspiration to me. I want to start drawing digital art. Any tips?

QwQ awwww thanks love. Well I guess a good place to start is to get yourself a drawing tablet. They just make things WAY easier then a mouse, plus PEN PRESSURE!! I started with the Wacom Intuos way back in ma baby days of digital art but it works perfectly for a starter tablet.NOW PROGRAMS! I use Medibang Paint Pro and I love it!! Its a free program that is being constantly updated with new goodies to play with and the closest thing I’ve found to a free photoshop minus its super fancy brush settings and textures. Paint Tool SAI is another popular one but it is one that you need to pay from but it does have those brush settings and textures that Medibang doesn’t. YouTube will be your best place to go to learn different digital art techniques and References LOTS of reference studies, The internet will be your best friend here X3 Good luck <3 

HELP - Pay What You Want Commissions

Due to some unforseen events, I had to stop Inktober.

I need some serious help.

My paychecks have been horrid the past few payperiods. I’ve almost paid off my truck which will free up some money after the 15th of November. But I still have things that need to be paid THIS month. My truck needs a new wiper arm and a new lightbulb for the back tail light. I need to renew my license, my tags expire this month, and I need to get my insurance back. On top of this, due to the unforseen events, my account balance is -$140.

This is why I turn to you guys.

I’m accepting pay what you want commissions. Every dollar will help, and you get a piece of high-quality art for practically nothing.

I’m sorry I don’t have a sheet with examples, but I’ll post what I can to show you all what I can do. I can draw anime, furry, pony, etc.

Please message me if you’re interested.

(Also, the two furries pictured here are still for sale)

You are the sun and I am just the planets
Spinning around you

I’ve done nothing but listen to “The Last of the Real Ones” by Fall Out Boy ever since this post. I had to get it out of my system one way or another and it just turned into… whatever the heck I was trying to portray here lmao 

(( the quickest doodle to have ever doodled 
psst more in the tags ))

humans more like ew-mans am i right

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