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Two is better than one. Agent North and South Dakota x Medic!Reader

So @submarinefleet got sent fanart of her and her sniper husband and figting wife (same tbh) so I was like HEY! This chick makes some BAMF fanfics, so imam make one for her cause it seems like she has a lot on her plate and she updates a lot, so she deserves it! So I hope you all and mushi like it very much!




Being a medic on the mother invention was a good job. You helped those in need, usually a freelancer or a maintenance worker who was NOT good at their job. Ipayed well, and you became close with people who were frequent in the infirmary, which is basically all of the freelancers.


You had come to know all of them personally, even maine. Whenever they were in you would chat with them as you stitched them up, they were your friends and you liked them all and they liked you.

Some more than others.


“ Y/nnnnn i’m  in paaaaiiiiiin!!!!” South whined as you tended to her brothers wounds.


“ Would you hold on?” You asked as you pressed a cloth into North’s side, causing him to

wince.“ Jeez, both of you idiots are so whiny, god knows how you became freelancers.”


“ Well we are rather skilled you know.” North added and South nodded.


“ Yeah, and i wouldn’t mind showing you.” She said with a wink, causing you rolled your eyes and hide the blush growing on your face.


“ Are you seriously flirting with me?Now? Of all times i see you?” You asked and she shrugged.

“ Time seemed right.”


North rolled his eyes at his twin sister.“ South, you can’t just randomly spew sexual things like that at y/n in an attempt to woo her, she’s a lady and deserves to be treated as such.” He scolded and you smiled.


“ Aww thanks north!” You cooed and kissed his cheek, causing him to grin and blush.


“ See?” He said proudly to his sister, who was currently giving him a death glare.“ That’s how you do it.”


“ Yeah, yeah, yeah.” South snapped and sent you a sad pout.“ Where’s my kiss y/n?”  


It was like this a lot. Agents North and South Dakota were in the infirmary more than any other agent, and were usually there for meniscal injuries or checkups. And while they were there they would always flirt with you, but never did anything they said they would.


As time went on you developed feelings for the twins.But didn’t know if they felt the same way, sure they flirted and you would give them little pecks here and there. But did they actually have feelings for you or were you just some little game?


“ Oh stop your complaining south.” You said as you kissed her cheek.“ Your injury is practically nothing, both of your injuries are.” You said and sent her brother an annoyed look, causing him to smirk and raise his hands in defense.


“ Hey, it’s only because you’re an amazing medic, best hands in the business.” He said and his sister chuckled.


“ Wonder what else you could do with those hands.” She purred and you stepped away as you blushed furiously, south’s words always did that to you.


“ Say what you want agent south, but i’m on duty right now.” You said and she rolled her eyes.


“ Party pooper.”


Your conversation with them stopped when somebody knew spoke up.


“ Hey y/n.” Agent texas spoke.“ Mind fixing up my stitches?They keep coming loose.” She asked and you nodded.


( in this tex is human, kay?) You nodded and motioned to one of the beds.“ Of course, please sit down agent texas.” You said and she smiled.


“ Don’t mind if i do.” She said in a tone that made shiver run up your spine. Of course the twins didn’t react the same as you.


“ Hello tex, ” North said in a sweet voice.“ It’s a little late for a visit to the infirmary, don’t you think?” He asked and she shrugged.


He was right, it was the middle of the night and she wasn’t even in her armor. Instead she wore a black tank top and sweatpants.


“ Well the same could be said for you two.” She said. “ You guys seem to always be i and out of this place.”


“ Well they certainly are accident prone.” You spoke as you began to redo her stitches.“ They always come in here with the strangest injuries.” You said and she chuckled.


Your eyes were focused on the stitches on her arms so you weren’t able to see the look she was giving you, but the twins were. And they didn’t like it one bit. Tex was looking at you a way the predator looked at her prey right before she jumps.This did not slide by the twins.


You were theirs. Your smile, your laugh, your blush, they loved it all and they loved the fact that they were the cause of it all. Not.Tex.

“ And done.” You said as you finished her stitching.“ Should hold in there pretty good. Just come back if it doesn’t.”


Tex twisted her arms and marvelled at your work.“ Wow, you did a really good job.” She said. “ Your hands are so soft.” She told you before smirking.“ I wonder what else those little hands of yours are capable of.” She purred into your ear before she felt a hand on her shoulder, and then another on her other shoulder.


She turned around to see both North and south standing over her with pissed off looks on their faces.


“ That’s my line.” South growled.“ And my girl, so back off tex.” She snapped and north nodded.


“ I think it’s best if you leave now tex and let us spend a little alone time with our girlfriend, alrighty?” He asked and tex chuckled.Wait a minute, did he just say girlfriend?


“ Alright, just don’t be so hard on the girl, she looks fragile.” She said before leaving the room.


As soon as the door shuts souts lips were on yours.At first it was rough, her lips smashed agsint yours, her arms wrapped aroud your waist as you hands tangled themselves in her hair. But eventually she softened her lips moved in sync with yours and her hands rubbed small circles on your hips. Everything began to feel fuzzy until her brother chuckled.


“ Alright, south, don’t hog her all to yourself.” He said and his sister pulled away.


“ I hate that woman so much.” South growled and held you against her,“ She thinks she’s sooooo special, ugh!” She said and looked you, her eyes softened and she laid her head in the crook of your neck. South was never this affectionate.


“ If she ever bothers you again, just tell me and i’ll kill her.” South said and your eyes went wide.

“ Now now, south.” You said nervously.“ I don’t really think that’s neccesar-”


“ I think it is.” North said as he sat down next to you and pressed his lips against your cheek.Causing your face to go even redder than it already was.“ It’d be a shame if somebody tried to take you away from us.We’ve been pining after you for quite some time, i suppose tex just sent us over the edge.” He said and smiled.“ Well cats outta the bag now.we love you.” He said with a child like smile, causing your eyes to go wide over how he could share such big information so casually.


You went silent for a moment as you tried to process all of the information you were just given.“ So wait..” You said slowly as you pointed to them  both.“ You guys, like-”


“ You, dumbass.” South grumbled as she lifted her head from your neck and sent you an annoyed look.“ Why do you think we visit so much?”


“ I dunno, i just thought i was some game.” You answered shyly and north shook his head, he looked offended that you would even think such a thing.


“ You Are waay too important to us to be some silly little game y/n.” He said and kissed you.“ I hope you know that.”


“ And i hope you know this means we’re dating now.” South said and sent you a serious look.“ So if that bitch ever comes back here -”


You cut her off with a giggle, causing her to look up at you like a confused puppy.“ I’ll make sure to tell you south.” You said and kissed her forehead. Watching big bad agent south melt into a grumbling, blushing puddle was certainly something you could get used to.


“ Hey, don’t leave me out.” North pouted childishly and you rolled your eyes.


“ Your such a dork.” You told him and kissed his lips.“ But i like it.”


“ You better y/n, ” He replied.“ Because we aren’t going anywhere.”


So google chrome is being a turd and it’s being all floopy with tumblr so I couldn’t write this on tumblr so I had to use…..INTERNET EXPLORER AHHHH!!!!!!! But anyways this was a ton of fun to write cause I love mushi and I love the twins and I love rvb very very verrrryyyy much!If you want to request something, no angsty though for my babs only happieness for my smol heart, i’d be happy too! I hope you guys have a great day! Love you babies boo bye!