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  • Yoosung: Jumin, did you get my email? It's my resume, by the way.
  • Jumin: Yes, I looked it over. Nice work.
  • Yoosung: Thanks, Dad.
  • Yoosung: ... What? Why are you guys staring at me?
  • Zen: You just called Jumin "Dad."
  • Jaehee: You said "thanks Dad."
  • Yoosung: No, I didn't. I said, "thanks man."
  • Jumin: Do you see me as a father figure, Yoosung?
  • Yoosung: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure 'cause you're always bothering me with my resume.
  • 707: Hey! Show your father some respect!

i reached 2k followers yesterday and i honestly have no idea what to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH. i’ve never thought this would happen. i hope you’re enjoying your daily dose of harry on your dash :D

so to say thank you, i’m doing follow forever and i’ve tried to include as many people as possible because i really love all my mutuals

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firstly, a big shoutout to these amazing people. i love you so much and i’m so happy i’ve had a chance to get to know you and talk with you ❤

@magnuslightswood - where do i even start :D our conversations are like 90% harry thirst and sharing our love for this perfect human being. you are the nicest person i’ve had a chance to meet here and i’m so happy we started talking because of your harry gifset that basically killed me haha and all your gifs kill me because they are amazing and so are you ^_^ love you lots ❤

@thirstyalec - you are absolutely the sweetest and by the sweetest i obviously mean the most thirsty haha i love how we always expose each other because apparently we have a reputation haha i love talking to you and i still have no idea how you put up with me haha i’ve said it many times but i love you a lot ❤

@daemonya - ahhh, you are my biggest motivation to continue writing my fic and i have no idea what i’d do without you. i love our talks about others fics because you always have the best recs. and i love talking about literally anything with you because we can never run out of topics :D bonding over healthy relationships is the best way to become friends ^_^ looove you! ❤

@lightwoodclan - MOTHER! should i be worried that my mother is younger than me? :P our convos are sometimes so wild haha but i love you and i love talking to you ❤ even when you’re trying to pretend that you’re innocent haha we know better lmao

@jacehvrondale - i have this huge urge to just send like 5 million hearts because i love you so much ❤ you’re such a sweet and cute person and i’m just so happy that we’re friends. you’re one of the best people i have ever had a chance to get to know

@mrspotterblack05 - it feels like we’ve been mutuals forever and i just love you a lot? ❤ i love talking to you about sh, freaking about literally anything. when something happens, i always go to you because we can analyse literally everything and anything haha you’re always so nice (or salty when there’s a reason :P). i’m so so happy we’re friends ❤

@magnusandalexander - you enjoy way too much exposing me all the time haha but i love youuuuu ❤ you’re so smart and funny. you’re sweet but also super salty (but it’s always justified :P). i have no idea how you put up with me lmao also, your gifs give me life ngl aaaand writing our smut fest was amazing so we should probably go back to it at some point :P

@malecisright - i love writing with you! i love exchanging those cute (or smutty :P) prompts with you. (not so) casually screaming at each other when magnus or alec did something and we just needed to write a short story because we always need more and more :D you’re one of the best people and i love you ❤

@magnusfray - you’re such a sweet person and i love our conversations ❤ your edits are so cute and i’m always in love with them. i even reblog clace for you because they’re just that good haha

@jacelghtwood - bonding over the magicians even though we’re sh blogs? sure, why not :D i love analysing every episode with you ❤ especially when we both can’t stop talking about how amazing eliot is :P i’m so happy i replied to your post that one time because we started talking because of it and it was definitely one of the best decisions :D

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witchy reminders!

a healthy witch is a happy witch!

i know for me, anyway, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. you get caught up in updating your grimoire, you spend hours researching into a new spell, or maybe you just don’t have the energy to roll yourself out of bed. but it’s important to regularly remind and encourage yourself to do even the simplest of tasks to make sure you’re at your best. witchcraft is almost entirely dependant upon energy, and if you aren’t taking care of yourself, your energy can suffer, and that can effect your magick. here are some reminders and tips to keep you feeling tip top!

1. stretch! honestly what feels better than a good stretch in your muscles after a night’s sleep or any extended period of inactivity? Right when you wake up in the morning, do your best to wake up all the muscles in your body too: legs, arms, back, and neck. A quick Google search can show you some simple yet effective exercises to get your body raring to go for the day in order to prevent stiffness and injury. And if you don’t lead a physically active lifestyle, be sure to stretch regularly throughout the day, especially after any long period of sitting down.

2. hygiene! (this is a big one for me…) contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to shower every single day. I know I don’t have the energy to do so. But be sure to regularly wash your hands, and brush your teeth at least twice a day (and don’t forget to floss!) Also, i’ve recently found a good face wash can work wonders. and do your skin a favor and moisturize after your shower or bath! (you’ll feel and smell great).

3. eat! your body needs food! don’t ignore your stomach! if you’re hungry, eat eat eat. (not junk food though). if you don’t eat enough, you’re not going to feel good at all. I know appetite can be an issue, but you’ve got to do the best you can! you’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping meals. sometimes time is a factor, but there’s plenty of on the go options like smoothies and protein bars! you’re allowed to eat. you’re supposed to eat. please don’t deny yourself! (But don’t overeat either!)

4. hydrate! you’ve got to drink WATER!!! not coffee, not soda, not juice. w a t e r. And lots of it. if you’re not drinking at LEAST half your body weight (in ounces – ex. if u way 150 lbs, drink about 75 oz) in WATER every day, you’re going to get dehydrated, which can have lots of negative effects (I speak from experience!). I know, water is boring and ultimately tasteless, but you’ve gotta suck it up and take a lot of sips, babe. you might be thinking, “but I need caffeine for energy!” but caffeine can actually dehydrate you and thusly steal your energy! please drink lots and lots of water, ok?

5. medicine! don’t forget your meds! even if it’s just a vitamin! if you’re anything like me, if you miss even one dose of your daily meds, you’re gonna regret it. and if you don’t take them consistently, you’re not going to feel much of an effect from them. lots of people feel like their meds don’t work, but it’s because they don’t take them regularly like they’re supposed to (I know because I used to be that way). however, if you do have any serious side effects, or if you are taking your meds consistently and feel they aren’t helping, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. they want you to feel better as much as you want to feel better. they’ll help you if you work with them. be sure to keep tabs on your mood, appetite, any pain or discomfort, energy levels, etc. If you can pay attention to your body, it’ll help you narrow down your options and find a solution to your problem.

above all, my lovely witches, just take care of yourself. you are powerful, magickal, and you are IMPORTANT. do the best you’re physically able to take utmost care of yourself. nobody likes to feel awful. and it’s okay to ask for help! you can ask friends to exercise with you, you can vent to your therapist and come of with constructive solutions to your problems, you can simply look online for support groups and inspiration for self-care! and if you ever need to just blow off some steam, or bounce an idea off of, or need some (non-professional) advice, my inbox is always always open.

do your best out there, my loves! and may the love of sun and moon shine upon you.


Dating would include – Assassin's Creed Syndicate

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Jacob Frye 

  • Well, the two of you usually can be found in the fight club 
  • Eventually you patch up Jacob after his last fight 
  • Or Evie has to take care of both of you 
  • It really depends on your mood 
  • “Yes, Evie. That guy deserved every punch." 
  • But to be honest you two are always up to cause mischief 
  •  ”[Y/N], Jacob, what have you done this time?!“ 
  • "We did nothing! … Oh, that. Yeah, we did that." 
  • Giving each other nicknames … all the time 
  • "Love” - “Angel” - “Dear” - “Could you two stop?!" 
  • Jacob is a big fan of public display of affection 
  • The people need to know you are his better half 
  • … and he would be lost without your kisses 
  • Seriously every kind of kiss 
  • "I want all of them, love." 
  • After a hard mission he needs you wrapped up in his arms 
  • Jacob’s mixed scent of smoke, beer and himself lures you in 
  • "Why do I smell beer on you, Jacob?" 
  • … "I think Evie calls me!" 
  • He makes sure you keep up your training 
  • Driven by his fear to lose you forever 
  • Even if he knows you can handle yourself just fine 
  • Him not being able to take his eyes off of you when you plan your mission 
  • The satisfied smirk on your lips makes his knees weak 
  • "Stop drooling, brother dearest." 
  • Randomly he wraps you up in his arms to get his daily dose of cuddles 
  • The two of you get comfortable on his favourite but little settee 
  • Resting your head on his chest, while his arms hold you close 
  • The closer the better 
  • His steady breathing making you sleepy 
  • "God, you are adorable, love." 
  • The two of you are barely fighting 
  • And if you do, it will be solved in the fight club later 
  • "I’m not going to hit you!" 
  • "Good, then it is going to be easier for me!" 
  • Don’t worry neither of you gets harmed, because you end up in a heated kiss 
  • "I don’t think you know how much you mean to me, [Y/N]." 
  • Evie approves your relationship without a doubt 
  • You are good for Jacob and vice versa 
  • And foremost you make each other happy 
  • Jacob could never think of someone else taking your place 
  • You are the only one he will ever love the way he does right now 
  • And occasionally the Assassin tells you his feelings in an unknown serious tone 
  • "I truly love you with every fibre of my body, love. You accept every flaw I have. You adore every insecurity I have -" 
  • "Shut up and kiss me, Jacob." 
  • Your wish is his command 

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Evie Frye

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Busy - [EXO] Dr!Chanyeol Au

[A/N] So my doctor-to-be friend came over to take me out to dinner, and he’s been so grateful that he passed his fourth year exam flawlessly, and decided to drain my money by coming over, so this was slightly inspired by him. So pray that he’ll be an orthopedist one day, he’s amazing and kind. And single.

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You just got off the phone with your mother and apart from screaming at your little brother to come out of his room, she just complaints how she’s having indigestion, every now and then.

You didn’t have to ask why because she’s will answer that question for you, without even having a second to think about how it will hurt you. “…because you’re not married yet. Your friends are having their honeymoons, having a second baby, getting hitched, being in a relationship…” and then she proceeds to tell you the darndest thing, “What about you.”

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Baby | Dean Winchester x Male Reader

 Warning: Fluff, Smut, Sex on Baby

Words: 1188

(Y/N) POV:

Dean has been working on Baby all day. He woke up at five this morning, leaving the bed sheets next to me just a cool, thin layer of linen. It was noon now, and he still wasn’t finished tinkering. He had refilled the tires, replaced the brake pads, fixed the transmission, and refilled the windshield wiper fluid. I turned my head as I heard the hinges on the screen door creak. In strode Dean, black smudges on his hands and face and sweat dripping down his brow. He looked absolutely delectable in the skin-tight, faded, black, cotton t-shirt.

“What’re you doing now, babe?” I asked curiously, silently hoping he’s say he was done. Craving my daily dose of attention from Dean.

“Just gonna give her a bath and she’ll be good to go!” He said, flashing that eye-crinkling smile of his.

“Okay, I’ll get dressed and come talk to you while you do it.” I said, my puppy-like personality emerging.

“I’ll see you outside, babe!” He shouted over his shoulder, already practically prancing back outside. I slipped on one of Dean’s AC/DC shirts and tucked it into a pair of old shorts (Displayed Below). I walked out and grabbed the bucket of supplies Dean would need. I handed it to him, he pressed a quick kiss to my forehead in return before turning back to fill the soap bucket with water. I took the chance to take in the view Dean was giving me. The muscles on his shoulders rippling as he leaned, his shirt riding up and showing of the small of his back and god I couldn’t help but want to grab it.

I sat in the grass and chatted with him for all of fifteen minutes before he became so absorbed in cleaning Baby that he fell silent. I felt a sly grin slip on my lips as I looked over at the unattended, soapy sponge. I grabbed it in my hand and ran towards Dean before he could comprehend what I was doing. He turned to meet me and was met with a face full of sopping wet sponge. I was racked with giggles until I could breath. The mix of the sound Dean made when he was hit and the pout on his now soaking lips was hysterical.

He reached up, wiping the water out of his eyes before speaking in a slow, cool tone, “You really…should not have done that.” He let out a playful growl before pouncing on me. I was pinned to the grass as he flicked sudsy water on me, in my face, on my clothes and then his fingertips met my sides, sending my into a pattern of laughter again.

“Dean! A-ahaha! Ohmygod! Uncle! I can’t breath!” His tickling did not cease, he only let out his own mesmerizing, throaty laugh before finally backing off. He kept me straddled as he reached down to wipe the soap off my forehead.

“I just gotta’ finish cleaning Baby off and we can go watch a movie. How does that sound?” Dean asked softly. I let out a whine in return, running my fingertips up his biceps.

“Deaaaan! You’re taking so longggg. I want attention.” I stuck my bottom lip out dramatically, batting my eyes lightly. “I know, I’m sorry baby. I just got to finish, she’s almost done. You wanna help, baby boy?”

I nodded softly, a smile flashing across my features. We got up and got down to it. Wiping away all the dirt and smudges on Baby, taking our time, goofing off. When we finally finished, Dean walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his hands on my rear and squeezing lightly. He giggled against my lips as his hands left dark, wet hand-prints on me. He pressed his lips against mine lightly, but I wasn’t having it. Not now. I’d been patient all day and I wanted Dean’s full attention. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me, whining softly against his mouth as he slid one of his thighs between mine.

“Always so needy for me, baby. This is what you’ve wanted all day, huh? To get fucked on Baby?”

I felt the heat in my cheeks swelter as I dropped my gaze, I had honestly never considered such a thing but the thought send a twitch to my pants.

He leaned up to whisper softly to me, “Don’t worry baby. Why do you think I cleaned her so thoroughly? Only the best for my boy.” He tugged my earlobe with his teeth and pressed his lips to my neck. His large hands were set firm on my hips, restricting me from squirming against his body. He rolled his hips forward, brushing his tight pants against my own.


“Please what, baby?”

“I-I wanna feel you…inside me…please…” I was a blushing mess, dropping my head to avoid Dean’s mischievous gaze. He trailed his fingertips to the front of my shorts, pulling them and my underwear off slowly, intimately. I reached for the hem of the shirt of his I was wearing but his hands clamped down on my wrists.

“No, no…leave it on.” His eyes were burning into me now, watching me squirm, desperate for a touch, a smell, a taste of him. I mouthed a soft please and immediately Dean was tearing his clothes off until he was stood bare in front of me.

“C'mere,” he said softly, leading me to the front of the Impala. “bend over.” His voice husker, more eagerness laced in the letters he spoke. I complied willingly, feeling his body curl around mine, I inhaled his scent, firewood and raindrops. He smelled like home.

“You sure you wanna do this here?” I asked softly, looking over my shoulder to meet Dean’s eyes.

“Of course, baby boy. Now, spit.” He outstretched his hand and waited patiently as I coated his palm in saliva.

“Good boy.” He cooed before wrapping his hand around his own length, making it slick before pressing against my entrance. He pushed his head in softly, waiting for my begging cries to encourage him to go further. Before I knew it, Dean was fucking me, slow and hard, against the car. The car was rocking along with his thrusts just as his hand was matching his thrusts as he pumped my cock.

“Mmm…a-ahh! Dean!”

“Ooooh,” he moaned gravelly, the sound echoing and vibrating in his large chest, “c'mon baby boy, come for me. Go on, make a dirty mess all over my hand and the car, baby.” His coos only pushed my further to the edge I was trying so desperately to jump off of. As his thrusts began to loose their pattern, he began rubbing me harder, faster and again, before I knew it, I had come dripping out of my hole and onto my thighs and I was coming all over Baby.

The next day Dean decided to give Baby another bath after our…er…playtime. The only smudge left on her was the one left by my come. “That one,” Dean had said, “that one is the acception, baby boy.”

thejojosanctuary  asked:

Hey! Now that requests are open I was wondering how would the SDC crew react to coming home after a long day to find out there S/O has pulled out all of the works (their favorite home cooked meal ready, all of the pillows and blankets have been collected in the room to cuddle with, candles and music perfectly placed around the place)? I just need my daily dose of SDC fluff and I love your stuff! ^-^

Sorry for answerig this so late friend ;-;

Also thank you so much, i love your stuff too aaa <3



When Jotaro comes back home after a long and tedious day, the only thing he wants to do is go straight to the bed. To sleep, of course. His usually bitchy attitude gets 100% bitchier and he only wants to be left alone. This changed, though, when a pleasant smell reached his nose the moment he opened the door. Was that really what he thought it was? 

Curiosity got over him and ,instead of going to the bedroom without even saying hi to his parter, he peeked inside the kitchen, only to see his partner finishing making his favorite meal. “Ah, Jotaro, you’re home already!” He didn’t even bother to return the greeting, but wouldn’t snap to them like he usually does when he is pissed off either. “Come, sit! i have everything prepared for you tonight, you don’t even have to lift a finger.” 

After he is done eating, he takes a shower and gets ready to go to sleep, only to notice the room entirely set up for a cuddle session. (or even something more) He just sighs and lets out the tiniest half smile, “Good grief, you did all this just for me? Don’t blame me if i fall asleep though…. and thank you.”


Unlike Jotaro, one of the first things Kakyoin wants after a long day is just to rest and cuddle with his partner. After he opens the door, he goes with the classic “I’m home!”  and walks dragging his feet in search of his partner. He believes he smells something nice coming from the kitchen, but doesn’t really expect anything, since he knows his partner has been busy too and maybe didn’t have time to even cook.

He is pleasantly surprised though, with the sight of his beautiful partner serving him his favorite dish. “Welcome home, darling.” As they approach him to give him a kiss, he hugs their waist, smiling in the kiss. “Did i ever tell you how much i love you, s/o?” “Hmm, maybe you need to say it more often!” He let out a chuckle as he sat on the table to eat.

After they are done eating and head to the bed, he stares at the room from the doorframe the moment he sees everything so neatly placed, pillows and candles dimly illuminating the room. “You know, i think i must’ve done something really good to deserve all of this.” “Loving me is something good enough, Kakyoin!” God, he really does love them a lot.


“I’m home, my love!” No matter how hard his day was, Avdol would never bring that negative energy to his house, much less near his beautiful partner! What happened happened, what is more importart is that now he finally gets to see his partner. And the biggest smile finds its way to his face when he sees them working on his favorite meal, all while waring a cute apron. “Welcome home, Avdol!”

He offers himself to help them set the table and finish the meal, but goes to sit down when his partner insists him to leave everything to them. It feels kind of awkward for him, to be honest, since he is very used to work like a team with his partner, never letting them do all the work themselves. When the food is done, he enjoys every bite like it’s the last one, and praises his partner a lot! “Mhh, you certainly know how to satisfy me, my love.”

When they are done eating, he will insist on washing the dishes himself. He would ask his partner if they want to take a bath with him and, after the bath, he is surprised to see the bed full of candles and pillows all over the bed. “Ah, and i thought this night couldn’t get better!” he will kiss their forehead and hold their hand. “Now it’s my turn to please you, habibti.”


As angry as he is after the shit day he had, his frown dissapears completely after he enters his house and sees his dear s/o cooking his favorite meal. He approaches them sneakily and hugs them from behind, making them squeal out of surprise “That smells wonderful, mon amour~ can i have a bite?” “Don’t be impatient! Wait ‘til it’s done!” He will pout and sit down, waiting very impatiently for them to finish the dish.

After they serve him the food, he practically devours the whole plate in a second, letting out pleasured groans as he eats. “Good god, this tastes wonderful!” “Polnareff, you sound more pleasured now for eating than when we have sex.” “Shh, it’s a different kind of pleasure.”

When he gets ready to go to bed, his jaw drops when he sees the whole romantic aesthetic his partner worked on the bedroom. As much as they want to cuddle, this whole atmosphere only screams ‘make love’ to Polnareff “Ahh, you did all of this just for me? Hmm, let me repay you, mon chéri ~”


Bad day for this man probably means he will be like a grumpy grandpa, complaining about ‘some damn kids’ probably Jotaro and just grumbling this to himself. And he is ready to unload all of his frustrations with his partner “BAAABE, WHERE ARE YOU?! I NEED TO COMPLAIN!”

“Babe?” He will peek from the doorframe into the kitchen, only to smell and see his favorite meal being prepared by them. “Oh!” He will run like a kid to them, staring at the unfinished plate. “Hi Joseph. What were you saying about complaining?” “Nevermind that! Lemme have a bite!” “Don’t be a kid! Go sit there until the food is done!” “How dare you disrespect your elders like that!” But he will give up and go sit, crossing his arms, drool nearly falling from his mouth. “Is it done yet? Pleaaasee hurry up!”

Like Polnareff, this man will chomp on his food barely even chewing it, and start choking with it. “Please Joseph calm down, at least drink a little bit of water!” He will groan and practically scream with his mouth full “This is the most delicious thing i’ve ever had!!” And s/o may almost regeret their decision of doing this for Joseph. After all of this mess, he gets ready to go to bed not before going to the bathroom and spending an entire hour shitting and looks at his parter with a grin on his face when he sees the room neatly decorated “Hmm, what does this means? Well, i don’t mind having having a romantic sex session now and then, come here!” If they thought they were going to have a peaceful cuddly night, they were wrong. This old man still has a high libido.



Also, this is more long than what i am used to write, so sorry if there are a lot of grammar mistakes here :(


The Foxhole Court, Chapter 12 – Road Trip To Embarrass… Who Again?

In which the squad goes to a talk show, wake-up calls go wrong, Neil goes live on national television, shipping goes well, and I go nuts, just a little bit.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Jacob Frye Lovers, do read!

I’m aware a new AC game will come out and all that good stuff, but no worries. For those die-hard hardcore Jacob Frye lovers out there, this blog will FOREVER remain loyal to our sweet English Assassin. I know that by now Tumblr, and to many reading this, the hype of Origins is catching up and soon all I will see in fellow AC blogs will be nothing but Egypt here and Bayek there. But if you must know, updates on things related to our stylish goofball will always be found here and as much as perhaps the Frye twins, along with the rest of the Assassins for that matter, will go on a vacation while Origins gets released, just remember that this will remain Jacob Frye territory only. I know this may sound dramatic and cheesy but it’s a friendly reminder to those Jacob fans because you and I…yes…YOU will start panicking that he will become a thing of the past. NEVER! Now, you may continue to scroll along this post and rest well at night knowing someone here will have your daily dose of Jacob ready for you. Also, I got you @lllmissfryelll! One-shots and more will be updated there too for Jacob Frye writing so let us hope us JF lovers remain strong as the huge wave of the Origins excitement comes our way! 😙
A forever loyal fan to Jacob Frye
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You were sitting at a lunch table with a group of your friends. They weren’t really talking about anything you particularly liked. Just senseless and useless gossip when a familiar name rang your ears.
“So did you hear y/n? It’s going around that Dylan likes you.” She said this with a devious grin. Your bestfriend knew about your huge crush on Dylan. You shared French class with him and had the same block off but you were way to scared to even approach him. You heard him talk to Eric and his friends about how they hate the “popular” kids. You never really called your self popular. But you had to admit the people you hung out with sure said otherwise. You finally broke out of you thoughts and with a pink shade on your cheeks you spoke.
“Yea right. Dylan probably hates me. He sure hates you (your bestfriend’s name)”
“Sure he may hate me but he loooovessss you” She threw her head back in a dramatic fashion and started laughing her head off. You looked over to your right and noticed Dylan and his group of friends. You knew some of them like Eric, Nate and Brooks. You had Brooks in your debate class along with Rachel. Nate was pretty much the class clown and made you laugh a few times. Eric was just always with Dylan. You found yourself staring when you saw a group of guys in white hats start walking your way. But last minutes something else grabbed your attention. At first you were relieve that they weren’t coming to give their daily dose of sexist and sick excuse for “compliments” when you noticed they were walking towards dylan.
“Oh fuck” you muttered under your breath as you watched the scene start to unfold.
“Hey look Matt I found a few fags”
“Hey give Dylan a break he actually has a crush on something thats fuckable”
“Oh who ever could that be” the jock started looking your way winking. You just saw how red dylan was getting but yet he said nothing. Almost like he accepted defeat before he even tried to fight.
“Yo bro you do realize she is never going to want your gay ass right?”
Before you realized you started making your way towards Dylan’s table.
“Oh hey y/n we were just giving this freak advice on how to fuck off”
You completely ignored them and grabbed Dylan’s chin and sat on his lap before giving him a passionate kiss. At first he was too shock to kiss back but after a few seconds he kissed back. You grabbed his hand and intertwine your fingers into his.
“Are we still on for our date tonight?” You gave him the biggest smile just hoping he would say yes.

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Hi! How do you manage your time when you spend a lot of time commuting and even more time at your tuition centres? I actually have 4 tuitions and I spend nearly 2 hours travelling and 4 hours on tuitions. Could you help please? I get absolutely no time to self study and on top of that I have to help with chores at home, my father being a depression patient and my mom being away to earn, across the continent actually. 🙁

Hey! Sounds like quite the packed schedule you’ve got there. My top two tips are: 

1. Finding a routine that works for you

Making the best use of your time requires knowing the type of student - heck, person you are. Can you study whilst commuting? If yes, find the best medium for you to do quick revision on during your 2hr commute - whether it be typing up three things you want to remember from class that day on your phone, planning your study schedule, listening to a podcast related to your area of study or going through flashcards. 

If you’re absolutely knackered on the way home from school, don’t study. use that time to rest and recuperate! You can jump back straight into studying once you’re home and refreshed. Alternatively use that time to catch up on correspondence, dick around tumblr, get your daily dose of procrastination out of the way! 

Same goes with studying early in the morning and/or late. Just know your rhythms and routines. 

2. Studying “smart” 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be studying 8+ hours a day to get good results. Heck, some of the smartest people I know barely studied for our university entrance exams.  

Tailor what time you have to what you’re going to be assessed on and the format of that assessment. 

Your syllabus is your best guide. For example, if something was only briefly covered in class for a week and another was covered for three weeks, focus on the latter. If you’re only going to get MCQ based questions or short answer questions on a topic, don’t bother learning things down to the nitty gritty detail - have a few examples and a solid understanding of the key concepts. If your exam will be essay based, identify themes and brush up on your comparative examples. 

Ask your teacher. They’re paid to help you, literally

Similarly, ask whether you need tutoring. What value are you getting out of it - is it helping you understand concepts? Are they helping you with exam prep? 

Or are they simply giving your more homework in the guise that “doing more = knowing more = success” (it isn’t by the way. because its you who sits the exam, not your tutors). 

And if you find that self studying is more effective for you than tutoring, then save those extra dollars and reduce your tutoring sessions. 

And here’s a few extra tips from some other studyblrs that might help: 

If its an option, consider negotiating with people and delegating tasks. If you need that extra time due to your personal circumstances, consult your faculty/ school advisor to see what they can accommodate re: exam timetables, pushing assessment deadlines back. 

Time, unfortunately, is not something we can control. But with help from others, we sure as hell can manage it. So ask for help whenever you need it.  

Wishing you all the best anon, 


I Constantly Thank God For Esteban

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,806
Warnings: Smut. Sex. Sex in a naughty place. Sex with the devil.   Season 11 Spoilers
Challenge:  This was written for @hardertobreatheat-night’s “Angels of Supernatural Challenge”.  My song was “I Constantly Thank God For Esteban” by Panic! At the Disco

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Second Chances; Chapter 1

So, this is my first fanfiction here, and I’m not that proud becaus I wrote it in about an hour on mobile, but the plot should get good later on. I don’t know the word count or anything, but I hope you enjoy it! ^-^ Tagging: @nevuabby


Kai sat on flimsy beanbag, most of the stuffing long gone, fiddling with his gameboy and deafening himself with some loud, obscure rock band. The air was thick with smoke from the tennants on the floor below, blocking his nostrils and his throat. He didn’t cough or twitch. He’d lived in this same apartment for just under a decade, and the daily dose of second hand opium had completely numbed him to the effect. His roommate Rich, on the other hand, sat choking on an old wooden stool, head buried in his biology books, every so often letting out a string of cusses.

“Dude, Mr Takahashi had to stop with this. Shouldn’t he be, like, dead by now?” Rich paused to cough every couple words, his eyes squinting over at Kai, who couldn’t hear his friend.

“Kai. Kai, I’m speaking to you.” Still no response.

Rich threw a pen at him, hitting him square in the cheek, causing him to flinch and rip his headphones off.

“The fuck?” Kai yelled, dropping his game boy. “I was almost at the end of my level.”

“I was asking why Takahashi isn’t dead yet. You’ve been here longer than I have, how much opium does he smoke every day? I’ve never seen him eat anything. Like, ever.” Rich questioned. Rich had only been Kai’s roomate for about a year and a half, but it didn’t take them long to become like brothers.

“I saw him eat a whole lemon once. With the skin on and everything, the whole lemon.” Kai says, deadly serious. Rich laughs nervously, dropping his eyes for a second before thinking.

“Wait, seriously?” Rich asks.


They sit in silence for a while, listening to Takahashi laughing and talking to himself downstairs. Rich shrugs and leans back on his chair, staring up at the ceiling.

“Studying not going well?” Kai asks and Rich groans painfully, making Kai laugh. “I’ll take that as a no. Why don’t we get out and do something then? There’s gotta be something a bioengineering student and a manga shop owner can do on a Wednesday evening, right?”

And a few hours later, the two men are sitting at a bar in a booming nightclub, eyes skimming over the sweaty teenagers pumping and grinding. The music was so loud you could feel the bass in your chest, a sensation that Kai found both energizing and grounding.

“I miss high school.” He says, watching as a group of schoolgirls wander in looking lost and innocent. They were wearing clubbing clothes, but there’s a glimmer in their eyes that reminds Kai of his younger days, before he dropped out. He turned to face Rich, and saw that he had eyes on a young couple sitting in the corner, making out whilst simultaneously staring at Rich and beckoning him over. He turned to Kai for approval.

“Go get em, tiger.” Kai shrugs in their direction, grinning as Rich jumps up and almost skips eagerly in their direction. He carried on watching for a while, just to make sure his buddy was okay, but after a few minutes Kai places his drink down and headed towards the bathrooms. He needed a timeout.

Standing in front of the mirrors, he threw some water in his face, feeling the ice cold beads splash against his red hot cheeks. His chest felt uncomfortably warm, and his spine was tingling.

“Hey.” Kai almost jumped out of his skin, clinging onto the sink for dear life as he turned his head.

“Jesus, dude, you frightened me. I thought I was the only one in here.” He laughed sheepishly, embarrassed that he was so easily scared.

“You’re that shop owner right?”

“Excuse me?” Kai glanced at the guy, dressed from head to toe in black. He slouched, arms hidden in his jumper pocket and Kai could just about make out the shape of a fist under the material. Was he holding something? A knife?

He stumbled backwards slightly, edging towards the door, when the guy stuck his un-fisted hand out of his pocket and reached towards him.

“Wait! Listen, you own that comic book store, right? The one near the Ito Corp building?”

Kai nodded, gulping.

“Okay, I picked something up near there the other day. I think it came from inside.”

Kai laughed.

“Inside Ito Corp? That’s bullshit. They haven’t produced anything in years. Last I heard, they were researching some medicine shit. It’s im-”

“It’s not impossible. Trust me, okay, this came from inside. And you can have it. For free. I need to know if its safe.” The guy looked desperate, but Kai just laughed.

“Safe? I’m not your fucking guinea pig, and I don’t do drugs. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m leaving.” Kai turned to go, but the guy grabbed him arm, yanking him back. “What the fuck!?”

“I’ll pay you!”

“You’ll pay me, for taking your drugs?”

“I know I can get more of this shit. I just have to wait by this back door. It came in this weird white box, it was the only one, but they’ll be more, I know. I’ll give you 22000¥.”

“22000 yen? That’s like… 2000 dollars? It would… It would definitely pay the rent…” Just when he sounded convinced, he shook his head. “No, no, I can’t-”

“Yes, you can.” The guy replied, softly but urgently. “Think of what you can do with that money. I’ll even give you 20% of my profit every month. This can work. It will work.”

Kai stood for a moment, stunned. He didn’t have anything to lose. The only thing he truly looked are to was the next level of his shitty gameboy game. Maybe… Maybe he should.

The pair stood in silence for a while, Kai looking thoughtful and the other guy looking… scared.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Kai said reluctantly, and he heard the guy sigh, his shoulders relaxing almost immediately.

“Thank you, thank you, you won’t regret this!” The guy exclaimed, but Kai cut him off.

“Just, hand it over. I wanna get this over with.”

The guy pulled his other hand out of his pocket, handing over a bundle of notes, and then after reaching back in, a grey, oblong pill.

Kai quickly took the money, and then hesitantly reached for the pill. He stopped.

“This could kill me?”


He thought, then grabbed the pill and shoved it in his mouth. It was big, quite hard to swallow. He ran the taps and cupped his hands, collecting water and chugging it down in one go.

And nothing happened.

“Anything?” The guy asked hopeful.

Kai shook his head, folding his arms and staring at the ground. They just stood there for a while.

“Fuck this.”

Kai went home, ignoring the shady guys shouts of desperation.

A few weeks later, Kai and Rich were back in their apartment, thrown across their beanbags and stuffing their face with some potato chips. Rich was chugging from a can of Mountain Dew and staring down at his phone.

“Still not heard from that couple?” Kai asked, smiling sympathetically.

“Kyoko and Rin? Nah. I think I was just a fling for them.” He sounded bummed. Well, no shit, but he didn’t usually let these things hurt him.

“Well, these things happen you know.” Kai reached for the Mountain Dew, taking a few sips before carrying on. “If they’re being dicks, they don’t deserve you, bro. I know yo- Uh…”

Kai grabbed his head, dropping the empty can on the floor. He groaned, trying to tune out that weird mechanical noise in the back of his head. Then, he started screaming, rolling around on the floor screeching wildly.

“Fuck- Fuck, it hu-” He couldn’t stop screaming, it felt like his skull was full of bees and nails and fire, all bouncing around and scratching at his brain. Rich was saying something, but it was getting drowned out by Kai’s screams. There was a voice in his head, kinda like a computer, but strangely human.

“Calibration in process, please excuse some mild discomfort.”

Rich ran out of the room.

“Calibration complete. Access procedure initiated.”

The pain stopped for a second, and Kai exhaled shakingly, proping himself up on one arm and wiping away the tears on his sleeve.

A jolt of electricity, and the pain was back, and worse than before.

“Discomfort level may increase.”

His screams got louder as he clawed at his ears, scratching at his head and throwing his legs around wildly, not knowing what would help.

“Accessing neural memory. Accessing muscle memory. Access procedure complete.”

He lay flat on the floor, still twitching and spasming. His throat was raw and his eyes bright red, drowning in tears.

And when the voice came back, it didn’t sound like a computer or a machine. It sounded like a teenage boy.

“Kai Sasaki… My name is Jeremy, can you help me?”

your-o-p-p-a  asked:

oh my god finally, i haven't asked you stuff in a long time. I missed you soo000 much, anyways hows life? Did you find a girlfriend/boyfriend?? Are ever planning to come to Dubai? How often do you go out because I heard you only sit at home and draw manga. Don't forget you need to get some fresh air once in a while. Can you guess my gender ? Oh And the daily dose of complements: You are an incredible person with a great imagination so if you ever feel down just remember this. YOU DA BEST

Dude, I’m banging assistant for years now! Also I’m broke af, so no Dubai for me anytime soon, plus I’d probably die from a heatstroke

Oversized Sweater || Peter Parker

“i really love Spider-Man. I feel like I shouldn’t, but i do.”

“Jen, I have a Spider-Man shower curtain. If you’re looking for someone to shame you for loving Peter Parker, it’s certainly not gonna come from me.”

-me to my best friend about our mutual love for Spidey.

Here’s my first time posting a Peter Parker reader insert on tumblr. I’m supposed to be working on requests for DeviantArt but ssssh, I’ll get to it later. I just wanna indulge in Peter Parker for a little while longer 💕


Today had been awful for you, and you needed your daily dose of Peter cuddles in order to make it to the weekend.

“Ugh, fuck Tuesdays, honestly.”

Because 99% of the teachers in Midtown High were out to get you, you had to deal with pop quizzes for half of your classes and you had been called on numerous times to answer questions you didn’t even know the answers to.

It felt like you had been made into a complete laughingstock throughout the day, and you were honestly exhausted.

There was no way you were going home after this shitty day.

Earlier, you had texted your parents, letting them know that you planned to stay the night at Peter’s place, and you were super grateful that they let you go without a single complaint.

You knew that they would let you spend the night at his house because he was basically your best friend in the whole world. Ignoring the fact that you had feelings for him, you were okay with being his best friend and did your best to support him when he DID have crushes. (Damn you Liz Allan for winning Peter’s affections just from existing!)

Letting out a sigh of relief when you arrived at Peter’s apartment complex, you walk up the creaky steps and greeted the neighbors that passed by with a smile on your face.

Arriving at Peter’s apartment, you knock on the door and wait a few beats, hoping that Aunt May wouldn’t mind you spending the night. After waiting a few minutes, you hear the lock unlatch before revealing a cheerful woman as she greeted you with a wide smile. “[Name], it’s good to see you! Unfortunately, Peter will be working a bit late and won’t be home until much later.”

“That’s fine! I’m used to his crazy schedule, anyways.” You step into the apartment and detect the scent of cinnamon and apples in the air, “Ohh, are you making something Aunt May?”

“I am. I wanted to treat Peter with his favorite apple pie since he’s been so good. Has he told you about the internship he got with Mr. Stark?”

You nod, “He has. But again, it comes as no surprise to me since he’s so smart. Do you mind if I help you?” You ask with a beaming smile on your face.

"Are you kidding me? I was counting on your help!”

You spend the next couple of hours baking with Aunt May. During that time, both of you shared embarrassing stories pertaining to Peter as you each got bits of sugar and flour in your hair from how much you were giggling.

It was nearing 10 in the evening when you and May finished baking the pie and had a quick dinner of meatballs and spaghetti. She saves a plate for Peter and places it in the fridge when you excused yourself.

"I think I’m gonna wait for Peter in his room.”

"That’s fine dear, but remember-”

Yes, I’ll keep the door open. Jeez, I keep telling you there’s nothing to worry about since Peter only sees me as like, his sister. Goodnight May!”

The older woman laughs and responds with her own “Goodnight.” When she sees that you have disappeared into Peter’s room, she shakes her head, practically in disbelief at how oblivious you were when it came to her beloved nephew’s feelings for you.


You sigh and throw your schoolbag against the corner of Peter’s room. Scratching the back of your head, you quickly rummage through the drawers and found the sweater and pair of sweatpants you always wore when you spent the night. Holding his clothes close to your chest, you snuggle them for a few seconds before putting them on.

Of course the clothes were a little long on you, but you were too busy acknowledging the fact that you were surrounded with Peter’s comforting scent.

You really didn’t care how much his clothes dwarfed your form.

You breathe in deeply, smelling the faint scent of his cologne. With a dreamy smile on your face, you fall into Peter’s twin sized bed and curled up against his pillow, nuzzling its softness before shutting your eyes.


It was close to midnight when Peter finished his nightly patrol around the city. When he came home, he was greeted with the mouth watering scent of apple pie and spaghetti. Going into the kitchen, he sees the note that Aunt May left him:

Dinner is in the fridge, your favorite pie is on the counter ♡ ps- [name] is spending the night so please be quiet when you come home!

His appetite was long forgotten when he realized that –you– were here. With his heart hammering in anticipation, Peter tiptoes to his room and sees you curled up in his bed.

His heart melts at the sight of you, and he feels a strange type of possessiveness wash over him. You looked good in his clothes, and he would do anything to keep you by his side.

No other man would ever know the pleasure of you wearing their clothes.

Shrugging off his hoodie, he throws it to the side and gets on the bed with you, being careful with his movements so that you wouldn’t awaken. With an almost reverent touch, he runs the back of his hand against your cheek.

“You’re so beautiful. You’ll never know how much I want you to be mine…” his heart continued its rapid gallop, and he felt all of his hesitation disappear at the sight of your sleeping face. Taking advantage of the fact that you were unconscious, Peter leans in and presses a kiss against your lips.

"I love you.”

In your sleepy haze, you heard him and wrap your arms around his neck, opening your eyes just a tiny bit as a smirk adorned your features, “So you love me? I thought you had a thing for Liz.”

Peter stutters, feeling flustered at hearing your sleepy voice and looking at your features at such a close proximity. You prevent him from pulling away by kissing him again, effectively silencing his nervous rants when he kissed you back.

After a few minutes, you pull away and look into his sweet brown eyes, hearing him admit, “I only had a mild crush on Liz. You are the one I’ve always wanted.”

You giggle and kiss the bottom of his jaw. “Tell me, what made you finally admit your undying love for me? I… I honestly thought I didn’t have a chance with you.”

Peter chuckles before pulling you toward him in a warm hug, making you settle against his chest when he lays back. He kisses the top of your head, “It’s me who thought I wouldn’t have a chance with you because you’re too good for me. But to answer your question…”

Peter trails off and places his hand on the sweater your were currently wearing. Your breath hitches when he gently reaches in and touches your skin from beneath the fabric, “Seeing you wearing my clothes has always been a weakness of mine, and I couldn’t stand just having you as a friend anymore.”

You giggle and nuzzle Peter’s chest before leaning up to press a kiss against the base of his throat. “Then I should wear your sweaters more often.”


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reasons why the “save josh” dlc would be actually really awesome

Alright hear me out on this actually. We really should get the DLC. Not only because the majority of the fanbase honestly likes Josh and wants to save him from a fate worse than death, but also because Supermassive could actually make good money on a bonus optional ending. Like, I’m serious. It would be good for them, for us, for everyone. There’s no reason to not do this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly introduce the Until Dusk DLC, where:

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A welcome home Bughead drabble from me to you. I

Hi guys! Just wanting to say hi now that I’m home. I missed you all!

Warnings: Angst-trash and the slightest reference of depression.


Just breathe and let go.

I hold on tighter.

Breathe; just breathe and let go. He told me to. He was teaching me to.

I can’t.

He seemed to be the only light on in the room. He walks in so slowly, palms facing me as if to say he’s unarmed. He always walked in so warily and brought in with him a sense of peace and ease. I want to stand up and snatch him, pulling into me all that sense of peace and ease. I wanted to revel in it, engulf the ease he bought with him. I wanted to drink it; drink him.  I wanted him. I think I need him.

He was so light. Like Winter-chill easing into Autumn-leaves and orange tinted grey pavements. His touch was always reassuring and as if he fitted right into my burning frustration; he covered it like a safety blanket. The burning was out in an instant when he was safety enveloping me; swallowing me whole.

Speaking of burning. The burning had started again, the flames started licking me from the inside, all gasoline and matches – dynamite tick, tick, ticking. The flames were coming from all directions at me from the outside, now. I can feel them digging into my palms in the form of my sharp nails.

My head was starting to feel like it was entrapped in a vice. I had almost trained myself to ignore the constant throbbing but the stress I was dealing with at the moment was the vice tightening and there was only one place that could hold it at bay.


I was supposed to be perfect. As-pretty-as-a-picture sort of perfect. Dark-rimmed-eyes-and-pink-lips sort of perfect. Tighten my ponytail, let lace dance on me, I am satin in rough hands. Mom had taught me that I needed to be perfect and I needed to work hard because no one was going to serve me the world on a silver platter in the end.

But selfishly, I think that might be how it was turning out and everything was at my very finger tips because Jughead fit seamlessly into my world and gave me everything I wanted and Jughead was home. He was my home. My silver platter never shone as brightly in any other hands other than Jughead’s.

He was standing here, in my room; hands out and waiting for me, as they had been for the last two days, the arms I could barely bring myself to embrace.

It was so dark here – in my mind. I was shutting down and I didn’t know what to do. Shut down; go on, shut down, it’s too hard.  The only thing I knew how to do was to shut down, so piece by piece, I shut down a little more and Jughead was here to just be here. He brought me coffee, he read me out his latest works, he laughed about Archie and V and how they’re not in a relationship. He was just here and he didn’t stop anything to try and accommodate poor old Betty Cooper. He was the normalcy I forever crave.

He sits down on the edge of my bed and I don’t think we’ve spoken properly since I shut down. Once upon a time, he gave up the chance to be part of his own family just to try and fit in a little oddly in my stupid one and now everything that I had ever dreamed of was going to begin in a different city even if I was there or not.

My mom and dad are at a war with each other even though Polly hasn’t been pregnant in over a year. I don’t think they’d ever stop being at war with each other – I don’t remember when they were ever not at war with each other.

Go and see the world, go and be what you want to be. That was supposed to be my mantra but my world is in the room with me and what I want to be? I just want to be normal. Go and see the world, go and be what you want to be. Go and see the world…

I can barely pry my eyes away from my hands. I want to look up at him, tell him I’m sorry and that I just want to sit in here and watch all his favourite movies. But I can’t look up, I can’t meet his eyes. I know he’s sunkissed, I can smell it on his jacket that smells like the sun and menthols. I just want to lie with him and talk about crap. I just want him.

“Betty,” he says gently. “It’s not healthy sitting in here all day, you need your daily dose of vitamin D. Though not too much as you don’t want to get sunburnt.”

His attempts at humour always throws me and I laugh a little before letting my hands free and stretching them out, cracking my knuckles against my thighs. “I’ll crack a window,” I reply weakly.

“Ah, I don’t want to be rude or anything but it’s getting really stale in here and I think that your mom coming in to light candles,” he says pointing to my dresser. “Is sort of her way of saying it without having to say it.”

I roll my eyes and sure enough, there were several candles burning in the corner that I hadn’t noticed before. Mom would have snuck in at some point to check on me and to make sure I hadn’t done anything stupid, while I was asleep. “That has to be the nicest way anyone has ever told me that I smell, Jughead Jones.”

“People tell you that often?” he says chuckling but I see his hands are a little shaky as they reach out for mine, I let up and slowly meet his hands with mine.

He folds my hands over and looks at my palms, four small marks on each palm, the red a little brighter than the last time I had looked at them. I try to look away from him, I feel my cheeks turning red just like my palms. “I…” I don’t finish.

“Don’t say anything, it’s ok, just breathe,” he tells me.

“I don’t think I can,” I mutter, feeling the pressure building in my chest.

“If you’re talking, then you can. Come on, in and out.” he says, his own chest rising and falling and I try to match my breaths with his. His eyes seem dark-rimmed and blue-bright. His small smile is comforting and safe but his concern is dripping and oozing all over the carpet of my room, leaching into me. Spreading like a drop of ruby-red blood in a pool of water.

I keep going, in and out, our chests rising and falling in unison, his thumbs running over my palms. I felt sick. How many times had we gone through this routine? Where I would be out of action and he would be the only one willing to get me up and running again. His thumbs smoothing over these stupid, tiny, painful injuries. Where at the time, the release felt so damn good but made me resent myself a little more. Mom was so good at keeping up appearances but I can tell the signs, she’s just as broken as I am but she’s so good with make up and I think a little bit of the way she can recreate perfection on her face has leaked into her being.

Jughead was here, just like he always was, never pushing me but always prompting me. Sometimes it was the little things like reminding me I had to brush my teeth and sometimes, it was the big things.

Like telling me to let go when I have a grip on my own hands or nails digging into my thighs.

I take my last deep breath and he lets go of my hands, reaching up to move my hair out of my face. “I love you,” I say with a sigh. Our love was abundant. Our love sometimes felt smothering and it’s unnatural how something can keep moving so seamlessly – like the flow of controlling your own body and he was one half and I, the other, inferior half. It was staggering and swallowing – I’m swallowed whole.

He tilts his head, biting his lower lip and I know he can see that my eyes are barely meeting his. “Do you want to talk about it?” he licks his dry lips and sighs loudly, running a hand through messy, three-day-old washed hair.

I shake my head furiously and move closer to him on my bed, our knees touching and I just lean straight forward, my forehead hitting his chest. He wraps me up in his arms and rests his chin on my head. We are still both breathing, in and out, in and out: my new mantra. I keep my bravery in my head that is nestled against him.

He smells like tobacco and cheap deodorant but that smell has always been so comforting, I struggle to remember a day where my own body hasn’t been laced with that smell, his denim jacket is hard and ruggard against my face but I take this as a good omen because I know I haven’t been able to feel anything in days.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I mumble against him. I don’t know if he heard me or not with my mouth muffled against his jacket but he exhales loudly and I think he heard me.

“Archie wants us to go over next door so he can see you. And it took a hell of a lot of man-handling to not let Ronnie through the door, she all but kicked the door in when I came up here.”

I laugh silently but I manage a smile. “You man-handled V?” I ask. Veronica was sharp and stinging like whiplash. Jughead was calm words and calmer movements.

He scoffs. “Oh yeah,” he says laughing. “Or maybe she man-handled me.”

“That sounds more like it,” I reply. “I can’t imagine you surviving a fight with Veronica and living to tell the tale.”

“What if I replaced Veronica with Archie and I did win the fight, is that a better tale?” he asks, moving away from me to place his hand under my chin and tilting me to meet him.

“I must admit,” I say quietly, “That would be a more believable tale, Mister Jones.”

He forces me to meet his eyes and I do, all deep blue and icy. I had tried to promise myself that I wouldn’t cry but I didn’t keep it. I feel a tear spill out and Jughead puts his lips to mine, running his tongue across my lips, pulling away and then placing a tender kiss on my forehead. “Stop crying,” he says in a whisper. “Angels don’t suit crying.”

He wipes the tear away with the pad of his thumb and wipes it on his jeans. “I don’t feel like and angel, Jug. I feel old.”

“If you don’t feel it, don’t be it.”

“I feel old, I feel my body is weak and my mind is weaker,” I tell him honestly.

He frowns and holds my hands tighter, I think he’s keeping my hands hostage as he’s not sure what they’d do. I don’t even know what they’d do. “Don’t force yourself to be strong, you don’t need to prove that to anyone,” he says, turning my hands over again to look at my palms. “You don’t need to prove it to yourself, either, Betty.”

I feel his glare on my palms, “Don’t look at them, I hate them. I bet you hate them too.”

Jughead groans and pulls me in tighter. “There is not a moment in time – ever – in which I would hate any part of you, Betty.”

A bit of courage grows in me and I reach up to Jughead’s beanie, pulling it off slowly and placing it in the bed between us, I close the barrier in between and I reach up to grab either side of his face, pulling him down to kiss him on the lips, my hands moving down his neck and my nails tracing patterns on him. “I love you so much, do you understand?” I ask him.

“Of course I do,” he replies.

My dimples cut deep into my cheeks and I blush red-pink, feeling hotter as the burn kisses them as well. His kisses again almost illuminate this stagnant night, it almost brightens the room – lifting the heavy. This day was painful inside me, I made this day even tougher for the guy who hates the first week of October every year.

I sigh, kissing him on either cheek and then again on the lips. “I’m sorry. And Happy eighteenth Birthday, Juggie.”

How to get your daily dose of a-spec positivity while avoiding assholes

1. Set up tag blockers. I personally use tumblr savior because my browser doesn’t support xkit. After typing in every phrase I could think of that might be attached to upsetting posts, my dash is remarkably clean.

2. As a follow up to 1, avoid the temptation to click on posts that are hidden. This was something I had to learn the hard way. If something is flagged with a tag you blocked, don’t read it, just keep scrolling.

3. Don’t be afraid to hit the unfollow button if a blog you’re following won’t stop posting upsetting content. I had to part with some mutuals because of this, but it’s made my experience on this site better in the long run.

4. Keep your eyes open for lists of safe blogs to follow. The people that make the lists usually are very clear about the criteria that went into making the list. You should be able to find a lot of good blogs in this manner. I have a few of these lists on my blog.

5. Use the block button liberally. Seriously, don’t be afraid to block people, especially if they come to your blog looking to pick a fight or if you’ve seen the user repeatedly go after different bloggers. They aren’t here to debate, they’re here to harass people.

6. Be careful going into the a-spec tags. It’s a fact that I really hate about this site, but it’s the current reality. Some people have nothing better to do than to spam a-spec tags with hate. Instead of going into the tags if the negativity gets to you, I would recommend going straight to blogs full of the content you’re searching for.

Be safe and try not to feel too discouraged. Tumblr is an awful representation of real life lgbtqiap+ spaces. I know I say it a lot, but it’s the truth. If anybody behaved how I’ve seen here at safe spaces, they wouldn’t be welcomed back.

Actual statements made by physicians I've visited:

“I’m not sure what’s going on with you neurologically; I’m going to refer you to a Multiple Sclerosis specialist”. - Neurologist

“I believe you have CNS Lupus”. - (Second Opinion Neurologist and MS Specialist).

“You don’t seem to have Lupus but I’m going to treat you with a moderate dose of prednisone anyway and see if you respond positively”. - (Second Opinion) Rheumatologist

“You don’t seem to have Lupus but I’m going to treat you with a very low dose of chemotherapy and see what happens”. “Maybe your daily temperature of 100.6 is your new normal and you just have to get used to it”.- (Third Opinion) Rheumatologist; who btw, is a nationally known author of medical textbooks on the subject of SLE and often a featured specialist on many TV programs. He also happens to be a complete asshole.

“I see you take Cymbalta. Did you know that if you were to have more orgasms you probably wouldn’t need that medication.” Later on in visit: “We need to talk more about your sexual assault ”, *as he read my neuropsychiatric assessment and said with disgustingly perverted interest.*
- (Fourth opinion Rheumatologist who is also an author on books about Lupus. I came very close to reporting him for inappropriate conduct).

“Do not come see me or ask me about any symptoms related to your autoimmune diseases.” - Primary Care Physician

“You definitely have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”. - (First Rheumatologist and last opinion sought at Dept of Rheumatology at John’s Hopkins University Hospital. He was by far, the best doc who treated me.)

“You present a very complex case and in the field of medicine that’s never a good thing”. - (Said in some way by ALL physicians who examined me). 😩

anonymous asked:

I'm just here to pick up my small Tony. I think Bucky would do anything to make up for the past and it would take Tony a long time to get warmed up to as much as his presence around him. It's really T'Challa's fault when they start to get closer and actually talk. He more or less forces them to get along, but also patiently listens to them when they come to him to rant about each other. After a while there's just nothing new to complain about. And at some point Tony mentions those back rubs...

I can respect that lol. Here you go, take your smol Tony and please remember, he needs his daily dose of affection, praise and cuddles, and despite what he may tell you, there is a limit to the caffeine dose he can survive. Enjoy :)

Okay, I’m gonna mess this up a little because I’m not entirely comfortable with the ‘forces them to get along’ part. So instead, I’m going with unplanned side-effect slash coincidence. Post CW (more or less as we know it, the deciding difference being that in this universe T’Challa came into the bunker in Siberia to check on Tony and made sure help was being sent) Tony and T’Challa spend a lot of time together because their views are different and similar in all the right ways–and also because they have to, during the political fall-out of everything.

They get closer, and they get along surprisingly well. They have this mutual sense of respect for each other that Tony’s experienced in precious few relationships, meanwhile T’Challa enjoys the way Tony treats him like an equal. When they eventually start dating it’s not really a surprise for any of their close friends–the surprise is that they figured it out all on their own, with very little freak-outs from either one, and they’re pretty good at working out any difficulties that arise.

Thanks to their relationship, Tony spends quite a bit of time in Wakanda, where by this point, Bucky is half-way through through an un-brainwashing that Tony may or may not have had a hand in creating. And well, they run into each other. Sometimes. Accidentally.

At first, they don’t even acknowledge each other. Bucky is usually aware of Tony, but the other man always flees as soon as he notices him, so respects the guy’s clear wish not to be faced with his parents’ murderer. Tony meanwhile spends a lot of time ranting about his Winter Stalker and how it is impossible to avoid the guy and how is he everywhere?

Eventually though–because Tony’s never been good at giving someone the cold shoulder, and also because he has friends and a stable relationship and is now in a far better place than when he first learned the truth–Tony does what he always does: he breaks the pattern.

It starts with hellos that are just a bit too sharp to be considered friendly and jokes that don’t roll over the tongue as easily as they should. And Bucky, he’s confused by the change, but he adapts to it pretty quickly. There are days now, when his Winter Soldier days feel far away and bantering with Tony is as easy as breathing, as often as there are days on which he can barely look the other man in the eyes.

And Tony never quite says he forgives Bucky, but he realises that the sentiment is there anyways, has been there for a long time, the first time Tony touches him, a quick pat onto the shoulder, without even thinking about it.

Meanwhile T’Challa wonders if his partner has realised yet, that at some point he’s stopped ranting about Bucky and started ranting for Bucky (”And what’s that supposed to mean, he’s not allowed into the city? It’s no wonder he’s haunting the library like a freaking ghost, no offence love, your library is beautiful of course, but nobody spends all day in there, and really-”).

He thinks maybe it’s time to get to know his house guest a bit better himself, since clearly, he’s starting to become important to Tony. They have dinner together a couple of days later, and Tony manages to make Bucky laugh out loud four times. (Bucky makes Tony laugh seven times. T’Challa is beginning to like Bucky very much.)

And that’s all it really is, a start. T’Challa is confident he wants to find out where it’ll lead though. (He’s forming certain suspicions, after the first time Tony receives a back rub from Bucky and he has to leave the room half-way through because the noises his lover is making are irresistible though.)