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Korean Masterlist:


Seeing as I have a masterlist for ALL of my posts, including resources, books, etc (find it here) I wanted an organised lesson one! I hope this will help everyone!


Lesson 1: Hangul Basic Consonants Pt.1
Lesson 2: Hangul Basic Consonants Pt.2
Lesson 3: Hangul Basic Consonants 
Lesson 4: Diphthongs
Lesson 5: Aspirated and Double Consonants
Lesson 6: Batchim Pt.1 
Lesson 22: Batchim Pt. 2


Lesson 17: How Korean Age Works
Lesson 18: Levels of Politeness in Korean


Lesson 7: Hello, Thank You, Goodbye, Yes and No
Lesson 8: I’m Sorry
Lesson 9: Please, More, a Little
Lesson 14: Native Korean Numbers and Uses
Lesson 16: Sino-Korean Numbers and Uses
Lesson 19: Days of the Week
Lesson 20: Months
Lesson 21: Body Parts
Lesson 23: School Subjects
Lesson 24: School Vocabulary
Lesson 25: Family
Lesson 42: Today, Tomorrow, Now etc.
Lesson 58: Vegetables
Lesson 59: Fruit
Lesson 60: Emotions
Lesson 61: Food and Drink
Lesson 68: Sports
Lesson 69: Places in Town
Lesson 79: Animals 
Lesson 80: Clothes 
Lesson 84: Sickness Pt. 1
Lesson 85: Sickness Pt. 2
Lesson 86: Sickness Pt. 3
Lesson 93: Transportation
Lesson 94: Halloween 


Lesson 10: It Is, What is It?
Lesson 12: This Is, What is This?
Lesson 13: This, That, It, Thing
Lesson 26: Have/Don’t Have
Lesson 17: 15 Useful Verbs
Lesson 27: Present Tense Conjugation
Lesson 28: Past Tense Conjugation
Lesson 29-32: Future Tense 1 2 3 4
Future Tense Meanings and Examples 1 2 3 4
Lesson 33: How to Form Korean Sentences
Lesson 34: Don’t + Verb
Lesson 35: Topic/Subject Marking Particles ~은/는 + ~이/가
Lesson 36: Topic/Subject Marking Particles ~은/는 + ~이/가 Pt 2
Lesson 37: Object Marking Particle ~을/를
Lesson 38: Want To -고 싶어요
Lesson 39: Location Marking Particles ~어디, ~에, ~에서
Lesson 40: Negative Sentences
Lesson 41: Negative Sentences with 하다
Lesson 43: Who?
Lesson 44: Why, How, How much?
Lesson 45: From - To - , From - Until -
Lesson 46: Therefore, So
Lesson 47:  And, With ~하고, ~(이)랑
Lesson 48:  But, However, ~그렇지만, ~그런데
Lesson 49:  To/From Someone
Lesson 50: Plural Nouns
Lesson 51: Telling Time
Lesson 53: -지 마세요 (지마)
Lesson 54: -(으)세요 Imperative
Lesson 55: -아/어/여 주세요
Lesson 56: -도 Too, Also, As Well
Lesson 57: -만 Only
Lesson 62: Can, Cannot - (으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다
Lesson 63: Present/Past/Future Progressive
Lesson 64: A bit, Really, Very, Not really, Not at all
Lesson 65: Changing Nouns into Verbs -는 것 
Lesson 66: Counters 개 + 명
Lesson 67: To Be Good/Bad At
Lesson 70: Have to, Should, Must
Lesson 71: Still, Not Yet
Lesson 72: Already
Lesson 73: (으)로
Lesson 74: If, In Case
Lesson 75: Let’s
Lesson 76: Pronouns + Possessive Pronouns
Lesson 77:ㄹ/을 것:
Lesson 78: Doable/Worth Doing
Lesson 81: (으)ㅂ시다
Lesson 82: 처럼 Like
Lesson 83: More….Than
Lesson 87: 좋다 vs 좋아하다
Lesson 88: -ㄴ가
Lesson 89: 다, 더 - All, More
Lesson 90: Behind, In Front of, Beside
Lesson 91: Written Descriptive Form Adjectives
Lesson 92: Before -ing
Lesson 95: To be Similar to/The Same as -같다
Lesson 96: To Care/Not Care Pt.1
Lesson 97: To Care/Not Care Pt.2
Lesson 98: Connecting Verbs
Lesson 99: Might, Perhaps, It’s Possible
Lesson 100: To Want 원하다


Lesson 11: Where Are You From? I’m From
Lesson 52: Self Introduction 

Star Wars Fic Recs!

and by that I mean mostly focusing on/around Obi-Wan because my bias is showing and I cant be bothered to curb that impulse

(also gonna add in @swpromptsandasks​ who is an absolutely fantastic (not to mention prolific) writer who’d probably have something for everyone)

The Codywan fics

- Hope by lilyconrad - T - 6.7k

The Clone Wars are the backdrop to a quiet and fragile love between a general and a clone commander.

- There Goes The Atmosphere by missmollyetc - E - 45.2k (ongoing) (also a personal fav)

The most dangerous space in the galaxy is the distance between a clone and his general.

- Intertwine by @norcumi - E - 10.4k (also Padmé/Rex)

Padmé survives Mustafar. She and Obi-Wan strike out on their own with the twins, accumulating a far bigger family of clones, Jedi, and assorted troublemakers. Even in the shadow of the Empire, they manage to forge something new.

- Whiplash by dogmatix - T - 13.9k (ongoing) 

The world doesn’t stop just because you’ve won the war, and that goes double when the war might not actually be over.

The Rexobi fics

- Sketch by @peskylilcritter - G - 1k

Obi-Wan undercover as a clone.

- Couple Politics by @punsbulletsandpointythings - G - 2.1k

Rex can handle many things. Most things.

He’s pretty sure he can’t handle this.

- Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed by @dharmaavocado - T - 23.7k

“You’re punishing me, aren’t you?” Anakin said. “I angered you somehow and this whole thing with Obi-Wan is my punishment.”

“Not everything is about you,” said Rex, hauling the guy up. “And, come on, have you seen him in those cardigans?”

“He looks like someone’s sad grandpa,” Anakin said.

In which Obi-Wan returns from four years undercover, Rex called dibs, the entire squad is not helpful, and Anakin hates his life.

(First in the Title of Our Sex Tape series aka that one B99 AU that I never knew I needed until it was in my face)

- Endure the Burning by @norcumi - M - 4.9k 

Captain Rex and General Kenobi both knew any interest they might have for the other was an impossibility. Then they discover that they are not just an impossibility, but something akin to a fairy tale.

- Two Weeks by scarletjedi - T - 14.7k (ongoing)

After yet another confrontation with General Grievous, Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, along with Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and others from Skywaler’s 501st, find themselves crashed on a far-flung planet. With help two weeks away, our heroes must survive on this strange, abandoned land.

- Dancing in the Stars by @charity-angel - G - 9.1k

In which there is a really contrived excuse for Anakin to make an ass of himself, and Rex to be a good ori'vod (and maybe impress a certain other Jedi at the same time).

- In which Rex Doesn’t need his sight to get laid by @the-last-hair-bender (aka emocezi) - E - 2.5k

It had been an accident, or so Echo kept saying. They’d been bored, caught up in another endless round of ‘hurry up and wait’ and they’d been tossing around a flashbang in lieu of playing catch with something more dangerous. Like a grenade.

Of course someone had accidentally pulled the pin out and they’d all hurriedly stuffed their buckets on to protect their eyes. And then, because nothing is ever simple or easy. Captain Rex had walked in the room, sans helmet.

The 501st had, in Rex’s salty opinion, screamed like newborn Krayt Dragons and he’d had approximately three seconds to assess the situation before the world had turned impossibly white and he’d gone blind.

- The Best Cure by inkpenpaper - T - 5.6k 

It was the kind of milksop mission that would have normally been well below the paygrade of either the 501st and the 212th, so it was obvious Command meant it as sort-of leave.

Such a shame Obi-Wan touched something he shouldn’t have.

(Part of the this is not the fic you’re looking for series)

- War Against The Odds by @norcumi - M - 9.7k

Obi-Wan and Rex: from General and Captain in the GAR, to lovers, to survivors and Rebels.

Cody/Obi-Wan/Rex fics

- Waiting (Too Long) by @the-dragongirl - T - 6.4k

Rex waits by the bedside of one of his lovers, waiting (hoping) for him to wake up. Damn the Sith, anyway.

Or - Rex finds proof of the control chips and Palpatine’s treason before Order 66 can be fully carried out, and brings it to Anakin in time. Barely. Unfortunately, he does NOT get there in time to prevent the Order from being sent out to Utapau.

ObiAniDala fics

- Sigh No More by @edenwolfie - E - 131k (ongoing)

Anakin makes slightly better choices, Obi-Wan is a Mess™ and Padmé deserves none of this. AU from Mustafar onward with liberal manipulation of canon to culminate in some angsty, fluffy, domestic fix-it because we all deserve better.

I’m going to fix everything Lucas broke if it kills me.

who cares about your lonely heart by Elenothar - T - 28k

After the Battle for Coruscant, Obi-Wan has wings, a Sith Lord to handle, and a former Padawan who’s still not following a code of conduct for the Jedi. Facing the Sith Lord might be the easy part.

ObiKin fics

- Starbird by @imaginaryanon - T - 8.8k

As far as Anakin’s concerned, Obi-Wan is the picture of a perfect Jedi. or, Anakin thinks he knows everything about Obi-Wan but doesn’t. Anakin thinks a lot of things, actually, and he’s wrong about most of them. Anakin’s whole world view is turned upside down. Obi-Wan is having the time of his life.

- wicked thing by @imaginaryanon - M - 97k (ongoing)

There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this. or, the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Kenobi is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.

Bail/Obi-wan/Breha fics

- And Yet, I Love You Still by @punsbulletsandpointythings - T - 7k

At 25, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Breha Organa, and fell in love. At 34, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Bail Organa, and fell in love again.

- untinam by @spookykingdomstarlight - G - 2k

“I shouldn’t,” Obi-Wan said, body going rigid at her side. That wasn’t her intention, but she didn’t take the question back. She didn’t contradict him either. “The senator has only just returned. You two should—”

“He missed you, Obi-Wan,” she said, matching him for vehemence. In this, she would fight him. I’ve missed you, she thought, even though you’ve been here all along. “He would be disappointed if you didn’t put in an appearance.”

- As The Thunder Rolls by @the-dragongirl - G - 4k

Breha Organa must face the new reality of the Galactic Empire, both as the Queen of Alderaan, and as a woman. Fortunately, she does not have to face it alone.

Gen fics????

Ghosts of 66 series by dogmatix & @norcumi (because this is Star Wars and whats that without some Pain and Suffering)

Order 66 had thousands of loyal soldiers turning on their commanding officers and shooting them down. A collection of stories about some of these clones and their Jedi, and how death can often be a matter of perspective.

- Legacy by @deadcatwithaflamethrower - M - 18k

“Maul was my pride, my greatest accomplishment aside from the political games that have wrought me control over the Republic. Why should I take a second apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Why would you be worth my time?”

“Because I fucking hate you.”

- How Jedi Mourn series by @punsbulletsandpointythings (again, the suffering and pain)

They don’t. Until they can’t help it.

Rogue One fics (because i haven’t actually organised my shit so. i don’t got much for this yet???)

They Have Taken Photographs of Our Footprints in the Dust by @dharmaavocado - T - 4k

"Did you know I’m worth a quarter herd of bantha?”

At Jyn’s sharp inhale, Baze said, without opening his eyes, “My husband is an unrepentant liar. He is barely worth one sick bantha, much less a healthy quarter herd.”

In which Chirrut and Baze have spent more than half their lives together, and Chirrut likes to spin stories of how they were married.

climb, climb by @peradii - N/A - 1k

K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.

Star Wars The Force Awakens fics

the beloved body, compass, polestar by @santiagoinbflat - T - 6k

Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.

- tell me about the big bang by @jhholtzmann - M - 37k

There is a part of him that says: you are not human.

- falling, falling by @piyo-13 - T - 9k

Poe makes it out of the First Order’s clutches in one piece, which in and of itself is nothing short of a miracle. Or, well, he says ‘one piece’, but it’s hard to place physical value on mental capacities and anyways, he’s got other things to worry about than dealing with the aftermath of psychic Force-torture.

Such as that cute ex-Stormtrooper who saved Poe’s life, his droid, and most of his jacket.

Unfortunately (fortunately? He’s not really sure) for Poe, Finn knows what Kylo Ren is capable of, and he’s determined to help.

PayPal Commissions

Hey! So I’m opening Paypal commissions.
My terms :
- No NSFW content
- I will send you a sketch of the initial commission prior to completion, that way I can change things you don’t like.
- Payment is needed prior to the completion of the commission.
- Be descriptive of what you want. It helps me create exactly what you want. Send me references as well.
- write to me in a note about what you would like as it’ll help me organise things.
- I will send you my email for my Paypal through a note once we’ve discussed the terms of what you want for the commission.
- Unless specified, I will add my watermark on the commission to copyright the work. 

- If you wish to enquire, let me know ^^

Very exciting announcement!

If there’s anything you know about me, it’s that I love language. I love learning it and I love sharing the adventure with others. And a long time ago, I set myself a challenge - to learn a basic understanding of as many languages as possible.

Which is why I have decided to start a new blog @bitesizelanguage

This blog’s purpose is not to become fluent in every language, but rather to gain a basic understanding of as many languages as possible. This could range from Italian to Mandarin.

You can choose how much or how little you’d like to learn. It’s completely up to you! If you just want to learn a few basic phrases, that’s great - or if you want to delve into a particular language more, that’s also fantastic!

The main goal is to broaden our understanding, and appreciate language so that, preferably, we can hold a conversation and talk to people from all around the globe.

A majority of languages featured, I have previously studied to some small degree, but desperately need to pick up again. Some languages will be as fresh to me as they will be to you. So as I venture into this challenge, I’d love to have you there to join in, too! There won’t be any particular order to the languages featured.

Let’s get a conversation started. This blog is about all of us working together.

If you have any advice or tips, or something you’d like to share about any language. Submissions are more than welcome! In fact, the more, the merrier! Although, since it might be about a language I or an admin have no prior knowledge of - please ensure that the information is accurate! Any submissions will be tagged with ‘contributor post’.

If you prove to be a heavy contributor - it’s a possibility that I will open the blog up for others to help run and organise it.

So, let’s get started! And spread the word :3

Instagram PSD Tutorial: How To Use & Basic Help

So I’ve had a handful of people recently asking for help on how to achieve the results I did. As a novice once myself I understand how confusing things like PSDs and clipping masks can be so I’ve organised this (hopefully helpful) tutorial on how I did this graphic. I hope that after this you don’t have any more questions but if you do feel free to bother me with them, I don’t mind one bit! I’ll try my best. Please reblog/like if you found this helpful.

[tutorial under readmore]

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tbh i kind of want to organise a day to flood the aro/ace and disco.urse tags (particularly the more apho.bic-leaning ones eg. aph.obia/a.ce d.iscourse/dis.course/aph.obic/etc) with ace & aro positivity like…. a huge bunch of posi stuff all at once ? but i dont kno how to really organise that. but i just feel like it could help drown out some of the really obviously nasty and abusive and aggressive stuff thats started to crop up more and more and, if not make the tags safer, at least make it harder for ap.hobes to find posts made by other apho.bes in the tags and to set the posi tags (eg safefora.ce/safef.oraro/ac.tuallyace/actual.lyaro/etc) back on the right path?

pinging some of the inclus. blogs that spring to mind ,, do u have any ideas/any way of boosting this or getting suggestions? @courteousmingler @robotbisexual @vaspider @interqueerlove @memestealingasexual @hate-police (sorry if this annoys any of you!!)

How to Stay Organised

It can be difficult to stay organised and on top of things, especially at college/uni, but it is a crucial skill! Why? It reduces stress, helps you get things done (on time) and produce better work. We all know how difficult it is to balance a social life, grades and getting enough sleep, and, while achieving at all three is (sometimes) impossible, being organised brings you a couple of steps closer.

1) USE A FRIKKEN PLANNER! This is *the* most important. I don’t care if it’s a decorated bullet journal or a Google Calendar on your phone or a notepad you got for free somewhere - find one, use one, make it your own. Plan your tasks in advance, take note of your deadlines and follow through with the next step.

2) Start early. I know, procrastination is beautiful and seductive, and you have two weeks until your essay is due, but start early! As soon as you get an assignment or task, start working on it. Even if it’s just reading thoroughly through the task, start as soon as you can. If you have any questions or problems, you will have enough time to get them answered. 

3) File your work weekly. It reduces both physical and mental clutter. I write my class notes on loose leaf paper, then, at the end of the week, I put them all in a big, ringbinder file. It keeps my backpack light and I know exactly where to find my notes when I need to refer back to them.

4) Colour-code if it’s not distracting. Some people find colour-coding too distracting, time-consuming and ineffective. Other people find it impossible to live without. Some people are in between. Figure out where you are on the spectrum and choose a system that works for you.

5) Do a little every day. It’s so much easier to stay organised if you break big tasks down into smaller ones and tackle a small task every day. I personally find this to be the most effective in reducing my stress, since I don’t have this huge “OH MY WORD I NEED TO STUDY” panic hanging over me. Sometimes all I need is two or three hours of studying throughout the day during the week to ensure that I don’t need to spend 12 hours on Sunday afternoon freaking out to finish my physics problem set.

6) Schedule time to relax, screen-free. I am as addicted to and in love with the internet as much as any tumblr user, but I’ve recently found that taking an hour every day to relax, without my laptop, phone or watching TV is really beneficial. Do some yoga, pray, read, daydream, draw…whatever doesn’t feel like work. I’ve come to realise that mindless tumblr scrolling isn’t actually all that relaxing. I still love it, but it’s simply not effective in clearing my mind. Having an hour to refresh my mind completely has been a game-changer, and it helps me feel more mentally organised by reducing mental clutter. 

I hope these are helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me an ask! You can also find my studyinstagram @ munirastudies. Happy studying!

xx Munira

10 Ways to Manage Your Time on a Busy Schedule

Sometimes life decides to throw everything your way at the same time, and this can lead to stress, no social life and little time to relax and get your head together. This can ironically lead to more stress which is not ideal when you’re trying to organise your busy schedule on top of everything else!

Listed below are my Top Ten tips on managing your time on a busy schedule. Don’t feel you have to copy all do all of them and if you have a method or routine you follow I’d love to hear about it! It took me ages to find what worked for me, and I researched and tried many different ways of managing my time before I stuck with these, so be patient with it, and you will find what works for you too.

1. Have a calendar - This is a massive part of my time management, but there are so many different types of calendars these days it can be hard to know where to start. I have a wall calendar which I find helpful, but I tend to use it only to outline important dates and social events as there is not space to include everything I need to do. I have recently found, however, that the calendar on my phone works really well for outlining everything in my day, and even though it means you have to spend 10 minutes every day planning out your next day, it’s really worth it. Google Calendar is also a great way of sheduling everything in your day, especially if you carry your phone or laptop everywhere. Alternatively, having a monthly prinatble is a great way of keeping track of what’s coming up (COMING SOON!).

2. To-Do List - This helps me to prioritise everything and catch up on all my work, but like with calendars, it can be difficult to know where to begin. I lay mine out on a spreadsheet or a table because I find that heavily organising it can help, but the ‘Notes’ app on my phone also works when I am very busy. I recently bought a Pukka Pad To-Do List Planner which is so good for my every-day to-do list.

3. Have a morning and evening routine - Structuring your mornings and evenings is very beneficial when there’s so much to do, and it can help both your productivity and healthy mindset for the day. It has taken me a while to find out what works for me and it has only been recently that I have stuck with something (this was very difficult at first but it has made me a lot more productive and efficient during the day).

4. Eat the frog! - Not literally. But what I mean by this is that it’s really beneficial if you tackle your most difficult or unwanted task(s) first. Get them out of the way during the most productive part of the day (the morning), and then you can look forward to the more enjoyable tasks later.

5. Reward yourself - This doesn’t mean spending lots of money or taking really long breaks, but make sure there is something to look forward to once you finish a task. Even if it’s making yourself a coffee, buying yourself a cookie, or even taking a short walk around the block during your break, this will allow your mind to relax for a minute which is very beneficial to your productivity and health.

6. De-clutter your workspace - It sounds weird, but if you work (or even live) in a tidy environment, it really does help to clear your mind. Messy or cluttered workspaces or bedrooms can lead to stress, depression and unhappiness, so make sure you take the time to declutter your desk or bedroom floor because this will keep you healthy and clear your mind.

7. Minimize distractions - Distractions are everywhere nowadays and are more tempting than ever but make sure that you turn off your phone or block the apps on your laptop whilst you’re working so as not to distract you. Have music or the radio on in the background if it helps but don’t start raving to it when you’re supposed to be working, as this can waste a lot of time that you could have spent on more important things!

8. Try to pre-prepare when possible - It is always good to get ahead, and it can save you a lot of time in the long run. Do important assignments or tasks as soon as you get them so as to stay on top of things, and don’t put large projects aside if you know the deadline is a while off - chances are you’ll forget about it until a few days before it is due, and then go into panic mode meaning you won’t be working to the best of your ability. Also use any small spaces of time you have to do something productive, whatever that may be. It may be tempting to take longer breaks or scroll through social media, but those small chunks of time add up, and you could end up getting lots more done if you use them wisely!

9. Say ‘no’ to things - This is especially hard for me because I like to please people. However, you can never please everyone so if there’s something you have the option to decline and you know you already have a lot of work to handle, you should say ‘no’ so that you can focus on your other tasks, and get them completed to a higher standard. Also be aware that you can delegate tasks if you feel you are struggling, especially if you are working as part of a team.

10. Make social time - This is important for your mental wellbeing, even if it can seem hard to fit it into your busy schedule. Even if you meet up for a coffee with a friend during your lunch break or see your family at the weekend, try to socialise at least once a week (4-5 times a month). A great way to do this is to agree to meet up with someone at a time where you would otherwise be on your phone or watching TV, as socialising can help your mental wellbeing as well as build networks and improve your mindset.

I hope this list helped - sorry it’s so long! Please feel free to contact me for further information or guidance - I’m always happy to help or chat! Let me know your own methods and routines for time management or if you’ve tried any of mine, and if there are any posts, printables, or anything else you want, as I love hearing from you and helping you stay organised and reach your goals. :) x

What I’ve learnt after my first semester of university

Now that I’ve had my first university exams and finished a semester, I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learnt and how I’m going to improve. 

  • Keep up with lecture notes from the beginning. I started a few weeks in and never quite managed to catch up
  • While making notes, combine lecture notes with information in textbooks
  • Actually make you understand the notes you’re writing up
  • Make quizzes on quizlet as you go along and not near the end a week before exams
  • Use quizlet on the train  
  • Bring a flask of tea more often to avoid the temptation of expensive hot drinks
  • 9am-5pm lectures are the worst. Especially on a Friday, but they are survivable
  • Go to more lecturers. Even if I did catch up the ones I missed and watch them online. It’s easier to understand the content after being there, taking some notes and listening
  • Aim to finish coursework at least several days before the deadline so there’s more time to proof read
  • Always start coursework before you need to because unavoidable things could happen or you might underestimate how long it’s going to take
  • Do the prereading, it’s fine if it’s just minimal and looking at the lecture slides. Better still, read a textbook chapter on a topic
  • Know exactly what’s going to be in exams and exactly what you need to know from the beginning
  • Plan rest days after coursework is due for motivation and to stop burnout. Just rest and do hobbies on these days 
Lucifer Playlist

Originally posted by noeli94

Hey fellow Lucifans! This hiatus is like a drop-kick to my feels, so I made a Deckerstar playlist to help fill the void! I organised it by character pov and tried to follow the show’s timeline of events, because yes, I am that bored, and my music enthusiasm and anal retentiveness knows no bounds. I have plenty of other songs and for other characters too, if anyone would like me to make another playlist just give me the nod! Enjoy!

You Blew Me Off - Bare Jr. (L)

She Got the Devil - Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson ©

Who Are You, Really - Mikky Ekko ©

Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung (L)

Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell (L)

Monster - Imagine Dragons (L)

I’ll Be Good - Jaymes Young (L)

The Devil’s Dancefloor - Flogging Molly (L)

Down Low - Alex Winston ©

Explosions - Ellie Goulding ©

Eve, the Apple of My Eye - Bell X1 (Both)

I Found - Amber Run (Both)

Love Is Blindness (U2 Cover) - Jack White (L)

Someone To Die For - Jimmy Gnecco (L)

Skin - Rag ‘N’ Bone Man ©

All I Want - Kodaline ©

Blood On My Name - The Brothers Bright (L)

Wedding Dance1

A/N:  It’s been a while since we wrote something together, but we hope you enjoy this.  We think it’s going to be about 5 parts long.  This part is all Harry fluff.  Enjoy!

It’s already dark outside, but the chilly summer breeze feels comfortable. It had been a warm day, not hot like the days in late August usually are – a perfect day for a wedding. I want such a glorious day for my own wedding. The sun shone high in the sky during the day, and now the stars and the moon are twinkling with fairy lights.

I’m sitting in my chair, my place card in front of me in case I forget my name. Giggling at my own joke, I play with the white card which tells me my name in raised gold letters. My other hand rests on the stem of my wine glass. It’s nearly midnight. I promised myself I could leave at midnight, go upstairs to my room and sleep, falling onto the bed while still in my dress without removing make up. Who cares? I am alone here, so nobody will see me in the morning. My plan is to leave early tomorrow, so maybe I will be able to escape the parents of the bride. I crave my flat, a warm bath with a glass of wine, and listening to my favourite records. Yes, my flat is tiny, so I can hear the record player in my bathroom. Though my cozy home is small I could never relinquish the luxury of a bathtub. I sigh yearningly as I think of my empty flat.

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Calling all people going to dodie’s intertwined tour in the UK!!

I had the idea to try and make every single night of dodie’s tour extra special and give back to the lovely human that has given us so much!

So, taking ideas from @/ projectdodie on twitter (I was there for that, it was so cool), I came up with this cool way to make dodie’s intertwined tour as amazing as possible.

The idea is to hold up little signs during her last song of every show to show her how much we love her!

BUT, the signs would be a twist on her own lyrics!

What I need is:

-one person from every tour date to help organise

-lots of people to share this post

I came up with some sign ideas so all I need is for people to contact me if you wanna help out on a certain day

You won’t have to do much at all, it’s just so that I can communicate with people on each of the shows!

Thank you,

Indigo (I’m doing London btw)

oh and my dodie blog is @dodiedodiedodie

Grimoire Tip - Organising Your Witchy Equipment:

Tip: I recommend doing this when you are new to witchcraft or when you are spring cleaning or have a fair bit of time on your hands. Also, I recommend reading the full post before deciding to start, as it can be confusing if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

Ok, so, this post is kind of long and complicated but bear with me. I devised this the other day as a way to keep track of all my witchy tools and equipment – basically anything and everything I use in my craft. This is from my own grimoire, but I’m sharing it with all of you because it’s a great way to organise all your things and see what needs cleansing, what herbs need drying etc.

The basic idea is to gather up all the things you use in your practice and write them down in your grimoire with some little notes on their status. (I’ll get to that later). The amount of time this will take you depends on how many items you have. If you are busy or you are a secret witch, it might be a good idea to do one section at a time, as this can be time-consuming depending on how much equipment you have. This took me about 2 hours, and I have around 100 items in total, give or take.

This is complicated and takes a while, so I broke it down into steps. The results are great though and it really is worth it. I found it’s a great way to bond with your items and get on top of all the cleansing you have to do, so if you have the time and motivation, consider doing it.

You will need:
- All your witchy equipment. (Literally everything).
- A clear space to put all your witchy equipment.
- Lots of time probably.
- Your book of shadows / grimoire / paper to write on.
- A greylead or pencil that you can easily erase. The idea is to update this organiser regularly, and you can’t do that if you wrote in pen!
- A cup of tea or beverage of your choice, some snacks, some music – Get comfy. This may take a while.

STEP 1:                                                                                                                Gather up all your witchy things and lay them out. I laid all my things on an old towel because some of my things are messy – little bits of crushed up herbs, powders etc – and I didn’t want them to get on the carpet. When I say all your witchy things I mean it – crystals, tarot decks, herbs, jars, that dusty old candle at the back of your cupboard…Everything. When you lay out your things, try arranging them into set groups and put anything broken or things you will discard to one side.

In your grimoire, book of shadows, pieces of paper or whatever else, write out groups and subgroups for all your equipment. Mine looks like this:

Known Crystals - (Crystals I know the names of)
Unknown Crystals - (Crystals I don’t know the names of / can’t identify. Don’t get rid of them, because you can cleanse them, feel their energies and program them based on what you felt).
Stones - (Any stones I have collected. I didn’t list all of them separately, just wrote how many I had).
Glass Shards
Glass Stones                                                                                                      Sea Glass
JEWELLERY (You can divide this section into necklaces, bracelets etc if you need to)
SHELLS (Again, like with my stones, I have too many to write them down individually, so I just counted them and wrote how many I have before putting them in a jar).
STORAGE (Where I listed the number of jars and containers I had, what was stored in them etc)
Need Drying

Feel free to add more sections. Some ideas are candles, divination, tarot decks etc. Look at your equipment and sort it into groups based on what is there. This is just an example and you can adjust it based on your own needs. Every witch has different equipment and their own tastes. This organiser is yours – make it however you want; it’ll bend to your needs.

When everything has been sorted into a group, you can start writing everything into your grimoire. Make sure you use a name that you can easily identify them by: e.g.


Necklaces:                                                                                                         Clear Quartz Necklace
Amethyst Necklace

Abalone Bracelet

As you go, you can assess the condition of each piece of equipment and add little symbols and notes telling you things like ‘needs cleansing’, ‘research my properties’ etc.

E.g. Next to my items I write something like this - symbols telling me its status and extra notes.

Amethyst Necklace (C, ?,) Use as a divination pendulum, cleanse in moonlight.
You’re probably wondering what those symbols are…Read on.

STEP 4:                                                                                                                   I used a basic set of symbols that I wrote into my grimoire to show me the status of each piece of equipment:
C – Needs Cleansing (By moonlight, sunlight, water, music etc. Keep in mind that some items may need physical cleansing as well as spiritual cleansing)
:) - Cleansed and ready to go.
1C – First Cleansing (E.g. after bringing it home from a shop, receiving it from someone, etc)
B – Bond with me (Through meditation, put it under your pillow, wear it etc)
X – Consider discarding (The object may be broken or perhaps you just don’t use it anymore. This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘throw in the bin.’ It could just mean ‘no thanks, I don’t want to use you in my craft.’)
! – Find me, I’m lost.
D – Dried (herbs, plants).
? – Research my properties, learn more about me.
Feel free to use different symbols and make up your own. Like I said, this is your personal organiser and you should make it to suit your own needs.

STEP 5:                                                                                                               That’s it. (Phew!). Once you have written in all that stuff, you can sit back and relax. Give yourself a pat on the back. Treat yo’self for all your hard work :P When you need to, you can come back to your organiser and update it as many times as you want.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it wasn’t a complete mess and helped you organise some of your things better.

Blessed be, lovelies!


Fashion Wars 2 - Essarious Collection

I’ve been planning these posts for a while, as the minigame that is Fashion Wars is one of my favourite parts of Guild Wars 2.

So when I found out about the [BRUH] Guild organising a Fashion Week on Tumblr… well… I couldn’t help myself.

This isn’t in the requested format of one per day, and is more like an overall collection.  These are the characters of both myself and my partner, and some appear twice as they have multiple stat sets for various occasions and therefore multiple looks. (You can pretend they’re on a catwalk, my partner does every day)

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Specific details are in the caption of each image although I’ve only listed the skins.


april study challenge / 10/04/17 What are some of your general study tips?

  • plan EVERYTHING! don’t worry if sometimes it doesn’t work out (!) but while making the plan for any work/paper/exam session you have to think through everything that you should do and i just find having a plan very comforting and calming
  • having said that don’t burden yourself with lots of work you can’t do. especially if you have motivation problem/you procrastinate/have mental problems that sometimes stop you from working. think about what you really are capable to do, take small portions of work (i’m gonna make a separate post on how i study later on in the month)
  • find out what’s your passion and try to think of ways to include that in projects/papers for subjects you don’t enjoy
  • get involved with stuff! i know, it’s the hardest thing ever, i hate it i hate interacting with people and all but i made it my point to say yes to things and mostly i was glad after all that i decided to do it. someone asks for help organising some event, there’s some study club or an additional class - try it, you get experience and it helps to make friends
  • don’t stress out about grades from subjects that don’t interest you at all as long as you pass. idk about different school systems but for me i had few subjects that i didn’t like and i knew they’re of no use for me later so i just made sure i pass and didn’t pressure myself for more
  • read books and articles about things that interest you, one day they might be useful
  • even if you have a plan for what you want to do later with your life, don’t block out other things that seem unimportant to you. seen and heard about so many people changing the courses or entire degree after first year of uni just bc it turned out to be different than they expected. also don’t be afraid to change your course if you feel unhappy where you are

sorry if it’s crap!


So, I appreciate money is difficult for everyone now. And I know my prices seemed a bit extreme. So I feel these are better prices. And like most people I imagine, money is tight. Sooo, commissions would help xD.

What I will draw:
- Any fandom/ character of your choice (seriously, expand your fandoms on me, it will be fun)!
- persona characters / character generally
- couples (NO SMUT)
- groups
- creatures
- action scenes (be specific about poses)

My terms :
- No SMUT content. Gore, etc. I don’t mind.
- I will send you a sketch of the initial commission prior to completion, that way I can change things you don’t like.
- Payment is needed prior to the completion of the commission.
- Be descriptive of what you want. It helps me create exactly what you want. Send me references as well.
- write to me in a note about what you would like as it’ll help me organise things.
- I will send you my email for my Paypal through a note once we’ve discussed the terms of what you want for the commission.
- Unless specified, I will add my watermark on the commission to copyright the work. 

26 list/page ideas for your journal

These are all pages and lists I have in my bullet journal. I’ve linked the pages I’ve posted pictures of. Hope you can get some inspiration from this :)

  1. Films I want to watch - When I sit down to watch a film I always end up using too much time trying to find a film. Therefore I have this list, its super helpful. Also, I always rate the films after I’ve seen them.
  2. My favorite films of all time
  3. Tv-series I’m watching/have watched 
  4. Books I want to read - Same here as with the films, if I stumble upon a book that looks good I add it to my list for when I’m looking for a new book to start.
  5. Books I want to read this year - This is separate from the other book list because it’s more of a challenge to myself, a list of books I’m gonna try to read in 2016.
  6. Countries and cities I want to visit (X)(1st pic)
  7. Countries I have visited - I like to see all the different countries I’ve been to, and its always exiting to ad a new one to the list.
  8. Habit tracker - I just started my first habit tracker in May, and I use it to track my training, water intake and when I last watered my plants. It’s really helpful!
  9. Quotes - I have two spreads dedicated to my favorite quotes, I love to have them all in on place. (x)
  10. Webpages - There are so many helpful webpages out there, but it can be hard to remember them when you need them.
  11. Places to visit in a specific city - I love London, and I often find places and restaurants I would like to visit next time Im there, so I write them down so I don’t forget them! (works with countries as well!)
  12. Grades - Keeping track of your grades is great, so you can see where  you have to improve next semester. I love this page because I like to be really organised and this helped me see where I needed to put more focus!
  13. Bucket list - A classic! (x)(2nd pic)
  14. Museums I’ve visited - I love museums, and my goal is to visit some of the best museums all over the world, so I keep a list over those I’ve visited so far. (x)(3rd pic)
  15. Things I’ve accomplished - I really like this one, because I’ve done so many cool things the past years, and its easy to forget them, so this list has really helped me be thankful and proud of myself.
  16. 100 things that make me happy - Makes you think and appreciate the things that make you happy more!
  17. Historical photographs - I love photography, so I have two spreads where I have put some of my favourite famous and historical photographs. (x)(8-9th pic)
  18. Concerts I’ve been to
  19. Themed doodle page - I have a ‘summer’ page full of everything I associate with summer.
  20. School calendar - A yearly calendar dedicated to schoolwork, so you can see when you’ve got classes and exams. Really helpful to have it separated form everything else. (x)(2nd pic)
  21. Anniversaries/birthdays - Always a good thing to remember your friends and family’s different anniversaries.
  22. Journal ideas - I can get some ideas for my bullet journal at the most random times, and I like to have a place to write them down. (x)(1st pic)
  23. Word of the day - There are so many cool words that we never use, and since english isn’t my first language, I think this is a great way to learn new words! (x)
  24. Packing checklist - I often pack a lot of the same things when Im going somewhere, so instead of making lots of checklists all over my journal, I’ve made one, reusable checklist! (x)(x)
  25. Instagram activity tracker - I like to track my Instagram activity (on my photography account), to see what kind of pictures are most popular and gets most response. (x)
  26. Future log - A place to write down important dates in the coming months or years. I think this is super helpful for when I make the monthly spreads, to go and check my future log so I don’t forget any important dates.  (x)

anonymous asked:

Tips for keeping a clean/organized study space?

Hi lovely! Well, I feel like I should mention that organisation is different for everyone. While I generally try to keep as little of my desk as possible, other people thrive when there’s lots of things stacked on their desks. So my first tip would be, experiment a little, and find out what works for you.

The second tip is kind of three tips rolled into one, and they’re the main principles of tidying that I’ve found really work for me. They are: 

  1. A place for everything, and everything in its place. I have a lot of pens (seriously, like lots), but I keep them all in a drawer, so whenever I need a pen, I know that I have to go to that drawer, and I can find all the pens I would ever need.
  2. Keep like with like. Similar to the above, I tend to know where I keep all my pens, because they’re all in the same place and not scattered all around. The same thing goes for my Post-Its, my paperclips, my hole punch, etc. 
  3. Don’t put it down, put it away. This is a principle I’ve learned from Emilie Barnes, and it’s so genius in its simplicity. Once I’m done with whatever project I’m working on, I put everything away. All the pens, all the notebooks, all the planner supplies - if it’s done, it gets put away. This prevents stacks from popping up, and it’s generally easy to keep your desk/room cleaner that way.

Once I’ve got it all set up, I’m going to film a desk tour in my new study on my YouTube channel, so be on the look-out for that if you’re looking for more specific organising ideas! I hope this helps! xxx

anonymous asked:

Hey ... so my finals are coming soon and I'm so scared and confused like a hell I know it's not the first time but I can't help ... any advices ??

Hi! Finals are scary but being getting organised and prepared is the best thing to do! Here are a few things you can do to help get your organised:

  • organised everything - go through everything you need to study and make sure it is ordered. Go through any class notes, review guides, textbooks or worksheets that you got. Put it in a chronological order and per subject. That why when it comes to studying it is all easy to find!
  • find out what you need to study - go through your syllabus/curriculum and figure out what you need to study for your review. Write everything down or print it off. It is easiest to separate by subject and then by topic. If there are areas that you don’t understand or need to review more closer, make a note. That way you can make sure you know your weakest areas get more attention.
  • make a study schedule - now you’ve figured out what you need to study you can make a plan. I have a printable study schedule that you can download here. I also have an example plan which you can see here. Remember to break up your studying! Don’t aim to study for hours on end. Break it up in 25-30 blocks with a few minutes to chill. If you get bored easily, don’t stick on one subject for an extended period of time. Change up what you’re doing!
  • stick with it - the best way to actually follow your study plan is by being motivated to use it. Put it in a place you see often, for instance near your bed or above your desk. Each morning, see what you need to do and try to get it done. Reward yourself for completing the tasks you need to and cross them off your schedule. However, don’t be afraid to make changes to it. If you can get something do sooner, go ahead but if you miss a day, don’t fret. Either reprint or retype your schedule with new plan!
  • work on improving your productivity whilst studying - By planning out your time and setting up a schedule you’re attempting to improve your productivity. Find ways to keep yourself accountable for your time. Applications such as Forest or RescueTime are great for helping you stay focused. I also created a post with 10 small tips to improve your productivity. Have a read and try to apply some of them to your studying!
  • figure out what study methods work for you - everyone is different and has different methods of memorise, learning and understanding. Some people know they learn best with visually or listening. If you don’t know, take this quiz to try and identify your learning type. My study method is as follow: read my notes/textbooks and type up notes, print them and highlight/annotate them, create mindmaps/flashcards for things I need to definitely remember, write practice essays (either full essays or just bullet points), do practice papers and read sample answers. 
  • tailor your notes/workings - for me I used typed up, colour coded study notes for all my content heavy subjects. When I knew essay questions were going to along the lines of “evaluate/asses/examine” etc, I didn’t waste time writing a massive amount of notes about the topic. In the essay I wouldn’t get marks for describing what the question was about - you got the marks by making a judgement on the question and providing supporting evidence. I specifically made my notes full of information I would use to make that judgement (colour coded in red, orange and green). I would create tables comparing the pros and cons are a topic so when I was given a question in the exam, I could think back and already had answers in my mind. 
  • don’t be a passive studier - it is easy to kind of passively read your notes or do the easy parts of the course because you feel like you’re studying but really you’re just doing something that isn’t using much brain power. As you revise things that you already remember, keep it brief, don’t spend a load of time on it. Spend time on the harder things. That way you won’t be freaking out if you’re asked something that you don’t understand because you couldn’t be bothered to learn it.
  • stay positive - knowing you have a lot to study is daunting, there is no doubt about it. Try to think that you’re doing something about it and not leaving it till the last minute. You’re better off studying than failing. I’d rather study than regret not revising whilst I had a chance.

I hope this helps. Best of luck xxx