that i hardly to post some meme

PSA regarding my artwork

Not going to lie, 
I don’t like people taking my designs and making them tattoos or anything like that prior to my approval, same goes to shirt and what not.

If you really want to support me, share my content, reblog my content, try not to re upload it to other places if my content is already on the same site, Try to comment on my post, it helps me know what are your thoughts instead. I’m hardly getting any traffic on my page since some pages on fb happens to just save my pics and reupload them to fb and sometimes not even crediting me as source and stuff. I have an fb, twitter, pixiv, DA and tumblr ffs. A simple tag or reshare from the original post in the page is good enough. 


Before you make any insensitive comments regarding “culture facts” etc (I’m looking at those commentators on know your meme website), check whether ur facts are legit and actually fucking do your research, I hardly get pissed but I kind of do when people assumes cny, korean lunar new year don’t exist and only Japanese new year is a thing cuz animu is fucking educational or what not-

I fucking went to korea for a student exchange for a year with a korean family and I have a korean friend, If you wanna push your fucking insensitive facts around and mock it not even knowing how stupid you look hell ya pissing many other Koreans and Chinese people OR HECK THE WHOLE ASIA OUT THERE. 

I’m pretty much already irritated and I want to stop drawing overwatch stuff (nekowatch and comics etc) till this point. At first it was due to fun, but now it feels like a big mistake. 

rant over, Im sorry- 

I’m just going to focus more on drawing things that makes me feel better like nier automata, pokemon and fate type moon or sth.