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if/then act i starters

feel free to change things as needed!!

( ACT II )

“no one knows the ways the long road bends,”
“once every day your life starts again,”
“somehow the world turns inside out,”
“what if I always belonged in the city that moved me?”
“the marriage, the mortgage, I left them behind me before they could kill me,”
“my plan was just perfect,”
“my plan was just perfect, courageous and daring, to start my life new,”
“oh my god, what the hell did I do?”
“there’s no time to wait,”
“i can’t help but feel i’m already too late,”
“it’s never too late,”
“what if i’m bound for disaster?”
“god, why do i do this?”
“most of my choices turn out to be wrong,”
“how could this make any difference?”
“how can i make such a major event out of something so small?”
“each choice you make is a kind of a loss,”
“you lose all the choices you don’t get to make,”
“if i choose will i change things forever?”
“choose, and there’s no turning back.”
“that’s not chance, no way.”
“the universe has a message for you,”
“it’s a sign,”
“today a pigeon shit right on my head. it’s still in my hair,”
“the virgin mary appeared in my bread,”
“i found a sandwich right here on the floor,”
“think of how you and i can make our mark,”
“you’ve always had the right dream,”
“we’ve always made a tight team,”
“you’re back exactly where you ought to be,”
“the joy of this job is everywhere i look,”
“that diner was my worst job,”
“everywhere around me are these lives i left behind,”
“suddenly life will somehow start,”
“did i lose what i’m about?,”
“it’s so hard to fight the doubt,”
“think of how human life will ebb and flow,”
“remember the things we hoped and learned?,”
“it’s in the detour that we truly find our way,”
“we always find our way home,”
“as long as we can stay here, we’re home,”
“you never know how badly things can go,”
“i’ve got disaster written on my cheek,”
“the odds are i’m some two faced lying freak,”
“it might not be that bad,”
“you never see the worst that things can be,”
“you’ve been hurt before,”
“you’ve been hurt before, another hurt might hurt you that much more,”
“odds are i will do what most men do and hurt you too,”
“the games not over til the final inning,”
“this game might just end well,”
“i might be someone who is meant for you,”
“i might just be the man who’s meant to be with you forever,”
“we’re all in this together,”
“how much you love your life is what every life is worth,”
“we all somehow keep moving,”
“we somehow find each other in each other’s eyes,”
“the city keeps evolving,”
“what the hell are you looking at?,”
“who are you there to judge me?,”
“i’m the one who has to live this life,”
“there’s a chance it’ll all be alright,”
“it’s not like things can get a whole lot worse than they are,”
“another day of saving the planet,”
“one more night of nothing but tears,”
“______ plays dumb, surprised that i want him, like we haven’t been flirting for years,”
“i know i was out of bounds,”
“he kissed me back,”
“what the fuck?”
“what’s the deal?”
“can’t i ever just feel what i feel?”
“i’m accomplished, and i’m funny. i’ve got wisdom and wit, and a taste for certain men who will treat me like shit,”
“romance has again run amok,”
“what’d i do?”
“how’d i end up lying naked with you?”
“i was stone cold stupid sober, so i can’t blame the drink,”
“i was needy, i was greedy, and i just didn’t think,”
“that’s a lie, i thought about it a lot,”
“i had lots of warning thoughts i forgot,”
“just another bad decision i guess,”
“will my trail of sad mistakes ever end?”
“i’m starting to suspect that i’m stuck,”
“i suck,”
“i’m not one for fortunes,”
“i’ve studied all the stories,”
“here i go,”
“i never bet on chance,”
“i leave nothing to the gods,”
“i know all the odds,”
“you’re not some romantic,”
“you’re no good at small talk, or little loving lies,”
“i’m awkward, ungrateful, and sometimes i’m hateful,”
“here we go,”
“deep down I’m a coward,”
“i’m afraid to let you in,”
“the only thing more frightening is to say ‘what might have been?’,”
“i love you so,”
“you don’t need to love me,”
“don’t make me any promises,”
“just promise we’re not through,”
“don’t give me one damn thing,”
“i know that this can work,”
“you don’t need to need me,”
“you can keep me in the dark, hell it’s all i’ve ever known,”
“we both could use a friend who will always check the phone, and take the call,”
“let me be your emergency contact,”
“we can keep on being lonely, but we don’t have to be apart,”
“i’ll never even ask you to let me have your heart,”
“i’ll never break your heart,”
“you don’t need to confide in me, i’ve got crap enough for two,”
“you don’t need to answer,”
“hear me, and believe me,”
“you don’t need to love me the way that i love you,”
“i’ve got work out west,”
“will you come with me if we’re wed?”
“no more wasted time,”
“no more standing still,”
“i’m done with life out west,”
“well, we did our best,”
“it’s much too late,”
“no more time for doubt,”
“you say you’re not sure you’re a hero? It’s time you should find out,”
“so you’ve made a few mistakes? heroes know that’s what it takes to find their way,”
“we’ve got time for playing nice,”
“we need a new attack,”
“we’re gonna run the whole damn place, but with some class and with some grace,”
“we’ll do fine,”
“i know i’m strong,”
“no more hoping life will just get better,”
“life is short, and life is hard,”
“ain’t it some surprise?”
“behold you’re older, bolder, and much wiser than before,”
“they’re at the door!”
“if you’re not drinking then something’s new,”
“it’s nothing really, i can’t tell you,”
“you’re on the wagon or else —— oh geez,”
“keep your voice down, please.”
“haven’t told _______?”
“you’d better think quick, he’s minutes away,”
“there’s too many people, and it’s just as well,”
“um, _______ is a doctor they can often…. tell,”
“oh, hell.”
“hey, um, thanks for the surprise,”
“let’s go party on the rooftop,”
“move in with me,”
“babe, you’re in a real life couple,”
“you can fear it, dear, it’s clear it’s not about to go away,”
“i might want children, but not like this,”
“he thinks he loves me, and i know it’s not true,”
“what do you want? right now?”
“i want that job. i wanna give it everything I have.”
“i’m moving forward, i won’t go back,”
“so let your heart win, and let the doubt be gone,”
“i’m moving on,”
“i’m so sorry i’m late,”
“i missed the surprise didn’t i?”
“i’m pregnant,”
“wow, that is some surprise,”
“your teeny tiny swimmers, they’re determined little guys,”
“it could be that we should see this through,”
“it still feels right,”
“i think she told him,”
“marry me?”
“i look into your eyes, and i see what we can be if we step up and say 'i do’,”
“i do love you,”
“this was meant to be,”
“i’m older but i’m hardly more wise,”

Character Evolution Meme

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I…wish I could actually do a nice evo meme like you guys, but I hardly changed my characters’ outward appearance from when I first started playing them…I’m immensly attached to their designs…Still, have some main glam screenshots of onyx! \o/

Onyx when I first started her back in Dec 2014. so much good memories. the stoic aloof little pugilist to be. (she still had a cheek scar back then, that’s one thing I changed)

This is the first outfit where I thought “this is her in-character clothing” I’m still nostalgic about that shirt. (I never discarded it from my armory…)

…my first actual lvl. 50 outfit for her…for some reason I didn’t wear the MNK artifact top for a long while despite loving it since seeing it for the first time in character creator, but…I already had my eyes on the arachne shirt…

this is THE Onyx glam, I came back to this one a dozen of times, and it’s my favorite. She also doesn’t have her scar anymore, and I pierced her right ear with a golden miqo earring. 

I went with this glam for a pretty long while in Heavensward’s patches, I wanted to finally put the MNK 50 top to use. 

Current MNK Onyx. I love the bag design of this shirt. Despite being the WoL, she’s still a simple adventurer at heart. I also feel like with the beginning of Stormblood, it fits to give her a traveling look. For some reason I like it more than just going outright MNK aesthetic for the expac…
lbr, I’ll probably change back to arachne shirt sooner or later anyway ;v;b

Onyx’s character evolution is definitely seen more in her personality and way of interacting with those around her. ;v;

Bonus: I actually have her be an astrologian for a while now and consider it a good alternative to MNK, in-character speaking… so here’s that glam evolution. Still didn’t find my ultimate 60 healer glam yet, because I kind of stopped playing the game after I finished AST ;u; (I’ll pick it up again soon!)

tagging everyone who wants to do this!

anonymous asked:

I have an ask blog but never get asks. Is it alright to feel discouraged?

Yes. I hardly ever get asks to be honest (except for one). It’s also okay to ask people for them. You might feel annoying to ask your friends to dump some your inbox, but trust me- you’ll feel better once you have them anyway. Also ??? it doesn’t matter how many followers your blog even has, your inbox can be a desert. Also you might want to just put out some comics or art that tell a bit more of your story so that people have things to ask about! You can also post ask memes. Make it easier for your followers to ask you things.

PM me off anon, I’ll dump a bunch of questions in your box.

vi0lentquiche replied to your post “FANNIBAL MEME”

WHAT THE! wow. i’ve never seen this photo. backstorybackstorybackstorybackstory pls. DETAILS.

:3 Well it’s my picture, it’s hardly going to be posted around on major news outlets ;)

This happened to take place at trash con, I mean, Monster Mania con, NJ, last summer. It was his first con, and nothing was quite set up. I was there with @wiith-my-hands and @drinkbloodlikewine and we got some normal pics, but then we were like, hrm, we would like something that rings more of Hannibal. Just cause you know HANNIBAL. 

So bravely, Megan asked if we could do a “Did you just smell me” pic, and I’m pretty sure he thought we were charming and silly, but he was like yeah sure, because he’s the best. I’m not even sure I recall his hand ending up on my hip, but there it is ;) And needless to say, we didn’t really expect it to be quite so superbly close ehehe. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. And we got. He told the guy after us no though ;) Special snowflakes that we are.

We also got to see him get trashed and yell about vacuum cleaners and gay radars. Oh what a night.

I wish my face was a little less dumb, but I guess I have an excuse. Heheh.