that i hadda edit


earlier i mentioned that i’d “cast” models as the raven cycle characters, and a bunch of you said you’d like to see who i chose, so here are my top picks! i have secondary selections for everyone too, as well as racebent and genderbent versions, because that’s what happens when you have insomnia and too much time on your hands ( •⌄• ू )✧ and i’ve also found options for some secondary characters. i’ll probably be posting all of them tbh, it would be good/easy ref for me when i want to draw them!

but yeah! these are the models who come closest to the way i personally imagine the gang:

  • richard campell gansey III - arthur gosse
  • blue sargent - misha hart
  • ronan lynch - jacob hankin
  • noah czerny - gabe mador
  • adam parrish - malcom de ruiter

(and of course i hadda make/edit lil graphics because i just couldn’t just slap a bunch of photos up here haphazardly, haha. and they’re transparent!)