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Why “Thor: Ragnarok” is problematic

Warning! Spoiler (1) ahead!

1. Hela has a giant dog and doesn’t cuddle with him?

2. Not even once??

3. Doesn’t even pet him once???

9/10 - disappointing and underwhelming


So. Wedding Planner!Craig and Baker!Tweek au.

Craig is kind of intimidating as a wedding planner but he’s meticulous w them because he’s a hopeless romantic on the inside. Same impassive asshole on the outside. 

Baker!Tweek is an anxious mess so he’s an insanely messy baker and he’s never made a wedding cake before, but Craig can’t find it in him to care bc wtf he’s so cute?

Coloring these tomorrow.

More on what i have for this au right here on my twitter.  :3c

(also pssssst. pictures have captions)

so uh this happened? honestly, i’ve run out of things to say when it comes to milestones besides ????? h o w ??? thank you to everyone who follows me because i love and appreciate y’all. thnx for not blocking me when i yiff or rant about my life and thnx for being an amazing bunch of people.

i thought i’d try something different for this celebration and do name inspired playlists! i’ve seen this idea pop up on my dash before and tbh i thought it was pretty cool because everyone seems to love music so what can go wrong?

if you’ve never seen one before, a name inspired playlist looks like this:
(i’m using my own name as an example)
taro - alt-j
entropy - grimes
dark fantasy - kanye
daydreaming - radiohead
gave you all - mumford and sons
in the middle - dodie

be warned, i do listen to a lot of chill and indie/folk music so there is a good chance every playlist i’ll make is gonna be chill (i’ll also make in into a spotify playlist bc why the heck not)

if you want one:
- must be following me
- reblog this post
- send me an ask with your name and your favourite band

i’ll be doing these until monday bc i go away next week but i will try and make everyone a playlist!! if this flops pretend it never happened lmao

Hunk’s vlog exceeded expectations, watered my crops, cleansed my pores, wrote my essay, and washed my dishes