that i decided i needed to make a giant post

knitting a blanket & suddenly not sure how big blankets are supposed to be. 12 feet across? 15??

Queers in Space

I needed to sketch my new OTP…best thing I’ve done in days. I was sick as hell this past fuckin week and felt like absolute garbage so I couldn’t do anything. So one night I decided to watch the new Voltron series and I Immediately wanted to adopt everyone and for these two losers to smooch within the first 10 fuckin minutes of that got damn show.

Its great. Go watch Volton: Legendary Defender my dudes. 

- Do no repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -

hi there,

I’m Keziah and I finally decided to make an intro for myself so here we go.

why I'm joining: I need some motivation to do more than the minimum for my studies and organisation

what I'm gonna post: notes, work, maybe a bujo

right now my school year is about to end but I’m taking: physics, english 3, aqr, french, psychology, and band (percussion)

next year I’m taking: creative writing, environmental systems, government/economics, world history, and band

random facts

  • i’m currently a junior in high school and getting ready for senior year
  • i have two giant dogs and a fish
  • i like forensic shows probably a little too much

I was inspired to make my blog by: @emmastudies, @jiyeonstudies , @bookmrk 


Hey everyone! As many of you may know, Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) is in the hospital and is currently recovering from a surgery. Because of this, he will not be making videos or going on social media until he has recovered. Mark has been with a lot of us through really rough patches of life, and I think it’s time we try and pay him back and make him smile like he’s done for the rest of us. So, I decided to introduce #ProjectMarkiplier, a giant fan collaboration for Mark to come back to. 

What is Project Markiplier? Well, in short, it’s making a little piece of artwork, music, writing, etc. for Mark and tagging it #ProjectMarkiplier. You don’t even need to make anything. Just go through the tag and reblog as many posts as you can/as you want. It doesn’t matter if you think your work is bad, even if you ‘can’t draw’ or ‘can’t sing’ it doesn’t matter. Mark and the rest of the community will still appreciate it and it’s for a good cause.

I don’t know if someone has introduced this idea before, but I think it’s still a good idea either way. It’s a way to show Mark we care, and to help him recover without any stress or worries. It’s to show Mark that all of us appreciate him for all that he’s done for us. Of course, this is completely voluntary, but the more the merrier.

Thanks for reading! And I hope that some of you decide to participate. Please spread this post around so everyone knows! Thank you.


Alright everyone!! It’s that time again~

I’ve decided now that I’m nearing 1,500 followers, I figured it’s about time that I do something to show my thanks, so I’ve decided to do a GIANT follower drawing featuring those who have been with me and encouraged me to keep drawing - You guys!!

This is not some fancy contest or anything, just like this post and you could possibly be featured in this drawing. No reblogs are needed. The only rule I have is make sure you have a reference somewhere on your blog!! Oh, and you must be following me of course! This is for my followers only after all.

Some of you may not be picked, and I’m sorry for that. I wish I could draw all 1,500 of you, but that’s just impossible!! I don’t know how many ponies I’m going to include yet, but there will be over 20

Thank you all so much for almost 1500 followers!!! I cannot thank you guys enough c: