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My Message to the World

I am not a popular Tumblr blog, right now as I write this I only have 124 followers. This post won’t be seen by enough people to even spread my message but I still need to share it. I want everyone to see this. I want what I am about to write invoke a feeling in the reader. I want people to read this and really think about how they look at the world. This will probably be a more personal post and I will make another more general one. 

If you really are interested in what I am going to say then under the cut will be a bit about myself, a speech I heard, my thoughts on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, and a short story that I wrote to contribute to the movement. If you care, actually care then read this. I am begging you to spread my message. I am so insignificant but I want to do something no matter how small my contribution is

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This blog gives me strength so i wanted to contribute a sketch I had drawn of this beautiful waifu, gave her a heart tid sweater and no hat because this was initially for a friend who asked for that specifically~ nonetheless i hope you like this, my art style isn’t the best but I hope I did her justice B) also it is a bit wonky but l will probs have some more less sketchy stuffs later :^) enjoy

-AWESOME! (submitted by @anonymously-anonymous-anon-chan)


Naruto and Sasuke AMV ☯ オレ唯一の友よ |ナルトとサスケ |

Late… I should be more disappointed, but somehow I don’t really feel bad because of it? Haha, I’m getting used to being late to all the events, it seems. So, now that it’s 27th on the planet already, I can’t really say this is my contribution to SNS week, yet I started this AMV only because of that week and @bahare-uzuchiha, who did a great job organizing it, so I’m still tagging it as so… Sorry and thank you! I hope you’ll see it, because I wanted to make it kinda a gift to the fandom and you ‘cause you’re awesome, and no, not only because you created the week… Ily and your blog, honestly, even tho we don’t talk, and also to make everyone remember why we love these two boys. 

Happy (late) SNS week! And happy late birthday, Bahare!


I wanted to put together my small contributions to Disney’s Inner Workings and Disney’s Moana.

I had an absolute blast working on both of these wildly different shows. Many thanks to Leo Matsuda, Jason Figliozzi, Ron Clements, John Musker, Amy Smeed, and Hyrum Osmond for allowing me to play along.


Fandom: Endless Summer
Pairing: Jake x MC
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 860
Summary: You need to ask Jake a question and get a bit more than you bargained for from the pilot but you don’t mind
Author’s Note: Just wanted to write something playful and ~sexy~ so this is my contribution to the fandom. It’s not much but I hope you like it!

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So, with the kickstarter not doing so great and me not feeling an overly large amount of motivation right now, I thought I might do a write up on my last image, the why and the process. Before finishing up some tilesets and deciding in what direction I need to start moving for future work etc.

So why?

Well for starters its fan art, so part of that is obvious. I am a fan of Warhammer 40k and I like to make original works rather then sticking to the slavish paint by numbers that miniatures can sometimes be.

As for the specific subject matter, that of Women Astarties in this case. For me its my small way of contributing socio-politically. I’m a reasonably politicly active person, I’ve marched in marches, I am a card carrying member of a political party and vote for progressive inclusive politics. But sometimes, especially between elections, you can feel a little politically ineffectual and art like this helps me bridge that gap.

To make the product and change that I an many others want to see. To add my contribution to the works created by people who want to see a more balanced representation and who are not happy with nerd hobbies idea of female inclusion being limited to that of the titillating pin-up.
In short its my way of saying, although tabletop hobbies space can be filled with some horrible people, there are those of us who actively want diversity, who do not think being inclusive robs us of anything, but instead enriches us. And we are willing to put our money and time where out mouth is.

Now that’s out of the way, on to the process.


Usually my first step would be to make a collection of thumbnail images, to whittle down the ideas to something that ‘works’ In this case I did not go that path as the image was to be a re-creation of a specific iconic image. The Ultra marine From THQ 'space marine’ game.

Ultra rough

With that as the effective thunbnail, I then made a quick and rough sketch, blocking out the space and rough positions of the elements.


Next using the ultra rough as a guide, I put together the pencil sketch. I also used reference for the womans face from my own library of photos that  I have the rights to.

Its important to never become to precious about your image, if something is starting to look wrong - change it. It was with this in mind that I realised the helmet angle was super clunky, so I got rid of it and drew it over to the one you see here, fixing a lot of the issues with it in the process. I had also decided I did not like the servitor arms in the original and decided to go with a different mechanical device to hold and place the helmet.

There was no need to make the pencils polished on this image as none of them would be visible in the final, so they remained as is.


At this point, behind the pencils, I threw in some basic flat colours, and some rough indicators of where the light and shadows would go. At this stage, were everything is very rough, it’s the best place to block out and try new and sometimes dramatic things with the lighting before soft locking it in. I say soft lock, because again you always need to be willing to change it.

Colour pass the first.

Still under the pencils I started a more detailed pass. Fleshing out a lot of the minor details, multi light sources, rim lights etc. Just a good, solid pass.

Fish eye warp.

At this point the image was not working for me as well as I would of liked. Nothing major wrong really, just all sitting a little flat and lacking focus. So I started making some 'gross’ changes. Warping the image, fish eyeing it, little skew tweaks ect. Just a 'rough house’ altering of the image as a whole, till I was happy that it would read a bit better in the end.

The big colour pass

Or rather passes. It was now that I started drawing above the pencils, really going to town on the detail, fleshing it all out, making some changes on the fly, but generally just really working the image. This was the most time consuming part.  It was also here that I decided I did not like a bland colour wash backdrop, but instead wanted something mechanical. I isolated the background area and did a quick black and white speed paint, just blocking out mechanical shapes and the like, when I was happy with it I coloured it up and added lighting.  

Final touches.

I flipped the image and let it rest overnight.

Coming back to it the next day I decided to make further light and saturation changes to draw more central focus. Basically a darkness and desaturation vignetting. I also separated the background out by blurring it to add a fine depth of field effect, and separated it even further with a subtle smoke layer. I added sparks played with a few values and fixed up anything that wasn’t quite working for me. Flipped it back and called it done.

All in all it took somewhere between 12 - 16 hours work, I wasn’t really tracking it and slacked off in spots.

And that’s the process for this image. Hope it has been of help / interest to some people.

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I am so beyond obsessed with your Tumblr, it makes me so incredibly happy! you are amazing!!! thank you for literally making every day worth it since I get to check your blog and see more BTS <3333

..My chest actually squeezed a bit. I don’t know how, but I’m glad if I can contribute even a little bit to making your day a good one. Thank you, Anon 💓  

Anon: Hi! i just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I love your blog, it’s my favorite and I’m low key having a crush 💕💕 Have a nice day/night      

Thank you! I hope you do too! And uh, if you’re on the fence about your crush.. I just want to point out that I’m the type of person who opens the fridge when the microwave beeps and somehow still - after ten years - manages to screw up making a bowl of instant ramyeon. Just.. letting you know.

piskechim said: Kook/min oppa, you made me go to kook/min hell (and I’m super grateful, i ship them so hard) but now you’re making me ship you with kikistiel ?????? i’m even thinking what will be the name of the ship 😂😍 Why oppa, why???? I love you and your blog, by the way ❤️❤️ (also this is my first time asking you and i’m nervous jshdidj)      

If there was a bus to KM hell, let me assure you that I’d be the one to drive it. At least on the weekends. Thank you for liking my blog and please tell Kiki to stop exposing me to all my friends and followers..Those were private conversations that were (mostly) taken out of context, okay.


Aw, thank you! That is a nice, warm way of calling me a nerd. Just kidding, I’m happy that my blog is one of your favorites ♡ ♡ ♡

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My Twitter timeline was suddenly full of (baldy) Mitsunari today because almost all of the Japanese Twitters changed their icons to Mitsunari. 

I asked one of my Japanese friends what’s up and she said 27 March is Mitsunari Day because 3= mi, 2= tsu (Japanese pronounciation of “two”), 7= na (from “nana”). So Mitsunari.

The date passed in Japan time, but it’s still the 27th here so here’s my rush job contribution LOL

One of these days I actually need to draw a full roster of my original Sengoku ppl designs 

laze (one)

teaser | one 

part one of a social media au featuring taehyung as a travel vlogger! 

“I still can’t believe your weeb ass bought so much One Piece merch that the store gave you a free Zoro sticker set.”

“Hey, I like to think of it as contributing to the economy, loser!”

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