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Me horribly screaming the JoJo op
im singing and jojo is jojo
Me horribly screaming the JoJo op

Here it is, To me this is more cringy than funny but id do anything to make yall laugh tbh, this is a thank you for 3000+ tbh like thank you so much. ALSO I MUMBLE ALOT AND IM HORRIBLE AT MIXING AND I SUCK AT SINGING ENJOY

~some random spanish verbs~

predecir - to predict
predicar - to preach
presentar - to introduce
coleccionar - to collect
abstenerse - to abstain
abrazar - to hug
entregar - to hand in, to deliver
falsificar - to forge
llenar - to fill
mentir - to lie
nombrar - to appoint, to mention
oscurecer - to get dark
rascar - to scratch, to scrape
rebobinar - to rewind
soñar - to dream
sorprender - to surprise
garantizar - to guarantee
bendecir - to bless

if I’ve made a mistake please let me know!

anonymous asked:

oh man i love your takenaka and mezato detective au. do you plan on doing anything with it + could we make stuff based on it?

y e s

yes to both I mean, Im definitely gonna draw some scenes from this AU (especially the one where takenaka takes a bullet for mezato bc its just so…………….typical) and you guys are free to do w/e with the AU/base concept too!! and if you do feel free to tag me in the post I’d love to see ur take on it!! 


‘But why?’

It was really late and, yeah.
But it’s really difficult to build a good sandcastle.
Or is that just me


YOI Flora and Fauna AU [Victuuri-centered] 

Floras are the peacemakers of the mythical world. They have the ability to rejuvenate and control nature, and they can heal those who are in physical pain. They might be fragile beings, but when angered, their power can be destructive. The royal Flora family is protected by only the chosen mighty Faunas.

Faunas have anthropomorphic bodies, and they used to serve under the Flora kingdom as their guardians. Most of them have gone to live a free wandering life, but some chose to stay with the Floras. When they reach their absolute form, their strength increases tenfold. 

In this AU, Viktor and Yuuri were raised in the world of the mortals. And one point in the story, they go back together to where they originally came from to resolve the conflicts of their kingdom.

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