that i can no longer participate in


Did the all caps grab your attention? Good! There will be a BIG change coming to the Dean Graphics Challenge that I am really excited about. 


What are you talking about?

Up until this point, this challenge has only been about graphics. After the August challenge concludes, that will no longer be the case. Starting in September, all versions of media will be allowed in the challenge. 

What will change in the challenge? 

Format wise, nothing. People will still be paired up with partners and given prompts for the month. However, now it is not just graphic makers who can participate. Are you a fan artist? Join us! Are you a gif maker? Join us! Are you a fic writer, fan mixer, or video maker? Join us!  

Why the change?

When I first created this challenge, I wanted it to be a place where Dean lovers could come to express their adoration through graphics. Now that it is well established though, I want to expand the palette to include everyone. I’ve seen people comment about how they want to participate in challenges, but they only write fic, or they gif instead, ect. By turning into the Dean Creations Challenge, everyone will be able to show their love regardless of what type of art they do. 

Will the blog name and tag change?

Yes. The blog url will change to ‘deancreationschallenge’ and the tag will become ‘deancc’. I will still track ‘deangraphicschallenge’ until everyone catches on to the new tag, though!

Why are you not changing in August?

The post for August entries is already out there, so I don’t want to confuse everyone and change before I can get the new theme, format, ect. up and ready.

I feel like recently the fandom has been divided up into what types of art people put out. While this is fine, I want the Dean Creations Challenge to be a place where everyone can come together to express their love for our beloved hunter. 

Questions? That’s to be expected. Come to the challenge askbox and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that come my way. 

I hope that everyone else is just excited about this as I am, and I welcome the new people who will be joining this challenge! 

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I obviously can't find the article now that I need it, but a while ago I read that Taylor went to a fashion show in which Karlie was participating (way before they met at the VSFS, and even before Taylor mentioned Karlie in the 'Vogue' magazine), so it is possible that they have known each other for longer than most people think they have known each other. I can't find the article anymore, so can anyone confirm?

I know Taylor was at the Rodarte Show way back when, but I’m not sure if they actually met then.

Imagine a magical boy AU.

  • Salt and Lake are the main magical boy duo.
  • Lym is their companion fairy.
  • Alba is their mentor, the former Red Fox, who can no longer participate on the front lines and provides both alibis and distractions for when they have to go save the day.
  • Ruki is Alba’s companion fairy.
  • Ros is a normal young man who’s suspicious about his brother’s behavior lately and that Alba guy who keeps showing up around him who reminds him a lot of Red Fox. A few years ago when Red Fox was still active he would sometimes get caught up in trouble on purpose just to see him and has been looking for him ever since his disappearance.
  • Elf and Alf are a slightly older(compared to Salt and Lake) magical boy duo who mysteriously don’t have a companion fairy.(Or if you really think they should have one maybe it’s Zehn.)
  • Crea is also a veteran magical boy who can’t enter the front lines anymore. He often crossed paths with Alba while he was Red Fox and has teamed up with him on occasion.
  • Dezember is the main bad guy, with Neun, Juli, and Guilty Justice as his underlings.

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The raven cycle fandom is vicious. So much so that I no longer participate. They attack Maggie and I'm honestly sorry for anyone that wants to read the books but are too afraid of the fandom.

Honestly, I enjoyed the books a lot and I love the characters and I need something that can be a happy, relaxing place for me to think about. are they perfect? no. I’m aknowledging the flaws, of course I am, but I don’t want to get caught up in discussions that ultimately will just make me feel terrible. I already feel terrible enough about myself 90% of the time.

it’s important to aknowledge problematic stuff in the media you enjoy, of course it is, but self-preservation is also a thing, and I personally use tumblr as a way to relax, not stress myself out further. being unwilling to get into virtual shouting matches over things that you seek out to relax - literally, to treat yourself a moment of rest after getting through a stressful day - isn’t the same as being unwilling to see the flaws in your favourite things. 

and frankly, if people think this makes me an ass - then fuck them. i’m tired.

here’s a thing i wrote up about a thing i’m a part of

This is a testimonial about sustainability, longevity. It’s been a year since I joined the Excelsior Wellness Collective, which, for me, has meant eating and moving consciously, actively participating in my own life, being consistently mindful of what I put in and how it effects what I put out.

When I started there was a goal. It was about getting lean. It was about cheering up. But there is no endgame anymore. It’s about the accumulation of tiny steps, of small moments. I’ve learned that happiness is fleeting but joy is something you build over time and that can work like a feedback loop. The only commitment now is to moving forward in any way I can, to moving closer to a What that no longer matters.

The biggest change for me over this year and the one of which I’m most proud is the dramatic shift in my drinking habits. Before Excelsior and during its early stages I was drinking 2-3 times/week. I moved from beer to wine in the interest of trying to get lean but I was still using bottles as escape pods. I now drink 1 time every 3-4 months or so and “drink” here means a glass of red wine or two.

Excelsior has never been about abstaining from anything, about fighting urges.

Drinking was factored into my plan. This evolution came about as my perspectives changed, as I realized that if I’m trying to be as much of a beacon as possible then I can’t afford to put anything in my body that not only doesn’t convert itself into light but that also works to dim my fucking shine. I firmly believe that I wouldn’t have come to this conclusion without Excelsior.

My journey over the last year, in the interest of transparency, looks like this: set a rebirth date, throw myself a month long funeral, hit eating well and moving consciously hard due to determination for the first three months or so, revel in how good it is making me feel, celebrate myself a bit, feel like I deserve the reward of the affections being shown to me by a young lady, feel like maybe finding another was part of the endgame, get lax and start somewhat sleepwalking again for a couple of months, feel the shift in my mood, in my joy, in my shine, recommit to living awake, experiment with various levels of alcohol intake eventually settling on almost none, (“experiment” is a good word to use here, most of the last year, the last two years actually, has been a series of experiments in “trying to feel better”), add some more cardio by taking the hubway (rented bikes) to work from the train instead of the subway, feel really good for the last three months or so. I think maybe the difference between Happiness and Joy has something to do with the word “cope.” Anywho.

Even though I’m a self-involved narcissist of the highest order (hello, facebook friends!), this has never been about looks. Or maybe it did at the beginning and that was part of the hiccup along the way.

But now I’m aware that it has nothing to do with how I look but everything to do with how I feel.

I think standard “diet programs” or whatever are selling you the idea that you’ll start feeling good only when you start looking good. That’s why none of them actually work over time. You eventually start liking how you look and then feel “done.” Part of the reason for the Sad Male Lead in a Film or Sitcom look I’ve put together over the last batch of months is that I’m actually actively trying to look terrible in order to consistently remind myself that working on the kind, open-minded part of the package is the more important part. I know that sounds pretentious and ridiculous but here we are.

Excelsior has changed how I eat and how I move, sure. But mostly it has shown me the connection between the body and the spirit and what it means to focus on creating an efficient environment for both to play off each other and thrive. Said better than I can by Eric G. Wilson in his book Against Happiness, “This sudden harmony suggests that body and soul, sensation and feeling, brain and consciousness are not mutually exclusive oppositions, not occurences forever at odds. On the contrary, this sudden insight into secret marriages between antinomies intimates that body takes form through the offices of soul and that the soul finds expression through the motions of the body. In the same way, we physically experience the world is informed by how we feel about this same world, and the manner in which we discover our moods is organized by the disposition of our anatomy.”

I don’t think I realized how sad I was before I started because I didn’t necessarily feel sad. But you can never truly feel what the oppressive weight of a black cloud has done to you until you are the rain.

For more info on this thing that one of my best friends started and puts his all into, check out: 

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To the anon who asked about horse riding, I rode a lot growing up, I love horses however I no longer participate out due to just that reason. Have you ever heard the phrase "breaking.. in" a horse? It's the process of letting an intelligent animal with their own independent thoughts have another person control them through force. Literally breaking their spirit (no pun intended towards the movie). I don't have enough characters to explain the methods you can dm me if you want to know more. X

Interesting.. Thank you xo

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D-Donnie... (staggers in looking like and sounding like a young child and is really bunged up pretty badly.) Can you help me... I got anon M!Aed... It would not be as bad if they did not decide to beat me after turning me into a five year old.. it happened late last night and you guys where gone when I sent a ask to Leo for help... I don't know how much longer I can stay awake. (sniffles and feels super dizzy from the blood loss)

Oh my gosh! Shen that is horrible…

This is why I don’t participate in that type of M/A…from what I have seen they can be vicious. My advice to you is…not to feed the trolls. They are no good. And they only continue to harass you cause they know that you will react.

I can’t say it enough my LAMBs…DO NOT feed the trolls!

*proceeds to bandage Shen up.* Sorry this happened to you…please take my advice. *gives her some Gatorade to drink to help with the blood loss.*

Wow so I’m a bit late on this, but today (right now, actually!) the Fiction Network is hosting our very first blurb night! The theme is demigod!5sos, and the members can be found on the blog page, so feel free to tag the network/any of us in your blurbs or send in some blurbs or requests!

This blurb night will last longer than a usual one, since we have to accommodate for all of our members, so just feel free to participate whenever~


I cannot even begin to explain to all of you how much of a success these last three days have been! 

I wrote over 90 ships. NINETY. SHIPS. 

I just want to say thank you so very much to all of of you, the way you were all so polite, considerate, interested in what I was doing and overall just incredibly helpful and wonderful people, it truly made this what it was. 

Of course, being Emma, I had to be 20 minutes late on the closed sign, but DON’T WORRY! 



Again, thank you so much to all of you for participating, finding my blog, following, sending asks for ships, sending me encouragement and overall just being really, truly great people. 

If I can ask you to do a favour, and just let me know how your ships were, tell me if I screwed up royally or if it was pleasant, and please, stick around, because there will be something you like some day. 

(To the anon that proclaimed their undying love to me, I see you, and thank you, and yes I am single, but I’m really not ready for that anonymous commitment, and I don’t honestly think anyone is crushing on me ;p) 

All of my gratitude and well wishes, thank you all a million times over! - Fuckeree/ Emma 

Did you enjoy the shipping?

Inquisitor’s Week: Day 3

Favorite Class Tree or Favorite Ability

Now it’s come to my attention that today we’re discussing our favorite abilities. Well, I can’t exactly pick one. So allow me to direct you to my specialization: the Knight-Enchanter.

I mean, look at it. How can any mage resist the thrill of controlling the battle from the middle of it? No longer on the edge of the battlefield!


Sorry to just cut in here, but as Inquisitor, I feel the need to actively participate in Inquisitor’s Week instead of letting Alex do this. So until the end of the week, I, Lord Maxwell Trevelyan will be posting these posts.


Those instructional books I wanted on ball jointed doll making came in today from the Multnomah County Library Interlibrary Loan program! As I frolicked away with joy I found salmon berries and bought an atomizer. I’m a suuper adventurer! Hey, if your local library participates you can get almost ANY book you want. Plus, love the library because I didn’t like to buy required readings for classes. I’d just borrow and keep renewing the loan until no longer needed. My grandpa has a book from the library he’s been borrowing for years–just keeps renewing it.

followmal said: I am thinking that Caleb doesn’t want to participate at all and that Jared is being careful, very careful. I agree about Matt being fine with it for awhile, but once he was tired, he’d had enough. Matt looks amazing with his hair longer!

I think you’re right about Caleb, what with his constant reminder to NOT film his face. Maybe he feels this is private time that he just doesn’t want to share. If you can believe it, I missed Jared’s drunken periscopes (I kinda didn’t want to get it cos I already have so many social media outlets), but with someone constantly telling Nate that (s)he’d seen Jared’s pubes, I’m gonna have to agree with you that Jared’s being careful!
And yea, Matt. He’s almost childish the way he walks off when he’s pissed off, but if it means there won’t be any physical fights, then it’s probably the most mature thing to do. 😊

Status of the Company: A Call for Help

I am kind of looking for if someone in particular will help me with my plot for a very short part.

I want to do the plot involving Weather regaining part of his memories so I can work on plot stuff involving him learning a bit about his past. And him finally reuniting with his wife.

So I am wondering is there anyone with a character that can help with memory restoration? If you want to participate send me an ask or PM and we can discuss it in private. The RP will not last any longer than 1-3 post maybe, and it will be started by a blog post from my end. I’m going to work soon, so we would have to discuss it tomorrow.

So does anyone have a character that has that kind of power that would be willing to help with this plot point?

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These Are Our Words

We own the night. These are our words. We own the night. The dark threats that harassed our community have been banished. Our citizens no longer have to be in fear. We own the night.

But, our words can only have meaning if we all believe them and we all participate in making them a reality. Without will, without action, they are meaningless.

You two have forgotten that. Your selfish actions have jeopardized everything we’ve built. In my heart, I still love you, like a father loves his sons. But your actions can’t be tolerated. That is why you’re being put to death. I hope you understand.

I’ve realised that I no longer have the time to participate in gishwhes this year. It sucks, because I love this scavenger hunt more than anything, but I would hate to be put on a team and then be unable to contribute because I’m too busy. I donated my registration fee to a gisholarship so someone who can’t afford it can participate.
I hope everyone competing this year has an amazing week :)

so i’ve been playing this lawful evil warlock in 5e (i mean we haven’t played in a couple months at this point but we are supposed to maybe play this weekend) and i haven’t really been happy with this character bc it’s hard for me to be true to my character’s motives and actually participate in the party.  the last session we played, my character was too busy doing his personal quest thing to participate in what the rest of the people were doing, which i fully admit is shitty roleplaying on my part but this character is just so against my natural playing style that i didn’t know what to do

so i’ve been toying with making a healer character, especially because the only healer in the party right now is a druid who i can tell would rather be doing druid stuff but he gets sucked into being a healer.  and as big as our party is, a druid isn’t really going to cut it for much longer as a healer.  so i partially want to make a healer in order to make the game more fun for the druid and also because i like the idea of making a healer character on purpose and having fun with the character.

anyway it just dawned on me that rather than shelving the warlock character and rolling a new one (which doesn’t feel right to me anyway and i worry that people might think i’m getting special treatment since my bf is the dm) i can just like.  change my character.  and start multiclassing.  so what if my first 3 or so levels are warlock?  i’d have to start out as a 1st level character anyway.  at least this way i’ll have more hp right out of the gate.

and it totally makes sense for my character!  his ultimate goal is to achieve immortality, right, so it makes sense for him to try to learn about medicine and healing because what’s the point in pursuing immortality if you die by accident on your way there?  but in the process he discovers his True Calling as a healer and this totally messes with his sense of self and he ends up switching alignments (i just can’t figure out this “evil” thing tbh).  i’m not exactly sure how that process will work, but it gives me a reason to pursue healing.  PLUS i’ll still have access to my warlock spells in theory, and some of those are pretty gnarly for the level we are.  as we level i’ll still be able to use those spells in a bind.  the more i think about it, the more i think this character could really work and be fun.

now i just gotta find out how multiclassing works in 5e lol and i have to find the right class for being a healer that won’t completely conflict with my arcane abilities.

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