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Calling all artists, writers, giffers, and more! It’s time for the April round of the Dean Creations Challenge, and everyone is welcome to join!
April theme: storylines


  • *important!* send ‘I wish to participate in dcc’ to the challenge blog. you will not be accepted otherwise.
  • reblog this post if you want to signal boost, but it is no longer required to participate.
  • entries will be counted until April 2nd.
  • you can follow the official blog and track the tag if you wish, but it is not a requirement to participate. This will ensure that you get updates about the challenge, see the work of other participants, ect.


  • you will receive a response to your ask with your prompt, partner, and deadline info.
  • your work needs to be based on the prompt; use your imagination and have fun! you can include other characters from the show too, as long as Dean is included.
  • tag your work with “deancc” and “your partner’s url” within the first five tags.
  • late submissions will not be accepted unless you send a message with the circumstance. 
  • if your work doesn’t show up in the tag, be sure to send the challenge blog a message with the link to your work.


  • all posts will be reblogged to the official challenge blog.
  • once you’ve posted your work and see it on the challenge blog, you’re done! great job!
  • this is a challenge to expand our skills and have fun; there are no winners or losers.

And that’s it! Feel free to send an ask if you have any questions, and happy reblogging!


Anyone who knows me from @artmemesarchive knows that I love them, so what better way to kick off this blog than with an art challenge! Also, despite this blog’s name, it’s not necessarily about first ones specifically!  Any old oc will do.  The difference can be from months to years, but the longer ago it was created the better the transformation!

For this challenge, paste an old drawing of the character in the box (can be traditional, scanned, photographed, digital, mspaint, whatever!) on the Original half, then fill out the form. Afterwards, update the character! Make them new! Draw a picture with your improved skills! Update their bio and information! Reflect on your improvement and changed tastes.

 I hope to see people participate!! If you do it, tag me @myfirstoc or put #myfirstoc in the tags of the post so I can see it and reblog it!

art: x x

In honor of reaching 2k followers, we will be hosting an LGBTQ+ PJO fandom (tumblr) meetup! 

What is a tumblr meetup?: On one day, we will be reblogging your selfies, edits, art, writing, anything (mostly selfies) and will be posting our own. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends who are LGBT+ and in the PJO fandom! 

Can I participate?: You can participate as long as you are in the riordan fandom(s) and are LGBTQ+ (your blog doesn’t have to be related to pjo, you just need to be interested in the series) 

When?: The meetup will be held from 12am November 21st to 12am November 22nd (EST). We can reblog late posts throughout the 22nd but after the 22nd will will no longer be reblogging posts for the meetup

Please tag your posts for the meetups as #lgbtqpjomeetup. (Blacklist if you don’t want to see the posts). You can also @ us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Tysm for 2k!!

I think one of the worst things you can do to somebody is end a relationship with them and never give a reason why.
Every relationship is a partnership involving two willing participants… and if one person is no longer willing to be in the relationship that is, unfortunately, the end of the relationship…
But don’t ever leave without giving a reason why.
You were adult enough to enter into the relationship and enjoy all the benefits that went along with it whilst it suited you – the least you can do is offer an explanation as to why you don’t want to stick around. Not telling someone the reasons why is cruel… it makes them feel as though it’s their fault you left – and perhaps it is – but they at least deserve to know what it was they did wrong so they can learn from it. Not telling someone why you’re leaving does nothing but hurt them not only at the time… but causes them ongoing pain and confusion with no hope of closure. It’s time to grow up. If you’re mature enough to be in a romantic relationship – you’re mature enough to have an adult conversation about why you’re ending it.

God my mom loves the “intervention” narrative so much.  She so badly wants that TLC-show moment where everyone sits around me on the couch and tells me they love me but they’re so worried, and then I cry and turn my life around and go to rehab that very same night.

Except I’m not actually addicted to anything, so instead of drugs or gambling or whatnot, the intervention has to be for the kind of minor shit normal parents would just mildly nag about.  And nobody else is ever interested in participating, so it’s just my mom alone and some unconvincing claims of “your dad is very worried too, he’s just, uh, too nervous to tell you.”

So in the end it’s just her and me and a couch and a lot of incredibly dramatic speeches about “I can be silent no longer!  This is tearing our family apart!  Please, I’m asking you for you and for me and for love, yes, I do still believe in love, please see that there is a light and a way out of the hellish life you’ve become entrapped in.  And commit to me tonight that you will change your ways!”

This over, like, whether I should go back to school, or go on a diet, or try some random wonder supplement.

It gets sort of tiring.

Hey everybody.

I thought I’d make this post now. I’m no longer uploading septiplier fics. Well I will continue to write them, I will make a private page on another site but I will no longer be posting them here or on AO3, so if anyone would like a link to that, I will gladly share it :). I just feel the ship is very unhealthy and we should ALL do our part to fix this mess we have made.

I want Jacksepticeye and Markiplier to go back to being okay… not having to hide themselves and tip toe their friendship around the toxic ones. I want everything to go back to normal :(.

I am very passionate about writing and I’ll continue to write but I can no longer participate in this ship on tumblr. I will continue to run my blog here but things will be kinda different.

I myself can’t continue to feed the monster. I will always love this ship but I don’t wanna contribute publicly to the toxic heap it has become.

Love you all :) I have met a lot of great people in this fandom. :).

Like I said, if you’re interested in seeing my work, let me know :).


shoutout to Mallines for letting me use the graphic.

Okay so this Ditto is Lv. 100 and is Modest natured with full IV’s. It’s also nicknamed Blooregsurd because I made a spelling mistake when I caught it late at night. Was suppose to be named Blooreguard but what can you do. It’s also in a friend ball.

READ ALL OF THAT. I will legit block you if you can’t take the time to read this whole post or my FAQ, pretty much everything you need to know is on these two.

To get this Pokemon:

  • Deposit a MALE Pikipek into the GTS. I will only take Pikipek and they’re easy to find on Route 1 also only males show up in the GTS.
  • Name the Pikipek: Arke to let me know you’re participating in my giveaway since custom messages no longer exist.
  • I do not hold Pokemon.
  • Sending me an ask about how long you’ve been in the GTS will not make me move faster. This is 100% a trial run of a giveaway to see how this GTS holds up.
  • Also, if you’ve followed all the rules correctly you should get traded quickly. No need to send me an ask saying you’ve deposited.
  • I have 60 of it, once I run out I will call the giveaway as closed. I’m in the middle of my finals week and I have papers to do, so once they’re out. I’m done. And yes I’ll probably do another Ditto giveaway.
  • Giveaway will last for two hours so at 10PM CST the giveaway will be closed unless I run out of Pokemon sooner than that.
  • Do not double dip. Calm your tits. It’s a Ditto.

Alright that’s it! Go ahead and deposit and good luck!

things my shakespeare professor said over the past semester

“toni morrison did not develop the career she has because she spent her time in drug-fueled orgies.” EDIT: my friend reminded me that our prof said orgies, not threesomes, and that the following sentence was “no, she spent her time at her desk producing very fine novels.”

(about acting in shakespeare) “this is not the golden globes or whatever, if you’re not white, you can still participate.”

“many important things are discovered on the way to the restroom.”

(what sonnets mean) “please sleep with me”, “i wish i could be with you so we could get it on, but you’re far away and we can’t so all i can send you is a dumb poem”

“juliet is a very smart chick.”

(a few vague threats) “oh, i laugh, but people cried.” “i will cut you.” “when i am sardonic, you will feel bad.”

(about the histories) “it’s mentally easy if you see it all as game of thrones.”

“the plantagenets were no longer in charge, which was good, because they were bitches.”

(about richard III being obsessed with anne) “i’m not just some horny dude that wants to sleep with you, it’s just that you’re so hot that i had to mow down everyone else in my way to get to you.”

“what’s the fun of throwing a party if you don’t not invite people?”

“you fuck with my kids, your kids are going in a pie.”

“the people who are in love [in comedies] are usually young, dumb, and boring.”

“comedies begin in shit places- if the play opens and the sky is falling, you’re in a comedy.”

(about ephesus in the comedy of errors) “everyone’s a witch here, let’s just bail.”

“henry VIII breaks with the roman church and fucking destroys every monastery in sight.”

“henry V started off as a party-going, panty-chasing loser.”

(about hamlet’s entrance in I.ii) “it’s always fun to arrive late to the party, it does imply that you have a fascinating social life.”

“conspiracies are erotic.”

“art, am i right?”


I have decided to post here all the vocabulary that I had to look up while working with my book Les clés du nouveau DELF B2. But, instead of doing like most people do, and writing the English (or Spanish or whatever) translation next to the French word, I’m writing the definition in French. This way, I get an understanding of the word that is much deeper and lasts longer in my brain than just the translation. I’ll be doing one post for each unit in the book, and then for each exam after those (it comes with example exams for you to practice). Here you can read part 1 (x).

  • Abrèger: rendre plus court, raccourcir.
  • Banlieue: ensemble des agglomérations qui entourent una ville et participent à son activité.
  • Érémitisme: terme utilisé pour désigner le mode de vie choisi par des ermites.
  • Chômeur: personne qui est involontairement privée de travail.
  • Smicard: personne employée au SMIC.
  • Fossé: ce qui sépare.
  • Brevet: certificat ou diplôme délivré par l’État et qui reconnaît une compétence ou ouvre certains droits.
  • Repli: régression.
  • Crainte: sentiment de peur, d’inquiétude.
  • Prospectus: une brochure, un imprimé qui fournit le plan ou la description de quelque chose.
  • Aveugle: qui est privé de l’usage de la vue.
  • Nuance: différence subtile qui peut exister entre deux choses.
  • Démunir: dépuiller, privé de quelque chose.
  • Toit: logement, maison.
  • Hargne: mauvaise humeur accompagné d’agressivité.
  • Décaler: déplacer dans l’espace ou dans le temps.
  • Craindre: appréhender, redouter.

So uh, This blog recently surpassed 1000 followers!

I am crazy thankful for all of you guys for following me and laughing at my dumb Bioshock jokes and drawings. So, in order to properly thank you I decided to do an art give away!


  • I will randomly select 3 blogs that reblog this post by January 25th and those 3 lucky winners will be able to ask me to draw *anything* they want!
  • The drawings have to be Bioshock related because thats what this blog is all about!
  • You can reblog as many times as you want before the 25th
  • You DO NOT need to be following to participate, but all follows are appreciated
  • I have the right to refuse to draw anything but I seriously doubt I will need to
  • I will draw anything/anyone from any Bioshock games, including OCs and self inserts
  • It should be noted that I am not a professional artist, and I’m doing this just for fun. As an amateur artist things make take a little longer or be a little simpler than people are used to, but please bear with me and I will do the best I can to deliver great art as quickly as possible!!

You can see examples of my work HERE

Good Luck Everyone!!

Originally posted by romanreignsbrasil

The betting among your friends got out of control really fast.

You and Seth had been hanging out with the usual suspects: Roman, Dean, Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, Cesaro, Kevin and the newly arrived Finn at the bar one night. Long story short, Kevin had started betting Cesaro that he could do more of something…you weren’t too sure of that because you were half listening because Seth had you a bit distracted with his hand caressing your upper thigh.

That one bet brought on one more bet and then another…until you and Seth were brought into the equation because of your lack of participation.

“So, Y/N, what should you and Seth bet?” Sasha asked, catching your attention.

“I know what they should bet.” Dean replied, devilish smirk on his face.

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michael-ormais  asked:

Hey! Hope you've been having a great winter. I wanted to let you (And whoever else may be running this page) know that it's one of my favorite blogs. Learning something new every day is a treat, especially when no longer being in school and such. I wanted to ask, as someone who knows basic history of the Vikings and Norse, are there any books or novels that I can read, perhaps for educational purposes or even entertainment that can help in learning? I'm absolutely absorbed by the culture. Thanks

Velkominn, michael-ormais,
(Welcome, michael-ormais,)

I have indeed been having a pleasant winter. Well, if you could call it a winter, because I currently live in Florida, which does not participate in that season very often.

I am extremely honored that this blog is one of your favorites! Perhaps I don not deserve it, but I greatly appreciate it. It is just one person running this blog, and that is me, though that does not say too much, does it? Anyway, I thank you and appreciate your ardent interest.

I definitely know plenty of books that could help you to accomplish both of those goals. For introductory sake, I would start with the two books I have listed below. In the Viking History course I took, these two books were our lecture supplements:

The Viking Age: A Reader.

This book gives excerpts of translated primary sources involving various aspects of the Viking world. It will give you a good idea of what their world was like, and through many eyes, for that matter.

Penguin’s Historical Atlas of the Vikings.

This is a good visual guide. It will not only show you maps and artifacts, but it does a wonderful job at summarizing the Viking world, its culture, and the events involved with it.

Mythology, if you are not yet already familiar with it, is also a great place to start. I recommend starting with primary sources, though even these have their problems.

The Prose Edda.

Many people prefer the poems, contained in the book below, but I felt that it was best to begin with Snorri’s Prose Edda because it is straightforward, giving the reader a basic understanding that can go a long way when reading the poems

The Poetic Edda.

There are many translations, which come with a lot of variation, of course. I would start with the one I included above, but I feel that Lee M. Hollander’s is among the better translations out there.

After all of that, I would look towards the Íslendingasögur, of the Icelandic family sagas. They are not from the Viking Age, more so during the thirteenth century, but they still involve a lot of the same cultural and social practices that likely existed, in some form, during the Viking Age. You can view a list of them, and where to read or purchase them, at the following link:

Víkingabók Database: Íslendingasögur og Íslendingaþættir.

Those books should keep you busy for a while. It may not be the best list of books or translations, but it will get you started. Someone will surly correct me if I did a bad enough job at providing reliable books.

Anyway, I do hope that was helpful! Again, thank you for the kind words. If there is anything else you need, feel free to ask.

Æsir leiða þig.
(Gods guide you.)

jackharries: Hello!

I wanted to write a soppy message as i’m sure you don’t already have enough filling up your social feeds… I’d like to take a moment to say a HUGE thanks to anyone and everyone who has watched our videos or participated in our channel over the last year. Specifically to those who have been watching for longer and have stuck with us.

This year more than ever before has been challenging, rewarding, exciting and a big lesson for both Finn and I. We’ve met new people, explored new places and learnt new skills. Importantly we’ve been on a journey of experimentation and discovery and although it sounds like a cliché we feel like today marks the start of a new Era.

I can’t wait for 2015. Next year we will be using every inch of our creative brains and every second of our time to make the best stuff we possible can and share it on here. Our aim is to carry on telling stories, exploring new places and capturing the world around us.

I feel so proud of what JacksGap has become and the incredible community that surrounds it. Thank you for making it what it is. We feel so lucky to have had such a great year and we’re going to do our very damn best to make the next even better.

Bring on 2015!

Jack x (Sorry for filling up your feed)

Zutara Week 1- Dragons

During their bedtime stories, Zuko once again learns that firebending is not just destructive, but can bring joy and light. He makes the fiery dragon dance for Hanabi’s amusement. Katara relishes in reliving their adventures when she tells their daughter about them (and maybe exaggerating just a little bit…)

Sorry, this is super crappy and hurried but I did want to submit something because I really want to participate in ZK week. (The longer I look at it the more I hate it, so I’ll just throw it out there before I chicken out.)

I have sketches for all prompts, but I have a dragon of my own to face this week so I hope I’ll manage to upload them. Probably won’t have access to a scanner or Photoshop in the next few days. In the worst case I’ll just upload a phone picture of my sketch- I’ll work them out later, for now I just want to prove that I do participate!

Prepare for lots of Mom!tara and Dad!ko with my OC steambaby Hanabi, because they give me feels.

(Hello, my darlings, it’s your local friendly (almost) doctor here!

Name’s Marina, a 23 year old Brazilian Medicine major (10th semester rn!!). She/her pronouns, no triggers, I’m up to talking about mostly anything.

Have been in Citta for 2 years. Besides my current roster (Battler here, Maya Fey and Shintaro Kisaragi), I’ve also played Samejima (Senyuu) and Satoko Houjou (Higurashi) in the past. I’m usually chill and much more prone to play plotted stuff and overall longer threads than participating in dash trends and Sunday memes, but I’m always open to talking!

My current big love is Umineko, but I’m also a fan of Ace Attorney, Higurashi, Kagerou Project and others. You can always talk to me about those in my twitter riiiight here!

I gueeeeess that’s all of it? Well then, nice to meet your new faces! Hope that everyone enjoys Citta and is having a good time now!!!)

(EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION, I’m also the one running the Hive Academy job! (it’s not run by an apped character, so I think this is a better way to describe it XD)

Podfic Voice Acting

If I’ve spoken to you about helping voice characters in the podfic version of my Homestuck fanfic Death Valley, and you’re still interested, please send me a message. If you were at one point interested but no longer wish to participate, please let me know that as well. I’d prefer using the message system because asks tend to get eaten. Tech for the theatre show I’m working on is finally done, so I’ll have some breathing room to work on it.

anonymous asked:

After I learn something cool about my special interest, or get to infodump, I get into this state of high excitement and elation, and in my mind I'm thinking "___ is so cool," and that feeling and those thoughts stick around for quite some time, and I can't actually do other work because I'm sorta stuck in that state. Are there any methods to come down from special interest excitement?

There are a couple ways, yes. For one, you could force a different kind of stimulation - not something requiring a lot of participation, but maybe watching television or YouTube for a bit. After a while, your brain will hopefully switch tracks, but since you’re no longer in that mental state, you’ll be able to switch focus again afterward. Alternatively, you could do something that doesn’t require a lot of concentration, such as cleaning or another chore. This could have the same effect.

If anyone else has any other advice, feel free to share!

- Mod Zoe

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for this being so late, but I decided better late than never, because I really wanted to make this announcement! Regardless of time, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed and participated in Clearao Week, it means the world to us! We are eternally grateful, it’s truly the best week of the year!!! Thank you so so SOOO MUCH, I’ll never forget it! 

💙💛 @neorize 

Just so you know

I forgot to put a deadline so I suppose a month will be good unless you need more time or are already done, if so let me know. But anyway, since it started on March 7th I figured I’d give you until April 7th which seems like a fair amount of time and as I said if you need longer just let me know. Also don’t forget to tag me so I can check out what you came up with. :) Hope you guys enjoyed it.

To anybody who might still want to join but thought it might be too late, go ahead there’s still plenty left. The challenge is here in case you’d like to join in.

Also to those of you that participated already, if you’re done and would like another that’s fine as well just send me another ask.

@justfangstvdto-mia @brandyleewhatever @doro7winchester

About Klance Week 2016 And The Dirty Laundry Discourse

I am no longer participating in Klance week this year. I’m seriously disappointed in the Voltron fandom as a whole. Personally, I don’t even want to be involved in the discourse surrounding Dirty Laundry but it made its way to my dashboard and i feel the need to address it.

As a white person, I cannot speak on behalf of the latinx community, nor voice their opinions on which part of the fic were racist or not, and thusly i will not say anything in relation to that.

However, I can and will address the controversy surrounding Alexi and her autism. I have a younger brother and a close friend who are autistic. My brother’s autism and my friend’s autism are very different, with my brother being noticeably less autistic than my friend. I cannot believe that people think that all autism is the same and have the audacity to tell someone that they “aren’t autistic enough”. Also, Alexi was introduced very recently, and her character hasn’t been fleshed out yet, so i don’t want to hear a single fucking word about how she “isn’t an accurate representation of autism”.

And lastly, I want to talk about the fact that the Voltron fandom, a fandom that hasn’t even been around for 4 months, has bullied a fucking minor into shutting down their ask box, and deciding to finish their fanfiction that they previously enjoyed writing in one big update because they have received so much hate that the fic is more of a burden than a fun thing to write. As a minor myself, it genuinely makes me worried. I’m scared to post my own content because I know that there’s a whole group of SJWs waiting to tear me down for the slightest mistakes. This might be the most infuriating thing about this whole situation to me, honestly. Gibslythe fucking apologized. They admitted to their mistakes, addressed that some parts of their work could be offensive, and made moves to fix it. But you stupid jerks just couldn’t be satisfied, and now something that was fun and interesting for a whole lot of people is being ended too quick just because you were offended. I am so fucking disappointed in this fandom.

TD;DR: I’m pissed about how people treated Gibslythe and am not going to be participating in Klance Week this year because I’m worried about getting backlash from the Voltron fandom for small mistakes.