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(ಥ﹏ಥ)~*Urgent Animated Commissions!*

Hey guys! So I’m really strapped for money this month and I have bills to pay. So Im putting out an animated commissions page! Get an animated portrait for $20 dollars! (Every extra figure is just another $5)! This includes a colorful background and one simple animated ..thingy.. of your choice!

✍Payment accepted in PayPal, Google Wallets, and Venmo! (US $$)

✍For portraits of any kind, please provide clear reference photos and plenty of details! Original characters and fan art ideas are more than welcome! 

✍ I reserve the right to deny a commission I do not find interesting or dont feel comfortable drawing! (T⌓T) 

✍If you dont have a clear idea of what you want or this is your first time commissioning art work, its no problem! Im willing to work with vague details or with abstract subjects!

✧This offer is only available for a short amount of time and commissions will be closed indefinitely afterwords again. Im really in a pinch guys so reblogs and boosting is super appreciated! ✧ 

Shoot your request at or message me here on tumblr to get started! 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ T H A N K Y O U ! ! 


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I’ve gone over two years with nothing more than a wild guestimation of how many letters are in the Rachel & Co. collection. I’ve taken to saying there are 700ish out of habit, but to be entirely honest there could be anywhere between 500 and 1000.

So tonight I decided to sit down and at least try to figure out a ballpark number.

By my count the letters of the “main characters”, their immediate families, and very close friends (Nell, etc.) add up right around 725. I didn’t individually add up all the letters sent by casual friends and distant relatives, but just eyeballing it I’m going to say our grand total is going to end up a bit shy of 800.

The three biggest letter senders are Allie (Will & Jack’s mom) with +/- 215, Rachel with +/- 135 and Lilla a distant third with +/- 70.

Despite the large number of letters Allie sends they tend to be quite a bit shorter (usually 4 pages to Rachel’s 8 to 12), so I’ll be curious when this is all done to see how close the actual page count is between the two of them.

The reason I haven’t talked more about Allie up until now is that (while she seems like a wonderful woman who I honestly like more and more as I go along) her letters are exactly what you would expect letters between a mom and her teenage sons to be.

The Allie letters I transcribed today were a two week saga of “Does your dorm room have curtains? Does it need curtains? Are you going to buy curtains? Do you want me to buy you curtains? I’m going to Buffalo next week I’m going to buy you curtains. How many windows do you need curtains for? I need to know how big your windows are. No, the width. How many windows are there? You know what, just draw me a picture. Why are there curtains in the picture you drew? Allen already has curtains??”

Also Allie doesn’t like periods or capital letters.


Taeyeon x Birthstones: Garnet

“Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth. The stone also sharpens your perception of yourself and other people. Long ago, garnets were claimed to help the wearer resist melancholy and warn off evil spirits, especially spirits of the night, which were referred to as demons and night phantoms.”

oof sorry for zero activity yesterday I was two nights of no sleep tired and had to use every drop of brain juice to concentrate on work, mebbe I’ll get something done for you today though ‘cause I slept a crazy good amount

Things I got from the bits of the Talks Machina episode I could watch:


  • pronounces it Fe-yord apparently (though Laura was all “I thought it was Ford!” so idk anymore)
  • won’t talk about his race *eyes emojis intensify*
  • Travis wanted to do something the community wouldn’t expect and then he thought the Hexblade thing would be funny considering Grog’s penchant for sentient weapons
  • has known Jester for a little longer than anyone else, a couple of weeks maybe, enough that they know each other’s backstories a little (because Laura and Travis are married and couldn’t keep it secret from each other as they were creating their characters) but described them only as “friendly” with each other; has only just met Beau along with Jester
  • chose his character based off what he wants to dress up as (which is why he didn’t pick a Tabaxi) 


  • Laura enjoyed playing the character from the one-shots she did with Kinda Funny and GameSpot, and didn’t really get a chance to get into Jester’s backstory, which she wanted to do
  • has the same god that she does in the one-shots! 
  • Laura isn’t afraid to play a character who isn’t good with money, but she personally likes to keep track of things, and that’s why she became the treasurer of Vox Machina in the first place, so that might be a hard habit to buck
  • Her and Taliesin both wanted to play a lavender tiefling with a Eastern European accent; he got the lavender, she got the accent


  • Liam knew he wanted to play a wizard from the start, and that was his back-up character if Vax bit it before the end of the campaign
  • Liam chose human as his race because he wanted to be the one normal guy in a room full of crazy people (heavily paraphrasing) and humans in dnd have pretty good stats apparently 
  • Sam says Liam chose his character, Liam’s version is that he was brainstorming ideas with Sam and threw out goblin rogue because it was so different from what Sam had played already. His other option was swashbuckler. 
  • Frumpkin is based off of Liam’s childhood pet cat! 
  • Liam toned down the German accent at first (he got the idea from Matt’s description of Wildmount as vaguely German/Eastern European based) but as everyone came out with these crazy accents he upped the ante a little


  • Molly hates cops/authority figures
  • Molly already knows he’s gonna clash with Beau because she’s a “smartass” 
  • Taliesin chose a light Irish accent because it’s easier to improv in without having to put too much conscious thought into; he thought about doing a Dublin accent but then no one would understand what he was saying
  • Molly cannot keep his mouth shut, and Tal acknowledged if Molly would have kept his mouth shut he wouldn’t be back in prison again
  • Molly has humanoid legs (Jester has goat legs whoops never mind, misheard!)
  • Taliesin said that he wanted to represent the other part of himself that he couldn’t really express with Percy, and he really wanted to get into carnie culture
  • The Terrible Tinker of Tal’dorei!!! Bless Taliesin. He thought of the campaign ending for Vox Machina and then a circus coming to town and doing a show based on either Percy or Ripley, a real horrorshow (and he is clearly referencing Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)
  • the deck that Molly uses to tell fortunes is based off a deck that Taliesin made over the Christmas holiday with his younger brother, and the gift Laura got him was a version of that deck that she got an artist to draw; it’s basically a tarot deck but with some deviations. On a personal note, I want this deck so badly.  

And that’s all that I can remember off the top of my head. Can’t wait to hear how Talks Machina: After Dark turned out! :D 


au where jeongguk is a model who spends his spare time watching animal videos. his favourite channel is lifewithlatte as it revolves around the cutest shiba inu jeongguk has seen in his life. after one too many unfruitful attempts at trying to persuade his manager into letting him adopt a puppy of his own, jeongguk sad tweets about it. to his surprise, latte’s owner stumbles upon his tweet and responds with a video of latte. there is still good in this world, jeongguk thinks as he watches the three second clip over and over again because the clip was filmed for me!! me!! three months later when jeongguk finally meets latte in person, he realises that somewhere along the way he has stopped thinking that the cutest thing about the account is latte and has started thinking that it’s her owner, jimin.

jeonjeongguk97: hi
jeonjeongguk97: so. it’s being sad over not having a dog hours.
lifewithlatte: is this a hint for me to send more latte clips??
jeonjeongguk97: ding ding ding! we’ve got a winner!
jeonjeongguk97: …
jeonjeongguk97: pls

listen I’m trying really hard not to start concocting dynamics and relationships before we get more character info but Liam’s talk about the ~new dynamic~ between Caleb and Fjord and his interest in playing off Travis has got me feeling…. a way

So much of my identity is wrapped up in being creative, that when my brain fogs over and everything I draw looks wrong, it’s devastating. 

Things that bring me immense joy

-Smii7y’s curls,that boy is too damn (damb) adorable.Also his laugh brings me joy.
-Ohm’s claps.Whenever he laughs and claps at something funny,it’s like heaven is shining light down upon me.
-Delirious’s obsession with teddy bears.I mean,who wouldn’t love teddy bears?
-How Cartoonz can say the gayest shit with a straight face.I laugh every time lol.
-Terrorizer’s impressions.All of them are gold,especially his Arnold one.I also love how he can be such an asshole lol.“He thinks he’s a dolphin.What an idiot.”
-Marcel’s rage.It just makes me laugh honestly.
-FourZeroSeven’s meme videos.The one where he searched himself on Google made me fall on the floor.
-Kyroz’s vape sound effects.“Hell yeah dude,” is gold.
-Mini Ladd’s remarks.His forehead is great and all but that boy is fucking hilarious. -Moo’s rages as well.“WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!I HATE YOU,“is the funniest moment in the Golf videos I swear to god.
-Swag’s giggles.Oh my god they’re adorable.
-Satt’s ‘evil’ laughter.It never sounds evil,only silly.That boi cracks me up.
-Wildcat’s random remarks.He says the most randomest things I love it.
-BigJigglyPandas’s rage quits.He gets so done with a game that he leaves without a word.I just wanna give him a hug poor guy. -Daithi’s slow remarks.The way he yells after he realizes something has happened is hilarious.Also he is just hilarious in general. -Vanoss’s skills.I mean,he can do anything really.Do I need to say anything else? -Lui’s squeaker voice.It still makes me laugh even though I’ve probably seen his videos so many times.

Ok but real talk y'all want au’s where everyone is happy and alive right so consider an au where it is exactly that:

-miki/miko are together

-ryokira are together

- they’re also best friends. all four of them. they hang out every chance they get definitely.

-the rappers being friends with them also.

-wamu and akira would make really good friends. miki and ryo? unlikely friends? it’s more likely than you think. can they be bffs

-ryo’s apartment is pretty big?? he’s got all that space but no one aside from akira to share it with. might as well invite them all over for a group hangout.

-all of them having nights out and group dates are awesome but also consider them chilling at ryo’s house for a sleepover. they watch a shit ton of horror movies. they play games in ryo’s pool and in the house too. like truth or dare, never have i ever, typical teenager stuff.

-likely the only person who isn’t fazed by horror movies is ryo meanwhile everyone else shits their pants at every scene.

-asking ryo to walk them to the bathroom during the night and wait outside the door because they’re scared.

-hogging up the couch and sharing/binging on snacks and arguing/bantering light heartedly. akira eating all of the snacks and them getting mad at him for it setting restrictions.

-they take turns playing video games. jenny supplies them with snacks and pizza. guitar hero, anyone?

-cracking open a cold one probably, reduced to laughing at pretty much everything and anything after having a couple beers.

-partying at ryo’s house? get-togethers every so often for special occasions (hint hint: birthdays)

-taking group selfies and snapchats of each other doing something silly.

-imagine if they still killed demons every now and then while they’re at it. badass demon hunting squad during some nights while they live like regular teenagers/young adults on other days.

-have each other’s back at all times? grow really close with each other and there’s a lot of happy bonding moments.

-also miko and akira BROTP where they conspire on how to get their crushes who they are absolutely pining for

-no bad stuff happens. just the good fun stuff. the epic friendship that deserved to happen guys just imagine.