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What We Missed (Part 2)

Summary: The mystery continues as you retrace your steps and try to find out who the handsome stranger on your phone is.

Word Count: 1,180

Warnings: None

Part 1

A/N: Let me know what you guys think :D This part got out of hand and isn’t a drabble lol.

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When Darcy knocks on your front door, you’re finishing the last touches of your make up. She barges right in and demands to see your phone, to which you roll your eyes but hand it to her all the same.

“Holy shit,” she exclaims. “I thought that maybe the alcohol I had last night dimmed my senses and he wasn’t as cute as my mind had made him up to be, but Y/N! This man is pure eye candy.”

You can only groan, because you wholeheartedly agree with her and it’s just your luck to meet this guy when you’re pissed drunk and don’t remember anything the following morning.

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myfriendamy said: uhoh. I am largely ignoring everyone but what’s been happening? I was just about to make a post complaining about how they’ve split up the cast for media but I’ll refrain lol

It’s just been the constant complaining about every single thing every single day since Friday. It got old fast. People are entitled to their opinions and emotions but some of the stuff I’ve seen has just been over-the-top and conclusion jumping and negative in the extreme…but that’s par for the course with this fandom.

I completely agree with people that this year’s sdcc feels different but it makes sense that it does. There is someone there right now whose character has been killed. They are no longer part of the show. It would be odd and disrespectful for folks to be all happy and jokey 24/7 (just as I think all the focus on JDM has been disrespectful and, frankly, annoying…I’m hoping the extreme focus means his character won’t be around as long as he’s been in the comics…but that’s another issue). As a fellow Richonner pointed out, we don’t know these people or their emotions. We don’t know their relationships with each other and we shouldn’t make assumptions about either. They get paid to act on screen not off of it and they don’t have to act in a way solely to make us feel good. They are entitled to their emotions about what is going on around them.

P.S. I also agree that splitting them up has been annoying but most things have been annoying about this year’s sdcc. Here’s hoping NYCC and PaleyFest make up for all of that we did and didn’t get at sdcc this year. At this point, I’m just ready for sdcc to be over.

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your post “buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your post “Re: Into the…”

Oh yeah definitely, I just meant they shouldn’t have had an ultimatum in the first place. And if they ABSOLUTELY had to, then Buffy should have of course rejected him.

I agree! I think it would’ve made more sense to have him leave because he was trying to find his own place in the world, you know? Ever since the Initiative had been dissolved, it didn’t make much sense for him to stay in Sunnydale other than to be with Buffy, and as general rule, doing things only because of your partner does not bode well for anyone. I would’ve totally bought it if he realized he needed more in his life and decided to join the commando guys or whatever not because he wasnt getting enough from Buffy but because he wasn’t getting enough for himself, you know what I mean? Unfortunately, they turned him into such a jerk that having Buffy run after him at the end of Into the Woods felt like a slap to the face of Buffy and the fandom.

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i'm with the anon on that i think it's because DIO was a vampire with superhuman physical strength and endurance he could so readily spam time stop and for (relatively) much longer periods of time than anyone else who can use time stop can. that being said, it is rly ridiculous he never used it once inbetween the years between Part 3 and 4??? like... even if he's not really fighting anymore you'd think he'd want some practice with it and get more used to it...

Agree with all this.

I think it gets overlooked because in later parts Araki’s a lot more casual about how he writes stand powers, but in SDC the timestop’s supposed to be huge almost like it has a massive physical presence (Araki’s kind of pointing that out when he represents it visually as Za Warudo literally stopping the gears of time).  So it makes sense that humans can’t just use it as casually.

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It makes me super happy that you defended me though because who better than you? xD Thank you very much! It's nice to have people like you who respectfully debate about things without bashing the opposing side based on feelings, but with hard facts. Those becoming angry are only upset because their opinions have no proof or simply because they disagree, but I suppose that's understandable. There is literally nothing to convince us otherwise that NH makes sense because there's simply no proof.

Awwww, you’re too sweet. *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`) No big deal, honestly. And yes, I couldn’t agree more. The only reason why I don’t like it is because I truly think it’s badly written, not out of spite. It’s not that deep like certain defenders of the canon ships make it out to be. 

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i think with sdcc we have to take into account that the actors don't really have a say in what will actually happen and also, they're not like their characters and their opinions will vary. like i love sophie t a lot but i just don't think logically speaking, sansa betraying jon for petyr, who betrayed her and her fam and gave her to ramsey, makes sense. plus, i feel like the look she gave petyr at the end of s6 was more worried like she was scared of what he's planning.

i agree. the look at the end of that scene didn’t scream ‘sansa is conspiring’ to me. her smiled slipped off her face. the ‘pretty picture’ petyr painted 2 seconds ago sure as hell didn’t have jon snow sitting as king in the north… and the whole scene was preceded by jonsa ~making up~… so. imo she is worried for jon and what peetey has planned for him.

also: if they really were going to make jonsa legit, i highly doubt they’d say so at sdcc? 1) i love sophie but she /is/ a troll, and tries to empower sansa and hype her dark!sansa dreams as much as possible… 2) the way the jonsa Q was asked was a little ehhhhh to me, so i can see why she’d answer the way she did.

but seriously, i know it’s hard to hear an actor say ‘hell no’ to your fave ship. i definitely had an ‘aw darn man’ moment yesterday… but there is /always/ fandom! <3


As a starlight and N fan, I have to admit that seeing Hakyeon like that was what really caught my attention.

First off, how the choreographer utilized N. If you compare the body types between Woosung and N, you can see a difference. N has more of a feminine and narrower frame than that of Woosung (who has a much more masculine and stockier body). And most starlights can agree with me, that N has a rather feminine dance style (which is amazing and I love it so much). In most professional dance performances however, if there is a scene that calls for tricks (sorry I don’t know the technical name) like the opening duet between Stephanie and N, the choreographers tend to use those with more body weight/broader frame to be the pillar of whatever trick they do. Makes sense right? So it would be reasonable if they had Woosung dance with Stephanie for the opening seconds. But no, they used N and he did so well!! Like his steps did not falter with the added weight of Stephanie and it shows how unpredictable and skilled N is!!

Another thing was just the stage presence. Like when he had the scene with Stephanie, they were so close but his eyes did not break away and he had this intimate gaze towards her the whole entire time. And throughout the general performance, N had this charismatic but natural gaze towards the audience and it did not falter whatsoever.

All in all, all the dancers (Woosung, Cheng Xiao, Gayoung, Ye in, and Stephanie) did so well on this stage!!
But I think N was a strong component to this overall act. His naturalness and subtle charisma never fails to amaze me, and his flow and technicality is just stunning.

I would love if we got to see this side of N more :)

I finally read the Ilvermorny story and… I loved it? I’m genuinely upset that so many people hated it. The complaints make no sense, every one of them is resolved in the story, did the haters actually read it or are they just bandwagoning? Anyway, let me break the complaints down and why I don’t agree with them.

It’s poorly written

No, it’s just not written how you wanted it to be. It doesn’t read like a chapter from a Harry Potter book, but instead like a fairy tale or a myth, which makes sense for an origin story like this. That’s what it is, an origin story, and a clever one at that.

The protagonist is an Irish girl instead of a Native American

If J.K. Rowling had written a Native American protagonist, you would have accused her of appropriation. Don’t even try to tell me that you wouldn’t, I’ve seen it happen many times before. Rowling is probably aware of that being a writer in the 21st century, hence why she chose to instead go with a character closer to home. Still, she made a point to mention multiple times that Native Americans are a vital part of the Ilvermorny community and its founding. She even justifies not writing in more specific detail about them (again, if she did, she would be accused of some form of racism) by explaining that Gormlaith had never educated Isolt on Native American wizards. Gormlaith is the villain of the story, and an abuser, and a murderer, and a racist, so yeah, she’s not going to be the best source of diversity.

The magical creatures are based on American folklore

…and? What else would they be based on? Some of creatures in the Harry Potter books were Rowlings original creations, but many such as centaurs, pixies, and basilisks were based on or inspired by European mythology and folklore. Of course the American Wizarding World is going to have American magical creatures.

Ilvermorny is too much like Hogwarts

The entire reason Ilvermorny was created was to be like Hogwarts. Isolt and the Boot boys grew up learning about Hogwarts and dreamed of attending, but were never able to due to the tragic circumstances. The school they built was based on how they knew wizarding schools to be run. Still, it has its own unique aspects such as its sorting ceremony, wand policy, uniforms, and general aesthetic.

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Do you think mtg in general and Edh are still in good health?

I do my best not to talk about other formats so I’m gonna dodge that first question. As for the health of Commander, I think that it’s doing well in the sense that the majority of players aren’t complaining loudly about any one card and the format is still very popular. That being said, I don’t really agree with the Rules Committee’s “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and I think more can be done to make the format better.

Specifically, I believe that there are 10 cards that, if added to the banlist, would both improve the diversity of cards and strategies in the format and have a large impact on the color imbalance we currently see in Commander. Here’s a brief explanation of why I think each card deserves to go.

1. Mana Crypt

It produces more mana in the early game than any other card, which means it makes broken things happen much faster. True, it’s not a problem if you’re playing Ishkanah tribal spiders or some other casual build, but if you’re actually trying to win, this provides a huge advantage and can tilt the game in your favor all by itself. It’s also worth noting that the most powerful colors in Commander (Blue, Green, and Black) are better at taking advantage of Mana Crypt and Sol Ring because they can tutor it out more frequently (Blue and Black) and/or capitalize on the early mana by chaining it into other mana accelerants (Green). So basically, the unfair decks get a bigger advantage from this card (and Sol Ring) than anyone else, as do the decks in the best colors, which widens the color imbalance in Commander. Additional reasons: it’s better than cards on the banlist (the Moxes) and it’s relatively expensive ($70 for the cheapest version).

2. Sol Ring

See above.

3. Craterhoof Behemoth

As long as you have this and some tutors in your deck, you basically don’t have to run any win conditions and can devote the rest of your card slots to efficient utility creatures. Although Green has access to many Overrun effects, Craterhoof is unique because it’s easily tutored up and it’s much, much more powerful than similar Overrun creatures. The most broken thing about it is how little set up it requires; it can turn a completely unthreatening board (mana dorks, tokens, used-up ETB creatures) into a lethal force instantaneously. 

4. Tooth and Nail

Every time you cast Tooth and Nail, you have to make a decision: do I want to win with this card or do I want to waste time? Every color combination has some way to win instantly with Tooth and Nail with little or no setup, so unless you’re willing to neuter your deck or play poorly, this will always be a one-card combo. It’s also much easier to use than Protean Hulk, making it better than a card on the banlist.

5. Narset, Enlightened Master

Unlike most of the other bogeymen commanders, Narset is immune to spot removal and she’ll probably win the game the first time she attacks (Arcum and Zur need to survive at least a few turns before they’ve locked you out).

6. Necropotence

Its cards-drawn-to-mana-spent ratio beats any other legal card by a mile. As long as it survives, you will have seven cards in hand, forever. If that weren’t enough, it also negates the drawbacks of spot removal because “card parity” doesn’t mean shit when you can draw as many cards as you want.

7. Gaea’s Cradle

It generates more mana in the mid- to late-game than any other legal card and unlike like most other big mana makers (Cabal Coffers, Caged Sun, etc), it doesn’t require a heavy commitment to one color; all you have to do is run creatures in your deck and you’ll have access to absurd amounts of mana. Also, thanks to the Magic speculation community, this card is currently over $200, and because it’s on the reserved list, it’ll only go up from there!

8. Consecrated Sphinx

I think this card suffers from the same problem as Primeval Titan, namely, it warps every game into a fight to see who can clone it, kill it, or reanimate it the fastest. If you believe the justification that the RC gave for Prime Time’s banning, then they should ban this card to be consistent.

9. Survival of the Fittest

This card makes it trivially easy to assemble combos, albeit creature-based ones. Also, while I think making it easy to win is the bigger sin, I also believe that Commander’s variance is its strength, and this card does a bang-up job of undercutting it by offering a million tutors, allowing you to follow the same lines of play in every game you draw it.

10. Ad Nauseam

This card would probably be the easiest one to ban because there are no fair uses for it; it’s either played in a highly-tuned low-CMC deck to draw a million cards or it’s ignored completely. Banning it would stop heinous things from happening without affecting any players with fair decks.

An older shipper’s take on the GMW Madness

The following is solely my opinion based on the various details found on different social media spoiler accounts.

We don’t know what’s going on as far as a 4th season goes and quite honestly? It sounds like MJ & crew don’t know either.
If that’s the case, it makes sense that they would wrap up all existing storylines in the current season. It is the smartest thing to do. IF they mutually agree upon a 4th season? They can start with fresh storylines.  If not? He knows that the show ended with no loose strings.

There are a few things to consider….

1) Disney needs to order an additional season- It is a common myth that Disney has a hard & fast rule of 4 seasons. That is not the case. Disney orders their episodes in blocks and their seasons individually for a reason. When you are dealing with a target audience of “pre-teens” you are dealing with a niche crowd. Those are the formative years. Tastes can change wildly. Think back to what you liked 4 years ago…. Is it the same? Chances are it’s not.  By ordering their episodes and season in “blocks” it gives Disney the flexibility to make changes without having to commit to any long term expense.  If you look at the shows that had ratings as high as GMW that ended after 4 seasons? There were other mitigating circumstances that led to the show ending. Cast issues, salary demands, creative differences within the production team, etc. Season 3 did not get ordered until the fall.

2) MJ has to WANT to do another season- Disney approached MJ with the concept of GMW. He had no intentions of doing this show. Disney approached him and they debated back & forth until they agreed on concept and he signed.  He has said that if Disney did not approach him- GMW would not be a show at all. He has no issues with being on the Disney channel. IF MJ does NOT wish to do another season or Disney does NOT order one- he can rest easy knowing that he has not left his audience without closure

3) Cast/Crew changes- there have been rumors that some of the high profile adult characters wish to depart for whatever reasons.  Wrapping up storylines gives them the flexibility to accommodate these wishes without jeopardizing the story.

Things have changed dramatically since the BMW days. Some good, some not so good.
I’m sure MJ never imagined he would be dealing with death threats. These threats have been made against him, his creative team and his cast.

Parts of the fandom don’t like the direction HE takes HIS story? They post nasty comments, threats or try to start trending cancellation hashtags. Honestly? It’s gotten so bad that I have to wonder why he would want to do another season. Can you imagine if everything you did was subjected to intense scrutiny, nastiness and disrespect?
MJ has long been considered one of the best in the business. These characters and this story? Are his. They are his legacy and yet, we the fandom, think we know better than he does.
You can dislike the storyline, dislike a character all without being insane. I’ve been vocal in my dislike of the current storyline and my issues with Maya but my comments are hopefully made and taken with respect.
The only thing I can say with certainty at this point is that until MJ or Disney makes a comment? We are all just guessing.
I would suggest that we, the fandom, take a good long hard look at our actions and treatment of those affiliated with the show and change our behavior if needed.
It may not mean a damn thing in the end but I would like to think that the cast, crew and creative team were able to walk away without having to question the sanity of the fandom.

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Each moment of Roan and Bellarke sharing a scene, we have seen Roan looking at them like "These two drive me to despair. They're so obvious. Can you guys kiss each other so we can move on" Do you think there's a point? In s4 will we see more of this? I want Roan being #teamfuckingkissalready like you Rosy hahaha

Originally posted by commanderofnerds

I agree! It’s crazy. 

Someone said that Roan was supposed to have a backstory about true love. The reason why he wanted to get back to Azgeda was to get back to his love…. but they decided not to go in that direction (my ice mechanic heart says it’s so that they can do raven/roan but well we’ll see.) 

If you think about that back story, then the way he reacts to Bellamy and Clarke makes perfect sense, because he KNOWS love. He VALUES love. Right? 

So when he sees Bellamy tenderly caressing her face and she begs for his life with her own… he stops. Just freezes his sword. Always wondered why? I thought before it was about working some political angle, but he really didn’t have much to do with Clarke other than manhandling and fighting until that moment. He doesn’t really KNOW her.

But he sees their love and he KNOWS love.

He recognizes it and it stops his sword, because he’s a warrior with a heart, and he sees they are, too.

I don’t know. I didn’t see it quite that way until someone mentioned the back story that was supposed to be there. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or it doesn’t go into his character, it just means they didn’t explore his history… yet. 

I think it’s quite romantic. Not even the Bellarke, but Roan, his world view. There’s always been something tender about him, the way he gives Clarke the benefit of the doubt and protects her. The way he did his duty and got the flame, but didn’t touch a hair on her head to do it. Saved her life in fact. 

And then when you add Bellamy into the mix and what he sees between them always seems to matter. You know, in Polis, when Bellamy showed, we got reaction shots. Bellamy. Clarke. Lxa. Bellamy. Clarke. Roan. Bellamy. Clarke. Lxa. Bellamy. Clarke. 

What does Roan have to do with that exchange? Why do we get his reaction? I mean, Lxa, yeah, sure. But Roan? 

I don’t know. But then we have the interactions between the three of them, and so much of it. The sass and significant looks. Bellamy is kind of pissed off at Roan, but he doesn’t seem to hate him or mean him real harm. Mostly he just wants to keep Clarke safe and, well, away from the grounders, probably. Roan seems to respect him, and he definitely notes every interaction they have between the two of them.

if we don’t get to explore that dynamic I will be very sad. 

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people really forgot when a fan met liam a few months ago and he told her 1d would be back next year. liam has literally been the most vocal about how 1d are coming back. at this point it's lowkey annoying that people don't trust the boys themselves. if 3/4 are going solo and never want to come back then there's no group and a break up would be announced just like zayn. no matter how "shady" this band is having so many members agree they want to quit 1d and refusing to announce it makes 0 sense.

Okay but people can react how they react, people feel like they are being played a lot with this band and people wanting a clear announcement is really not a bad thing, I get that you are annoyed but I also get people want clear announcement. I don’t think 1d is breaking up and trust the boys, but it is tiring and I really hope things are going to start making sense as soon as possible. 

‘Hate Begets Hate’ is a Lazy Ass Silencing Tactic

In light of the last week’s events, I found myself reading through a bunch of comments online regarding racism and police brutality. Conversations can go a variety of ways, but I’ve noticed a consistent rhetoric being spread around online after the murders of 5 police officers in Dallas.

“Hate begets hate.”

“Violence begets violence.”

People of all races often throw out these phrases whenever an act of violence occurs, such as the Dallas shooting. On a superficial level, this sounds like a really simple sentiment to stand behind. It makes perfect sense. You cannot expect to hurt someone and have them not strike back.  I would agree with this sentiment. It’s also why I find what Micah Xavier Johnson did to not be a surprise.

After hundreds of years of oppression and violence on black bodies, some form of retaliation was bound to occur.

The use of these of phrases may seemingly be profound, but I find them to be overused and extremely lazy when it comes to discussing the relationship between the oppressed and their oppressors.

Usually, these statements are said in an attempt to silence those who speak out on any form of racism enacted upon them. For some reason, people often equate someone being vocal about their experience with racism to being hateful.

It’s said to placate black people who are loud and unapologetic about the abuses they face. It’s easy to let a loud, angry black person know, “hate begets hate,” because it allows white people to put themselves in the same position of victimhood that they tell us we claim too often.

It’s easy to tell someone “hate begets hate” because it’s easier push a narrative that all people are hated equally and therefore should respond to violence and hate equally.

It’s easy to tell someone “violence begets violence” when violence hasn’t been systematic and deliberately carried out against you because of your race.

How the fuck come when I’m angry and yelling loud about my oppression, I am automatically be construed as hateful? Why is the reason for my anger, my tears & my anxiety entirely glossed over and discarded because it comes off as “mean”?

It is a silencing tactic and I am not here for it.

Please get the fuck out of my face with that rhetoric just so you can dismiss my real, valid feelings.

Every day I have to live and attempt to thrive in an environment not built for me that enacts different forms of violence and aggression on me DAILY and I will not be silenced for your comfort.

Miss me with that shit.

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I feel I'm the only who still believes Annabeth is attending a boarding school (I don't buy the whole she is staying with the Jackson headcanon, even less with the future Blofis-Jackson baby coming and as much as Sally is the best mom, having her son's girlfriend living with them is just, weird?)

Honestly I wouldn’t put anything past Rick at this point. 

He’s said that Annabeth is meant to be going to school with Percy in NYC, and a co-ed boarding school would make more sense but in ToA Percy is still living with Sally and Paul. I agree that even with the things Percy and Annabeth have been through, and the fact that Sally and Annabeth are no doubt extremely close after leaning on each other while Percy was missing, having Annabeth live with them is an intense step. 

Going to school together and then living together is a huge commitment and completely changes the dynamic of a relationship. It’s a lot more intense than most people realise. Being around each other that much in an every-day life sort of setting can put a lot of strain on people.

Annabeth would definitely be capable of living in an apartment on her own, but the logistics of that are a pain because she’s not quite eighteen in the canon yet, is she? So what, did Frederick sign a lease for her or something?

I’m very interested to see how Rick handles this in the future ToA and MCGA books.

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I love my girl soo much like words cant describe we've been together for 6 months but ive known her for 2 years but overall speaking for a year if that makes sense. i want to go all the way with her but i dont know how to make it special enough for her or get her to agree without her thinking im trying to use her can you please help?

If I were you would prepare a surprise for her, a romantic dinner with candles, wine and a comfortable bed. Do this with calm, be yourself and treat it with much affection. When you have finished dinner, put a calming music and sexy, or the music of you, begin to kiss her and let it flow, may be nothing forced and she does not want, has afraid, do her feel safe! Always praise her body, make her feel beautiful the way it is.

Remember always that is has to be special, she will remember this forever and remember you forever.

I have some tips about sex here

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I have read Japanese fans comments, and they all agree Levi choosing Erwin is best choice and is only thing that makes sense for his character. i wonder why they are so different to western fans.

Same. Everything I’ve seen is the majority in agreement that it would be strange for Levi to NOT choose Erwin.

There is a minority that thinks Levi is an asshole for being so cold towards Armin. But these people are actually called ‘Anti-Levi’ by other fans. As in, anti’s who have irrational hate for Levi because they dislike him as a character. Japanese fans are particularly harsh towards anti’s, I’ve noticed.

When there are comments made by people who are ‘anti-levi’, the other commenters will shoot back immediately that the serum is absolutely Levi’s decision, completely up to him and no one else, according to ch70. That Erwin needs to be present when the truth is revealed no matter what. That Levi had already decided who to inject since all the way back in ch70. That Isayama lets his characters write his story, so of course Levi would do the only thing that’s in-character and choose Erwin out of duty as well as emotion. That his decision is made and Isayama already made that clear.

Western fans are sharp-tongued when it comes to character hate, but Japanese fans are a whole other level. They’re not sharp-tongued towards the characters though. Instead they’re very harsh towards fellow fans who dislike Levi’s decision.

There’s discussion going on at the moment that Isayama could be making this Levi’s decision because he’s such a popular character, and Isayama wants to lower his popularity. Jp fans are saying people who were seeing Levi through rose-coloured glasses up until today are the only ones disappointed by his decision to inject Erwin. They’re ‘fake fans’, as we say here in the west. And those people are going to hate Levi now, and his popularity will drop. And that is exactly what Isayama is aiming for, because Levi is just way too popular at the moment. Japanese fans can be pretty harsh, huh. All I can do is laugh, because it actually makes sense.

They put a lot of value in Isayama letting his characters write his story. So they believe it goes without saying that this serum is going to go to Erwin, courtesy of Levi. Isayama drew Titan Armin as a joke in the fake preview, so according to them it’s not gonna happen in the main manga. The fake previews are hints. But because Isayama lets his characters write his story, they believe the most in-character thing for Eren to do is look for another way to save Armin. Eren seems to understand that Erwin is the best choice for humanity. But Eren’s dream is to be free from the walls and to see the ocean WITH Armin. His dream becomes meaningless if Armin dies. So even though Levi has already decided, Eren may accept that, but he is not going to give up on his best friend. If another option reveals itself (Bertl telling him what the supplies are on the cargo titan’s back, for example) then Eren will take it without hesitation. Eren’s loyalties lie with his family, not Levi.

I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with something quite so much as this. I think Eren’s face this chapter showed us that he understands Levi’s decision and even agrees with it to a certain degree. But his dream that he shares with Armin and Mikasa is more important to him than his duties as a soldier. I think he’s accepted Levi’s decision. But that’s not the same thing as giving up on Armin. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter :D

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While I appreciate everyone's theories on the non-compete, I really think we have to wait and see what happens next to decide what theories make the most sense. For all we know, new management for the boys could be announced tomorrow, which would change the playing field yet again.

Yes, I agree. Until we get more movement, we’re theorizing based on very incomplete information.

Which is why I’m watching the debate with interest, but not participating. I think everyone has good points, but we won’t know for a while yet.

SO LET ME JUST STATE that I was just playing video games online and talking to my like 30 year old guy friend who was like, “So don’t judge me but I really like Girl Meets World??? Like it’s honestly a quality show.”

And I was just like, “No!!  Absolutely no judgement, I freaking love that show!”

To which he replied, “Please tell me that you want Maya and Lucas to be together, because Riley and Lucas just makes no sense.”

I again agreed, and then to top it all off he said, “And I know this is out of nowhere but I want Riley and Farkle to be together.”

I’m just glad that we’re not all just hive minding this and a casual viewer sees it lol. 

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What would the nordic five be scared of

(This is kinda random and all makes sense in my head, so I’m not expecting it’ll make sense to you. Also, I don’t even know if these names are the correct terms which is why I have the little subtitle explaining what the fear is supposed to be of and the name that I got for it. Remember, these are my personal headcanons and you do not have to agree with them at all!)

APH Denmark/Mathias- Athazagoraphobia 

Fear of being abandoned

This one seems to be a popular headcanon for the guy and I’m not surprised. He doesn’t want this friends and family to just one day forget about him and never talk to him, so he makes sure that they can’t by constantly getting in their face.

APH Norway/Lukas- Seperation Anxiety 

Fear of being separated from loved ones

He knows that it’s not a logical fear but he’s afraid of being alone. He doesn’t like to go places alone and he doesn’t like thinking about one day everybody disappearing. He loves his family unlike any other and couldn’t bear the thought that one day he’d be separated from them. 

APH Iceland/Emil-Atychiphobia 

Fear of failure

He doesn’t want to mess up because he wants to be able to show people that he can do it too, even if they don’t think he can. He feels as though it might be a sign of weakness and doesn’t want people to judge him off of his failure. The only way to avoid that is to do his best to avoid failure.

APH Finland/Tino-Catagelophobia

Fear of being ridiculed 

He doesn’t want people to make fun of him or anything because of his slightly more feminine appearance or the fact that he gets called the wife by Sweden. Just thinking about people making fun of him based off his initial appearance makes him incredibly angry.  

APH Sweden/Berwald-Social Phobia 

Fear of being judged negatively in social situations 

He already seems incredibly intimidating and he doesn’t like the fact that people assume that about it. Then, he’s heard people assume that he’s some criminal or something of the like just because he’s a bit shy and doesn’t speak often. It just so happens that so many people assume he’s evil that he can’t stand it when anyone jokes about him being a criminal. 

*Inhales deeply and flares nostrils*

LOOK. I do not hate Amedot, I do not hate Pearlnet, and I most definitely do not hate Jaspis. @ Amedot shippers, and just anyone in general, who keep lashing out at Lapidot shippers, please stop it. Yes you may have more evidence from the cartoon itself for your ship to make more sense, but why must you cram it down people’s throats. If someone ships two people, and you don’t agree with it, and feel negatively about it, keep it to yourself. If the idea of two characters coming together makes someone happy, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Some people need that little boost of sunshine to make their day better, but you coming in to rain on their parade, can make it more crappy. You ask us, “Why do you stupid Lapidot shippers get so excited about the smallest things??!!11!”. Well… 


Some of us Lapidot shippers have been here since we first saw Peridot. The thought of those two together somehow appealed to us, and no it didn’t make any sense at all back then. BUT, when Lapis and Peridot finally met (not in an exactly friendly way, I might add), we lost a LOT of shippers. Then, came barn mates, the episode that brought a lot of us back. Our ship went from making absolutely no sense, to being an abusive ship, to being an ideal ship. Why wouldn’t we be excited?? What also helps fuel the Lapidot fire, is the fact that Peridot’s voice actor said she loves Lapidot and that Lapidot would be amazing. Even Lauren Zuke appears to ship Lapidot. So don’t tell us that we are wrong to ship it, and that it still makes no sense. Also,


Care to tell me I can’t? Is there some type of rule book on shipping? Shipping 101: The Rules of OTP’s? The Ship Whisperer? Oh, you say there isn’t a given set of official rules on shipping? Okay, that’s what I thought. So that means you can also stop assuming someone hates your ship, unless told otherwise. I ship Lapidot, Pearlmethyst, Amedot, and Jaspis, go ahead and try to tell me I can’t, if you want. I honestly do not care.


STOP HATING ON THE SHIPS AND/OR CHARACTERS. The whole lesson of the show is love and forgiveness. The show was made for you to learn to be more accepting, and instead we’re getting more cranky, butt-hurt, immature brats. Cut it out. It’s a show about love and acceptance, not hate and saltiness.