that hunting scene is so gorgeous

I applaud Andrew Dabb because that episode perfectly and I mean PERFECTLY portrayed Cas as the beautiful character that he is.

So to quickly recap:

•At the start of the episode we see him standing outside the motel room, obviously having rushed back after realising something was wrong.

•He then feels guilty about what has happened and takes a verbal beating from Mary, accepting the blame for the whole thing. (We know that Cas has not been in a good place mentally in recent episodes so nicely incorporated).

•He then seeks help from Crowley, determined not to give up.

•After this, Cas, when prompted, is able to reel off the exact number of months, days, and hours since his best friends went missing.

•We then have a gorgeous heart to heart between Cas and Mary where he admits to trying to hunt down a vampire and failing. This scene is extremely powerful and truly gives us an insight into just how much Cas has tried to pick up from the Winchesters over the years. We’ve seen in previous episodes this season that Cas is capable of hunting solo (so be it Crowley was there too but it still counts) but this episode proves that he clearly does not cope well he knows there’s no one there to help him if he needs them. In any other episode, if Sam and Dean were just a phone call away, Cas would have tracked and killed that vamp in no time at all. But fast forward to this episode and Cas, in the mental state we observe him in this episode (and more broadly this season), clearly was unable to switch off all the shit going on in his head, and he very very clearly blames himself for that. He sees those dead girls as being his fault, just as he sees the Winchesters being taken as his fault too.

•And then at the end of this episode we get the speech. And forgetting even the contents of this speech, the way it is delivered by Cas is just heartbreaking. He is incredibly close to tears, he’s struggling to even maintain eye contact with the Winchesters as he says it, and his voice wobbles and breaks at points. Cas will believe that he was selfish for killing Billie, because he killed her so that he wouldn’t lose his best friends, and so that his best friends wouldn’t lose their Mom once again. By the end of this episode, Cas is willing to trigger something unknown because he loves those guys so much that it scares him to consider them gone forever. He knows now, after the months apart, the failed hunt, and his own mental disintegration that he NEEDS them. Because after witnessing just how not in a good place Cas is right now, he is clinging to them and just praying that they don’t get tired of him and shove him away. He is showing clear signs of depression, and being separated from the brothers only made that worse. And all of the above came together in one big heap of sadness, guilt, loneliness, and depression which resulted in that speech. A truly amazing character development for Cas.

Bravo Andrew Dabb

I’m still the same old me, that’s all I’ll ever be

Supernatural 12x17, “The British Invasion,” and 12x18, “The Memory Remains.”

Two episodes about legacies, two episodes about how our actions can shape the future. Two episodes about making connections and breaking them. And irony. Don’t forget the irony. That’s key!

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Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part One

Prompt: You decide to visit Bobby after a long time away.

Pairing: Reader x Dean (at the end)

Word Count: 1581

Theme Song: Get Home by Bastille

You’ve known Bobby for a while now. Ever since your dad died on that wendigo hunt you did together, Bobby took you in under his wing. He gave you a roof over your head, food, and whiskey… a lot of whiskey. He was the only family you had left, of course not blood. But Bobby always told you that family don’t end in blood, and you always believed it.

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100% OF ALL AUFIDIUSES (Aufidii?) I HAVE EVER SEEN HAVE BEEN NORTHERNERS or technically, I guess, Northern or Scottish… or at least, decidedly not from the South

Coriolanus is really not one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, and I think I have been subconsciously afraid of Tom Hiddleston ever since The Hollow Crown (which I really hated) (though it wasn’t his fault!), so despite my love for Hadley Fraser, I may have gone into this production with a bit of an unintended bias against it.

I thought it was decent (the kiss made sense) (black box theaters are so fun) (but god I really don’t like this play) up until Coriolanus’ death scene, which was SO AMAZING AND SO GENIUS that I was completely FLOORED. It gave me critical whiplash because I turned so quickly to resounding approbation! Ugh but that death scene, honestly, INTERPRETIVE PERFECTION.

Despite my general apathy toward Coriolanus, I do end up quoting the phrases “he is a lion I am proud to hunt” and “fisting each other’s throat” constantly because one is gorgeous and the other is H I L A R I O U S

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Dipper is mad at bill and starts avoiding him but it's kind of hard since bill works at the mystery shack and is an apparent babysitter

So…how’s trashy romance plots work out for you? Does that- Does that work? Cause I’m gonna be honest this did not go how I expected it too… But, um, you know…very shippy, if that helps. Probably not since this wasn’t specifically a BillDip prompt but, you know, whoops.

A Single Second


“You can’t stay mad at me forever, Pine Tree!”

“Shut up! Yes I can!” Bill Cipher sighed, rubbing a hand down his face. It was just another day of him being in his human form and working at the Mystery Shack when he had, apparently, done something to anger one of the Pines twins. The thirteen-year-old was currently hiding on the roof and throwing pine cones every time he tried to talk to him, which was irony that Bill would have found funny at any other time.

Peeking his head out from under the front porch he rolled his eyes as another pine cone hit his head. Retreating he couldn’t help but think the teen’s aimed had improved over the year he had been gone from Gravity Falls. “It would help if you would at least tell me what I did to make you mad! Because there’s lots of things that could have done it, Pine Tree! Lots of- Ow!” Honestly. He couldn’t even finish being dramatic before being hit.

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