that horse thing though

also also, last half-salty, half-amused post I swear BUT

IM STILL LAUGHING AT THE FLYING WATER KAMUI IN THE END because I’d tweeted this nonsense before the finale aired:

Sorey and Mikleo finally fulfilled their birb dreams and ascended to the skies above LMAO ADKJFKHGSKJGGS


alpha vs. maxis-match challenge

rules: use the same sim for both sides, try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides, if u know what I mean (please refrain from using clarified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and mm), try to make everything different, not just hair; things like skin overlay, make up, eyebrows, and eyes (clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re doing a full body thing), and tag #alphavsmm

i was tagged by this cutie: @inquisitive-simmer <33

and idk who to tag because i feel like everyone has already done this??? but if you want to do this, let’s say you’re tagged now by me :)

“白龙马,” something something and something. I never really learned the thing and there’s no translation to what I can find.
 While everyone knows the main trio of the Journey to the West, there’s some other reoccurring characters too. Including a white dragon that’s been turned into a horse as punishment for eating the priest’s previous one. I think. it’s been a while. And even though Orisa fits the whole horse thing better, I’ve had this idea since lunar new years and just didn’t do it until now  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Commander Princess VI

An Ice Nation army is marching forward towards their land, there isn’t time for plans; they have to leave now.

Deep and dark was the night as it settled atop the quiet forest. On a normal day, there would be frost upon the grass in the morning, the dew freezing just slightly, the chill radiating up from the very ground itself until the sun slowly tiptoed above the trees and feet kicked away the layer of early cold. But the scouts returned and told of a different day unfolding. As the village slept, as the trees swayed in their slow, shrinking way while the sky grew tight and crisps, while the Commander’s tent grew overheated and argumentative, time marched by much too quickly.

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Okay am I the only person who genuinely wonders if they’re kind/nice?? Like it’s 1:45am so my mind is probably just wandering but I’m sitting in the bathroom, waiting for my mac n cheese to microwave, trying to figure out if I’m nice or not. I mean, I try to be?? It’s definitely not always easy, and I’ve fucked up more than a few times, but I really do try.

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your user always makes me laugh bc it's so covertly sexual...if you think about all the things louis had said though. the horse riding thing especially and the mario kart interview is just so obvious even the interviewer was like wtf and yet us larries are crazy right LOL

i like it because it’s such a larrie url but from an outsider perspective they’re just like *crickets*

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I saw the percheron post you reblogged but I'm shamefully ignorant about most things horse even though I love them. I'm curious about what you meant about American-bred percherons, though? Why are they freaky?

Well first here are some French percherons :

  • “Trait Percheron”, aka the traditional breed standard : short, thick legs and neck, a straight and strong back, a massive shoulder and croup. A working horse all-around, bred for tracting heavy weights and working the fields.

  • The “Diligencier Percheron” : a slightly lighter type, his flanks are shorter, he has slightly longer legs proportionally. Bred for tracting medium weights, more for parade driving and riding.

Basically it seems the American are really into the Diligencier type, but the breeding tends to get into some freaky trends.

As a results, some animals over there in the States end up with weird conformations, which diverge a lot from the breed standard :

Honestly they look more like Friesians than original Percherons. They’re not made for a practical use at all. You don’t need legs like that on a draft horse…

Also the Americans only seem to breed for black Percherons? And the hooves are kept super long because??

So yeah, there’s some bullshit halter industry aesthetic going on.

Centaur AU?

Idk, man, I just felt like drawing some centaurs and I accidentally wound up turning them into Inuyasha characters, whoops.

I figure most centaurs don’t wear much in the way of clothes; Inuyasha only kept his fire rat cloth because it’s like his armor. He has one of those blanket cape things horses sometimes wear instead of pants. Though I’m thinking about retconning the idea of him keeping the outfit; it’s just such a shame to be covering up that gorgeous chestnut coat of his. XD We’ll see. He should still have his necklace, though, I just forgot to draw it.

Also, no one lost any limbs or hands; I just didn’t sketch them all out. And Shippo’s back half is still that of a fox.

I first got the idea for this picture in 2014, more than 2 years ago! :D I finally got around to attempting to draw a chariot scene because I’ve become so fond of YGO + horses headcanons lately 0v0 ♥

I totally messed up the horses here though, and many other things too (≧∇≦;) there are SO MANY mistakes in this picture that i almost ended up not posting it at all. But I can learn and do better next time (≧v≦)b  Maybe I’ll even do a remake one day? :D

(I’m not usually very excited about “Yuugi in Ancient Egypt” AUs because they often have stuff like Yuugi being a slave or something like that, but I’ve had a couple of ideas where Yuugi is actually from a upper-class family and he and Atem are close friends. Please don’t tag this as “Heba”.)

The High End of Low was murdered

The High End of Low is often considered by Marilyn Manson fans to be one of the worst, if not the worst album. Behind the scenes, there was meddling from Interscope to try to make the album more marketable, forcing Manson to make “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon” a single with the most butchered edited version ever being one of the things that pushed Manson to leave the label. But what if I told you there was almost certainly more? 

If you visit the MansonWiki pages for the songs, you’ll discover something odd. Namely, there’s alternate versions for most of the album. These are all more stripped down, more acoustic versions. Many have a theme of going metal in the chorus, but being acoustic elsewhere. This fits the album surprisingly well, being both raw and powerful, and one of the main critiques of the album is that the songs don’t sound right with how their final versions are. All of the Alternate Versions are on Youtube, and the comments all say the same thing: they’re far better and more fitting. 

This isn’t just with the Alternate Versions, though. “WOW” was a part of a five song demo called “The Unruly Demos” made by the band. Most of the songs are closer to their final versions, but “Into The Fire”, here called “maybeharmfulifswallowed” and “WOW”, here called “The Wow” both sound closer to the alternate versions, with “WOW” not having one but fitting the sound better. I can’t find one of them, as everyone assumes the Goon Moon track that was turned into “Four Rusted Horses” is the demo version, but from what I hear, it isn’t. That highlights another fact, though.

Goon Moon was Twiggy’s stoner rock project, and their sound is a lot closer to some of the Alternate Versions of The High End of Low tracks. The final versions are farther from that sound, but it still remains. There’s another thing though. The track they turned into “Four Rusted Horses” was called “somewheretohide”, which you’ll recognize as the same style of title as “maybeharmfulifswallowed”. Additionally, “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon” was “Armagoddamotherfuckingeddon”. Goon Moon was far from financially successful, even with Twiggy being the founder and singer, and adding that sound to Marilyn Manson wouldn’t have been marketable as just putting out another normal Manson album, at least to the Interscope executives, who were being increasingly interfering in their work. This is what prompted the end of their partnership and the founding of Hell, Etc. 

So, what am I getting at here? I believe that the Alternate Versions are the real versions of the album, and the final versions were required by Interscope. I could be wrong. If Manson follows through on his plan to write a second autobiography, we’ll find out, but until then, I highly believe that the album was forcefully changed to what we know it as. 

Another reason I believe this is because “The Pale Emperor” has been referred to as “The High End of Low done right” by people, and the Alternate Versions sound like a prototype to The Pale Emperor. Not as advanced, or bluesy and heavy, but the ideas are there, especially in the “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon” Alternate Version, where the acoustic guitar is pushed to its limits. Plus, it seems abnormal to make a semi-acoustic version of that song. What makes a lot more sense it to take that weird song that has the potential to be a hit if you strip the weirdness out and do just that, turning it into, as some critics have said, “Manson by numbers”. I don’t see it as that, but I get the critique. 

So, I urge you, collect all the alternate versions. Get “The Wow”. Assemble them into an alternate cut of the album and give it a listen. Use the originals where there’s no replacement. Sadly, that doesn’t include the real version of “I Wanna Kill You Like They Do In The Movies”, which was freestyled by Manson for almost 20 minutes, but was never released. Get the Promo CD version of Blank and White, without the beep. “Blank and White”, “Unkillable Monster”, “We’re From America” and “I Wanna Kill You Like They Do In The Movies” are the only ones without a released alternate version, and “Blank and White” the uncensored version. So, a rundown:

1. Devour (Extended Cut) from the Promo CD
2. Pretty As A Swastika (Alternate Version)
3. Leave A Scar (Alternate Version)
4. Four Rusted Horses (Opening Titles Version)
5. Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon (Alternate Version)
6. Blank and White (Unedited)
7. Running To The Edge of the World (Alternate Version)
8. I Wanna Kill You Like They Do In The Movies
9. The Wow
10. Wight Spider (Alternate Version)
11. Unkillable Monster
12. We’re From America
13. I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell (Alternate Version)
14. Into The Fire (Alternate Version)
15. 15 (Alternate Version)

I believe this is (mostly) The True High End of Low. A powerful, raw album that takes advantage of Twiggy’s new talents and experiences and delivers something different from the Manson catalogue. 


surprise more equius shipping

nah though, horse motifs aside, my favorite thing about equius and dirk is like… robots? building stuff. combining their cultures’ technologies to create really crazy stuff and just like… having a creative environment to make neat shit in. long hours of intensive collaborative work. engineering breakthroughs.

jade wants to join in because she doesnt understand that they are also flirting while making bounds in the field of robotics. she is not allowed. she makes her own small robot that breaks into their workshop and plays a recording of her calling them names until they can catch it and turn it off.

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How did the Nazgûl look during most of the Second and Third Ages (i.e. before 3018)? Is there any indication whether they were mounting horses, for example?

Tolkien wrote annoyingly little about how the Nazgûl reached their LOTR form. We know that Sauron acquired the Rings of Power during or shortly after the S.A. 1693-1700 War of the Elves and Sauron. According to the appendices to Return of the King, the Nazgûl surfaced around S.A. 2251. I don’t think they surfaced until they were already under Sauron’s complete control and thus, basically, in their final form as Ringwraiths. Here’s the description of that process from the Silmarillion (“Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age): 

Those who used the Nine Rings became mighty in their day, kings, sorcerers, and warriors of old. They obtained glory and great wealth, yet it turned to their undoing. They had, as it seemed, unending life, yet life became unendurable to them. They could walk, if they would, unseen by all eyes in this world beneath the sun, and they could see things in worlds invisible to mortal men; but too often they beheld only the phantoms and delusions of Sauron. And one by one, sooner or later, according to their native strength and to the good or evil of their wills in the beginning, they fell under the thraldom of the ring that they bore and of the domination of the One which was Sauron’s. And they became forever invisible save to him that wore the Ruling Ring, and they entered into the realm of shadows. The Nazgûl were they, the Ringwraiths, the Úlairi, the Enemy’s most terrible servants; darkness went with them, and they cried with the voices of death.

Putting that together with the timeline from the Appendices, we get this: Sauron distributes the Rings, and the Men who bore them become powerful and wealthy, but eventually their eternal, ring-sustained life becomes unendurable. Gradually they fall under Sauron’s control. 750 years after he first might have distributed the Rings, they are first found, and by that time they’re already his slaves.

750 years seems pretty fast to enthrall someone’s soul, and at first I thought implausibly fast, given that Gollum holds the One Ring for nearly 500 years and is, by the end, pitiable but not two-thirds of the way to Ringwraithdom. But there are some important differences - the Men were using their Rings, Sauron had the One Ring and was actively trying to bend the other Rings’ owners into his power, and Hobbits are more resistant to the effects of Sauron’s power than are Men. And Gollum, too, would have been totally enthralled to Sauron if Sauron had the One Ring and would have bothered. So we can assume that the Ringwraiths had already fallen entirely under Sauron’s control by the first time he publicly made use of them. By then they probably already resembled the form Frodo saw.

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Kay so hc that percabeth ships riarkle

oh my GOD I like the way you think sir

  • Okay so since Annabeth basically grew up at camp she missed out on a lot of quality tv as a kid
  • Percy is absolute garbage for Boy Meets World
  • Very obsessed
  • Cause you know it’s always on in reruns and whatnot (and he was like 7 when it officially ended), so it was a good escape for him when he was feeling down about bullies at school or Gabe
  • So when he found out Girl Meets World was gonna be a thing he’s like flipping the hell out…until he realized everyone he knows will probably give him some amount of shit for watching it
  • The show becomes his dirty little secret, so to speak lmao
  • That is until the night “Girl Meets Home For The Holidays” aired. He had been pumped up for weeks to see Amy, Alan and Shawn again
  • He forgot he had a date planned with Annabeth and he also apparently forgot his mom gave her a key because she deadass walked in on him crying at the Cory/Shawn reunion hug omfg
  • So after judging him for a solid five minutes- “Percy you are 20 it’s a Disney sitcom about 12 year olds” -she decided fine, she’ll binge watch Girl Meets World to see why it makes him happy
  • So he manages to find all the existing episodes at that time online and they decide to make a night of it
  • So right off the bat she sees the Rucas subway meet and starts groaning because obviously this is gonna be a cliché romance
  • And Percy’s like “Babe no you haven’t watched Boy Meets World trust me it’s gonna be Farkle”
  • “…Farkle is a board game??”
  • “And a main character on this show.”
  • “Who would possibly do that to their child?”
  • But he keeps insisting that this Farkle guy and Riley are gonna fall in love and be the It Couple, but when she officially sees Farkle she is not impressed lmao
  • Like you’ve got the pretty Texas boy and then the tiny nerd with a bowl cut who can’t decide which girl he loves more, to Annabeth this is pretty obvious. But Percy will not drop his stance
  • The show has only been on for 16 episodes and he’s already complete riarkle trash
  • “Okay do you think they’ll actually end up together or do you just want them together?” “BOTH”
  • So as their little marathon goes on Percy’s pointing out all the riarkle subtext/foreshadowing in literally every episode and Annabeth’s like “IT’S A SITCOM IT’S NOT THIS DEEP”
  • So after the horse thing she decides even though it’s cliché and what not, Rucas is pretty adorable
  • Percy’s like “you are not about to start a ship war with me in my own house”
  • So of course she did,
  • After that night Annabeth-well, she won’t openly admit she’s a fan of the show, she’ll act like she’s only watching for Percy, but she actually really likes it
  • So like every time a new episode airs they watch together and stuff
  • And she keeps pointing out the Rucas scenes and Percy’s like “YES I SEE THAT BUT IT’S GONNA BE RILEY AND FARKLE”
  • “Then why even bother bringing Lucas on the show?”
  • “Have you not noticed how flirty Maya is are you not supposed to be the smart one here???”
  • The main problem here is Annabeth, while she enjoys the show, refuses to look past the ‘sitcom’ part and can’t consider it could be a little deeper
  • So when Girl Meets World first season ends and the show goes on hiatus, Percy busts out all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World and is like “You are gonna learn
  • Once she finishes all of Boy Meets World she’s ready to call herself a fan lmao
  • And she does have to admit it made Percy’s arguments for riarkle stronger than she’d originally thought, but…she still felt like rucas was gonna happen
  • That is until season 2 started up and the riarkle just slowly got stronger and stronger
  • And she’s starting to get nervous because as much as she has to admit they’d be cute, she cannot allow Percy the satisfaction of winning this
  • Lmao so they usually ship-banter throughout the episodes but they watched STEM in absolute silence together and when it ended Annabeth just whispered “Damn It” and Percy started cracking up
  • She went home and reevaluated every Riley and Farkle scene I’m not even kidding
  • She officially joins the Riarkle Trash Heap, Percy is so happy
  • They finish season two both cheering Riley and Farkle on and over analyzing every little thing they can
  • Annabeth makes the transition from casual fan to Trash Fan because she really likes how they use books and history and stuff to incorporate the story she finds it so interesting
  • Neither of them give a flying fuck about the Rucaya triangle
  • Annabeth was very annoyed by Girl Meets Legacy but Percy was surprisingly okay with how it turned out because he was kinda expecting it
  • They’re currently in New Rome and if you think these losers don’t occasionally sneak out to try and make it to a season 3 episode taping, you are sorely mistaken omg
  • They’ve gotten into like 3 so far
  • They’re still very much sure riarkle is endgame and are willing to fight people on it
  • Which they have
  • Because Frank Zhang ships Farkle and Smackle FRANK COME ON MAN
  • Percabeth shipping riarkle omfg I wish I could do better for this thanks for having this idea anon 😂

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How is horse riding "not vegan"? Also, why is it inhumane? Like nobody eats their horse and alot of horse riders genuinely care about their partners.

There are a lot of great explanations of how horseback riding isn’t vegan if you want to scroll through fightingforanimals‘s tag about it.

I would highly recommend watching these two videos Is Horse Riding Cruel? and Horse Riding Cruelty: Effects of the Bit.

Bite Sized Vegan perfectly sums up my thoughts on the matter, “Veganism, in general, is about opposing the use of animals for our own personal gains in any form whatsoever.  If we look at horseback riding, it’s evident that horses do not need to be ridden.  They seem to do very well for themselves in the wild without one of us atop them.  Horseback riding solely benefits the rider and is thus a form of using animals for entertainment.”

The issues of riding horse are issues of animal entertainment and what not. Eating horse meat is a completely different issue. As I wrote in a previous post, “I do not support horseback riding. It’s not vegan or humane. Horses have no say in the matter and are being used for their bodies/strength. I also have an issue with the fact that you have to “break” a horse in order to even train it. All this aside, the methods and equipment used to train and ride horses is inhumane.“ If you are familiar with horseback riding, you should be familiar with the equipment and methods used to train horses. If you are unfamiliar, you can follow the above links to learn how harmful and painful these devices are on a horses body.

At the end of the day, no matter how nice you are to a horse they can never give consent. That horse will never have a say or any power in that relationship. I’m sure that some equestrians genuinely care about their horse just like they genuinely care about their other possessions. The thing is though, horses aren’t possessions. They aren’t objects. They aren’t things. They are sentient beings. If a vegan was or is lucky enough to care for one of these beautiful creatures it will be because that horse is our companion who we wish to provide for and not because we have ulterior motives that only benefit ourselves.

I hope this helps explain horseback riding from a vegan perspective. If you are still confused on the ethics of veganism, feel free to ask more questions. I’m always happy to help<3