that hipster shit

Looking... away so I don't cry.

*kind of a spoiler if you haven’t watched*

I liked the way the movie ended but I kinda hope they could do some sort of comedy spin-off of the Portlandia episode where Fred moved to Austin- and Richie would see that people do mainly ask for “fades and hipster shit” there, too.

It’s a wild FlowerMark!!!!! Happy thing to draw while hanging around at my de-er’s. 

Also I did a speedpaint for this thing! It’s a small one, no actual sketching in the video since I’m still not good at controlling the time limit, and edited with primitive tools, and the thumbnail is shit, and the music doesn’t fit at all, but I use it anyway because I love Gen Hoshino so much. It’s weird the way you burn your first toast, but I did it so it’s gonna be here and ya’ll can’t say shit bout it. That was uncalled for. Sorry. 

Anyway here is that speedpaint: 


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