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GOOD LORD YOUR TAGS ON THE OVERSHARING VIA BOND POST. "ARE YOU JEALOUS ~MASTER~" *HE SAYS PINNING OBI AGAINST A WALL* MY GOSH THE IMAGE I would like to formally request a tumblr one shot obikin/obianidala about that on your prompt list for if/when you want to write but need a break from your wonderful glorious stories that I also adore

I’ll have to dig around to like the post this was in reference to, but here you are ‘nonnie! In summary: it was about Obi-Wan feeling it every time Anakin & Padme have sex & getting frustrated about it.


Rating: E

Pairings: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala

Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, That’s Not How the Force Works, Porn Without Plot, Polyamory

~2500 Words

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It’s just a small little memento that helps him sleep at night

Or to look at whenever he feels upset over something, either or

A Piece of Home:

Where It Started

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

A/N: So really this is more like Part 8.5 because I haven’t posted anything with this in a while. It’s going to be shorter because it takes place during the ride to Starkiller Base, but before they land. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless ^_^ (Finn is such a good listener :3 )

Warnings: None

Saalia walked to the back of the Millennium Falcon once Han had gotten her up. She took a seat in front of a board-looking thing. The politician unlatched her electro-whip and held it in her hands, her thumb smoothing over the hilt. Though she wanted to focus on the battle to come, her mind had other plans. They weren’t entirely off topic, but her thoughts remained with a small bit of the larger plan.

“What’s that?” a voice asked, interrupting her thoughts.

Saalia glanced up to see Finn. She offered him a smile as he joined her at the table.

“It’s my electro-whip,” she explained it, “I never had an inclination for blasters.”
Finn smirked. “Unfortunately, that’s all I was trained in.”
“I could teach you, sometime. If you’d like,” she offered.
He shook his head. “I’m sure I’d wrap myself in circles.”

Saalia smirked before rolling her eyes. Her violet gaze returned to the hilt. She bit her lip as she felt a bit of anxiety surface into words.

“I hate the waiting,” she muttered.
Finn nodded. “Me too,” he paused, thinking of a way to distract her, “How do you know Poe?”

To the ex-stormtrooper’s surprise, Saalia smiled softly. She laughed to herself. Other than the mission, the only thing they had in common was knowing Poe. Of course he could bring it up. He was probably feeling just as anxious and wanting to distract himself. She met his gaze.

“We actually grew up next to each other,” she told him, “on Yavin 4.”
He smiled. “So you two are close?”
She shook her head. “We actually didn’t properly meet until years later. Poe had just joined the Starfleet and was stationed where I was training as a politician.”
Finn knit his brows. “They were that close together?”
“Same building actually,” she chuckled in agreement, “The idea was to meet a range of people and work on social skills.”
“That sounds…completely boring.”
Saalia smirked. “Being a politician is boring. But, I had a better transition to the area because Yenn had been accepted to the Starfleet as well.” She chuckled. “Yenn was so excited to be a pilot. He idolized Shara Bey, the Rebel pilot. Needless to say, when he met her son, he couldn’t wait to tell me. Dragged the poor guy all the way to the Senate side.”
Finn smirked. “Poe?”
She nodded. “Yeah. He introduced Poe as his new best friend.” The woman chuckled. “I joked around saying how I meant nothing to him anymore, but he was quick to call me his sister–an even higher honor, he insisted.”
“Were you two siblings?”
“No. But, he had practically been my brother,” she paused as her expression fell slightly. Her hand gripped her necklace. “Anyway, the three of us started to hang out when we could. Watching holovids, making dinner, and what not. The one night Yenn couldn’t make it, Poe said he was taking me on a date.”

Finn smiled as she dramatically rolled her eyes. He wanted to ask some more questions, but he felt she wasn’t finished.

“Initially, I said no. But, Poe was persistent. It got to the point where he was shameless, asking me on dates when there were crowds around. Always polite about it, but bold. My dad even encouraged me to go on at least one date.”
Finn arched a brow. “Did you?”
She nodded. “Yeah. He got clearance to take me in a transporter to another planet. It reminded me a lot of home, but there was a lot more blue. After that, we started dating. I remember telling Yenn, and he just picked me up and started chanting about how he won the bet.”

The young woman fell silent once again. Her eyes lingered on a random space of air just to the right of where Finn’s face was. He was watching her, hesitant, but wanting to say the words on his lips.

“You loved him: Poe.”
Saalia nodded, sighing as well. “We never said it, but yeah. I suppose I did.”
“…What happened?”
She felt a lump rise in her throat. “Yenn died on a mission Poe was leading. I…I blamed him.”
Finn let another beat pass. “Do you still?”
Her answer came in a quiet rasp. “No.”

Finn reached across the table and gave her hand a squeeze. She gave him an appreciative smile before wiping her face of tears. After she got a handle of herself, and with Yenn in mind, she gave Finn’s hand a squeeze.

“We’ll find your friend,” she encouraged, “We’re getting her back.”

The two fell back into a bit of a resilient silence. Their resolves harden the closer they got to Starkiller. It wasn’t much longer until Han came to grab the pair to get to the cockpit.

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I can’t have an Exigent of Porcelain Goddess since super ceramic sounds way too silly. Plus she already has that demon-blooded apprentice.

A Porcelain daiklaive is okay though :)

There should be a high-end supermode Evocation where each of the “wheel” in the blade’s hilt start to spin and the porcelain patterns begin to move independent to your sword movements, it kinda looks like the sword’s flat is a portal to another dimension and stuff.

I should probably put a glass coating on the hilt though, holding something spinning with your bare-hand is a recipe for disaster, not to mention that each of those wheel spins in the opposite direction :p

Also, sword scabbard, I don’t think I have ever seen one of those thing for any canon daiklaive ever. Do people just hang their Artifact weapon on their back or something ? @_@

For birthday girl, mistralisoul

Holy fucking shit this took me whole day today. Maybe I haven’t lineart’d for so long, so it takes me a lot of time and energy. Anyways, yes, happy birthday you little shit. You thought I’d forget? Naaaah.

–Hnnngh, I think I fall in love with his swords though. Freaking hilt was a pain to do. Oh well. I’ll host a stream over weekend to color it, ye? Yeeee.

Strange Magic Week: Role Reversal (Butterfly Bog)

AKA I know I’m a week late, but I don’t think either you or I really care.

This is a disjointed collection retelling bits of the movie, only with Prince Boggart of the Light Fields and Queen Marianne of the Dark Forest.

“Really? This is how you react to a near death experience?”

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Chapter 443 Review

I liked this chapter a lot lol! 

First of all, so good to see Team B starting us off. Yeah, it was fanservicey, but there was Gajeel butt, so it was catering to girls, too hee (Ichiya counts as fanservice for NO ONE). Plus, so much fun! Juvia’s interactions with Levy were funny. We never see them interact. Juvia was annoyed at being tricked, and then amused by Levy’s “punishment,” which I agree with Cana, was probably not such a bad thing at all lol. And the couples continue to be reinforced with “boob contact.” ^-^  Although poor Gajeel with bare Ichiya butt to the face ugh. ^^’ 

And then, of course Juvia wanted the same kind of “happy accident” that happened with Gajeel and Levy to happen between her and Gray, too (and LMAO at her imaginary dialogue!). Is it a coincidence that Mashima then cuts right to Gray’s shocked face? I don’t think so lol! His expression was as if he could hear her plotting such a situation haha. ^-^

It also makes me wonder if Juvia had any other accidents around Gray while they were living together. I mean, she “accidentally” dropped her towel, after all. ^^’’’’’

Also, SO SURPRISING that Laxus and co. are in Blue Pegasus! Last place I ever thought they would go. My money was on Mira and Lisanna being there before FT regrouped. I wonder why they chose that guild of all places? I hope they meet up with them again soon. 

And now for Brandish. It seems like she can distort objects/people (enlarge or shrink them, maybe), since she obviously messed around with the size/shape of the island, but she also made that lackey of hers disappear/killed him. Although I think it’s interesting that she didn’t bother fighting and/or capturing Team Natsu. Was it as Erza said, and she thought they were beneath her? Or is there some other reason, considering she bothered to tell them that Makarov was alive, and warned them to stay away for all of their sakes, basically. She’s clearly being hyped to the hilt, though, what with Gray saying she’s even more powerful than Makarov. 

Also, Natsu’s ARM! What the heck is going on under that bandage? END stuff? Dragon stuff? Good to know it’s not just a Gildarts-inspired fashion choice, though, and is really relevant. Gray noticed Natsu gripping it, so I wonder if he’ll ask him about it. I hope so.

Anyway, really fun/interesting chapter. Probably my favorite so far in this arc. I hope things keep up like this.

About Time

Michael Clifford Oneshot

Requested by: Anonymous

Notes: I am so so sorry that this is late Anon! I was out of the country working for the past couple months and had no time. I’m really sorry and hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: Smut


                “Hemmings, you suck!” Mikey yelled angrily into the headset as his eyes narrowed at the screen. He and Luke had been playing on a team for one of their games for the past hour. All the help Luke had given was being easy target practice for their opponents. I felt bad for the younger, seeing as he hadn’t had much experience with this game, but I was also getting bored out of my mind. Every night for the past two weeks had been the same. I would come over, hoping that Michael would finally be alone so I could talk to him, and I would find him ragging on the poor boy for sucking horribly.

                Three months ago, Michael sat me down and told me he wanted to go all the way with me. I had been scared and self-conscious at the time, and told him now. Three months later, I worked hard to get in shape, and had been secretly practicing for him at night, working up certain muscles so I could impress him. Now that I was ready, he was busy. This was it though, my core throbbed with the thought of him, and I could feel myself getting wet as I watched him get angry and take hard control of the situation.

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Sam stealing Heartsbane in the last episode got me thinking about Valyrian weapons. The Chekhovs guns of Westoros. The only forged weapons that can destroy white walkers (along with rough cut obsidian, but it seems like theres not that much of that either, or its fashioned into arrow heads like the bits of it sam found beyond the wall. Good on ya Sam)

So, each Valyrian steel weapon is pretty important, in universe, and in the sense that they’ll most likely be an important plot point too. Obviously one of the stories top hero’s, Jon, has Longclaw, and true enough he kills a white walker in the show. Now Sam has a Valyrian steel sword in the show too. Now Im not saying we’re going to get back to back slow motion camera buddy cop style Jon and Sam taking on the white walkers will happen, but I’m not not saying it could happen either.

So we have Jon, Sam, Brienne with one half of the melted down Ice, given to her by Jamie, and Joffrey had his lame named ‘widows wail’ but I guess that might be Tommen’s now by inheritance? Or if Tommen dies, there’s at least one Chekhovs gun sword hanging around kings landing for someone to claim (crosses fingers cmon lady olenna) and there are others here and there, but then im getting my book and show canon mixed up, because I know Lyn Corbray has one at least, and there are ‘lost’ Valyrian swords in oceans and such. Theres a list on a wikia of the ones listed in the books.

BUT THEN. on that list is Petyr Baelish (because of course this shit post slash meta is about sleazy pete) and his Valyrian steel dagger.

Now, theres a rumour that GRRM has said that he regrets naming Baelish’s dagger as Valyrian steel (I say rumour because i cant find the receipts but if anyone can find a quote on it, that would be gr8) because this was before he decided that Valyrian steel was going to be more ~special~. That fits with the fact that LF then bets the super special rare expensive blade in a tourney and loses it to Tyrion like its no big deal. 

Anyway. Even if it is a mistake, its been made. The dagger is involved in the bran assassination plot and ends up back in kings landing as the clue that it is, both in the show and the books.

“That’s a handsome knife as well.”

“Is it?” There was mischief in Littlefinger’s eyes. He drew the knife and glanced at it casually, as if he had never seen it before. “Valyrian steel, and a dragonbone hilt. A trifle plain, though. It’s yours, if you would like it.”

This is where Ned takes the dagger from Baelish, but then in the scene in the throne room

As his men died around him, Littlefinger slid Ned’s dagger from its sheath and shoved it up under his chin. His smile was apologetic. “I did warn you not to trust me, you know.”

And further on in the book theres more references to Petyr and his dagger, proving he still has it.

Petyr cut a pomegranate in two with his dagger, offering half to Sansa. 

Now its not completely unexplainable that he would have a Valyrian steel dagger, even though he’s of low birth and most Valyrian steel weapons we see in Westoros are ancestral hand me downs from the noblest of houses. In one of the Greyjoy chapters, Euron comes back with a lot of loot to share about, and theres mention of daggers being passed out like they’re party favours. So I’d say they’re probably still valuable, but not so much as carefully forged swords. So a rich and shady man like Baelish could theoretically get his hands on one.

So I’m not saying that Petyr Baelish is going to face off one to one with a white walker with his Valyrian steel dagger, but I’m not not saying it could happen either.

TLDR: Baelish vs walkers confirmed

Opening Salvos for the Fifth

@sanerontheinside says:  also had this other thing for the Sass and Murder Qui-Gon Lives AU. Also for reasons. 

lily: You just can’t leave any of my lines alone, can you?  You have to change anything I wrote.

saner:  Yeah well now we have Maul dying in 20 lines instead of 5.

So yeah.  @norcumi, this was the part that was supposed to come first except saner got overzealous and I got (mildly) concussed so it’s getting posted now.  This is the “Qui-Gon lives” part of the Qui-Gon Lives AU.

Here you go:  Revenge of the Fifth post–since we can’t let the Sith have their day ALL to themselves.  *fake-ass innocent looks all around*  Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone?  *goes off to continue being concussed*

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British Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer’s Sword

An early-Victorian pre-numbered Wilkinson infantry officer’s sword. This sword dates between 1845-1854 and it has been service sharpened - this places it right in the middle of some very interesting campaigns, such as the Crimean War. The slightly longer than average blade (33 inches) is in great overall condition, with mostly bright high polish remaining and just a few areas of staining from rust and localised light pitting, which have been cleaned and stabilised (and could be cleaned further). The blade is solid in the hilt, though there is a very tiny amount of lateral movement to the guard (not really noticeable - the sword is essentially solid). The hilt is in equally good condition, with everything as it should be and patina as expected for 150 year old brass. The scabbard is still present and in one piece, though the leather is very dry and has a hole in one part (see photos), though many leather scabbards of this type and age simply don’t survive at all, so this is still good going! A really nice early Wilkinson infantry officer’s sword in good condition, still quite sharp and therefore almost certainly saw some interesting service.