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I just love how Yuuri is a fusion of Tatsuki and Daisuke. Somehow I think this could have been the intended plan for a quite a while before the project got off the ground. And then Yamamoto/Kubo realized they had to make Yuzu part of it as well, because of his meteoric rise and popularity, so they threw in bits and pieces as references to him and distributed them onto several characters. At least this is how it seems to me. I might be completely wrong though. XD

Anon you’re very close to the truth. I think I got it all figured out. Yuri on Ice is basically Kubo’s Tatsuki Machida x Daisuke Takahashi AU fic. And allow me to explain how. 

They masked the whole story by making Yuuri look up to a Russian skater Victor thus making people think of Yuzuru Hanyu and Evgeni Plushenko. BUT Yuzuru just looked up to Plushenko and they probably hugged twice and that’s it. Plushenko is only a small part of Victor. 

In the anime Yuuri is very obviously attracted to Victor and then falls in love with him and Victor returns his feelings. This is where Kubo (with the help of Kenji Miyamoto I bet) wrote her AU Machida x Takahashi fic. Here’s why:

  • Tatsuki looked up to Daisuke ever since he was super young and star struck (gifset
  • Although Tatsuki was living in Hiroshima he traveled to Kurashiki just to go to the same high school / rink as Daisuke
  • After he graduated high school he moved to Osaka and went to the same university / skating club as Daisuke (Kansai)
  • When he was 15 he was interviewed cheering 19 year old Daisuke at the 2006 Olympics; at the 2014 Olympics they competed together (gifset)
  • They gradually got closer and became good friends and shared a room during the Sochi Olympics where they had McDonald’s picnic in bed, danced together and who knows what else (I’m not making this up, they talked about it)
  • After Sochi, Tatsuki choreographed and skated a program called Je Te Veux which was rumored to be dedicated to Daisuke. See the program here
  • They were cute together see pics: A, B, C, D, E
  • When Daisuke retired Tatsuki wrote a longass letter to him in which he said he was devastated by his departure from competitive skating and that he wished more opportunities for them to appear together in ice shows would appear (but they only reunited in October this year) 
  • The theme of Tatsuki’s last short program set to Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra was “tragic love” and he said it was inspired by his personal experiences 
  • When Tatsuki retired Daisuke said he was very shocked and he still thinks he had a lot more to offer 
  • Daisuke made a surprise appearance (arranged by Tatsuki’s coach) at Tatsuki’s farewell party at his rink and held a speech
  • Look how happy Tatsuki was about the surprise: A. B

Does it sound/look familiar? I’ll leave it up to you guys. Just know that Kenji Miyamoto is one of Daisuke’s best friends. 

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Why do you ship markbam? I don't really feel them. They are like father/son to me.

first of all i am allxbambam shipper so i ship bambam with everything that has a pulse (and that does not have a pulse XD. i ship him with his cute flower headban thingy even lol)

father/son? ahahahahaha. i really think it is to each their own haha. i can ship them as anything.. a couple, brothers, father/son (as you call them lol..)

because at the end i don’t expect them to end up together anyway.. i don’t really mind people calling them rare couple or father/son thingy. i like them in any shape or form as long as mark keeps taking good care of bambam lol (my bambam bias is showing) 

and markbam has their moments. it is just not a right in front of your face moments… i mean markbam shippers have ‘only we know’ as their slogan for a reason…

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Lotto MV Breakdown and a Pinch of Theory!

I thought this could be fun to do, and a lot of people have still so many questions so i decided to give it a try. I will try to comment the scenes but they are just my interpretations. Anyways, let’s begin.

The MV starts with the girl running away from something, so far we don’t know what it is. But I won’t talk about this now, we will come to the girl later.

Then we see Suho first, then the camera pans out and we see the rest of the boys. So this scene is a bit weird. Suho cracks his neck, Sehun gets up, Xiumin and Baekhyun looks like they are getting ready for something too.  In front of Suho, we have Kyungsoo, Chen and Lay, and this is where the scene gets weird. Lay’s one hand looks like he is holding something in, but with the other one he joins Chen, and the gesture they are doing looks like they are either typing something or playing piano. And Kyungsoo reaches out for their hands, and it looks like he is taking something while Suho grabs his other hand, it looks like a hand shake and Sehun looks interested in whatever they are doing. On the right side of the screen we have Chanyeol. He is alone, no one’s interacting with him, however his hand gestures are like he is calling someone outside of the screen, motioning them to come over? Yeah weird. 

Edit: My Anonnie just clarified here. So as in their words “That’s just them recreating like a gambling machine of sorts! lay’s arm is the lever, chen’s hands are supposed to imitate the money being dispensed!”

gif by fyxiubaek (it is still not too clear so anyone wants to analyze this scene, watch it in slow motion!)

After that we have a cockfighting scene, it is like a preview for the night that’s coming. So the doors are opening, and we see Kyungsoo, he looks like he is welcoming people in. And after that we have the money throwing dance part. They make the money throwing motion, and then what they do feels like a ‘FIGHTING!’ pose to me. Still i get the vibes that they are getting ready for some kinda operation they planned.

Then we see the cockfighting ring again, this time we see people with masks throwing their money, betting. Baekhyun is in the front, he is holding a glass of wine. Then we see the gambling table, Kai acting a bit crazy, kinda hyped up, showing the cash he is holding to the masked people who look like they are not really interested and kinda bored, and he throws all the money he is holding on to the table. A wolf scene, it is running, chasing the girl (Again i will talk about this later.) Then Kai sitting down throwing his legs up, as if he did his job well, and now it is time for him to relax. (this gifset)

Then we see Kyungsoo, with his creepily joyful expression, he isn’t really watching the cockfighting, instead he looks like he is enjoying the whole thing going on. Then we go back to the gambling table, and see Kai throwing the dices. So up until now, it is like Kai, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun are leading people to the event, encouraging them to participate. Does it make sense? Yeah? No?

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