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"games like classic Traveller, in which it’s actually possible to die during character creation!" tell me more

(With reference to this post here.)

Sure thing. In a nutshell, after rolling up your attributes (everything in Traveller is randomly generated), your character starts out as an 18-year-old with no skills or resources to speak of, and you have to pick a career path. Early versions of the game assumed that all player characters would be military veterans, so various types of military service were the only options available, while later iterations add post-secondary education, civilian career paths, and even being a “wanderer” (read: space pirate).

Your character’s life is then divided into four-year terms, and you play each term out as a simple minigame to determine what you learned, what you experienced - and yes, whether you survived. As you can imagine, there are lots of random tables. In the earliest versions of the game, blowing your survival roll simply means that your character is dead, so there’s a tension between staying in longer in order to gain more skills, and the risk of blowing a roll and having to start over. Later versions of the game offer a variety of potential consequences for failing a survival roll, including scandal, imprisonment, or simply being horribly maimed.

Here - I’ll walk us through a basic example right now. For reference, I’m using the second Mongoose Publishing edition of the game (there are several) - you can find a bit of prior discussion on that subject here.

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Progress Report! 04/01/17

Golden Minute is a side-scrolling farming simulator with an Active Time Battle system–customize your equipment and skills to plant and harvest tough, all-season toddlers.

Take on the role of Mr. Shutter Shades, a burnt-out professor who leaves his untenured position in the university for a more secure and lucrative career in gardening for a preschool. But kindergarten is a dangerous place, and the toddlers are easily swept up by foul weather and feral beasts. 

Who would have known raising other people’s children could be so difficult? (Nearly everyone, probably, especially those who don’t make a habit of useless eyewear.)

Pick your toddler of choice!

Sol – Likes singing and praying before meals. Not very effective, but lightweight and cheap to train. 

Rui – Best at handling soccer balls. Tends to get distracted by anything that moves. Possesses inaccurate ranged attacks. 

Nagi – The smartest and most versatile. Carrier unit that summons pets and servants. 

Kouya – Strongest on the playground, but takes way-too-long naps. Heavy infantry with strong melee attacks. 

Don’t miss the up-and-coming minigame, hitting shelves really soon!


Orchids In The Moonlight by Rodin
Moonlight, Twilight, Dawn and Sea.

A Magnum Opus from the master demonsmith Rodin. Four semi-automatic high-velocity hand cannons capable of tearing Angels and Demons alike to shreds just with a few shots. Their hefty yet regal appearance pack an extra heavy punch to melee attacks. Although very powerful, their rate of fire is not out of the ordinary. However, these guns can store titanic amounts of energy to be released under the form of hyper-powered charged shots.

Crafted under a comission for Lothar, these orchid-hued guns are an elegant addition to the Umbra Witch’s arsenal, all the while fitting his newfound style perfectly. 

All in all, it is a brutish, opulent quartet of pistols for any Witch looking to expand their magical power even further, along with hitting harder than ever before.

Lothar’s Bayo 2 guns! Here’s his new design

These actually took me… Not that long, maybe about two days. I figured I could go for Desert Eagles once more, a little nod back to the very first version of Star-Crossed Lovers (back then dubbed Capulet, here they are). 

Dreadfang - Destiny

“Kingly Brother, I thank you for the gift of your failure. The sword logic demands a pinnacle”

The newest sword added in the April update to Destiny, and a definite contender against the other legendary heavy melees. This sword was built over the course of a few days by hand out of five layers of ¼ plywood, then painted with black and white spray paint, and sky blue and teal acrylics to give it its signature Taken look.

If you are interested in making your own just send me a message and I can give you the templates I put together for this project.

Ramiel The Son of The Overlord and The IronMongers

Height : 6ft11 Eye colour : naturally brown (will probably be modded Hair colour : Black Hair style : long with a fringe. Build: Tall and muscular. Combat style Varies between heavy weaponry , melee and rifles. Personality: Aggressive, psychotic, charismatic and fierce Allies : Raelynn ( twin sister) Rellayne ( Mother) Adriel (Father- Deceased)

He adores his mother and sister so if you threaten his family he will make you suffer slowly, his relationship with his sister is along the lines of him telling her not to do something stupid

Gang name : The IronMongers
The ironmongers will be based on the brotherhood of steel since they have an interest in power armour and pre-war technology, mainly weapons of mass destruction though they will be a lot more violent and blood thirsty than most raider gangs , they would have a giant arena for killing settlers,any wasteland creatures and gang members who thinks they know better than the boss.

The initial goal of the gang is to collect power armour ,modify it and burn down settlements to claim them as an outposts to operate from along with forcing settlements to supply to them of course, a ranking system starting from Raider, Raider survivalist ,Raider Marauder, Raider Vanguard and Raider OverLord.

This ranking system is also reflected on the power armour the raiders wear:

Raider- Generic raider power armour

Raider Survivalist - Raiderfied T45

Raider Marauder - Raiderfied T51

Raider Vanguard - Raiderfied T60

Raider Overlord - Raiderfied X01

This gang was originally in early development by Adriel as somewhat of a side project, sadly after his death the gang broke apart Ramiel’s initial goal is to finish what his Father started, he aspires to make both his parents proud.

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top 5 naruto ladies and why

all of them and bc they deserved better than kishimoto

uuuh for real
1- Mei Terumi: 2 kekkei genkais across 4 chakra natures, the most we see any character use without a rinnegan or sharingan
2- Hinata: the byakugan is tight, lion fists is tight, and also i love her
3- Tenten: her role as long range support was criminally undervalued by team gai’s extremely melee heavy setup and she was able to use two artifacts that drained so much chakra only the silver and gold twins could use them and only because they’d stolen some of kuramas chakra
3- Sakura: she punch real good and is also an extremely skilled medical nin despite coming from a non ninja family
4- Ino: she loves her wife sakura and the mind control but is really neat, again a very underutilized character
5- That one female uchiha clan member we see in a flashback for two and a half seconds but she has a really tight mangekyo sharingan design

Im sorry but I love Reinhardt.
  • For his Dialogue:
  • Mercy: “When are you going to pack it in, Reinhardt? You’re not getting any younger.”
  • Reinhardt: “I will fight until my dying breath.”
  • His Highlight poses:
  • His Default Screen
  • His amazing durability, personal and his gargantuan shield.
  • His heavy hitting melee attacks
  • His charge that can kill everyone except other tanks or shielded/armoured heroes.
  • His no surrender attitude and over all artistic style.

I love Reinhardt

so yknow like
in video games
there’s boss enemies who can teleport
ones with high hp and heavy hitting melee attacks
ones who summon other enemies to fight for them
ones who shoot a variety of magical attacks from a distance
ones who can inflict status effects

in dark souls 2 they decided to make all of that a single boss, named Elana, the Squalid Queen
and it also summons another boss at will
whenever it wants
so long as he’s not currently alive he can be summoned again
she doesn’t back down while he’s alive, if anything she gets more aggressive
it is a nightmare

fromsoft, please fire everyone directly involved with dark souls 2


“They’ll fight and fight and fight and they’ll give everything to the point of exhaustion- that’s what makes a winner.”


Favourite ME3 Multiplayer Classes - 1/3
N7 Paladin
- Sentinel / Human / Rare

“The Paladin carries a powerful omni-shield onto the battlefield to block enemy fire. They also use the shield as a heavy-melee weapon that, when modified with incendiary or cryo upgrades, creates a devastating combination attack.”

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things you said when you were scared

[Things You Said Meme]

The heat was unbearable, clawing against skin and sizzling the very moisture from his eyes. Gladio was off to his left, raining heavy melee punishment down upon the Infernian, and Iggy’s’ ranged attacks flew in from his right, and…

… and then there was Noct. As if he’d never been gone - as if this were just any old fight - and suddenly Prompto was afraid.

“Uh… Noct…” The words spilled awkwardly from his throat before he’d had time to dam them and he half hoped the roar of flame had drowned them out. But when had things ever just been that easy?

Noct heard, and he answered. A simple “Huh?” and the past ten years flashed before Prompto’s eyes like the visions of a dying man. He’d heard somewhere that that was the mind’s way of searching for something – something relevant – something from the past that might help. He had no idea what, though. In this instance, all he had was a mess of emotions and a knot in his gut that he didn’t think he could ever untie.

He could pluck at threads, then. Drain out the excess until only the obvious and the stark remained. Noct was waiting for an answer and they didn’t have a whole bunch of time.

I missed you.

I hate that you left.

I hate that you have to leave again.

We just got you back.

I never stopped waiting for you.

You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

… I love you.

“I… uh…” He paused, then doubled down. No. This wasn’t about him. It never had been. “… nevermind.”

The soft chuckle caught him off guard – almost too quiet to discern under the crash of falling rubble and Gladio’s deep, rumbling cry. He turned and Noct smiled, and… maybe that’s all he needed.

If you say so.”

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Team six, what would you say your specialties are? (Things like taijutsu, weapons, assassination, etc.)

Kakashi: Ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, doujutsu…

Raidou: Taijutsu, natch. Close combat, battlefield tactics, heavy support, melee fighting. I make a mean breakfast, too.

Kakashi: …fuuinjutsu, kenjustu, summoning, tracking, infiltration…  

Ryouma: Ninjutsu, with taijutsu a strong second. I’m competent in genjutsu, but it’s less fun for more chakra. Decent with kenjutsu. I’m a combat powerhouse, not a stealthy assassin, but I can sneak all right when I need.

Kakashi: …assassination, traps, weaponry, research…

Genma: Ninjutsu, seals, ranged attacks, throwing weapons, infiltration, sabotage, poisons. I’m Tousaki’s opposite: stealthy assassin, not a combat powerhouse. I’m decent with medical jutsu, too, up to a point, but I guess that falls under ninjutsu.

Kakashi: … close combat, ranged combat, theft, political espionage…

Raidou: Shut up, Hatake.

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I have a question & I apologize if it has been answered before but-- I am writing a medieval/fantasy novel & my MC is a very hard working farm girl who ends up getting into a quest that will need her to use some kind of force/weaponry. I don't want to do the clichéd "very natural with no training with a sword/bow" but I need her to be decent with some kind of weapon. I am thinking an axe would be the most realistic for her past, or possibly a flail/mace. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’d give her three weapons: one ranged, two close combat. I’m basing my choices below on her background and I’ll explain why.




These three cover your basic necessities while giving you the ability to branch out over the course of the story. Let me explain each in detail:

The Sling - the sling is the weapon of the farm child, one children still use to defend their flock from attackers both animal and human. It’s a great weapon, easy to maintain and use with ammunition everywhere with the potential for deadly accuracy.

Like the sword, the sling comes with it’s own thematic history when found literature as it was the weapon of choice for David when he fought and killed Goliath. It is a literary flashcard that this person is an underdog meant for great things.

Yes, it’s the weapon of the child but your character starts the story young. This is their coming of age. Besides that, it’s a great weapon and one you don’t have to worry too much about when it comes to logistics. The only downside is that its themes indicate someone who is intelligent, canny, and cunning, who performs the unexpected, and breaks the conventional rules to change to odds to their favor. (It also takes way less time to set up than the bow.)

The Staff - the staff is a basic, easy to use weapon that has an advantage over the sword in terms of reach and provides the base for training in more advanced polearms like the spear or the halberd. The learning curve is quick, it’s easy to practice, and it’s the weapon of the wizard/traveler.

If your character is going on a journey, she needs a walking stick. A walking stick that stealthily transitions into a beat down stick. She’s not professionally trained so taking on a city guard or knight early in the story is going to be a last resort, but she couldn’t have done that with an axe or a flail/mace anyway. If asked by the local city guard or lord, she has a convenient justification for carrying it and given that she is a peasant this is probably a good thing.

The Dagger - the dagger covers basic hand to hand, if she can’t get to the staff or the sling, then she can fall back to this. The dagger will give her the advantage in an unarmed/unarmored fight which she needs because she doesn’t know how. She may need someone to teach her how to hold it and strike with it, but it’s another weapon that is very easy to learn the basics of.

Other suggestions: a club, a cudgel, or a hand axe (like a hatchet)

On the mace/flail/morningstar: these are weapons meant for armored melee, specifically against enemies in plate. They won’t do your character a lot of good if you’re not planning on having her go after guys in mass melee wearing heavy plate. Since she hasn’t been trained to use it or fight them anyway, I’d suggest avoiding it.

Between the three, she has better odds than if you give her just the one. Also, the one weapon concept is really, really stupid. She’s going to face a variety of challenges over the course of her journey and there is no one weapon fits all. Different tools for different challenges. This is necessary to understand if you ever want to break out into more specialized weaponry because it’s important to remember that a highly specialized weapon only has an advantage under a very specific set of circumstances and combat variables. Any of the above weapons (ignoring the flail, the mace, and the morningstar) are weapons that would be ones she’s grown up with and make sense given her background.

There are some important things to remember: The weapons I’ve suggested won’t help her when it comes time to take on a professional warrior a la a knight but given your character’s background there’s no real helping that anyway. The axe won’t help her either. They will help with encountering bandits on the road during her travels and defending herself in tavern brawls, weapons that will provide her with the opportunity to fend someone off and give her time to adjust to her new surroundings. Some weapons like the sling are preemptive and can be used dangerously when at range to take out men in armor if they’re not wearing helmets. It won’t help her if they see her and catch her.

Combat is about skill and experience than it is about any physical qualities. Not all weapons are created equal and it’s best not to underestimate the training of the enemies she will be facing. It’s best to remember that these guys are dangerous to her and direct force like taking on a whole garrison full of guards to get to one single target may not be the wisest choice. (Is it ever?) Despite their lack of experience, your character has a unique perspective to apply when solving situations. Let them live in that place. Little John wasn’t a super fighter but he still managed to dump Robin Hood in a river.

A hero is made a hero by their brains, not their brawn. By understanding their limitations, you’ll be better able to work out how they might uniquely solve their problems. Fighting a better equipped enemy on the enemy’s terms is not cowardice, it’s stupid. Your character will never be able to “catch up” to other characters that have been training to become warriors since childhood, just like how during the Star Wars Original Trilogy Luke never really became Vader’s equal in martial skill. He matches him in other more important qualities and those qualities are what cement him as a hero.


I’m sending this WHILE we play. I took a step aside and I’m not participating in the fight.
  • So, my DM had an awesome battle planned. A whole gang, -forced- to fight against us ‘cause they have poison-trigger collars. I’m the executive, not a fighter, I’m mostly the boss of my group… heavy fighters and tech-people. The enemy boss? Heavy weapons, big muscular, melee fighter.
  • We open the final door… and my first movement? I throw a knife at the boss.
  • DM: He has a high damage reduction, the knife won’t harm him…”
  • Me: Oh, I’m not aiming at him.
  • Me: I’m aiming at the collar.
  • Single point of damage on the collar, it triggered, the poison killed the boss… so my group can take care of the rest.
How's about a Group Build, y'all!?

Hey, Tumblr Gunpla people and non-people! 

So, I’ve been talking with some guys and came up with the idea for a group build for anyone who might be interested. 

The idea is to build your own squad out of mass produced units. No Gundams and no named character units are allowed, but I suppose parts from them would be allowed? I mean, I see no problem with that, do you? Your squad also has to be somewhere between 3-5 units and must be customized and painted in your own colors. 

Now, as far as customization goes, go wild. Go all out guys and gals and whatever else you all call yourselves. If you want, you can give each unit in your squad a specific role such as Commander, Sniper, Heavy, Scout/Recon, Melee, Bombadier, etc. Those are just some ideas for you to think bout or ignore. 

And, hm, maybe you should also name your squad, too? Eh, let’s leave that as an optional thing as well.

Lastly, this group build will last about a year. I figure since it’s such a big thing a year will give everyone more than enough time to finish their current projects and buy alll the stuff they need for this one and all that jazz. So no sweat bros and broettes! Ya got plenty of time. 

I think that’s about it, really. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

P.S. Let’s come up with a specific tag we can use for this, eh?

EDIT TO ADD: I forgot to mention something!(I knew this would happen!) You can’t mix factions. So no squads with like a GM, a Zaku, an Adele, etc. However! If you choose to go, say, Sleeves? You can mix Sleeves units to make a squad like, two Zssa’s, a Geara Doga, A Zee Zulu, and a Rozen Zulu.

Stat Based Splatoon Weapon Classification.

Infantry class
(medium to long range, full auto bursts or slow rate of fire)
-nozzle nose, .96 gal

Close tactical class
(Medium to high rate of fire, short range)
-splattershot, splattershot junior, sploosh-o-matic, aerospray, splash-o-matic

Long tactical class
(Medium to high rate of fire, long range)
-Splattershot pro, dual squelcher, squelcher, nzap, .52 gal

Sharpshooter class
(Non splatling chargers with no scope)
-splat charger, squiffer, bamboozler, e-liter

Sniper class
(Non splatling chargers with scope)
-splatterscope, e-liter scope

Heavy class
(High rate of fire chargers, long range)
-heavy splatling, mini splatling, hydra splatling

Lite Melee class
(Short range, high handling)
-Inkbrush, Octobrush, carbon roller

Heavy Melee class
(Short range, low handling)
-splat roller, dynamo roller, krak-on splat roller

Shrapnel class
(Medium to high range, high damage, wide area of effect)
-slosher, tri-slosher, sloshing machine

Tactical explosive class
(High impact, short range, low rate of fire)
-blaster, Luna blaster

Lite explosive class
(Low impact, long range, low rate of fire)
-rapid blaster

Okay but imagine several Imperials attempting to blaze a trail into the Golem Workshop and hold the line until their allies can get through, but fail miserably due to them all being melee-heavy

And then the golems encounter the Emperor, who is still melee-heavy, tie it down, bring it back to the workshop, and turn it into a mecha-Emperor