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your latin-speaking tony made me think: well, tony's a genius, even as a child, and every isolated 'different' child just wants friends, right? and statistically, only a small percentage of the world speaks english, even smaller back then. so i can definitely see him trying to learn every language he can get his hands on, because obviously there's a lot more people out there then english-only speaking brats that bully him for his smarts, and meets lots of international friends!

Maria didn’t intend for all of Tony’s friends to be foreign students sent to his boarding school by equally wealthy parents but they all get along and whoever doesn’t speak a shared language, Tony happily plays interpreter for, so she’s proud of the outcome. Even if one of the boys asks why she doesn’t wear a headscarf and she explains she’s catholic and he misunderstands “Oh. Yes. I also like cats.”


Don’t fuck with Macy’s.
Don’t fuck with Macy’s.
Rob them blind.

Also they racial profile.

Y'all I was tryna BUY makeup there. I have a gift card. Tf.
Security was following me as I went from MAC (with nothing) to main cosmetics and was swatching and they’re on their radio about the “visual” they have on me.

Yes. I wear a headscarf.
Yeah… I might lift a bit…
But this is why.

They’re gonna profile me anyway so. 🤷🏻‍♀️
So I just left. I told the security guard I had a gift card but no longer feel like shopping in their location. They were outta my shade anyway in the ABH foundation stick.

Presidential: 8

The first 100 days fly by, you’ve never been so busy in your life. Traveling across the country, talking at schools, working with teachers and other administrators. It’s been a whirlwind but a total blast. You’ve really gotten to know your team, Sam was funny, easy going and loyal. Thor looked like a hulking football player but he was sweet, kind of like a teddy bear. Bucky was a flirt, sarcastic and charming as hell. Steve was quiet, thoughtful and seemed to notice everything. He was always the first one there if you were feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Which, being a single woman around dozens of men, happened more often than you’d like. Then there was Quill. Your secretary whose name fit his job description perfectly, he was carefree and easy to talk to and wrote exceptional speeches.
“Thank you so much for coming First Lady Hill.”
“It’s a pleasure.” You tell the ambassador with a smile. Much to your team’s discomfort you’d had Jessica get a tour of different school set for you, you’d wanted to go abroad and one of the first places you had scheduled to go was the Middle East. Much to your security detail’s chagrin. They were on high alert, Steve has never been more than two feet from your side.
“Some of the locals aren’t exactly thrilled with you being here.”
“That’s not a big surprise.” You tell him and the guys shift uncomfortably.
“We’ve got some Marines on standby to escort you to the two schools.”
“Wonderful. What time?”
“Two hours.”
“Perfect. I’m just going to get changed and ready to go. I have a head scarf, should I wear it?”
“Yes.” The ambassador tells you with a small smile. “I’ll meet you out front in two hours.”
“Thank you Mr. Ambassador.” He nods and you and your crew head upstairs.
“This isn’t a good idea.” Steve says the second the door to your room closes, “These aren’t people we want to mess with.”
“Steve I can’t just let them win.”
“You’re risking your life. All of our lives.” He argues.
“You guys can stay here. I’ll go with the Marines.”
“Fat chance.” Bucky huffs, and the other three nod their agreement.
“I’m just saying, I don’t want any of you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. That includes you Peter, if you’re uncomfortable with this don’t feel like you have to come.”
“If one of your boys are willing to give me a gun I’m in.”
“Um, can we do that?” Thor asks looking over at Steve.
“I was military. Air Force.”
“I’m good with it. I want as many guns out there as possible.” He rubs his forehead and closes his eyes for a second. “Buck I want you up high. Covering our six.”
“Thor, you’ve got point, Sam left side, Quill right I’ll take flank. And you.” He rounds on you, “No arguments. You do as you’re told got it?”
“Yes dear.” You tell him pulling the headscarf over your hair and pinning it like the cultural specialist Kamala had taught you.
“Miss Hill.”
“I need you to take this seriously.”
“I am. I’m just trying to get you to relax for a second. We’re safe here in the embassy.”
“Honestly First Lady we’re not completely safe anywhere in this region.”

Why I Hate Delta Airlines

Gather round kids, because today I am going to tell you a very interesting story about systemic racism.

At around Christmas last year, I was in Detroit, getting ready to head back to the Middle East for my winter break.  I had everything I needed with me; my passport, my travel documents, my luggage etc. My aunt dropped me off at the airport exactly 2 hours before my flight was support to depart- which would’ve given me enough time to go through customs and board the plane.

I forgot to print out my boarding pass, so we decided to split up to save time; my sister would go print it out while my aunt and I would line up at the Delta Airlines check-in counter. The line moved fasted than we all assumed, though, and by the time it was our turn, my sister returned empty handed. No biggie, I had travelled to and from a ton of different airports before and I knew the lady at the counter would print one out for me.

I headed up to the counter, smiled politely at the lady, handed her my passport & documents and calmly explained my situation to her. She stared back at me with a bewildered look on her face and continued typing my information up in her system.

“Are you [xxx]?” She asked.

“Yes,” I responded, taking my glasses off & fixing my headscarf so she could know that the girl in the picture was indeed me.

“You cannot board this flight.”


“You can’t go on this plane.”


“You came too late. You should’ve arrived here earlier.” She responded, handing me back my documents.

My aunt checked the time on her iPhone. Only 30 minutes had passed since we arrived.

“The boarding pass says very clearly that I should arrive 2 hours before my flight and I came here at 8 PM.”

“I am sorry, I can’t help you out." 

At this point, I was really frustrated. I was hungry, tired and very eager to go home. I was about to go off at her, when my sister pulled me aside & said, "don’t do it. It’s pointless. It won’t change a thing.”

My aunt, being more stubborn than the rest of us continued to try to reason with her, but it was no use. Talking to her just resulted in her screaming at us & degrading us in front of the other passengers.

It’s funny, because I stood back & watched this happen. A passive participant in my own story. I also stood back and watched her drastic change of attitude as she assisted the blonde family standing behind me board with ease, even giving them time to fix their overweight luggage. Funny how tardiness was inherently only a problem for us.

By the time we finally gave up, an hour had passed. My uncle came to pick us up. As soon as we set foot inside the car, my aunt handed my sister her phone and insisted she call Delta Airlines’ customer service. So she did…I assume she spoke to the manager (?), who was apparently very shocked by the fact that this happened to us, especially since we still had at least 45 minutes left till the flight would depart when we called. We were given no explanation for why this happened to us.

Unsatisfied by this, I called the customer service again as soon as we got home. This time, I was redirected to a call center in India. “I am sorry, there is not much I can do for you.” The lady said, “except give you a $200 voucher.” To put things in perspective, a ticket back home usually costs more than $1,000. This “voucher”, by the way, was incredibly pointless since no one gave me instructions on how to redeem it & I ultimately ended up not even using it.

This was my story.

No explanation. No apology. No reimbursement. Degraded in front of all the other passengers. Directed to a call center where I spoke to a lady with absolutely no power to actually do anything for me. Arrived home 2 weeks later than I was supposed to. Still waiting for someone to give me a valid reason for why all of this happened to me.

For all these reasons, I will never recommend Delta Airlines to a friend or travel with them ever again.

I’m scared to say
that I love your wild eyes
and pale cocoa skin,
and when you wake up
without your headscarf, tugging cherry red ringlets
from your forehead,
mouth open in panic,
I laugh: You are beautiful.

I’ve heard about the way you dance:
You move your hips like poetry,
you perform poetry
like a lapdance,
you can turn out the lights
with a well-placed metaphor—
you’ve shown me.

Yes, panic:
You roll over without your headscarf,
crushing scarlet ringlets
against my pillow,
and, yes, I laugh.  You are

You apologize.
I say, Don’t.
And when you rest your head on my chest,
we can both breathe, again.

—  poet sleeping on my chest