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Two of my favorite characters from favorite games of the series, teaming up and chasing a moogle- Look at them!

Terra Branford (FFVI) and Zidane Tribal (FFIX).

Realtalk tho why do some bokuaka shippers think bokuto would fall for akaashi if akaashi wasnt genuinely happy to be around him and i’m not talking about akaashi teasing, im talking full on “save me from this” akaashi. Like u guys know that akaashi willingly goes with bokuto everywhere like you barely see them apart lmao im sure akaashi’s begging to be “saved”


17 December 2017: Happy 20th Birthday Shoma!

anonymous asked:

It's so cool that you noticed that claudia had a ponytail, it's the kind of detail that i would never noticed, i just imagined you sitting down looking at that picture like "tell me your secrets" XD

Hi! :D Well, Anon-chan…

i just imagined you sitting down looking at that picture like “tell me your secrets” XD

I think you couldn’t be closer to the truth than with that sentence and actually, I think it also means that you caught on the fact that I definitely wasted hours looking at it. Every day. 

Less cool now, isn’t it? xDD

Aah, I just can’t help it. I’ve been in Kuro for what… 6 years now or something close to that? But I was sold on the Claudia mystery ever since that scene…

and back then I was already dead convinced that she was Ciel’s grandma despite not having the confirmation of ch85 yet + never having noticed at the time that Vincent’s predecessor was a woman (even though it was shown in ch15).  

I have so many posts on my blog about her (even though we saw her shadow twice and a strange locket with her name on it hardly more), I have probably reblogged or commented almost every post that can be found in her tag and I’m probably annoying people because I can’t shut up on the subject (like right now), but I can’t help it.

I don’t think I’m wrong if I say that her personality was probably very similar to Frances’ (or Lizzie’s, when Liz chides people xD) while her physical appearance, as confirmed by Yana, is closer to Vincent’s.
Besides, she brought so many people’s loyalty to her family (Tanaka’s, UT’s too, even if in his case, at this point it’s probably more pathological than anything else) that it seems my interest in her cannot disappear even if I have been waiting for a while.

The day we get to Claudia, I don’t know what will happen to me or my blog, but it’s probably going to be very intense. xD

Thanks for passing by Anon, I’m glad if you think this kind of observations is cool somehow! Have a nice weekend ^3^

Here’s a larger and transparent version of the Jake I did for the drawpile!! I’m very proud with how he came out :D


Welcome to the first of a 6 part series, giving you tips on how to care for your werewolf boyfriend!!

I just realized chenle exists n I started crying