that he's a true warrior at heart and worthy of his name

This life, part 4

Pairing: Reader x eventually Loki

Word Count: 3788 (Umm oops?)

Warning: Angst

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It was many hours that you let your anger and rage flow.  So long that your voice was rough and your throat raw.  There was now a fair sized clearing, made with your powers as you had paced on the edge of the water.  No one had been injured, so your conscience was clear.  Or mostly clear.  You found it difficult to rid the scenes of Loki’s past from your mind. The screams were…  They haunted you.  How had he survived through such things?  No, you could not think of it now.  There was too much to do and just days before the Melee.

The Melee was the tournament of the Asgardian Defenders.  Every five years it allowed the people of Asgard to see who was the best among the warriors that protected the realm and gave rise to those who might join the ranks.  It culminated in the Last Battle.  A free-for-all that did not finish until the last man or woman stood.  Nothing else mattered to you but the Last Battle.  All the other games were of little consequence. You had trained for the last years with the goal of winning.  There had been a word to no one of this idea, for they would have all tried to change your mind.  No woman had ever won before.  However, you were no mere woman and you had worked hard for it.  The plan was to do so without anyone knowing who you were as well as doing it without your powers.  It was easy to see when you used them so you would be unmasked easily if you did.

Everything that had happened with Thor and Loki had been a distraction.  Now you needed a distraction from them.  From the way your heart ached remembering all the time spent together as children.  How you and Loki would read for hours hidden away in the great libraries, or chasing Thor through the fields when he stole your secret training sword.  Life had been easy then.  Your parents loved you, your life had been completely planned out, and you were too innocent to know any better.  Pain seared through your heart as you thought about your parents. It was hard to think about them and the events that lead to where you were now.  It still hurt now.  Anger and resentment started to build again.  It seemed every time you thought about them it grew further.  Some day you knew it would erupt into something you would not be able to handle.

Odin had made good on his promise and no one came to disturb your peace.  For two days, you pushed your body further than you ever had.  The training consisted of one sword and sometimes a shield.  You were the only one to use two swords to fight, so you had to forego your second blade. It was odd not using both but it gave you the opportunity to develop a new style of fighting for yourself in the event you did not have the extra weapon.  You felt ready for it.  

The Melee was five days. The first day was celebrations and food followed by three days of the tournaments, finishing on the fifth day with the Last Battle.  Once the fighting ceased the winner was proclaimed which lead to more feasting and drinking. A merry time was had by all.  The previous Melee, you and Thor had gotten very drunk spending the evening torturing Loki with horrid Asgardian ballads. It ended with kissing Thor until you were both breathless.  


You dressed in leathers and your dark cloak setting out towards the palace.  The celebration was held just inside the courtyard of the main gates.  Thousands of bodies were moving about drinking from large steins and eating. There were games and music scattered about.  If the time had been different you would be settled with your friends drinking much and eating more, loudly telling stories.  Volstagg would be have two maidens on his lap and Thor would be arguing with Fandral about something inconsequential.  A pang of loneliness hit as you walked through the crowds.  Still you moved on.  Later with your own stein of ale, you heard familiar laughing on the terrace just above one of the stages.  As you looked up you caught the eye of Thor, who had been watching you for a while from his perch.  

It took everything in him not to jump down to see you.  Your words though, ran through his mind, as did your face when you said you wanted to neither hear his voice nor see his face for some time.  The group realizing his distraction discovered you looking up to them.  They all quieted, though Hogun waved to you with a smile.  You dipped your head to them before pulling the hood up over your head moving on.  Thor hoped someday you would forgive him and he would have his friend back.  Nevertheless, he would not press you until you were ready.

There were others eyes, watching you from afar.  From the time you had entered the gates until now when you rushed off.  Watching and studying the woman in the dark cloak. Learning your movements and gait, how you studied your surroundings searching out dangers.  How different you had become.

You avoided the following three days of the Melee.  Your heart could not take seeing your friends again, not yet.  Preparing for the final day took too much concentration.  Once it was over, win or lose, you would break the silence and hope for life to return to what it had been before Loki’s return. Walking from your home to the palace took longer than you wanted.  But it gave you the time to plan the events that were to come.  You were ready as you set your helm in place.  

The courtyard had been cleared, with the crowd gathered on the edges.  In the center were the three hundred participants.  The Allfather, Queen Frigga, and Thor stood on the balcony looking down at the warriors.  “Every five years we join together for the Melee.  To celebrate Asgard and those who defend it.  As we gather for the Last Battle, it will be shown who among us are truly worthy to be called Defender.  Warriors are you prepared?”

The roars of affirmation echoed within the palace walls.  It felt as though lightening had spread throughout those gathered.  The excitement taking hold.  Odin raised both his arms in the air looking over the crowd. “Begin!”  He bellowed out.

Mayhem started immediately. Those who were not as skilled scrambled to find targets they believed were easy prey.  Many of those fell within the first few minutes.  Someone had grabbed your helm from behind trying to pull you down but a well-placed kick back caused the person to crumble holding his groin.  You turned quickly, bringing an uppercut to his jaw, knocking him out completely. One down a few hundred to go.  The action around you never felt like it slowed. Moving from target to target there was a path of bodies left in your wake.  Just over the hour mark, the warrior group had dwindled down to twenty participants.  These were the more skilled of Asgard and more difficult to defeat.  The man you fought now was at least a foot taller than your frame and would have difficulty fitting through a door with the broadness of his shoulders.  While he had the strength, his movements were slow.  As he raised his axe over his head, you spun around bringing the back of your boot up to land just below the pit of his arm and the sensitive pressure point there. The man groaned as he sunk to his knees giving the perfect position for you to bring the hilt of you blade down on his head, causing him to fall the rest of the way to the ground.  

You laughed beneath your mask, as three people had to drag his body out of the courtyard.  Another fifteen minutes progressed and there were three of you left.  By the look of the armor, you knew the identity of one man.  The other you were not as aware of his skills so he became your first target.  Running as fast as your armor would allow towards him, you held your sword out in front of you in threat.  Seeing your plan he planted himself with sword raised waiting on your attack.  However, it was his mistake as you rarely did was you were supposed to.  Just before you clashed, you went low, sliding on one hip behind him.  Turning to kick both legs out from under him. You laughed as he fell with a grunt. One swift punch to the jaw took him out of the competition, leaving you with one last opponent.

Jumping up you spied him standing across the courtyard eyeing you closely.  He had watched you removed the last of the competitors with amusement.  You stalked towards him with blade readied, he mirrored preparing himself.  “I may enjoy beating you far more than I like, my Lady.”  

Bloody hell, of course he would know who you were.  Though, he had not said your name.  “Come now, Uljar, you always enjoy the win.  Whether it against me or anyone.”  Uljar had taken command of the Defenders after your father had been removed.  The two of you were friends and had many a day training together.  He laughed from behind his own helm.

“This is true, I will try and go easy on you, that way we can enjoy a good celebration ale together for my victory.”  Steeling yourself, you struck.  The clash of metal echoed and the crowd cheered.  Odin watched with great interest at the two as the fought below. Who was this woman, whose skill outmatched almost everyone else?  His curiosity was growing.

You and Uljar battled on. He realized that your skill had grown as he had difficulty keeping up with your blows.  No longer holding back, he forced what strength he had left.  While you were beginning to tire, he was worse off. His movements were becoming repetitive, as he could not keep up with the changing of tactics.  It gave you the opening you needed.  He had been going after your sword trying to knock it from your hand, but you doubted he had thought past what he would do when got there. You stuck your sword into the ground and ran towards him.  It threw his concentration off so that he did not expect you to use your whole body to knock him off balance.  As he fell, you grab his blade as it clamored on the ground and held the tip to his throat. “Do you yield my friend?”

He laid there breathing hard looking up to you.  It killed him to do it, but he held up his hands.  “I yield.”  The crowd’s response was deafening.  The cheers and cries around you caused the largest smile to appear beneath your mask. You held your hand out for Uljar to stand.  He took it before hugging you close.  “You deserve it.  You fought with more heart than I have ever seen.”

Odin raised his hands again to quiet those gathered to a dull rumble of conversations.  “We have our victor.  Remove your helm and tell us the name that will have ballads sung about for the coming years.”  You looked over at Uljar and he laughed, holding his arm out in encouragement. Holding one side of the helm and mask, you peeled it from your head looking up to the Allfather, smirking at the surprise on his face.  There was a collective gasp, then more cheering as everyone realize who were and what you had accomplished today.  The cheers and screams of your friends could be heard over them all from one of the balconies. Frigga looked as a proud mother as she beamed down at you.  “Lady [Y/N]… I believe you have shocked the whole of Asgard. The first woman to stand victorious in the Last Battle.  Every realm from now until the end of time will know your name as a protector of Asgard. They will stand in awe of the name and be honored to witness your skill.  Asgard I present you victor, Lady [Y/N] Theinndottir!”

The cheers began once more. For as much and as long as you had trained you had never given thought to what would happen if you were victorious. Now here you stood in the center of the celebration, hearing your name screamed to the tops of the towers. Unsure of how to proceed you waved to the crowd before walking towards the palace halls.  You needed a moment to breathe and to be honest, the largest stein of ale you could find.  Uljar followed you, slapping a hand on your back.

“You were amazing.  No wonder you had hid your training.  Have you been working towards this?”  Nodding to him with a small smile.

“For the last several years I have.  I was unsure if I could do it, but here I am. I believe I am still in shock.”  He laughed as you walked towards the feasting hall.

“Everyone is in shock. Did you see the Allfather?  I think there was a smile on his face.  But you know what this means, do you not?” Glancing in his direction a moment before taking a filled stein from one of the drink maids and drinking long. Once you finished the contents, you took another walking towards a chair to sit in a far off corner.  Uljar followed waiting for your response.

“What does this mean, Uljar?”  You put you boots up on the table stretching out.  Your body was going to hate you in the morn.

“What are the rules for defeating the captain of the Defenders?”  With his arms crossed, he raised a brow as you thought of the answer. Your eyes went wide and you half spit out a mouthful of ale.

“No…”  He laughed nodding slow.

“Yes, my Lady.”

“Bloody hell, that was not… I did not…”  The laugh grew louder as you fought to find the words.

“Uljar I did not mean…” Holding a hand up, he stopped you.

“[Y/N] you defeated me solid.  I am not upset.  I want you to know that.”  With a frown, you rested your head back against the wall staring up at the ceiling. The crowd was starting to enter the hall for their own refreshments.  

“[Y/N]…”  Looking up as your name was called, Thor stood several feet away, cautious to approach.  “My father requests an audience.”  

So soon.  You groaned internally.  With a nod to Uljar you stood before following behind Thor.  The tension between you two was palpable but you refrained from speaking.  He too, was silent, at least until just before you entered one of the private halls. “I want to say how proud I am.  You deserved that win more than anyone I have ever seen.  It was glorious to watch you tear through them all.  I should have realized it was you, but I was too busy watching for you around the battle not knowing you were in it.”

You smiled resting a hand on his arm.  “Thank you, Thor.  I means much from you.”  He nodded opening the door to the hall where Odin, Frigga and the rest of your group had gathered.  They all clapped and cheered for you as you entered.  However, quieted quickly when Odin looked around.

“Do you know why I called you, dear girl?”  Had you stepped into another realm?  Dear girl?

“I can only hope that is it not what I think, my king.”  He laughed quietly.

“Uljar opened himself up for the defeat.  With that defeat, opens up the rules of the Defenders.  If the captain is defeated in the Last Battle, the victor may lead if they are found worthy.  [Y/N] you are far more worthy than anyone.  Not because of who you were bore from.  But what you have done on your own.  Would you lead the Defenders in the protection of our people?”

The pace of your heart quickened with the question.  You could hear it in your ears over the silence of the room.  Looking down a moment you bit your lip unable to decide with the weight of the gazes of everyone around you.  “My Lord, my I take the day to decide.  This is… a large commitment.”

Odin smiled bowing his head. “Of course, child.  I await to hear your answer tomorrow.  Tonight we celebrate.”  Everyone cheered again, your friends surrounding you, hugging and congratulating you loudly.  Frigga had to pry them all away to be able to hug you herself.

“Oh my girl, I am so proud. I could not be prouder if you were my blood.  You deserve to celebrate tonight.  Go to Sif’s and wash.  There are clean clothes for you, as is fitting for the victor of the Last Battle.”  She sent you off in the direction of Sif’s chambers.  Those halls were quiet as everyone was gathered in the feasting hall and the courtyard.  As you walked, you could feel someone about.  Coming closer, causing you to stop and turn.  No one was there.

“I know you are around. Show yourself.”  A laugh echoed against the walls.  One you had known all your days.  Loki stepped out from the shadows dressed in one of his green tunics, reminding you of old times.

“You have changed, [Y/N]. I could always sneak up upon you as children.”  Rolling your eyes you turned back towards the direction you needed.

“If you had not noticed there is much changed of me, Loki.  If you will, I have to clean up before your mother will allow me to join the merriment.”  He frowned walking quickly to match your strides.

“I am still trying to grasp all the changes in you.  I hardly see the mere girl I left.”

“Yes, Loki you left. How are you out of the prison? Does Thor know?”  

“Odin has granted somewhat of a reprieve.  I am watched constantly, if I commit another error, I will spend the rest of my days below. Which I suppose I have you to thank.” You step had not slowed but you relaxed the tension in your body.

“I would not lie. Even after what you said to me I would not.”  Loki stared at you curiously.

“No you did not. There is anger there I can understand, some of which I caused.  But not all. No, not all of that is my blame. Thor would not tell me your story, why you have become this woman I do not know.  What happened after I left, [Y/N]?  I feel as though I am the cause for more than I know.”  Thor had not told him.  That was surprising.  Though perhaps he felt the need to give you rest after what he had forced you to do. All the memories came rushing back, causing you to stop in the middle of the empty hallway.

“You want to know?  To know all the pain that occurred after you called me your brother’s whore?”  Loki flinched as you moved close; if you had been taller, you would have screamed it in his face.

“Tell me… Please.” You laughed an odd, cold sound.

“Fine, you can revel in it. After you died… which obviously was just another one of your tricks, we mourned.  Even after what you said to me, I mourned my friend.  In the weeks that followed my father became more restless. In his own insanity, he believed you were correct in your thoughts on how Asgard should be ruled.  He fought with his closest friend, the king over it. I begged him to listen to reason. Odin was the king and should be followed.”  The floodgates had been opened, and there was no way to stop them now.  This was what you feared.

“Odin called my father a traitor and ordered he be imprisoned.  As I begged Odin to refrain, my father screamed that I was no daughter of his.  They dragged him to the cells; he cursed my name until I could no longer hear his screams.” Another laugh erupted from your lips as you thought of it.  His screams had haunted you too, just as Loki’s did now.

“My lovely mother disowned me as well, with one slap across the face before the entire court.  As I held my red cheek, your father decided it was time to degrade me further.  He announced that I was the daughter of a traitor and no longer worthy of marriage to his son.  That I was to remove what possessions I could from my family chambers and find refuge elsewhere.  In the span of weeks, I lost everything.  My family, the only path of life I was allowed to have and my home.”  Loki stood there looking at the pain and defeat on your face.  He held a hand out trying to comfort you but you pulled back quickly.

“Would you like to hear the biggest mess of all of it? Oh, I am sure you do.  I found out later after I had almost killed Thor, that I have powers that I never knew of.  We knew of my visions, but Valhalla there were so much more.  My mother, my whole life had bound me.  Every day she would force me to drink the horrid tonic, which she told me was to keep me healthy.  No, it was not for health it was to bind my powers within me.  So I did not become anything more than the girl who they were forcing a life on that I had no say.  Without my mother feeding me this tonic daily, my powers broke through and I could not control them.  Your mother was the only thing that saved me.  She taught me how to control them.  I will forever be indebted to her.”

“[Y/N], I…”

“Now you know the story of this chaos that stands before you.  Go Loki.  Go enjoy the family that has welcomed you back with open arms.”  You left him standing there in utter shock and pain. Pain for you, and what you had to deal with once he had parted.  As you entered Sif’s chambers you sunk to your knees breathing heavy.  You tried to push it all away, refusing to let it overcome you again.  This was not how the victor of the Last Battle should be.

With a deep breath you stood, pushing down everything that had come to the surface.

“This is my night.”

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Having assumed that Loki would lead you to the other recruits, you were surprised when he turned into a smaller room almost immediately upon entering the castle.
“This is the servant’s dining area.” Loki explained quietly.

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Final thoughts before tomorrow’s Samurai Jack Episode.

I’ve really been sitting down and thinking about all the thoughts I’ve been wanting to collectively put together as a conclusive ending to this beautiful series. Should things take a turn into a different direction, I just want to be able to look back and see what I have gathered to what I thought and took from the story telling leading up to the series finale.

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The Valkyrie- Chapter 3

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You stood high on the balcony overlooking the starlight-soaked city of Asgard as raucous revelry echoed through Valhalla behind you. The night was crisp, the air sweet with the scent of wine and smoke.

Your swords had their their fill of enemy blood, your limbs sang with the ache of a battle well-fought. Tonight belonged to you and your sisters, for you have brought Odin victory.

Your sisters had gathered the bravest of the fallen warriors from the ragged battlefield and escorted them into the legendary halls, where the wine was ever-flowing and the pits always crackling with meat. The men had been brave in the face of death, but it was your refusal to retreat when all hope was nearly lost, your rallying of the troops and sweeping the fields with your tactical precision that turned the tide.

Nothing could ruin such a wondrous night for you. Not even Loki, who had just minutes ago whirled a tender, blushing nymph out onto your balcony and pinned her against the railing not 5 feet from where you were standing.

“Lovely,” he murmured, conjuring a blossom of starlight in his palm and tucking it tenderly behind her ear. “From the moment I saw you, I knew there was none lovelier than you.”

“We’re not joining the celebrations?” The nymph giggled. “The men have just started singing battle songs in honor of the fallen.”

“Leave the warmongers to their self indulgence, and hollow victories,” he muttered, kissing the hollow of her throat, his hand wandering up her thigh. “There are far sweeter things I would rather preoccupy myself with.”

“…But we’re not alone!” She squeaked, peering at you from over his shoulder.

He smirked. “Let her watch. We’ll give her a show so thrilling that she’ll realize there are more wondrous things in life than murder.” He paused, then laughed cruelly. “Nevermind. Who am I kidding. She’s Valkyrie after all.”

You ground your teeth. How wrong you were. Loki had managed to ruin your night. You stomped off in your spiked boots towards the celebration, before he managed to ruin it even further.  

Your sisters welcomed you to their table with a cool jug of honey ale. Without a second thought, you grabbed the jug and downed it to their deafening cheers.

“Another!” You cried, and your sisters roared and obliged..

It was late into the night when Odin rose from his gilded throne, scepter in hand. All of Valhalla fell silent as he began to speak.

“Valor! Loyalty! Honor!” His voice boomed through the air like thunder. “The qualities of a true warrior! In the eyes of your fathers, your forefathers, your brothers. You all have proven yourself WORTHY!”

The air was thick with electricity, and you shouted with your sisters until your throat was hoarse.  

“Tonight, I wish to honor a very special warrior. A Valkyrie I have trained since before she knew how to walk. She was instrumental to our victory today, and there is no one prouder of her than I.” Odin beckoned to you, beaming. Your sisters thumped their fists against your armor as you made your way to the throne. Odin grasped your hand, and raised it high, and the hall roared, tens of thousand of fists and weapons plunged high in the air. The air was alive, and for the first time, you knew what it meant to be truly happy.

“For such exemplary valor, for your unparallelled deeds in battle, you will be granted the highest honor ever bestowed upon a Valkyrie. Come here, my son.”

Thor slammed down his chalice of ale, and leapt over the table towards his father.

“Thor. My pride and joy. You have lead many of my armies to victory, and will be king of Asgard someday. I give to you the hand of this most worthy of Valkyries, so that you shall have dauntless, warrior sons. May your progeny strike fear in our enemies’ hearts, and may their seed scatter and prosper!”

“…Wait. What?” You spluttered, all the buzz from the ale gone in an instant..

Odin clasped your hand in Thor’s, and the hall erupted in cheers.

Thor frowned in confusion. “… Are we getting married?”

You could have been Captain of his guards. Master of his army. Of all the honors Odin could have bestowed you, of all the titles and power he could have granted, he made you his daughter-in-law. So you could breed him grandsons.

You wrenched your hand from Thor and backed away.

“Fearless in the face of death, yet a shrinking violet when faced with matrimony! See how she pales like the bashful moon.” Odin laughed, grabbing your wrist and yanking you back towards Thor. “Tonight, we drink to to their union!”

“NO!” You shouted, and the hall fell silent. You felt the eyes of all in Asgard boring into you.

Odin’s voice was low, and deathly quiet. “…I beg your pardon?”

You swallowed hard, heart pounding in your chest. “…No.”

“…I know you only ever had eyes for my brother,” Thor murmured, eyes soft. “But I am sure, in time, those feelings could change-”

Odin silenced him with a raised hand. “…Very well,” he muttered. “The Valkyrie has spoken. I offered her my eldest son. My one greatest treasure. And she has rejected my goodwill. Shamed me and my son in front of all the warriors of Asgard.”

Thor’s eyes widened in alarm. “Father, please-”

“So be it,” Odin growled. “So be it!” He jabbed his scepter in your direction, eyes ablaze with fury. “If you refuse to play your part in the great history of Asgard, then you shall be stricken from it!”

In an instant, you were seized by his guards.

“Let her deeds, her name be forgotten. Erased from the books, the songs, the monuments. Tomorrow, she shall be executed, and no one will remember her name.”  

“You love war. He loves war. You love disemboweling people. He likes bashing skulls.” Loki leaned against the amber force field of your cell, eyeing you intently. “You and my brother were a match made in heaven, literally.”

You said nothing, staring listlessly at the wall in front of you. It had been three days since you were to be executed. Yet no executioner came.

“I must say, I am impressed with you. No one stands up to my father. I never saw you as the type. I am bewildered though, at why you balked at his offer. Think of all the superpowered nephews I’d have. Thor would expect at least a dozen mewling little babes, a menagerie raining lightning storms and death upon my father’s enemies-

“-Go away,” You whispered hoarsely. “Why are you even here?”

“Being my father’s second favorite person after my brother, you have been, by default, my second least favorite person. But now that you’ve fallen from his favor, I feel compelled to save you any way I can. In all honesty, the easiest way to be pardoned is to marry my brother and give my father what he wants.”

“…What of my legacy? Will my honors be restored?”

Loki shrugged. “The archivists have been deleting your records; it’s taken them some effort, as there were many. I doubt the records will be reinstated, even after your release. But all hope is not lost; there’s still a good chance you could be remembered – as the mother of Thor’s children.”

You leaped to your feet and slammed your fists against the force field. “I would rather die!”

Loki studied you, his eyes bright with calculation. “I think I’m starting to like you, Valkyrie. Perhaps I could offer a solution to your current predicament.”

Suddenly, the forcefield to your cell was gone. Loki extended a hand to you, a devilish grin wide across his face.

“Forget Asgard. There is a universe out there, waiting for us to conquer. Serve me, and I promise you, we will become more than battle songs and bedtime stories. You and I, we will mold the universe to our will. We will truly become gods.”


Chapter 4

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This fic posted 6/11/16 only on . This fic is not posted anywhere else, so please feel free go ahead and report any rip-off posts on FFN and AO3 if you see any <3  

Redeemer (Paladin Archetype; Half-Orc)

To the repentant sinner, forgiveness can often be an ever-fleeting goal. But first, one must acknowledge the evils in their heart. Too often, the wicked are put down by the enforcers of good, never given a chance to redeem themselves, which is where the redeemer comes in.

Be they half-orc or otherwise, these paladins understand the plight of those considered wicked, be it their behavior, or merely a reaction to their appearance. Though still smiters of the truly evil, they will extend their hand to those they believe can be redeemed, helping them to show the world how good they can really be.

When it comes to races outside of the “Goodly” category, a lot of their evil has to do with how hardship shapes their culture. Goblins breed quickly and die violently, making them vicious and incapable of developing an advanced society. Kobolds suffer from the inflated ego of their draconic ancestry, yet are physically weak, making them underhanded and quick to betray. And so on and so forth.

But how might individuals act if given a chance to try another way of living, one that need not be as violent or bloody as that which they’ve led previously?

Like most paladins, redeemers can channel divine might to smite evil with their weapons, but if they suspect that their foe might be turned to the side of good, they can alter the flow of said divine energy, dealing purely nonlethal damage with their weapons. However, they cannot do so against those with evil at their very core, evil dragons, or undead.

Whether because of their own heritage, or because they treat monsters both humanoid and otherwise as sentient beings worthy of respect, they are able to get further with words than others.

When they successfully convince a foe to surrender, these warriors can enforce the conditions of that surrender through a mystic pact, forcing their foe to hold true to their promise, and try living without their wicked behavior for a while, to see how they like it.

Finally, by expending a bit more of their smiting power, they can grant the power of their non-lethal smite to their allies, allowing them to help take foes alive.

Wanna try out a paladin that is geared towards offering villains a second chance? This archetype may be for you. Additionally, their ability to convert all damage from their smites into non-lethal strikes means they excel at missions where they must take their target alive. I suppose their major disadvantage is that they cannot detect who is or isn’t evil immediately, but then again, that level of ambiguity prevents them from judging a foe too soon.

This archetype screams half-orc or any other monstrous race, but while the image of a redeemed member of a wicked race seeking to lead their kin into the light is a good on, there is no need to limit it to just them. Even goodly races might come to empathize with those that walk in the dark, and seek to do good by them. That being said, the idea of a member of a goodly race helping to uplift other races stinks of certain real-world historical cultural conflicts, so be really careful how you portray such a character.

Also, in a world where undead and dragons are not necessarily set in their alignments, you might consider lifting the limitations on the merciful smite for redeemers who follow that school of thought. (Not that doing non-lethal damage is a useful thing against the undead, but let it be a limitation of physiology, not cultural ideals.)


For three days, the people of the village have spotted an ettin watching them from afar. The two-headed beast has not made a move against the villagers, and has been subsisting on wild game he hunts himself, rather than their livestock. Many villagers are calling to drive the beast off, but the elders are more interested in understanding what brought on this strange behavior.

Gnolls are black-hearted to the core. The only good gnoll is a dead gnoll. Gnolls deserve nothing but death or the slavery they impose on others… Such phrases as these are what Taemara, a newly anointed gnoll paladin, hopes to erase over years of working both with humans, and with her misguided kin. That may be difficult, though, as the villages she visits often plan to lynch her for her bestial nature if she stays in place too long.

Missionaries in the fire giant kingdom of Ashwall rarely last long, killed randomly at the whim of the Burning King Heishod. The Church of Light has considered sending in a legion of paladins and clerics to end the slaughter once and for all, but an ifrit paladin named Veshr, believes he can bring the king around, citing his memories of the fire giant in his youth, before the cruel culture of his people turned him into what he is today.

A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature.

The other four adults were sitting down discussing what was to be expected from the next summer raids, which Odin had decided were once again to be on Midgard, but with even more ships, when Loki stormed into the room, his eyes focused on his wife. He glared at her for a moment before she realised she had reason to worry.

“Explain why have you been beating her.” He demanded, ignoring all others present.

“She is a thrall, what other reason need I give?” the woman dismissed. “You take far too much interest in her. I must ask how you noticed any markings on her but for her to be not fully clothed.” The accusations in her words only enraged Loki further.

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JayDick Week 3- Day 4: Witch/Warlock

Music Recs for this work: Sun Kil Moon- Heron BlueIron &Wine- Flightless Bird American Mouth

The Fire of My Yearning

Jason had never seen a forest that looked so alive. As his horse moved through the trees following the barest hint of a path on the forest floor, Jason can’t help but feel like the forest is watching him. He wished someone had warned him about this when he’d left the Gotham Palace to ask a witch for their blessing. The King wanted to get married and it was up to Jason to ask if the witch thought the pairing was good. If the witch didn’t think so, there would probably be war. 

The trek out to the village where the witch lived was long. All Jason knew was that the witch lived in a part of the forest where the land didn’t follow the seasons. It was autumn now and the trees around him reflected it, casting the world in red and gold hues as Jason moved through it. 

Jason knew what his instructions had meant when, without warning, it was winter. Snow falling around him, the world eerily silent. Jason turned to look behind him, breath fogging the air and he saw no signs of fall, only the dark tree trunks and the bright white snow. 

Jason hopped off his horse and grabbed a fur, draping it over his shoulders so he could stay warm in the chill. He mounted again, letting his instincts guide him now that there was no longer a path. 

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The Lady of the North

Initially inspired by an imagine from @imaginelegolas

Tags: Legolas x character, Lord of the Rings

Ardinel is entirely fictional, as is her kingdom and those who dwell in it. I have tried to create within the plausible realm of Middle Earth, but I do not promise perfect accuracy. All other characters/names/places are not mine and are copyrighted. Hope you enjoy.


                                            CHAPTER ONE

“You are welcome in my hall, Ardinel, daughter of Elden. You have come far to reach my lands. The journey was not too strenuous, I hope.”

Ardinel bowed to the Elf-king. “My father sends his greetings, Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm. The passage south has become much easier in the absence of the Dragon. The land is not as desolate as it was.”

“What brings the Lady of the North to Mirkwood?”

The king had been nothing if not courteous, but Ardinel selected her words with care. Her father had warned her about Thranduil’s inconstant temperament. “I come seeking the wisdom of the Elvenking,” she told him. “My father, Elden, sent me.”

Thranduil observed her shrewdly. “And what wisdom would the Lord of the Northern Lands ask of his southern kin?”

“We are beset by enemies, lord King,” the Elf princess said plainly. “Enemies we do not understand. You have fought many wars, and seen much. My father sent me in the hope of divining what sort of beast we now face, and how they might be fought.” She held back the truth of the kingdom’s danger. He will take advantage of us if he perceives our true weakness, her father had said.

Soft footfalls interrupted her musings. An elf strode into the hall. He was clad in the green and brown of his people, and wore two short blades strapped across his back alongside his quiver. Pale hair glided across his shoulders as he turned his head to acknowledge the king. “Father. I have disturbing news from Dol Guldur. I must speak with you at once.”

Thranduil’s brow darkened. “Forgive me, Lady Ardinel,” he intoned. “But perhaps it is better that you rest after your long journey. Chambers have been prepared for you. We will speak again.”

The newcomer turned in surprise. He had not seen Ardinel, standing as she was half-shadowed at one side of Thranduil’s hall. “My apologies for interrupting,” he said. “I was not aware you was occupied.” He bowed to Ardinel. “I am Legolas.”

She bowed in return. His eyes were bright, and they followed her keenly as she made her exit. She ground her teeth. To be so offhandedly dismissed by the king was a slight she should not have had to suffer. My kingdom crumbles at the edges, and I wait on the impertinent son of the king I have come to for aid! Indignation mingling with dread in her heart. Every day lost hastens our doom. I don’t have time to be kept waiting.


“You did not tell me your name.”

Ardinel pointedly refused to look at the prince. “I am called Ardinel, the ‘song of the wind’, Lady of Ilirien.”

Legolas bowed low. “It is an honour, Lady Ardinel.” She accepted his greeting with a nod, but did not deign to reply with the same.

He stepped up on the balcony beside her. “My father said you came to us for help.”

“For advice, yes. Though perhaps the plight of my kingdom is less grievous than I presumed it to be. Your father barely seems to think it worthy of attention.”

Far above, silver starlight glittered in the expanse of the midnight sky. “You must forgive my father,” Legolas said. “His first thought is always for his own lands, his own people.” His voice was gentle, soft but strong. Where Thranduil’s voice was wiling and deceptively smooth, the words of his son rang with earnestness. Ardinel felt some of her anger ease away.

“As is mine,” she replied. “And my people are in more danger than anyone here can know. We are ensnared in a battle we cannot win. I fear for the survival of my kingdom.”

“Surely such despair is unmerited. What is it that causes you to fear so?”

“We do not know, and therein lies our danger.” Ardinel turned from the balcony to face the Elf prince. “They ravage our cities in the night, tearing apart homes, slaughtering everything in their paths. Their bodies dissolve into shadow as soon as they are slain. Scores I have killed, and I still do not know what they are.”

Legolas looked at her in surprise. “You are a warrior, my Lady?” His eyes shone with new respect.

“We of the North have always been warriors more than scholars,” she explained. “The North is harsh, and holds many dangers that you do not face here.”

She could feel his gaze on her as she paced across the small balcony. She paused to look at him, and her eyes were drawn to his. The sound of running water echoed in the forest below, laughing along with the sighing wind.

“You carry a heavy burden. I can see it in your eyes. Is it your own destruction that you fear, or the destruction of your people?”

Ardinel raised her chin defiantly, but was surprised to hear a tremor in her voice. “I was not raised to fear. I was raised to fight.”

He had come closer without her realising. His fingers brushed her cheek, hovering behind her ear. “I did not come here to fight you.” His breath fluttered across her face.

“Then why did you come?” Her heart beat uncertainly.

His hand cupped her jaw line, guiding her face with the utmost tenderness. “Because I could not stay away,” he breathed.

His lips were warm and soft. The kiss was light, inviting rather than forcing her to be a part. She gave up trying to steady her heartbeat.

She broke away from him hesitantly. Her mind swirled with questions. “What is it you want from me?”

“I want nothing from you but what you would freely give.”

His eyes danced over her face, longing, loving, gentle and honest and pleading. She could feel her cheeks flush, but she tried to ignore it. “An answer that explains nothing.”

Legolas stepped toward her. “My father will try to deny you what you seek. He hopes to manipulate you into surrendering large parts of your kingdom in order to save what remains. I can help you. I know what it is he wants, what you can use to bargain with him.”

“And how do I trust one who offers to betray his father for my sake? There are too many questions, Prince of Mirkwood. And neither you nor I can answer them.”

She left him alone in the darkness staring hopelessly at the far-off stars.

Fic: Forbidden (1/?) (M)

Author’s note: My contribution to CS AU Week 2016, Day 4: Complete AU is here! I’m very excited to bring you this story, it’s already become one of my favs. A few warnings, however. This story takes place during the Trojan war, so please take into account the cultural norms of the times. Graphic violence, graphic sex, nudity abound. If any of that is a squick or a trigger, PLEASE do not read this story. It’s not for you. If you do choose to read, then I hope you enjoy it! I’m really proud of it. And there is more, so never fear.

Graphic credit to the lovely and kind @captainswan-with-love​ THANK YOU!

Summary: She is an Amazon. He is Greek. She is a princess. He is captured in battle. An ancient Amazonian tradition brings them together but their love is forbidden. This is their story.

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 1

He felt the world change.

Drenched in sweat, covered in dust and blood, bone deep exhaustion, nothing could compare to the warmth in his breast the moment he laid eyes on her. It was over in an instant, a sword flashing before his distracted gaze, forcing him to parry and spin. That had been far too close, but he’d never seen such sparkling green eyes before. Nor hair the color of spun gold. A goddess in armor, like Athena. Who was she? Had the gods sent her to torment and distract him? He was not ready for the Underworld just yet. Killian lost her in the chaos but he could never forget her face or the graceful way she moved, slicing threw her enemies like water. All except him.

He’d been reared on stories of the fearsome Amazons; he’d never expected to meet one, let alone a whole army of them. If they were all like his golden goddess, why bother fighting them at all?

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Carol Peletier, Beth Greene Has a Few Things To Say...

Top 10 Things Beth Wrote In Her Diary For Carol

10. Carol you lost your daughter at the very same time I finally realized that my Mom, my Stepbrother and my friends were indeed dead and therefore forever gone from my life.
That shared painful moment will connect me to you always!
Watching you twisting with grief on the ground while Daryl held you back changed me forever

9. Carol I didn’t know you very much when you lost Sophia and I was dealing with my own loss at the time BUT I wish I had taken the time to tell you I was sorry about it all.
My mother and your daughter were together in that barn and found everlasting peace at almost the same instance SO I like to think that they found heaven at the same time as well!

My mother will watch and take care of Sophia until we all get there, that I am absolutely sure of! I am sorry I didn’t tell you that - it might have helped you find some peace!
Watching how you handled the loss without allowing yourself to wallow in pity and despair that day, changed me forever.

8. Carol I was only 16 years old when I first met you and Daryl Dixon BUT even though I was young I knew what love and care looked like.
Seeing a rough man like him pick flowers for you and watching you trying to reach him from his own sense of failure, had all the hallmarks of a DEEP LOVE connection, which was obvious to everyone else but the two of you.
Watching you and him learning to trust and love again, after the horrors your lives had already put you through ,changed me forever.

7. Carol I spent the winter we were on the road watching you taking care and nurturing our entire group in every way you could think of. You took care of Lori while Rick couldn’t or wouldn’t and you two reminded me of what true friendships were really about.

I know you felt like you were a burden BUT you couldn’t have been more wrong about that. I just wish I had taken the time to let you know that I noticed and appreciated you and everything you did for us.
Watching your dedication to our well-being inspired and changed me forever

6. Carol thank you for staying calm and taking care of daddy when he lost his leg. Rick might have been the one to preform the amputation BUT daddy survived the ordeal because of what you and Lori did afterwards.

I already knew you were the heart of our new family BUT that day I saw that you were our rock as well.
Watching your cool and collected demeanor in the face of such dire circumstances changed me forever

5. Carol I know that Daryl never told you just how upset and lost he was when we thought you had died along with T-Dog and Lori that day.

Seeing the flash of pain in his eyes whenever your name was mentioned was heartbreaking BUT Daryl being like he was never talked about the devastation his heart was feeling.
However the Cherokee Rose on your empty grave said it all!
Watching him come back to life when he found you and brought you back changed me and how I thought about love forever

4. Carol I never said anything to anyone but I know you talked to Axel about leaving me alone - Carl noticed it too! He wasn’t bothering me too much BUT your protectiveness reminded me of my own mother and for that I was very grateful.
Watching you shield all of us in your own way warmed my heart and once again changed me forever

3. Carol I can never thank you enough for teaching me everything I needed to know about taking care of Judith properly.

Seeing and taking care of someone else’s child after losing your own in such a horrific way, must have been gut-wrenching for you BUT you never showed it and you loved her completely anyway.
Watching you put away your own pain to take care of us again-and-again changed me forever

2. Carol I didn’t know you while Ed was alive BUT I know he hurt you badly in every way he could.

You were afraid that your new found strength would waver if he was to come back into your life again BUT I have seen how much your spirit had changed and I knew you were strong enough to stand up to even bigger evils than that sorry-excuse-for a man. You always had it in you!

If push came to shove you weren’t alone anymore - you had all of us to back you up if necessary
Watching your transformation from a meek whisper of a woman to a warrior badass whose voice mattered so much, changed me forever!

1. Carol we were all suppose to be a family BUT I know there must have been moments when you felt like you were all alone.

I am ashamed to acknowledge that fact - because you loved all of us so much and yet when you needed us the most we failed you!

Daryl Dixon loves you and misses you even if he doesn’t show it AND I hope when you find each other again he will realize that you and time can’t be taken for granted anymore.

Once both of you accept that you are both worthy of true happiness and true love you’ll be surprised that your happy ending was there within reach all along…
Watching the Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon romance novel changed me forever…

Now I know the kind of LOVE I want for myself and I hope one day I meet a man whose eyes will follow me like Daryl’s follow you.