that he would take away chance for him to have family again

After their first date, she had always been cautious about what she did in public situations. It wasn’t something she was over, she didn’t feel like she could ever forget what she had done. It wasn’t like her to bait in other men and even though she knew she would never do it again, she wasn’t taking chances. She wasn’t doing anything that would have her husband and family ripped away from her.

And this date was no different.

When they had finished eating, she had let him pull out her chair and lead her out. However, her heel had been caught on the carpet and she tripped, landing with her palms down against the nearest table. It took her a second to regain composure, but when she felt a hand against her backside, she jumped up.

Her eyes were wide as she turned to Joseph, too scared to look at his expression. “I..I..” She stammered, hurrying past him. She was sure he’d think she had done it on purpose.