that he showed the great guy he is

So I remember in high school we watched clips from a tv movie version of The Great Gatsby and the only thing I (and anyone else at that time) really cared about was the fact that Paul Rudd was in it. Like, Paul Rudd, guys. When wasn’t he like… the most understated of heart throbs? I remember everyone lost their shit when he showed up. We all loved him. It was great. Gatsby who?

Only tonight did I learn that Toby Stephens played Gatsby.

I am going to have to rewatch this movie now.

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But he's not an EDM artist. He's collaborating with EDM artists. Why should his image be built around it, plus this predates EDM. I'd style him to show he's a successful, together, aware guy for a start and if he wants to wear trackies now and again great but do not make that his whole image. Right now, who cares if his streetwear is labelled/expensive? On top of the other stuff they've shoved on him. The GP see a tracksuit. They see a chav. Syco even had James Arthur say it just to make sure.

I say it should be built around the EDM world because that’s the world he’s immersed himself in.  It would look pretty ridiculous if he was walking around in one of Harry’s gucci suits singing JHO.  And like you said- it’s artists PLURAL.  JHO isn’t a one off deal.  We know for a fact he’s working with multiple EDM artists so for the time being, this is the world he lives in.  Yes, he’s wearing a lot of trackies lately, but he’s also out there wearing St. Laurent jeans.  When it comes to performing, I think his outfits have been appropriate for the venue.  How is what he’s been wearing any different from Liam accepting a Brit in a sweatshirt?  

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Please don't give up hope just yet. There are nice gay guys out there just like you who are looking for the same things as you are. Have you looked into joining a gay organization or club? There are some guys here in Chicago that meet up and go to movies and another one that meets for breakfast on the weekends. Maybe there is something like these in your community. Another way of meeting nice people might be with volunteer groups like Habitat for Humanity. Please don't give up hope. John

Those sound like really good options! And I’ve been to a couple a long time ago! But my problem right now is more so that multiple times I’ll meet a guy and he’ll say stuff like “I had a great time on our date we should definitely do something again” and everything will be going well and he’ll be showing interest and then out of nowhere he seem very uninterested and I’m left wondering what changed or what I did and so I’m just in a place where it seems like no guy will actually like me and want to be with me

With all the ugly, terrible and untrue things that have been said about Norman this week. I feel some have forgotten what a sweet, funny and caring guy he is. So tomorrow we are going to remind everyone what a great guy he is. Pics, gifs, clips, stories. Anything that shows what a great dude he is please send in. Let’s show good ole Normie he still has fans that love and care about him. ❤

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I just went on a date w a boy and it was my first date ever and he was so cute and very kind and it actually went super well!!! I have this issue where I don't like eating in front of people and by the end of the night I already felt okay enough to eat in front of him...I told some of my friends and they were so happy for me but then he never texted me back. I'm just sad bc I thought it went well but this is the second boy to drop me in a month...:(

ok that sounds adroable! im sure if you felt so comfortable with him and had such a great time that he felt the same way… the thing with some guys (and some girls #feminism) is that they try to act like theyre not into you because theres a stigma that caring shows weakness(false weakness is beautiful) and he just wants to make u wait a bit. for some people they want to have the power in the relationship and by making you wait then that could be his way of taking the power:// humans r confusing. i hope this helped/kinda explained things but please keep me updated:) hope everything goes well.


I just wanted to say kudos to the crew for the way they animated Yuuri crying

Crying is ugly and messy. People don’t look their best when crying. But in so many animated shows and movies, I feel like a lot of the times, even when a character is full-out bawling, they still look flawless. But here, they actually made Yuuri’s crying face so… natural. Yuuri’s a pretty attractive guy, but when he starts crying, he doesn’t look so great (no I’m not calling this boy ugly lol, just saying that his attractiveness dropped a bit with his crying face, as it should). His face is distorted, his eyebrows are knit, his eyes are scrunched up, his face is flushed, his lips are almost quivering at moments. Aside from the Ghibli Tears™ (which I honestly love, the large tear drops always have a nice artistic and emotional impact for me personally), this is a very realistic cry.

Also I really appreciated this moment…

I always feel better after a good cry, and I’m glad Yuuri feels the same and that he has no shame in crying

I love Yuri on Ice :’)

I'm Yours (NSFW)

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Imagine: Newt gets jealous of all the male attention you had gotten on a night out, becoming frustrated he shows you who knows you best. 

Author’s Note: Okay, real talk, if you were in a relationship with Newt I think he would be confident and cocky as fuck. Anyhow, tell me what ya liked, what ya didn’t. Cheers legends, also 1,500 of you guys actually like me so that’s questionable. Also this is the first smut I’ve ever written so don’t be mean, I don’t think it’s that great but I wanna hear what you think!

Word Count: 1483

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Newt Scamander is my ideal boyfriend because:

-he loves animals, real or unreal. for a girl who’s always wanted to be a cryptozoologist, he’s my soulmate. 
-he’s awkward, goofy, shy and that makes him sexy unlike the guys who look great and tend to come with a great ego problem as well
-he knows SO MUCH about magical creatures and he’s neither arrogant nor a show-off.
-he has trouble expressing what he feels which means he won’t rush things in a relationship.
-but when he loves, he loves truly, madly, deeply- he still carries his ex’s picture with him & thinks about her even though it wasn’t a healthy relationship. 
-his heart is in the right place, no matter what
-he has this inherent goodness and he knows most people aren’t like that. he knows humans are the most vicious creatures on the planet and yet he doesn’t let that faze him. he’ll do his own bit to make this world a better place.
-in many ways, he’s kinda like a child who needs some hugs and cuddles.
-he’s his own person and literally lives out of a suitcase. he’ll never be too dependent or too possessive. he’ll invest his heart and soul in a relationship but he knows when his partner needs space.
-he’ll never forget a kind word or deed. fiercely loyal, with a heart of gold, he’ll always repay a kindness in his own way. he’ll never take anyone for granted.
-sweet merlin, his hair. who wouldn’t want to run their fingers through it?

that’s it. I want Newt Scamander for Christmas. Period.
(btw I’m open to mood board and fanfic requests!)

Here is a list of things that I am including in this book. Please send me my seven-figure advance.

• affluent family lives in suburb. The husband (who is a professor but also a novelist) is cheating on his wife, but he thinks it falls into a moral gray area because he is a Great Man

• they expected that their lives would be different than they are, and this makes them snap at each other with words that cut deep and carry a history, which they did not used to do when they were young and in love and the world held out its hand to them and said “COME!”

• wry aside

• several paragraphs to show that the author has read Proust or Kierkegaard

• much younger student somehow really wants to sleep with this professor novelist guy. That’s cool, great, she is the aggressor in this scenario

• sex scene containing one bizarre detail that makes you worry a little bit about the author, not in a judgy way, just in a does-he-actually-think-this-is-how-that-works?-how-has-he-been-married-for-six-years? way

I’ve noticed a contrast between people who still like Sherlock, and people who think it’s changed in a bad way. I think the ones who are disappointed have been surprised, because they assumed Sherlock would follow the all-too-common arc of shows that let the (white) (male) lead be cruel and petty and dismissive, and people find it funny because he’s the hero! He’s soft at heart! He’s a genius, that’s why he’s so mean–no one understands him! That does happen a lot. And if that’s what the show was doing, it’d be awful.

But I believe Sherlock is actually meant to be a show slowly subverting that awful trope of the genius white guy who gets away with everything. Greg Lestrade lays out the show’s character arc in the very first episode: “Sherlock Holmes is a great man. And one day, if we’re very lucky, he’ll be a good one.” BBC Sherlock is the story of how Sherlock becomes a good man.

That’s why in this iteration of Sherlock, John Watson isn’t a sidekick, not just a biographer; he’s the one who keeps Sherlock right. Who teaches him to change his focus from solving the crime to saving the life. Who repeatedly reminds him to think about the effect his words have; who teaches him kindness and respect and self-sacrifice. Slowly, Sherlock changes, from the man who took to heart Mycroft’s idea that love is a dangerous disadvantage, to the man in Season Three who holds the hands of a heartbroken client and shouts at the man who took advantage of her; who (according to John’s blog) takes a case just to get a woman out of a loveless, abusive marriage so she can be with her true love; who cries on the stag night when a client talks about lost love. Who gives his life for love of John. He’s learning to be softhearted; slowly. He’s not all there yet. This next season will change him again.

Some fans of Sherlock think the show’s lost it’s way. They’re the ones who came for the “pissy white dude” show. They loved his snarky, bitter, biting defensive act in Season One. They thought it was funny. By and large, they’re the ones who couldn’t stand Season Three, because he’s changing; we’re seeing him becoming kind, humble, patient, giving. That’s a part of his character that’s still growing, not fully developed, but slowly unfolding–mostly thanks to John.

We have yet to see what they’ll do with his character in Season Four, but they’ve promised to dig into the ghosts of his past, the things that have made him cold, and closed. They gave us a view of their end goal when they created The Abominable Bride, which textually is all about the ways in which Sherlock’s ignored, devalued and dismissed the feelings, contributions, capabilities of the extraordinary women who surround him, and John’s as well, sometimes; and subtextually is about his inability to show emotion, not to be vulnerable and tender; his claim that it’s a choice, a self-improvement and the reality that it’s a wound and a flaw that needs healing. This is a deep subversion of the hard-edged hero trope. This is turning it inside out and upside down; he becomes who he’s meant to be not by being above everyone, but by learning how much he needs them.

And that’s why I also believe that none of the romantic set-up between Sherlock and John was meant as a joke. What they’re writing is, again, a subversion of queerbaiting, no-homo bromance shows. Any moment that the audience could take as a joke (John’s jealousy of Irene and Janine, Sherlock’s jealousy of Mary and Sholto; John being confronted with his feelings at Battersea, Sherlock being faced with his on the dance floor at the wedding) isn’t funny to the characters. A good look at their faces shows it’s perfectly serious to them–and heartbreaking. And as the “jokes” get more and more serious and the relationship between John and Sherlock becomes more deep, more tender, more romantic and self-sacrificing, the casual audience becomes more and more uncomfortable because it isn’t funny any more. Some of them start to fall in love with John and Sherlock’s love; start to see it. Others leave the reviews we’ve all read about how “this isn’t like Sherlock”–“Why does it look like they’re about to kiss?”

Because they are. Gatiss and Andrew Scott are gay; Benedict’s portrayed gay characters multiple times with sensitivity and depth. Martin’s played a gay man before and kissed men onscreen. Moffat’s written two detective couples before, one explicitly a Holmes/Watson pair, who are queer and in love. They wouldn’t bait an audience. They wouldn’t make love between their leads a joke; they’d make it a mystery, a revelation, a tale within the tale. They promised terror and romance and adventure this coming season. “The story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures” is what the audience came for, but the bigger story Sherlock promised at the wedding is approaching its climax now.

Another thing I love about Yuri on Ice Yuuri’s glasses aren’t an aesthetic thing. They aren’t there to show as cute little nerdy guy. He just really can’t see well without them. When he takes them off to skate it’s not to show he’s a gorgeous confidant man (he totally is tho) NOPE, he takes off his glasses because it would be impractical to wear them while skating. He probably doesn’t wear contacts because he doesn’t like them. It’s great.


The black eye that Chris Pine sports in Star Trek Beyond is apparently real, courtesy of Idris Elba.

“It was great. He gave me a black eye, and that was fun, and we used that. He’s a big guy and we tussled and threw some fake punches.” —Chris Pine

“He tried it with me, man. I was like, ‘Boom, have that.’ He’s a show-off, man. We could have covered it up; he just wanted to show everyone that he had a shiner.” —Idris Elba

Lead Role (Phan Smut)

Summary: Pastel!Dan get’s the role in the school’s production of Alice in Wonderland and Punk!Phil shows him just how proud he is.

Warnings: Smut, Daddy!Kink, no specified ages but Dan is younger and they’re in HS. 

A/N - Send in prompts guys! i enjoy smut on occasion but i definitely prefer to write fluff, idk why<3

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“Another great issue of RHATO that builds on the previous issues but also Jason’s overall history in the DC universe. Jason’s time in Arkham and the skills he learned there to cope with his trauma come into play in a major way while his relationships with everyone are tainted by his experiences with Bruce. One of my favorite things about the issue is how it shows that Jason is very much the heart of RHATO, and not just because his name comes first. He cares for his team, even if they don’t realize that they are a team yet. It’s astounding when you think about Jason’s background and all the truly awful things that have happened to him and it’s what makes this book stand out. Yes, almost every hero in the DC universe has had some epically bad trauma but few have been through the brutality that Jason has endured on both a physical and emotional level and still find it in themselves to give a damn about the world around them. That he does is pretty phenomenal and makes the character, and the book, one of the more complex and truly heroic ones out there.”

-Reviewer, Belleburr

however the one thing i am completely sure off, is that jess is the guy for her. logan was always supposed to parallel christopher as the man who always wanted more and never seemed to settle for the great things he already had, no matter how much he might’ve wanted it.

jess was the punk ass kid who grew up to become a down to earth, beautiful man who inspires other people and will always be there for them. he was always meant to parallel luke.

so yeah. jess is rory’s guy. those final scenes in fall were definitely meant to show us these parallels.


“The character of Kylo Ren was one of the most challenging characters because he sort of embodied what this movie was. It was a new story, a new personality created from the DNA of what had come before. But because he was the villain it meant that he was in the shadow of Darth Vader, one of the great villains in cinema history. So we embraced Vader. We made our bad guy aware of Vader, as he would be living in a post-Vader time and made him the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo. And in doing so, continued another Star Wars tradition of having really screwed up families. […] But we wanted to show how ruthless he is, which we do here. Not just in the killing of Lor San Tekka but also in his freezing of the blast. We wanted to show that he was the real deal. That he was incredibly Force-strong.”  - J.J.Abrams


I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly the Louie side of the fandom adopted Steve Aoki and our complete rejection of James Arthur. And it’s actually startlingly simple: Steve Aoki showed, from the word go, that he genuinely loves and respects Louis Tomlinson. He came in to our lives by flying across the world (skipping winning an award) to perform Just Hold On with Louis to honor Jay. Then he started speaking. And we learned that he’s a great guy. But we never would have cared without his apparent love for Louis.

Contrast this with James Arthur who talked shit about Louis and 1D in the past, who’s made all sorts of problematic statements, and now thinks that a Twitter follow is going to garner the same support. You forgot one thing: we’re elephants with receipts. You don’t get to talk shit and expect us to forget. We wont.

BONUS POINTS to Steve for continually talking about how awesome the fandom is and how any artist would kill for this kind of support. 

The Overwatch Guys as Dads

Soldier 76:

  • This guy was meant to be a dad
  • he doesn’t feel that way 
  • he reads ALL the books 


  • Can he even have kids? 
  • He actually is not that bad as a dad 
  • ones of those really badass ones that will do their kids hair (Which comes out terrible) but beats up anyone who comments on it 
  • Is a master at building forts 


  • Such a peaceful guy…. not sure if he can have kids either?
  • always setting up his kids to tease Hanzo
  • takes them a long with mediation to try and show them how but they end up messing with Zenyattas orbs


  • he has such calm kids 
  • probably played a lot with Genjis kids 
  • also reads all of the books 
  • always wants to make sure his kids are comfortable with what they do 


  • dont even get me started on him 
  • Such a great dad 
  • lots of hugs
  • always has the best stories 
  • his kids all love hasslehoff
  • HUGS


  • Kids are as crazy as he is 
  • same wild laugh 
  • not too fond of showers
  • love explosions just as much 
  • maybe a little bit too much 
  • they get in trouble more than their father tbh 


  • Can you imagine tiny little roadhogs running around 
  • they’d have the masks and everything 
  • i cant 
  • I still hate roadhog though 
  • cute kids though 


  • ??????
  • ???
  • ??????
  • well maybe it would be cute to get him those little wind up robots 
  • he would sit in the middle of them 
  • Then zarya would crush them 


  • would usually wonder if his actual babies were in fact turrets 
  • but he has actually 8 or 9 kids 
  • He makes them all learn how to build turrets 
  • they all call reinhardt uncle or grampa 
  • thought they’re the same age


  • No time for kids when you have science
  • Tracer is enough for him


  • Daddy wild west 
  • Totally read to his kids all the time 
  • loves watching old western movies with them 
  • gives them piggyback rides all the time 
  • loves dressing them up like a cowboy 
  • they end up picking his accent 


  • Kids are like zenyattas
  • super calm 
  • love his tattoos 
  • eventually learn how to master the dragons on their own 


  • Such a cool dad 
  • makes them music all the time 
  • takes them to his concerts 
  • They call D.VA their aunt 
  • super cute
  • have the dreads and everything 
  • have lots of pet frogs 

My kid got into Yuri on Ice by repeatedly walking in on the second half of episodes and refusing to leave unless I let them watch it with me. So we’re watching all the episodes from the beginning together. Here are some choice reactions so far:

First episode

“Yuri is sad! I want to hug him!“ 

"When does the guy he love show up?" 

"Ha! Butts are hilarious!" 

"But now Victor is going to be Yuri’s boyfriend right?”

2nd ep:

“Victor loves Yuri!" 

"Yuri is too cute." 

"I don’t like this other Yuri. He’s mean.” Russian Yuri sees the Tiger shirt “Oh he is cute and I love him and I want that shirt!" 

"Yurio is great name and he’s angry and cute!”

 "Yuri is too adorable!“

3rd episode (so far, we’re halfway through): 

opening bit where Victor is talking to Yuri about his Eros "So they are already boyfriends right?”

 "Yurio is beautiful.“ 

"Oh Yuri! You will win! You are already boyfriends with Victor!”

Let’s talk about Dustin.

They could’ve easily made him the stereotypical “chubby friend” who just loves food, says dumb things for comedic effect, and is one who gets picked on by the rest of his friends.  This trope is so common in films about groups of young friends, guys or girls, mostly young and high school aged.  But they didn’t do that.

This kid is smart.  He has an imagination.  He’s open to all possibilities.  He’s observant - he’s the one who noticed the compasses.  

Yeah he brought food for their excursion, but not because he’s obsessed with it or he brought it all for himself.  He was being logical.  If they were gone for a while or doing anything strenuous, yeah they’d need energy.  Candy, chips, fruit, and trail mix.  

The only thing he gets made fun of for is his lack of front teeth, and it’s only by the two bullies at school.  His friends aren’t “pity friends”.  

tl;dr Dustin is the most beautiful little cinnamon roll