that he showed joy in seeing the both of them

Now I’m thinking of Eggsy first seeing Harry in Kentucky and realizing, he can’t speak. At first being confused and shocked, thinking they have it wrong. But no, the bullet did extensive damage to the Broca’s area, all the centres of language and speech gone. It’s likely he will never regain full use of it.

And I’m thinking of Eggsy being determined to be able to communicate with Harry. Harry, who knew sign language since he was 22, communicating with Statesman staff his needs, thoughts, wants. But he leaves out the emotion; they say his face is devoid of any indication of what’s going underneath. They bring him what he asks for, he says thank you, and he is polite and cursory and–empty. So, Eggsy learns sign language.

He watches videos, asks Merlin for help, to teach him gestures and their meanings, and catches onto the basics right away. He knows Harry can hear him just fine; he wants to hear Harry again. Maybe not in the way he had before, but it’s something. When he thought he had nothing left of Harry besides an empty house, a will, a name that he kept trying to fit into.

So, he learns. And he learns the rhythm of Harry’s hands, how elegant and graceful they are. Just like he was. It’s amazing, Eggsy thinks, once he pays attention. And a few weeks after they first lay eyes on each other, Harry is able to tell Eggsy, Hello, Eggsy. I am happy to see you.

And it’s amazing, it’s brilliant, it’s makes happiness unfurl in his chest like ribbons–and it’s not enough. Merlin told him: half the language is in the eyes, the expressions. Harry says he is happy. But it doesn’t seem to reach his eyes.

Merlin has known it as long as Harry, talks with him, waits and watches his hands, nods, a hand over his face. Whiskey tells him one night that his aunt was born deaf and mute, that he’d known how to use sign language all his life, that he was the first one to talk to Harry, a real conversation. Harry didn’t have many of those, Whiskey tells him, almost sadly, staring at his glass. But he tried, he said.

But Harry doesn’t let on more than what his hands give. He doesn’t show Merlin or Whiskey or the staff what he’s thinking besides what he wants them to know. But when he sees Eggsy–oh, when they both finally find each other through the glass, Eggsy knows that look: baffling disbelief and hesitant joy, the smile that flashes across his face, timid and small, and falls away just as quick. But Eggsy saw it, he knows he did.

Merlin tells him, hand on his shoulder like he needs to steadied for this, that Harry isn’t who he was before. That whatever Harry endured, whatever he suffered, has made a home in him. And they should not set their hopes too high.

Eggsy doesn’t believe in a life without at least a bit of chance, a bit of foolish hope.

Eggsy comes to know all the ways Harry’s eyes scan the room, the hard line of his mouth or the soft fall of it, his posture as approachable or tenuous. The gentle tap of Harry’s finger on the inside of his wrist, hand dropping on his shoulder, resting on his elbow, his back. He knows what’s urgent, what’s merely conversational–what’s meant to just be between them.

Their own little language. Things only Eggsy comes to know. They can speak in glances, touches and cues. Eggsy wouldn’t say he knows what Harry’s thinking intuitively… but there’s something they have that Merlin can’t replicate, that Whiskey never got out of Harry in all the months he spent in the cell with this stranger, trying to let him know he wasn’t alone.

And slowly, slowly, the happiness reaches Harry’s eyes. Fleeting smiles, frowns come and gone in the blink of an eye; raised brows, corners of his mouth curving up the barest amount, fluttering eyelids, turn of his head as Eggsy laughs and Harry listens to him.

Eggsy sees it all.

And when Harry motions for him, Eggsy watches his hands, his face, waiting before he answers. And he listens; and he hears Harry.

BTS Reaction to Taking Care Of Their Baby While The Other Parent Is At Work



“Jin you’ve got this if you can handle five grown children and one grandpa then you can handle a baby.” 

When you came home you found his asleep on the couch while the baby rested next to him, asleep as well.  

(gif not mine) 


“Guys, I’ve got my kid for the day. If you guys come over I will kill all of you…except Jin-Hyung. He’s fine.” He would text to the group chat. 

The whole day Yoongi would try to keep his child occupied. When the baby would fall asleep Yoongi would take that chance to get a little work done, but when the baby was up Yoongi would give the baby his full attention. You would come home to see Yoongi asleep in the chair next to the crib. He would hear you come into the nursery and he would sit up. 

“Oh, you’re home.” 

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The house would be filled with music as you stepped inside. Hoseok was in the kitchen, along with Yoongi, Tae, and Namjoon, dancing as your baby laughed from the high chair. 

“Jagi, I think our kid likes dancing.” 

“Hobi, he can’t even walk yet. He’s probably laughing and giggling because you guys look so ridiculous.” 

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

“(Y/N), when will you back? Oh god, it’s crying. Right, she is crying, sorry. You’re right she isn’t an ‘it’. No, don’t hang up!” Namjoon would panic into the phone. 

It would be his first time having the baby alone. He was away for another tour so he saw his daughter at four months and when he came back she was almost a year old. 

“I’m sorry that I’m not the best dad, but I’m trying,” He would tell his daughter. He would just rant to her about his problems while keeping her occupied with toys and cuddling. He would get really philosophical for a little bit before realizing that she doesn’t know what he is saying. “You’re a good listener.” he would laugh at himself for being such a dork. 

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“Okay, listen here. We are going to work on walking since that’s what mommy/daddy says should be happening.” 

Jimin would spend the time that the baby wasn’t sleeping trying to teach the baby how to walk. Eventually,  Jimin would give up and just watch shows with your son. When you came home to see them both sitting on the couch you couldn’t help but think they looked alike. 

“did he start walking?” 

“Well here’s the thing, we tried but cartoons are more interesting to him, sorry.” 

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“Shoes, check

Jacket, check

Stroller, check

Food, check

Baby, check.” 

Taehyung wouldn’t be worried about having the baby the whole day. Taehyung would take the baby to the park down the street from your guy’s house. Taehyung would chat with the mom’s there and they all would comment on how cute your daughter was. 

“She is my pride and joy,” He would tell the moms. 

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“Hyung, what should I do?” Jungkook would call Tae since Tae was obvious father material. “Occupy him? He’s asleep.” Jungkook would be nervous about spending the day with your son. Jungkook hung up realizing that he had to do this on his own. 

The day was a lot for him but he enjoyed taking care of his son. Jungkook suddenly realized that you took care of the baby all alone a lot since he was gone for work. 

As you walked through the door you were bombarded with ‘thank you’s 

“How do you do this every day, alone? I will be around more, I promise. Today was so much work, I’m surprised you haven’t gone insane. Thank you for not hating me since I leave you alone a lot.” Jungkook would ramble but you would just roll you eyes since he was overreacting. 

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BTS REACTS TO: Seeing you at the airport after months apart

Anon Asked: BTS reaction to you meeting them at the airport after months of being apart because of them being on tour and you running into their arms to greet them while smiling and crying?

Cue corny romance movie background music - Admin Dayna


Boarding off the plane and grabbing his suitcase was routine by now. He put no thought into the process, and he was one track minded on getting in the car with the boys to head back to the dorms and order food. You waiting for him just outside the airport automatic doors caught him completely by surprise. You stood there, tapping your foot. Anxiety and impatience getting a better hold of you. Jin’s face lit up the second he saw you, but when you saw him, you erupted into tears instead. The sudden burst of emotion caught Seokjin completely off guard. You ran into his arms, sobbed into his shirt – it has been far too long since the two of you had been apart. Jin soon enough found himself tearing up too.

“Ahhh, [y/n]… why are you crying?”

“I missed you, Jin…”

“You’re going to make me cry too!”

“Cut it out!”

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“My grandparents’ wedding in ‘59. My grandfather passed away last month, and every time I look at this picture I see how deeply he adored my grandmother. Their relationship showed me how to love another person with everything you have and still have enough left over to love them even more the next day, and through every trial life brings. This picture is representative of all the joy that encompassed their life together, because they were best friends both before and after they fell in love, and right up until the very end.”

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Negan’s only wife, and you have two young kids together, and he keeps them very sheltered because she is like the exact opposite of him, like very quite, soft spoken, and kind and stuff, and he doesn’t want his family to see him be brutal, but one day they watch him kill Spencer when he goes to Alexandria and she’s really scared of him, but he promises her that he would never treat her like that, and that he loves her. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Reader

Warnings: language. death. angst. (grab a tissue)

Note: for reasons, Rosita will not be shooting at Negan even though we all know she does, but for this just please pretend.

“Psst.” You heard a quiet voice say as you felt a pinger poke softly against your cheek. Falling slowly from your sleeping trance, you glanced up to see your four year old son Connor sitting next to you. Sitting up quickly, you watched him in concern and attempted to assess how he had gotten out of his room.

His eyes were puffy as his tiny fists rubbed against them. You could tell he had been crying, and your heart swelled with grief. Pulling Connor into your lap, you rubbed his back softly as he started up his cries once again. Rocking him back and forth, you asked him a question through his cries.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I saw a request with a small human reader being stuck with a few robots. Do you mind if I request the human reader trying to get along with said robots after the event? Such as following them around like a duckling with its mother and asking them questions about themselves


  • Rung adores the small child and is excited they’re finally opening up! 
  • He’s kind and patient, answering any and all questions they ask. He especially likes to tell them about his model ships.
  • Megatron is more awkward. He’s hesitant to answer questions about himself, and will turn the conversation around to learn more about the child.
  • He gets nervous when they’re trailing behind him, and lets them ride on his shoulder so they don’t get stepped on or lost.


  • Cyclonus usually gives short, one-word answers. Until the child asks about where he’s from; then he tells them about his Cybertron. It makes him sad to think about it, but it’s also a relief to talk to someone about it.
  • He also makes up great bedtime stories.
  • Tailgate carries the little one all over the Lost Light, chattering away about anything and everything.
  • It tickles him pink when they copy him. He shows his duckling off to everyone at Swerve’s bar. Look! Look how good and cute they are!


  • Rewind records the child following Chromedome around. Half the time Chromedome doesn’t even notice either of them until he hears Rewind giggling.
  • Movie nights become educational video nights. Hooray…
  • This is their sparkling now; their pride and joy. It’s rare to see the little one with out at least one of them. 
  • They are both doting parents. Chromedome is especially protective when it comes to the bigger, more dangerous bots (Whirl…)


  • Ratchet actually doesn’t get impatient with all the questions. He’s used to having students, and will let the child follow him as long as they don’t get in the way. 
  • Sometimes he’ll ask them to hand him something while he’s working, then look over to see the Itty-Bitty struggling to pick up a wrench. Oops, he forgot they were a human for a sec…
  • Drift doesn’t like to talk about his past; he mostly talks to the child about faith. He teaches them about auras, healing crystals, and meditation. He believes spiritual health is just as important as physical health.
  • Speaking of health, Ratchet does weekly check-ups on the little one. They complain about how long and boring it is, but they get candy afterwards.
Brendon Urie x Reader : Date With A Dork

A/N: Despite what the request says this is still a gender neutral fic my lovelies! :) Requests, comments, and questions are accepted as always. I love you all, thanks so much! 2 more followers and then I hit my first 100. Thank you!!! The past month has been amazing, and I’ve loved writing fanfic for you guys! You’re the best.  

Anonymous said:
Hi!! Could I get an imagine where the reader is a YouTuber and Frank or Brendon (you choose) is a huge fan of her, they meet after a concer and he asks her out?? :D

You sat on the couch of the dressing room, tapping your foot nervously, anticipating the moment when your lifelong idol and celebrity crush would walk into the room. Sure, you were almost just as famous as he was, almost, but to you, he still seemed like a thousand levels higher. You grew up listening to all the Panic! At The Disco songs. They were the band that helped you survive middle school and high school, and to think that you’d be in the presence of Brendon Urie, the actual singer and front man of your favorite band, it blew your mind. You had met him online through some DM’s on Twitter, and you texted each other, even had a video talk, and Brendon decided to send you some free tickets for some of his upcoming shows in hopes that you could make it and you two could meet and hang out later. It felt surreal.

That day you had called Brendon a couple hours before he went on stage, and he had explained to you where to go and what to do in order to find him. Zach, who you had seen in a million backstage videos and Brendon periscopes, had introduced himself to you and showed you to the dressing room, sitting you down on the couch until Brendon came out from his shower. You had agreed upon walking to a little music shop Brendon had scouted out earlier, a place where he had told you he had bought one of his favorite guitars. You were lost in thought when the door swung open and Brendon’s eyes met yours, and your heart leapt. This was really happening.

“Nice to finally see you in person,” Brendon smiled as he dried his hair off with a towel, setting it down on the ground and giving you a hug. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Looks who’s talking,” you smirked, both of you walking out the door and down the sidewalk.

“I’ve watched a couple of your YouTube videos,” he chuckled. “You’re pretty cute.”

“Cute? More like embarrassing,” you rolled your eyes. “They find it humorous when I humiliate myself.”

“Stuffing marshmallows in your mouth is humiliating?” Brendon raised his eyebrows. “Ha, remind me what humiliation means the next time you get so drunk you take your pants off on stage.”

“Well that’s actually sort of hot,” you admitted. “A marshmallow filled mouth? I don’t think it even comes close.”

“You’re too humbling,” Brendon laughed. “I think you’re great.”

“Same,” you grinned. “I’ve been listening to your music for forever.”

“Forever is a really long time,” he reminded. “That’s almost fucking eternity, you know. I don’t think my band’s even been around that long.”

“You know what I meant silly,” you gave him a playful jab in the arm.

“You hit like a girl,” he teased. “No offense to girls.”

“You sing like a girl,” you joked. “Hitting those high notes and that falsetto.”

“Really now? I never noticed! Oh my gosh,” Brendon responded, doing his best Valley Girl impression, which made you giggle. You had seen him do it so many times in his Periscopes, and even sometimes on stage.

“The show was great by the way,” you added. “I loved it.”

“Was it worth the price?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You gave me tickets for free,” you laughed. “Remember?”

“Fuck, I love it when you laugh,” Brendon sighed happily. His eyes grew wide after he realized he had just said that aloud, and it only made you laugh more. “Damn, I didn’t think-”

“No, haha,” you regained composure. “It’s fine. I love your smile.”

“Really now?” he flashed a toothy grin.

“Not like that,” you rolled your eyes.

“You sure?” he insisted between his teeth.

“Better quit it or I’ll start calling you Beebo,” you playfully threatened.

“Because heaven forbid anyone call me that!” Brendon gasped. You both burst out into laughter as you neared the music shop.

“So this is the place, huh?” you wondered as he opened the door and ushered you in.

“Yup, the one and only,” he grinned. “Damn, it’s been forever since I’ve been in here.”

“You know, forever is a really long fucking time,” you reminded.

“Shut up,” he rolled his eyes. He slyly reached for your arm, holding your hand as you walked down the aisles, and you stayed silent, but bursting with joy that he would be so kind as to show that sign of affection. You knew Brendon could be flirty, but you never knew he was this romantic.

“Look, I see a Sinatra vinyl,” you hinted, pointing towards a copy of one of Brendon’s favorite albums.

“I think I spot a Weezer one too,” Brendon added excitedly. You both drifted off to that corner of the shop and released the hand holding, so that you could pick up a Death of a Bachelor vinyl.

“You see this?” you smiled. “You’re right up there with them, Brendon.”

“That’s insane,” he laughed. “I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“It’s right there beside them,” you pointed out. “Look at you, Mr. Accomplishment.”

“Ah, you’re not too shabby yourself,” Brendon reassured. “You’ll be up there on the internet hall of fame one day. I know it.”

“Nah,” you shook your head. “I think I’ll be one of those old celebrities in the magazine showing how much I’ve aged or something like that.”

“Whatever,” Brendon chuckled.

You walked over to the guitars and picked one up, handing it to Brendon. It was a lovely acoustic, and Brendon just looked at it and smiled. “Play something,” you begged. “I want to hear you.”

“You just did? Remember? About an hour ago?” Brendon reminded.

“No, I mean just you and me,” you persisted. “Right here, right now.”

“If you insist,” Brendon sighed, sitting down on a stool and strumming a couple chords. “Oh shit, what do I even sing?”

“Jesus loves me more than he loves you,” you joked.

“Oh I think that’s going to be featured on our next album,” Brendon teased. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone yet. It’s going to be the second single after Pirate Love.”

“That one you wrote with Kenny?” you giggled.

“That’s the one,” Brendon nodded. “Swab my deck!”

“Brendon!” you squealed.

“I’m just playing around,” he reassured. He strummed a couple chords and then hummed, starting to sing. It sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until he sang the first few words did it register what song it was. “I’m just setting, I’m just setting a trap. And I’m not pulling, no, I’m not pulling for ya-”

“You’re just pulling at me,” you chimed in.

“I’m not a betting man, but this is a sure thing,” you both grinned as you sang the words together. “Bababadadadadabababadada, I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…”

“So many places,” you laughed.

“That you might say I’ve seen it all,” Brendon gave a goofy face.

“But my favorite place is the warm embrace, of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall,” you both sang out the lyrics playfully. “Everything I do is bittersweet, you could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat, I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak, it feels like we’re pulling teeth. So bittersweet…” Brendon strummed a couple elaborate chords and you both laughed, until he put the guitar down.

“So you know all the words,” he smiled. “I like that.”

“I love that song,” you sighed. “Vices and Virtues bonus tracks are literally the best.”

“That’s what they all say,” Brendon smirked.

“So, any bonus tracks for Death of a Bachelor?” you raised your eyebrows, hoping to possibly pry some information out of him.

“I already fucking told you y/n, you’re not allowed to ask anymore questions about the new Beyoncé collaboration,” he groaned playfully. “That’s strictly between Queen Bey and me, got it?”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

“Is that a good thing?” he wondered.

“It’s amazing,” you reassured, and almost instinctively, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He bit his lip trying to suppress a smile, and you skipped over to the rack of CD’s, pretending nothing had happened. An employee who was restocking some of them looked at you.

“Were you the one with the lovely voice?” he wondered.

“Nah, that would be Brendon over there,” you explained. “He’s the singer.”

“You didn’t sound too terrible yourself,” the man reassured.

“You’re too kind,” you blushed.

“Hey y/n,” Brendon snapped. You turned around, surprised at the sudden sharpness of Brendon’s voice. “Let’s go, we’ve got dinner reservations.”

“We do?” you inquired.

“Yes, we do, so let’s get going,” Brendon insisted. He tugged on your arm and basically dragged you out of the store, until you reached the corner and he finally let go.

“What the hell was that all about?” you asked.

That’s when Brendon kissed you, right then and there, his lips pressed up to yours, and when he pulled away, he left you stunned. “I didn’t like the way that man was hitting on you,” Brendon shrugged. “You’re mine.”

“Am I now?” you smirked.

“If uh, you’re okay with that,” he double checked.

“You little dork,” you kissed him on the lips quickly. “You’re too adorable, Brendon.”

“Nah, you’d beat me any day,” Brendon shook his head.

“So I believe there were mentions of dinner reservations?” you reminded.

“If you’re up for it,” he shrugged.

“I’m up for anything,” you grinned. “As long as you’ll be there.”

“Are you saying yes to a date with the biggest dork ever?” Brendon wondered.

“Yes I am,” you nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Ladynoir July Day 23 - Addictive

As some point I realized what I was writing and wondered if someone had slipped me some catmint.

(Ao3 Link)

“You got the stuff?” Chat Noir asked, holding a bouquet of cosmos behind his back.

“Of course. You?” Ladybug narrowed her eyes. She had been tense all day just thinking about getting her hands on it.

He scoffed. “Duh. How do you want to do this?” He eyes her cautiously.

“We’ll make the switch at the same time.” She frowned. “No need to make this a bigger deal than it is.”

Chat nodded slowly. “Right. And neither of us tell anybody.”

“Tell no one.” She agreed.

He held out the flowers for her to take and her eyes lit up upon seeing them, a cascade of joy rising up in her at the smell of them. He nudged her with his empty hand and she quickly showed him the catmint she’d brought with her. His eyes immediately dilated and he struggled not to snatch it out of her hand.

They watched each other carefully as they moved their hands over what they wanted. Slowly they each grasped and let go at the same time. Both of them breathed a heady sigh of relief once they got what they wanted.

Chat stared fixedly on the catmint. “I’m… just going to go. Home that is. So I can… enjoy this.”

Ladybug hummed in agreement, not taking her own eyes off the bouquet.

Chat Noir jumped away and Ladybug did nothing but stand there for a moment. She jolted slightly when she finally realized she was alone. She could finally enjoy the flowers. The flowers she had been waited all day for.

She pulled off a single petal off the top of the bouquet. She brought up to her nose and breathed in deeply. The smell made her grin. She nibble on it and sighed. She needed to take it slow or else she would finish too quickly.

Meanwhile our favorite cat was rolling around on his bedroom floor batting at the spring of catmint he’d acquired. He purred as he rubbed it against his face. The feeling of euphoria he got when doing it was better than anything he’d felt in a long while.

He shifted over to his desk and got a small ball of yarn out. He had managed to snatch one from Marinette for these exact occasions. He started batting at it with one hand while lazily sniffing at the catmint he held in the other.

He purred pleasantly and wondered if Ladybug enjoyed her flowers as much as he enjoyed catmint. She couldn’t possibly, as he was getting far too much enjoyment out of this.

Meanwhile Ladybug was curled up on a roof and crying. “Why do I always do this?!”

She pouted down at the thin green stalks, the only thing left after she had eaten all the flowers. “I always eat them too fast.” She grumbled sadly. “I bet Chat uses up all the catmint so quickly though.” She sighed. “I’ll have to bring him more… and then hopefully he’ll bring more flowers.”

Mind made up, Ladybug made her way home while Chat Noir continued patiently and lazily enjoying his catmint.

Cullen Rutherford            Character Analysis

“Whatever happens, you will come back. The thought of losing you… I can’t.”  

Cullen Stanton Rutherford, former Ferelden Templar and current military adviser to the Inquisition, is a strong, loyal, and compassionate man despite his mental illness and substance addiction. During the course of the main 3 Dragon Age games (Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition) we see his character go through a lot of development due to his heart breaking story and, depending on the choices we chose to make in Inquisition, he either recovers from the tragedies he faces, or falls to them.  

During the first game in the series, we come across Cullen serving his Templar duty in the Circle of Ferelden, a place where Mages are sent to learn about their magical ability, to practise in safety, but also a place where they’re never able to see the light of day again. Due to a demon possession in the tower, some of the mages tried to break Cullen mentally. Though he was strong enough to withstand their mental attacks, once the Hero of Ferelden (the playable character in Dragon Age: Origins) freed him, he was left with PTSD and a severe hatred for Mages.  

We don’t see much of Cullen in origins, even though the game marks the start of his story, but we do see him make a return in Dragon Age 2, where he has been transferred away from the conflicts left in Ferelden and had taken a place as a Templar in the Circle of Magi in Kirkwall, also named the City of Chains. During this time, Cullen is seen as a bitter man who still has a hatred for Mages due to the abuse he suffered in Ferelden’s Circle, however he tries to not let his personal grudges interfere with his work.  

For example, when he is asked about his opinion on whether or not they should use the Rite of Annulment in the Kirkwall Circle, he questions whether it’s necessary or not. He saves the lives of 3 mages, and even when his superior officer Knight Commander Meredith asks whether he would take responsibility if they are found to be blood mages (mages that use an illegal form of magic), he says he would gladly do so. This proves just how compassionate he is, and also invokes his sense of justice. Another time this is shown is at the end of Dragon age 2 when Knight Commander Meredith orders Hawke’s (the playable character) execution. Cullen orders her to stand down due to the fact they were only meant to arrest him. Together with Hawke, he then fights Meredith. He later stands down after Meredith’s fall.  

Due to the fall of the Kirkwall Circle and Mages, both opposing sides have started a war with one another. This has caused death and destruction over the land of Ferelden, and so the Grand Enchanter of Ferelden’s Circle, and the Knight Commander of Ferelden’s Templars agreed to have parties go forth to hold a Conclave, in hopes of finding a middle ground and to restore peace. However, due to an explosion in the Conclave, it made things even worse. Especially with how the explosion caused a breach in the sky, sending demons across all the lands, and the only one who survived the explosion is the only one with the ability to close the tears in the fade and the breach in the sky with what seems to be a magical mark on their hand. With the Divine (head of the Chantry, a fictional parallel to the Pope of our real-life Church) dead, her left and right hands Cassandra Pentaghast and Lelliana along side the lone survivor created the Inquisition, an army that would surpass both the Chantry and Templars in order to restore order to Thedas, and ultimately close the breach.  

After the chaos in Kirkwall, Cullen had rallied up the remaining Templars to help restore order to the chaos. Impressed, Cassandra hired Cullen as the Inquisition’s Military Advisor, a role which he was happy to help in since he felt as though the events that happened were also his fault. During the events of Dragon Age Inquisition Cullen plays a pivotal role helping the sole survivor, later titled the Head of the Inquisition, and has quite a lot of screen time, thus we’re able to see a lot more of his character in this game. At the very beginning he states how because of how the Mages had treated him, he felt as though he pushed his anger wrongfully onto them and how he was going to try to change that. He also shows concern, saying how he wants the mages to have some safeguards not only for others but also to protect them from demonic possession.  

Later on in the game, we get to see a side of him, and the Templars, we don’t see in the other games. Templars get their powers to repel magic (used to protect themselves against mages in their Circles as well as to stop Mages from harming themselves and others) through Lyrium, a magical, addictive mineral. Due to Cullen’s time being a Circle Templar, he had his fair share of Lyrium, but before he joined the Inquisition he vowed to stop taking it, despite the withdrawals and the possibility of death. You can either encourage him to continue not taking it, or you can tell him to go back on the lyrium. This decision has dire consequences which I will go into later.  

If you chose to partake in a romance with Cullen, especially if your Inquisitor is a mage, you find that he is a loving man who has never had anyone else in his life. He’s loyal, always looking out for his family, even if he neglects to talk to them as often as he should. He’s also very shy when it comes to romance, tending to deflect complements by chuckling softly and scratching the back of his neck; however the more the two characters grow close to each other, he has such a passion for the Inquisitor that he can’t help but show it wherever they may be. He even gives you sentimental gifts as opposed to expensive ones, and in everything he does he slows his heart is yours. It’s heart breaking during the last sequence in the game, when you’re about to face the final boss, not knowing if you’ll make it, where he doesn’t even beg you to survive the fight, but orders you. He doesn’t even want to think there’s even a possibility that you won’t make it out alive.  

If you chose to romance him, at the end of the DLC he and the inquisitor can get married and adopt a dog, living a happy life together for as long as they can, always visiting Cullen’s family. If you chose to force Cullen to take the lyrium, however, he turns into a husk of his former self, going to the streets to beg for the drug. Even worse is in some reports, it’s unknown if he was given a blade or someone did the deed for him, but it is implied that he either killed himself from the addiction or someone else put him out of his mystery - leaving a heartbreaking end for the man who had been so strong up until that point.  

Overall, Cullen is a man who is loyal, kind, compassionate, and someone who puts others always above himself and his feelings. He has a strong sense of justice and hates cruelty to others, even though he himself has been guilty of doing so. He tries to fix his mistakes, always trying to become better, to get over the mental illness his history has given him, trying to get over his own personal hatred, and by doing so it shows he is a strong individual who is willing to keep on going, even when he hates everything about him.  

Design wise, his looks have changed over the series, so I will focus primarily on his current style and concept art for DA:I.  

Cullen’s armour and furs beautifully represent his heritage and status, as well as characteristics. The red and gold patterns on his over cloak suggest he is of importance, and also that he is dangerous. These colours alarm people, making him stand out from the crowd, however they’re not ornated. They also happen to be the colours of Ferelden, showing his passion and loyalty for his kingdom.  

His overcoat also has a thick, furry mane around the neck area, and this was intentional to give him the look of a Lion. His helmet that had to be cut from the game was also in the shape of a lions head. The symbolism of a lion tends to be universal; ask anyone and they’re most likely to tell you a lion is strong, a passionate leader, and most of all loyal.  

His vambraces have the Templar symbol engraved into them; a sword with trails of light appearing from either side. Whilst he is no longer a templar, this shows he has not left his history behind him. He is still loyal to Templars, knowing their joys and annoyances, and thus he carries them like a hopeless romantic; on his sleeve.  

When it comes to his facial features, he has bags under his eyes; both from his age and all the stress he has been put through over the years. A scar upon his top lip shows he has seen his fair share of fights as well. But he still takes care of his appearance, for it is mentioned in Inquisition that he styles his hair every chance he can get; and from the past games, fans are glad to see why.

The Two Sides Of The String (Min Yoongi x reader)


☆Summary: Since young age, you were destined to someone trough the red string on your middle finger. You just have no idea that your soulmate would happen to be Min Yoongi.

☆Words Count: 1.753 (oops)

☆A/N: That just crossed my mind when I was think of that chinese mitology, and I just really love that concept about a string that destined you for another person.

☆Warnings: Slight swearing cause it’s Min Fuck Yoongi on the story.


“The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmate or a destined flame.”

That was the concept your mother told you when you were 8 years old. This was the most wonderful thing in the world for a child: a thread that could not be seen but attached to someone, and no matter the circumstances, the rope would never break.
Your mother said that when your soulmate was close to you, you would feel the rope tied around your little finger being pulled. After that, you could hardly wait to feel your rope being drawn, the clear nights from when you were a child turned to thinking about your soulmate.

At age 11, you developed your first crush: a college kid from the same class as you. You believed that he was the one meant for you, but your rope in relation to him never stretched as you approached, so you just dismissed it as a possibility.

At age 13, you had your first boyfriend. It was just a childish, innocent, but nevertheless full of meaning. He was not your soulmate either, but you really liked him and vice versa. It was a relationship that, incredible as it may seem to two children at puberty, lasted two years.

When you were 15, you met your second boyfriend and a group of kpop that moved your heart: BTS. You do not know why, but something in one of the members intrigued you, he was cute and reminded you a lot of times, Min Yoongi was like it was made for you, but you knew something would never happen, even if you felt light tugging on the strings of your little finger when you looked at a picture of him or watched a video, were practically imperceptible.
So you met your second boyfriend around the same time. He was handsome, intelligent, cared for and liked you, but again, he was not the one that was meant for you, although you loved him a lot, it was not a relationship as long as the first, it was a relationship of exactly six months and It just turned out that it was not meant to be.

At age 17, you had your first kiss with your third boyfriend. Although you had already dated two other times, you had not kissed anyone. Although the kiss was special and unique, it was still not what you expected, the relationship lasted about a year. And after three years being an ARMY, you could still feel the slight tugs on your rope, did that mean anything?

At 18 you slowly lost hope of finding your soulmate and gave up on running after passions that would not give at all.
So you went to your first BTS show: they would do a show in your city and you were simply happy and anxious, it would be the first time in three years that you would have the opportunity to see them up close. Then you felt it, a pull that was not too light, but it was not too strong either. Again, did that mean anything?
In line to get into the concert, and already inside, you felt more and more the pull on your finger, strong as you had never felt. Would he finally be near you? If so…where then?
During the show, you were paralyzed with joy, excitement and hope. Both because he was there, and because you felt the tug on your finger and the tingling in your belly and the tip of your fingers. He was there, you could feel the thread on your finger completely stretched now, but where would he be?
By the end of the show, your line was still stretched and it kept pulling you.
As your attention turned to the stage, Namjoon was making good-byes, but soon your gaze turned to Yoongi, he seemed to be looking for someone in the middle, he was stunned. What was he looking for?
Then the rope got a much stronger pull, almost making you stumble, so Yoongi looked in your exact direction. It seemed impossible, but he looked at you, deep in your eyes, you wondered if it was to yourself that he was looking or someone close to you, no one but you was facing him that way.
He smiled at you, perhaps as you had never seen in a video or photo.

At 20, the pull you felt on that day had never repeated itself, making you no longer hopeful again. Where was the other person on the other side of the string?
There’d be a fansign in your town, BTS had come back. As you prepared the things you would take, like your album and some gifts, not much of course, you felt the tug again. But why would it be pulled back with that intensity again?
Something inside you said you would find your soulmate today, where would he be? Near to you? If yes, where?
Already where the fansign would be and already close to the BTS boys, you felt your hands sweating with the closeness, and you felt even more the pull on your little finger.
The first in the line was Jungkook, he had been kind to you and had accepted the gift you had given him: a little plush rabbit.
Every time, you fought the urge to look at Yoongi at the end of the table, on the other side. As you passed each of the boys, who were kind to you and super well-mannered, you felt the thread on your finger forming what looked like a straight line now, where? Where would he be?
At the end of the line, you can not hold the smile on your face or the tingling in the stomach, and head still low, you handed the album to Yoongi sign, and separated your gift to him by your side.

-Your name?
- (Y/N)…(Y/L/N)
-Thanks. Ah, here, I brought something for you, not much, but I hope you like it.

And you finally raised your head to look and you can feel your breath get caught in the throat and you realized that he had the same reaction, so he smiled.

-What is?
- It’s a necklace…

You gave the little box to him containing the necklace with a small pendant of a musical note.
Yoongi seemed to open his smile more than was possible and he lowered his head, you do not know how long, the only thing you knew, is that the wire on your finger was completely stretched toward him and gave it a strong tug.
And you’re sure he felt it too, because at once he raised his head again and asked to you.

-You…did you feel it, too?
-Oh…The pull?

He just said a low “yes” and you nodded affirmatively.
Which made him smile from ear to ear and then he took hold of your hand. The touch making a small electric current flow through your body.
Of all the people in the world, of so many countries, cities…he was the person you had waited for years.
Min Yoongi.

-From so many things that I spent in my life, so many possibilities, after so many problems and imagining getting to know you, knowing how you were and knowing what your voice was like, I did not think I’d find you here. It was you at the show, was not it? Three years ago? You felt it too, didn’t you?
-Yes, at the time of farewell, when you were thanking everyone and you looked …
-…To the middle of the lane, I knew it was you, I felt the pull on my finger all day. Both that day and today.

As impossible as it could be, his smile widened as the grip on his hand grew stronger and you saw tears of joy form in his eyes.


Oh, his name came out so well in your voice, he thought for a moment wondering if it was a dream.
A staff soon came, cutting off the moment completely.

-Ms, you’re messing up the line. Yoongi, is everything okay? Is she bothering you?
-No, it’s not…
-I have to go, I don’t want to disturb anything.

You spoke arranging your things and getting up to leave, but his hand stopped you, preventing you from doing anything or leaving.

-No, no…please.

The staff alerted again, and you may notice that she was prepared to call security to get you out.
Smiling at him and with a tightness in your heart, that there would be the first and last time you would see him, you released your hand from his, causing an intense tug to happen. And you left there before you got kicked out.

-NO! (Y/N)! WAIT!
-Yoongi, you need to stay here.

Warned the staff. It made Yoongi’s blood boil and he looked at her intensely, pissed off.


He got up with every strange he had, which made everyone turn towards him as they watched him run towards you.
You hadn’t gone far enough, so it was easy for him to reach you, grabbing at your wrist to stop you and you gasped in surprise as his arms wrapped around your waist and his head into the crook of your neck, which made everyone there present, and there were too many people, to be surprised and screams echo all around.

-Please, don’t go, I’ve waited too long for you, I can not let you just go after finding you. And this is very stupid because everyone is looking at us now but I don’t fucking care about it. Please, don’t go.

You can feel the tears he was pouring wet your shirt, and you can just smile and wrap him in a hug.

-I’m not going anywhere, I’ve waited so long for you that it hurts to stay away from you now that I know who you are. And I would never have imagined it.

After these events, the news about BTS Min Yoongi finally having found his soulmate quickly ran through every possible corner of the world and this made some “fans” dislike you and others simply love you for existing for Yoongi.
But that din’t matter, you had each other now, and nothing and no one would separate you now that you had finally met.

Old Friends ( Pre-Curse Prince Adam x reader)

Hello! An Anonymous requested this based on certain prompts: 2-“Come dance with me.” 22-“ What’s in it for me?” and 55: “ Let’s ditch this place and do something fun.” So I do hope I didn’t not disappoint. I love Dan Stevens he’s amazing because not everyone is a Disney Prince and an Xmen. So with out further a due please enjoy.

Originally posted by until-the-last-petal-falls

Tonight was a very special night. The night that you get to see your oldest friend Adam, or Prince Adam as you were told to call him. But you two were very close that you ignored formalities. He was hosting one of his very expensive parties again and your family was invited. You weren’t royalty like your friend, but your family was one of the more richer families in France. You had dressed in your best gown, it was very extravagant and it was (f/c). You even wore the necklace Adam gave you as a child. Ever since his mother died you hadn’t seen your friend as much. His father thought you were to rambunctious for his son. You weren’t too bad you were just being kids back then. The two of you would run around the castle playing pretend. The staff loved you despite what their master said. You were always so kind and respectful to them. They would say that you and Adam were like a lock and a key. You complimented each other perfectly. But then his father passed and Adam shut you out, completely. He changed from the list of his mother more but he seemed like a different person. You haven’t seen him in seven years. So you don’t know if your even going to see your friend or a stranger. But you were excited none the less. You had decided that you were going to arrive a bit earlier than what you were supposed to. So as your carriage pulled up to the castle your stomach was filled with butter flies. Your driver went up first to the castle to announce your arrival. As you stepped out, it was like stepping into an old memory. The castle had looked exactly the same, like no time had passed at all. You stepped up to the door and was greeted by a familiar face “ Hello Mrs. Potts.” You said stepping inside. She came up and embraced you in a hug saying “ Oh bless my stars! Miss (Y/N) is that really you?” You hugged back “ It’s me alright.” She backed up “ Let me look at you dearie. Oh you’ve grown up so well, and very beautiful too.” You blushed an thanked her. You heard a faint call in the background and saw a little boy who couldn’t have been more than five years old. “ And who’s this?” You said crouching down to the floor to be at the same level as the boy. “ This is my son Chip. ” she replied. “ Why hello Chip I’m (Y/N).” You said to the young lad. “ Nice to meet you miss.” He said with his hand out. You shook it and complimented him on his manners. They were much better than yours when you were his age. “ Are you the lady who’s in all those pictures the master has?” You raised an eyebrow as Mrs. Potts shook her head. “ I’m not sure I’ve never seen those pictures.” You told him. You stood up as Cogsworth and Lumier entered. “ Ah Miss (Y/N) I thought I heard your voice! See Cogsworth I told you she’d show up. ” Lumier sneered patting his friend on back. “ It is good to see you again Miss (Y/N) .” Cogsworth said. You hugged them both. You were escorted into the sitting room as you were catching up with your old friends. For such a big Castle news traveled fast. Many of the staff members came in and greeted you with joy. Even Mr.Potts came in and he was a very forgetful man. “ What is all that noise?! I thought I told you not to disturb me until…” As you turned around you saw Adam stopped in his tracks. He was enthralled when he saw you. Last time he saw you both of you were young teenagers. You had grown to be quite beautiful. “ Hello Adam. It’s so good to see you.” You said walking up to him. “ (Y/N) y-your… Your early. ” he said flustered. Not the welcome you were expecting. “ What’s a few minutes between friends?” You replied. “ Well I will see you later on tonight. Go to one of the guest rooms and I will send Plumette up to assist you in… Cleaning yourself up. I’m having very important people over and I requested that you look your best. But we’ll fix you up.” You were taken back by his statement. Why would he say something like that? “ You’re quite the charmer aren’t you?” You said crossing your arms. “ Well I need you to look more professional. You look too much like… You.” He said as if he was justified. “ And since when did you think that was a problem?” You exclaimed. “ I will talk to you later!” He yelled and walked back up to his room. Still taken back by the way he talked to you, you just stood there. Looks like Adam was more of a stranger than you thought he’d be. You headed up to his room despite everyone telling you not to. You knocked on the door and he told you to enter. “ You want to tell me what that was about back there?” You said walking up to where he was getting ready. “ What do mean?” You rolled your eyes. “ You making it sound like I’m not good enough to even step foot on the premises.” He then replied with something you did not expect, especially from someone who was your friend. “ You’re upset because I wanted you to look presentable for my other guest? I’m sorry I know it’s hard for people of your class to understand, but when you are invited somewhere you dress your best. You weren’t royalty but he had no right to say that. Full of anger you questioned ” People of my class?! Adam those are your fathers words not yours!“ He then yelled ” Do NOT compare me to my father! Now do as I said and I will talk to you LATER!“ With that you left too angry to say anything else. Later Plumette had assisted in fixing up your makeup and Madam Garedrobe made adjustments to your dress. But she made sure that they were undo able so that she could turn it back in to the dress you loved. She even questioned her self why the master said to change it. She left so that she could warm up with Maestro and left you and Plumette alone for some finishing touches. ” Plumette, how long has Adam acted like that?“ She sighed ” Ever since the king and queen died. “ you felt great sorrow for your friend he had changed so much. Later that night during the party you did your best to fit in but all of those other rich families were starting to annoy you so for most of it you just sat near Garedrobe and Maestro listening to their beautiful music and just people watching. As you watched all of the people you noticed something out of place. Adam was also sitting alone just watching everyone as well. Looks like his night wasn’t going as planned. When Garedrobe took a break to get something to drink you asked her to sing an old song that Adam and you used to dance to as kids. She agreed and told Maestro about it. When the music started back up again Adam recognized it right away. You walked up to him and held out your hand saying ” Come dance with me.“ He huffed not really wanting to do anything, this night wasn’t going how he thought it would. When he looked at you to give an answer he saw that little girl he used to play with, who was his best friend. ” What’s in it for me?“ He asked. You gave him a look that said ‘really’ . You thought for a moment what could get him to do this little action. ” You can tell me what to do for the rest of the night and I will not complain, deal?“ You said ashamed of the idea but it was the only one you had. He then grinned and agreed and he escorted you to the dance floor. He surprised you with his quite exceptional dancing skills. Both of you were having fun, just as you did when you you were kids. Though your dance skills were a little better than those little kids you once were. And he was actually able to pick you up and spin you around. You had gotten a small part of your old friend to come out from that jerk you found. When the song ended almost nothing in the room had changed just a few looks from girls either in disgust or jealousy. You thanked Adam and as you were about to leave he whispered ” Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!“ You looked back at him confused ” You said if I danced with you you would do what ever I told you and you wouldn’t complain remember?“ He said with a sly smile. You sighed and agreed. You both escaped the very boring party and sneaked out one of the many secret doors. The passage led into the garden, but there was a small ledge that you were hesitant about. A loud gasp came from you as you landed on the ground. Thank goodness you weren’t hurt and neither were you clothes. ” You were taking too long.“ Adam whined as he himself jumped down. ” You’re such a jerk Adam.“ You said shaking your head. ” I am not!“ He continued to whine. ” What happened to that kid I knew? What happened to my friend? You’re so different now.“ You said with a hint of sadness. Your Adam used to be kind, not so judgmental. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. ” In what way am I ‘different’ as you put it?“ You sighed carefully selecting your words. ” Your thinking is different. You used to think that it was okay that I liked things simple and that I was in a lower position than you. You just seem more arrogant, angry, and a little whiney.“ He crossed his arms ” I am none of those things. “ You looked at him as he realized what he said as soon as it came out of his mouth. ” I’m… I’m sorry (Y/N) if I offended you. I guess some of my father did rub off on me. If it means anything I thought you looked beautiful when you first came in. “ he said with a half smile hoping you would forgive him. ” I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I guess seeing you with a mixture of my fathers views and my love for you wasn’t a good mix.“ You snapped your head unsure that you heard him right. A: he apologized twice, and B: well did he really just say that? ” What did you just say?“ He blushed and tried to shrug it of as nothing. ” Oh no Adam. Did you just say you love me?“ You asked slightly smiling. ” No I didn’t. Stop it .“ He retorted. ” Oh my god you did. You said that you love me.“ You said poking him. As you kept poking him he grabbed your wrist angrily and did something you didn’t expect. He crashed his lips into yours. After the shock you kissed back. It became a hungry kiss very quickly. When you broke for air Adam said ” I didn’t know any other way to get you to stop talking. You were being annoying.“ You smiled as you leaned your foreheads together. ” Remind me to be annoying more often.“ There was a long silence before Adam started talking again. ” (Y/N) I was wondering if you could or wanted to spend the night here? With me?“ He asked looking down as he did. You lifted his head to look at those beautiful blue eyes of his ” Of course, I’d love to. Plus we made a deal so if you tell me too I kinda have to. Now you said we were going to do something fun.“ He laughed and led you to the stables. ” We are going to race just like we did when we were kids.“ He said opening the horses pens. ” And the winner gets to eat what ever leftover dessert they want, while the loser has no say in what they eat.“ He explained. You playfully gasped ” You’re a monster.“ You them blushed as he let out a growl and sneered. You mounted your horse saying ” You’re on your Majesty.“

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Before s4 started, I thought Madi and Flint's relationship will be cliched. That she will stay mistrustful of him for Silver's sake and all their interactions are going to involve him/revolve around him. But they did something amazing with them! I love that apart from the beach scene in 4x01 their relationship wasn't about Silver at all. They appreciated each other outside of Silver. A black woman and a gay man BrOTP against oppressive, homophobic Empire! How kick ass is that?!

there’s not a day that i don’t cry at the beauty of their friendship. at the slow, natural progress of it, going from wary and distrustful to allies to loyal friends and powerful leaders ready to burn down the unjust world and rebuild a better one together. there’s not a day that i don’t cry at the soft and subtle affection between them, at their convictions in the common cause and the strength they gave each other to see it through, at the deep understanding they shared about both the war and silver, the kind of understanding that eluded silver because he was both emotionally compromised and thus less perceptive of them and because he wasn’t as committed as they were, at the protectiveness they showed when they felt the other was threatened, at the grief they felt when they thought the other was gone and the sweet joy when they reunited… 

it’s so unbelievably well written and acted out that, even though they’ve only been by each other’s side for roughly five episodes (in s4), their relationship continued to develop off screen. they kept each other in mind while they were apart, both bent on protecting the cause and yet also keeping in mind that they needed the other not just because of the war, but because they thought the other a good person, a friend, and someone worth saving and protecting no matter what. i will never be over the scene where madi smiles as the voiceover says ‘’Flint had allies who would’ve only been emboldened by his death. Some of whom, had they the desire, could and would have fought his war without him to honor his memory.’’ not just for her people, but for him too. and i will never be over the unabashed and genuine admiration and respect flint showed her from the moment he met her.

i can’t believe they won’t miss each other something fierce now. it was such a gentle and sweet friendship, respectful and strong, even if it was brief. flint is powered by friendships with intelligent and kind people, they keep him good and alive, and she was one of those people in his life. one of the very few who had the ability to change his mind by simply quoting a line from a book at him. and i believe madi found a kindred spirit in him. someone who shared her strength of character, someone who had a good heart, who respected her people, and wanted to change the world for the better. i can’t imagine she won’t find a way to reach out and find him, if only to reassure herself silver didn’t lie and flint is truly safe and alive somewhere with someone he loves. and once she does she’ll kick down the door of his house and tell him off for leaving her before she crushes him with a hug.

UGHJADKHGS they’re so beautiful im crying again

James and Lily live...

Snapshots of the Potter Family if James and Lily hadn’t died:

  • The Potter house is huge and warm, with red brick walls and giant windows. Sunlight streams through the open curtains, and tiny specks of dust hang suspended in the warm glow of the beams.
  • The color of the walls are a slightly different shade in every room, ranging from burgundy, to gold, to chestnut, to white, and to scarlet (and just about every color in between).
  • The coloring, of course, is a result of Lily’s multiple attempts to paint the house, but getting sidetracked partway through each time.
  • The floors are hardwood (with some tiling in the bathrooms) but they’re covered in a mismatched assortment of rugs.
  • Some are large and shaggy, other are small with pretty designs, and there’s a horrid olive-green one under the couch that no one really knows where it came from.
  • James thinks the rugs are charming, that they “bring character to the house.” Lily says that she hates them (but, in truth, she has a soft spot for the hazardous appearance of their house).
  • Their house is full of family pictures, and they also have a strange painting of a daffodil yellow clad wizard fighting a dragon (the wizard is awfully loud with a high-pitched voice, but the dragon is sweet and bashful).
  • Of course, there’s cat fur over everything (furniture, clothes, everything).
  • A patchwork pile of pillows covers every piece of furniture, and blankets can be found in every inch of the house (they’re warm and woolly, a mix of nice plaid ones and some chunky, misshapen ones that Lily knitted)
  • Outside, there’s a small garden, and it’s just as much of a palette of random colors as everything else they own. There’s a big yard and giant trees that Lily like to sit beneath and watch the leaves fall.
  • The yard and house alike are strewn with Harry’s toys.
  • Lily is constantly tripping over them, and James is constantly caught playing with them when he’s supposed to clean up.
  • Harry, of course, is a bubbly bundle of joy who never stops smiling. He wears hand-me-down glasses from James, and both of them have the crazy messy hair (sometimes, Lily thinks that Harry is her Husband’s clone)
  • And their life is full of joy and little happy things:
  • Lily and James take Harry to the pond to feed ducks. The sky is kind of cloudy, but it’s warm enough that they only need light jackets. Harry claps when he sees the birds, a smile breaking across his cheeks as ducklings follow their mother. Lily shows him how to toss them bread, and he copies her, laughing as he does so. James steals some of the bread because he’s hungry, and the duck-feeding adventure quickly turns into Lily throwing bread at him while he apologizes, and Harry almost wandering into the pond to catch a duck.
  • James teaches Harry quidditch at a young age, and Lily often catches the two of them wasting the entire day in the yard tossing the balls around and red-faced from exhaustion. Harry is a natural (just as James always hoped he would be), but unlike his father, he excels at being a seeker. James tries his best to convert his son to being a chaser, but fails miserably (aka, Harry accidentally throws the quaffle too hard and breaks his father’s nose).
  • Their family dinners are always loud and happy. The dinner is usually sort of burnt b/c Lily made it and she can’t cook at all (James tells her to use magic, but she refuses). They do more talking than eating. James and Lily are smiling and laughing, and Harry rambles on about something he read/saw/did that day. Sometimes, their cat jumps on the table (cue ensuing chaos). Other times, Sirius or Remus join them (when either visits, they help cook, and the food is drastically better). Then, the dinners turn louder and fill with more laughter, interspersed with stories of Hogwarts and mischief. The table is always a mess and the kitchen is always worse, but everyone is smiling too hard to care.
  • As mentioned above, the Potters own a cat. He’s a big fluffy thing with thick gray fur and a mushy face. James named him Elvendork despite Lily’s pleas for something different, but the name fits the cat perfectly. He’s big and fluffy and grouchy, and he’s a terrible menace: always jumping on the table, knocking things over, or sleeping on people’s heads (the Potters, of course, couldn’t love him more).
  • Harry’s first day of Hogwarts begins with chaos. They forget Harry’s owl the first time out of the house, and then have to return a second time because Lily realized that he was missing his glasses too. Their time at the station is sweet and short (if not a bit chaotic). It’s full of goodbyes, and checklists, and hair ruffling (”Dad! Stop it!”), and promises of mischief (”James, don’t encourage him!”), and the promise to write every day. Then, he’s off on the train and Lily and James are both waving and kissing (and Harry is hiding his face in embarrassment).
    • Also, even though he doesn’t have the scar, he still becomes friends with Ron and Hermione. Though they meet more through a: “Can I sit here?” “Yeah sure, cool rat by the way.” “It’s a hand-me-down.” “My cat can eat it if you want.” “What?!?” “Joking. Harry Potter.” “Ron Weasley.” (and then, of course, Hermione comes in asking about toads, and later in the school year they become friends by consoling her after she’s bullied, instead of the troll thing). And they’re friends through laughter, and standing up for each other, and quidditch, and stuff like that.
  • The Weasleys and the Potters quickly start to have holidays and dinners together. Which, ofc, only strengthens Harry and Ron’s friendship.
  • And James comes to every one of Harry’s quidditch games (lets pretend parents come to watch them) (and he gets a little too enthusiastic, but Lily’s too busy being split between cheering and laughing at his gold and red face to care).
  • Also: Christmases filled with warm smells and too much wrapping paper. And there are so many people and a ton of burnt cookies, and eggnog and laughter. There are snowball fights at midnight (always including the Potters, and often bringing in Sirius, Remus, some Weasleys, and Hermione). And the day is loud and exciting, but it always ends with Harry huddled up beneath a blanket, asleep with his glasses crooked and his hair everywhere. And James and Lily slow-dancing in front of the fire (usually to non-slow-dance songs) both of them with their eyes closed, and heads on each other’s shoulders.
  • And then there are the letters for Harry’s random detentions (for which James cheers and Lily scolds, but smiles fondly). There are trips to Diagon Alley where nothing but wandering is achieved, and Lily taking Harry to experience the muggle world.
  • There are impromptu family quidditch matches, where Harry and James are super competitive, and Lily can barely fly straight. Rules are abandoned and bludgers break windows, but no one cares b/c they’re happy.
  • And then there’s Ginny and Harry’s love for her. James’ teasing and Lily slapping him because, “you pined over a girl too, you know.” There’s her loud laugh and gleeful voice, her competitive personality, the confident way she talks, and how proud, and strong of a woman she is. James and Lily love her and treat her like a daughter. And they try their best to make things as awkward between the two as possible: James teases them, and Lily always tries to show Ginny baby pictures, they do embarrassing parent things when she’s over at dinner, and James tries to scare her away with his skill at quidditch.
    • Ginny, of course, is just as good at quidditch (if not better), and as soon as he finds out that she’s a chaser James instantly loves her. (And she holds great, engaging conversations with him. IE: the mischievous part of her and the same part of his converging together).
  • And their life is full of walks in autumn: James and Lily holding hands as they watch Harry kick up leaves. Nights of stargazing where Lily falls asleep and James spends the entire night breathlessly naming constellations. Inside family jokes and traditions. Mismatched socks everywhere in the house and James taking April Fool’s to the extreme. Burnt food, and quidditch, and red and gold. Impromptu hexes and bertie botts beans. Lily and Harry making James a lopsided birthday cake (and him loving it anyway). Cat fur sweaters, and laughter, and spring cleaning (which turns into forts and pillow fights).
  • And their family is quirky, and colorful, and loud. It’s sweet, and cozy, and happy. They’re together, they’re alive.
  • And all is well.
EXO reaction when their girlfriend is finally cancer free

I know this is so late but I’m so happy for you and I think you’re so brave for being able to go through all of it and beat that horrible illness I’m so proud of you I really am, you deserve this life and anyone who has cancer deserves to beat it and live their life. I hope that’s exactly what you do now and live your life to the fullest and please don’t miss a moment of it and thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

Xiumin: *He’d be speechless, every time he’d try to speak a small surprised squeak will leave his mouth and the only thing he could do to show how proud he was of you was to hold you in his arms for as long as he could never wanting to let you go*

Lay: *He wouldn’t be able to speak he’d be sobbing tears of happiness and relief now knowing you weren’t going anywhere*

Kai: *Seeing you come home with a huge smile on your face got him confused at first but after you tell him the big news he’d jump to his feet only to sweep you off your own which ended up filling the room with laughter and smiles*

Suho: *He’d be a blubbering mess like Lay, he’d be so proud of you for winning your fight and would do all in his power to treat you for your strength and determination*

Kyungsoo: *The last 4 years of your lives would flash before his eyes and end with you standing in front of him having beaten those 4 years and left them in the dust, he’d see you as his new inspiration in life, showing him that if you could beat cancer then all his problems can easily be solved if he tried as hard as you and thanks to you his life would now have a whole new meaning*

Tao: *This would be an emotional moment for the both of you, he’d be feeling a mix of joy, relief and fear since he was so close to losing you and he never wants that to ever happen again*

Chen: *He’d like to think of this as your second chance at life and he felt it was his job to make sure you made the most of it and did everything you ever wanted to do and more*

Kris: *He always knew deep down that you could do it and knew that just like him you were a strong willed person who wasn’t going to give in, you wouldn’t be able to stop hearing from him how proud he was of you*

Chanyeol: *He’d be over the moon that you were finally okay, but this now only meant that you will never be able to have a quiet day since he’ll be wanting to do everything with you after seeing how short life really is*

Baekhyun: *Like Chanyeol he’d now want to take you everywhere and spend as much time with you as possible so you weren’t going anywhere ever again*

Luhan: *Tears of joy would start to fill his eyes as he now knew the person he cared about more than anything was now staying with him and he would make it known to you that he wasn’t going anywhere and for your valiant fight he was going to reward you with all the happiness in the world*

Sehun: *He’d take a moment staring blankly into space trying to make sense of what you just said, after it all kicks in he’d run at you only to pick you up and hug you tightly*


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Jerome Valeska Imagine #8: Jerome's Unknown Family

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: The slightest of smut

Requested: No


You sat at the table drinking your coffee as you and your son, Jay, watched the morning news.

“Wow, Jerome is really one messed up guy.” Jay commented as he watched the lunatic on tv.

“Yup, more messed up than Barbra Gordon and that Galavan chick.” You reply back.

“Yeah.” Jay chuckles, “well, I’m gonna get ready for school. I’ll be right back.”

“This time brush your teeth!” You shout to him as he walks into the darkly lit hall.

You go back to eating your breakfast and begin to remember the night Jay was conceived.


“Jerome, are you sure we should be doing this?” You asked covering your breasts with your blanket as Jerome undressed.

“Does it matter?” He said pulling off his pants and boxers. “As long as I’m with you, I’m fine.” He crawls under the sheets with you.

He begins to position himself, “are you sure you want this? We can wait ‘til we’re older. I seriously don’t mind, baby.”

You kiss his lips softly then pull away, “I’m ready, so long as I’m with you.” You giggle.

Jerome kissed you back passionately and that night you two made love.


You snap out of your daze and look at your son who’s already dressed and ready for school. “Ready?” You ask him, gathering your things and putting your purse over your shoulder.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He said as he began walking to the front door of your apartment. Once you two left for school and work, the window in your living room creaked open and someone slipped inside.


After work, you walked to the elementary school and went to go pick up Jay. You sat on a bench, remembering the night Jerome left you. You were going to tell him that you were pregnant with his baby.


Jerome came home late one evening and you had stayed up waiting for him. You ran up to him completely worried about his whereabouts. “Jerome! Are you okay baby? You look terrible. Let me get you some ice.”

Jerome sat on a seat at the dining table and waited for you to come with a pack of ice and a glass of water. You gave it to him as soon as you came. “What happened to you?”

“Got in a fight. Don’t worry about it, doll.”

“Don’t worry?! Jerome! You’re hurt and you’re telling me not to worry about it? What the hell happen to you J? You used to tell me everything now it’s like I don’t even know you anymore, Jerome. What aren’t you telling me?”

Jerome looked sideways before answering, “I was at another girl’s house.” He said.

You were taken aback, “you were where?”

He then looked at you, “I was at your best friends house. We were having sex when her boyfriend walked in on us.” He said coldly.

You could feel tears running down your cheeks already. “W-why?”

“Because Y/N, you’re boring the hell outta me. You’re not as fun as you used to be. What happened to that fun and spontaneous girl I used to know? Now you act like this adult that knows everything. Where’s your sense of adventure?”

Your fists began to clench, “get the hell out of my house!”

“What?” Jerome stood up.

“Get the hell out of my house! You don’t live here anymore! Go live with that horrible bitch I call my best friend! I don’t want you here anymore! Get the hell out of my life! I hate you Jerome Valeska! I fucking hate you!” You screamed at him.

Jerome glared at you, “Fuck you.” He said before leaving your house.

The moment your parents came down stairs to check up on you, you were already on your knees crying.

That was the last you had ever spoken to Jerome.


When you spotted Jay, you smiled and wiped the tears from your eyes. He walked up to you and noticed your eyes were a little red as was your nose, “mom, are you okay?”

“Yeah, of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?” You smile to him.

“Because it looked like you’ve been crying for a minute or two.” He said.

“I’m fine. Let’s just go home. Want to stop somewhere to get something to eat?”

“Nah, I’ve got leftovers at home waiting for me in the fridge.” He clasped his hands evilly. It hurt you that he looked and acted so much like Jerome.

You patted your sons head and led him the way home.

When you got to your apartment, you noticed the living room window was open. Suddenly you heard your son screaming in his room and you flashed to it. When you got there, you noticed Jerome standing by Jay’s homework desk. You covered your son protectively. “Jerome what are you doing here?” You asked rather calmly, knowing Jerome’s temper.

Jerome placed Jay’s award back, the he’d been looking at previously. He looked to you and walked further, only for you to back up to the door with your son. “You didn’t tell me you had a kid.”

“Why would I tell you? You cheated on me the day I was supposed to tell you.” You look him in the eyes.

It was then that Jerome’s face fell and he looked between you and your son. “He-he’s my kid.” Jerome stuttered.

You nod, still holding Jay back. The boy at this moment is still horrified and utterly confused. He looks between his mother and newly found father.

Jerome looks at Jay, “I-I, I gotta go.” Then Jerome left out of Jay’s bedroom window.

You hugged Jay tightly, “it’s okay.” You rub his back.

Jay only looks at the open window.


The next day, instead of going to school, Jay set of on an adventure and decided to go look for his disfigured father. It had been quite the journey. He’d searched everywhere. Any place this maniac could be. While crossing the street, Jay forgot to look both ways and crossed while the light was still green. As he walked, a car came zooming by and guess who happened to be there. Papa Jerome himself. He grabbed Jay and ran back to the same side of the corner Jay had previously walked from.

Jerome dusted his son’s clothes, “are you an idiot or something?” Jerome crouched down to his son’s level.

“No. I-I was just eager.”

“Eager for what?” Jerome stood back up.

“To look for you.”

This surprised Jerome. “Me? Why would you want to find me?”

“Because I’m your son. I’m the kid whose room your were snooping around.”

“To tell you the truth kid. I may or may not have other kids just like you so gotta be more specific.” Jerome said.

“Yesterday. My mom’s name is Y/N.”

Jerome gulped, his heart pounding loud and almost out of his chest. He never really got over you. After your fight, Jerome wanted to apologize, but your parents were already there comforting you, and knowing your father, he wouldn’t have let Jerome get any closer, so he left heartbroken.

Jerome was pulled from his thoughts when Jay waved a hand in his face, “um, Jerome…”

“Y-yeah, sorry uh…”


“Jay. Look I’m sorry I wasn’t really there for you for all those years, but um, if you let me, I could be there for ya now?” Jerome crouched to his sons level.

Jay smiled, “you mean it?”

Jerome couldn’t help but smile. Actually looking into his son’s Y/E/C eyes made him happy. One second with his son and he’s in love with his kid. “Yeah.” Jerome said. “I’ll be there for you from now on.”

Suddenly Jay hugged him. And Jerome felt even more happy than he was before. Jerome squeezed back and didn’t let him go. “I’m so sorry Jay. I promise to be there for you from now on.” Jerome pulled away.

“Thanks, Jerome.”

“Y-you can call me dad if you want.”

Jay smiled more. “Thanks dad.”

This made Jerome’s heart swell with joy. The two shared a laugh and decided to walk home.

But it wasn’t long when you showed up. You saw Jerome walking with Jay, both smiling and laughing. You ran up to them, “Jay! There you are!” You hug him. “Don’t you ever scare me like that!” You pulled away.

“Sorry mom.” He apologized.

You then looked up to see Jerome standing there. “Look I told you-”

Without thinking, Jerome pulled you in for a kiss. You wanted to melt into it, but you could only remember what he did to you so you pull away. Tears began to stream from your eyes, “I’m sorry.” You say as you turn around begin to walk.

Jerome grab your wrist and stops you. You turn to him and he pulls you into his chest. He caresses your cheek, “I’m a load of crap, I know, but I promised Jay I’d be there for him, so I’m going to promise you too, I’m going to be there for you two for as long as fucking live. I love you, Y/N. I never stopped and I’ll never stop. You’re my doll and I love you and our son so fucking much. I’m not leaving you two. I swear it.” He looked you in the eyes before giving you the most passionate kiss you’ve ever received.

You cried into the kiss and so did he. Jerome buried his head in the crook of your neck and kissed it. After you two stayed like that for a small while, you pulled away, smiling.

Jerome smiled too, kissing your lips every now and then as you three walked back to your apartment. You three earned pretty nasty looks from strangers down the street, but chose not to pay attention to them. You and Jay were happy with Jerome beck in your life, and that’s how it would stay for years.


Note: OMG! I had to rewrite this one bc the other version was trash. But this one was a bit cuter, so enjoyyyy💋

in-universe ninja ship party drabble!

holy shit this turned into something huge,, i hope you like it @skyhillian!!! :0 

Prompts: (i ended up writing all three of these into one whole thing lol)

Ninja Brian was never in a good mood.

Like, ever.

As long as Danny had known him, which had been for decades, he couldn’t ever recall seeing him smile even once. And even when Brian was in a decent mood, he’d still snap Danny’s neck in a split second over nothing. But no matter what mood he was in, he never smiled. Ever. It was something about not showing weakness or some bullshit like that, Danny remembered Brian signing to him once.

But today, Brian was really fucking pissed. Why?

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James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favorite Kiss:

Since the show only gave us two (boo!) I’m going to cheat and talk about them both before declaring a favorite. *G*

The first one is gentle and sweet but also a bit hesitant.

Originally posted by dalishwolfhound

You can see Flint’s uncertainty in this moment. I think these doubts remained in Flint for years to come A struggle to accept himself and that what he had with Thomas was good and pure, not the “profane” relationship that England tried to turn it into.

Their reunion … .

Originally posted by flinthamiltons

There is no hesitancy in Flint here. Just pure joy and happiness. He has completely accepted himself by the end of the series. Not just his sexuality and love for Thomas but he has accepted the two warring factions within himself – Flint and McGraw – and integrated them to find peace.

The kisses are both framed similarly:

But the difference comes in the journey we’ve had. “Know no shame”. “There is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it”. The first kiss was in a darkly lit room with only Miranda – someone they both trusted and loved – to witness it and even then Flint was unsure. The second is in daylight, surrounded by total strangers, and Flint could care less. The dark has been illuminated for him, by Thomas, and he has no shame anymore.

So I’m going with the Reunion Kiss as my favorite. The first kiss was beautiful and surprising to fans but ultimately bittersweet because Thomas was “dead” and Flint was consumed by that loss. The second kiss is happy and hopeful. He has Thomas back, he’s found peace within himself, and they have a future. Together. Damn, but I love this show.

Their song for this entry would sum up Flint’s feelings from here on, I believe.

“Up Against Me” by LP.

(If you made it to the end, thank you for indulging my ramblings.)

Life Is Full Of Surprises

Warnings: none
Rating: everyone
Summary: the reader is a guest on Ellen (talking about her tv show or movie) and Chris who has been away for a while surprises her and they have an interview together (as requested by anonymous)
Y/N = your name and Y/L/N = your last name
You were stood behind the wall, waiting for one of the crew members to give you the signal. You then heard Ellen’s voice; “Welcome back, everyone! Tonight’s guest is someone who we haven’t seen in a while, so it’s a real pleasure to have her back. Please welcome Y/N Y/L/N!”

You were given the signal to walk onto the stage. You walked on, greeting Ellen with a hug and a smile. As you both settled down and the clapping from the audience started to fade, she got straight to the point. “Since we last saw you, Y/N, a lot has happened, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, there has,” you laughed.

“You got married to Captain America,” she said as a picture of you and Chris at your wedding came up on the screen behind you and there was an eruption of applause. She continued, “you had a beautiful daughter,” and picture of your and Chris’s wonderful little baby girl followed the wedding picture as the audience ‘aw-ed’. “She’s adorable,” she said as she smiled, “And your career has taken off. I must say, your new movie looks absolutely incredible. Was it hard to act and direct in the same movie?”

“To be truthful, it would have been harder for me if Chris wasn’t there. He helped me and gave me tips, all from his own experience. He directed and acted in one of his own movies, ‘Before We Go,’ a couple months ago, and he even came on set. He was a real big help.”

“And Chris is filming Civil War right now, am I right?”

“Yes, he is. I haven’t seen him for a few weeks now. He won’t be back home for another month.”

“Should we…prank call him?” Ellen suggested.

“We could, but what would we say?” You asked.

“We should tell him that you’re pregnant!” And the audience laughed. You laughed even harder than anyone else because it was true, you actually were expecting again. You just hadn’t told Chris yet. Smiling, you agreed. Ellen beckoned a crew member and gave you your phone. As the phone made the familiar 'beep beep’ tone on speaker, you waited patiently for him to pick up.

At last, he picked up. “Hi, honey.” You said.

“Hi sweetheart, are you okay?” Was his reply.

“Yeah, I’m good. Listen, I have some news to tell you,” you tried to stifle your laugh.

“What? What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I…I have to tell you that,” you look over to Ellen who was grinning, “I’m pregnant.”

And then he hung up. You showed your shock, but then someone behind you said, “No you’re not!”

You turned to see him stood there, leaning against the doorframe, with his arms crossed. The audience applauded and cheered as he walked over to you and you embraced him eagerly. You decided you’d tell them right at the end of the show.

You both sat down and Chris took hold of your hand. Ellen asked you both, “I wanted to ask you both about your bundle of joy, how are you coping with taking care of her and your careers?”

Chris answered, “She’s an amazing baby. She’s not even a year old, and yet she’s able to understand when we tell her if something’s bad or good. She’s easy to take care of, too. It’s easy taking care of her while we’re occupied with work. There’s always someone from either of our families to look after her. And we’ve barely had any sleepless nights. I love her, I just want to get home sooner so I can see her!”

You squeezed his hand and you couldn’t help but feel grateful and appreciative for having such an amazing husband. “She’s the best daughter, we know she’ll grow up to be a strong girl,” you added.

The interview went on and it was nearing the end when it was time to tell. “I have something to tell you all…” you said, “The thing is, I actually AM expecting.”

“No way!” Ellen exclaimed.

The crowd cheered and when the applause stopped, Chris was still sat in his chair, dumbfounded.

“Are you, really?” Chris breathed.

“Yes, I really am! You’re the one who’s been pranked!” You laughed.

“How many months are you?” Ellen asked, intrigued.


Chris jumped up from his seat, picked you up, twirled you round and set you down to wrap his arms around you tightly.

Ellen then presented to you both your gift, which was a blue toddler sized onesie which read, 'My Daddy’s Captain America!’ And soon after, the show ended, so you and Chris could go home.
“G'night, Y/N,” he whispered into the darkness.

“Good night, Chris,” you replied. He turned to face you in the bed, and you shuffled closer and buried your face into the crook of his neck. “I love you,” you said, your voice muffled.

“I love you too,” he responded, kissing the top of your head and running his fingers through your hair.

From under the covers, you placed your leg atop both his thighs and rested your head on his bare chest, wrapping one arm around his torso. He gently put his hand on your back as you drifted off to sleep.